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This it Taken to Indicate that Ne
gotiations Are Fast Coming to
a Head for Building.
It rosy at least be said that the
negotiations for a move one way or
the other on .the Schllti corner a'
Sixteenth and Harney and the Boar.l
of Trade corner at Sixteenth and
Karnam, are drawing closer to a
head. Napoleon Picard of New York,
who win faid to be negotiating for
the purchase of the Schlltx corner,
remained In the city for sereral days,
and got some of the capitalist and
Insurance men. considerably wrought
up on a proposition to buy the
Schllti corner and put up an Insur
ance exchange building.
Meantime the rumor la afloat that tha
Fherinan McCennrll Dru Co. la to
vacal. the corcer of tha bulldlns; wliere
the oonpanr now operate the Owl dros
store, wul la to vacate it within thirty
1ay. While It la said to be common
ttnowledire among even the employe of
the drug store that In thirty day the
store la to dlsoontlnue there, neither Mr.
Fherman nor Mr. MtrCnnnel will admit
that this la the case. Charles Slwroan
pleaded Ignorant of the whole negotln
tlona when aeon and declared that hla
acttrttiea at Mnooln on the elertrlo light
hill and o'her matter thnt Interested him
In the lrnlslatur. had kept htm out of
town while the mora recent negotiations
are aald to have been In progiee.
A. B. MrConnetl, rice president of tha
fherman MfConnell Drug Ca., aald he
cou'd not be wtperted ta know what was
going on in regard to that corner until
be read the Kvenlng Bee. "Tha whole
matter seema to be rague and up In tha
lr," he said, "and no one aeems to know
what Is te be done."
While the "Sherman VcOnnetl Irug
Co. lease I good for two year henoa, it
la aald the firm ha Intimated they would
rellnqulah this right for assurance that
they might go back Into the same corner
In tha new building- as soon aa it ahall
have been completed.
Omaha is on the eve of nominating
fourteen candidates from among
whom seren are to be chosen to ad
minister the city's affairs for the
next three years.
Those who want to continue the
present city government will sup
port the incumbents seeking re
election. Those who agree with The Bee
that we should have some changes
in the city hall should concentrate
in the primary to make snre of a
choice of good men later in the elec
tion. Without reflecting on others, The
Bee commends the following candi
dates: 1. ls J. Anderson.
111111(1101- Contractor.
2. Walter B. Jardlne,
Transfer Heavy Hauling.
3. W. O. KhriTer,
Real Estate.
4. Thomas F. Htroii.J,
Wagon Manufacturer.
T. Harry R. Zlmman,
Former Mayor.
These men are all substantial citi
zens with tried business experience
Woman Immediately Telephones In
spector, Who Lands Two in
Jail, Third Escaping.
Many, Given the
Opportunity to Go
to Church Friday
stoat of -tha city employes availed them
aelrra of the opportunity rrsterday
to attend special Good Frldny services,
thla leave of absence being granted by
the mayor in a proclamation.
.County employes were a-lven the am
privilege and various bualnee houses
took cognlaanee of the hours held sacred
by many of their cierka.
In moat Instances leave was rrantad
between 12 and S o'clock.
At 11:25 Friday morning Mrs. K.
F Riley, 2030 Harney street, bought
half a bushel of applpg from ped
dlers. At 11:27 she weighed tha ap
ples and found them short; at 11: SO
she telephoned the city Inspector of
weights and measures and at 11:45
Inspector Pegg was at the police sta
tion with William Beaseley of 1417
Cass and A. W. Dean of 513 North
Sixteenth street, both charged with
selling short weight.
Kaew Soanethle A boat Weights.
Mra. Riley knew that the legal relght
nt half a bushel of apples IS twenty-four
pounds. The half bushel she bought
weighed eighteen pounds, which she de
termined on her own scales and hd the
weight checked by the city Inspector.
Held as evidence against Beasely
Dean la a peck measure not of legal size.
A third man ran away with a half buahet
measure, leaving his hat, which Is icing
Inspector Pegg commends the quick ac
tion of Mra. miry. Me declares vhat It
Is such co-operation aa this from house
holders that helpa to put a atop to dis
honest peddlers. ' He adds thst the legal
weight of a bushel of potatoes I sixty
pounds. ' and fifteen Pounds to a peck.
and he advlaea housewives to weigh their
provisions now and then and to report
short weight.
Peace Petitions
Have Been Called In
Mrs. C W. Hayes, local representative
of the Peace society, has called in all the
peace petitions, to the number of 150,
which hare been circulated In theaters,
churches, business places and club meet
ings for tha last two weeks.
Mrs. William Perry has been In ehsrge
of the work In Fouth Omaha, Mrs. Flor
ence Btewart of the petitions la the
Protestant churches, Mrs. Walter N. Hal-
sey In the Catholic churches. Miss Eva
Ma honey of the Omaha Woman's Press
club In the locsl theaters and Mrs. Ilsycs
In the whoeaale and retail dlstrli t.i.
The petitions also have been endorsed
and signed by many mothers' clubs and
women's organisations, with the excep
tion of the Omaha Woman's club.
In the early days of tha automobile
Many people thought It waa limited In
II radiua of travel, somewhat in tha
same way aa Is tha steam car. Tha atuam
car necessarily muat have rails to run
on. It waa thought that tha automobile
would require level, hard road in order
to realise Ita fall efficiency. Owner and
drivers of old-time cars would have
doubted very much that within tha short
space of a few years they would ba able
to cross mountain and deserts with their
cara and consider It only commonplace.
The development that baa taken place
In all mechanical detail of tha motor car
waa well ah own by a trip recently made
by a party of tourist over the Sierra
it.ountaln In California. Tha mountalna
were crossed through the Sonora pass.
which Is believed to ba the highest paaa
In the Hierra mountains. Tha altitude I
Mil feet.
After crossing the mountalna tha party
motored to Antelope and Caxaon valley,
returning the sain day via tha "H. H.
Vs at an altitude of 1,(00 feet and then
through Ansel's Camp to Sonora. '
During tae Jsy tha actual distance
traveled waa miles, practically all of
which waa mountain driving. Tha nest
morning tha party returned from Bonora
to fitockton. Cat.
Tba entire distance covered during thla
trip waa 411 miles. Tat, aa evident of
the efficiency of tha modern motor car,
it la noted that the Hudson alx required
only two- quart of water to completely
fill the radiator, and no water had been
put Into- tt at any time during tha trip.
Not a alngkf adjustment waa made aa tha
ear. . . ,
At a meeting held Thursday evening at
tha local Wtrn t'nlon telegraph of
fice final plana were perfected for the
organisation of the Weatarn Union Elec
trical club and tha following offloera for
the ensuing yesr elected: President,
Robert M. McDonald: vie 1 president,
Prank I Keller; secretary and treasurer,
William J. Keana; counsel, F. I Gartepy.
Initial memberehip number some thir
ty-five member of tha different depart
ment of the Western T'nlon Telegraph
company In thla city. The alma of tha
new organisation la one of education
along the various llnea of Improvement
and the better understanding of all tha
different departments.
Tha aerial aide Is not lost sight of and
T. P. Dudley, A. A. Lytic and A. V.
Tripp waa named aa a social committee
to provide entertainment. -
Tiia club will meet twloa each month
In Its quartera In the local office in the
Woodman of the World building. v
Doa't ea;leet Oeagbi and ('olds.
Dr. King' New Discovery should be In
every home for coughs and colds. Child
ran and aged Ilka It. GOc. All drucglat.
Double dally mall service on the Kear-ney-tapl-ton
branch of the Union Pa
cific haa been authorised by the railway
mall service. That branch has been hav
ing only one mall train a day each way,
says Huperlntendent C. M. Reed of the
fourteenth division, with headquarters
He ssys that the additional service wHI
be Installed on the daily motor car
sen Ice of the branch, If necessary ar
rangement can be made with the rail
road company for equipment, either In
the way of postal car trailer or mad room,
In the regular motor cars. t "
Fire Warden Morris Is on the trail of
an April first joker, who rushed Into the
premises at 1119 North Nineteenth street
Thursday afternoon and told the occu
pants that their root was afire.
A fire alarm waa turned In, and after
tha apparatua had left, tha Joker tele
phoned tha number mentioned and asked
hla victims whether they were angry be
cause he fooled them.
Easter ITJUillinery
Cone Up Stairs and Save 1 GO Per Cent
" t
We are showing a new line of beau
tiful ostrich trimmed millinery, ranging
in prices from
84.95 .to
Hats that cannot be duplicated else
where for less than double our prices.
A call would be appreciated.
Entrance .Through Alexander's Shoe Store.
1512 Douglas Street. We Issue Shopper's Mileage.
0 if?S
i ' ' '
County Assessor H. Q. Opunsman ha
announced to the counts' board hla ap
pointments, of deputy asecMorg for this j
year, lie gave preferenoe la naming tha
deputise. Ui wa who needed , work, aa
Mated to the board, Ha appointed, ao '
aeputy.in Kaat Omaha, but win da the
work there himself. Following 1 the
list of deputies.
Fred Pruning.
Marry Iwbolt,
H. i. Stone,
V. U Houtk.
3: O, Arthur,
xfi ' x f tt nn
fcxaE' ffiexatt jjfesatg xa!l
TT? fx"
It iie
A. P. lisnexin:
M. J. Twmiwett,
K. T. MuiUcfc,
L Aiuur.
Oeors V. t'ovell.
:i.uie Cavbtmugh. it. C. Dillon,
jonn vr. i sung, Asor ennttn.
j. j-. r-moirn,
1.. Dopaiioa, -W.
F Uurllnaim.
If. C. VtnAwr,
Frank Murgaa.
V. K. : krutipa,
Abrahain Hlrton.
WtUlatn Mlrmne.
1. F. Hlt.a,
. at. Le-ia,
Jeorgo JewetL
T. J. Wlilejr, '
Oeorg Vugannan,
tun Mots,
1. M. lively,
K KoMnson.
J. T Kubat. liarnvy Taylor,
1. J. Hurley, John t'nnnieck, ,
Jtnwa Austin. V. J. liartt tL
ituuide i'l -Hn'-te J. P. MoCormli-k.
( hii-rtu; D. K. Taylor, K lk horn, C'l-rtst
DaJmke, Millard: P. O. Harrier, Val.ey;
K. K. Hume, Dundee; Henry liul ttr,
t'nUiti; hX C. Ilenaman. Doualaa; blnn
ly Ietorsky, Ploraace; Kratik A. Mo
Ardle, WcAidle; John Hofeldl. WaUrloo;
O. H. Kiractuter. Jafferaon.
Aa echo ut tha recent trial and convic
tion of Thomas It. Mailers In federal
court la brought up by the filing of an
auwndod answer to a civil suit started
sums ajme ago by M altera against Frank
11 MoCornikk. receiver of the bank. The
National Surety ouinpany, bondamaa for
the receiver, la aa amended separata an-
wtl to tha civil ault. disputaa Matters'
orlalnal uialna that the Mm National
bank of SuMoa owed hint about M.0U0
whaa It failed, and ma.kes counter claims
and aet-offa toUllng tl.0U0, aUeged to be
due the bank from Mattera
N pareat would' raaarloiialy be
aaraleas of tha children. Joe A- Rua
anaxln. Clarkaoa. Neb nsea Foley
liqney and Tar fur bis twe children for
croup, eougba aa4 eolda. Ho aaya. "We
are never without Foley a Honey a4 Tar
in the Boaae. A dlatreassnc taugn. aleep
Uaa aighta. and raw, InfUned threat Had
to a rua down ooaduiaa la which tba
iblld la not aUa to reals aontagtoua or
tnfectlaita dls'Ss Foleya Honey aund
Tar Is truly heading and prompt la action
It rrUevea cougtja, culds, crvaa sad
whourug oough. Keld vary wb-r,
Ad ert i asms m.
60o Malvlna Craam for..20f
2(o LateU'a MasaatU Tal-
cum ....
2 So Mistletoe Cream for 14g
25o Mennen's Talcum
(4 kinds), each :12t
Mentholatum 4t n(i 34a
60c Pape'a' Diapepsln. . 20
60c Pebeco Tooth Paste 31
$1.0(5 Pinaud'a Ulao Vee-
tal. for 594
60c PoHonl'a Pac Powder
(4 ahadea), for 34
Sal Hepatlca 10c, 34c, 60
50c Soctete llytleniqua Soap
(Sana Odeur, big cake la
purple wrapper), for . -20
50c Toujour Jeuna ....29s
26c 4711 niilta Rosa Soap.
'or 12a?
26e Woodbury's Facial Soap,
C'iifars by the box,
50f to $10.00
Ntnudard brands at about
wliolesale prifoa.
Any 10 cigar in the
houHo, Saturday Gf
Fleck'i Easter Kxg Dyea Rf
Tbrea for 10c
rood for tba
ft nralaar aCotke
ncreasea the
a u a n 1 1 1 y and
atiality of her
milk and gives
atreng lb to
l-ear the strain
t nurelng.
Tor tba Baby
liuiertaJ Oranunt
la the food that
glvi-a hard, firm
flvsh. aood bone
and rich, red
blood v
25c, ISe, $2.75
Uggetfa Chocolate
H pound 40g
1 Pound
Liggett' Fruit Cordial
"i pound 50
. Pound 81.00
Dainty Dutch Dollghta
Vi pound 40t
Pound so
Maslx Chocolate Cherries
1 Pound 3f),
Cararaela da Tuxe. 1 lb. 3i)g
Crat of Chocolate Cream.
Easter Eggs 25
60c Standard Perfumes, 6
kinds, at 29
Allcork'a Porous Plasters 12
6O0 Bromo Seltser 29
60c Bourgeois Java Rice Pow
der, (genuine. In green
boxes) i.20k
36c Castorla, genuine . . 21
60c Carmen Face Powder.
(4 shades) ,-29
50o Canthrox. 29
$1.00 Fellow's SyTup ..84
$1.S5 Oud6'a Peptomangan,
r 98
25c Hill's Cascara Qui
nine 14
$1 Horlick's Malted Milk 69
25c lloublgant's Rice Powder,
'Of 17
25c Peroxide Cream . . . 14
Strictly pure Peroxide of Hy
drogen 14, 10 and 29
75c Jad Liver Salts . ...40
$1 iisteilne, Lambert's 5
25c Lyon's Tooth Powder 1Q
Now la the time to dye atraw
hats. colors, )tt black. Cardi
nal red. brown, aage green, na
tural navy blue; per 9K
bottle ayO
Baturdar m 1th each (So pur
chase. This tu close out soma
odd boxea vf good talcum, whicn
are not selling freely lust now.
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ter buying. The
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ity shepherd checks
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o )
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