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Till: OMAHA srXDAV ttKE: FKHRUARY 23, 191").
Braadeis Store Consents to
Place Dresner Receiving
Station at Entrance of
Pompeian Room.
CLEVELAND BOOSTERS COME, Leading Cleveland Men Coming Wednesday
Fifty Representative Business Men
to Spend Day Here Looking
Over the City.
Busy.Dep't in Busy Store.
Dresners Already Sub
merged With Spring
Cleaning Work.
Pri-shcr Brothers. tha Cleaners &
Dyers, with the $57,000 plant at
C21 1-2213 Farnaro St.. are ver on
the alert to bring their excollent art
to the tmp ana vtth that end In
iow have prevailed upon the- man
acenient c The Prandnls Stores to
ngaln place the Drerher branch re
reiving statinh at Its original post
tlon at the-entr-nce t the evr lively
and pulsating Ponipelan Room.
So. when oti again visit that met
ropolitan ' ("tore please note that
Dresner -'hate switched places
think of the ' Pompeian Room
think of Dresners and find the
Dreeher booth right as you go Into
the PompHan Room from the store
Dresner's plant Is undergoing Its
Wednesday. som flftjr buslneps tnen of
Oveland are to be here on a trade
oxf urslon. The Commercial club Is to alve
a luncheon at noon In honor of the
visitor. The Clevelnn I boosters sre to
rcsrh Omaha on in arly mornln spe
clnl train. Musical numbers and Informal
tslks will be alven si the bind, eon.
Ilnslness aco.intanccs will he r. nrrt
snd new onm mail durlns; the afternoon.
Ths visitors will call on the various busi
ness house In Omaha during th after- j
The Itinerary lncii! lc Moines,
Ksnsa City. Omaha. Minneapolis. St.
Tsui and Milwaukee. A day I to be
spent tn en"h plnee. ICitlnK Wednesday
a portion nf the tltv.e of some of the
visitors will he s;--nl in Council Muffs,
where entcrtsinincnt. sr.- to lie feat
ured fur them.
' Thnar Who Are I omlnar.
Nsjnes of tlio f'rms tcpr sriiled and
people on the train are sent abend. Hern
I list of the visitor .and tho firm
Albert M. Allen. Albert M. Allen 4
Co.; L. W. Jared. American Multiirraph
company; R. O.' A. Phillip. American
MaftlRraph comtsny: Morrl A. Hlnck.
It. Wack company; A. W. Newman. It.
Black company: II. It. I.ynn, Horn Kteel
Ranse company; John C. Mcllunnon,
annual Spring rush of business
most everybody is aendlnc In some- Uvntrnt National bank: C. II. Miller,
thin or olhr to be cleaned last jrhamplon Rjve company; J. K. Wllklaon,
year's Spring or Fall Suit or Dresa ; chandler A Price, company; r'icd H.
to bo cleaned, or djed, or altered, or jCaicy. Cleveland Automobile club. Mun
all three. They do thla so as to be ; son Havens, Cleveland Chamber or Com
quite In readiness for Easter Sunday ) rrerce; w. p. t.loyd. Cleveland Chamber
and the Spring reason which Is ml.0f commerce; Adolph t. Klelri, ch-ve-so
far a-vsv. Raster this year oc-jIllnd njoctrlcaJ and Machinery Manu
curs on April 4th and time flies, JOU j faeturlnir company; W. F. Hlbhona.
must admt iclevelnnd Hardware, cmpany; l. l.
When sending In your SprlnR ; Klmmel. Cleveland X-.vl-.wcar company;
ClothCa you UlUhl al0 send In yourjR T r Hardlna. Cleveland Plain
rugs, curtains, drapea, hangings, D,ier- F. (1 . Puckwrll. Cleveland Twist
etc. May as well get winter's tnusU- DrU . ,aMy. j. T.tur. Columbian
iia out of them. Have them crisp, company; V.urm.s r". Has..
freFh. new. ond In sanitary condition ,.e ,,low. ornnilny). A. B. Marshall,
for the .armor weather that's com-:vlr(l prMlirtnt yiTHi Na.10nal bank; Hev.
, ' I lr. ' A, B. Meldrum, first Presbyterian
l'i .t,uui n 4iiv tuiiiiiiK me man
Hon of out-of-town trade more than
ever, now that Dresners pay the re
turn charge- on any sld bundle
to any rolnt In America. This makes
it enay for oul-of-townera. Don't
stay without the premier service of
cleaners -who "know how" simply
because you happen to reside' away
from Omaha.
Hy tho way, Dreshera Issue a hanu
innm llliiHtratol h nr. LI. I mnA tn a I r aa
ist which they would be pleased to J K,,e' 'h1"
fend free to out-of-town folks Rnd Morr'a J
for It and see what a modern, $57,
000 plant looks like anyway. Just
addr-sa your letter to Dresher Broth
ers. Dresner .Building, Omaha, and
it will reach ua.
Or. if you live in town you cannot
use the phono any too often to suit
Dreshera. Just. rail Tyler 345 It's
a private exchange and you will get
the prompt eat kind of attention.
Remember It's time to send In
Spring clothes--to be cleaned aa only
Drerhera can clean them.
LI . 1
'-I I
A..lt(.'l.. i
The Kallsb Z.acfs' Tailor
1 ;
IC3-S 7aaton Brook.
iiiniiiinii I
(hunh: II. If. ConoKhcn. Franklin Oil
end Gna company; Pert Keller, Pried,
Keller Knhn comtwinv. H. K. Klelo. Oas
Plxture and Hraaa cimipaiiy; J. VI. I.
itodier. tlrassel.l t'hcuitcal co;ipay. "W.
A. Orecnlund, . Orecnlund, Kvniirrilell
company; I.. N. Uroa. L, N. Gross com
pany; William M. llant'c, Wllllnm M.
Hardle company; A. D. Ilatilold. Hat
field. Murray Walker; Hunter Mor
rison. Hill Clutch company; Ailmn W.
llollcnilcu Hotel company;
Wolf, Koetoli KnlttlnK mills;
W. W. Kelly, Kelly mmnany; HiKnvund
Koraih, 8. Krach :o.; Hairy New,
Landoamuit-lllrschlierrnvr company; J. .
Monmt. 'jr., l-ader-Ncw; Richard H.
lee: William J. Iucl; l.uck Illustrating i
company ; J. K. Hc'.chcrt. J. M. & L. A.
0birn compHtiyi Hamuel 11. Maaon,
Msnufacturera and Wboleaalcrs Merch
ants board; Kdward Bower, Otis & Co..
I R, i K. Powler, Prints. Blcderman emu-
pany; A. E. lllester. Rlcstcr Thcs
mwher company; K. A ihwarentciB;
E. 'Hperllna. K. Spsrlln company;; Brm-e
TaVlor. Taylori ;balr company;. O. A.
Tlnnerman, Tlnnerman Btove and Hantc.
company) - F. I - Hunibci atone,
( . l s'"-
S. ' I -t: - kl
ra-.' m mm I
II I , II V f II I
I Vn ) ' a
II Oliver W Upson s Jf Spaniard - J
i ? J f .J'i- :0
win v
Prof. Chatburn, Before the Commer
cial Club, Predicts Farmer.
Will Soon Use Auto Truck.
Some day big gasoline '.Turks will b
common carrk-ra thrviahout the nirnl
districts, and will b cuirlna the fann
ers' produce to town, and brlnf?ln hi
sup piles to him, iisiicrtej Prof, (ieor
Clintburn of the I'nivernty of Nebraska,
who spoke at tbe Commercial club at
noon. Prof. Clintburn t:rtdli ted that when
the day of Rood roads over the coun
try comes, the big tru. ks will he 84 cor.'
mon us Jitney busses are In Onia'ia, o:
more so. It will then be cheaper for tht
farmer to have tho truck do his heav."
haullna; than to kep a tru-k or his ow;
or than to keep teams and wagms. Thi.
It will take Kuud hard loads everywhere,
he admitted.
The professor spoke of the Importance
of Rood roads to the community and to
tverv phase of life. He talknd of the
possibility of illstrlhutinR equitably th
burden of taxation ncery to build
i;ood roads. He admitted that this Is
nlwnys a problem.
"If we could put good roads all over
the t'nited Statea at onee," he said,
"there would be no question about who
should pay for them. It would make
little difference If tlwy wer Paid fur
i. ut of tl.e nation's 'i-.crsl fund. Cut
so long aa only small str ps are bulit at
a t in-, tho r-:e: iWii of who Is most
benefited Is a bis one.
'My Idea la that In u case of this kind
the locality should Fay (iboiit f.r-tenthc
of the expense, the couc.iy three-tenths,
tba state two-tenths and t ins nation onc-
tcnth. That would make the ten-tenths
and 1 believe that is un equitable distri
bution of the burden."
Trof. Chatburn cnlled attention to the
fact that th nation has given hillions
to the work on hsrbors, and that It mlRht
well spend similar am units on Its roads,
which arc the means of. primary trans
portation, while the '.'.arbors are only a
factor In secondary transportation. "The
cost of the Panama canal," he said,
"would have built 40,000 mllea of good
roads aa a cost of $10,000 a rnile. In other
words, It would have built ten trunk lines
of hard road acroea the continent."
It's a Good Thing to Be
Well Prepared
A E. "Br own
T. P. Cagwla la commercial superintendent of the Cleveland Telephone
company and a member of the Manufacturers' and Wholesale Merchants'
board. A. K. Brown is a member of the executive committee of the Manu
facturers' and Wholesale Merchants' .board. Oliver W. Upson Is president
of the Manufacturers' and Wholesale Merchants' board J. C. Bralnard is
chairman of the committee on trade extension excursions of the Manufac
turers' and Wholesale Merchants' board..
For Grip, Inriuciiza,;
Coughs, I'ioe Tlivoat
W. I pjon, I'pson,
Col. Welsh Accuses "Dad"
Weaver of Base Ingratitude
Tfiafs what fqloncl Welsh - of the
weather bureau calla It.
For many yeura bo has been predicting
Omaha 'weather and giving the city and
stale as' lood a rllmalc as he knows how,
and providing Ideal weather for Ak-ar-
Hcn week sometimes.
ica be get?
vt nai appreciation is aiiown ior iiib.ioii
. The commutes appointed by Mis. Wl-:nm self-farkerflse?
tcr N. Halsey In accordance with autbrn : x ,.um BnBrr.
taken at the nesre meeting mlilrcssia ly ( j. i. Weaver, better known aa
Mine.. Roslka Hchwlmmcr Wednesday eve-1 ,.,,. ,llo tne ,.0,',ncra offlco
Peace Party Move
. ;. is. Bearing Fruit! jl,
a few
non to investigate the. feasibility ot form- , weeks ami and ,lmiilres what kind of
liig "a .lo,' al branch of the peace party, I went her can he expected this year be
wlll , niel Tuesday, afternoon nt 2:r , twt:en September I".' tfnd October 9.
o'clock at the Young' Woman's Cbrlstlati ' lad" is the secretary to the King of
Stsodation,' The committee Includes j gi Ivera. and he is anxious for good
Mesdamea W. P. Harford, Hraiwr Mnltb, i VrnUii r during the great annual fcstlvl
N.jll. Nelson, C. W. RuscU and l W.MIct,'
liayca. Th advisability of holding a filled nMh MUalt Inara.
largo masa meeting to promote the ! eao j- (Vrhups bis heart was filled with mls
sentlinent will be dlscusaed. irIsIiirm ut the rcnuiiibrance of firmer
.A. movement la. being started to brlns '. years Winn tl'e week was somewhat
Mme, rSchwlmmer to (inialm for a n turn j
address. Her talk made a profound 1m- .
prciston oh to email audlen.ee present, I
the attendance having bean limited be-j
cause of other attract ona that evening. '
It is understood' that local Hungarians
have signified a desire to co-opcralu with
marred by Interference from Jupe Plu
vlus and Old Boreas.
But wliat th ! iloncl doesn't Ilk Is
that "Dud ' came to him hxailng the olive
branch of trn;t, and the colonel took
Mid In not In the low alsngy sense but
he received him and treated him as a
la aa barren of weather information as
a chicken's mouth Is ot teeth.
But,, oh, how sharper than a serpent's
tooth hi Ingratitude.
Tho colonel is going to TRY to forget It.
Yes. he la going to try. It la bis duty
Omaha Ohio Club to
Hold Meeting in May
The Ohio club, committee on arrange
ments for this year a entertainment met
and decided to hold the annual even.
aoma time In May at a date and pi set-
to be announced later.
The committee decided ,alo on havlmt
for thld year 'lmply a social Catherine
of all Ohlowana who can attend, with tlu
usual banquet feature omitted. ,
against any trouble
that might arise
from a bad stomach,
an impaired diges
tion, a lazy liver or
clogged bowels
These, ailments quickly upset
your general health .make the
ippetite poor the blood impov
erished. They should not be
neglected another day. Try
It will help Nature restore the di
gestive system to a normal condi
tion and assist in every way to
ward the maintenance of health.
Dr. Epstein at the
Jewish Synagogue
Dr. B. Epstein will speak this evening
at S at the Jewish aynagogue. Eight
eenth and Chicago streets, on "What la
tho Future of the Jewish Nation, aad
What Is the National Fund?"
Dr. Kpsteln, who comes from Cologne,
Cermsny, on behalf of the Jewish national
fund, has been doing organization work
for the fund, especially In Russia. The
disturbance ot Zionist work in Europe
hat Induced the national fund headquar
ter to transfer him to the t'nited States,
pending the war. He received a rabbin
ical training In Kflssla and Is a graduate
of the University of Marburg, where he
studied under Prof. "Herman Cohen. He
speaka several languages. As an organ
izer he la said to understand mass psy
chology and appreciates systematic propa
ganda and organisation. Wherevor he
goes rio organizea well disciplined groups
devoted to the national fund work and
f lieu them with enthusiasm.
the. women' In kn effort ti linvo Mint- i friend and broke bread with lilm, or
fcihw immtr. apeak In Omaha ugiiln.'. . would have done so If there bad been any
. ; i i bread around the office to break.
WAP. BRIDES TO BE GIVEN ! ' the cornel told Mm. to the very
. OM Cnrial ICTC PnnftP&M ibcet of h" uhl-.Uy aa meteorological scl-
, VMS VWMinuuiy I .iwwi.ni.. :,rp ,-lvo lgMi
..''' ' . ! expect about that lima of
' The socialist rarty Has ior many year.i
Ernest II. Thompson In a suit In dis
trict court against Jo'.m R. h'tinc and
Archibald P. Kelley, aska V,001 damn Res
and a restraining ord r . forbtildlng tho
bringing of ' garnishment suits In tin at
tempt to collect a $12 Judgment.
Thompson asserts that he lost a Job
aa awltchman w;lth the t'nlon Pacific as
a result of the defendants' a.leged per
secution. -
To-Push the "Buy it .
In Omaha" Slogan
Th "opportunity for American n.anu
fncturers at the present time" was dwelt
ujion by Prrsldcnt John W. (Jambio of
the Omaha Manufacturer' association
at a general meeting of the aaaoctatlnn
Friday, when Mr. Gamble gave bis in-
leugural address. New officers were In
itialled uiid home patronage plans were
I dlfcussed.
I The association advocated a campaign
! .if painting delivery wagons, sprinkling
jwuRons and other vehicles with the "Day
II In Omaha slogan. A campaign oi
adveitlslna: of lomt comprehensive ex
tent la being formulated by the manufacturers.
r 4
Why You Lose
Your Hair
All soaps are made of vegetable or
animal oils or fats, combined with lye or
caustic Most soaps, especially animal
fat soaps, shaving soaps, etc., make a
very penetrating lather and, if used for
a shampoo, soaks the hair fibre full of
soapy suds. The hair is a long time dry
ing and even when dry, much soap is left
within the hair. This soap gradually
breaks down or disintegrates, releasing
the lye which eats into the hair, rotting it and making
it fall out or break off.
Lee'a Shampoo is different. By using a neutral soap made of
vegetable oils, olive, cottonseed and cocoanut, In proper proportion,
and combined with pure grain alcohol, glycerine, distilled water ana
antiseptic, aromatic oils, we get a liquid shampoo that goes direct to
the scalp, cleanses thoroughly and quickly of all grease, dirt and
dandruff, docs not soak the hair fibre full of suds, dries tn one-half
to one-fourth the time of any other, leaving the scalp clean and the
hair soft and fluffy, free from surplus soap.
Large 32 dram bottle (l shampoos for man), 25 eta.
Quart bottle, fills 25c aize 8 times, $1.
For asle st most drug stores. Sample thsmpoo mailed postpaid, IS els. v
i - ';'J?.'
' ''it-'4
Mod only ot th laboratories of
Omaha, Nebraska
Just what
the .year.
And he Kent "Iliul" on hia v refnlclnff
observed February ti as -woman's Oay. , ... ,-.
ll: will be celebrated thla year by an cn-, ,. ,, . ... ... ,n-,.
I tei talanianf . at llifford hull. :Wi t.vilcl . '. .
- - , v nst am -1'an ao7
Net a lozenge, not a COUCh drop, jtulMtng. Nineteenth and Kama m. today, ( I)-(J Trlrlr-
not simply pomethlng .to allay -the. ,l ' p m: ThV,r,nr',!,a' ".'".ITI he u lack to ,ho ""f-" of the
,m uioiimwv iwkb v. ......... ...v p. v.11 iniilt anil fetuirt In the mval
picyiet acanng wun tne position oi wu-;
war. A ski ti h of
local Irritation but a aorldualy
thought out, long tried, Nvell proven
ii-Aer( nt 1 An if ihvH-li. frm rtrlv
. j,,,, M glven ,nJ
1'rcfefsor of Modical Practlca tn the . and ncltatlons.
Ho:i:copr.thic Medical College of
I'aiunv Ivi'.nla. . , ; .
,Vf, flun)l)hreya, "6eventy-seven"
is a .i'pin(latla remedy for Colds
and Grip, pleafant to take, handy to
carry, fits tha vebt pocket,
:r,c and $1 CO. at all drucRlsts or tnVlled.
Uomhrsys Homes. Me. Heine Co., 1 Sit
Wi.Uttiii bueet. New Tors.
gauge l:celK-r . that ''oluuol Welsh had
proirram of inul
5 Days Treatment '
by t!io method used exflU'lvelv b'
i he cJ..i("is uf VUa KArcka Drag
TivatiuvBt la suaianteed to ru
iiiuv i.eri.iauoiitiy ail craving a. id
i1-mre f.ir Ot'lum. Morphine, . 'w
cali.e or other haMt-tornuna iruj.
TrsatmtDt AfcsolBtsly Sarmlasa
' and Tainlsss. Ttimi Bsasoaabia,
Pay When Satisfied
that all deKire has bn removed.
Call or writ
Eureka , Droj Trealnsat
tit Vark As. (Boath tstk A-)
Address B. B. OOBZaTAK., ,
raoaa Bansy liSM.
The Rock Island ta bundling: through
Omuba thre e,vxll trains of an oven
Wo cais, all loaded with ttulck automo
biles, going to Ban Krsnclsco. Tbs car
are tJi'd with 3) machines. In the ag-grcgi-te.
value.! at around FOJO. Tha
frelybt cliai'e from the iKtrolt fac
tory to Sin Francisco amounts to IW.XiO.
It Is assorted that the Kan Francls.'o
romi any has sold every ir.si hlns In tho
rctn la me preucni war. a srck n oi . ..,., ,,.. h,lM l. ...n.. ...n
woman'a work In the socialist movement ' f f!llr . lhlv ,... .Mlll
the festivities?
Not a bit of It.
"Pad" went r Ik lit tack to the court and
summoned the royal atenotrrapher and
dictated a letter to one oh. must! the
words be said? Yea. Well, then, to Irl
It. Hicks, who has long l.een set up In
bustm-aa aa a weather prophet and hurri
cane ateerer In Saint Looey.
And tho royal stenographer did write
and seal the aald communication to the
alleged foreign weather prophet, ai.d did
place thereupon a I-cent atamp. and did
deposit same In a t'nited Statea poaiofflce
for - transmission through the I'nlted
Mates malls (aa thry say in tha Matters
Thut a what "Dad'' did. And ain't It
Here Is a great organization whose car
dinal principle ta the boosting of Omaha
and Omaha Industries.
. And what does It do itself?
tioa Outside far Dos.
fends to taint Looey for Ita weather.
Can anything be imagined mora con
tiudl. tory, mora antithetical, aa It wera?
Nothing can.
Colonel Welsh flnda consolatloa la tha
lla.tco that followed the effort to Import
a foreign brand of 'weather.
The letter "lad" received from the pr
sun who haa been named aKva and who
rt-aidca In Saint Looey amuses tha colonel
Ho ssjs It gives leas wsather Informa
tion than any other document of slniljar
length that be knows of. Including Wash
ti.Rlon's fareacll addreaa. Tha person re
ferred to rail -Lad' his -dear air"
thilce In the U tter ar.u ";iuU w r.-.ats
a wtsa thoi.e ot dates" to have the Ak-'f-Hn
frstlvttlei. Clierwl the letter
of HI, of tha person referred to above.
The Christian Traveling Men's associa
tion, tnewn as the llldeons, w II have
charge of the usual 4 o'clock meeting at
tho Youne Men's Chn-tl.'in asroclatlun to
morrow . Rev. l"r. M. V. HUhec pf the
North Presbyterian church will deliver
tha address. Ilia subject Is 'The HI
Klght." A mule iiuartet and orchestra
will f iml.-h the music. All travel og me t
are especially invited.
Pp. R. C. Mnrble, 222$ Kvans street,
slipped and fell on an lev sldwnlk Fri
day afternoon and sustained a brok. n left
lc. A tnxleab was called and the miii
removed to the Nicholas Henn liospltHl.
Tkiwat ssd Lime Trow'-le.i
Qi:lckly helped by Dr. Klng'.s New I)ls
covary. In use over forty years. Every
heme should keep a bottle for emergenciesAdvertisement,
j Edgar, Allen, highly charged, took a
passing patrol asgixt for a Jitney bus
a4 haUt-4 tha veld-le for paaaaga lxar
was glveir the bst of arcommolttlons
a transfer to the city jail.
rtent room quldc with a B Want Ad
Trentna I-waea 1 lull.
It aeema to be settled thst Trenton will
not be In the Trl-tate leamie th's year,
snd If the league deciiles to con'iiu I i
business the franchise may be placed at
l'hilllpsburg. .
From PsIcg
no matter how long or how bad go to
your druggist today and get a 60 cent
box of pyramid Pile Remedy. It will
glva quick relief, and a alngle box often
ruras. A trial packase n.ailol fres la plain
wrapper If you send us coupon below.
Ill Pyramid Bldg., Marshall. Mich.
Kindly send in a Krse sample f
Vyrasald Hia Bemady, ta plain wrap
per. Nam ,
Cltv .
Plata. .
Police autboritlea today will attempt to
revoke -the license of Tony Vetale. keeper
of a pool hall at 1KB Houth Thirteenth
street, aa well aa to prosecuto hlu for
abetting the escape of three chicken
thieves being pursued by a policeman.
Officer Nick Herbollch early thla morn
ing saw three men emerge from the
chicken coop of lan Kennedy, keeper ot
tho Western lcaguo ball grounds, who
llycs t 1447 tSouth Sixteenth. Tho men
vera carrying half a dosen chickens, and
the policeman ordered them to atop. In
stead thuy commenced to run and tin
offl-cr followed them as far as the pool
hall, wiilcit they entered.
When he got there the keeper blandl)
assured htm that ho had seen nono of the
men and he detained the policeman w-hlU
the fugitives escaped through another
ilojr. It !s alleged by tho police. Late;
Herbullc'.i (found the fowls bidden in thi
pool hall.
Vetale waa arrested and sent to head
qcarters, whera ho Is being held without
O. 'j. Klpllnger & Son, formerly located at 306 SOUTH 16th
S'linKt (Hoard of 'itade Bldg.), have purchased the retail atoro
of N. Mantel ("lgar Co.. at 1808 Farnam St., and have moved
their stock of High Grade Cigars, Tobacco and Pipes to thla ad
dress, and the stnoker will appreciate the bargain prices.
O. D. Kiplinger (EL Son
1HOS Farnam1 Street, Phone Douglas 1763.
(We Mill own and oMrate the cigar stand In the W. O. W. Bldg.)
Droadwrxy ai 29 St.
ciu Jctk
"An Hotel Whers) Cuests ara Mad
to Fl at Houm
Not too large, yet large
enough to afford the
maximum of value at
minimum expense.
Exceptionally Accessible
500 Rooau Modmt ttttttunmt Ckargtt
Singls Rooms with Runnlnj Water
11.00 to 12.00 per dty
Sln(le Rooms with Tab or Shower
Detbls Rooms vlth Runnlnj V-'itrr
S2.00 to ti.OU pcrdiy
OeetU Rooms vlih Tub or Shower
$3.00 to $8.00 per day
EDWARD C. FOGG, Manuging Vinetor
ROT I 3ROWN. Ridmmt Mancfr
'VTJ ell
The Uee is The Paper
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Yi" V ih --V 1513 Douglas Street yp
on Special Sale This Week at Hospe's
.This la your chance to take home a standard,
good-as-new piano at your own terms of payment.
All completely rebuilt. Very beautiful cases. Come
and ee them now.
$?75 Mason A Hamlin, original value, $550.
5275 Stelnway, original value $500.
JS275 Everett, original value $100.
$283 Manlln, original value $4".0.
22f Wegman, original value $350.
R150 Schumann, original value $350.
A.n hflmttatl nrl.rfnll Vllun t i O
aiVf --, w. .c T
$350 Universal Player, original valua $600.

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