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morning of the opening, showing some floral tributes sent by friends of the institution.
rtfom$ R. Kimball Works Out Mag
nificent Hotel Plans with Reg
ular Office Force.
J Thomas R, Kimball, architect for the
Kontcnelle hotel, la an Omaha product,
having lived In Omaha from hia early
boyhood. Ho was educated In the I'nl
Verelty of Nebraska, the Maasachunetta
Institute of Technology, and In the uni
versities abroad, where hp studied for a
ronaiderable period to perfect hla tech
nical training.
Mr. Kimball la the flrat ivlce president
. of the American Institute of Architects.
H Is a director of this Institute, and
rrtanris high among the architecta of the
country. Since he finished hla education
lie has had offices In Omaha, and for a
time had offices also in Boston, when the
firm was thrt of Kimball & Walker,
vhlch was later dissolved '
Previous' to drawing the plans lor this
tnnenlf lt:ent t.ntel. Mr. Klmb&Jl counted
among hia) achievements the planning of
a number of notable buildings In Oman i
and elsewhere, besldca a great many of
lesser importance. He was architect for
P. Cecelia's cathedral In Omaha. He waa
architect for the Burlington station In
Omnha. which la noteworthy piece of
architecture, both from the standpoint of
Urtlstlc design and Utility. He designed tho
flans for the city library, for the M. E.
Fmlth warehouses. He designed the Meth
odist hospital In Omana, and the Battle
Mountain sanitarium hospital at Hot
Springs. S. P., the government hospital.
whii:h Is one of the structures at that
TlrA that attracts the attention of tnilr-
Ists every summer.
Together with his former partner. C.
Howard Walker, he was the arcliitect-ln-chief
for the TransmUaiaalppt exposition
In Omaha in 1808: and, again Jointly with
Mr. Walker, ho waa the architect of the,
Electricity building of the Louisiana Pur
chase exposition at St. Louis; being one
of the architectural advisers.
It whs some years before this that
Kimball & Walker had conducted a part
nership business and had maintained of
fices at both Omaha and Boston. It wan
shortly after the exposition In Omaha
that the partnership was dissolved, when
Mr. Walker accepted a position in an
eastern school of technology as an in
structor. The partnership waa tempora
rily renewed Just .for the St. Louis Job,
as tho two worked together on the design
for the Electrical building there.
The Fontenello hotel Job, though it was
a big one, an important one and a man
sized Job, was done In Mr. Kimball's of
fice with what the office considers" its
normal or average office force. The
work was carried on with the force that
month In and month out the year round
la to bo found in tills busy office at J03
McCague building. Often it Is customary
for architecta to hire a number of extra
draftsmen for a large Job of this kind,
but the regular run of workers was able
to biins out this highly technical and
complicated Job on time.
Consulting engineers, to be sure, helped
In the consultation work. Mr. Kimball
bad as consulting, engineers for this Job
the firm of Neiler, Rich & Co., mechan
ical engineers, and Westcott & Ronne
berg. structural engineers.
Mr. Kimball, besides being a hard-working
man in a highly specialized and a
highly technical line, take a great deal
of Interests In civic affairs, In art societies
and la a member of numerous social
clubs of the city. He has been active In
the rivic league and la prominent in the
Omaha Society of Fine Arts.
At the banquet at the new .Fontenello
hotel to be given on the occasion of ths
formal dedication, the evening- of Febru
ary 26, Mr. Kimball Is to be one of the
speaker. -
Telautograph is .
Installed for Use
In the New Hotel
1 - -
it . , TT.
F . .jj j 'iT'l'"-"!' TT.r-r- y j
: : '"'rvr. I
R ,.r,..... v- :
Men Arc to Have d Cozy Little
Corner for Their Special, Use
Decidedly a men's rendezous will be
the ground floor with entrance from
Eighteenth street of the new Fontenelle.
Everything there Is Just what men like,
big low-ceilinged rooms with deep,
leather-upholstered seats, dark wood
work and a pleasing light, not too glar
ing. Just the kind of nooks where men
can go in and shut 'out the cares of the
day while they take their ease and watch
the fragrant emoke clouds floating away
and see the soft glow of the cigar or
perhaps the warmth of the pipe bowl oil
tho palm. ; '
Tho Eighteenth street entrance leads In
to the men's lounge. Just off from this
on the Douglas "street side 1 1 tho grill.
Finished In dark oak with beamed cell
ing and red tile floors, it will have an
abundance of seats with deep leather up
holstering. There will be many tables.
There will be soft light and everything
will conduce to the comiTort of Mr. Tired
Business Man.
Along one side will run a long counter
wllh a brass( rail near the bottom thereof.
Behind said counter smooth-Bhavcn men
In white aprons will preside, men versed
In the mysteries of the .TOO drinks. The
bar will be one of the prettiest ever seen
west of th.6 Hudson river. So say sev
eral men from New York who presumably
have made a study of bars in the cities
of the land. The bar will be torty-two
feet long.
Over at one corner of the grill will be
a little private room artistically shut off
from the main room by means of lattice
pedal Kitchen for Grill.
In connection with the grill and Im
mediately adjoining It to the west Is a
complete kitchen, entirely separate from
the main kitchen and here a separate
organisation will be maintained for cater
ing to the grill room clientele.
The .billiard room nnr.n, f h .
lounge to .the west, it, too, is a room
that has about It an atmosphere to drive
away the carea of tho outside world and
conduce to good fellowship among good
The walls here are finished In large
panel with dark wood. Theru will be
deetrlc faria and a special arrangement
of lighting for the purposes of billiards
and pool, It has an Ivory tinted beamed
. Also opening off the men's lounge Is
a little room which has been built In and
dedicated to tho use of meinbcrsof tho
Omaha Automobile club.
Pleasure to Be Shared..
Directly at the left on entering from
the Eighteenth street side is a large cafe.
To the right Is the entrance to the bar
ber shop. Everything here is In the very
latest sanitary style. The white tile
floors and the white sides and ceilings
and the latest "Improved chairs conduce
to almost make getting shaved a pleasure.
Here Is a feature, too, in the manicure
tables. They are three In number, are
built in and have in connection with
them little bowla with hot and cold water,
Extra easy chairs will be provided for
the patrons.
Off in an alcove stand three chairs r
shoe shining and'here "professor" will
And even this gentleman has been
brought out from New York to pv.t the
real metropolitan. Fifth avenue, Broad
way, Columbua Clrclo. Herald Square.
Grand Central, Wall street. Central park
shine on Omaha shoea.
From the men'a lounge, direct access
is had to the main lobby which is di
rectly above, either by elevator or stairs.
I .
Par Bejit for Amusement.
Walter Johnson's salary aa a base ball
pitcher will aiQpunt to about a'lOO for
every game that he plays. Not bad pay
for two hours' work.
All of which teiyls to Prove that Ameri
cans are more liberal with their money
In amusements than when dealing with
the serious affairs of life. l'hil.tdciphla
Ledger. .
Clock Faces Will
Conform to Wood
Furnishing of Room
.Numerous clocks will be distributed
throughout the hotel so that it won't be
hard to kix just what one of the well
known golden hours Is In passage and tho
exact moment and second of said hour
which msy lw at that Instant wafting It
self Intu vternlty.
All these clo ks 111 have their faeea
finished to conform with tin Ir Mirround
IniiS. T'lelr will be no u;ik' clocks on a
muhoiiany background, nnr will there bo
mahogany clinks on oa backgrounds.
I'.ach clock cimt.'ilns mechanism instead
of "works" and thle mechanism Is oper
ated electrically from a single master
clock which will be corrected dally by
Western V'nion wire from Waahfl gton.
By this means all the clot ks In the
building will conform precisely with the
muster clock and will show .uniform, or
technically sneaking, synchronised time.
And the master clock will have any
tririlng variation corccted dally with the
i Washington tin e which is gained by an
astronomical reservation dally. Thus is
eliminated the bother fn-i expense which
would be attached to the Imposslbto task
of trying t keep n flock ot twtnty or
more clock exactly in time with Wash
ington time (allowing, of course, for the
hour's difference between that time and
; our).-
Apparatus similar to this haa been In
stalled recently in the famous, and exclu
sive n w RJtt-Cur!ton hotel, Philadelphia.
In this hotel a clock is Installed also in
every room.
B I Fa ll
nmn e toners
Omaha's Leading Wholesale
Fruit House
Will Supply
Atwood Grapefruit, Rose Brand
Oranges. Limoniera Lemons and
Wenatchee Apples, that will satisfy
the most fastidious taste of the
Fontenelle Hotel guests.
t : : J
I .
k '
i!P(nl " w" " ! .
v It E E to 5"v - i, , V."." " ,
The Home of ff& Pure Foods
, - w- .. ..
4l 4
5 '
"n0' RC'kittO '''
Purveyors to the
Discriminating Trade
of Omaha
Paxton & Gallagher Co. i
Wholesale Grocers, Gas Coffee Roasters'
The Fontenelle Is equipped with a telau-
Tograpn. '
What is a telautograph?
Well. lt' not surprising if most people
don't know.
Telautographs are about aa scarce now
b. taianhntipn ww fortv year ago, .
A ' telautograph is an Instrument that
will reproduce your handwriting perfectly
at a rilfttance.
Every little "kink" and oddity of your
v.ndwrltlnir la reproduced simultaneously
at the time you write it fcnd no matter
lin fa mvrmv VOU HI.
rt i. for handwriting what the telephone
is for the volte. The telephone carriea
the voice to a distance.
The telautograph carries yoar "auto
graph" or handwriting to a dlatanee. It
will even transmit pictures, provided you
draw them.
The telautogiWph has not hitherto pen
etrated to this part of the country. There
are plenty of them in New York City.
The beautiful and up-to-date North
western station in Chicago has over forty
Installed for notifying different depart
ment, when a certain train will arrive or
depart. . '
Meseages can be sent over a distance of
fifty miles, and the beauty of the device
and its superiority over the telephone
is found in the fact that If tho person
to whom the message is sent Is not at
the recover at the time the message ar
rives fce will find it written out and wait
ing fir him on hia return.
A sending machlho or transmitter . and
a proof receiver with switch keys is lo
Vutcd at the desk of the new hotel, and
the clerk can write an order to the linen
room to change the linen In a certain
room from which a guest haa JuM de
parted; to the kitchen for a breakfast
order; to the engineer to turn on the
steam or have certain fitting adjusted,
or to the carpenter or upholsterer to make
needed repairs in a certain room. Re
sponsibility for a failure to obey auch
orders cannot be escaped by the prson
to whom they are addres-ed.
Hesldes thU service a general receiver
is Installed in the manager's private of
fice which takes a copy of every mes
sage sent to any department, and ahould
anything other than buslnesa be sent ever
the wires the manager will be aware of
It at once. . ' ' .
The Berviaa lrs.
It seems that the men who play the big
druma in the Servian army banda have
an eUler lot than the drumers of other
UndH. since they do not have to carry
'heir own -drums. ' ,
li nearly all cases, Instead of being
lung in front of the man who plays It,
, ,n..ht In nut on a Hinu.ll two-
i 1. - -...- ... u' it I . v luntf Hnff. f
umm v twining &o Fine toy jromeneiie
Billiard Room-A Bowery of Comfort arid Wealth
Finest Tables Manufactured by Brunswick-Balke Collender Co. Installed
No Place in Nebraska ok United States Can Surpass This Room
THE KLING (Six Legs)
This magnificent design marks a new era in the highest class of billiard table construction and ornamentation, 1 1 carries a suggestion of the classic Greek and ancient
Egyptian, touching a period when the Oriental splendor bid fair to outrival the more classic tones and studied ef fects characterizing the era when Athens claimed the right
to school the world in literature and art. The severely plain in furniture is now giving way to the lighter and mo re artistic coloring effects of inlaid decorations.
THE CUSHIONSThe cushions furnished with this table are our celebrated style Match Game perfect angle. Th ese are made in our own factory at Muskegon, Mich., from a
secret formula used exclusively by us. Our guarantee as to their accuracy of angle, speed and durability is evidenced by the name plate countersunk in the top of the cushion rail
I -... - T' "' ' "
V " - - U -
"' . - . is.. iiii:
. ii' ; n
Installed in
Billiard Rooms
The Kling
Are the Kind
the ISlnri) P'nnfnnnlln
WOOD FINISH CONSTRUCTION Circassian Walnut with white and black'holly and pearl inlay, rubbed and polished. This table has what fs known as the Jumbo frame
wnrlr. which mparts. t.Viat. it. is iinniia11v Viontro anA nVof oritlol Tlia !lu nnuinii Mn,unti. v.-;. t i i t -1 ... . . . . ....
j , . wuijiuuU wiuu uiuuu, ucuig tvuucu cum groovea ana giuea, me exterior oeing reimorced witu
3-ply veneer placed in an alternate run of grain, cross veneered on Inside. . They are built in compound construct ion, tongued and grooved, doweled and reinforced by corner
blocks, double cross veneered inside and outside and rigidly built into end framework of body. The wood construction is all of the very best quality, cabinet made and put
. together in a most thorough manner. All joints made close and secure and all mitres absolutely accurate. Joints tongued and grooved, strongly doweled and glued firmlv to
gether. All corners and edges made perfectly smooth and true.
NATIONAL PLAYERS HEART of the beautiful Billiard Parlors to be installed in the new Fontenelle Hotel proclaim it will not be excelled by any Hotel or Billiard Parlor in
the United States.. The expense of installation was enormous, but this is more evidence of the faith of the builder s of the beautiful hotel have in Omaha and her future.
The Million Dollar Hotel Billiard Room
Was Equipped From Start to Finish By BRUNSWICK-BALKE COLLENDER CO.
.tie long't marches, and the drummer fa
alka behind Mie. cart, erfonnhig on his t
inurnment " he gi along. , Kai-h reKi- 1
Hi. -it Is provided with two or three big I
drums, but few regiments have a baud. I

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