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. V
A Prosperity of This City is As
lured Comet $1,000,000 Fon
tenelle to City.
Latest Devicei Known to the Tele
phone World Installed for the
Use of the Guests.
The rrcrprrlty of Omhi nd of the
J"ontnll hotel ro Indlrsnlubly linked.
Omaha haa hf enjoying a rpmarkahle
rroperltjr for year. And this Is Rireter
now than ever before and the prfnrt for
It to bernme ervrn more remarkahlo Is
the ery beat.
Benjamin Harrison, prenklent of the
Vnlted Ptatei. oner commented on the
title "Ml city." which ha been applied
to many cities, and eald that In the rsse
of Omaha It really meant what It ali.
Omaha I the irate city of the went.
Through Omaha flow one-third of the
tranaeontfciental traffic Of W" country.
Omaha in strtegtrUy located t beconva
a city of the first marntUidf. Lying In
the midst of a vat rich agricultural ills
trlet 11 wealth la assured and Inde
pendent Sevearteen railroads radiate out In. all
directions so that It avema that today
"all reads Wad to Omaha."
Omaha 4 the third largest pecking
nouaa and lire stock market In the world
and the fourth primary grain market. It
haa the largest outpat of refined gold and
Advantages of looatlon are recognised
In tnaklng freight tariffs that have built
Up great Jobbing hnnses and manufac
tories) and wsrrhotiaea In this city dl
trlkutlng B far west In aome lines aa the
J'aelflc coast and In some lines to foreign
la 'netlo City.
lta geographical location makes Omaha
the favored city for eonvt-ntlone. 'Almost
In the very center of the United Mates,
it to the "fairest" place for a national
Whatever the reason for It. the fact re
mains ana la apparent .and pertinent to
Omaha'a prosperity that approximately
half a hundred big cotiventlona meet here
annually, an average of one for esch
week In the year.
Remembering that these conventions re
main In aslon from three daya to a
week. It la at on re evident that people
art here for conventions practically every
day In the year on an average.
Omaha la known ea one of the beat
automobile cities In the union. It shares
this distinction with Nebraska and Iowa,
which are fredlted with beng the best
two state In the union for automobiles.
Per capita population more motor cars
are sold to the peoplo of thiwe two great
states than to an equal number of popu
lation anywhere elaa In this country, or
in tha world, for that matter.
Th big attendance of manufacture at
the recent Automobile show Is evidence
In Itaelf that the makers look to this a
the important outlet for their product in
the union.
Fee the World from Omaha.
The people here have their money. The
farmers till the, soil and a bounteous
nature yield Its Increase which the hun
gry people of the populous east and tha
toiling millions of Europe must hava and
must par for.
Everybody m Omaha profits from na
ture's lavish gifts to the tillers of tha
middle western soli.
They buy of tha food things of the
warld, the conveniences, the luxuries.
And to keep them supplied a great army
of commercial travelers continually Is
marching Into tha city, tarrying for a
aeaaon and marching out again.
This la hut one of the sources of patron
aga for tha w foatenelle and the de
mand put upon It by this one class of
patronage la. according to inquiries and
reservations already received, going ta ha
estremety heavy.
Basin Ctet.
Business in Omaha la consistent ta a
marked degree, tn many part of tha
ceuatry It goes by fits and starts, by
booms and siampa. In Omaha sales are
constantly jnada all through tha year.
Tha crops cotne anoe a yaar hut tha
money comes on forever. Tha batiks act
Ilka trrtgstto reservoirs. Tha proceeds
of the crop go into the tanks and are
fad out through tha year tor farm ma
chinery, stock, automobiles, phonographs,
ptaaos, telephones, bet tuba, hot water
systems and suck ether simple things
whkb the wester farmer needs In his
"Imple" life.
Thete are la Nebraska about 48.00 ears.
Tha population Is l.m.Ono. This gives tha
astonishing figure of one automobile for
every twenty-right persona.
No other state unless It be Iowa can
come near this. In the large and popu
lews eastern states there aren't half as
many automobiles per capita.
Another reason why such a splendid
hostelery as the rontnnelle will hava a
continual liberal patronage is the fact
that It Is right ea tha Lincoln Highway,
Omaha Is practically tha central point
a this great transcontinental road.
Omaha Crater ef Highway.
The highway la becoming better known
and mare traveled every year. It Is now
maintained at every point and there will
anen be a continual flow of motor oar
traffic over . Omaha will be a most
logical stopping point for these motorists.
Tha Omaha-Uncoln-Denver road la an
ether highway known to all motorists.
It l well known and many automobile
parties peas through here aa their way
ta and from the west by this route.
Htlll another Indication that there will
be big patronage at the Fontenelle la the
fact that Omaha has been short en hotel
roam for year. Prom Friday la Monday
f each week It has frequently been the
ease that It was Impossible to get ac
cosnmedaUona In Omaha hotels at all.
And all the week round and alt tha year
round, too. there haa been a lack In this
respect Frequently there haa been ab
solute commercial "distress" at the scar
city f sample roc ma for commercial
The biggest, mort complete and up-to-date
telephone system In Omaha, by all
odd". Is that whlrh has been placed In
the new Fontenelle.
An Interesting and instructive study In
modern commercial nnd social develop
ment la this wonderful system
A guest in any room can alt at hi
rhone and talk to a person In Hen Fran
cisco or New York or ony other place tn
the frilled States.
Two operators will be required to oper
ate the private telephone switchboard,
which consists of what the telt phone i
people call two 'posltlona."
A "position" In the technical language
Of the telephone people consists of .TJO
lines. This makes a total of MO possible
telephones to be served by the telephones
cut Of the Fontenelle .
Thla la considered about equal to the
switchboard In a town of 3,000 people.
Tho installation was made by the Ne
braska Telephone company and Is, of
course, the largest In the. state. It Is of
the very lateat Western Electric company
even Tnak I.lees.
Seven trunk lines run from the switch
boards In the hotel to the offices of the
Nebraska Telephone company, and about
360 lines run to the various phones In the
rooms and offices of the hotel.
.There-are approximately sixteen miles
of wires inside the hotel Itaelf, besides
forty-seven miles of telephone wires
Inside cable that run through tha hotel,
a total of sixty-three milea of telephone
wire to provide the perfect communica
tion' In thla up-to-date system. If laid
out In one continuous Una this wire would
reach from Omaha to IJncoln and eight
miles beyond.
A city of S.O00 people, with only the local
subscribers of such a community would.
It Is estimated, originate only about 1,900
calls a day. But with the opportunity to
speak from any room In tha hotel or from
one of tha eight long distance booths In
the hotel lobby to all the people In a city
like 'this, and with local service also to
many of the suburbs, the Hotel Fonte
nelle will have more calls In a day than
a town of 3,000 people.
The modern Idea of efficiency Is the
conservation of -time, materials, energy.
What could more perfectly embody thla
Idea than such a system as tha telephone
system in the new hotel.
Slew Telephone Devices.
Not only are there the phonea that run
ta tha rooms and the off Iocs and the
various departments, but there are many
special and strikingly new Innovations In
the way of telephone adaptation. For ex
ample, there Is a telephone on tha freight
elevator. And no longer will there ba
need to shout up or down the elevator
shaft to attract the attention of tha
porter who is In charge of that elevator.
One will call him to the phone and ho will
talk while he goes up In the world or
down In tha aame.
Needleaa to aay, there la also a tele.
phone In tha chef a private office, In tha
store room. In the kitchen. In the barber
shop and In each and every separate de
partment of this marvel ou sly condensed
and convenient community.
Communication from tha rooms to every
department within the building will be
Instantaneous. What a difference between
thla' and the old days, when on had to
ling a bell and then watt In suspense
and perhaps without response until a boy
lowly and deliberately climbed the stairs
If he came at all, perhaps reading "Dia
mond dick, the Boy Detective." he
came, It wa era ta believe the comlo
Incredulous hearer listened ta amass
ment to Prof. Bell when, nearly forty
year ago, he predicted that some day
noun would be thus equipped.
"A dreamer." they said, hut soma of
them have lived to see his dream com
true and even In greater measure than
van he ever dreamed.
Ipeelal Trwalc Lines.
In addition to the switchboard men.
tloned above with It possible M0 station
and It twa operator tn constant attend
ance, there are fifteen special trunk Unas
mat will aot go through the hotel switchboard.
These ars to be for the taxlcab com.
penr. the florist, the newsstand and
other who wish to be in communlca
tlon with the outside In a business way
and who will be equipped nreclaeiv u
though their business were entirely sep
arata from the hotel.
Andfurther in addition to all thla
which surely seem quit sufficient, there
will be a special long distance switch.
board and eight booth, supplied by elaht
special toll trunk running direct to the
central station of th Nebraska Telephon
8lx of these booth wUI be oa th main
lobby floor and two on th ground floor.
Even these booth are of a special type,
being specially ventilated by a mechani
cal plant
It would aetm that Improvement snd re
finement of telephon service could go
no farther.
But they have gone farther. Every
telephone "set" or receiving and trans
mitting apparatus ha been finished to
match the woodwork of Its surroundings.
Th wood and th graining are matched
And there I a new Invention with re
gard to the transmitter, which make th
transmitter ait back one and half
Inches closer to th apparatus, thus sar.
Ing Just that much spaca and making tha
instrument that much more compact. The
Instrument In all room facing on tha
street are of the portable or desk type
of telephone. Those la the room faoing
tne omer way are wall telephone.
Nearly tery nam under the sun la
being suggested. for th Wichita team.
Th club is to have a new monicker and
whoever la lucky enough to auggest a
suitable name I entitled to a aeaaon paaa
to local game.'- On man euggested they
e called th Saanaks, which he admitted
he got by spellkag Kansas backward a ad
adding '.
A baggage chute at the rear of the
Fontenelle building will . eliminate pos
sibility of "baggage maahlng." and also
avoid th slow nee and cumbrousness
J ea lsrator. ,
at It original enMuess si It rare from
the refrigerating nwliine. The first
drop that comes from the fa nets is
irpun ana ice cold.
The water Is drawn from I ho cltv mains
In fliA ha..ttll ... I -. I l .
... ..... ....n. linn i nn'i ui,iir-i .r.n a. fjtmpiv
filtering before It is cooler" to a tempera
ture of forty degree by the ammonia
An engine nun-ins It after It -s nnrl.
fied ami cooled to a tank at the top of
the building and then'e it enters the
distributing pipes.
All this piping for ice water i cov
ered with thick Insulation to protect It
from till heating Influence of the out
side air.
t'rawfonl Mow do you got your wife
In believe what you say, ahen yu come
rcmc 1st"?
'rnbshaw -I firt listen to what she
Recuses me of doing, and then 1 own
up to It. .fudge.
Life Job for George
in Dear Old Boston
They ssy George Stalling has a life
Job In Boston. James K. Caffney. presi
dent of the club and owner of a majority
' of its stock, now takes the b.g chief Into
j hli confidence and asks his advice on
I every matter of Importance pertaining tn
the business affair of the Brave.
Slightly more than a year ago Gaffney
had Pulling elected a director, of the
Itoston National league club, and alnce
tht time a certain amount of th stock
haa been transferred to Stalllnga' name.
Stalling apparently is setting out on a
path like that traveled by Jimmy Cellar
han In Chicago and Connie Mack In Phil
adelphia. Mack Is now half owner of the
Athletics, and Callahan. who haa been
retired from the position a manager of.
the White Pox. I now the right hand mart
of Owner Charles Comlekey, holding th
port of business manager. ""'Wnenever
Stalling get ready to retire from at.
tending to the playing of the team
whlcW, however, won't be for another
five or ten year or more Oaffncy will
take htm Into the bulne office, perhaps
himself retiring as president and placing
the big chief on the throne.
Ice Water on Tap
In Every Room of
The Fontenelle
Goodbye to "buttons." who used to
come pussyfooting through the hall of
hotels at all hour of the night and day
carrying hi tinkling pitcher of ice water
to distant guests.
He U a back number, together with
the stag coach and the dodo bird.
Th distilled, refrigerated, circulating
Ice water af the Fontenelle hotel makes
bin not only unnneceaeary, but Ineffic
ient. He wa alow and h waa not al
ways too clean. Th new system la-
tantaneAua and abeoli tely cleaa ad
Oa every fleer Uar will be feuav-
tala of fresh, oool. pure water and every
room ha It amply supply separata
and distinct from th water for washing.
There will be such a constant circu
lation through th pipe that It will keep
All Furniture for "The Fontenelle," Including Furniture for Public Rooms,
Bedrooms and Private Suites and All Box Springs and Mattresses
Were Furnished and Installed by
414-416-418 South Sixteenth Street.
" eY
- .
. J
iiimiiw ! ,
Adam Bedroom Pieces
Pieces From One of Several Hundred
Beautiful Bedroom Suites
Manufactured by the
Woodard Furniture Co.
for the
Hotel "Fontenelle"
In selecting the furniture for the many bedrooms of "The
Fontenelle" the Orchard and Wilhelm Co., turned with un
hesitating confidence to the Woodard line. Years of sell
ing Woodard Furniture pointed to this line as that which
. successfully combined graceful correct period designs with
the moderate cost and durability of construction absolutely
essential in Hotel Furnishings.
The Woodard Furniture Co. are makers of
America's Foremost Line of High Grade
Medium Priced Bedroom Furniture
They make correctly designed Adam, Louis XVI,
Sheraton, Queen Anne, Jacobean, Scroll and Turned
Colonial Suites in Mahogany, Enamel, Prima Vera, Circas
sian and American Walnut, Bird's Eye Maple, Curly Birch
and Quartered Oak. In "The Fontenelle" the suites are
confined largely to Mahogany and Prima Vera.
Woodard furniture is correct and practical bed room
furniture for the home as well as the hotel.
Woodard Furniture it Sold Exclusively in
Omaha by Orchard & Wilhelm Co.
Woodard Furniture Co.
Owosso, Mich.
Modern English Renaissance Furniture
For the Reception Gallery on the
Mezzanine Floor
Manufactured by
The Shaw Furniture Co.
for the
Hotel "Fontenelle"
The furniture in the lobby, reception gallery, palm room
and other public rooms is mostly along the lines of the Eng
lish and Italian renaissance. It has been especially design
ed and built by the Shaw Furniture Co. of Cambridge.
Mass. The wood used is mostly mahogany and the many
pieces are exquisite examples of this graceful style.
The greatest skill and the highest class of workmanship
were required to execute these beautiful designs and main
tain a durable construction.
For this reason The Shaw Furniture Co. was chosen to
carry out this part of the contract. They are
In the Front Rank of American Makers
of Decorative Furniture
The Shaw Furniture Co. enjoys an enviable reputation
among the best decorators of this country as skilled de
signers and makers of Decorative Furniture of all periods.
Their furniture is to be seen in many of the best known
hotels and beautiful buildings in the larger cities. It is
characteristic of their product that tho most intricate de
tails are correctly executed nnd yet in no way is the es
sential durability of construction neglected.
Shaw Furniture Company
Cambridge, Mass.
All of the Box Springs and Mattresses
for "The Fontenelle"
Were Manufactured for Orchard & Wilhelm Co. by
Manufacturers of Box Springs and all grades of Mattresses, in
cluding Curled Hair and the justly popular Layer Cotton Felt.
In no place in the outfitting of a modern hotel can
experienced judgment prove more efficient than in
the selection of tho box springs and mattresses for the
hundreds of bedrooms. Here must be considered first
the comfort of prospective guests the necessity of a
minimum of future replacements and repairs and a
practical first cost.
Omaha's big mattress factory the L. G. Doup Co.
with its large capacity and efficient equipment met
every requirement and landed tho bier order for 385
box springs and hair mattresses for The Fontenelle."
These are of tho very best quality the hair used
in the mattresses is long curled horse hair of the
quality known as drawings and in the construction of
both box springs and mattresses utmost care has been
taken to combine comfort and great durability.
The L. G. Doup Co. is one of the largest and best
equipped mattress factories in the United States. The
Company employs seventy-five people. Their product
is in the front rank both as to quality and moderate
price. This claim is substantiated by the fact of their
having secured for five successiveyears the contract
to furnish the United States Government with from
2000 to 3000 mattresses annually These are shipped
to all parts of the United States.
Day "Made in Omaha" Mattresses and
Box Springs and You Bay the Best

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