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Although Three Months of the Tear
Hare Gone By hut Few Hare
Taken 6ut Permits-
Although nearly three months of
the year hare gone by, the records of
the city license Inspector show that
only three of seven theaters and ten
of thirty-ftre moving picture houses
have been licensed for this year.
These licenses were all due" January
1., The rate for the picture show Is
10 cents per seat, with a minimum
annual fee of '$35. The regular
theaters are assessed on the basis of
$150 for 1,000 or more seats.
This condition In the license Inspector's
cfft mnna that the cltjr Is belnf de
prived of the use of considerable money.
Only one ! company ha taken out
'ikenses for their wssons, thla prompt
eon? paying the fee of IS for each of
eight wagons. According to thl"Show-
,in there are only eight Ice wagons being
legally operated In this ctty today.
Eighty-four linen Ben have been Issued
for pool and Millard hails. There was a
total of 113 lant year. Fourteen fortune
tellors have taken out licenses. .
teputy Uranee Inspector John Mathle
sen Is ndlng out a lot of notices to
n! I Kent persons who should have taken
out licenses.
More Proof
Here is more proof of the extent of J
the jail feeding: gTaft in the bill
which the sheriff it pushing to
make the taxpayers of Douglas
county pay him 40 'cents per pris
oner per day. Just examine these
official figures showing what it
costs the county Ao feed the always
hungry boys and girls in the River
view home:
For the year 1014 the dally
average number of Inmates was
.1ft.fi2. This served total of 52,069
during the year 1914, at a rost of
f&,124.14, or six (6) cents per meal,
the Itemized account of the above
being as follows: .
Groceries $
Meat ......
Mutter ....... .... . ',
idnn ..
Ice ..'
Water - '. .'.
Garden truck ....... '. .
Halary of cook .'.
.VI 7.40
151. on
First Word from .
'Belgium EeceiVed
by Relief Society
for the first time since the beginning
of their activity a, the local Franco-Belgian
Relief society has heard directly
from Europe of the receipts of
the boxes - of contributions.. In a
letter received Thursday by mad
arrie Augurt Borglurn, Marame Vlg
rial of Grenoble, the wife of Colonel Vlg
sl, brother of Madame E or glum, writes
th following:
"I am happy to tell you that the box,
so; anxtnualjr expected, ha come and
been unpacked. Thouattnd thanks for all
these precious things, of which t shall tell
ymi the ukv Uter, but I wlah to send at
onie all ny gratitude to all the ladles
who have worked ao faithfully. Every
thing Ik useful and practical. A friend
of mine invited to the opening of the box
. took Immediately to tho honpltal the blue
and (Ink lied allppers which will be per
fect for the poor woundod wtjo on wear
a shoe on tine foot only. The mufflers
are wonderful, llow many will be made
'happy by all those Useful things."
Another letter was from Madame
'Qulevreux of Rouen, where her huaband
, wss paator of tho largest Protestant
church. This letter, also addressed to
Udame Borglum, say In parts:
' "Yesterday I went to the customs house
to get the amiable girt fit your society.
Thank you thoussnda snd thoussnds of
times to havs thought of the poor victims
of war In Rouen. The contents will be
utilised. I have already covered the feet
of a young man refugee from Luvaln
and belonging to a family extremely n
' tereettng and worthy. How malny we
se here of these poor Bolglan refugees
"who at home led a comfortable existence
and who here have not enough to clothe
themselves. We hsve here twelve
ambulances and a club for the refugees
here they ran spend th dsy In a warm,
rhfcerful place. The women bring their
little ones and their work. On the top
f!tor la lodged a family from Roys
tSomme) which has been completely de
stroyed ty French and Qermanshells
and taken and retaken many times."
Omaha to Pass Jfine '
.Cities in Size if
I Annexation Passes
Providing the Greater Omaha bill passes
and the three suburbs are consolidated
with Omaha, Greater Omaha will be the
Ihlity-aeoond city In population In ths
United States. The bureau of publicity
r-as been looking Into this matter and
has made some comparisons In order to
be prepared to make proper statements
about Omaha In the near future. It Is
found thst the" annexation of ths sub
urbs will make Omaha thirty-second city
Instead of forty-first as It has been In
the past.
The cities It will outstrip In population
by' the consolidation measure are Mem
phis. Pateraon. N. J.; Worcester. Oak
land, CaL; Birmingham. Ala.: N
Haven, Conn.: Richmond, Vs.; Scranton.
tJra.. ana Hy mouse, N, T.
' By the J910 census What is to. become
Urtater Omaha had a population of 15194
It Ms conservatively estimated that today
m cities and towns thrtt are to comprise
Greater Omaha have a population of
I '
, The Beat Medietas for t'oaahs.
The first doae of Dr. King's New IMa
oovery helps your cough, soothes thrt,
get a bottle today. 60c, All drugglats.
Total $3,121.14
Why should the taxpayers have to
stand for a steal of 40 cents a day
for feeding jail prisoners, half of
the money to go into the pockets of
the sheriff and his' political part
ners as pure "Velvet fV
Albert L. Johnson, War Veteran,
Secretary of Locomotive En
gineers Passes Away.
Albert 1 Johnson, a resident of
Douglas county alnoo 1874. died at his
home in Benson yesterday, aged. 09
years, death being canned by heart
failure. The funeral will be held at 3
o'clock Sunday afternoon, from the resi
dence of Andy Traynor, 31)15 California
street, with burial in Forest Uwn
Mr. Johnson was bom in Hancock
county, Ohio, February 21. 1M8. Wliepia
boy, with hie parent, he moved to Mis
souri, there receiving his education. Dur
ing the war he served in Ccmpany A, lth
regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and
was discharged, receiving honorable men
tion at (ha clone of nis services. In 1N84,
whon 20 years of age, he entered the em
ploy of the old Hannibal A XI. A Joseph
railroad company, subsequently' beine-
promoted to the position of fireman and
July J, i9, was given an engine. ' Hs
pulled the first passenger train Into Fort
Dodge, Kan. In 1K73 he quit Hannibal
road and in 1874 he applied for a posi
tion with the Union Pacific, and was
given an engine running between Omaha
and Grand Island. He pulled freight
trains until 1H82, whan he was given a
passenger run and continued In this arm
Of the service until 1SD0, when he was
promoted to roundhouse foreman at Sid
ney, Neb., and i later transferred to
Council Bluffs to a similar position, which
he held eleven years, redgning snd re
tiring to his home In liecson.
From ths time of entering the railroad
service, Mr. Johnson was an active mem
ber in ths Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers. For twenty-two years hs was
secretary and treasurer of his lodge. In
11HJ hs was a member of the grand lodge
of the order.
Mr. Johnaon was always held In high
esteem by his essoclatea and was a great
favorite with the men with whom he
worked. He Is survived by three sister,
Mrs- Andy Treynor and Miss Callste of
Omaha and Miss Christina Johnson of
lionson, and one brothor, William John
son of Red Bluff, Col.
William T. Canada , hud a bad night
Thursday and In the morning was very
weak. As ths day advanced, however, he
Is reported to have gained considerable
strength, but Is not as weh as he was a
couple of days ago.' His condition Is re
garded as being very critical. He Is con
scious only a part of the time:
Reward Money for
j Taking of tho Ring
; Murderers Divided
The reward money for the apprehension
of the King raurdurwrs has been divided
as follows by Chief Dunn: Bur Ely,
Northweatem special agent, and Oscar
Hodgson, a Norfolk polloa officer, will
plit KM tor the capture of Juan Para.
The following Individual will divide the
remainder: Bheriff Condlt of Fremont.
l0, the three boya. Louia Rasmussen,
Letter Meiselbech and Carr Boss, who
located Uonsclea In a hayatack. gt G0
each. Juaeph Gregg, marshal of Fremont
Thomas CtrftreU of Fremont. Clarence
Eidam of Brrihner. Claude Clark. Fre
mont policeman; W. T. Dlneen. North
etern special agent, and Burt Ely each
fie given SbO.
Tea Yeara Hisrrr Eadea.
J. T. Chambers, merchant, Joans bora.
Ark., writes: "'Foley Kidney Pills cured
me of a ten-yeur standing rase of rheu
matism. I suffered miserably. A. frlead
ti l J me ef being cured; oo I used them,
and they cured me. too." Most middle
aged mn and women ars glad to learn
thst Fo'.ey Kidney Pills afford a way to
escape sleep disturbing Madder weakness,
b.,chacbe. rheumatlam. pufflnes under
cye, stiff and swollen Jolr.ta and oU.er
(Us attributed to kidney troubles. Zttli
very bers. Advertise meot
Do You Know tho Real
Food Vatiio of
When you talk about buying ten cents
or one dollar's worth of any foodstuff,
what do you mean by "worth f The only
measure of genuine worth In the pur
chase of eatables must be nutrition. But
do you keep nutrition in mind when you
buy the family provisions T Let us ana.
Meat la probably your biggest Item.
Yet no less an authority than Dr. Hutch
ison, the illriitlan, says tiiat met is a
dear food. Why? Because we pay far too
much for the amount of nutrition that
we secure. Meat contains 76 par cent
water think of that when sirloin la
chalked up at S6o a lb. -three-quarters
Now, take Faust Spaghetti, made from
IXirum w heat, a rich, glutinous cereal.
Of spaghetti and Ita allied product, the
same authority aaya that they contain
only 10 Per cent water, an these food
are absorbed ehnuitt In their entirety-
no to maae tiioou. luusoie and tissue.
Kauat Spaghetti costs 10a a large pack
age nearly all worth.
St. Louis, U. S. A.
pains are dantmut if ne
glected. If stopped, they
lessen the risk of ktari sftcctiont.
Those frightful pains, stiff joints
and swollen muscles are instantly
relieved by ,
fine for lusskajo snd scleika.
Cass. H. Westward.. Btssklsas. CsL.
am "I was a suSecsr tiwa Acms
kasuajatiMS for twclvs esars. A trioac
rscoaisicadcii gloss's LIbIbmsI. I twt
s bonis sd Iks ps Ictt ss sous s 1
applies Iks iuuMat."
At a daslsra, rrite c JSc ft I1XS
Br. fxl a.S!saB,lrx. tlh. I SLLtais
&mt Ym at
Prettiest Millinery Styles That
Spring Has Developed "aT $5.00
AND from these the individual art of Burgess-Nash
designers has succeeded in creating effects of ex
clusive charm.
Choice seems boiindleBB you will
find as diversified a style range as
you'd .-expect to ' find in many a big
tore's entire showing.
;You will rnarvel indeed at the col
lection, embracing every new braid,
every becoming shape, a style to sui
every fancy. ' '
Regardless of the price, you may
feci assured of correctness and a qual
ity that will satisfy. The favored
trimmings are quills, ribbons, wings, -field
flowers, rosos, fruits and foliage.
Barge -Nsafc Co. Second Fleer.
Crepe de Chine Blouses at $3.95, Portray
ing .a Distinctive Loveliness of Fashion
IJARTICULARLY is this demonstrated ra our many new
Georpptte crepe de chine spring blouses at this price.
Many of them are in the new yoke and box plait effects;
others elaborately hemstitched, some with 'military collars, some
with convertible collar, white, flesh tint and Quaker gray. Size
range that extends from 34 to 46. ,.WM ltM, c-se-n. n-,
Saturday Will Be a Good Time to
y a . m r -
select Your Uloves for Easter
SPECIAL, values that shonld and will attract a
great response, for it's not often that one' can
find gloves like these that include such splendid
style, fit and quality.
Women ' 12 and 18-Button Kid Gloves, Usually
$3.60 'Pair, $1.79
Soft, pliable kid skins, all sizes, 12 and 18 -button
lengths, white only and strictly perfect, usually
f3.B0. Saturday, pair .r $UD
Women's $2.25 Pimm Kid fJl.-wM CI 9a Pair '
One-button pique kid, with new contrasting embroidery; black with
wnite, embroidery, white with black, and new tans with black: usual
12 25 quality. Special at, pair,
rees-?lh C Mstw rir.
The Little Folks' Coats , and Hats''
Are ah Ready for Spring Wear
LL ready in big, generous selections for - babies and little
children displays that evry mother will go into raptures
inesespeciais :
Children's Hats, 98c
Fancy and plain braids, white and
colors; suitable for ages 3 to 10
Children VOoata, $2.88
Fine serge and light mixtures, with
belt and pockets, splendid selection
of styles and colors; age 3 to 6
years. .
Children's Coats. $1.50 to $9.60
Serge, black and white checks, brown and tan checks, pongee and white
serge, with fancy collar and cuff. Bmw re, second Fie.
it Aainic& airadl
Mwf Twm at
m (0
Children's Hats, 60o
Of fine straw, with ribbon bands
and fancy bows, others with fancy
Children's Coats, $1.68 -Pongee,
black and white checks,
also white hair line mohair with
collar, cuffs and belt of colored
moire silk; ages 3 to n years,
Dainty Easter Neckwear, 25c
VT EW conceits shown for the
A' first time, including net,' or
gandy and lace, flat and roll col
lars. t
Xeckwear at Me, .
Embroidered organdy, net and lace
vestses. with roll collars, gulmpes,
also sets.
Barjreee-Nasfc Co. Mala Fleer.
Candy Specials
CHOCOLATES with whipped
cream filling, 40c quality, per
lb Jie
Caramel and pecan roll, home
made, lb. 60c
After dinner patties, lb 25c
Peanut brittle, home-made, lb.. .10o
Toasted marshmallows, lb 18c
Baswwss-Nash Ce. Basesssat.
Remarkable Shoe Values for ,
Women on the Second Floor
THE new models for spring are arriving daily many of the
styles are exclusive. To make room for all these new
things we offer Bome very special reductioa f or
Women's $3.60 Shoes, $2.85
Women's shoes, In all the best leathers, wide range of
desirable styles, our regular $3.60 lines, Saturday, per
Women's MUM shoes reduced
for Satarday to, pair, $3.15.
" Women's $&j00 shoes redaced
, for Saturday to, pair, 83.85.
Women's. $U)Q shoes reduced
for Satarday to, pair, S4.03.
Women's $3.60 Party Slippers, $2.16
Splendid styles, in pink, blue, red and gold,
from our regular $3.50 line, Saturday. ..
Boys solid leather shoes, durable
soles, sixes 10 to 13, tor ti.19, or
slses 1 to 8 for f&4
Seeond Floer.
I " -'P-
Children's I3.S0 shoes. Saturday,
at ' $1.5
Misses' 13.00 shoes, Saturday, at.
pair' .-...SiU
) Ilwrsjese-Naah Cm.
Imported Java
rice powder, 82c
Pasteurine tooth
paste, 2&c
site He
Dr. Q r a v e s"
tooth powder,
' SOc slie, at ftta
Canthrox sham
poo, 60c site, 2Vo
cream, SOc '
sise Sle
Williams' shav
ing soap. at. .So
Williams' t a 1
cum powder, 12o
Abonlta cream,
60c else, at. .82c
Perfume, 10 dif
ferent odors,
regular 60c
grade, os...J12c
White Ivory
manicure pieces)
60c kind es,, 26c
Chamois, ea.. Do
Jad SalU, 75c
size 49c
Peroxide, 1
pint 17e
SeldllU pow
ders, z5c pkg lie
Sloan' a lini
ment. 26c ss.. lo
111 1 1' s cascara
quinine. 23c. 13c
Denver Mud, 26c
site, at 16
ar Mata near.
C h a mberlaln's
cough remedy,
26c size, at,.18e
Kondo&'i ca
tarrh Jelly, 25c
size, at 17c
Whisk brooms.&e
Tooth brushes,
26c size. . . . ,17
Hot water bot
tles, guaranteed
1 year, regular
ly 11.60. Sat.fVe
Last Day ot "Wear Ever" Aluminum
Demonstration Special Bargains
S-quart wear-ever Berlin Sauce Pans,
and cover, 11.15 values , . ,7e
4-quart wear-ever Windsor Kettles
and cover, $1.55 values 9Sc
S genuine wear-ever Sauce Pans, 1,
Hi and 2tt-qt slies, $1.85 values.. 88o
Package of Steel Wool to I Majestic aluminum spun
I Tea Kettles, $2.75 values.
clean aluminum are. ,.10c $1 "0
3 MaJestlQ saoee pans, 8, 4 and 6
qt. slse, $3.60 values, set ot 8. .$i-00
Cast afumlnum Ortddle Pans, wood
i f in i
handles,1 $1.86 values
The quantities on above items are
limited and will be sold as long as
they last
aiweaa-Jlaah Ce... Ii scobs t.
B 'areea-Wasa
Ce -Second Flees.
1 1 -i rr.
Men's $2.98 Watches, $1.95.
Men's 12 size, open face, 7 Jewel
American movement--tn gold plat
ed case- Aaron's price fine
$2.98. Sale Price , 4I.VD
Men's $5.49 Watches, $2.95
Men's 12 size, 7 jewel movemeCln a
10-year open face case, AAron's
price $5.49, Sale O riC
Price 5.VO
Men's $6.98, Watches, $3.45
Men's 12 size, open face. Jewel,
American and Swiss movements,
plain gold cases, Aaron's ff-j jf
price $6.98, Sale Price . . . 40.0
Men's $10.00 Watches, $5.89
Men's 12 size open face case, 7
Jewel Elgin movements, cases guar
anteed tor 20 years. Aaron's price
$10.00. Sale i Ce fin
price 3Oy
Women's $9.60 Watches, $4.95
Gold plated extension bracelet
(with patent catch) and gold plat
ed case, 7 Jewel movement, fully
guaranteed, Aaron's - i (je
price $910. Sale Price . . .
$22.60 Bracelet Watches,
Women's solid gold extension brace
let watch, with solid gold case, 15
Jewel movement, fully guaranteed,
Aaron's price $22.60, Sale QCJ
rv $15.00 Bracelet Watches, $4.95
II Women's bracelet watch, IS jewel
movements, sterling novelty cases
on silk moire straps, Aaron's
price $15.00, Sale
, $1.25 Novelties, -19c
An assorted lot of barrettes, individual salt
dip. Jewel boxes, bead chains, Jewelry of all
kinds, leather novelties; etc. Aaron's, Qr
price to $1.25. Sale price.-; yc
Sterling Tea Bells, S9o
Sterling silver handle tea bells and other
novelties, Aaron's price 60c, 69c and 3Qr
$1.00. Sale .price w
69o Salt and Pepper snaxers, aao
Star line silver ton salt and pepper shakera
Aaron's price 60c. Sale 2C
Jewelry Novelties from Aaron s
Gift Shop to $3.do, lor aao-
f- Including Imported and domestic
solid gold, gold-filled and sterling
Jewelry, plain and stone set, bead
neck chains, lockets with neck
chatas, gold-filled lockets, Jewel
cases, picture frames, baby sets,
etc. Aaron's price to DCs
$3.50, at
Jewalry Novelties from Aaxons
I Gift Shop to $1.00, for 15c
Including earrings, brooches, bar
pins, lavallleres, beads, cuff
links, scarf pins, etc. Aaron's price
lo $1.00. Our special sale - cc
price, choice at I3W
Jewelry Novelties from Aaron's
Gift Shop to $1.60,' for 29c
Including solid gold top. sterling
bar pins, cuff pins, brooches, chate
lain pins, gold and silver plated
jewel boxes, Waldemar coat cnalns,
fobs, cuff links, tie clasps, lockets,
bracelets. Aaron's price . in
to $1.50. Sale price
Jewelry Novelties from Aaron's
Gift Shop to $2.00, for 69o
Including .solid gold and gold top
jewelry of all kinds, gold-filled
stone set brooches, bar pins, coat
chains, Ever Ready safety ra
zors, fobs, men's cuff link sets,
tie clasps, picture frames. Aaron's
price to $2.00. S ale price, q
FIVE CENTS Is Sufficient for the FIRST PAYMENT
It Brings to Your Home a "STANDARD" Rotary Sewing Machine
Guaranteed for Life. There are only a few machines left. You must act quick
ly. Oome TSaturaay u possible. The sale ends MondayOnly Two Pays left
Six-drawer style the world's best maehlne,
lock and chain stitch central needle style
jSO.05 $.0.55
1st WNk llta'Wfeek
.10 .GO
2nd Week 12th Week
15 .05
3rd WrkhSth Week
.20 .70"
4th WVak Hth Week
.25 .75
5th Week 16th Week
.30 .80
6th Wekh6th Week
.35 .85"
7th Woek 17th Week
.40 .1)0
8th Week 18th Week
.45 . .1)5
th Week 19thwek
.50 i.oo"
lOth Week 20th Week
81.05 1 S1.55
121st Week :31st Week
22d Week
:3d Week
24th Week
26th Week
I2th Wefk
32d Week
33d Week
34th Week
5th Week
36th Week
E7th Week
2th Week
29th Week
30th Week
I 1.85
37th Week
f l.JK)
38th weeK
Fin l Pay-
m'nt 113K
39th Week
ht5L $39.00
First Payment Im
mediate delivery
then every week yo
pay S cents mora
than the previous
week's payment
Cash Dividends Ten cents on each payment can be sved by you if you want to reverse th
fl Th -ia payments and pay them all or in part in advance. ,
aHJHl .This sale positively ends at the close of business Monday night. Saturday
iTsmwissit isis ana Aioauny is your last cunucc 10 nag suTujt .
. tlaswaaa--
i-Ihs Cm
-Talr rUrr.
We Develop
Your films free of
charge when order
is left for printing.
Carnations, So
Fresh cut. long
stems, white and
colors, ,te each.
There Is Individuality In Every Tiailored
Suit You Buy Here Regardless of the Price
1 1 b that touch of individuality that differ-'
entnesin style and character, a feature so
much sought for by every woman, that has
placed our department for women's and misses'
ready-to-wear in such an enviable position the
most popular section of, its kind 'in the city.
Then, too, there' is such a varied range of
styles and in every instance the prices are of the
most modest sort ranging in easy steps from
$14.50, $16.75, $19.50, $25.00,
$29.50, and on up.to $125.00
Now just this one thought more it isn't n
minute too early to select your Easter suit.
Styles have crystallized and the Burgess-Nash
collection is receiving daily indorsements from
Omaha 'sr4)est dressers.
Regardless of the price you wish to pay,
the Burgess-Nash tailored suit stocks offer the
best for the least., Shop 'round youll agree
that in value, diversity and rich beauty' there's.
not a near equal.
With the Replenishing of the
Lots From the Aaron Gift Shop
Stock Greaterrow the Bargains
CO great was the original Aaron's stock and so varied the assortments, hundreds
of novelties will be offered in the sale for the first time Saturday. In many
instances the values are the greatest of any yet offered. Here'sut an idea:
. Featuring Aaron's Stock of WATpHES at but a Part of the Regular1 Price
Aaron s
Gift Shop Stock of
Jewelry, to 60c, for 10c
Including bar pins, brooches, fobs,
cuff links, belt pins, vanity cases,
Jewelry cases, etc, Aaron's prices
to SOc. Our special sale 10
price, choice at . . IwC
$5.00 Leather Bags at $1.00
Real leather, new shapes, some real
pin and. natural seal, morocco
leathers, some have 3 and vanity
fittings. Aaron's price (r
up to 5.00, Sale Price I.UU
$7.60 Leather Bags, $1.05
Real leather and silk, moire bags,
all new shapes, real seals, pin
seal, long grain morocoo, new van
ity and melon shapes, black: , and
colors, Aaron's prices up . C O C
to 17.60, Sale Price J
60o Silverware at 25o
Odds and ends of William Rogers.
Holmes A Edwards ' and King
George, extra plate, butter knives
and spreaders, cream ladle, sugar
shells, etc.. Aaron's price OKr
60c, Sale Price T u v
35o Plated Ware at lOo
A lot ot extra heavy plated N tea
spoons, tablespoons, knives, forke,
cold meat forks, gravy ladles, berry
spoons, etc., Aaron's price i(r
5c. Sale Price
$l.t)0 Silverware at 39c
A lot of table silverware, including
Wm. Rogers, Holmes Edwards
gravy ladles, sugar shells and but
ter knife sets, child's sets, etc, Aar
on's price to $1.00, Sale
$1.00 ' Sliver Plated ' Ware, 60c,
Aaron's Al silver plated butter
knife and sugar shell sets, decorat
ed bowls, floral patterns, Aaron's
price 11.00, Sale 5 Of
$1.00 Leather Bags, 69c
An odd lot of real leather bags,
hand bags, Aaron's prioe Kfr
$1.00. Sale Price
$1.00 Desk Clocks, 49c
Imported desk tor boudoir . clocks,
nickel or brush brass finish,
Aaron's price 11.00, AOr
Sale Price

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