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Omaha Daily
Fullest and timeliest sport
news and gossip in The Bee
day by day. Special Sport
Section every Sunday.
ri On TrMnt and at
"otl B.ws stands, 6a.
w nAnrnfflTTI
viakei Bequest that She Be Buried
Far Away in Cemetery from
Her Eelatives.
Miss Anna Burnu-tster, who died at the
ase of iH years, worth 15.000 as the re
sult of twenty years' work aa a servant
tn Omaha, ts burled In a cemetery at
tihplby, la., at the point moat remote
from a plot owned by her family, in ac
cordance with a request maae oynrr
In her will Jijst filed lor probate.
Anions elaborate direction concerning
' the disposition to be made to her body,
-the will seta forth that her rmve ahall
be made In the southwest corner of the
cemetery. The family burial plot la lo-
'Atn1 In the northeast enrnor.
, The following additional Instructions
concerning hor funeral are contained In
the will and were ' carried out to the
"letter, according to Frank Severln of
; Omaha, named aa executor:
! Rev. Mr. Lilly ot Pnrsla. Ia., to offl
1 iale and to be assisted by the choir of
h' church.
Einht friends Mr. and Mrs. Severln,
' .Mrs. Emma Nestercm of South Omaha,
the Misses Hash of Council Bluffs. Mrs.
'".Minnie Laubrrheinyr or Council Bluffs
-rnd Mis. Mary Parson of Omahar- to
- jic:onipnny the body to Shelby, their ex
' Venses being paid out of the estate.
None but new clothes to be placed on
the body.
)"r riowets to be placed on casket and
tjraro Bnd on her mother's grave at the
snme time.
JTlie body to be burled In "a very good
casket." '
A monument costing $300 to WO to be
placed on the grave.
The remainder of the estate is left to
he divided equally among Mrs. Agnes
Severln, Mrs. Kmma Nesterem and Mrs.
Minnie Lauberhelmer, after bequest a of
16 to her father and 1 each to four
brothers and sisters aro paid.
" An nrnnunt that she Is entitled to be-
queth her estate according to her own
desires icontalned 'n the will. In it
ehe predicts a possible contest cf the
will by her relatives and asserts that
her frienda have doserved. the bequest
by kind treatment of her.
Miss Burtnelster Indicated in the will
that she had been estranged from her
'arnily. She had been employed aa a
' domestic, during twenty years resldenoe
' in Omaha.
Three Cpncerts for
Saturday at the
Brandeis Stores
"... Xo ctiVrt f being made to sell pianos
this veck at the opening of the new pl
'nno department of the Brandela' Stores,
"tlic immcn, .crowds which throng that
i-eriloii of . tlic store coins; so large that'
, tUe i-aleatnep . have no . time to try 'to
, make suits, all their time being ocouplbd
In looklnx hfter the thousands who have
been comluKeach' day to hear' tha con
certs, three pEOgrafna being glveij -each
day. "The success of our opening has
been far above my fondeBt expectation,"
. said Manager Robinson.
Following aro tho three programs to
be presented Saturday afternoon?"
. At 1:46 o'clock, pupils of Helen Soramer:
PAKT I.. ' ,
votte -i Scotson Clarke
1 Ensemble Class.
- uercouse Oodard
, Maurice Llntzman.
"Minuet Beethoven
Julian Harris.
- Qlpsy dance Ernst
Meredith Kenyon.
" Canon Bohm
Harry Pinkourtz, Julian Harris.
Vocal solos. "Blumber Song," "Clover
bong z
Matilda Faier.
Hope March , Paplnl
Ensemble Class.
Canto Amoroso .,... Elraan
Mr. IVolk. r
Perpetual Motion Bohm
Maurice MarKman. -
To a Wild Hm McDowell
' Bernard Greets. v
T Serenade .... Drdla
Thlneas Wlntroub. .
' Prayer nd Ttcndo I?.. Harris
' Knnemble Class. .
Members of Miss Sommer's 'cnsembla
' i lasts: r
.. hlmer A'len .
i lalre Abbott
" FvoKE Cohnn
Julian Harris .
.Vereiltli Kenyon
Or lando Smith
Mum Ice Markman
" I- ranees Ferris
. i hinras Wliilroub
VI. tor TVivts" '
llnrry I'lnfcowjtx
Knnii OltcU-'.-" '
. Toif-ea yuinai1
Vi tor Ivs'er
Un Miirkmiin
f'lrjili ii Puis
Cold Weather Keeps Storage De
mand and likewise the Price
However the lack of importation of dye
stuff.-" from Oerm'any may affect the col
oring of Easter ecgs. plain egps, 1ti: ,
plain white, frefh'egga, are to be reason- 1
able on the market for the, Easter erst
demand. They are worth 20 cents a dozen
and It Is likely that most of the demand
will be supplied at that price. The chilly
mornings and rights have helped to keep
tlie price of eggs down. It is this way:
The storage people are very anxious to
store eggs. They started a few weeks ag'
and stralghtwey the price ft eggs went
up with the Increased demand occasioned
by the storm? process. Then came tlie
realisation that the days are still a little
too cold and that oulte a percentage of
the eggs on the market have been ohllled
a little. The storage pePle did not want
these. That Is. they dare nop store them,
for they won't keep. Well, that lessened
the demand ss soon as storage stopped,
and the result Is that tho price is reason
able. ..
CTiecse. mother commodity more or less
in demand for the Easier market, Is In
stock in all the grocery stores ready for
the trade. Roquefort and Imported Swiss
cheese can be had at 40 cents a pound.
Young America an New Tork cheese can
be had at 20 cents.
Plenty of Vegetable.,'
In the vegetab'.o line, the stores have
stocked themselves for the Easter de
mand. Radishes, shallot celery, wax
beans, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes,
turnips, beets and carrots are abundant.
Cucumberrf arc selling at 10, 12H and 15
rents eactf. Ripe tomatoes are selling at
30 cents a pound. Radishes, shallots,
beets, carrots and turnips are selling at
4 cents a bunch.
Sugar Is selling sixteen ponnds for tl
and the tendency of the market la to
ward a stronger tone. There ' Is . little
c.liance. for sugar to he cheaper soon In
the Judgment of some of the leading gro
cers. Flour Is remaining more or Icta
steady at I1.8S a sack. Canned goods Is
steady and reasonable in comparison
with most necessities. v
Lambs aro in demand for tho Easter
trade. The meat department of Hay den
Brothers has ordered 500 lambs from a
South Omaha packing plant, and these
will be on the market Saturday morning.
Hind quarters will retail at 13H cents and
front quarters at' 0V4 cents.
Pork is cents a hundred higher than
last week. Heavy beef ia plentiful and
light beet Is scarce. Chickens are selling
at V.i cents.
Decatur Wants to Be
On River Barge Line
The town of Decatur. Neb., la anxious
to derive some, of the benefits of' a Mis
souri river barge line, if on is to bo
Instituted, particularly If it goes up the
river as far as Bloux City. Secretary Carl
J. '. Aldrlch of tha Deoatut) Commercial
club, bas .written, tha . Commercial dub f
Omaha, stating that' a special' meeting of
tha Commercial club was hold at Po
catur at which time T. H. Parks of
Kansas City was heard on tha subject of
Missouri river navigation. The secretary
asks what co-operation the Decatur men
may expect from tha Commercial club of
Omaha in the way ot getting wharfage
and dockage privileges. The Omaha club
has wired back that they will co-operate
with Decatur in every way possible along
this line. Bloux City also baa been ap
pealed to by Decatur.
Jennie Leibowltz '
Fred Miner
Matilda Faies
'Edith Kenyon
Abe Kobn
Maurice Untzman
Hycian Borlint
Pamuel Sorrlne w
I. Hirah
I. Wolk
EoVrrd Ix-vinson
Harry Rawltz ,
R. Leavitt
Maurice Sellrsuhn
Bernard Graetz
Julius Frank
Toil ema hear on the street cars, par.
lors and at the Fontenelle afternoon teas,
gossip about tha beautiful creations
shown at Miss Butler's in her new loca
tion at S07 South Sixteenth street In her
new storo Miss Butler has ample .oppor
tunity to show tho rery latest French and
American models and she has taken ad
vantage of this location. ' "My location
at 307 South Sixteenth - street certainly
has proven a big success," said Miss But
ler. "Never have I had a season that has
kept my sales' force so busy and this in
spite of the backward season. I don't
know what I should have done If the
weather had turned' warm sooner. I
guess it must be because of the exclusive
character of my millinery and my lower
At 3:3 o'clock Miss Belle von Mans
'. felde. 'cellist; Mrs. Edith Wagoner at ha
:"o-ti:rne" Ooltermann
ni.fi-ie" : Gouno.1
iindHv Morning" Davldoff
At the Urouk'' Rene de BoiMdeffra
i I itiunimer Iu!aby" MacDowell
. ' Tin' Linden Tree" Bohubert
Minuet Beethoven
1 ue Swim" '. St. Snens
- Eviilnki Star'1 (Tanbaur Wagner
At 4 o'clock recital by Edith -L.
Wegener, pianlat, and. Emily Cleve,
M'l.'ict Beethoven
J'inu.-t Nlcodl
"Waltzing Doll" '. Po-dini
Mis Ruth Frissell.
-"Violin Solo Serenade Drdla
Lyln Jackson.
" "tt'rda In the Orchard" Cadman
" '.March of tlie Gnome" Parlow
"Pink" Lirhner
Miss Edith Merriman.
Violin Duet Selected
iiisccs Alice Ramsdale and
Blanch Monhelt.
'(i.ivotto Hunioresr,ue"
".Vnctui ne"
: j ouient Mtistcale" ;
; Mlta Annette Kvans
Siolin t-o'o
"A. D. 1." (b)
For tha purpose ot adding to the ef
ficiency of Its sen-Ice, the Omaha Oas
company has bought four Ford automo
biles and three motorcycle vans, all of
which have gone onto the streets. With
this automobile equipment, tha gaa com
pany people feel that they will be able
I to respond to calls much more quickly
I than heretofore.
The hours for answering calls at night
; have been lengthened, and from now on
; they will be responded . to at any time
i prior to 9 o'clock.
Good for Hick Meadaehea,
Constipation causes sick headache and 1
Ir. King's New Life Pills will cure It. J
I Take a dose tonight. 2oc. AH druggists.
Advertisement. I
"Brer Rabhli"...
C'anionetta Behlttt
'('avuliei Far.tastique" Gudard
Miss Bertha Clark.
Our "Jllaey" Offer Talaaad Sc.
Don't miss this. Cut out this slip, en
vlos with 6c to Foley & Co.. Chicago,
111., writing your name and address
clearly. You will receive In return a trial
(vnckage containing Foley's Honey and
J r Compound, for coughs, colds aad
'Viup; Foley Kidney Pills, for pain In
Mica and back, rheumatism, backache,
liiney and bladder allmeats, and Foley
thai tic Tablets, a wholesome and thor
(.iitfl!y cleamtlng cathartic, especially
comforting u stout persons. Sold evtry-
here Advertisement
According to the mornlrtg reports to
tha railroads, warm weather for this
vlelnltjrls coming. Thermometer readings
from numerous stations on the Burling
ton, the Northwestern and Union Pacifo
show temperatures of from 40 to GO de
grees above zero.
All through the west and northwest, ac
cording to the railroads, it la clcer and
Dandruff causes . a feverish' Irritation
of the scalp, the hair roots shrink, loosen
and then tlie hair comes out fast. To
atop falling hair at once and rid the
calp of every particle of dandruff, get
a S-cent bottle of Danderina at any drug
store, pour a little in your hand and rub
well into the scalp. After a few ap-plka-tlons
all dandruff disappears and the hair
stops coming 04t- Adverrloeaitnt-
Friday, April 2, 1915-
-Burgess-Nash Company-
-Bureess-Naoh Company-
-Phone D. 137
If oup Every Eaustep Meodl Caum Oestt
Oe Supplied Msi3 21 IBiLiFgjess-MaiSlhi
Scores of Charming New Blouses On
Display Saturday at $1.95 to $15.00
Piitty, sand-
Delft '
Navy "x
Bell sleeves
2-ln-l collar
Military etffects
"Frill" front
Box plaits
Piping Rock
T certainly will not bo
difficult for any wo
man (whatever her needs
may be) to 8elcot pretty
and becoming blouses
from the Bnrgesg-Nash
Moupe section.
Scores of smart blouse
from New Vork have been
added to our presentation,
making it an unusually
complete and satisfadorv
one from which to choose.
Tinpns 1.95 up
Tub silks $1.85 up
Voiles $1.00 up
Tyftcpg $3.95 tip
Chiffons $3.95 up
Oeorg'te Crepes $3.95 up
Pongees $1.95 up
Crepes $1.95 up
Bnrgess-BTasIt Cov oond noo.
Many New Neckw'r Conceits Receive
Their First Showing at Burgess-Nash
THERE Is always something new la this section new Ideas In neck
dresaing that appeals to you at sight. Among the new effects are
hand embroidered voile apd organdy vestees and collars; beautiful new
creations In collar and cuff sets, In such materials as fine silk and
cotton, laces and nets.
. Peltntante Keck Buff. BOc to 3.00.
Made of fine silk maline and chiffon, black, white and colors.
. Iretty New Neckwear at 25c and 50c
Including organdy collars, vestees and sets; also lace collars and
SngTwsa-srash do- Wain moor.
You'll Appreciate These Values In
This Sale of Easter GLOVES at $1.15
TI1EY are in reality $2.25 values,
strictly new and perfect in every
way. 2-clasp style, made of French
kid, pique sewn, in shades of tan, gray.
and the new sand shade; also 1-clasp
style, pique sewn, in white only, with
black stitching.
Youll want two pair, when you see what
remarkable values they represent. 1 1
' Women's IMque Kid Gloves, $1.20 Pair
One-button pique kid, with new contrast
ing embroidery; black with white embrold
ery, white with black, and new tans -with
black. Special at, pair, $1.20.
Bngrass-Hash CoMala Floor.
"Burnasco" Quality Pure Thread Silk
Boot HOSE For Women at 50c
AN unusual value to say the least. Pure thread silk boot hose, with
high spliced heel, double sole, double mercerized garter tops,
black or white.. (
Women's Lisle Thread Hose, 25c
Fine quality imported black lisle thread hose, full fashioned,
neatly-embroidered Instep.
Women's Pure Thread Silk Hose, 8Ae '
All Mack, black with colored tips, or colors, full fashioned and
regular made, known by the "raUl" as Irregulars of $1.50 quality.
Bargees-Hash Oo,-Kain rioer.
WRITING TABLETS at Half Price and Less
NOTE and letter, size,- high grade linen or kid finish tablets, sten
. ographer note books, school tablets for pen or pencil, scratch
pads, etc., etc.; your choice either ruled or unruled; all regular 5c
values, at, each ZHc -
10c and 15c Writing Tablets at 5c.
Highest quality linen finished note or1 letter size tablets, com
position books, stenographer note books, school tablets- and scratch
pads; choice of ruled or unruled at, each, 6c. 1
osTassarasa Co stain rioor.
Java rice pow
der, all shades,
, 60c size - . .;'Jc
Abonita pow
der, 25c size,
for 14o
Roges & Gal
let powder 10a
Pasteur lne
tooth paste,
25o size ..14c
Monoxide tooth
powder, 25c
size for'. . . 14c
Pebecco tooth
paste . . . .82c
Seidlltz pow
ders,' 25o size,
for 12c
William's shav
ing soap ..So
Horllck's malt
ed milk, $1.00
size OOc
Jad Salts, 75o
size ......40c
C h amberlaln'a
cough remedy,
25c else . .ltfc
Hill's cascara
quinine, 25c
size ......12c
Pure peroxide,
1 pint ...,17c
Fleck's egg
dye, pkg. ..4
Moth balls, lb.
at Oc
Wayne moth
bags, save your
furs by using
one. nrlce ..50c
75c, $1, $1.50 !
Double bristle j
genuine Ideal
hair brushes.
$1.60 vals. 70c
Comblna 1 1 o n
syringe and hot
water bdttle,
$1.75 val.$1.15
Rubber gloves,
COc kind . .25c
Sani flush, 25c
size 17c
Borax chips,
large pkg.. 10c
arc s-sTaah Oo. seal a rioor,
Toilet paper, 3o
grade, 8 rolls,
if or 25c
Pels n a b t h a
soap, 10c cakes
for BOc
O'Cedar o 1 1,
60c size ..fife
Household am-
monla, 1 qt.Ulc
Rapid glove
cleaner, will
clean and save
your gloves 25c
1 pt. bot. $IJV
1 qt. bot. $2.50
1 qt, Carsfe,
at $3-50
Let the Baby's Easter Gift Be
THERE'S, possibly nothing that would be more
pleasing to the baby or yourself as well, thap'
one of these handy little Oriole go-baskets. They fold
. up nearly as small as a go-cart and are mwt
comfy of all baby vehicles. Various colors of
flniBh, SO.OO'to $lft.OO. ,
Hide Walk Sulkies. SI. 25 to 7.5(
With and without hoods, collapsible or semi
- collapsible. t .
" Ilaby Walkers, $2.50 and $3.00 '
: Just the thing to teach baby to walk, made
of oak or mahogany finish.
' orfoss-aTasli Co. Fourth Floor.
An Authoritative Display of New, Modes in Tailored and
Costume Suits that Fit Many Figures Without Alteration
DJSTINCTIYT'1, wfnrahlc styles that present the ideal of good dressing selected with
the thought of individual typo of figure in mind. So, if the suit is needed for imme
diate wear it's likely you can select it today and wear it. tomorrow.
Checkerboard Check Suits Meadow Brook Sport Suits
Suits Mililaire .Jaunty Tipperary Models
The col6rs. navv blue, dread-
yovelty Type Suits
"Teriocr Suits of Silk
nought gray,' beach sand,
green, Gendarme blue, black
white duo-tone effects.
Smart Suits of Serge, Gabardine
and Coverts, at $25.00.
Distinctive Styles in All Wanted
Wool Materials, At $35.00.
Dressy finlta, $30.50
Novelty type French models, touched (
with collars and flutlnrs of silk.
Kxrluaivo Snltfl, $50.00 W",
uainiy nana emDroiaery, gay buttons
and silk. Very attractive. (
Semi-Tailored Serge Suite, $10.5O
in serai-mannish deelgua are especially
Belts and Pockets Identify the New Coats
UTILITY types, outing models, motoring wraps and coats for formal
wear are shown la variety. Sturdy materials. Gabardlue.
Worumbo. Chinchilla, 8erge, Uolflne and Army Cloth
$12.50 $15.00 $25.00
Attractive white eoele for early season wear are prominently featured in our displays.
aara-Ms-BTaah Co. a.oono Floor.
Burgess-Nash Given the Order to Reproduce the Prize
fern. . iHl f
nin i - j j uja r'" . iyr-n
vvv n s rnr n avi
. i in 1 1 w tn 1 1 . i 'i
Winning Hat in the Daily News Easter Bonnet Contest
THE order to reproduce tho Easter hat from the prize win-.
ning, drawing in the Daily News Easter Uonnet Contest,
made by Mrs. Phcletea Wood, was given to our Millinery Sec
tion and tho hat is on display in our Sixteenth street window,
where it will remain till Saturday afternoon.
Charming Display of Hats at $5.00
Ready for Easter hundreds of freshly trimmed , hats,
straight from our workrooms, where everybody has been busily
engaged in preparing a plentiful supply of the most stylish hats
in anticipation of a very busy Saturday.
Beautifully trimmed with ribbons, wings, etc., some are faced with
dainty materials, simply a wonderful display at $.YOO.
$1.10 rntrlmmed Hats, Oflc
Hemp hats In a variety of shapes and styles,
black, white and colors.
20c Flower Wreaths, 15c
' Wreaths of flowers for trimming purposes-to
29c, for 15c.
Barf.ss-sTash Co. assn.at.
Easter Candies
Chlrkens to fill with randy.. Bo
Rabbi tn, BPcrial 00 to aa.OO
C'horolate egsa, each ........ a
Caranifla, orain, nut and plain.
40o. quality, lb
t'hooolatea with whlnpad craa'n.
40c quality
After dinner patties, assort!.
-pound J00
Borrasa-sTasb Co. aa.m.at.
a e a 1 1 h y.
plants, potted,
with 3 to 8
bloom ,. it
special prices
H y a n c lnte,
hyJran ges,
azaleas, Splr
eas, r h o d o
dendrons at
special prices.
Oo. riow.r
Dainty Children's Dresses 50c to $4.95
CHILDREN'S dresses in fine ginghams and chambr)'B In plain colors,
plaids and combinations of white and colors. High or long walBt
effects, very new and clever styles 'for the Uttlo ones, sizes 2 to 6 years.
Infants' Dresses 50c to $1.05
Infants' long dresses la fine
nainsook with dainty edges and
embroideries, 60c to $4.95.
Hhort Presses 50c to $1.50
Children's short dresses in white
for 6 months to E years, made of
fine nainsook, hand embroidered
yokes, fine lace and embroidery
edges, SOc to $1.50
KaMer Hats for the Kiddies
Pretty little poke bonnets in pink, white, light
blue and black, trimmed with flowers and stream
ers, $1.40 and fWc.
Infauis' Coats $1.08 to $25.00 '
Infants' long and short coats,
made of cass'omere and silk poplin,
pretty embroidery collars, Satur
day $1.98 to $25.00.
Children's Coats
Coats of serges, silk poplins,
taffetas and faille, in all the spring
shades. Prices to suit everybody.
' Burf ass-Wash Co. ooad rioor.
COMMUNITY SILVER for the Easter Table
THIS simplicity of design and durability ot this famous plated table
ware makes it particularly attractive for the Easter table. Let us
show you our complete line. ' Sold In single pieces or complete chests.
Just as an Idea: , i
Th spooas, par dos.a, 94JI0, J Salad forks, por est, M.IS.
S.ss.rt spoons, par doi.n, M.oo. S.sssrt knlr.s, hollow baadlas, pet .
oun spoons, round bowls, doa., t8.eo. , 1 S6.B0,
Orap. fruit spoons, pot a.t. aa.OO. Modlum knir.s, hollow handl.s, p.i
S.ss.r forks, pav s.t. S4.00. . a.t SS.00.
K.dlam forks, p.r s.t, S4.80. ! Butt.r sprsadsrs, par mt, 95.BO.
Burtass-sTash Co. Ms In rioor.
New Models in Footwear for Mi-Lady's Easter Toilet
WE have never shown so many pretty exclusive styles in women's
pumps, colonials and oxfordb as you will find here in this' splen
didly equipped shoe store on the Second Floor. AVe describe only a
tew of the many styles. Scores here for your selection
At $3.00 latent colt, colonial
patterns, two bar
button effet.
At $3.50 latent colt and dull calf, over
gaiter pattern, gray quarters.
At $3.50 latent clt w'th white calf trim
ming, button ornament, Louis
Cuban heels.
At $3.50 FineVmat kid and patent colt,
colonial pumps, welt soles, Louis
Cuban heels.
At $3.50 latft tu"l pumps, gray
and fuwn cloth quarters, 1mis
Cuban heels.
At $3.50
At $4.00
All patent kid and dull calf, colonial
pumps with buckle, opera heels, turn
Patent colt with mat kid quarter in-
tep, ft trap and ornament
At $3.00 Dul1 c'nlf colonial
pump, two bar but
ton effect, new opera heels.
At $4.t0 1,UN cfltf anc patent kid colonial
pumps, opera and' Louis Cuban
At $4.00 Patent -colt with mat kid and
cloth quarters, three strap effedt,
Louis Cuban heels.
At $5.00 AN patent kid, bench- made,
pumps with large jet button or
nament. At $5.00 A11 patent kid and dull leathers,
hand turned soles, Louis Cuban
A tl Aft Tne new '"c oxfords "with gray and
m ?1.UU fawn cjotn topg.
At $4 00 to $6.00
and supplies. We
develop your films
free of charge when
an order is left for
Buxa;.s.BTss)i Co. ooni rioor.
High lace boots with blaek
rmyutnd fawn cloth tops.
'eye n yd odys store
Free Lessons
in art embroidery
every day in Art
E m b r oldery Sec
tion, Third Floor.

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