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Local Federation of Child Conserva
tion Leagues Do Not Favor
Book Baying Item.
Tbe local Federation of Child Con
servation Leagues will sever 1U con
nections with the so-styled national
organisation. This action was taken
at a special meeting held Thursday
at the Young Women's Christian as-
' Bociatlon. and follows the exclusive
announcement of The " Bee that
Omaha members were questioning
the existence of the National league,
as it was represented to local women
by Miss Charlotte White and a corps
of assistants who organised this
league in Omaha last summer while
tsklng orders for books for the
Howard-Severance company of Chi
cago. The purchase of a set of books
from this concern at a price of 15
or the payment of an equal lum for
an Initiation' fee are Included in the
requirements of the constitution for
. membership" in the league.
Withdraw from NatUaal.
"The Omaha federation will withdraw
from the national-organisation and will
select a. new name. It wlU probably be
known M the Federation " of Omaha
Mothers' club." says Mrs. H. 8. Ntelson
'of the Hansoom Park circle
. According to the members, payments
' upon the boeks ordered will be continued
under : terms . of the contract, notwlth
tndlng dissatisfaction with them. VI re.
Hruce MoCulloch of flouth Omaha, said
she considered the contents "a string of
platitudes." Others, however, havs es
jrsned themselves aa contented with the
hooks, but do not want to be In an. or
ganisation to promote a book concern.
It Is said all letters sent by local of.
flocrs to the natlosal officers have In
variably been answered by the lloward
Reverance Book company.
Mrs. J. E. Butler, president of the
Ilanscom Park circle, said that "a sar-'
antic" letter had henn received by, the
Omaha women from the book concern,
folio wins the publication of the situation
In the local league by The Bee.
Program on Child .
Labor to Be Given
. at the" Court House
In connection with the child labor es
ti.blt sent out by the national committee,
and which will be installed Sunday at
the pioneers' room In the court houae,
the social science ' department of the
Omaha Woman's club will luive a child
labor program Monday afternoon. Mrs.
F. II. Cole of the state committee will
be in charge of the meeting.
' Miss Josephine Eschenbrenner, member
ship secretary of the national committee
who will be in charge of the exhibit while
It Is In Omaha. wUltalk on the pending
federal child labor Its. Dr. D. E. Jen
kins ef the University of Omaha snd a
member of the schoul board will talk en
'The Economic Situation of Child Labor
ana ri relation to I ncirployineni K.
D. Oepeon, ehaliman of the stato child
tnbor committee, m lit Jiave us hits sub
ject "The Child In Relation to tr.-et
Trades, " and rsyl S. MaiAulley will idl
alout the local slUmUom Mrs. F. A
Follambee U leader of the department.
Mr. Gepson has also called theennual
meeting of the state committee during
this exhibit to take place Wednesday
afternoon at !: o'clock. Heretofore three
meetings always have been held in 'con
.lynctlon with the annual charities snd
. corrections conference.
head While t alllac with
nie Wife. '
"If I had my wife's genius," said a
Gold Teeth as Good
as Any in the Navy
"Will gold teeth keep a person out of
the navy?" -
This question haa been vexing Norman
Kellar of Aveoa, la., she wants to be
come one of Uncle Barn's sailors. He hss
written the local recruiting station to
have his fears set at rest, for aome hand
some and prominent gold. filling! In Ills
tront teeth have caused him to think that
rerhapa hie molar adornments would die
jtialtry him.
i lowevcr, Chief Petty Officer ' J. W.
Uluh has replied that the navy wants
Krllar, gold teeth and alt, provided he Is
rherwlse qualified, and haa sent hire a
descriptive book to look over.
ilenry B. Jenner of Ioup City surprised
tiie recruiting officers by. ahowing a
ihent expansion of fully six Inches, al
though he Is only 19 years of age, lie
as rnllstfd ss an apprentice seaman and
biislneiis man today. "I'd be rolling In snd again my wife beamed sympethet-
weslth. Thursday being Thanksgiving I
made' calls with mr wife. The first plsc
we went the hostess said: 'Julia Is en
gaged.' 'Is she. Indeed,' said my better
half, radiantly, 'which one did she
finally .accept r The next place they In.
formed us that Margaret was encaged.
Ically and murmured1 'Is she. Indeed?
Which one did she accept? At the third
plsee It was the news of Jessie's en
gagement that was broken to us. As
before my wife put the question: 'Wlilc
one did she finally taker
"On our way home I said: 'Why did
yon ask, which one, every time a new
engagement was sprung on us? Are
those girls so attractive that men were
falling over each other la the scramble
to get thm for their wives?" 'Not at
all.' ssld my Wife. '1 don't suppose
either of them ever had but one offer,
and It Is a wonder she got that. I
shouldn't wonder If the men bsck out I tunltles downtown.. If I had rhy wife's
now before the wed'ling day. But you genius we'd be millionaire." In.lde of 'I
see, dear. I had to be diplomatic. Those m ntK." Flttsburrh Pippntch.
people ran do me msny favors. The
sure-rt way to make myself solid with
them is to pretend to think their girls
so popular that Vvery man In town was
craiy to marry them." With my opnor-
I , Yanta to Keca Hurler.
Hum. Heseher, Sn grass and Robert
son probably will be the only outficlriers
retained dt .iintrun, b m. """i'
keep several promleln? young pitchers.
Women's Swing Neckwear
Military Collar now are much in voue;
those are in Oriental lace and Swiss em
hroidered styles. A variety of very dainty
ideas in toe
modes, 50c.
newest and most becoming sL-e.
ri ii hi 11 11 i u ih 4 1 ' i
s ssaaai as, a Jsasssssa sssbA aaaYvam
I J ill r . rVS KV A IRV 1 ,1 ' J'. W V 5 : t v"Ptvir
Women' 8 Spring Neckwear
Vestees, one of the most popular dres? ac
cessories. These are in white and ecnu In
this group are prettily trimmed guimpes,
military collars and pleated collars. They
sell for 50c.
Officially Sunday March 21st, Is the First Day of Spring for 1915;
Saturday, Then, Will Be the Day to Prepare for Her Reception
Knit Underwear
For Wom?n and Children
Women's Lisle Union Suits In "No
shape" and "Cc.iify-Cut" styles;
cuff and umbrella knee, lace trim
med. Regular and extra fA
sixes DUC
Women's Union Suite "Cumfy-Cut".
style in cuff or umbrella knee; lace
trimmed; extra sizes. ))
Regular 50c quality C
Women's "Ctrv-Cut" Vests IJsle
thread, t'ne and Ewiss ribbed. Regu
lar and extra sires. 25c f Q 1
values. 8a'urday. i IttzC
Children's M Knit" and "Stsp
Into" Union Suits Patent taped
seams snd buttons. Low neck,
sleeveless; knee length. Afea 2 to
12 years. Worth 60c, OA
for Z9C
Hovieru Spec'ls
Superior Quality Stocking's
snd Every Fiir Under price
Women's Fine Gauss Silk Stockings
' Kxtra elastJo tops. Pure dye.
'Heavy lisle soles; high spliced heels
and toes. All colors and black and
white. $1.00 values,
PJr , ye
Women's Fins Qsuxs Pure Tnresd
Silk Stockings Extra heavy heels
and toes; high spliced heels and.
double soles. Absolutely pure dye.
All full fashioned. Eighty-four dif
ferent shades all new shoe shades
and many fancy novelties, nn
Worth to 11.60. Saturday. spieUU
Women's Fiber Boot Burson Silk
' Lists Stockings Full fashioned and
seamless. Some with fancy corfired
tops. Rednfcrced bsels and toes;
doubt soles ar d garter tops. Regu
lar 3 fie values. Saturday, ft
a pair IJJC
Men's and Women's Fine Qsuxs
Lisle Hose All seamless. Heavy
heels and tos; double soles.' Worth
' lie. Special Saturday, ini
1r Y...lZiC
Boys' and Girls' Medium Weight
Ribbed 8tocklner Doubls knees;
high spliced heels and toes; double
smes. Keguiar ipe values,
a pair ..'
Misses' and Children' Silk Lisle
Stockings Extra fine ribbed. Medi
mn weight, made from finest quali
ty mercerised yarn. Double knees,
heels, toes and soles. r
Worth 2Dc. Saturday a pr... luC
Style Aristocrats
Have a style distinc
tion rare and admirable
They are equal tc uit usu
ally sold at (30 and 35.
boasting the qualities that
are in such.
opes n nignerv
M 5
t ex v j a i rri a ii ixL-f iff.
afi a ii " mm f : i a l v mm issn
i lmm.mm
1 I 1 SV fc. a V TSaaksVr 'AM 1 J - n i w.-j
SB - S T rffl. - V I 1 1W TJL
still ii MMiWil '''Hs.ssa),, l,,aasss ' J
41 V-jr'V
j aw a. a jlo iwvi fswu
They are here in the
favored spring . modeq
They - are here - in wide di-
Ari'-';fe ;deTsirable being shown among'
v .
Perfect embodiments of all that is correct in tailoring accurate
interpretations of prevailing style notes and authentic to the
They are sold only by this
store no one else has them
In the plain tailored styles, so much in evidence this spring,
in thft smart nlatfi nr rtnlntp.rl rrm mnic that rriiri Hroccrc
lasi-ucgicc, rwruuixjtAL auiib appeal to the ideal of the demand, rASHIONSEAL SUITS are showing;. The plain and
woman of food tarte and refinement From a viewpoint of full-flared skirts which now are having their vogue are features
fashion they are absolutely authoritative, from one of economy of these new models. Shades of the new spring are much in
and popularity of pricing they are in a class wholly by them- evidence sand, putty, battleship gray,-Belgian blue and black
selves, unrivaled.' . . . ' and white checks. -
Stzet for missto an J ivory en in the most versatile variety of fashions are
t9sembd here 'for those who wll on Saturday select the new spring suit,
mmpiete is the selevVon that every woman is assured satisfaction .
Smart and Wimoxw Spring Attire
fm Little Women
Apparel assemblages that re
flect in every way the style
rwtes of spring attire that is
Just as smart as "older foks."
Jil-lrn'8 and junior coc in
V.rfi, cords, fancy rlvda and
need mixtures, in pisrn pleat
ed or strapped and belied ef
fect. with fasdnatinr' combi
nation coHars. Inclraied ' are
ail shstf. for early spring wesr In
' shsdss ef Belgian, ssnd, nutty, grayi
and faney plaids. AH sixes, S to 14
.year for children and 13 Idam
1 Junlors'.Saturday'a special S
price will be only, ,Y
Children's Dreesw, Special Saturday $1.00
Charming dresses forages six to. fourteen years. They are of
ginnams, percaies ana cnamcrays, in pifjn colon, checks,
rsmpes ana piaids, in srrao or combination trimmed
Many CharmLnj effects tc , select
from, and all at the low price "ot '
1 00
TheseCoatsat $12.50 AreValues
Surely Unusual
You, too, will .agree they're
unusual when you inspect
them, for one would naturally
expect to pay' much more for
such garments. - ...
They are of fine serges, pop
lins, gabardines, coverts and
fancy plaids and mixtures ' in
plain tailored styles, or the
stunning belted and strapped
trimmed effects. . The jaunty
half or three-quarter length
models predominate the group.
Nothing In apparel Is' more
L adaptable to the spring than a
utility coat, and these will be
found usable f6r many 'occa
sions. Price Is considerable in
ducement to secure one now.
All sizes for, misses and
Unusual Shapes-Unusual Price
- ' Illustrated The Clv.y-
a largre Milan hem? sailor
with Lizer phl&Affe 12.98 '
This very popular sailor is made of
a very good quality Swiss Milan,
and, being ; a large, straight brim
sailor, is especially smart for the
new: flower, wing and quijl trim
mings. ; This shape comes in black,
sand, rose and navy, and is very
. rasnionaDie now. .
Illustrsted at the rijht Transparent SaLr'That
Also Will Be Sold Saturday at a Small Price.
Here Is featured the new transpar
ent brim sailors. They are hand- ;
made and fit the head perfectly and
are very light and airy. This model '.
iS suitable for either dress or street
wear, and will be offered Saturday
in all . of the desirable shades.
Saturday's special . aa aq .
Pce ....... tpZeUO
sent to the training
l-ars, iu.
staUun si Great
The " Nebraska Klale' Phsrinsceuthal
aviation will hold Its annual conven
tion In Omaha. June 7 o M. Tills was de
i icWd upon at a mcx-tinf of the execu
tive and rntrrtainni-nt committee at tli
'oiiteni'Ue hotel FT Way moraine, t '
"We expoct at least SoO to bo here for
the convention." fald T. B. Myers, chair
man of the committee, "and w can
promise that It wtl be a' convention never
Ln'fore equalled In Nebraska for ' the
Hilvndor ' of Its entertainment Of the
vis:Uns (.Uarroaclsts. , . ,
"On tbe evening of the 7th wt will
M'ort the drleates to the I)en' Slid In
uotlme them to the mysteries of Ak.
Jl-Bn. The rst of the convention days
ue oooiea vo a program ot business
a nl to entertainment. Including dinners
nl a grand ball. It is now five years
suit e the last state pharmareuii. a! cun
Kniicn was held here, and we are going
Tu etiow how Omaha does such things-"
TLe commllUe consists of P. U. Myers,
chairman; A. B. MoConneU, treasurer; P.
O IM-Icn. kx ai aecroUry; sV C. Aduus and t
V. l. Beaton. I
Saturday's Basement Millineir Special
Large sample line of misses' and juniors hats, made-of
black or white China Milan, tine sewn hemp, in all colors.
They are trimmed In Roman bands, of satin or n
velvet ribbons. All styles suitable for girls, 6 to
14 years. Only one hat of; a kind, Saturday for; lQl
rH0"? BfW 12"UU nd now'r rffect8' ln wr snd cliwterg.
berries, daisies. June roses and novelty bunchlnes. Very -e -
special ln the Basement Baturdsy ; 19c
Mhr Sa Uiir -cl TlrvS. !
?l)ihig fever" usually Is the result ot I
:iit'h bowels stid torpid liver. After '
i ...ta'.s iiiJoore, yoi- are not likely to i
del If iju and sprlahtly. Foley fa-
thsHlc Table's are "worth their woliiht I
la it'll! lor that OKr-f ill feeling, b.Hoas- !
!.-. gns on the stomach, bad breath. !
ii.discation or contipstlun. Their action ' P-A
I gulik, rornfoiuble and comilet ! t
- . w ti
Spring Foolery
Soie very new arrival In tha
smartest black and white' effects in
shoes (or women. They are In the
tnodtsh short vamp lasts of dull
leather, with French heels; all slses
snd all widths, S4.SS.
New novelties in men's shoes, tn
tan. button style, wlta dark tan
cloth tops; full calf lace shoes, with
rrsy cloth tops; exceedingly smart:
all widths and sixes, $.
Basrt aew spring footwear for
misses and children. Patent vamps
witji white, fswn or gray buckskin
tops; perfect fitting; handsomely
finished: stses S to 11, for S1.8S; for
growing girls, sUes uy from 1, for
uLuuL nauara or griming,
tay ti.y aie a bleeelng.
Ktout feopie
Sold every-
women $
go in Saturday at the one price
Spring Gloves
A Subject Upon Which Many
Women's Minds Are Fixed
Women's 1-Clasp Full Pique Gloves
ln black, white, tan. brown snd
gray; excellent for fit and wear;
ususlly sold st $1.25 snd $1.39; also
2-clesp, light or medium weight, kid
gloves In a full assortment of 1
sizes and colors. Saturday 3)1
Perrln's 2-Clasp Real Kid Gloves
Overswtm styles ln black, white,
tan. brown and some white with
embroidered backs ln black snd
blaok with white embroid- & rf
ered backs and plain, etc. 2)le)U
Extra Special
for Saturday
What we offer hers Is sure to st
trsct the shrewd buyers:
Women's 2-Clasp Light or Medium
Weight Kid Gloves, Imported from
Germany. (This lot may be the last
for some time). They are ln Mack,
white, tsn. brown, gray and navy,
and In all sizes; guar- f
anteed perfect. Saturday 5C
ATJTTI" Women's , guaranteed
n lutf washable kid gloves in
sancf snd putty shades; the do
latest in gloves. $1.65 and
Qn"H T Women's 2 -clasp white.
3 Vy..'- ChamoiBette Gloves,
with black bocks; guaranteed wash
jible; Kayser make. Satur- nj
day, a pair s0C
A versatile assortment 'of new em
broidered, gloves, at $1.50, $1.75, $2,
$2.25 nd $2.50.
Hand keyc h i e fs
Two Lots on Which Prices
Show- Notable Reductions
Man's and. Women's Plain All.
Linen Handkerchiefs With wide
or, narrow hemstitching, Irish
band-embroidered corners, in white
and colors. All around embroid
ered, Point VenUe, Princess and
Val lace trimmed, edges. Many of
these are New York travelers'
samples. Regular 25e Ql
values. Saturday, each laCC
Men's Plain White Cotton Hsnd.
kerchief s With, narrow borders;
good size. Women's Initial Hsnd
ksrehiefs, with corded borders, em
broidered corners, new wide hems;
also Val lace edges.
...v..,. 5c
Dainty Wear for the Smaller Folk
White and gingham dresses for
spring days, made for - little
tots from one to six years old.
They ara fancy plaids and
plain colorings. In this dress
selection also are pique and
refp dresses, made in little tail
ored effects, 69c to $2.98.
Sprtegv dresses, in children's and
tuDior sizes of fine linen, rep, ging
nm, lawns, chambrays and silks.'
Dalntv one and twn-niere anH cue.
pender models. Also hrs, ein-brokl-ry or ribbon trimmed styles.
They are in plain colors, piaids, stripes or check?, and in white.
All sizes:, .
'$1.50. ,12.98, $2.50, li.PS, 3.98 $5 00 and up to $19
Children's Gloves for Saturday
These gloves are full pique sewn and cine ta all slses for children from
1 to 16 yearn for either boys or girl. They are broad cut to permit the
soft tittle hands to get into them, and they fit absolutely right. The
skins are soft and pliable. Colors are black, white, tan, brown and gray.
Every air l -guarsnteed perct
snd every pair Is guarened abse
lutely to fit.
These gloves are ususlly sold for
$1.25 a pair. On sale Ssturdsy for
only, $1.00.
Misses' Gloves, Special
Misses' Tan Ovsressm Kid Gloves
Light weight. Regular E9s qual
ity. For Saturday only,
a pair
Misses' Twe-Clasp Gusranteed
Wsshable Chamolsctte Gloves In
'white or natural Full u- nr
sortment of slses. a pair. . . . s)C
s and Toilet Goods
rv Saaaafeaa ' Of.
Brk 1-Hi. pk.. . .
AkMrk.il Cetta Bpe
elal 1-pouaa 1
pscksse IOC
fesv.Me r HrtrMs-
1-Voupd bou IQC
Pekeee Teeth Pastes
(So tube JC
braves' Tewth Iw4er
ur1y HC
Slean's I.laUKcat
tOc hotUs for.
Parker1 Tar
a cske
eel. lew e4
rMII plot
S. Male
pscksse ....
. Beraa
Fleteker's Caa
rta iio bottle..,
Peaa'a Taatskla
(m :bc Jr . .
SeMllta PewSere
Tn In a box. . . ,
rela set ha Ss
IS bars tor . . . .,
M.J.m lMhell'a
PenSer All ,
shears. Hon
! Flee i'reees
7alse-r-0c else
em Rms cireer-
la Seap a cske.
Jercra's Beaaala AImss
ltlea i 1 Cm
A bottle 1 C
lris Milk wees
?aVT!! 29c
illw Talevsa
Pe,ar n.
38 c
Melaa Face Pw4er
All shades. 10c 29c
MaSasa Yale Hair Hwlr
Teass 26 o
Hay's Hair Health)
II bottle for...,
Herllrk-a Maltea Milk
Meathelataa '
ttalurday. tac iar.
Sal HeMttea-
fipeclel 60e else..
Oi.wart'. Dnptstlt
Tablet .So Oq
Urasa heltaer 1 C
'.ho bottle for
Taartet' Case OO
aturSay, each . , . . '
Saas-Slaakj Hp. 1C.
clai. tic can tor...
Specials iiv Photo Supplies
No. t rtlms, stse t4 '
IS1 18
No. SA - rilms. stse
:xZ 22c
No. 3 Films, size
3UX4V 12o
( Argo Developer g tubes. .25c 1 photo Alhums Special. . .tc
COUT CAMERA Tsk.g pictures
Bsturdsy, for
Ws develop yeur films frse when
prints sre ordered. A big assori-
4. assy to eperate. ft n
'liU msnt or pnoio supplies reduced.
Really Wonderful are the Blouses
Simply astonishing the
vast , assortment pf
beauties that have been
produced for this
springand we . have
them. Surely every'
woman can find here
Ihe blouse , that she
wishes, for we have
the correct one ' fo
every occasion.
Among the note
worthy ones are:
New4 group of Crepe de Chine
and Jap Silk Blouses, at $1.95.
Crepe de Chine and Georgette
Crepe Blouses, at $3.98. "
New Trotteur and Tailored
Blouses of Crepe de Chine, $5
and $5.98.
Two new models of Filet and
Marquisette dress waists, with
Camisoles, we have priced
at $10.
L Handkerchief linen blouses,
pure white, or with stripes,
Organdie Blouses priced at $3.50.
Black lace and chiffon blouses at,$S to $6.98..;
Dainty Nightgowns, Special $1
A selection of more than ordinary interest, em- 1
phasizin? a price that should interest every woman
An unusually fascinating assortment of fine, crepe, nainsook
and lingeries-gowns and slip-overs, in plain tucked-or. fine lace
embroidered and ribbon trimmed effects. They are made
extra. full, a characteristic that many will appreciate. A great
many winsome styles from which to select. A very t i
special price for Saturday. Choice for h 1
Pretty New Jewelry Novelties
Large Casque Com ( Illus
trated) Studded Bolldly, with
fine white stones; very popular
now. Regular $K60 , i A A
values, lor .',..1.UU
Case Caaiba, - Harretes a ad
UraM Ptma In the new crystal.
set wun sappnire very
newest fancy In hslr
Hterilaa Silver Tattlaa
Skattle tach
Sterila Silver as. GI4 Pilled
Llaaerl Clasps Special "JQ
baturday, a j'' '"'M
Gold Pendants en ootid Cold
Chalns-7-Regulsr 1 4 val- nn
lies. SiiecUl, for elelO
Gold Front Knlv Four blades.
Made ot best steel, with aa
bale. Bach ..: ...)lsUU
-: . - . . - . . - ---
i ; ; f ,( Hi
' lit, fl t
)f..:r. ;i
: v. .---
Bag Special
Reel Sesl, Real Walrus, Real Pin
ftcal, Real Saffien Handbag All
the newest shapes and styles, with
two to five vanity fit
tings. Choice....
Dresden China at Half Price
1,0H) -Pieces comprising practically everything made In Dresden
China. These wares possess certain novel features, which com
mend them to those see Mag tahle decorations of original character
either for personal use or ss gifts. They are decorated in charao
terlstlc Dresden flowor e.'fectr, burnished sold edges snd perfora
tions traced with rich Romsn gold.
Picture $ joo
Frames JL ""
1,000 of them
14.50 on sale
worth to
Hsnd carved Etruscan gold, hand
modeled Verdi gold, solid mahogany,
matched Veneer Rosewood, ebony,
Circassian walnut and other choice
Oriental woods many Inlaid ef
fects. Perfect frames for photos,
etc., complete with glass, back and
your picture fitted in. Worth to
14.60. Your choice c n r
Saturday pleUU
Picture Department Third Floor)
Cut Flowers '
Blooming Potted Hyacinths f ft
Saturday, eaoh 1 C
Violets Special Ssturdsy,
a bunch UfC
Sale of r.eses and Carnations at
Special Prices. Floral Oesigns Our
ber. Aivriiir.ent

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