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Scot Friat I-New Beacon Press
lufNtwlHO. Lighting fixture.
Xitewkt Be via- lU ! AiTfc-
New office between city hU u4 Fon
tenells hotel. tU South Eighteenth 8t
" Wn Tuur in Miss Neva Turner,
head of the domestic aclenee department
of Central High achool, li ill at her
Tba Btata Bank of Omaha pays 4
per cent on time deposit. S per cent on
savings account. All deposits In thla
bank are protected by the depositor'
Treating Dope neads Several dope
fiend are being treated by Dr. T. D.
Holer at the Ft. Joseph hospital. Alfred
Wilson was given temporary relief by Dr.
J. A. Tamlslea Thursday evening.
Held for Investigation Charles Chase,
arrested for the theft of several can of
lard from a wagon standing at Tenth
and Howard streets, ia being, held -at
headquarter for further Investigation.
"Today's Complete Morte FrerraJ
classified section today, and appaaxa ia
The Bee EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what
the various moving picture theaters offer,
guarantee fund of the state ot Nebraska.
Jks Watch am Chain eBlll Hiss of
Fort Calhoun, Neb., Infcrma the police
that while he was watting for a car at
Sixteenth and Cass streets, Thursday
evening, a fellow snatched his watch and
Quickly boosted and easily aeceeslal
are two prime requisites ot a dealrabls
office location. Tenants In The Bee build
Ing, "the building that Is always new."
find these two conditions of great service
la building up tbalr business.
Will Jfot jrota Jltaay Meat Several
members of the police department. In
cluding Sergeant Slgwart, have declared
that they had no Intention of accepting
the proposition of becoming; members of
the jitney men association.
GHrls Oo to Bait take En route to
Salt Lake City, where they will be em
ployed as waitresses In the Nowhouse
hotsl, to be opened there, thirty-five girls,
traveling in two sleepers, went west over
the Burlington. The girls are from Chi
cago. Bobbed of Two Dollars John Olson
of Buffalo. N. Y.. stopping at the Havens
hotel, was strong-armed and robbed of
li at Fifteenth and Davenport streets
Thursday night. Olson furnished the po
lice with a good description or Ills as
sailants. I
Charred with Yagranoy James Sul
livan, 1818 Cass street, was sentenced to
forty-flvo days in the county Jail on a
charge of vagrancy. He Is suspected of
having broken Into a store at loiJ Farnara
street recently. The police are looking up
his record. .......
Caught fhopUftlns; Louis Bailor,
1036 North Twenty-first street, was given
a thirty day a' suspended' sentence when
arraigned In police court for'the theft of
Jewelry from the Burgess-Naah stores.
Charles Smith, arrested for an Identical
offense, wss given thirty days straight.
Attendance at "Panama Exposition
Passenger Traffic Manager Fort of the
Union Pacifio hears that the attendance
at the San Francisco exposition last week
aggregated 353,299. The largest attend
ance any one day was 80,190. 'it rained
two days during the week and on these
days the attendance was .very light.
Unique Function Given for Members
of Trinity M. . Church t
Which Age Alone Count
One of the most unique ocial affaire
In the history of Trinity Methodist Epis
copal church of this city took place at
the home of Mrs. E. O. Vllmoth, 3711
North Twentieth street, on Tuesday aft
ernoon, March W. when Mrs. L. A. Har
mon. Mrs. Thomas Blthell. Mrs. H. O.
Wllmoth and "Mrs. C. A. . Bacon enter
tained the grandmothers of the church
The color scheme In decorations, re
freshments and the attire of the hostesses
was green and white. The entertainment
consisted of each grandmother singing
her cradle song and relating civil war
Incidents of personal experience, fol
lowed by an exhibition of heirlooms and
relics brought by the guests,
relics were:
One pair of earrings, 800 years old and
originally from Wales.
One pair of earrings, 150 years old and
originally from Germany.
Two baby hoods, seventy-five years old.
which had been worn by the husband of
one of the guests.
A watch 100 years old.
One Persian silk cashmere shawl, 150
years old. This shawl had been used at
the christening of thirty-one babies and
the shawl has been handed down to a
daughter of one of the gnests.
One Bible .160 years' old.
One saddlebag lock, once, owned by a
man who was concerted tinder the min
istry of John Wesley.
Prizes were awarded the oldest and the
youngest grandmothers, 'the woman. hav
ing the oldest heirloom' and the one who
sang the most unique cradle song.
Two great-grandmothers were present,
Mrs. .' McMullen .and Mrs. Sears. Both
were tn their eighty-fifth year and have
good health.
The following were t!ie Invited guests:
Action on Annexation Bill Gener
ally Regarded at Assuring
Merger, Though Delayed-
News of the amendment of 8. F. No.
t. providing ,for a vote In all the territory.
Including Omaha, the total vote to be
counted as a unit and not in separate
municipalities as formerly, was received
In South Omaha yesterday evening with
mixed feelings. The antls were dis
pleased, because It Insures annexation,
and some of those favoring the merger
were disappointed at the delay and
worry of a special election. Taken as
a whole, however, the news was taken as
a victory for the mergeiists and annexa
tion seems now assured. It was said.
Antiannexatlonlsts In South Omaha
were plainly disheartened yesterday. The
Parrlott compromise providing for the
vote In the whole territory counted aa
a unit, wss fought by thwm up to the
last minute. The next move will be the
vote of the house on the amended bill
Among theln1 lhen fc murn f ln, amenn(i bill to
the senate.
The next proposition will probably be
the extension of the Omaha terms of
office to a date sufficiently beyond the
special election to Insure representation
from the local territory to the Greater
Omaha council. It was admitted that
the amendment was a concession on the
part of the mergorlst In the house.
Willis Hoopes, anotner of the old
timers at the Union Stock yards, haf
forsaken the activities of the middle man
for general farming. Hoopes bid adieu
to the local stockmen at the yards yes
terday and will leave ln a few days for
Durant, Fla., where he has bought land.
He will engage In fruit raising and gen
eral farming. Prior to his departure
yesterday he was made the recipient of
a beautiful watch charm and fob, a
testimonial of regard from his many
friends at the yard. The presentation
was made In the office of Secretary A.
F. Ktryker shortly after noon.
A few weeks ago Max Foote left to
take ip ranching In Montana. 1 "rob
ably half a dosen of the best known men
at the yards have been taking up fsrin
Ing and ranch work.
Mastic City Uoaslst,
The Eagles will give a dance tomorrow
evening at the Eagle hall at Twenty
third and N streets.
Mrs. Farnest J. Hall will entertain the
El Ieen club at her home. S-lt N street,
next Wednesday afternoon. Luncheon
will be rerved.
Tonight has been designated ss lllsh
Prow night at Huslunan Annex, liC
North Twenty-fourth street.
Royal Arcanum, Knoxalt rotund No.
1464, will hold an Important meeting Fri
day evening. March 19, at the Ancient
Order of United Workmen temple.
The German-Amervan Democratic club
will hold It monthly meeting Huivlny
afternoon. March 71, In Its hall nt .LtS
North Twenty-fourth street. AH Ger
mans are requested to attend.
The entertainment commltte of the
local order of Ked Men will give a dnnco
at the Ked Men hall at 818 North Twenty-fourth
street tomorrow evening.
Phil Kearney Women's Relief corns
will meet with Mrs. J. W, Cress tomor
row afternoon at t o'clock st the resi
dence, too Xorth Twenty-third street.
This Is Ron Ton night at the Re-ne
theater. 'The Love of Women." an i
qtilslte three-Part drama, Is the society
The Keep club will give a big dance
this evening at the Mouw hail ..
ty-flfth and M streets. Kay Wilson's or
chest ra will render the music fur thi
A regular meeting of the Phil Keamey
post No. I, Grand Army of the Republic,
will be held tomorrow evening at the
home of J. W. Cres, KK North Twenty
third street
The regular meeting of 8t. Mary's
court No. t7. W. C. O. Foresters, will
be held at the home of Mrs Anna Con
roy. Thirty-ninth and S streets, next
Tuesday evening.
New ttlant Rettery.
Friends of the Giants are much inter
ested In Press and Wendell, a pony bat
tery for McOraw. McGraw himself se-
lected Backstop Wendell from the local
semi-pro, fields.
of Press.
Mstty Is the discoverer
Belgian! and Germana Preparing for
Great Struggle Along the
Ypres River.
I.O.VDON. March I.-Thc next lmpor-
taut battle on the western front. It is
believed, will tske place along the River
Tser, held on one side by the recently
reorganised Belclan army and on the
other by the Germans.
As the floods have subsided, the Bel
gians, supported by the warships of the
allies, have already oushed their line
slightly forward, and this Is almost cer
tain to leal to counter attacks by the
Germana and a genersfl engagement, as
has been the esse when similar move
ments were Initiated elsewhere, along the
front. An artillery duel. In them-ay of
preparation, has commenced.
Heavy Flab tin In tiast.
Heavy fighting la going on In Russian
Poland and eastern Gallcla. The Russian
official dispatches report the capture of
several villages and heights to the north
east of Prtasnyss, In territory where
some of the fiercest tlghtlngrof the war
has occurred. Also, near the border
town of Tauroggcn and In East Prusaja
close to Memel battles are being fought
which Indicate the intention of the Rus
sian ot again forcing their war if pos
sible Into the country ot the Germans.
Although the opposing farces In the
Carpathians and East Gallcla are strug
gling to their utmuet ln the deep snow
and under the most trying condition, no
chnnVe worthy of note has taken place
ln the situation. "
Austria la reported to be continuing
work on the fortifications all along the
Italian frontier, and the garrisons have
been reinforced by arttllel-y and Infnntry.
Switzerland allvlces say that the Ger
mans are building two strategical rail
roads on the Alsace-Lorraine frontier In
order to strengthen the Strassnurg sys
tern of fortifications.
A Zeppelin has attacked Calais, drop
ping bomb with the object of destroy
ing the railway station. This met with
no success, but seven persons were killed.
Another British steamer, the Glenart
ney, from Bangkok for tandon loaded
with rice, has been torpedoed by a Ger
man submarine off Beachy Head In the
English channel. Only one of the crew
was drowned.
The entire Sudnn. including Kartum
and also parts ot Nubia, are held by the
IVrvlshes, sreording to the story told
by a German merchant, who has re
turned to Berlin from Egypt. Th Bri
tish gen-rnl. Ilawley, snd almost i.OO)
of his men are said tn have been killed
near Fashoda in Peeemlcr, while earlier
In November, enusal tribesmen are re
ported to have killed 200 Australians near
the. Pyramids. Railroad, and telegraph
line wer destroyed.
Advice received by the British foreign
office are to the effect that Turkish sol
diers In the I'rumlnh dlctrlct of IVrsIa
recently killed several hundred civilians
and looted and burned villas'.
Three steamer carrying American meat
product, which hsd .been detained by
the British' government for examination,
havs hoeit permitted to proceed. They
are the Norwegian Elsa. the Hwctllsh
Grekland and the American A. A. Raven.
The German Reichstag has sdopted,
without debate, the wsr estimates and
also passed the forelun estimates.
'Legislative League
Holds Fourth Annual
Banquet at Lincoln
(Kmm a St.iff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March 19. -(Special Tele
gram. )-Wlth over 3rt crowding the tables
at the Ltndell hotel the fourth annual
bano.net of the Nebraska Legislative
leasue ens held last night.
Representative Oaterman, Senator Mat
tes and ex-Governor George Hheldon. who
were on the published program, were not
able to attend. 8peecn.ee were made by
Governor Morehead, Chief Clerk Genrgi
W. Potts, Thomas J. Majors, Edwin
Jenry, A. E. Sheldon. E. E. Howell.
Charles W. Ileal, J. P. Palmer, J. N. Nor
ton, W. F. Dale, O. P. Peterson, J. A.
Ollls, Congressman Randall of Califor
nia, formerly from Nemaha county;
ConrressinHn Charles Sloan and J. II.
Thlessen. The evening closed with sev
eral numbers from a local vaudeville the
ater. The talks were mostly In a humorous
vein, an-1 most of the speakers did not'
stick ver- closely to thelj subjects.
A poll of legislators present from pre
vious sessions, beginning with lfWT,
showed at least one present from sll
with the exception of the sessions- of
1S71..1873. 1875, 1S77, 1!S3 and 188S.1n 1M3
Meredith, now In the house, was the only!
democrat ln the senate. 1
Mlafat Coast) Relieves.
Dr. Bell's rine-Tsr-lloney eases your
cough, Soothes the lungs and Invites
sleep. Only 35o. All dnmglsts. Advertisement.
TARIS, March l.-(Vla London. -Ths
fifllowlng official communication was. Is
sued by the war office tonight:
, "Zeppelin airship has dropped some
bombs on Calais, aiming at the railway
station. No serious material damage was
done, but seven employes were killed."
. CITY PLANT; LOSS $90,000
SlOt'Jii CITT, la.. March. . 19. -Fire,
which broke out ln the C. T. Hopper Fur
niture and Mattress Manufacturing plant'
at 1 o'c lock this morning, entirely de-,
stroyer the prorerty. and for a time threat-1
ened to wipe out the linseed oil mills,
Several box cars on slds tracks near 1
tho plant were destroyed before they i
could be got out of reach of the flame. 1
The, loss to the manufacturing; concern Is I
estimated at fMXOOO. The origin of the'
blase Is unknown.
J. A. Haum
H. A. Beltlenian
A. Bosworth
It. 6. Brown
Emily Brown . .
Burnett -
W. e. Coe
W. Coburn
Julia Cook
J. F. Crtpnen
J. M. Chambers -
Emma Feeney
Rhode GtlHand -
A. Crosscup
R. Horton .
Hough ,
R. Hunaaker
B. .Keily
Officer Holden Takes
Two Razors and Two
Guns from Old Mai
George A. Edwards. 76 years of age,
nd for the last seventeen years par-
alvzen in the limbs, suddenly, pulled
rasor from his pocket and attempted to
out the throat of his wife, who Is 71 years
of age. Mrs. A. MoComba, who Is visit
lng with Mrs. Edwards at the ham at
3333 Corby street, took a hand and In
capacitated Edwards from further activ.
itles by a well directed punch oa the Jaw
and then called the police.
Officer Johnny Holden responded to
the call and aa he entered the house Qd
wards pulled a revolver from his pocket
and placed It against his temple. Holdeji
took the gun away from him only to have
him pull another one' from another
pocket. The officer also took this re
volver, whereupon Edwards pulled an
other razor. This exhausted his. supply
of weapons, so Holden. when he had
taken that away from the old man, tobk
hint to the police station for safekeeping.
Edwards was arraigned In police court
Friday morning and was sent , to the
county hospital for fifteen days, pending
an Investigation. His wife testified that
they had been married a little over a
year. He was an employe of the Union
Pacific shops for a great many years.
Visit is Postponed
By Mme. De Page
Madame Da Page, wife of a prominent
Belgian physician, who was to have lec
tured la Omaha on Belgian relief work
has postponed her visit here until about
Arril 1, according to a telegram received
irutn her yesterday by Madame Borglum
Konecny Proves
-Master of Violin
A concert given last night at Tel Jed
Sokol hall by the Bohemian violinist.
Josef Konecny and company of Chicago,
won the artist many friends ia Omaha!
although he came to Omaha an entire
stranger. The program opened with
violin solo, "Finale from Sonata In O,
by Rubensteln, which was played with
remarkable technique and feeling. The
"Concerto In F Minor." by Ernst, was
well received and was the interpretation
of a master. The number which was per
haps the most enjoyed wss "Serenade,"
by Schubert, arranged by Remenyt. ,
Miss Martha Stelal, soprano, and Miss
Mary Trt. pianist, the other members
of the company, are deserving! of men
tion, both being artists tn their respec
tive lines and adding much to the en
joyment of the program. All were most
gracious In. responding to enoortsi
C. A. Krell
C. O. Lobeck
E. Lorystreth '
Kmma Matthews
J. R. McFarland
. Nelson
William Rlesenberg
Ed Rogers
C. H. Roys -'
George T raver
May Reorganize
School Areas to
Avoid Congestion
President C J. Ernst of the Board of
Education has directed Superintendent
E. U. Graff to prepare a statement show
ing the boundaries of the school districts.
capacity ' and enrollment at each school
and other 'information which might tend
to solve the question of congestion. ,
Mr. Ernst believes that a readjustment
of district lines would In .some cases
eouallxe the attendance and relieve some
of the congestion. In some Instances It
Is conceded that new schools or additions
will be necessary. '
Lothrop school district Is In need of
considerable relief,' according to an In
vestigation made by D. E. Jenkins of the
School board, i it la believed that a new
school should be established in the dis
trict east and north ot Lothrop school.
aa some of the children of this school
live nearly a mile away. .
A surrey - by the hoard members
strengthens the belief that the area north
of Cuming and east of Twenty-fourth
streets needs readjustment.
Noting Machines
For Sale; No Buyer
A' letter sent by the county board to
.the Empire Voting Machine company of
Jsmestown, N. Y makers ot eighty-sis
voting machines owned by the county
and city, Inquiring whether It would be
possible to sell these machines brought
Information that, this firm has gone but
of business and that the machines are not
saleable. ... 1 ;
The Automatic Registering company of
New York, whjeh. answered the letter.
said it might' use some of the parts ot
the . machines. They are stored In the
basement of the court house.
Chairman Beat In his letter said the
machines were perfectly good, but that
the county and city have no use for them.'
The annual meeting oCthe Nebraska
child ' labor ' committee - will be held
Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock In
connection with the child labor exhibit.
which will b neia In the Pioneers room
st the court house all of next week, be
ginning Sunday afternoon. B. D. Oepson
or the Fort school for boys Is chairman
of the committee. Heretofore the meet-
logs have always been held In conjuno- I
Urn with the annual Charities and Cor- I
rectlona conference.
Alumni and former students of the high
school whom Nathan Bernstein used to
teach when he was a department head
there will hold a booster meeting la the
olive room of the Rome hotel fhla even
ing at 7:15 o'clock. His candidacy for
city commissioner will be endorsed and
plana for accomplishing his nomination
al the primary mill I made. The meet
ing will b under the auspices of the
Bernstein club, which was organised a
few days aro by former pupils of Bern
stein, to boost his' randklacy. Chandler
Trimble Is president' and William L. Ran
dall 14 secretary
People Notice It. Drive Them
Off With Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets.
A pimply face will not embarrass you
much longer If you get a peckaaje of
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The skin
should begin to clear after you hate
lasnn tne taoiets a lew nights.
Cleanse the blood, the buwels snd the
Uvkt with Olive Tablet.
Dr. Edwards' Olwe Tablets are the
sucoeaaful substitute for calomel there's
never any sickness or pain after taklnsT
Dr. Edwards' Olive -.Tablets do that
which calomel does, and Juat as effoo
tivoijr, but their action is gentle anl
safe Instead of severe and irritating.
No one who takes Olive Tablets) Is -iver
eurae4 with "a dark brown taste," a bad
breath, a dull, llatlees. "no- good" fedliag
constipation, torpid liver, bad dispos:
tton or piioply fane.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tb'ets nr s tttir-lr
vefcrotabt oompound ml yd with olive oil.
win uwi ux-tn Djr TDnir olive CMj,-r. I
Dr. Edwards spent years among pa-
tfentai atflb ted with livar snd bewl I
complaints and OlWe Tablets are the .
immensely effective result. ;
Take one or two nightly for a week.
Pee bow much Welter yon feej and look, i
vr sni i" r-er oni ah ar:igt.
i The olive Tstlet Company, L'olumbuj. o.
Plan Yopr Cigar Bill-pf-Fare
eW. After the big dinner this Sunday a big, dark (
ltpt all-Havana. Then what for those empty hours
fK I when your Havana is a "little" heavy, and yet a
then the modu-
man wants "a smoke
lated'V Havana
tfj Have two or three on hnd to round out your
cigar bill-of-fare. Try one after Sunday morning
breakfast when you have that once-a-week spare
time to enjoy a morning cigar. Invite your alter-
noo'n caller to judge Tom Moore
smoke your last one along in the
the day's smoking and send you
clear head and a clean palate.
with you. Then
evening to crown
off to bed with a
Little Tom goes for
half fare. But he goet
for a long distance.
' """"" " '' ' 11 F.ST A
3 J VV )
ssr w jr -u- w w 1 1 - r .ssv a
lU'hSKLL CIO.IU CV).t 012 bo. 10th St.. Omaha, Distributor.
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