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TJJK JiKK: -0A1L. .NATW.Lt.v., .LKUt JO VjV.
2Sationl President Urgei State and
1 Local Organizations Gt Under -Win;
of Big Auocifctin.
If tb, laundry men ot the smaller towns
will not support their lori sssoclstlon
ml tate aaoelstlons, the time I proha
My eomlnc when tbey will not tx sV
)nred to partlclpste In the 1vnUts
f tbe national aasoetetloti wnrli. arrort
livc to J. A. Barkey of Oilcaio, president
1 cif tbe national association, who epoka
Thefore sixty Isundrynen .ft the atate at
(the Hnnshsw resterdsr at the opening
jneetlhf f the "Nrbraaka Laundnrera aa
Moclatlon eohvmtlon. Mr. fiarkey did not
make thle a a threat, he averted. Alo,
e Mid. he could not aar that It would
true, but he mad U a a. prediction.
"I par $30 a, year local duo. for asso
clatlon work In CMcssto," seen-ted Mr.
Eartey, "and I'm tickled to death to do
' ft, reallatng the benefit we get from -oclatlon
I "If the Mundrjrmen at the smaller
J1 , or any rlaee, will not support the
association work, the time U likely coin
tor when they win not he allowed In the
vtatlonal association. Those who have
supported .It for years will continue to
smppert It and tboas will be left out for
irood wTionwwe.havs bad to dra lntfrom
presx to" j'eaj ' ' .
"When -a Uundrynian eomea Into my
efflha'from. shywhsr te ttf me. I ,ank
V for his 'state-or national association card.
pf It te- found. Hi at he has neither state
Ivor national memhrhlp, we'll he too
fcusy to see him. ITS must show that he
is dolrr fcotnethlnir for the state or na
tional tsaoctaUen work -or ha better, stay
kerne." .
Talks Cfctaes Rirla.lon.
Mr; Barker av a renew of Some of
(be work done before conerees In the way
of eektaf farorable legislation, and as
serted that now- tor tba first Urn the
laundry buslness.bas been put on the map
In ooneresa. He) discussed Clllnee : ex
' elusion, and declared that on -the 4,030
mllea of border between the United States
and Canada ths government has six In
spectors to keep the Chinese frqrn eroas
Jn the line Into the United. State. He
advocated the approval coat system of
(he national association for every , laun
dry office, as he aald In his own'Maundry
they never knew what were tbe Items on
which, they made money and what were
he ones on which they lost money until
they Installed this cost system. : '. '
J. W. Gamble, president of the Omaha
Manufacturers' association, made a brief
talk on co-operation. He urged co
ope ratios with employes and with other
laundry . men. He asserted - It taken a
' higher type of man. today to run any
manufacturing establishment than did
some. years ago, and that la general em
ployes am working In far .more sanUtary
aurreundtdg than they did formerly.
.i- Cnafldeaen ta jarryv
Fran I. Ringer, commissioner of the
Ktsi Jkffanufactarers' association, spoke
on legislation, lie touched on the mint
mum wage bill and asserted il.sv Jerry
(Howard, who Introoude the bill, la sincere
and honest In his, belief that It s a pood
thmg, bat thai as a matter of fact labor
unions and, manufacturers are ' agreed
, that minimum wag would become niefcl -mum-wage,
Ad therefore Is bad. Ve dei
clared . the minimum wage eommtwlon'
bill to be bad also, as It proposes to allow
the commission to go Into a plant with
,the powtf-ef arurt to haul employee
before) It, question them about the busi
ness and eonJItloos and then prescribe' a
wage that must be paid those employe.
Soma amy Uuadry men snd men of
' ' allied trade wtie present- at the first
,day"s meotng. fTliey came from some
twenty-five' cities knd towns In Nebraska
,and ether states.' Members were 'present
from (Alliance, Broken. Bow, Fatl City,
aiasUnga, Kearney, Lincoln, North riatta,
' Omaha, O'Neill, Bouth Omaha, Orand
.Island ahd Beatrice. '
Members of allied trade were, present
from ' Chlcago,i Milwaukee, Syracuse,
Khenandoah, Wyandotte. Mlt h j St. Ixwl,.
ClW-lnnatl. Omaha and Cedar Itsplde,
with' guests from Chlcsgo, Bloux City,
Council Bluffs, Oreston and Cedar Rnplds.
m A cabaret dtnher and entertainment' by
the Omaha LAindWer' club w given at
the Henahaw hotel In the evening. Offi
cers ars to be elected today, and a num
ber' of papers are to be read on subjects
relating to the laundry business.
' (FYom a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. March li.-HCpecteU-Tlie
new and comprehensive automobile regis
tration law, Jerked back from the com
mittee of the whole In the senate for
.speclflo amendment, waa reported out
again today with several changes. The
ecretary of state's fee la reduced from
to to 25 cents. This Is to take care of
the number, the law requiring a nw one
Tbe bill has passed the house and will
probably pass ths senate without opposi
tion la its saw form.
WASHINGTON, March Defeat end
complete rout ot the Carranxa forces
under General Monclovlo Herrera by the
convention troop of General Rosalio
nemandes at Oregano. southwest ot
Piedra Negra. wa reported today to
th Vlllaete agency by the military com
mander at Picdraa Nefraa. .
.Legislative '
Bill Keeeaaaaeaded Pass by th
aaate Cwaaaalltea C th Whale.
II. It--. Crtnklaw of Antelooe Hx
rntpta eltte sod town under a.uutf from
th female labor law. ,
II. H. isi, &loaviy of Lancaater Makes
It unnecessary (or clerk to report on
order of sal where ho Incumbrance ex
ists. H. M. S3S, T-aryaster County Delegation
Provides for the mowing of waoda In
Lincoln on five days' notice.
It R. Iki, tiayburn stricter weed
mowing law. Mak It duly ot road over
seer and makes complaint unnecessary.
If. K. r'. itegan ot Platte Kelteve
state auditor of duty of furnishing sup
pi) and record books to county vlorss.
Hills raaeed by Hawse.
H- Tt 4?, the Ri'-hmond-Rroome bill
providing (or an annual publication ot
perawiai tax Itais In awsapeis.
li. K. TT--The aeneral IrlKiignrM hill.
It R. lvi, l-ar-n iTovirira that any
.county may establish a workliouan when
the question haa 6i b siiltnillcu when
voters sod ra in ltd by theio. Ayea, .,
Iia'.s, .
. H. R. M. Negley Repeals act of W13
providing for gas fmnrliiM- election at
Om.ali. Ayes. M; Nays. I.
i If. it A Parrlott ho.ulis district
Ju.t'S to erder In v,n , miicm of bribery
or trjury lu connection ith the trie!
4 tbe tiiveiiKaUa to be iuad l-jr
tii county atUrneva. Ayea. M; nays, .
Continued from Pass One.)
with the election commissioner of the
count v In whirJi such metropolitan city
l located, and the proclnmntlon ahull
(Ix the rinlo for holding stnh spclsl elec
tion not less than thirty nor more than
sixty daya after the filing; of surh procla
mation, and such election commissioner
shall have power and It shall be hi duty
to conduct and fully provide for the hold
ing of such special electKm-ln all sucn
aijolnlna- cities and vlllairen and in the
metropolitan city, the cost of holding
such election to tie borne by the respect
ive cities or villas' proportionately, and
the vote thereat shall be canvassed by
such election cornjnlssloner snd the result
thereof certified bv him to the (covernor.
Amend section 2 bv striking out lines
1, 2 end S end nil of line 4 up to snd pre
ceding the words "the city," and Inaertinir
In lieu of the mntter stricken out In said
section t the following: "If st such an
election a malority of the combined and
total vote cast In all such municipalities
be In favor of such consolidation then
such consolidation ehnll he deemed
adopted, snd the governor shall Issue a
r reclamation declaring- and proclaiming
he consolidation of such municipalities
to take effect ten days after the filing
of such proclamation bv the governor In
the office of the city clerk of the metro
politan city.
Messhers Change Their Totes. '
The roll call on the bill had not pro
ceeded far before it was apparent that
the bll would pass and that If necessary
enough vote would b secured by
changes 'to Insure Its passage with the
emergency clause. The wot showed fifty-
four for the bill In Its amended form and
forty-two against
Cronln of Holt started the changing
with a speech that Indicated that other
would follow. He aald that while opnoeed
to the bill, still a It appeared that an
nexation would oome anyway, he believed
that the only thing to do waa to place
the emergency clause on and give the
people of the entire territory a chance to
participate In the election. . ,
Changes came thick and faat and In a
short time .enough shifts were reported
to make the vote seventy-two for tbe bill
to twenty-five against with three mem
bers mlsalng. "
Several explanation were made, one
by Hynek of Saline bringing down the
house. It was) a follow:
Wishing to explain' my vote, as senate
nie no. j is a vicious ana unmercuui
piece of keruskatii Ihm sunuksr tl tare
olwers if sultsn of Turkey, and you ail
Know wnnt mat means, wnen tn auitan
of Turkev sees a nice woman ha slmnly
annexes her Into his fsmtly. That Is Just
what Omaha la doing with Pouth Omnha,
and says, "Come en, you nice little
things. I wsnt you. What do you little
thlnics think about It? I know you are
verv much opposed to It as It Is undemo
cratic snd against home rule; tnererore
I vote "no."
Meara of Wayne said that he had al
ways been In favor of forcible annexa
tion and a this amendment meant the
tame thing he would azote "yet."
' ' tiraaln Marriages,
. Cronln referred to th epsstage ot the
bill a "a maniag that has been per
formed without th bride' consent," and
said that Inasmuch as th ceremony had
been performed over hi protest ha would
help to make the emergency clause so
that th bride might have om voloa In
(ha management of th household.
Jersy Howard, who live at South
Omaha, voted for th bill and aald he did
so "for th ' benefit' -of th .oppressed
laboring class. In South Omaha, who are
treated Ilka aarfg."- V v " -
Meara, In easting his vote for th bill,
said h did not ' pretend, that he was
voting for horn rule, but ha wanted
everybody-!t now that he understood
he was voting for forcible annexation.
Wood hurst asserted that "he was for a
Greater Omaha aad he ant)dj to see the
lime "when Lincoln will be a suburb of
Omaha." :
Among the Douglas county delegation
eleven of the twelve member. voted for-
annxatlon. and- Barrett, the only on
holding -out against it changed his vote
In order. to add the emergency clause,
saying: .
'Believing that each city or village
hould by a majority vote ot such city
o village affected determine sunk local
and domestic duestlon as this, 'and as
title bill a amended does' not contain
this provision, I therefor,: vera no.v ' .'
' tieta lata, Bead Wacroa.
. TVhen1 the changes were madu Barrett
ent up th efollowing:
Inasmuch as this bill has received fifty
five votes and that consolidation must
take place. 1 feel that It is my duty to
give the people of the annexed territory
the. rtuht to participate In the comiug
municipal election of the greater city, I
therefore change my vote from no to aye,
so that the bill may pas with the
emergency cleuse.
Palmer of Iouga county who opposed
the bill In commute of the whole, said
he had had a hard time to deride what
he should do. Living In Dundee, but
representing the whole Douglas county
and believing that a majority of the
house wa committed to annexation, he
said be would make the beat of a bad
situation by voting "ay."
Th vote en S. F. t wa taken about
Tht St or
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Suit arid Hat, $20.00
Suit and Hat, $22.00
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10 o'clock In the presence of a largs crowd
of people (Who hsd come from Omaha,
Honth Omaha- Dundee and Florence.
Uefur the roll call was taken, Speaker
Jackson called on the house members to
take their seat.
The vote before any chsegas had been
made was ss follows:
A In lay
Amu-reon (l'holps)
Mi ars
t'hamiiers (DoLglas) Nealry
Heynolri (Lincoln)
Reynolds 4 Redwllloa
Van Deusen
Mr. Speaker fit.
Pruesedow "
ilutton.. .
Anderson (Hold) Llndsey '
Harrett Matteaon
Hatee Mejraenhurg
Hrarit Mockett
Charubers Nutxmsn
(Thurston) I'arklnaon
Clayburn Regan
C'onler Relfenrath
Cronln Ilelsner
Jlafoe i Itlleschk
TXUbey Rudlsell
Kvana as
Fox Heott
Fries Hlevers
Fuller ."Inrtelar
Fults . Hmtth
Oreenwalt " hnvder
Harris rorenaen
Hornby Htema
Hvnek Htelnmeyer
Klme Taylor 43.
When It was apparent that the bill
had pasaed, changes came rspidly, the
following changing from no to ye:
Anderson (Boyd) Kims
Barrett Matteson
Rrant Nutscsn
Ciaybunr Reianer
Cronln Rudesll
Kvans flevers
Kox Kterns
Fuller Tsylor
(Continued from Pago One.)
tnrlatcr ssked rather pointedly where
Palmer aot the amendment Ther was
no reply to this question.
Mr. Trumble denounced Palmer
amendment a a subterfuge. IJe said It
would not hind the water board to pur
chase the plant If the appraisers had fixed
the price.
Power Now Vested.
II railed attention to the fact that the
Omaha city commission now haa power
to regulate th crates of the electric light
Company.-. If a bill were brought In to
cut th rates square In the middle Trum-
blo said h would support It, but he did
not favor auch bill a this one, which
give the company no protection what
ever. He asserted that the electric light
plant at Omaha paid lea than 10 per cent
on Its aesesaed valuation last year.
"t hv served two term In the legisla
ture and I never took the floor In behalf
of the corporation," said Mr. Trumble.
f'l never met any representative' of the
Omaha Ulectrlo Light company until It
attorney appeared before my committee.
I have not received any telegrams asking
m to aupport or oppos this bill.
Opposes Coaf IscaUloa.
i "I. am her to protect man' property
against confiscation, t ara not la favor
of a law giving lh Omaha Water board
control over. thle. matter, because nobody
regulate th .Water board, fwould favor
a bill to condemn and take over the light
ing il ant "but tbls Is not a municipal
ownership proposition. It I simply munic
ipal confiscation by the Water board."
Mr. Druesedow, supporting th bill, said
th Water board members were subject
to recall and In view of the faot that
Howell was beaten by 4,008 ovtes In
Douglas county- last tall lit his rac for
governor,' Druesedow did not think there
wa much foroa In th talk about build
ing up a political - machln to control
Douglas countv eleotions. '
' ' Mockett. tor the Dill.
A speech for, the bill was made by Mr.
Mockett, who aald that Lincoln' experi
ence In operating a light plant In connec
tion with its water system had been suc
cessful. It charged that the corporation
run Omaha and goutti Omaha by working
together. Mockett admitted that he did
not believe tn municipal competition with
a private utility, except a a last resort
He thought auch ft business ss furnishing
electrlo light In ft community should be ft
monopoly. " ( '
Bom figure furnished by th Water
board were auoted bv Mockett to show
that the coat of electricity at a certain
resilience In Omaha 1 twice a much a
It would be tn Lincoln, but Mr. Trumbl
of th Town
called attention to the fact that this was
at the home of Senator Saunders, the in
troducer of senate file , who had eighty
lights In his house, necessitating extra
alirng to carry the load.
Haater Opposes.
Mr. Hunter took the floor against th
bill and showed that the city of Omaha
now haa full power to fix rates for eleo-
trio light, to puritfiase the plant or ' to
build a competing one, as It may see fit
If th crtjr commission refuses to act
said Hunter, the people themselves can
Initiate an ordinance for any of these
things. He did not believe In extending
the power of the Water board, claiming
that this simply contributed to building
up a political machine.
"Isn't the power la the hands of tbe
people of the water district?" asked
IJlmer. ,
'City Caanatlaaloa gheald Rale.
"No, It hasn't been by any mean," re
I lied Hunter. "All th people do I to
elect th board members for six year.
The Water board is continually on bad
terms with the Omaha city official. If
you'll take the control away from the
Water board and vest it In the city com
mission. I'll support the bill."
Mr. Chamber while speaking for the
bill wa Interrupted by Mr. Trumbl with
this queatlon:
"I th manager of your Omaha Water
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district a politician?"
"According to the last election
wasn't," responded Chambers.
"If this bill Is raised." continued Cham
bers, "we'll have a club that we can bold
over the olectrict light company and
make .them .lower the rates by 'threaten
ing t Build a plant of onr won."
' ' Wanted for ' f !. '
This waa the first out and out admis
sion by 'advocate of 8. F, . I that its
passage Is not desired In order that the
people of .Omaha can have a municipal
electrla plant" but simply a a meant of
wielding a , club, political or ' otherwise,
over the Omaha Electric Light company.
Discussion during the afternoon session
covered ttrtrcb the same ground and when
a vote was demanded on the amendment
by Palmer there, was little opposition.
Senators Take Layoff
Until Next Monday
.(From a "Staff Correspondent) :
LINCOLN, ' March (fpeclul.)-The
senate adjourned, thle morning until I
o'clock Monday. Th adjournment wat
contested, but Inly by those member who
are unable to reach their home during
the week-end by reason of th distance.
Those In favor of th adjournment
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urged th fact that the eenate ta well-up
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th house. Such a condition Is only ap
proximately true a ths re are a large
number of bill on general file tor the
sifting committee.
(Front a. Staff Oorreapondent.)
LINCOLN, March M. (Special.) An
error In th printing ot the statutes, work
done by the Stste Joumsl company, Is
causing th secretary of atate, who haa
the sale. of the books, some little grief.
It Is explained on the theory that the
machine that number th page waa out
of order. .Several .volume were found
to' have been mlanumbered In a certain
The hav been returned,. The error
has necessitated eras employment of a
man to examine each volume, lie has
gone through 609 volume up to the
present .
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of the account of the Omaha water d
trict by tbe state auditor, waa reported
out of the senate standing commltte
today. Savsral bills of a similar nature
have been held up waiting tbe dleposk
tlon'ef this one,
Douglas Member ..
Thanks the House
(rmm ft Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, March 19. (8peclal Tele
gram.) nepresentatlvo Richmond of
Douglas arose near the close ot today's
easion and felioitiously expressed te the
members of the house the thanks of the
Douglas delegation for the patient anl
intelligent consideration given the big
bills affecting Omaha and Douplas county
in the present session.
"I realise," Mr. Richmond said, 'that
you have other sffairs to deal with In
this legislature and I feel that I am ex
pressing the sentiments ot the great ritv
of Omaha and all the people of Douglus
county when' I telt you that your verv
patient indulgence is deeply sppreetated.
You are the best men I ever saw Sitting
In a' legislature.'
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