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Hadiaon County Member Reienti
Allegation that Bill it Not in
Their Interest.
(Trfm a Ptaff Convpr'ondpnt.)
13NCOUN, March 30. special.) In
sinuations bf Taylor and others atmlnst
the Lancaster deli-Ration and frlrnda of
It. R. WO this afternoon hrouarliTout a
rnl hot aperrh of Nichols of Malison,
who challeniced the accusers to rhow one
vote or one unoech mat ly Mm that
showed he waa not on the square or hacl
tint uaed hi Influence along lines which
be believed waa right
The debate waa over the provlalona of
the bill which ta Intended to protect
farmers from the mr-aftlng medicine fakir
and quack dortora who iro About the
country claiming to do wonderful thin pi
In healing, secure a note from their vlo
tfma and then aetl them to bank who
firing suit for their payment. The bill
was intended to forxe the holders of the
notes to sue the maker In the counlr In
which the note was irlren and not force
him to travel to Omaha or Uncoln or
aome other point where the note was
being held to fight the suit.
"No more Important legislation has
been before this legislature," said Nichols,
"and It Is along the lines of protection
ta the constituents whom we people from
the country districts are supposed to
represent I defy any man In this legU-
latare to ahow tme rote or-one speech
mails by me which has not been on the
square or which ,haa been Intended to
lead any of row from the real facta In
h controversy. This bQl la 'la the In
terests of the farmers and others who
tava been defrauded by the quaoks
traveling; about the oouhtry and If you
want to klU this bill kill It. but you will
; be defeating the best 1ia of legislation
before the session." i
T doat think this lmrtsiature can
legislate 'brains into any body, shouted
Umlth. I
Lanlfaa also made a fight for the bill, I
Introducing amendments to help it .
The j till .was recommended for third
. reading; by a vote of 3G to 8,
Darr Indicted in . !
' Connection With '
Sutton Bank Case
ErroOLx; March' tO. (Ppecial Tele
gram.') The federal grand Jury has
brought in ', two. Indictments against
George H. rarr. formerly of Lextngton.
but now of Omaha, on charge of aiding
and abetting President Ixicbben of a But
toa bank la tho issuance of certificates
of deposit The first covers a trans
action of January , 1SU, amounting to
ttl.009, and the seoond Jointly with Lueb.
ben and Matters September H for
Lundgreri Loan ":
i Shark Bill Passed
(From tf f Correspondent.) '
MNCOLN. Keb., March (Speolal
Telegram) House roll No. 44, the Isuid.
?fen loan shark bill, Dasaed the houae
this jnurnlnf with only on vots In od
nosiqon, the affirmative - side ' getting
evettfy-elx votes. Under Its provisions
M per cent Is the largest that can be col-leeted.
t. ,, Proceedings.
" Btfttae- Comaattte Repert.
til lt 'wlund-Affecu school die
trtot 4ounil tries, -. ,
It. It .103. Chambers of . Tbunrton
txmnly board mwubori to draw l&fio ur
day for supervising road work.
It M. bn. Waylor LocU ajweaaors to
Sra Uiy rtpwrt Mrtoul-
1L K. tru, Lancaster Delegatlon-ults
on notes restricted to county whore pria
Opal maker Uvea, "
S1 "'!? Nort-tAte budget system.
M. R. . Norton 4.)pUnnaJ commission
Iorn of irovernment for counties).
. Norton Allows state treaa.
rr to sll low lnterext rate bonds at
lJhan fh.y coat. If U can reinvest at
K. R. tfci. Norton Creates state fft.
Sn2 r"mnUion of six members.
'. Orwoe and bushee Htorage of
Hood waters for Irregaxtoa purposes.
H. 7. NO. SaadsJWitrengthena mbea
Blentent statute.
H. It. Me. l oterson Abbreviated opln-
w pmnw wurii
li. K. e. liarrett-Kour-year terra fr
stUte offloere. , CansUtuUoiuU ntnend.
It R MX Petorson-Jory commissioner
for ctuJt county.
H. K. 7li 1 1 u nte r Uniform contracts
for sale nf gooda. vuaumnm
a. IT. lilT Mattes Provide that attor
ney general akall appear la litigation over
H. H. CH' Woodhurat Requlrea automo
biles to stp t ruiroatf crossings.
BUU 1um4 by Ifonae.
J1- R. , LundKTen Legalises loan
shark bualiutss at 4 to (w per cent per
year lnUruat. Ayea, J; nays, 1.
H. R. U(, feteiuiiMiyer Allows telephone,
telegraph and rleitrlo companies to con.
damn riKhta-of-y along section and
naif section Unas Ivur private , landa.
Ayes, tt); naya, a.
S. F. K, Kaurulers Permlta charitable
socUKles to ejiiond their periods of In
corporation. Ayes. ri; nays, a
H. F. ltvi. Q us sjiiJ Others Incorpor
ates Ancient Free and AHpted Masons
Uraod Ltnlne of Nebraska. Ayes. 7b;
nays, 4
IL It 42. Nli hols-Prrmlts state banks
to loin federal reserve ayausra. Ayes. 71
nars. a
It R. 430. Douglas Delegation Strength
ens corrupt practices act Ayes. 77:
nay, 1.
i- R. ne. Naytor Provides for stone
and concrete culverts on pobllc roads.
A, 7 naya. (.
H. K 330, Reynolds Water power dis
trict bill.
Anti-Bucket Shop
Measure is Sent
To Third Reading
rrrenj a Ptaff trrespondrnt.) '
LINCOLjN.. March JO (HpecuU.) A bill
Introduced by Hunter of Inuglaa, In
tended to hit the people, who have been
able to evade the preent law rerardlng
bucket ehnpa, haM paaed committee of
the whole and Is now up for third read
ing. The Mil Is known ss house roll No. tST
and is designed to catch branches Of the
Chicago Hoard of Trade, some ot which
are established in Omaha. They are not
operated aa , bucket shops In the strict
sense of the word, but operate as agencies
snd have been able to get around the
present law without getting themselves
In trouble. .'
Hunter haa made the law a study and
believes he has In the prevent bill some
thing which will put this class of people
out of business, as It prohibits the use of
telephone and telegraph wires to carry'
on the buslncnM.
A feature of "the hill which prohibited
the posting of grain prices was rut out of
the hill by Mr. Hunter after consulting
with Ed T. Pmlth, attorney for the Omaha
Grain eichange, not desiring to deprive
the Omaha exchange of the prlvllepe of
posting its prices.
The bill was unVversally voted for In
the committee of tho whole and It is be
lieved ' will have no trouble passing, as
will alio a companion bill, No. US, which
gives any person the rlfrht to enjoin the
operation of any business covering bucket
shop work.
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If I fall It Is ths most beautiful and glor
ious death; if I am wounded It can only
be of good service to ma; and If I re
turn unscathed, all the better."
Was a, Battle Thinker. '
ma sister writes of him as follows:
"His military calling was ever the cen-
ter of all his thinking end brooding. ,
Even aa a cadet of 10 years, he would
Iran along by the side of his father's
company, while exercising. When as a j
young crnoer rve woum ecnte nome on a .
furlough and wc took walks together, he
would often atop on the top of a hill, sur
vey the surroundings with never a word
for a long time, after 'which 'ha would
begin to describe to us a plan for a
battle there. Then durtag the evening
at home he would take a map of the
general staff and bending down over It
study It carefully, making measurements
from time to, time. He waa a battle
thinker. f .
"On his desk he keeps a card In view
with the Inscription In lAtln. "work and
pray.' It had formerly stood en our
father's desk. When hundreds of his
friends halted his automobile at Orau
dens and Jubilantly honored him for his
victory, some climbing Into the trees to
get a sight of him, he made an upward
gesture with the hand and snld, tThank
Him up thrc'ond drove rapidly' away."
IOWA CJTT.la.. farchX.-Bpetl
Telegram) The name of Martin J. Wade
Of Iowa City, democ ratio committeeman
from Iowa, recently appointed federal
Judge for the southern district of Iowa,
has brfonie-lnvolved in facts surrounding
the arrest of Seward 8t John.' secretary
and treasurer of the Transcontinental
Townalte oompahy of Winnipeg, Canada,
whlqh took place In Chicago yesterday on
the charge of operating .a confidence
game. H. J. Toner, a lawyer, who makes
the charges, says he represents the stock
holders and that he intends seeing State's
Attorney Hoync today with a view of
presenting to him the facts concerning
Judse Wade's connection with the case.
RentToora quick with a Bee Want Ad.
Husband and Wife Both
Saved From Suffering
Z wish to tell yon the good results my
self and husband received from Dr. Kil
mer's Swamp-Root About eleven years
ago I had a severs attack of La Orlppe
and waa confined to my bed about eight
weeks under the doctor's cars. He pro
nounced my case ' kidney trouble and
rheumatism and not receiving the results
from the doctor's treatment I should
have received, I decided to try Swamp
Root After taking several bottles . of
Swamp-Root X was able to get ud and
attend to my work. About a year later
my husband was affected with a severe
attack of kidney trouble and doctored
for aome time with the' doctors and re
ceived no benefit Knowing ot the good
I had received, he decided to try Swamp-
Root His condition was such that he
was confined to his bed and wurds can
not tell how he suffered, but after taking
Swamp-Root he was relieved so he could
go on with his work without pain. I
wish to heartily recommend Bwamp-Root
to all persens afflicted with kidney and
bladder troubles and you may publish
this letter if you wtah.
Tours truly,
- ISdred. Pa.
Sworn and subscribed to before me,
this th day of May. lrfl2.
IRA MCCARTHY, Notary Public.
To get the genuine, call for full name,
Iexattve bromo Quinine. Ixtok for signa
ture of E. W. Grove. Cures a cold In one
day. JK cents. r
7ette te
Xr. aUliaer Co..
Slsgaauuoa, M. T.
rrsvs Wktl SwasiB-leet WIU D ler Tea
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer at Co.,
Binghamton. N. T., tor a sample sits bot
tle. It will convince auyone. Tou will
also receive a booklet cf valuable Infor
mation, telling about the kidneys and
bladder. Wben writing, be sure and men-
lion ue umana Sunday Bee. Regular
fifty-cent and one-dollar alse' bottles for
sale at all drug stoma.
An Easter Gift That Charms
V. S. 9wUmt Vo. goaas. .
The canary with a mbM education, slugs entirely different
from ai.v other t ai.j-y and ftu- superior lo anything you
have ever heard. 1 is vole i. BWs-t ,k1 soft, no harsh notes
ami the bi-st of all). thy are trajnd to elng by nru.
ftciaj lihl as U as dyliirht. We have. Af ft
$Xs:xto??uJ. v.l.!!T?.?rr. .56.00 Each
hLi t tilrrl 1st Swkl.ti sllh ... ..-Wee - .
Jay . approval. Uoe ana on
A J '
New Fashions
for Easter Are Constantly Arriving
An idca'is born
A new style conceived
And almost simultaneously
the news reaches our personal
representative, Mr. Nicoll, la
New York City. '
Adaptations of the best
originations of women's suits,
coats and dresses are coming
into the store daily.
The newest of all things
women will want for Easter
are here in sufficient diversity
to please every1 one.
And we think you. will be
surprised at the goodness of
the materials, and the work
manship which a little money
will buy. '
A Wise Woman
' , is she who. bestows , infinite
care in the selection of her
hats She has learned from
experience that an unat
tractive hat ; will simply
spoil the effect of an entire
outfit, while & distinctive,
becoming hat will carry an
insignificant gown to tri
umph. Perhaps she has been told,
too, how much younger she
looked with her hat on than
without it. The right hat
will take away years from
one's appearance.
Individuality in Hats
It 1 impossible, bowmrrr, with
ont large and varied stock
selection, from which to maJkn a
' choice. We ; sun showing large
and small, low and high hats this
spring, goid all sure fan hi an able.
Their charm and atyle Ue la their
distinction of line and trimming.
Neckwear Extremes
What are you going to be,
fluffy or tailored?
Or are you going to take a
middle course?
Because, if you're going
to be fluffy, here are frills
and daintiness enough . to
satisfy the most .Victorian
: in aid. .
. - And if you're going to be
tailored you'll find neat
neckf ixings and vestees and
' all' sorts of neckwear, fin
ished with tiny buttons or1
prim black bows.
An in-between fashion is
one that combines a high
stock and the most feminine
of frills.
Anyway they are all here
for your Easter neckwear
Silk Stockinfs
Your Easter pair may
match your shoe - tops or
, your gowns, no matter how
odd their shade. .
We carry innumerable
shades at ONE DOLLAR A
PAIR, and more expensive
ones if you so desire. "
Must Have New
Gloves for Easter
It's the most important
time of all the year
Because dainty spring cos
tumes can't, possibly sane'
tion- old - gloves, above all
other ..things. ;- Thfr season
we have ' more new ideas
than usual, especially in col
orings of . new .gold,-, putty,
sand and oyster shadeswith
both self and 'contrasting
stitchings. , ;;.. 7,'.'.
Newest o all is, the
Washable Cape' Clove
We must ask you: to see
these, because. a word de
scription would not half tell
of their attractiveness., s -.
Women's Dresses'"
. - From the -quaint, old
fashioned crinoline ' pompa
dour taffeta to the less elab- !
orate, almost plain tailored,
there are dresses here for
every age and occasion.
And such pretty colorings!
A hundred women might
choose from them and all be
different, each be individual.
Have You the I
New Figure Yet?
VI've Just been down to
the fitting rooms trying on
a new gown, a copy of one of
the latest French models,
which I bought in the ready-to-wear
section. Its lines
are perfect over this new
corset, but I never could
have worn it if I hadn't been
properly corsetted first.
- "The waist, you so, is a little
smaller, and you mast have a
. curve at the sides. The corset
comee up and supports the bunt
It Is Just aa comfortable an ran
; be, and feels so good ta really
have a figure once more."
8ucb remarks have been over
. heard very often of late in our
fitting rootna, ever since the new .
gowns beaa to arrive.
- ' Before adlecting a gown- or suit
, .we would advise a vlnlt i our
orset .sMX-Uonv and a rouaultatlon
with our coractiere. Then you
will have no trouble in being fitted.
The Store for
(Original.) "
Thousands of Easter
blouses smilingly ready to
complete any tailored cos
tume; blouses more fascinat
ing than we ever had before.
Prices moderate; materials
fine beyond criticism.
Monday a
Special Offering
Crepe de Chine
and '
Liheh Waistsc
The Store 'for fAitawaists al
ways has new J things . to , show
yD-rw visit Is always pleasant.
Suits at This Moment Are
of Absorbing Interest
And There is This to
Say tf Their Fashions:
. Here in our Apparel Section are several scores of
different styles, practically every one with some indi
vidual touch and expression. N
You are not hampered by being asked to select from
a few. models, neither are you confused by being shown
a collection of commonplace styles, none of which interest
More Than 20 New Styles of
Hand-Tailored and Novelty Suits
Were Received Saturday Afternoon by Express
They are the ciass of beautiful Ready-to-wear garments
which appeal particularly to women who are accustomed
to patronizing, tailors. ;
I These handsome-new Spring . Suitst will be, offered
Monday for M'- " tr ' ' ' ; v.t- v
$35 and $39.50 :
r No extra charge f or alterations.., " '. ' -
uLmiLimnTizrzni 1 ipnraiaarnnnm
son, Belden & Co.
Our Opening
osition of ISIew Silks
In the Loveliest Weaves for Spring
To Continue Throughout the Week
Presenting to women interested in Fashion's latest decrees the
newest silks, in a veritable court of beauty. Every important fabric,
the foremost artistic designers have evolved for the present season.
A Review 7
FABRICS To staple silks honors have Wen accorded chiffon taf
fetas, failles, gros de Londres, poplins, . bengaline, Pussy Willow taf
f etas, and at least a score more, but these are most talked about.
COLORS This is to be a season of practical colors no novelties re
ceiving undue prominence blues, sand, putty, green and black being
featured. s
BLACK SILKS, in an unequaled variety which' can justly be com-
jjtucu vmy w our own display 01
colored silks in richness.
Every Woman Who
" Delights in, -Beautiful-Silks
is Cordially Invited
to View This Display.
Silk Section-
Main Floor.
B :fiklJALi 1 1 ! .Llk JiiUi Jl H II a "',111111 itl '

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