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Dead Men Asserted Placed Upon
Terrc Haute Registration Rolls
T11H T.KK: OMAHA. WKDNDShAY. I AlH'I I 17. l!'l.
Wn Aiked to Speak, Sayi Mrs.
Winter, She Consults Encyclo
( pedia and Reads Paper.
Tha typical clubwoman who never
make! a public address without her writ
ten paper wa given a decided aethack
by Mn. Thomaa U. Winter, chairman of
the literature department of the Ooneral
Federation of Woman'a Cluba and presi
dent of the Minneapolis Woman's club.
"I am not In favor ot the written pa
per. Juat think. In America womn are
the only leisure class, yet the average
woman, when she has to present t. sub
ject, consults the handiest encyclopedia,
jots down the eon lent and reads a paer
in public," was Mrs. Winter's arraignment.
'The study club Is not dead, as many
will tell you. It la only dead study that
la dead. Literature Is as necessary aw
feed. Avoid the dusty. dlny byways
and when you read the ancients, read the
characters not aa figures of the long ago,
but get the. message of living, breathing
Mrs. Winter intimated that the woman
who reads classical worka without un
derstanding their message was as use
less to society aa the bridge player.
"Tha literature of today Is alive, not
pcdantlam." Mrs. Winter prophesied,
too, that the literature of today whs hut
the forerunner of another golden age in
ea for Poetry.
"True, there la light literature, but that
s'.metlmes has more of a solution than
the ponderous sort. Never lias there been
an age that needed poetry more than
Mr. Winter pointed out how all the
great problems ot the day could be better
understood with literaturo as a means.
"The Immigration proulem Is one of the
greatest questions ot the day. While we
are complacently calling ourselves Anglo.
Saxon, immigration statistics prove that
eHava are coming to these shores in
greater proportion, than any other people.
What are we doing to Americanise them?
How can we do anything for them, how
can we possibly understand them unless
we know their literature and art?"
Mrs. Winter advised reading aloud and
open discussloa aa the best mean for
real study of literature and admonished
all mothers to require their children to
memorise counties lines ot poetry, even
if it was beyond their little minds. "In
later years they will reap the benefit of
the lines of which they had no concep
tion." she said.
Miss Ethel Dixon of the Brownell Hall
faculty spoke on "Modern Drama." deal
ing with the time schools, ayniboltam,)
realism and' romanticism. The program
was In charge ot Mrs. C. If. Mullin, leader
of the literature department.
At th. business meeting Mrs. Winter
also told the clubwomen of the success
eg a business venture of the Minneapolis
Woman's club building. The Omaha
' Woman'a club has long contemplated such
a structure,
"The women must raise the money for
such an undertaking. Tou must learn to
put your money where your hearte are.
You women would not hesitate at the ex
pense of a hat or a lace collar." aha said.
Mrs. &....Q. Peterson... president of- the
Nebraska Federation of -Women's Clubs,
made an appeal for the Belgian icllef
fund and also for a loan fund to further
the .work of the scholarship fund.
Mrs." I'age Morriolon of the Council
l'luffa Woman'a club, Mrs. G. C. Edgerly
.f Dundee and Mrs. W. I. East of the
Woman's Club of the Railway Mall Henr
ico made Short talka.
Mrs. Winter and Mrs. Peterson were
entertained at lwnrheon at the Fontenelle
today by the- Woman's club. ,
l.tlANAPOL.lS. Mann l.-Pead men
ere placed on the registration books In
Terre Haute last October, according to
Ira Wellman, Silas Brewer and Joseph
G. Elder, who testified In the Terre Haute
election fraud case today.
Wellman said he verified the poll In
three precincts. In one precinct he found
two dead men registered, he testified.
One man had committed suicide a tew
days before registration and the other
had been dead several years, he aald.
He added he had fonnd one man regis
tered from a street number which would
have been in a gravel pit filled with
water. He was unable to find about X
men en the registration books, he testi
fied. Brewer said he worked In four precincts
and found one man, who had been dead
p year, registered from a house that had
been moved away. There were a total
of about 200 names on the booka that lie
could not find at all, he asserted. In
addition, he testified, many ware regis
tered from vacant lots and Impossible
street numbers. Elder gave similar testi
Over repeated technical oh.lettions the
government Succeeded In placing in evi
dence the original romplalnts and other
papers relative to four Injunction suits
filed Just prior to registration and prior
to election by Charles E Irwin, progres-
alve county chairman, and Clement .1. !
Richards. republl an county chairman,
against Mayor lVnn M. Roberts and sec
eial others of the defendants on irlai.
In placing tha papers in the record Mr.
Dalley explained that these suit were
filed in Vigo county to prevent the r.irry-
Terre Haute Family of Five At
tacked While Asleep with Flat
iron and Hurts Fatal to All.
TKURE HAtTE. Ind , March 16.
Mrs. Mary C. Balding and four of
br-r children wero attacked Sunday
night as they lay .asleep. Two of the
children were killed, the mother
ing out of the conspiracy nlleged In the died late today and two other chtl-
agalnst the men on ,iPn arp sf,rioiilv Injured that
l pn.vpiciuns Ray uiry cminui rrvuer.
pay no altrntlnn whatsoever to the se
ftderal indictment against the men on
trlnl, and that the government would
snow mat itoucrie 10m nis nenenmen mi
n. r.acn ot tne victim, was Denien on
ice of the court orders. " j the right side ot the head with a
"I never heard of s-ich a stale of af- j flatiron. An Infant clasped In Mrs.
fairs In a clvlllied country." said the Halrf!,,.-- .rma was the onlv one In
I th hotfe to escape Injury. ,Her hus
band ass away.
When the police entered the home
The defense, however, obtained a ruling i
tl.at the affidavits accompanying the '
complaints In the fourt suits bo excluded
from the evidence.
Board of Education Stirred by Con
- dition There and Also at the
Bancroft School.
That the Park school Is dis
graceful, deplorable and dangerous
and should be condemned that
the old Bancroft school building
New Barber Shop .
at Merchants Hotel
Open for Business
Remodelling of tho Merchants hotel
continues at a rapid rato and it will be
but a short time now until the thousands
of dollars worth of Improvement!! planned
by Dan Oalnes, the new proprietor, will
be carried out. The new marble snnilary
barber shop, In the bHSement, hns been
completed and half a do en barlx-rs are
already at work. Charles Fanning was
on hand for the flrat shave and Fred
Burlinglm had the firs: manicure.
is dangerous and has been con- YOST NAMES BUILDING
School Alumni
Boosting Bernstein
- .Ta boost . the candidiicy of Nathan
Bernstein for city commissioner, fifteen
' alumui of the . Omaha. High school,
former students of Prof. Bernstein, when
lua fe'BM f tKj. ,1 H v a i i ' a f4r. ivw.nl
tb;re, organized - the Bernstein club at
a luncheon at Hotel Rome. ' ' '
Chandler "trluiUle was elected presi
dent, and. William I Randall, secret ry-
t r.a y 11 Y1 a a watM . . i a H r. fn. a hlar
meeting of all forrher high school stud
,'ents and other young voters Interested,
to hold a mass meting and demonstration
. Friday at T:lt p. m. at the Rome, when
a prominent cltliea will make an address
and Nathan BerostUrTa candidacy - will
ba formally endorsed., .
!uportntendept Itusa of the Missouri
Paelfhr with, headquarters in Kalis City
is in town and asaeits that al! through
the southern part of the the state and
lp northern Kansas tho snow U about
al gone and that farmers are talking
about seeding. Should fair weather con
tinue, he asserts, that by the last of next
week farm work in the fields will he well
under way.
Haw JHra. Harre Cot Rid of Her
Stomach Troable.
"I suffered 1th stomach trouble for
years and tried everything I heard of,
sut the only relief I got was temporary
until last spring I saw Chamberlain's
Tablets advertised and procured a lot'.le
f them at our drug store. I got Imme
diate relief from that dreadful heaviness
after eating and from pain In the tom
ach." writes Mrs. Linda Ifarrod. Port
Wayne. Ind. Obtainable everywhere.
Advertisement. .....
demned by the city building in
spector that if a fire should break
out in the Park school the children
would be trapped. These alarming
statements by Dr. Holovtchlner
stirred the members of the school
board Into the most enthusiastic
meeting held since the organization
of the new board. Members will
visit the Bancroft, Park and Mason
schools today to determine real con
ditions. .
There is a possibility that the old
Bancroft and Park schools may be
closed at once, although definite
action on this phase of the situation
has not been taken,
Fuada Needed at Once.
. Robert Cowell declared that It la crimi
nal for the members of the school board
and parents to allow children to attend
the Bancroft and Park schools under
conditions as described, "If bonds are not
carried at an early date," he said. "I
would be willing to go out and raise
funds for the erection of new buildings
tor these two schools."
It waa the opinion of ITrank H. Wood
land that a definite building program
should be formulated at once and a bond
Isaue submitted at the forthcoming city
election on May 4. .,
It was Dr. D. E. Jenkins, -who started
the 'fireworks when ha reported congested
conditions he found during s visit to sav-
cral other schools. He said that In ten
rooms which should accommodate about
forty pupils each, he noticed from forty
to seventy pupils. "The tremendous need
of our schools today is more room for
the chlMreu, rather than frills and tads.
Lothrop is badly, overcrowded. At
Saratoga the halls are being used as
school rooms. The; Port school for boys
should be moved to the present Saratoga
school; Now is the time to face what I
believe is a substantial need of more
room." Dr. Jenkins was accorded hearty
npplause, something unusual at a school
board meeting.
Dr. Holovtchlner ' ventured the opinion
that the people will gladly vote bonds at
this time if the situation Is clearly and
forcible presented to them.
Buildings siaarded. ,
With reference tq safety, huperintend
ent K. V. Graft reported that all build.
In us have been equipped with automatic
releases on exit doors, exits have been
cleared, fiie' drills maintained and (Irs
escapes installed w here necessary.
A large delegation of eltlsens from the
southeast' of the City urged that condi
tions be remedied -art Bancroft school.
The Bancroft district patrons want eight
mors rooms added to the four-room unit
built a few rears an. Tha aid Hini-ntfl
school on Ninth street, south of Ban-'
croft street, la of brick, has twelve rooms '
and was erected over thirty years ago.!
The I'ark school la one of the oldest 1
schools In use today. The first Inspection I
trip will be stsrted at 1:30 o'clock today. ;
John Kerrigan, manual training In '
atructor at Central High school, presented '
President (.' J. Krnst with a gav el made
by the boys of hb department. i
The committees on buildings and !
grounds and Instruction were empowered
to Inatall a inanual training deportment I
In Lincoln school, which patrons of the'
school had petitioned for, to' be ready,
for the opening of school next PeptemberJ
Casper K. Tost has appointed the fol- i
lowing building committee In necordance
a 1th the authority given him at tlip con
gregational meeting of the First Presby
terian church Monday avcnlng. which
agreed to accept the offer of VAOOO for
the present church property and to go
al.ead at once with the new building at
Thirty-fourth and Famam streets:
Robert Dempster, N. If, Ijoomls, John
C. Wharton, John I,. Kennedy, Walter
rreston, Rev. Dr. E. H. Jenka (ex-officlo,
Mis. Charles Offutt. Mrs Charles Wlt-helm.
today by a netyhbor who peered
through the windows, they found in
the front room the lifeless body of
Celeste, 9 years old,' lying on the
floor. On a couch in the same room
were the unconscious forms of Clif
ford, aeed i3, and Irene, afd 3,
ench suffering from a fractured
The body of Thomas, aged 11. waa
discovered lying at the foot .ot hlfc
mot Iter's .bed in the next room. Mrs.
Balding, her head crushed but still
breathing, lay on the bed and In her
arms rested Walter. 1-year-old, who
was uninjured. Two bloodstained
flatirons, the murderer's weapons,
were found nearby. Police believe
an Inpaue person committed the
Apartments, flats, houses and coltagss
can be rented quickly and cheaply by a
Bee "For Rent" ad.
The first meeting at the Retail Clerks'
association held In six months or more la
scheduled to be held In the City National
bank building on the sixteenth floor the
evening of March 23, The clerks organized
a few yeara ago, but hold meetings only
on the call of the president. The meet
ing Is called for 6.1o In the evening. The
clerks give It out that they sre to con
sider programs for social activities during
the summer. John OUUsple ot Thompson
te Belden's Is president and C. F. Hopper
of the Frye Shoe company la secretary.
The retail clerks of the state are plan
ning to organize a state association of
clothiers. March 23 has been Bet aa the
date tot- the meeting when the organisa
tion Is to be perfected. The meeting is
to be held at the Fonlenello hotel, open
ing at 10 o'clock In the morning. The
meeting is called by the National Asso
ciation of Retail., Clothiers. At tho sug
gestion of a n u ml cf of Omaha clothiers,
members of tho Associated Retailers of
Omaha. J. W. Metcalfe, secretary of the
latter organisation, la boosting fsr the
organisation. He has written out many
letters of invitation to clothiers In va
rious parts of the state and has received
many favorable replies. In which1 the
clothiers promise to come for the most
Ing. Among the replies already received
are those from Hastings, a rand Island,
Fremont. Kenrney and many of the lead
ing towns In the slate.
Mm ;
Doctors Recommend
Of spaghetti and its allied prod
ucts. Dr. Hutchison, tho famous
dietitian, says that they are ab
sorbed almost in their entirety.
Their rich gluten goes to make
brawn and tissue. And Faust
Spaghetti is,so easy to digest. Its
energy value, compared with
meat, is in the ratio of 100 to 60:
therefore it is ideal food for hard
workers and children. Write for
free recipe book.
MAULL BROS.. St. Louis. U. S. A.
Are Vow f'aaattpated f
Wly Mul'fer. take a dose of Dr. King's
New Life rills tonight, you will feel fine
tomorrow. Only 26c. All druggists. Ad
vertlbenient '
Culls from the Wires
Massachusetts building at the Psnama
Pacifle expnltion. whlth Is a reproduc
tion of the front win? of the old state
capitol at Bunion, waa dedicated.
What Is believed to have been an at
tempt to wrexk and rob the California
ipe ial on the Rock Island at Parson,
thirty miles ot Memphis, was fulled wtii,
the wreckers derailed iy mirtske sn extra
freight train. Three marked uien. who
appeared when the freight left the rail,
vanished when they ew it was not the
California Special. The specihl waa
flagged before it reached the scene.
. predictions that will. in five yenra there
would be no more railway aeeldenta ex
cept those due to hi man fallibility were
mad by T. . rtevenn. president of the
T:allway Signal aaaotialkm which liegan
Its annual meeting at C!it ani. In addi
tion, the National Railway appliance x
poutioii, the a-usnal Appliance ascKia'ion.
the American HaHaay Kngtneeiinf as
sociation, the Riadtnastera' abd Alain
tainitnce ot Way. asxu latkm and tne
Western Division of the Hallway Tele
graph fupcriuleiidents' aoUatwn are in
Movement, of Oeca.. 8 tea ax-re.
Fort. Arrived. Ealltd
UVKK POOL.. . Cameron la
HAVRK La Teuraut.
NEW YlHK ASnatte
NKW YUltK , KocT.ltmlau
I'OKTI.VND t'arthaj-T.lon. . ..
Telia ITow T Opn Clof ed Nt
U,ls and Knd Jiead-loMt.
Tou feel fine In a few momenta Tour
rold in . Lead or ratarrh will be gona.
Your clogged nostrils will open. The air
paasages 01 your head will clear and
you tan breaths freely. No mora dull
neai, headache; no hawking, snuffling,
mucous discharges or dryness; no strug
gling tor breath at night.
Tell your druggist you want a small
bottle of El's Cream Balm. Apply a
littls of this fragrant, antlaaptlo cream
in yojr nostrils. Ik It penetrate through
every air paaaaga of the head; sooths
and heal the swo'lvii, Inlarned rr.ucou
membrane, and relief comes Instantly,
It Is )uU what evry oold and catarrh
sufferer needs. . Don't stay stu(od-up
and miserable. AdvertissmsaL
Women Look I7ell When
they escape the sallow skin, the pimples, black
heads, facial blemishes due to indigestion or bilious
ness. At times, all women need help to rid the
eystem of poisons, and the safest, surest, most
convenient and most economical help they find in
This famous family remedy has an excellent tonic effect upon
the entire system. It quickly relieves the ailments caused
by defective or irregular action of the organs of digestion,
headache, backache, low spirits, extreme nervousness.
Purifying the blood, Beecham's Pills improve and
Clear The Complexion
Dwsrtlaas ml Special Vekw t Wsssaa with Every Bos.
la sWaea. lOe 25s.
"That Paige Is A Great Car"
DO YOU KNOW why pooplo my that why YOU yourself say it?
Terhaps, you have heard that In actual sales Talge cars led every
American-made motor car at all the Automobile Shows this season.
Terhaps, you know (hat the PalRe "Slx-46." a big seven-passenger "Six" for
$1395, has proved easily the most popular "Six," at any price on the market
this season. Terhaps, you have heard that at the new price. $1075, the Paige
"Four-36" has already dominated the "Four" field this season. Perhaps, you
know that Paige Sales have Increased 01 per' cent over the corresponding
period of last year; that the huge Palgo factory Is working 24 hours a day to
fill Paige orders. These things are proofs that the Paige car "Six" or
"Four" IS "a great car," as you say.y
Let ug is. Do yon know of any other
"Pli" that tans the hVauty and distinction of
destRn, the gevfn-paaanger roominess of the
Pnlce; the power and flexibility of the i'alge
ContinD.tal motor, the Gray Davis starting
and ItKhtlnK system, the Ilosrh magneto, the
Hayflold carburetor, the Palge-cantllever
spring suspension, the general elegance and
yet economy of the Pnlge "Htx" at a prtoa
within la'OO of the I'aigo "Six" price?
The game with the Taiga Glenwood 'Tour
88". Do you know ot any other "Four- that
has the beauty and five-passenger comfort of
tke Olenwood, th power and reputation for
errlce, the Gray Davis lighting and itart
system, the Uoseh magneto, the ile,nt
chain drive, the multiple disc cork-Insert
clutch, the elegance and excellence ot gen
.ersl design of the Olenwood at a price
within $200 of the Paige prlcet
That is $1395
That is $1015
It is Rood to know that Paige cars are at the pinnacle now In popu
larity, sales, natlonnl confidence. But we want the world to know
Come and see and drtve these two wonderful Taiga car. We'll
leave the verdict to you.
Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company, Detroit, Mich.
Murphy-O'Brien Auto. Go.
SIX -46'
k ii it! w-.i c a : --. n
"Four-M" $W7J
UTS v4 a- rii" ..rv i mim i rati ui -v ' w
. HUM " P'rqo
AoiniiPDffisi?s (Sosin)(i!ls, Tiidip
. Denver, Pike's Peak and the Rockies, the Royal Gorge, Scenic Colorado,
Bait Lake, Southern California, Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Diego, . Santa
Barbara, Del Monte, Santa Clara Valley, San Francisco and environs, the
Ocean Coast voyage or Shasta Route to Portland, Puget Sound, Tacoma,
Seattle, Cascade Mountains, Spokane, Glacier or Yellowstone National Park,
all supplemented by the San Diego and San Francisco Expositions of the
wealth and products of the Pacific Slope.
To California and USotytrn.
CaBifornia, Portland and
Ocean Coast Voyage.
Fivo Different Through-Sorvlco Routes,
Three through Sconlo Colorado Two
through tho rlorthivoot, aro available in
planning "Tho Porf oot Coast Tour."
City Ticket Office, Fara&m and 16th 8U.
Pbo&M: Donflu 1238 and 3530.
f, " '.. '.: - . " - 1111 , , -ZD

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