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The Omaha Daily Bee
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VOL, XL1V NO. i';;s.
On Tnlai and at
Hotel Hews Steads, Bo.
Democratic State Chairman Butts
In at Lincoln and Tries to
Prevent Senate Agree
Richmond and Howell Give Voice
- to Feelings Over the
( FTom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March 22. (Special
Telegram.) State Chairman W. H.
Thompson of the democratic state
committee got Into trouble this aft
ernoon In the senate chamber noon
jifter adjournment of that body. His
action in coming here and opposing
the Omaha annexation bill today, !
after It was understood that the Par- j
riott amendment ghing the people
a chance to vote on the proposition
was satisfactory not only to himself
but to Charles Bryan, has made
many democrats decidedly angry and
nany of them are not backward Is
eo expressing themselves. Probably
Representative Richmond of the
Douglas county delegation Is as much
Settled as anybody by the activities
of the state chairman of his own
Richmond Srorri Thompn,
He said this evening: "I think it is
Utterly out of place for Mr. Thompson
to come her and take the stand he has
on a patter which concerns us people in
ouglas county and which is not a po
litical laue. I opposed the Parrlot amend
ment at the time it wan talked of. but
Judge Brecn and other friends of annexa
tion thought it waa the only thing to do
In order to Insure annexation, and aa we
understood that both Chairman Thomp
son and Charles Bryan approved the
eniondment I did not care to make any
talk against it. '
"Now Mr. Thompson comes here and
(toes over to the senate and tries to have
the whole bill killed by opposing the
amendment, which la the same thing. H
Is a subterfuge used by him to thwart
the wishes of the people of Omaha and a
large number living In the proposed ter
ritory to bo annexed, and we do ittit
like it. .
1 u fair lrddltnar. '
"It I BO affair that he ras any right
to meddle with. This legislation could1;
have gone through had he not Interfered
and the people would havt been satisfied, t
but he takes advantage of the fact trat
lie Is chairman of the state committee
to use his Influence to defeat legislation
ef a. local matter, and In which there is
no political issue at stake."
Senator Howell, like Hepresentattvo
Richmond. Is not at all good natured
wrr me k. nun ul i.uHirmtiri l numpFon. ,
action of Chairman Thompson.
lie said trie evening that Thompson wnsjniorals n a metropolitan cuj.
opposing the amendment for no other j The report handed to the city
reason than ha btlleved i would kill j olerk by Rev! A. C. Douglas, presl-
Thtest will come on the ability of the j dnt f the ""Ion. con-
Thompson steam roller to flatten Doug- i taitred the names and addresses of
las county democrats who favor the an- ' about thirty places where it was al
legation bill when the bill conies On 1 leged investigators found violations
tre senate for confirmation of the ame 1 . , . . .
-with the rarrlott amendment. of laws on rp,-ent date8'
The. tenor of the report had been soft
What Move Means. jened tnaterLiUy after several meetings
Should" It be stricken out. It means that 'of the special vice committee, and by the
the democratic chairman can swing a I Mlnlsterlul union Itself. The ministers
xood whip successfully and that the bill
will go to a conference which It is said
Is Just what he desires as re believes it
will get no further.
Chairman Thompson was accosted by j explained their viewpoints and conditions
Rt.presenta.tive Jerry Howard just as the I which must be faced In a large city,
senate adjourned In the evening and the j Commissioner A. c. Kugel, superinten
Irate member from Houth Omaha turned j deat of the police department, said that
loose on the chairman In a manner char- it takes public influence and public sentl
acterlstlc of tre South Omaha represents- j ment to properly administer the laws.
tiva. He called him a "d lobbyist" Commissioner J. J. Ryder ventured tha
and accused him. of butting Into a prop-j statement thnt condition mght be even
ositlon which was none of his "d j worse thsn represented by the report of
business anyway."
The Weather
Forecast till
7 P.
m. Tuesday.
For Oman
la, Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Important change In tempera-
' ... i '--
"-Fair; no
tur. i
Tempera tare
it i
Can pa re. 1 1 ve
Highest yesterday .
lowest yesterday .
Ateaa temperature
Teanpetature aad
cal Metered.
WIS. 1514. 1913. M"
.... i- m H 2.'
t .w .s
precipitation depart-
urea from trie normal at Omaha
March 1. and compered
twa years
refleteicy for the day""!!"!!!-"-f!.'!!! J
Total deficiency since March 1. .1M 5. .Pn!
.Normal precliHtation f laches
Deficiency for the day Uj Inches
nv.Bi 1 . .1 . .. 1 ......... u. 1 1 ... . 1 . -
Kxcess since March 1 77 lot hea
Jieficlency tor cur. period. 1314. .73 inches
Fxcess-for cor. ptriur. W.i l.js inches '
Station and Rtate Temp. Hi ,'h- llain-
01 weatner. i p. in. cat rail
rhenne. clear "4 J
v3avenpoit. cloudy )
Iienver. cloudy 31 Jri
Des Moines, ear 41 41
X)odg l U). partly cl'dy. 34 44
U-ander. partly cloudy... W
drth Plalte. .-l.-ar S4
OmHlia, olsr 4-'
Kapid Sity. clear 44
fait Lake, partly cloudy.. .J
t-'anta Fe, cloudy 4 .",4
therldan. panl cloudy.. 5.' .'
Kioux City, clear 34 t:
.Valentine, clear 3? ill
T indbates trace of precipitation.
1 A. Wilia Local at ec aster.
at Oataha
I W 1 1 san & in..
fWH 4 l.m::::::::::::::'
MB( E ifcS: ::Si
i alii a 1 m I
f-3r S t-V P m 4i I
3 h X P. m 41
I 1a.m...
I p. ra...
ONE OF WAR'S PALER GLORIES Russian outpost in
forest of Gallicia strengthening barbed wire protection
against expected Austrian attack.
i fA j i ' II S i f 11 Ml
MsW , I I
i mi fil W i
i k p.-Vi.: . .. 5
...... ...vAjr" ja-u e e . jp af- m - .
Ministers Appear in Person to Pre
sent Views and to Ask Com-. .
- missioners Questions.
- - " ' '
. . . . ...
j The submission Of a "Vice report"
i by a committee representing th forty-one western railroad systems now and for all time the appalling ra
i Omaha 'Ministerial union, to tbe city are applying for increases In freight Zf "'''iT... o h"Vi"
commlsnlcners Monday morning,
brought forth a spirited . and inter-
, ,,.,..,i- .i,. .kt r
said they came to the commissioners in
a spirit of helplulneas. The commis
sioners declared they stood for enforce
ment of the laws and they Individually
!th mlnlsteia. The mayor ssld he was;
...v ......v oi vnu.vons ouu.ne..
In th. report.
nraurt at 4 wmlttee.
The gist pf ho. statements made by
the yce committee in the report follows:
! We heg leave to :iv further In retard
... . .
i to these matters that the persons who
; maje the Investigation. al
i " . ...
pear before your honors)'!
re ready to ap-
your hoaorsble body or any
other properly constituted authority and
submit their evidence. We are far from
55 tContlnued on I'age FUe" t'olumu Two.)
; Villa Says Tax On
Foreigners is Por
Benefit of the Poor
WABH1NUTON. ifarch It-Ueners
i . ... mumriTf i... eiiu.iTira iu ine
"lAiwrkiii coas.ul ti.ere. Secretary Bryan
(today announced, the the pupose of Ih.s
I lK u" foreltfners and othcis was for the
1 relief of the destitute and poor.
i )n consideration of the rvlief rendered
by the American K d Cress, Americans
were not taxed. Only a few foreigners '
with toe Paetiwcre taxed, aome nioJeirtely and other.i '
not at all, the general explained. - )
v'" s'.ajija that measures would le '
! talten to kerp food fricrfc Ion' as 41s uoh-
I ,u,e. The . ity was reported unlet. 1
I . I
. "
i XT.i 1 1 o Rolf T.PClirOC!
; XXlllo IJCUi JJ''dVCr
Note She is Sane
.oo I UIMiriTO.V. N. V.. March IS.-Mrs.
11 William 1. Dutton, formerly of t;hy-
enne, Wyo., and her -year-old daughter
I wvre found dead today behind doors that
.02 1 bad ifn nailed faat In their home at
T J Fllejiville. A note addressed to the cor
OO 0Iier red:
W ; "It U Ukiial in caaea Ilka this to render
. a verdict of suicide while Ij.tane. Your
-,M j verdict, to accord with the fmu In this
I case, should be suicide w ith perfectly
sound mind and bedy."
fl M A U A I 1 1 W H K K 1 1
Uillniiii LvUuiVljL'
i itt Vj '
Mr. Townsend Says This Would Be !
One Effect of Raise Western
Roads Want to Make.
. . .
CHICAGO, March 22. Although
j rates on certain 'commodities which,
they esjtlmate would ' Increase their
I Mvinn 1 rt flAO OOfi o vonf. the new
1 , , , ...... . ,
schedule which tbey propose 'would
In tbe case . of , grain , In ..some In
stances, 'result In actual reductions
from the present rate. .. ..
F. B. Townsend, traffic manager of
the Minneapolis & St. Louis road, so
testified in the Interstate Commerce j workln ollt own torm of govern
commission hearing on tbe railroads' ; ment and their own form of national da
applicatlon for higher-rates. , ' jvelopment in full-liberty whether they
Mr. Townsend sought to Justify thejbK"'l state small states. That Is
railroads' proposal to increase the rate;our Mal- "
on grain and grain products an average : Tha lenBi Ideal,
of 1 cent a hundred nounds -on ertaln ' Th German Ideal Is that the Germans
shipments to Chicago and 3 cents a hun -
drcd pounds to gulf ports. Ha dealt par
ticularly with the etfect of -the-advance
on traffic from Bouth Dakota, Minnesota
and Iowa. He-said actual reductions are
effected by the establishment of a , new
line ot. rates from South Dakota to
Omaha, where commodity rates never
hava k sen in force before.
Aaalysa r.ffect hf Hates.
An analysis of the present and proposed
rates from the states to the various
...... ....-.. w.. ym-,, Furi,run. continually invoked .and without our pol-
jtu show that to many no advance would ,py Mng dlrU,.d by lhe mUJUfjr domJ.
effected, while to others present rates n,tion ot j..,,.
, would be actually reduced because of the , w, c,H,m for'ouw,v .nd lo-ether
j inauguration of commodity rates - onim lth our M w U vin that r ,
grain, where at Dresent no commodltv'. j
, rates aaplr. the grain being hauled un-
drr class rates.
! "From South Dakota." said Mr. Town-
send, "there ara no changes In tates to
j C'lilcago, Teorla, Minneapolis or Duluth.
i Krom thirty-four South Dakota stations
to ist. I.uiils the advance averages .bet
i e nts on flaxseed, .617 cents on wheat
jsud .6i'8 tents on coarse grain, being thus
In ea. h case about '4 a cent per hundred
j p( unds. '
Mualh llaWtlla K wmmm I la..
! "From South 'Dakota to Kansas City
there is n dv.ne. r u. t. .w.
, teen stations and 1 cent from f,ve sta -
i.i... ..v,ii. .i.i... .....i
..... ..vna tun l-r Ig aLglllllsl ll IC
t oniinued on J'ag t Ive. t'olunin Five.)
J L 7 tl w.
Omaha skyscraprrs testify
toits metropolitan characur.
Our taJlest building', built
by the Woodmen of the
World, is eighteen ttorisi
with a tower going 260 feet
up in the air. The Union
Pacific headquarter!. City
Nationals and Fontcnelle
hotel buildings are also in
the skyscraper class, and
more a-coming.
5 t 0 P X. p rr , . xi
British Foreign Secretary Asserts
Nations of Continent Must be
Free to Live Their
Own Lives.
One of Terms of Peace of Allies is
that Belgium Must Be Freed
of Invaders.
I LONDON. March 2 2, "War might
have been avoided by a European
, conference when and whore Oet
j many desired." Foreign Secretary
Sir Edward Grey told an audience in
London'Xjila afternoon. At the time
he was acting as chairman of a gath
ering which was listening to a lec
ture on the strategy of. the war.
Continuing along this line the for
eign secretary said:
"Germany from Its experience In
the Balkan conference knew it could
count on our good will and that we
were ready to do last July what we
did before. But Germany refused
every suggestion, and on It rests for
nil time the appalling responsibility
for the war. We now know that
Germany had prepared for the war,
and only thotfa, who have planned for
war can prepare for It."
i Maat Hr I.oat.
Amid loud cheers Sir Kdward added:
1 "This Is the fourth time within Irving
j memory thnt Prussia has mae war upon
' Ktirope und we are determined It shall
I lie the last "
j "The expenditure of hundreds of mll
. liens of money and the loaa of millions of
lives mlglit have been avoided by a con
ference of the , Kuropean powers held In
London or at The Hague, or wherever
'unci la whatever form Germany would
ihave consented to hold It. It would have
j been far easier to have settled the dls
' pute ' between Auatria-Hungary and
Serbia, whirh Germany made the Ocea
nian for tli wnr th.n it was to aet suc
cessfully through the Balkan crisis of
j two year ago.
; 1 "In recent years," the foreign secretary
I went on to
we hava given Ger-
many very urnc thBt aagresalve
move upon It' would receive no support
from us. We withheld from It anly one
thlng-tha unconditional promise to atand
aside, however aggressive Germany Itself
might ,be tt) .its neighbors, v
Germany Refalsaa,
"Last July, befora the outbreak of war.
franca, Italy and Russian wwe rtady to
fa ft onerenc, German refused
every suggestion made for ettltnar tha
dispute this way and upon It must rest
taking "What is the issue for which
wc are fighting?" Sir Edward proceeded
as follows: '
"In dfte time terms of peace will ba
put forward by, the allies. Oral eaaentlal
condition must be the restoration ot Bel
gium to Its Independent national life and
free possession of Its territory. I The great
Issue i Is this:- ,1 '
"We wish, the nationa of Kurope to ba
fiee and to live their Independent lives
re "Parlor people to whom all thin
are lawful ami against whom resistance
Is unlawful and rauat be put down: that
they must establish domination over tha
nations of the continent, and that aU
must be subservient to Germany, 1
"1 i would rather perish or leave tha
continent altogether than live in it under
such conditions. After this war, wa and
tha ether nationa of Europe must be free
to live without the Interference, without
the 'clang of armor and the sword ootv-
tlnuallly rattled In the acabbard; heaven
o nve ana pursue our national existaace.
. th(, uZAtml .....
but In the light of equal liberty."
Wilson Sees No
Reason for Calling
an Extra Session
WAtiHIXGTON. llarrh Formal n.
""""Cement was made at tha White
l!ouso today that ot preaent Prealdent
! W!Un hV " lnt"tl0" f el""
;tra se-islon of the senate or of con-
' . . . , .
j uriuicj ia? nrKinntnR ll 111 IPgUIHr
; -salon nxt fveember. It was said that
the president ies no )ripe'-ts of any
1 contingency arising which wiuld
blm to nlfar his present Intention.
Italy' Stops Rail
: Freight Traffic
With Germany
pONHON. March 22.-The Ontral News
states rhat the Italian government toduy
Mopped all railway freight traffic with
Oermany hv way of Switzerland.
Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
, EKBUS, March 1.-The current Issue
luf the Tageszcltung urges male patriots
to ae the use ef the "boiled shirt," on
the ground that the use ot great quan
tities of starch In laundering the stiff
Inisomed hlrt requires the conversion of
a considerable quantity of material that
might otherwise be tued for food.
German Writer Gives Description
of Recent Battle in the Dardanelles
BERMN, March SJ.-tVIa tnUon-The
I correspondent at 'Ainstantinople of the
( Wolf f bureau telegraphed today a des
cription of the fighting at the Pardan
elles on Thursday. Marvh IK, In which the
French battleship Houvet and two Itiit
Ish battleships were sent to the bottom.
There follows an a'.i Idgement of the cor
respondent's story of this engagement.
The effort of l!iv allies to force the
straits of the Hardniielles rent bed their
cllnisx In an aitllierv duel on Thursdnp,
Marrh 1R. which Ifistei) seven hours. The
entire atmosphere around the Turkish
forts wss darkened hv the c louds of I
smoke from exploding shells and quan
tities of earth thrown Into the air by the
projectiles of the nemh and Hritlsh
warships. The enrth tieiulled for miles
around. .
The nl'les entered the straits at II. V a.
m. and shelled the town of 'hanak Hale,
four French and five Hritlsh warships
took part In the begglnnlng. This en
gagement reached Its climax at 1 :; p m..
when the fire of the allies was concen
trated upon Fort IlHinllieh and the ad
jacent fortified positions.
The- attack of modem marine artillery
upon strong land foris presented an In
teresting as well as terrifying spectacle.
At times the works were completely en
veloped III MYloke. A o' lock the allies
changed their tnctlis nd concentrated
their fire upon Individual batteries, hut It
waa evident that they found difficulty In
getting the range. Mnny of their shells
fell short, cast up pillars of water, or
went ovrr the forts to explode In the
Joint Committee Agrees to Run
Nearly Week Into the Com- .
in; Month.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March 22. (Special
Telegram.) The special conference
committees of the two branches of
the legislature got together this aft
ernoon and agreed on Tuesday, April
6, as tha date of adjournment. This
means that the clock will be stopped
at that time and the two bodies will
remain In. session until the work is
completed, the bills engrossed and
signed. All unfinished business will
go to tbe discard probably Friday
night or Saturday morning following.
Taylor, Saaa and Mockett were tbe
members of tbe house committee,
and Wilson of Frontier, Henry and
Lebnera represented the senate.
Monday- was tha fifty-seventh day 'la
tjM house and tha flfty-foUrth, day in the
senate. If aeaslons are hold slir days this
week and the same number of days next
week It will run the house up to a total
ef sixty-eight legislative- days, while the
senate will have sixty-five aa its record.
Two years ago the session was strung oot
longer than eyer before, the house journal
showing seventy-one legislative days.
Another step toward closing up the
business of the aesslon taken by the house
Monday when It unanimously a'.pted a
motion offered by Mr- Anderson of Boyd
that all house bills left In standing com
mittees at S a. m. next Thursday shall lie
Indefinitely postponed. Appropriation bills
are not included In this rule.
Snowslide Causes '
Death of Fifteen In
British Columbia
VANCOUVER. B. C, March 2i -Fifteen
miners were killed and as many more
Injured by a snowslide which swept away
several bunk houses at the Britannia mine
at How Sound, 11. C, according to a dis
patch received here. Besides tha bun
houses part of the aerial tramway of tire
mine waa carried sway.
The mine level .is on tbe skin of a
moutain and nearly I.WO feet above the
shore of the sound." The tramway de
stroyed extended from the mine to the
Hoon after reports of the avalanche
were received here a steamer with phy
slclana and nurses left for Howe Bound.
Details are lacking, owing. It Is believed,
to the fact that communication with tha
mine has been cut off, as telephone wires
ara down.
The Britannia Is a coal mine employing
more than l.floo men. "
Air Attack Upon
Calais Eepulsed
CALATrt (Via Paris), Man h 22 -Ttre
third Zeppelin attack upon this city,
timed at almost the precise ho.ir that
tha aerial raid waa made upon Paris
early oXiaday momlng, waa made Inef.
feetlve because the atiirrfog of tha air
ships' motors gave adequate warning of
their approach. The Zeppelins came
rrom tne airaetiou or ins eea, out ra-
loelved such a vigorous bombardment
from French artlllory that they re
treated before they reached the city. It
la aupposed that they intended making
another effort to drop bombs In the her
bor and on the railroad Junction.
Enemy Aviator Shells
A Town of Baden
BERLIN, March 3.-(Vla londun )-n
enemy aviator appeared Sunday above
Mulhelm. Raden. and dropped three
bombes on the city and the artillery bar
raeltt. Three soldiers were wounded.
JTRNIBMFH room with housekeep
ing privileges; good prtiuosilion
for man and wife, mother ni
dauchter or two youiin Udiev.
Sor further Information about
this opportunity aee the Want
Ad section ef The Bee today.
At A. lit oMock when the homhardment
was at Its hottet, the Prem-lt battleship
flouvet was seen to be sinking at the
stern. moment Inter Its bows swung
clear of the water and It waa going down.
Hoarding cheers from the. Turkish gar
risons and forts gieeted this sight. Tor
pedo boats and other craft of the alllea
hurried to the tescue. but hey were suc
crnsful In saving only a few men.
Having been struck by a mine the
Itouvet was shove water. One projec
tile struck Its forward deck. A mast
also was allot away ami hung overboard.
It could he seen that the Hon vet when
It sunk was endeavoring to gain the
mouth of th straits.
This, however, wua difficult, owing ap
parently to the fnct that Its machinery
ad been damaged.
Shortly after the sinking of the Bouvet,
a Hritlsh ship waa Mruck on the deck
amidships and compelled to withdraw
from the fighting. Then another Brit
ish vessel was badly damaged and at
,1:45 o'clock waa seen to retire under a
terrific fire from the Turkish battery.
This vessel ran In toward the shore. For
a full hour the alllea tried to protect it
with their guns, but It was apparent
that It was doomed for destruction, night
effnctlva hits showed the hopelessness of
the situation for this vessel. Then It
withdrew toward the mruth of the Dar
danelles, which it reached In a few min
utes tinder a hall of shells. The forts
continued firing until the alllea were out
of range.
Representation Will Be Made to
Great Britain Regarding Effect
of Order in Council.
WASHINGTON, March 22. It waa
stated definitely at the White House
today that a note to Great Britain,
making representations on some fea
tures of the order In council la being
framed and will be dispatched to
London In a few days. Tbe bails ot
the representations was not dis
closed. Ask for Reparation.
Representations to Germany for
reparation for the loss -of the Amer
ican sailing ship, William P. Frye,
and Its cargo, sunk in tha south At
lantic by tha German auxiliary
cruiser, Prlna Eltel Frledrich, also
are being prepared and will be dis
patched to Berlin In two or tare
days, .,
Tha. representatona of Orsat Britain are
expected to dwell chiefly on Great Brit
ain's jiotlce that It reserves the right to
hold up all goods suspected of having an
enemy origin or destination, even though
they are consigned to neutral porta.
Shipping Trust
Is Out of Punds;
May Be Receiver
NEW TORK, March M.-E. E. Parvln,
secretary of the International Mercantile
Marina company, which operatea the
White Ktar, Ked Star Atlantic Trans
port and other trans-Atlantic steamship
lines. Issued today a statement concern
ing reports that a receiver might be ap
plied for In the courts to take charge
of the company's affairs:
"The International Mercantile Marine
company, not being in funds of October
1, last, the date upon which the Interest
became due on Its i per cent bonds,
took sdvautage of the provision, of tbe
mortgage which allowed six months'
grace on payment of (.he coupons before
the company could be declared In de
fault. This time wilt not be up till April
1. Any action aa to a receivership will
not be taken, If at all till April 1.
"If a receiver la asked for It would not
mean bankruptcy, for despite the war the
International Mercantile Marine com
pany has been doing a good business."
The bond Issue upon which tbe pay
ment of Interest was deferred Inst Oc
tober Is for lfc3.Cwe.noo.
Rock Island Minority
Not Allowed Access
To Company's Books
NBW TORK, March 21-JoLn J. Qula
lan, vice president of tha Chicago, Rock
Island ft Paclflo Railway company, ami
Robert I Forbes, Its transfer agenda
were discharged when tbey appeared be
ore a police magistrate today on sum
mons charging that they refused to per
mit stockholders to Inspect the compsny's
stock transfer books. The defendants
were summoned on January 23 upon com
plaint of Warren C. Crane, a member of
tha so-called Amster committee, repre
senting the minority stockholders.
The magistrate declared that in his
opinion it did not constitute a violation
of tha law for an officer of a foreign
corporation In charge of stock books
within this state to rafuse to allow stock
solders to see the share book.
Tha demands of the minority stockhold
ers were prompted by a desire to secure
proxies to vote at the coming annual
meeting In Chicago.
Three Children Are
Burned to Death
PROVU. I'tah. March 3.-Three young
children of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Riding
were burned to death In bed last night
when the parents were at church In
Provo Bench, near here. Two older chil
dren of tie family escaped from the
house. The flse hildren wore put In bed
and . Limp left burning la tbe room. It
U supposed the lamp exploded
Garrison Holding Gateway to Cra
cow and Hungary Surrenders
Without Fight After Long
Depleted by Scourge, Living
Horseflesh, Surrourided by Su
perior Numbers.
The Day's War News
rOHTHKM ItV PR7.KMt"I. has or
eadered to the flaaalaea. It had
hern heeleared by them for several
I MIXTA P.OI offensive move,
meats aaalnat the tier man Aaa
trlaas and Tnrkiah armies from
tha Italtle to the Black. Sea, have
and In aome seel Ions definite prog
ress la reported. In tbe extreme
north the nermana arc retreating
from Memel, Float Prussia, and the
Rnaalana are believed to have he
aim anotae drive at TIleM. In Po
land there Is activity all alonar the
rtl SMA ARMY In the t'aacaana'has
announced a victory over the
Tnrka In the fighting alona the
Rlaek Sea roast, In Tnrkiah Ar
menia. GERMAN WAR OFFICIO annonneed
that the city f Meanel, on the
Baltic Sea In the northern tip of
Frneala, had been retaken from
the Hnaslan force whleh eaptnred
It last week, following? a battle
near tha city.
gians were of mark the same char
acter as recently. Planting Con
tlanea In northern Fraaee near
Arras In Champagne aad In the
uuNvvix, Marcn zz. The long in
vestment of tbe Mld-Galiclan fortress
of Prremysl has ended. DepKed by
disease, subsisting on horse flesh and
surrounded by a superior force of
Russians, the garrison has sur
rendered to the besieging army after
a defense lasting many months, which
up to the present Is recorded as Aus
tria's most noteworthy contribution
to'tba war. ' . ' , ''., S
Petrograd, London and Paris are
celebrating the event tonight Petro
grad and Parts in the 'spontaneous
manner characteristic of those cities;
London with silent and grim satis
faction which lg the Britons' way.
Call It Kvrnt of War.
' Tha nnwananara sort that tl tall
of the fortress marks the most Im
portant capture of the war, not ex
cepting Antwerp, In that it not only
releases considerable Russian forces
which can be thrown Into tne
fluctuating struggle In tbe Carpath
ians, but opens the door to Cracow
and the plains ot Hungary. "
Yields Without Fight.
PETROORAD tVIa 1-ondon), March
Tha Trsemysl , garrison, which capi
tulated to the Russian army today, sur-,
rendered without a fight. The hoisting
of the white flag over this fortress, which
waa said to be on the point of surrender
on a number of occasion, caused little
surprise, aa It waa generally known thai
It was In j terribly weakened condition,
without food or ammunition and Its en
durance waa only a ueetlnn of duys.
War office advicea report tqhat . nluo
Atatrlans generals were taken, more than
DUO officers and 60,000 men.
1 be Husalun general commanding the
Investing army has been decorated with'
Bt. George's cross,
A heavy snow atorm failed to check
the enthusiastic demonstrations In whlih
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