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nouKNKs ee4 a lantern hut
the ti.-vto-cJate, business mtn n
Omaha uses the advertising eel
nmi of The lice,
0 Trains Hud at
total Haws Stands. 5a.
Reports IndicAts that the Snow Gen
erally Has Ceased, Wind Gone
Down and Fair Weather
f Coming.
Railroad Clear Up Their Lines and
Trains Getting Back Onto the
Regular Schedules.
Reports received from out in the
tate Jast night gave promise of a
break in ' the snowstorm that has
been pretty general all over Ne
Ibraaka sihee Tuesday night. From
, Colorado and omins. through
'pi-act'oa-lly nl! of Nebraska snow fell
at lntrrvalen ell yesterday. Late In
ithe afternoon I, eouinieneed to clear!
lup in tlio west aud at 9 o'clock last
liiipht the railroads gave out the in
formal ion that the reports indicated
ft rtee'ded break In the storm.
I On flip Northwestern, west "f 1 o-
jTVne, e'ear ar.d c:ilni wiatlicr was the
m.'ln n'l llio way through to Lander.
p"r.c tn'v ilaii where truuMe h he
'inp prpir;i n'- l was nround Bioonifield
.end Rrnrlolph, Xj-h. Ituliig the early
!'.:( i .' t. e lity tlifr- hurl been conyM
jerat'io fimw H the fountry nround these
'towns :.n la'er h h'K'n wind rtartid the
'now t tr.ovinjr. t'uta were filled and
'lrn'ns were onmillpd.
On the main line and. on tiie l.ln
" oiii, and Superior branches, passenger
'Iran were runn!nr; m-e.rly on lime.
JKttlfihln wirs s'Mit out durlns le aft
ler:icun cnl l.y today it is hoped t) have
ha lee r.taut icstored to normal,
t leurtn ..t Wrathfr WorlLa Kant.
Aior.i th H.irriiFton. nports to the
OMl-a;-iiOi 8 o.'l.-e latt night lnc!l'ated n
ercnrrnl Jreati in the storm with a poa-aili!-?
rturn of fa.r wcatner today. The
iear:n"5 weather that was retorted
around and weft, of Alliance last nifrht
had notfn down as fer as Prol-n Bow
and wiM of thero tt was eltMr and
calm, with temperatures of around freei-
ing. .
Kor (oin dUtami east of
county, eonsMerable new snow was re -
poi tec!, i.t nowhere was it drifting,
jrnins ivi'.t r.eiu oot on sfneaoie anal
' It hr 5 eomlns In were Iosc to one time.
Tha t'rloii Pni Iflc last .flight found
clear and ea'.m weajher all thv way
west from Oallala. Between there, and
Ernnd island there waa a strlpof eeiinlry,
fifty, tnlles or so wide, where it was
enowlng and wl.ere It was drifting. Most
c-t the trefna w?er on ttua. All freight
trains will be sent aut on schedule today.
Rtports late last ,ti'Shl ' werw to the
effect that over hi (own snow continued,
te fall and that there was considerable
drifting. Trains wet j lute and generally
"were following snow plows. '
' In Omaha light snow continued to fait
;ur!ns the. ent're day anl at a l.t hour !
.last night-It was eomlnjr down n light
iiflurries. At no time, however, was It
.heavy enough to !nterfer with traffic.
Te"iperatu; vs wre aroi:nJ freezing.
SUsitH-il lnt-hPs of Snow.
A total oC aliout tlxteon inches of snow
was on ih-' ground at Cma'in at o clock
ycaurda n'.orr.i".i3. acrorc'InB to govern
jii.t t p.ie3.;un.ci.t. Since then consider
all': !ijiv -Inj Vh 'lea. Of t sixteen
In i hi k r.bot fourteen have fallen within
tlK la.st throe -.(!;.;-a. Calw.el Welsh or tho
' t eLitliT hii'cuu rays, the other ro inrhes
hr.vlhg been on the ground before that.
Within the twenty-four hour ending
at 7' a. r.i. Priday. the snow Hint fill
n.enfured of nn Inch, when molted
1'ieval Irs winds blew from ten to ais
tec:i iriUs per hour around Omaha. The
stcrin was f:ir fiom a blizzurd. I'olonel
Vels1! 8j'3, as It lacked t!ie shwrp, cold
and strong northerly wihds nece
tury to acvomppny a heavy foil of snow
in ord'.r tu make hl:axirJ conditions.
t III llehlnr 7t -c-rl.
lien with the heafy srofail of
last tew tfuys. thU vinif-r is far behind
t'tat of three years agi. so far as total
enow fall ia com-erned. aci ording to ov
ernnient weather buixau pcords. The
winter of lau IV hod a total of (TT.4 inches
(Con'lnuod on IMee Five. Column One.)
The Weather
Knrecant ti'l V p. in. Satuiday:
For OnislsH, Council Bluffa and Vkinlty
-Snow; not .much charge In temperature,
Iriaprratare at UauaUa Vrstrla,
5 a. m . .
a. in..
7 a.m..
....... r,
..... 25
m. .
m . .
m. .
CoaaaaratlT laral Rerord.
rtu. m. my nvi.
Highest yesterdar ai 4T ii 4
Lowest yesterday 22 M ID 4
Mean temperatvr IH 4o r. 11
J'rcrlpltatun 61 T T T
Temperature and precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
Normal temperature SO
Jeflehney f..r the day
Total deftcieney since March t.. W
Normal preelpltat!on 04 inch .
F.xcesa for tha day.. rj inch
Total rainfall smce March 1.... l.S) Inches
Fx- ess aince March 1 l.St Inches
I)e.ficleney for cor, parlod lt14. .1 Inch
reficieni y for cor. period 1W3. .1 Inch
neports trans Station, at T P. M.
Kiotlcu and Htata Temp. High- Rain-
oi w eaiuer. 7 p. m.
'lieyenne, cloudy 1
liavenport. snow J2
Jwnver. cloudy J
Ia M-rtnes. cloudy tZ
North Platte, aiio. ix
'maha, wioar : S
'cello. Pt. cloudy
Itai,l.1 City, "now M
rlt I ako, cloudy M
t...nt Ke, Tt. cloudy 'j4
Hii. rld.m. Pt. cloudy U
ftoux 'ity. anow 21
Yentiue. anow 14
H a.
51A a!
a "
r "Vo. yip. m..
&2-Zs p. in..
- 7 p. in.,
7-C' t p. in..
at. fail
i8 .00
t! .74
21 .
W .!
XI .eo
IX .06
M .10
4? ,
2. .)
ix .12
T indistes t'are of precll'atlon.
, U A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
FIGHTERS OF THE AIR FLEET One of the French monoplanes that took part in the
recent raids on German positions along the Belgian coast.
j Assistant Post-nsster General Roner
oils Consideration.
(From a. Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, March 5. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Congressman Lo-
! beck," in his conference with First
1 Assistant Postmaster General Roper
j today on the Report of certain in-
spectors affecting the efficiency of
Declares Protests Warrant Seri
tbe Omaha postofflce, intimated to
General Roper that an aroused pub
lic sentiment was against the recom
mendations of the inspectors and that
he would be dorelict In hisduty if
he did . noWv puPrt lie expressed
w ishes -of his constituents.
'Thereupon li Hied -with C4enerM Roper
probably tne most complete router of
name, of weK -known Omahana ever at
tached to 'a series "of petitions ' caflinff
upon the Postofflce department to con
tinue the present high-grade efficiency of
the Omaha postofffce.
Warrnuts Investigation.
When Genera! Roper looked at the ex
ceedlnsly formidable bundle of protests
a?a.inft the recommended changes and
letter.', telegrams and resolution in be
hall' of Individuals marked for demotions
and separations from the aervlce the first
assistant p33tmaater general turned to
the. congressman, from tho. Second dis
trict and said: "Tou certainly have a
weight of evidence here that must lie se
riously considered." '
Mr. I-obeek stood for the men recom
mended for demotion, transfer and dia.
mlsral. He contended that the report of
the Inspectors was biased and had been
Infuenced by snurces which, while now
not connected with local postoffice mat
ters, had at one time been most powerful
Ih their manipulation,-
It was agreed tl-at .nothing would be
done until both Senator Hitchcock and
Mr. 'Lobeck had an opportunity to b
heard further. Mr. Loberk said today he
tvou'd not go home as long aa the Omaha
r-ostoffice readjustment of personnel was
a live issue.
To I.ouU Into Paiaplnsr Project.
"Cncle Moe Klnkaid." who has prob.
ably rectircd more real benefits for his
district thun any one representative of
the minority party In congreaa, wka In
formed today that his persistant efforts
for Irrigation "bn Ilo Pole creek by
pumping had fluully b"eu aimed to and
thst early this spring the irrigation and
drainage division -of the department Of
Agriculture would liijUq preparations for
the Investigation. This means that be
tween 0,00i and ICyM at res of land in
the co in'i.s r Cheyenne. Kimball and
Deuel, may be found feasible for irriga
tion by water pumped 'rom wells.
Maftrn p. M.'s Held la.
Jn looking over hl list of reoommen
Oations for postmasters today, . Senator
,'ititchcock ascertained Uat nineteen had
tailed to "come across," In other words
had not been sent to the senate. Among
these ' nineteen are O'Neill, ht. Paul,
Vork. Wahoo. Crete nd Falrbury
Senator Hltchovk va id - today .. that he
had been advised l.y tlx Treasuiy de
partment that in all probability, J. o.
Wiese of Omaha, wo-ild be awarded the
contract for building the extension to
the IJncoln postofflce.
. Former I'nited gtatcs D'strlct Attorney
Itush of N'ebraaka, is In ashtugton on
matters tonneited with the lepartment
of Justice, with a-hi"h he has been con
nected since his retirerm nt from active
political life. ' '
Special Pension Bills.
Congressman Ixibeck announced today
that the president before the adjourn
ment of congress had signed the follow
ing special periston hills, which he suc
ceeded In p.Kising through congress: Cal
vin . P. Elklns, l; Mrs. Bella K.
gehwartziander. 24; .William Kennedy,
(M. all of Omaha.
Orgaalaed March 15.
WAtmi.Nt.TON, March a.-The new
FedeiaJ Trad commiaiilon w ill be organ
ized March IS. George Rubles ef Cor
nish, X. 11. , the only member uricn
flnnrd by tl:e senate, will serve under a
recess appoint tea?
01 ft WwiilTjirw e- -a-
Sara Bernhardt
Safely Past Crisis,
Says Her Physician
BORDK.M'X. March 5. tVia Pari.)
There was a marked improvement today
In the condition of Sara Bernhardt, who
suffered a relapse a few days ago while
recovering from the effects of the am
putation of a leg In a hospital here. A
bulletin, Issued by her surgeon, Denuoe,
"Sara Bernhardt'e crisis has ended. Her
convalescence Is following the normal
Backers of Measure' Confident that
It Will Receive Necessary Ma- j
jority in the 'Rome. j ;
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.) .
LINCOLN, March 5. (Special.)i
Tb e Omaha annexation bill - will
carry in the house, according to the
opinion of Representative Robert
Drucsedow of Douglas county.
He and other members of the Douglas
county delation have been rustling
around pretty lively during the last few
days and they find that from now on the
annexation sentiment will grow.
Letters, addressed, to members of the
legislature are being recelYid written by
11. Thomsen, vice president of the Na
tional Roofing company, which has Its
offices in the Ware block at Fifteenth
and Famam. It la tatd that the Wars
block is owned bya the Paxtoa aetata,
which has large Interests in tha South
Omaha Live Stock exchange, and there
fore the gentleman may be Interested in
being with tho packing interests of that
elty, which are fighting tha annexation
City Attorney Murphy of Bouth Omaha,
Kho will be legislated out of a job if the
annexation bill carries, has been hover
ing around the corridors of the state
l.ouse for several days. He thinks that
the bill is losing ground, but, of -course,
may be considered Just a little prejudiced
In the matter because ot hla position. :
Marshall Will Take
Wison's Place at
The Fair Dedication
WAHHINGTON, March 6.-Vlea Preal
dent Marshall will go to San Francisco
to represent Prefldent Wilson at the for
mal r!.wlii'U Hi.n ,f thm a ln.n... II.. . . I I '
poentlon on March 20. The president still !
hopes to visit the exposition later. !
The vice president left here tonight fori
Cleveland. O., and later . he will go to !
Indianapolis before leaving for the coast, j
He had planned a trip to Arizona, but has '
abandoned this part of his loumev. '". ' !
Pd,Uni wo. i.i , . .
omlng to the coast thi- month with ra.
1 1 . n Kll rtn. l.l-.l . N . . V. . j . . I
., . ,, . , ... .
. .7 ' " .
'B ,"!0n.1, "T? th! B'-l'0"":The submarln
fill tha lirntai't nn , . f A em ah lib. J i. i I
V.' - .uteres..,
uurtiig iiif) war. -
Burrnl e af Ilssnl.tla. ar.iaJ aL i
intended, to carry out hit ortrinl plsn to
visit the Panama-Pacific exposition next
- " , ..- .I'm n. tV v., arsiup via
the Panama canal about July 1.
War Pictures
From the Front
Full Page in
Sunday Bee
fe;,S,. . f .... I - vv
D i- i. xrr '
British War Office Announces the
Destruction of TWO Of Kaistr's
V Undersea Craft.
1 jmany state commissions snd legislatures
IX1NDON, March 5. Two German i handicapped the roads,
aubmarines have been sunk In Brf-I "I)on t you th,nk u rther mlsman
tUh .', ...n- . -,,., the selling' of blue sky and
, vw..B .
announcement given out in London
today. The text of the statement
follows: . 1 ,llltIa commtoelon.
"The secretary of the admiralty makes I tteta Hlae from Waae,
the following announcement: The sleam- J""' ch wild statements aa you
ship Thordls has now been examined in ! Imve r.mie that has hurt their credit,"
dry dock and injuries to its keel and Its ! replied Mr. Wade.
propeor confirm the evidence of Cap- j WH.Ha e. Reed of Nebraska wanted to
tain Bell and the crew that on February j know If Mr. Wade ever read a book pub
VT'j rVnnt Bn7 ,n ,'n b- j rCoatinued on Page FivTlu7ilnfw'o7
tiiV tv vjri mull ji.iun.l ine wiucn
had fired , 'tnrpetio ; at jl.; ';' '. V
-VVasterdav afternoon iVIm sArmun anli.
marina. m aiiiiK in tne cnannei oil
fJover by ' destroyers, - the officers and
man were taken prisoner."
News dispatches riyxid from Paris
and London lrithe last twelve hours have
related the sinking of two Ucrmni sub- '
marines. One lias been described ' as tha! WASHINGTON, March 3.-4ebraaka's
C-S; the other has not been definitely ) alien land law was attack. fa uni-onsti-identlfied.
tutioual In a brief filed '4sTn in the au-
Crew Reaartea Prisoners. . ! rr'" court by attorneys for nonresident
Tha Frencn ministry of marine an-' "'n" who nav" ben deprived front In
nounced Ust night that a German sub- j herlUn of John Toop, an English-
marine had been sunk by torpedo boat
destroyers and the crew taken pilsuner.
Thla aubmarslbla tha French authorities
called tha U-8. -
The British steamer collier Thordls,
while making Ita way raceutly from
Blyth to Plymouth, sighted a submar'ue.
The underaea boat fireda torpedo at the
trawler, but the captain of tho British
ship succeeded In dodging the missile
and then drove hla vessel at the per iscope "lha" not Cfiu're title to agricultural or
showing above the face or the water, lie mln' lands by.d-socnt or purchase, ex
claims to hava struck and aent It to the . '''pt tllat tha widow and helra of. aliens
button!. Hla contention was aupported by
his mate and tha members of bis crew
and now it haa been accepted as correct
by the British naval authorities. '
The submarine U-a was of 300 tons dis-
placement. It had a spe.rd ot thirteen
knots above water and eight knota sub -
merged, with a radius of operation of
l milee. The vessel carried three
i torpedo tubes and had a complement ot
twelve men. The U
to the famous U-9.
8 waa a aisler ship
(aatared t'rew Lanld.
DOVER, Engl aud. March 6 (Via Lon-
I don.) Tha crew of the i'-t. numbtx-lng
twenty-nine, was lailded at Dover today
and waa taken to Iover castle under an
armed escort. The U-a waa smaller than
tbe lateat Ger:nan submarine. Its displace
ment under water being only iK) tons.
'French Warship
Fires Upon German
1 ' 'ft . j nopa to ds a Me to noid the Olympic
OUDmarine JaItiil"m m rlin in 191. according to In-jwl
PAR 1 8, March &, -The ministry of ihar-
"' '' a siai-iiit-m io me
T.. ,h"' .r,"n of the.
l-u type nau been rired on by a
cruiser in the English channel yesterday.
k.iuuHrU aiiu . uu wnncr
r,ce , u WR oun
LONDON. March J.-Tr.e question
e.'hether hoise racing meets ought to be I
suspended during the war Is being warmly j
discussed by the press and the public.
The Tiniea In an editorial yesterday ad-
vocstes at least the suspension of the
Ascot and Epsom meets, but Lord Rose- :
tt ry writes to tha Tlmea today protesting i
agslnst. such a move. He argues that !
horses are Invaluable to the future Of the !
army and that If raoea cease thorough-
etedi will disspiar, because bo man can'
afford to keep blooded stock for the raeru J
pleasure of looking at them In the iaMa.
( T wA TY na.k.H. . ...I . -. . . . . I
j "-.... j iuai.,r yf.llll. DB nil
I all through tha French revolution and
(he Napoleonic wars the Epsom, snd Ascot
races were held regularly, adding that
"oi:r forefathers did not regsrd It as an
offense to witness horse racas wh:l at
jRoad Make So Littie They Have to
Pay Haje Tnterrt to Obtain
j Monej. Says Wade of
St. Louis.
; Never Heard of JJnok Telling All
About Depression Mentioned by
! Reed of Nebraska. v
March . The credit
; of railroads
I - " v
, ability to obtain new capital was dis
cussed before Interstate Commerce
I Cc muiissloner W. M. Daniels today
in the petition of forty-one western
; railroads for permission to Increase
freight rates. Fositis J. Wade, a
hanker of St. Louts, testified that
owing to their poor earnings western
i railroads were unable to nhtaln
money except on high rates of Inter
est, out of proportion to thai asked
j f rom industrial corporations.
"To what do you attrlblute the flnan
; rial depression from which the railroads
sre suffering?" nsked Laither Walker,
counsel for the parking Interests who
are opposing (he Increases.
) What Is to Hlame.
j "I attribute It." said Mr. Wade, "largely
to trie attacks or state railway commis
sions in iclurlng the railroads rewr.
to onerous acts by slate legislatures and
to wild and extravagant charges against
railroads. "
"If business anndltions throughout the
country are poor now, do you think It
would hasten prosperity to tax the shin,
"It would help hasten orosnerllv t,i
i r,,ore the c''edlt of railroads. Many
shippers who are now suffering from
! I"lness depression would be glod to pay
"'Ji". T" bM,nT"u
The witness said he considered the In-
! fluence of the Interstate Commerce oom-
I mission over rallroa.ls was smd. hut
tht h hurt ,h(, rodj mor.
etata commissions," asked Bverc
j c"nsei for tha. Illinois
? Jen
Publlo Alien Land Law of
Nebraska Attacked
As Unconstitutional
f man, naturalized in the United State, and
I living at Ulysses, Neb., at the time of his
I death, in 1H3K
Oral argument In the case will not bo
beard until late In the spring. It has at
tracted much attention from constitu
tional lawyers aa well as In diplomatic
The statute In question waa passed In
im. and provides that nonresident aliens
. n0 h,a hltehto acquired land might hold j
"urh f'r ten years for sale or naturalise- j
: lon- J
j H Is claimed that the statute Is in con-j'
! f,,'t with treaty between the United j
j states and Great Britain, ratified In WW. t
' Moreover, it ia contended there haa been!
,n unconstitutional, arbitrary classifies -
I t,on of nohreaident aliens, becaune cltl -
I of certain countries by treaty are
! rermltted to acquire land anywhere In the
: United States and the state of Nebraska
'has iinl IttnnM in Arrtv V, . t . u. .
Germany Expects to
Hold Olympic Games
in HftrllTI in I Ml R ' ot ";,rk nike. The smoke resohed the
Ail -LUi IIU. Ill XUXUh,Knt of fho serol,,anr ,nat ,0
jl.Md yards.
NKW TORK, March S. The war is not Car tain Happe remained for ten mln
preventltig the development of a Gerirsn utca over the powder works to observe
: Olympic, track team and 'Germany still
urination contained In a letter from CaVI
Diem of the German commission to John
J. Mel high. Inspector of athletics of the
Public School Athletic league.
Mr. I Hem told of h's experiences In the
, hospital, 'where he Is recovering from
,.,. ..,.,.J ,
in north-
.. Fiance.
Mr. llem visited this coun- i
try two yesrs ago, whan he took buck '
with him Alvtn Kraenxleln, formerly of!
I - niKimirui, lunnrriy or.
the University of Pennsylvania, to coach I
the German Olympic team. Kraenaleln.
however, returned to America at the out-
bresk of the war.
Tomorrow the Best
The Sunday Bee
Austrian Evacuata Bukowina Capi-
j tal While Germans Give Up
j Mysiyniec.
i LONDON. March 5. (5:0a p. m.l
I - The Hitchnrent correspondent of
tho Evening News telegraphed today
that the Russian offensive move
ment lu Callcla had forced tho Aus
trlRns to evacuate OernowlU. the
capital of Rukowlna. The dispatch
adds that the nialn Austrian forcei
Jr. this region have retired in the di
rection of Kranxrnthat, to the south
of the Carpathians.
4 amnnlan la Poland.
REM. IN, March 5. Hy Wireless to
Snyvlllei The rampulgii In Pnlnnd ai
peiirs t i be at present an affair of shift
ing local stireeses for one 'de snd the
other w'thoiil PMrllcular slanlflcsnce.
Tho. tie. n pns have heen compelled to
retire tii-rorr1 s iper i i ttt:ssian forces
from Mj.rjniei, which lies close to the
Khm Prussian l.ercor.
The if;nrt tht l wo of the forts at
Oowel3 hne leeii desernyed bus not
been CiiMflnncd ofriclally, but It follows
tha Ki.nMhii report that heavy bstteries
have linn lir.iurht Into position before
the city. If th's report be true. It means
a cons'dershle success for the tiermans.
The Snrprlatra I'reneh.
The correspondent of the Morgenpost
expresses surprise thst the French, not
withstanding the steady reverses with
which 'hey am said to have met,
still feel thst their forces are strong
enough repeatedly to assume the offen
sive in Champagne.
A Vienna dispatch says that a Dr.
Koenlg has ptesented to the military
suthorltles ninety dogs from Greenland
for the pui'ivosn of drawing sleds loaded
with ammunition and provisions through
the Biur-ct vered region. This Innova
tion alr ady has proved to lie a success.
Load of Ammunition Husk,
Army headquarter under date of March
4 Issued a report savins that a PVench
ateamar loaded with ammunition and on
Its way to Nleuport, had gone into
Ostend by mistake. Oslend being In the
possesl n of the Germans, the s'.cjjmer
wtis shelled and aen to the .bottom. Tho
wounded mambers of Its crew were saved.
The report explain that this mistake
of coming Into the wrong port was made
because the men In charge of the ateamer
were Intoxicated.
British. Warships Damaged.
tMapatuhea reaching Parlin from Con
stantinople continue to controvert the re
ports being given out In London concern
In the damage done to the Dardanelles
forla aa a result of the persistent bom
bardinimt ef the last few days of the
allied fleets. Two Turkish newspapers,
Fl Tanin and Taaflr! F.kflar. have pub.
Halted repurta of witnesses of these
operations who declare three British
warships badly damaged have heen lying
In ti e port f Palonlkt for a week; - One
of these is tbe,8aphlr. whose smoke
stacks hava Ven' shot away and whose
machinery haa been destroyed.
, . . n ii e
Dispatches received In V Tnv t
i days ago from Berlin said a Constanti
nople message had reached there bring
ing the Information 'that tha British
cruiser phyr had been badly damaged
In the Dardanelles' bombardment and
was at Bslonikl with wounded men on
There is a French gunboat Saphb; and a
r.rltlsh light cruiser named Sapphire.
French Aviator
tyops Bombs Into
Powder Factory
PARIS. March Further details of
the bombarding from an aeroplane of a
German powder works at Rottwell. on
'he Neckar river, tha other aide of tha
Black forest, are given in an official
note issued In Paris today. This factory
on' of . the moat Important powder
Producing points In Germany. Here Is
,hB M-wt account of the exploit:
"0 ot our aviators. Captain Happe,
i cm" down to a height of only 1,600 yards
."bov th' powder factory In order to
"'row nis projccttiea with the greatest
",g' or perctsion. lie thus let fall four
mp,,"l bombs, esch measuring ninety
, niuiimeiers. The rirst landed on an scl.l
( reservoir and the other three fn the fac
itotT tadf. Tiie projectile which fell on
mililnielerS. The f rat Slirla.l nn
th iicid i.M"rvrlr caused blue
arise, which the aviator at first thought
jrame from fire directed against himself,
j foou after an Immense flame shot up
'" effect of Ms efforts. In this wsy he
: snie 10 see nryond the fire Itself,
cre Wreo bonihs had been thrown.
names spread to flirrerent parts of
the building- as a result of the explosion
of tho bomb in the reservoir."
IBeet Sugar Combine
! is Sued for Postage
.i.-iiiiic io., i.ircij a. putt to re-
cover 167,(14 from Trueman G. Palmer.1
aocietary of the United States peet Bugar
Industry, waa filed here today bv the'
government, which allevea the sum was'
nrorer unlnu. nn toti
copies of
at a
delivered in the
ji. a'U under the franlt of Bonator Idge.
ine government's bill alleged that Pal
mar substituted his pamphlets for tsbles
of figures whh h were used by Senator
Lodge In a speech In the tariff debate
and thnt the postal officials were de-
icjvto. in peiieviiig they were proper;
nutter t he carried free.
WAHHINGTON, March 5The Tntci -state
Commerce commission tcday sua
pendnd until July II for investigation, pro.
posed Increased Individual and Joint rates
on grain and other commodities over the
Kansas City .Southern and Union Paclfij
Muscovites Are Attacking Germans
Along Line from Vistula to Nie
men and Slowly Torcing
Them Back.
Austrian and Hungarians Continue
to Fling Themselves Against
Russ with Bravery.
The Day'o War News
HI MUX Dlit K fRA FLKRT -rill
attack the. nppeoaehea to Ceattss
tlnople from tbe east, aeeordlna
to anofflelal adrlrea tram Baeh
umritt GERMIX RF.PORT aaya
that the French left e than
1,000 dead ha fore the Orrais aa
tancleinenta aa a resalt at
several attarks made yesterday
alone the w reatera fraat.
the reports of the stnkiasj erf
t 'a ieiman ikmsrlsfs, tho U-,
which the Preach adanlswlr pra-f
aaly aaaon-ced had sees aV
strayed by a taraedo boat, aad aa
anldentlfled aahmarlaa rasaaaed
by tha ealller Thardis.
FIRST REPORTS af definite arfmia
oa American trade of Or oat Brit
ain's retaliatory policy asjatnat
Germany cornea from Bremen. "It
fa aald that ae-eral Araertcaa -easels
-rblch had keea taktna aa
rargoes of fie r ma a aooda, aarttea
larly dyestnffs, anloadcd thoao
raraors aad wtll retara to the
t nlted State, la ballast.
AI.LIF.II KI.F.KT eontlaaes attack on
the Dardanelles. The Tnrklsh
thorltlea admit that aora damage
haa. been done to the enter torta,
bat atate that the defeaaea on
which main reliance la placed are
attll Intact. Prom British aonrcea
It la reported that the Inner fortU
flcatloaa have heea badly dam
aged. LONDON, March l. Even If no
j decisive battle develop from the
present Russian offensive on thn
eastern front, the allleg today are
advancing the claim that tha Austro
Oerraan plans for their prin cam
paign in the east hare been measur
ably interferred with. . .
A .... ....... 1. i.K..t j 1 ,
Von Hlndenburg tii aweepiog vlc
torlonaly through northern Poland,
while .In the south the Austrlaua
were pressing forward both in Gali
cia and in Bukowina. Today these
rolea appear to be reversed. Rus
sian troops are attacking along . tbe
German line from the Nieman to the'
Vistula, and although tbe Germans
are clinging tenaciously to their po
sitions before Ossoweta and at 6the.
points north of the Vistula, their
thrust toward Warsaw has been
brought to a standstill, and they are
being slowly forced back to their
own frontier. '
Other newa dispatches reaching London
set forth that in the south the Austrian!
and the Hungarians continue to fling
themselves with great bravery even
greater loss against the Russian lines
These onslaughts have not yet abated;
the Ruaslsn general atoff declarea they
have brought no gains Tha Gsnr.an con
tingent In the Carpathians haa heen re-'
duced to three army corps, aoeording to
reiicrt In London which leaves the A us- .
tro-llungarlans to bear tha brunt of tbe
Saltan's Pllht Reported .
In the meantime the allied fleets art
slowly battering their way up tha Dar-'
danelles without so far aa la known a
single serious loss among the ships. The
eultan of Turkey according to a report
from Athens already haa fled. Thla how
ever has not been confirmed and reports
from Turkish sources notably an Inter
view with Knver Pasha, deprecated the
seriousness of the- bombardment of the
Dardanelles and Insists that the real de
fenses of the straits have not been af
fected. Bltaatloa Parem Allien.
It can be aald that from the German
point of view the situation where the
fighting Is going on Is taken aa favorable
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