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Tin; r.KH: omaha. Friday. march o. iu.v
Deadlock Over Poitoffice and Indian
Appropriations Continue! to
End and Both Fail.
Official Text of German Reply
to Proposals of United States
WASHINGTON. March 4. Con
gress adjourned sine die today. The
senate adjourned at 12:04 p. m., and
the house, after turning back the
hands of the clock, adjourned at
12:18 p. ni.
The total appropriations of the
session were approximately $1,120.
484.324, several millions under the
record of previous congresses.
Two appropriation bills failed. Cur
rent appropriations for the postal
service and the Indian office were
extended for another year.
in the ringing hours President Wilson
iKned tho. SVamrn' 1.111. the neutrality
resolution, empowering him to prevent
ships leaving American ports with sup
plies for belligerent warships, prasnoted
Colonel Goethals to be a major general
for his services as bull. lev of the Panama
canal, and gave promotions to other
officers associated with the work.
The, administration ship bill, the Phil
ippine, bill, the Christian bills, the rural
credits provision of tne agriculture bill
nd ratification of the treaties with
Colombia and Nicaragua all hard
Tressed administration measures fell by
the, way sldS.
In the. senate, several members, long
prominent national figures, among them
1 Senators Root and Burton, stepped back
Into private life as the curtain fell. In
the bouse, Democratic Leader t'nderwood
Mid good bye, to sit in the next senate,
and three score or more members re
tired. For many minutes before adjournment
, there was a lull In tho senate. Absolutely
no business was transacted. Senator Sim
mons paid a tribute to Senator Perkins
of California, who retired at noou. Sen
ator Perkins sat for a moment in con
templation of the tribut?. Then ho slowly
half rose from his seat, feebly wave'd his
Jiand toward the North Carolina senator,
and his colleagues in a gesture of fare
well, and then took his seat again, too
overcome with emotion to speak.
Senator Gallagher offered a resolution
or tfianks to Vice President Marshall for
his services as presiding officer of the
(Continued from Page, One.)
Ktatesmanshlp, when, as the hour of 13
o'clock had almost struck. Representative
HMtzEftratrt of New York, cnairman oi ine
powerful committee on appropriations,
and Ttonreaentaiive Moon of Tennessee
chairman of the committee on postofflc
ml noKt road, became involved in a bit
ter personal altercation over the failure of
the postofftce appropriation bill that
ihmntcnpd thn reace of the occasion and
called for the presence of the aergeant-at-
arma with the maoe.
Tho tin iu naseed between the two
distinguished democrats and when they
had finished the artlstio setting" or a great
national epic had been rudely shattered
hxraima of attributed betrayal of Indi
vidual right, growing out of the passage
r a iMni rpanliLtion continuing the pres
ent postoffice appropriations until June
30, 191.
All Hush for Home.
When the gsvels fell in the two houses
there was never seen In Washington such
a rush for trains on the part of legisla
tors, their families and secretaries, t'nion
station late this afternoon never saw so
many plug-hatted and long-coated states
men all cn one mission bent, ''Home Bweat
Representative lan Stephens and wife
did not stay to witness the complete
burial of tho sixty-thirl congress, hav
ing arranged to take an early train for
Congressman Bloan, wife and daughter,
ieft "tonight for Geneva, accompanied by
JMr. Sloan's secretary. Mr- Bross.
Representative Barton, anxious to get
back to "his own west," where his best
affections are, took an early eraln for
Grand Island. Mr. Barton will "browse
around" a bit before ho decides as to
his future, work.
Barton Hay Try Aftaln.
He is not satisfied over the result of
last November and may decide to get
Into the race for another term in ion
gress. But if he does, he said to The
'Bee correspondent: "It will be as
straight-out republican."
Representatives Klnkaid, Lobeck and
Maguire having departmental business to
clean up will go back to Nebraska in
a leisurely way.
Senators Hitchcock and Norris have
still much to do before returning to the
prairie state. Senator Noris particularly,
being desirous of securing data for sev
eral chautauqua addresses he will make
during the spring and fumraer.
Pension Circular.
The ommi8loner of pensions has pre
pared s circular letter, which will be
sriit to every male penHioner on the rolls
aggregating about 460,)f, requesting In
formstlon as to the domestic status of
Tin: letter contains Inquiries as to the
(lute ami plae of the soldier's birth, and
his reclame st the date of enlistment
hid wife's full name and her maiden
WASHINGTON. March 4 -The official
text of the German government's reply
to the American not suggesting that
Germany and Great Britain agree on a
plan to lessen danger to neutral shipping
iti the war sone as made public here
today. It follows:
The Imperial German government has
taken note with great Interest ot the
suggestion of the American government
that certain principles for the conduct
of maritime war on the part of Germany
and Kngland be agreed upon for the pro
tection of neutral shipping. It sees therein
new evidence of tho friendly feelings of
the American government toward the
German government, which are fully re
ciprocated by Germany.
"It is In accordance with Germany's
wishes also to have maritime war con
ducted according to rules which, without
discriminate restricting one or the other
of the belligerent powers in tho use of
their means of warfare, are equally con
siderate of the interests of neutrals and
the dictates of humanity.
"Consequently it was Intimated In the
German note of the ISth that observa
tion of the declaration of London on the
part of Germany's adversaries would cre
ate a new situation from which the Ger
man government gladly would draw the
proper conclusions.
"Proceeding from this view the Oe.r-
msn government has carefully examined
the suggestion of the American govern.
ment and believes that it csn actually see
in it a suitable basis for the practical
solution of the questions which have
Offers to tamp Mines.
"With regard to the various points of
the American note it begs to make the
following remarks:
First With regard to the sowing of
mines, the German government would be
willing to agree, as suggested, not to
use floating mines and to have anchored
mines constructed as Indicated. More
over, it agrees to put the stamp of the
government on all mines to be planted.
On the other hand, it does not appear to
it to be feasible for the belligerents
wholly to forego the use of anchored
mines for offensive purposes.
"Becon The German government would
undertake not to use Its submarines to
attack mercantile vessels of any flag
except when necessary to enforce the
right of visit and search. Should the
enemy's nationality of the vessel or the
presence of contraband bo ascertained,
submarines would proceed In accordance
with the general rules of International
"Thlrrt As provided In the American
note, this restriction of the use of the
submarines Is contingent on the fact that
enemy mercantile vessels abstain from
the use of the neutral flag and other
neutral distinctive murks. It would ap
pear to be a matter of course that such
mercantile vesecls also abstain from arm
ing themselves and from all resistance
by force, since such proceeduro is con
trary to International law and would
render Impossible any action of the sub
marines In accordance with international
Food for Animals Alan.
"Fourth The regulation of legitimate
importations of food into Germany sug
gested by the American government ap
pears to bo in general acceptable. Such
regulation would be confined to Importa
tions by sea. but that would, on the other
hand, Include Indirect Importations by
way of neutral porta. The Germans
would, therefore, be willing to make the
declarations of the nature provided In
the American note, so that the use of the
Imported food and foodstuffs solely by
the non-combatant population would he
guaranteed. The Imperial government
must, however. In addition, emphasise
having the importation of other raw ma
terial used by the economic system of
non-combatants, Including forage, per
mitted. To that end the enemy govern
ments would have to permit the free
entry Into Germany of the raw material
mentioned in the free list of the declara
tion of London and to treat material In
cluded In the list of conditional contra
band according to tho samo principles
as food and foodstuffs.
"The Gorman government vrntures to
hope that the agreement for which the
American government has paved the way
may be reached after due consideration
of the remarks made above, and that in
this way peaceable neutral shipping and
trade will not have to suffer any more
than is absolutely necessary to unavoid
able effocta of maritime war. These ef
fects could be still further reduced If, as
was pointed out In the German note of
the lflth Inst., some way could be found
to exclude tho shipping of munitions of
war from neutral countries to belligerents
on ships of any nationality.
"The German government must, of
course, reserve a definite statement of
the position until such time as it may
receive further Information from the
American government, enabling It to see
what obligations the British government
aro on their part willing to assume."
Alleged Chicago
Grafter Captured
After Long Chase
CHICAGO. Mirrh 4 -Kdmund Rice,
wanted in connection with graft charges
made anainst four former officials of the
detective bii-can of the tliloago police
department, ha been arrested and has
confessed. no'iTding t'i a story pub
lished hire today.
Rice, who radcd arrest for months,
was caught Itl Tiajunana. Mex , by de
tectives under State's Attorney Hoymv
He previously hail been traced to San
Francisco nnd Fan Plcgn, Cal., and
Juares, Mex.
It Is alleged that Rice was at the head
of the "pa-off" operations between the
police and a band of clairvoyant swlnl
lers and wire tappers.
Mid-West Cement Show
March 2 to 6 I
Austria Loses Many
of Its Best Guns
(SENKVA. March .-(Via Paris. 1-That
Austria lost much of its best new artil
lery In the recent fighting In cast Prus
sia snd northern Poland Is the informa
tion received here from what are con
sidered .reliable sources The guns lost
are said to include twenty-three batteries
of .ins ' mllimetres and. a number of 1
millujetres. In the region surrounding
riock, Kutno and Begicr alone, nine
complete batteries are said to hav been
captured by the Russians, whll nine
others were destroyed-
name; date and place name; date and
place of marriage, and as to whether
there is any public record of such marriage.
Tf either the soldier or his wife was pre
viously married, he Is requested to fur
nish ful! information In regard to such
former marriage, and also as to the
names and dates of birth of all children.
These Inquiries are made wholly In tho
interest of the soldier and his family,
and it is believed that the information
thus to be gained will at some future date
prove of great value to the widow or
Duplicates Former Letter.
A somewhat similar clrculer letter was
sent to the pensioners In 1R98, and the re
plies have already proved to be very
valuable, but inasmuch as more than six
teen years have elapsed since that date,
during which, many changes may hae
taftvn place ln'each family and because
those circulars were not sufficiently defi
nite to bring out all tho material facts
it was thought bets to make this re
quest for full information.
The commissioner urgently requests
Rub Rheumatic,
Aching Joints
And Stop Pain
Rheumatism la "pain" only.
Not one case in fifty requires internal
treatment. Stop drugging! Rub soothing,
penetrating "St. Jacobs OH" right into
your sore, stiff, aching Joints, and relief
comes instantly. "St. Jacobs Oil" is a
harmless rheumatism liniment which
never disappoints and can not burn the
Limber up! Quit complaining! Get a
small trial bottle of old. honest "tit.
Jacobs OH" at any drug store, and In
Just a moment you'll be free from rheu
matic pain, soreness and stiffness. Don't
suffer! Relief awaits you. "St. Jacobs
Oil" is Just as good for sciatica, neural
gia, lumbago, backache, sprains. Advertisement
each soldier or sailor, upon receipt of
this letter of Inquiry to consider it care
fully and to mako prompt and full reply
to such Inquiry and to return it as
promptly as practicable In the addressed
envelope which will accompany each
letter and which require no payment of
Investors with money- read the Real
Estate ads in The Bee. Advertise your
property for a quick sale.
A Real Flesh Builder
For Thin People
A New Discovery
Thin men and women that hig. hearty,
filling dinner you ate last night. What
becamn of all I he fat-prodticlng nourish
ment It contained? You haven't gained
In weight one ounce. That food passed
from your body like unhurned coal
through an open grate. The material
wan there, but your food Uiesn't work
and stick, nnd the plain truth Is you
hardly get enough nourishment from
your meals to lay for tne cost of cook
ing. This is true of thin folks the world
over. Your nutritive organs, your func
tions of assimilation, are sadly out of
gear and need reconstruction.
Cut out the foolish foods and funny
sawdust diets. Omit the flesh cream rub
ons. Cut out everything but the meals
you are eating now and eat with every
one of those a single Sargol tablet, in
two weeks note the difference. Five to
eight good solid pounds of healthy, "stay
there" fat should be tho net result. Sar
gol charges your weak, stagnant blood
with millions of fresh new red blood cor
pusclesgives the blood the carrying
I ower to deliver every ounce of fat-making
material in your tood to every part of
our body. Sargol, too, mixes with your
food and prepares it for the Mood in
easily assimilated form. Thin people gain
all the way from 10 to 2fi pounds a month
while taking Sargol. and the new flesh
Slavs put. Sal-col tablets are a scientific
combination of six of the best flesh-pro-duclng
elements known to chemistry.
They come 40 tablets to a package, are
pleasant, harmless and Inexpensive, and
!hermnn McConnell and all other drug
gists in Omaha and vicinity sell them
subject to an absolute guarantee of
weight increase or money back. Advertisement.
Mr. Contractor...
General Mason Plastering
Tlu Mixing of llanlwoll Plaster in tho Harding Mortar Mixer was
We mixed the actual material for the "Show Me" type of contractor, made good
and sold him. Watch this machine at work at the Omaha Show, Space 11.
Mixing Hardwell plaster with hair and fiber, Portland cement, lime mortar and
hard finish. Makes perfect mortar, spreads easier, hangs together better, sets harder.
Ask us to mix any kind of mortar that you wish.
Note the Simple Real Mixing Principle and the Way It Cleans Itself.
CaiMirltr Fifty iOO-llt. 11a an Hour, With I p to Fort) Shovels of Sand to the Nark.
man ran mix for fifteen plnMerrrs or twenty masons, and two men ran mlv for twenty-fire' plaMerers
or forty masons.
TO!' SAVE ONF.-FOFHTH OK YOI'H MATKK1A1. MM.. More sand can be tisrd and "till have
richer mortar on Amount of the) thorough mixing. You have perfect mortar all the time and the) ex.
nc-t amount to last until quitting time. The machine la fast, A HATCH IV THKF.K MINUTES. You
no longer have to rater to the mortar man In busy season. You ran teach any laborer to he a first
class mixer In ten minute with the use of the machine. You show your pro(rressleness by doing
away with the hoe, the only antiquated feature of modern building. You gain the good will of tho
public and architects by showing them the best mortar that has ever loen put on lath or brick.
The Mortar Mixer Corporation
Architects Are Beginning to Specify ''Machine-Mixed Mortar."
If you are interested in excavating,
gravel stripping, storing or re
claiming any material, see the
Negley Stack Cable-Way Excavator
Indianapolis Cable Excavator Co.
Booth 49 Cement Show
The ORR1NK treatment for the Krink
lUblt arj be used with absolute ronfl
denoe. It dentrnys all desire for whiskey,
b.er or other al. oholir stimulants. Thous
mids have surrcusrully used it and have
Ix-cn restored to lis of sohrictv and
UM'fulneaa. Can be serretlv slvi n. Costs
only $1.'0 per box. If you fail to tift rr.
Hilts from OHKIN'i; after a liiul. vmir
inmet- will be refunded. Auk tor 'fret
Ixiek'et trllliii all uIhiiiI ORHIXK.
Hherman A. l i "oniif : lru . luH
nd lo.g sts., ol lirufi Co.. Kthanl
iarne t-ts
Interlocking Cement Stave Silo Co. of Omaha, Neb.
Interlocking Cement Stave Conceded to B the Best Form f Constriction la
the Unite States
This Is one of the latest and most scientific Silo construction of today.
We manufacture our own material. We make a cement stave tongue and
grooved on either end and side and Is substantially banded with steel hoops.
When properly made and cured, and properly erected, will Improve with age.
Why We Claim the Interlocking Cement Stave Silo Is tne Besti
Because It is air-tight, water and acid-proof and will preserve the silage per
fectly under all weather conditions.
Because It is a permanent Silo and grows stronger with age.
Because It cannot be destroyed by fire and will resist any wind except a cy
clone or tornado and can be Insured at the regular farm rates.
Becanse It is acid-proof and sealed airtight with our Interlocking wash and
Because It requires no attention or tightening of hoops.
Because Curing the silage perfectly, it freezes as little as any Silo on the
Because It costs less than a good wooden Silo.
Because The first cost is the total cost; no expense for repairs, painting, or
loss of silage from air leaks.
Because We erect with skilled and mechanical labor and know the construc
tion Is correct.
Because Our many satisfied customers are our best advertisers and a care
ful investigation will convince you of these facta.
Why Do You Not Build Silo?
t Ifuj Corn stalk properly siloed contains 40 to 50
per cent of the crop value.
Slxu Silage can be fed to an advantage during the
summer and drouth season.
Seventh Silage Is your cheapest feed and best bal
anced ration, and with the proper method one
acre of corn silage can be put in the Silo for
the same expense It can be put In the crib.
Eighth The silage wtll keep your herd in good con
dition the year around, and help to save your
first crop of alfalfa In a rainy season. Why Net
Save Itl
-1 ! N "1 h
First Cows fed on silage In winter give milk in
quantity and quality equal to June pasture,
gecend Silage enables the farmer to manufacture
more Milk or Meat at less cost than any other
method. It is the cheapest and best feed for all
stock at all times and under all conditions on
the farm.
Third One acre of corn In the Silo feeds further
than two acres outside, and more than doubles
your feeding capacity.
Feurth The Silo will more than pay for Itself In one
We also make a specialty of Stock Tanks, Supply Tank. Granaries, Hog Houses, ( blrken flosses, Ice
Houses, Pritate Garages, .tc cheaper and more durable than wood. Strength, Durability and Economy
are our Basic Principles. We are a hnm ni.ntifH-tnrlng company. The abo?e facts have been and can
oe proven. nniir.M is t iik ri k i u mi iMuitqiiiin,
101 Ware Stale Agent y
IM'Xk Lincoln
Interlocking btment Stave &i.d it. or onuna, 'Nab. (Ir.i.i
Telephone Webster 886
Booths 1, 2, 3 and 4
Office and Yards:
28th Ave. and Sahler St.
Omaha Concrete
Stone Company
Manufacturers and Builders of
Cement Building Stone
Decorative Concrete
Concrete With Pleasing Surfaces
Everything in Cement
Cement Show
West of the Mississippi River
The best manufactured cement products and cement work.
ing machinery now on exhibition.
No cement products manufacturer, contractor, dealer,
builder or user can afford to miss it. It's an education.
The best convention program. Every number of vital in.
terest to user and builder. -
Valuable prizes for the best photographs of concrete work
done in the last three years.
Something stirring all the time.
Now Going on at the
Auditorium, Omaha, Nebraska

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