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Teire Haute Prosecutor Say Mayor
Had Finger in "All the Dirty
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 2.
After Judge Anderson, in the Vniled
States district court, had overruled
notions to Instruct the Jury to brine
in verdicts of not guilty, Milton W.
Mangus, assistant Vnited States dis
trict attorney yesterday began the
opening argument in the trial of the
Terre Haute election fraud case. Each
Bide was given ten hours for argu
ments, which means that the case
111 not go to the Jury until late Mon
day or Tuesday of next week.
aa Kllilrnrr Insufficient.
Clarence Nichols, attorney for
William Doyle and George Woodall,
moved that the court Instruct the
Jury, to bring In a verdict of not
guilty for hla clients, on the ground
that the evidence Introduced against
them by the government was not suf
ficient to constitute a prima facie
A. O. Stanley, attorney for Mayor
Donn M. Roberts and the majority
of the twenty-right defendants, made
a similar motion on behalf of George
Zovern, Pearly McKay, Andrew
O'Brien, Joseph O'Mara and Richard
Jery Present.
After t'nltcd Ststes District Attorney
Palley hsil siokcn In opposition to both
(notions Judge Anderson luitde hla ruling.
He stated that the evidence against Doyle
waa the weakeat link In the chain, but
that It was sufficient to be given to the
Jury to decide. The Jury was not present
luring the consideration of the motions.
"Donn nt.rta was tiie real leader of
the conspiracy and had hla flngor In all
Die dirty outrages." Mr. Mangus aaserted.
"He had direct charge of the con
spirators." He ssacrted that money waa the motive
for the conspiracy and that "loyalty to
party waa no excuse for the many Crimea
commlttecd In connection with the elec
tion of November 3. ISM In Terra Haute."
He. said I'll H. Redman Joined the con
spiracy for the aalnry he would receive
aa judge; that the city employe entered
It In order to hold their position and, draw
their pay: snd that tho saloon keepers
and gamblers were In the conspiracy be
cause of the favors they would obtain
from the city administration.
No Loophole Left.
Vr. Mangus referred to the testimony
of Policeman Thomas Barry and Detec
tive Fred Armstrong, who were called by
the defense and on cross-examination
gave evldenre favorublo to the govern
ment as 'The evidence that made the
rase undhpulablc and the opportunity for
the government to foreclose on the de
fendants, if they had no gap luft for
esrsrie." .'
HpraMrn of the suventy-nlne of the
tlKhtyy-lsht who have pleaded guilty,
that nrreared wlrneaea for the govern
ment, ifr. Mansa sa'd: . .
'Kor. nniny of thet It was the first
opportunity of their lives to rorrie into
court and t-H t!ic truth. Fraud had been
their livelihood and they had ben told
that the sheriff, the courta and the police
were with them. Tot', "entlemen of the
Jury, could see the Kladness on their
facea as they came here to the wltneas
tand. confessed their crimes snd light
ened their conscience without receiving
any promises of Immunity or leniency
whatever from the government,
Arc of Two t'lnaara,
"The witnesses for the defence were
of two rlnssea first those thnt were U la
honest and perjured themeclvea; anil ser
ond, the hotxst men who on no.-ex-amlnstlon
hud to admit the real cilinlnul
eta of the defendants."
The asuUtant district attorney spoka
for two hours. Five attomoys for the de
fense will speak and Mr. Dalley will ion
dude for the government.
RUSSIA'S GIFT TO FRANCE The photograph shows M. Millerand, the French war
minister, and the Russsian military attache at Paris, with Princess Narischine, inspecting
ambulances presented to the French army by the czar's country.
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wtMHAJM jAC&triltiim Zafciaiiif ilKSEk . toiW.. aa.AArge-
Official Report Give Little Newt of
Importance of Operations on
Either Front
Beer Only Article
Taken Aboard the
Eitel Not Limited
WASHINGTON, April 2. Secre
tary Daniels announced tonight that
the naval board appointed to ' de
termine the amount of roal, food and
other supplies allowed to the 1'rlnz
Kitel Frledrlch hnd completed Hi
task. . No Information was vouch
safed as to the extent to which the
Eltel will be permitted to provision,
or aa to how much longer It will be
permitted to stay at Newport Newa.
Secretary Daniels admitted, how
ever, that the naval board limited the
amount of every commodity to be
taken aboard, with one exception
NEWPORT NEWS, Va., April 2
Sixteen hundred tona of coal enough
to take It to the nearest Ger
man port had been placed aboard
the cruiser Prlns Eltel Frledrlch to
night, and Captain Tblerlchens was
preparing to take stores aboard Sun
day. While he told frlenda be waa
much relieved, now that hla ship
waa coaled, be declined to discuss
bis plana and the immediate rourse
of hla raider still waa problematical.
During the day local government
officials were In communication with
Washington and Collector Hamilton
conferred with Captain Tblerlchens
on board the Oerman ship, then with
Hear Admiral Helm, commander of
the Atlantic reserve fleet. At a late
hour nothing had been learned con
cerning the conferences. Through
out the day and tonight the James
river was patrolled by American
sailors In a launch from the battle
ship Alabama while coast artillery
men kept guard at the Eltel'a pier.
TT R TTrcrPQ MoYi'nn
City Neutralized;
; ...-VillaBide Willing
WASHINGTON. April L With the hope
ot securmg permanent protection for the
IS.OOO foreigner In Mexico City the Vnited
HI a tea government has proposed to the
Villa-Zapata forces and to General Car
ransa that the Mexican capital be de
clared neutral tm outside the field of
operations hereafter In Mexico's civil war.
The Vllla-Zapata forcee have agreed to
the propoaai and are willing to evacuate
the city aa soon aa a similar agreumant
Is obtained with the Carratia authorities,
wno rc now oeing negotiated wiin. On
General Carransa depends also whether
or not the effort of the United State to
neutralise the railway between Mvxlro
CMy and Vera Ous shall stand, aa the
Tilla-Zapata offirlala have. likewise Uven
their assent to Oils proiiosaL
The plan with respect to Mexico City
-contemplates an arrangement whereby
order would b maintained there t y a
local council, made up of prominent real
Jnta selevted b mutual agreement be
tween the opposing factions.
Grinnell.Glee Club
Songs Please Crowd
Nearly 0 persons enjoyed the concert
iven by the Grinned College Ol- club
at ulght at Uis Klrst Congregations!
church. Nearly every number rivvn was
the signal for warm applause, but It was
the offering of "Masaa's In De Col' Col'
Ground." ana the "Hanjo Song- that ere
ted Vhe beot tuiraton of toe club.
The CJrinn. ll uu club baa been In ex
istence ainca IKH and Is one of the but
, organisations of Its kind In the sol. It
makes a tour of the country annually,
for the benefit of the college. Lat
Bights rrotrrain woe under the auspices
of the Ladies' society of the church.
Pay Honor to Memory
Of Iron Chancellor
UK RUN (Via London). April 1-Almoet
for the first tlma since the outbreak of
the war Berlin today wore the appear
ance of festivity, the occasion being the
itlebratUm of the MDth anniversary of
fcijuusnk's birth. Th whole city waa
veritable blase of color even more gaily
than for the biggest victories.
America Demands
Indemnity for the
, . Frye from Germany
WASHINGTON. April I.-Indemnlty
for the full value ot the American ship
William P. Frye, destroyed at sea by
the German converted cruiser Prlns
tit el Prtedrich, has been 'formally re
quested front Germany by the United
States ' government ' . '
Actlntf Secretary Lansing announoed to
day' that a note on the subject had been
sent to Ambassador Gerard for presenta
tion to the foreign office at Berlin.
Tending Its receipt In Berlin the docu
ment wilt not be made public, but It was
described officially today as a recital ot
the facts and a premutation ot a claim
for.damagea on behalf of the owners of
the vessel.
No representations were msde concern
ing the cargo, since It was established
after an Investigation by the Btata de
partment that It was sold en route and
waa British owned at the time of the
Navy's Most Expert Divers
Are on Their Way to Honolulu
NBW YORK. April 2.-Flve navy de
partment divers left the navy yard here
early today for Honolulu to uld In rais
ing the lout submarine K-t. The party
was headed by George I. MilNnn, ihlof
gunner's mate. The others were Frank
Crllloy, Kredolln O. C. Nlclson, Ktcphen
J. Urslllashak and William F. Ixjuh
man, all gunners' mates. Rtlllson is said
to be one ot the moit expvrt divers in
the world, and Drelllahnk holds the
world's record for dupth In diving. An
airlock. In which to place them after
their return to the surface after a deep
dive, was among the equipment they
"The F-4, according to dispatches we
have received, lies In fifty fathoms of
water," said Htlltson, as the party left.
"While that Is exceedingly deep for sub
marine operat-ons, I feel confident that
our men will be equal to the task."
"I muy come home In a wooden ki
mono." snld Drellllahak. "but I will stick
It out to the end."
WASHINGTON, April ii. Five of thb
Navy department s most expert divers,
equipped with special diving apparatus,
were on their way today to 8nn Fran
cisco, bound for Honolulu, where they
will assist In the work of raising the
sunken submarine, F-4. They are ex
pected to reach Han Francisco Monday
nlKht, and tho trip to Honolulu will be
mado on the cruiser Maryland.
Advices to the department todny from
Roar Admlr4l Moore at Honolulu, in
charge of the work of raising the sub
marine, said that efforts to that end
were being continued pending the arrival
of the divers.
All British Cabinet
Members Agree to
Go on Water Wagon
LONDON. April .-The king's abstemi
ous example Is being rapidly followed,
for In addition to Earl Kitchener, all the
cabinet ministers In London announced
to Chancellor ' Lloyd-George yesterday)
according to the Daily Mall, their Inten
tion to follow the king's pledge to abstain
from alcoholic liquors during the war, If
it Is thought necessary...
Among other prominent men who will
do likewise are Earl Brassey, Baron
Cowdray, Baron Sydenham, Sir Charles
W. MacAra, chairman of the committee
of the International Federation ot
Master Cotton spinners and manufac
turers' association and the heads of
many of the hlg manufacturing firms. ,
Earl Grey writes to the Times, sug
gesting that the government should take
over all the licensed houses In specified
districts, as It has already taken over
the railways and factories, giving1 the
license holders a fair compensation, and
either cloning the houses altogether or
administering them on reformed principles.
Frank J. Marshall. United Ptstes ehess
champion. In his simultaneous perform
ance at the Omaha Chess and Checker
club a few weeks ago started some local
experts to emulate his work. Last Sat
urday evening La Rue Williams, the
local champion, played, thirteen games
simultaneously. Beven of the outside
players won their games, one drew and
only five were beaten.
Mark M. farmer wilt attempt the sim
ultaneous stunt asrninst all comers next
Saturday evcnlnR, April 3, at the local
club, 21 Continental building. Those who
wish to piny should bring their sets of
men if convenient, as there may not be
sufficient club sets to accommodate all.
Mr. Coyle, former champion of Iowa.
Is a bllndfcld player, and has promised
to undertake the feat of playing six
games simultaneously without seeing the
boards at some future date not fixed.
Investors with money teat) the Real
Estate ads in The Bee. Advertise your
property for a quick sale.
LONDON. April 2.-The official war re
ports contain little news today, and that
which they do give relates only to opera
tion of minor Importance. Mine warfare
ha been In progress at many points in
the west, and at other points there have
been artillery duels ano occasional In
fantry attacks, but nothing that has In
any way approached the proportions ot
a battle.
In the east the smiles stand about as
tliey were. The fighting in north Poland
ha been of a desultory character, both
sides apparently having given up any Idea
of advancing for the present. In centrat
Poland, however, the Russians arc show
ing a certain liveliness.
The German offlclsl reports for the last
two days have noted attempts of the
Russian troops to resume the offensive
on the Rawka river, while Vienna re
ports a severe attack by the Russians In
the vicinity of the Plllca river, which
they claim to have repulsed.
Thexe movements doubtless have been
undertaken to prevent the Auntrlsns and
Germans from sending reinforcements
fi-om this front to strenpthen the armies
which are trying to hold the Carpathian
passes against the onslaught of the Rus
sians, who dally report the capture of a
large number of prisoners, but who sp
parcntly are making very slow headway
In the operations against Lupkow and
1'xsok parses. The Russians also are
nlowly pushing the Turks back In the
Belgrade has sgaln been bombsrded by
Austrian guns, while Austrian airmen
have dropped bombs on Cettlnje, the
Montenegrin capital.
The operations of the allied warships
In the Dardanelles are still In a state of
Tinware to Allison.
The Chicago club has released Out
fielder Peter Allison to the Memphis club
of the Southern league.
People Notice it. Drive Them
Off With Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets.
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Dr. I-M wards' Olive Tablets. The skin
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liver with Olive Tablets.
Dr. Kdwartls' Olive Tablets are the
successful substitute for calomel
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taking them.-
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The Olive Tablet Company, Columbus, O.
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i e.r as ;i
Apartments, flats, houses and cot
tages rented quickly by a Bee Want Ad.
Austria for Peace,
Says Russ Journal
PI2TROURAD (Via London!, April t
The Rusaky Stovoe prints a note Intimating-
that the Ruaalan government has
been approached through neutral chan
nels with overtures from Austria for a
separate peace without Germany's knowledge.
Washington Affairs
Kmersency currency amounting to tts .
lKI.Sba waa outataudlna at live rloae of
buaineas. according to an announcement
b the comptroller of the currency.
Secretary Daniels has awarded a medal
of honor and 1 1 in) to Tel.-aforo Trinidad
fireman, swond class, for herotam In
leM-iiln two aliipmatea when fire room
explosiuna on the cruiser Stn !l-go. off
lh cant of lowa-r California last Janti
ary, killed nine men and threatened the
Uvea uf all .aboard. Trinidad a home la In
I'avlte, I. I.
The rh h augar content of beet and a
hlh pvrcentaso of estrailn heljed
make a good irop of U-rt auger In (he
l ulled Hates In the campaign beginning
In 114, the Itepartinent of Agriculture
announced, production amount, d to Ui -
short tona, or about n.duu tons leas
than In The area harvested waa 4m .
M at rea and the a. re yield eleven tons
the largest since IM.
Acting ervtry Newton of the treuV
urv announced that he had written to
Ouvernor VY human of New York setting
forth the advantngea to he obtained by
New York t'tiy and the country at large
from a traasUr .f control ot tbe New
ork atate quarantine atation 4 the fed
eral govcrnmrnt. New lurk la irtuaUy
the only tiiipuriant port In (he country
where iuaran(ine stilt la under state control.
Clears Skin Steps j
All Blood Trouble,
Goes Right Down to When;
the Germs Start
v. t r r
The action of 8. R ft, the famous bloo
purifier. Is notable In the akin. It Is but
natural that blood Impurities should
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nearly all the active products of naturt
seek the surface. It seems to be a cos
mic law. Even our thoughts will un
dertake to And expression. And so what,
ever we take Into our system will even,
tually come out changed In form. con.
verted often Into some other substance
but constituting; always either waatt
or that which has served Its useful pur.
pose and muat be eliminated. And th
skin Is the principal avenue for escap
of certain acids or poisons. If the skin
and blood be healthy, these wastes paa
off as vspor or perspiration. But Ira
pure blood loads the skin with ecsema
plmplea, acne, rheumatlam. raah, fevei
bliaters, blood risings and other erup
tions. And a a 8. has been found the
very beat, safeat and moat effective '
remedy to purify the blood and thus re-'
tore the skin to clear and attractive I
Health. Uet a bottle today of any drug,
giat, but be emphatic Do not allow any
one to hand vou a aubatltute. Wraoped
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ful advice free on any subject concern
Ing the bloed.
H. R a la prepared only by The Bwlft
Fperllto Co. Ill Swift Bids:., Atlanta,
Ga, Look (or Ibis name on the package,
I will give the business of the city my close personal
attention. Nine years of experience as Councilman, Pres
ident of the Council, and Mayor of the city, with a careful
study of Municipal Problems, has given me a practical
understanding of the needs of this great city, and will en
able me to enforce new economies and secure efficient
I will extend my influence and ability for the re
organization of the various city departments, to the end
that better service may be obtained at a less cost, and
will see that the taxpayers' money is spent with the same
care that would be exercised in any well regulated private
Am in favor of the enforcement of the Slocumb Law,
believing that the legalized liquor dealers should have
proper protection and that bootleggers should be uncom
promisingly suppressed. Joints breed crime and should
be stamped out without further delav.
It is ray contention that Omaha should have a police
department entirely free from outside influences. The
aim of the police department should be to enforce the
laws, reasonably, humanely, fearlessly and impartially.
The Administration of Justice in the police court
will be a farce as long as the present City Prosecutor is
retained in office. I am for his removal.
The annoyance of street mendicants should be stop
IhhI. Hegging on the streets is unnecessary. Street
fakirs and itinerant merchants should not be tolerated
they have no bargains and only interfere with legitimate
1 have for a long time favored employment of ex
Hrts to determine the physical valuation of all franchise
corporation properties, to the end that the city may regu
late and control such service and effect reduction of rates.
Elect ric light rates should le reduced without delay, by
I insist that the right of franchised corporations to
occupy streets and alleys should be specifically deter
mined and in no event should an extension of any fran
chise be granted.
I am in favor of municipal ownership rf all public
ntilit ies and I contend that steps should be taken imme
diately for the acquisition of the gas plant, rather than
to wait for the expiration of the existing franchise. I
favor the idea of the city taking steps to acquire the elec
tric light plant and to operate this monopoly for the
benefit of the city, and I will exert my best efforts to in
duce the voters to approve bond issues for the gas and
electric light plants. It is also my belief that in the
event the city cannot satisfactorily agree with the electric
light company on the terms of purchase, the cityhould
have the alternative to compete by municipal operations.
The city should have complete control of the collec
tion and disposition of garbage, instead of letting three
year contracts to private interests who reap large profits.
A reduction plant should be established, thus affording
the city a more sanitary as well as profitable garbage
system. The by-products of the reduction plant can be
sold and the plant made self-supporting. I am for mod
ernizing Omaha's garbage system.
The street lighting system of the city needs improv
ing, and I stand for placing this city in the front rank of
well-lighted municipalities.
A city charter convention should be called without
delay. Omaha should be working under a charter of its
own making, without being compelled to go to Lincoln
every time the charter needs changing. A home rule,
city charter should be written at once, ami it should con
tain the best and most comprehensive declarations
The improvement of the boulevard and park system
would be a splendid way to advertise Omaha. Other
cities have stent millions to Omaha's thousands in boule
vard improvements. Omaha has a fine boulevard system
laid out, and it is time for public spirited officials to
work toward the completion and the beautification of this
magnificent system of pleasure thoroughfares.
m CONCLUSION Asking for the support of the
voters of Omaha, I refer to nine years as a public official ;
also to various campaigns for the people, when I worked
without salary. I challenge anybody to point out one
questionable act during the nine years I was Council
man, Persident of Council, and Mayor.
It has been my contention for many years that tbe public busi
ness .should be conducted upon a business basis; that a public of
flm Is not a private tsnap. and that the administration of municlDal
affair Is a business worthy of a man's best efforts
... 1 JlVe uled municipal t-roblems for years; have gone Into
th. subject of franchised corporations, physical valuations, munic
ipal ownership, occupation taxes and other subjects. I feel com
petent to serve as city commissioner and my best recommendations
are the records of my past bervice.
I promise to devote all of my time, energy and abil
ity to the office. HARRY B. ZLMMAN.

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