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BEK : MATK1I 21. 1915.
Interviewer Seeki Out Man Who
Resembles Joe Cannon in
This Respect.
Wlie n the honorable Interviewer f int j
rilled It the office of Fred Cartle. me
fair young typist tn charge ald he was
o-jt somewhere In the hotrl superintend
ms thine.
"The House
' ;!.', ' j- 1
S3 . ly
j ; f,J '
; :
The Interviewer ha.l never aeen Mr. j
f ustic and he nought some way of
Identifying him when h should eck him
In the hotrl building.
Juft look for a mun with ciirar In
hi mouth. " said the typist and thn
art led annic unimportant detail h a
ili fai t that he waa sverage Ue. smooth
fnied, wore an overcoat and a soft rrush
And the Interviewer went forth and
loi.krd and saw a man with a cigar In
Ms month and he approached him audi
Is this Mr. Castle?"
And '' was.
It 1 alil by people who have known
Frt ler i-u Archer Castle for many year ,
that he inn sometime he caught without';
a clear In his mouth. He ha been Been '.
i iKarleas. 1
Of course, he doesn't have a clear "In 1
hla face" while he slumbers and It Is
reasonably certain that he diapenac with
the weed while he la partaking; of hla
three meal, a day.
I.Ike I nele Joe,
Put at all other times the clear la aa j
m'jrh a part of the phyalognomy of j
Frederick Archer Taatle aa It la of t'ncla i
Joe, Cannon. If It should ever become
nereaaary for him to aaeume a dlagulse.
ha rould dispense with the cigar and he
as thoroughly dlaguiaed aa J. Ham. Lewis
without hla pink whisker.
Frederick Archer Caatle. better known
aa "Fred" Caatle, leaaee and manager
of the new Caatle hotel, waa horn tn
A ah tabula, O, a town made famous by
Its pitchfork. In fact Fred Caatle
worked for a season during his boyhood
In that very Ashtbula Tool Work, where
the pitchforks are made.
Mr. Caatle says he was horn on April
4. 1813. and doesn't care who knows It.
Hla father was a railroad contractor and
built many of the stations and other
buildings on several divisions of the Lake
8hore & Michigan Southern and the
Pennsylvania railroads.
Saved Ills Mmrr.
fount Castle was of an extremely In
dustrious, energetic and pushing nature.
He waa ambitious and he worked hie own
way to a self-made manhood. He at
tended the publlo schools of Ashtabula
and In hla vacations he always got Jobs
and worked and saved hla money.
He spent several vacations sailing on
big steamers on the Great Lake, working
In the culinary department and learning
Hotel Caitle' Lobby is Large with
High Ceiling and Marble
The foyer of the Cnatle la extremely
attractive and Inviting. Te heeln with,
It Is large and of imodly helarht. It la
the foundation of those culinary delights f"'"hed with Colorado I'hl marble, a
that have helped to make his hotel beautiful whlto marble that seems the
ventures sucoesiful. Me sailed for a time "nbodlment of cleanliness,
on the Peerless, a large steamer runnln To right ns one enters from Blx-
out of Chicago of which Al Maclntyte, lenth t,t marblo stairways lead to
ms cousin was captain and part Owner. I oasemem iiuur ana iu inn Mconn
lie saved the money he made by hla rloor 11,6 designs or tticso stairways
summer work and used it to attend are imp""" and harmonize wlth. the
Oberlla college, where he studied for two fneral achltecture.
year. I The clerk a desk is extraordinarily
At the age of 1 years ha went to Call. 'r Bnl roomy. It Is ot quartered oak.
forala and lived on the Paclflo coast for os ar tnn otner wooden appointments
twelve years. In Ban Francisco and In of lh lobl,y- Tns hi 8,1(8 which will
Portland, Or. stand here has been finished In an 1ml-
rurlng most of this time h waa In tha tatlon of this wood so as to harmonize
life Insurance business for the Mutual w,th uToundlng.
Lire Insurance company of New York. To right or the clerk's ofrlce Is
He then came back from the Paclflo tha Private office of Mr. Caatle, with a
coast, having found a better place to live, 'Pr,vt' door which loada to the k'tchen
nameiy, Nebraska, mora particularly l,"Ll c,n ,n cnaiant ana in-
aiant it) urn wim inai irriiMiriani depart
ment. The telephone switchboard Is also
located in the clerk's enclosure, and It
Coatlaaea' Iaiaraas Baslaesa.
For a time he continued In the life In
surance business for hla company and
then entered the hotel bualneaa Mh
had always had an attraction to him ever ro"m,('
since the dsya when he waa a peerless
second cook,
will provide for about MO phones, of
which 160 will be In the private guest
A feature of the big lobby Is that
there are no pillars or other obstructions
He secured a five-year leas on tha Her P ''k'
orana notel, sixteenth and Howard
afreet, where he waa very successful.
This lease expired December 81. 1918.
Model Claar "land.
Over to the left la the rlnar and new.
stand which la of tho very latest Im-
gan looking around for one," said Mr.
Caatle. "I have alwaya had the greatest
confidence In Sixteenth street and I
wanted a place on thla street I found
"I wanted a fireproof plant and so I be- h,n(t Tb clsr t h no
wooawuT. un it mi an, me piam glass
sides -and top being joined with metal
brackets. Against the wall are humidors
nd glass-front shelves for display of
that Dr. Harold atfnrA ... tobaocoa and for atorlng boxes of cluars.
ot. which the Caatle now stands and 1 P oodworlt ol th tftnd ' Qar
approached him with a proposition to teIe Hr
lulld a hotel. I i lour oi ine enure toooy is ter-
'Of couns i . . . irasxo made ny the Nobraska Terrazso
the start. It took aome h.r'd o J, V"""'!
part to convince him of the feasibility of r T , ii i . a ...
any plans and th excellence of the dpod- I " .... . .L . . .
oaltlon R.. .v..t...n. w . " mioaie or uie loDDy is an art
" ir ,uio . -kwht n,k
my piana enthusiastically and-here we I T" k.J, "., , J " . " , . 7
- B-a sill " airsssa WUH 1, 1 1 U u 1 1
are with this ideal plant
Mr. caatle has a very wide acquaint
ance, gained while he was in the life In
surano business and during the five
wnue ne waa the bonlfaca of th
thla glass the electrio bulbs will ahed a
soft radiance at night
The women's rest room and the writing
room are to the south of the main lobby.
These are large rooms, being in effect
Her nvanrl a4 - iii v ' iim are luxes ruoms, ueing in erieel
w . vvermuog toe moVable acreans.
A door front the women's rest room
leads Into one of the stores fronting six
teenth street This will be either a drug
store or a candy store.
ro With Bullet
in Lung Was Shot
by Druggist's Clerk
Henry Thomas, colored, who applied at
the police station at 8 o'clock Friday
morning for emergency treatment on ac
count of a bullet wound in his lung, is
neiievea to have been shot by M. T
VcClung, clerk at the pharmacy of 8. H
r arnji wort h, a Cuming street The
.negro waa shot in the left lung and Mo
dun told the nolle th.f ih. t.
ehot at probably was struck on the left 1 " "" ' "
School Board Talks
Over Need for Room
for the Children
The buildings and grounds committee
of the Board of Education conferred Fri
day afternoon on the matter of relieving
congestion In various schools and also
considered the needs of new school bulUt-
The man shot at by McCiung waa at
tempting to break Into the Farnsworth
arug store and was a negro.
Detectives Rich and Pszanowskl have
examined letters found in Thomas' room
and have gathered Information which
leada there to believe that the negro la
tlon with an inspection trip made during
the week.
The use of portable buildings for tem
porary annexea was dlacusaed. The com
mittee made no decisions. The members I
Intend to make other visit to the schools
and will call a meeting of the school '
board to sit ss a committee of the whole I
wanted in Chicago for highway robbery on Marrh when It Is believed some
ana mat nis partner has been arrested by
the Chicago police, who have been noti
fied of the arrest here.
curing un a. ii, Farnsworth Inter
cepted two white men robbing his cash
register. He shot and killed one of the
definite program In connection with
proposed bond proposition will be formulated.
noil comes from lArhr in..
that Dr. John R. Kilssoa. who went te a
hospital there for an ooeratlon for ait.
tones. Is not getting along aa well as had
heea Hoped. The operation was per
formed aaa more than too atones removed.
' on account of the serious coadltloa ot
he doctor, his father and mother tonight
leave for his bedside. His brother. Henry,
went Friday night la response to a
Bingham Puts in
Word for Good Roads
W. W. Bingham, returning from Cali
fornia, Is enthusiastic over good roads
there. Speaking of California he sa:
"It's a fine country for climate, good
roads, heavy taxes and booiiters. t'llmnte
and good roads have done more to help
ita growth than anything rim Why not
try the same policy here? Our climate
la good. Our soil Is the beat on earth.
Our roads have heen Improved much, but
need more work Ureat.r oppoiiunltit-e
here than In Ca'.ltorma. l.ei's booi for
the middle tL"
An Expression of the Ideals, Ambitions and Inten
tions of the Owners and Management of the New
s&Jsj sJgj
r If HIS HOTEL, we earnestly believe, typifies all that is best,
all that is recognized as desirable, in the most modern hos
telries of the highest class the world over. We cannot, how
ever, too strongly impress the thought upon the public that
as true as this statement is, the house will be more especially dif
ferentiated by the fact that it will be entirely devoid of the op
pressive atmosphere of stateliness and the senseless extravagance
of tariff which characterizes too many of the famous hotels.
(fTT Over and above its exceptional beauties and its manifold ex
it cellence, moreover, it stands for an ideal, a definite purpose,
upon the part of those who have made it possible.
That they have unwavering confidence in the commercial fu
ture of the community is self-evident.
(QT That they expect the venture to prove reasonably profitable
11 is only natural but, at the same time, from its inception to its
completion, they have been pleased to look upon it more as a monu
ment to the indomitable spirit, the indefatigable industry, and,
above all, to the open-hearted manhood and womanhood of those
who have made this community what it is.
(Hf With this idea in mind, they have not sought to build a mere
II show place, a mere temple of gorgeous magnificence, but rather
a hotel fine enough for the most particular, yet one so free from
formality, and so expressive of hospitality, that those finding occa
sion, from time to time, to sojourn in Omaha will look forward with
pleasure to their stay within its walls.
(nr That they have succeeded admirably is evidenced by the words
n of approval of those who have inspected the house and who
have been kind enough to say that in its arrangement, its orna
mentation and its appointments it is truly an unique expression of
homelike hospitality.
(nr To the tourist and the traveler from a distance we extend our
ll hearty welcome, well convinced that they will agree with us
that the house has few equals, and no superiors in this country
in fact, that in many respects it strikes an entirely new note in
hotel excellence.
QT To the citizens of Omaha we extend a hearty welcome and as-
sure them that it will be our everlasting purpose to serve and
serve them well when they enter our doors and we recognize that
in order to make our hotel a genuine success we must make every
one feel absolutely at home.
While our house ranks with the best in the country our prices
are within the means of everyone.
FRED A. CASTLE, Proprietor.
Room Tariff: RoTo:vate
Rooms with private bath
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2

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