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1 !!..
Men to Form Auxiliary Association
at Banquet at Hotel Fonte
nelle Tuesday.
Omaha nin who formed an auxiliary
apjoctatlon to nsai't the Fine Arts' h.kh
rlalion In rurrhnslnR jiUMirra, will Ni
hosts at a dinner 1n tho banuupt room
of th Hotel Fontcnrlle next Tuesiluy
evening, to whloh their families ami
momhers of the Fine Arts atorlatton
will be Invited. Invitations are nlretuly
helnB mailed. It la existed thut at th'n
dinner an ore.anlia.tlon will lx formed
under the name of the. "Krlenda of Art
A aaoolatlon," and tempornry officers
Trof. Fred Morrow Fllnu hna armed
to ha present and to Fpeuk on "Art and
Life." An effort 1 bring mal to have
1. Hopkinsmi Smith also vresent. All
frienda of art who desire to iwrtlcljiRle
in the ornani7.atlon will be wrliome,
John I. Webrter, otw? of the t i lm liml
sponsors, annonmed.
Mr. Webster said about io prominent
men have each BUbHfrlln-d Ui rer year
for five years for this cause. Important
plans for the advancement of art In
Omaha, are understood to be Involved in
the movement. A musical art gallery has
been suggested.
colonel of the women's vol.
untcer reserves, t&ught
signaling, motor driving
and camp cooking. For
use only in case of inva
sio r.of England.
Music '
r ..rw
;adakl In Ilecltal.
Madame Johunna Oadski, prima donna
soprano, ono of the most beloved as well
na one of the most famous sinners f tin1
world at the present day, was heard In
song recital at the ball room of the
Kontenello last evening under the man
agement of Miss livclyn Hopper.
Madame Gadskl not only possesses n
voice of wonderful sweetness, power and
range, but also thoso rare artistic quali
ties which make the Interpretation of
each eong a work of art In Itself, as it
radiates the lights and shades of her
expressive temperament. There are few
Indeed who acquire the exquisite pianu
slmos, the warmth and variety of tone
color which is found in the work of
Madame Gadskl, and) the dramatic firo
and intensity with which she clothed
several of the larger numbers thrilled
even the most indifferent listeners. Tho
program was divided into three parts.
German Classical Songs, of which tho
exquisite "Dee Nusabaum," Schumann,
was entrancingly sung; the Nnclitstuck"
and "Hark, Hark, the. Lark" by Schubert,
the first with its calm beauty of melody
and tb second with Its Joyous charm
were among the most attractive of the
evening. "Hark, Hark, the Lark" was
graciously repeated. "Fur Mustek" by
Fran showed the broad musicianship of
the singer, and "Wlllkomen in Wald"
was given with a brilliancy.
When Madame Gadeki returned in
acknowledgment of the applause, and
the first few cords of the Schubert
T.lszt "Erlking" were recognised, tho
audlenoe applauded again with Joy. Here
the art of the singer is given full op
portunity, and tho remarkable manner
In which she brought out not only the
three distinct voices of the father, the
fson, and the Erl king, but in which the
mood of each was depleted and. the
il.-amatic finish was all that could be
A group of English songs followed.
Madame Gadskl' s English pronunciation
is not yet as clear as one would wish,
and sometimes could not be understood.
The songs were carefully chosen and pre
sented with all the fascination and charm
of the singer's art. "The Ilose s Cup,"
by Ward-Stephens, was a lovely number,
sung with fairylike daintiness and grace.
'The Little Gray-Blue Dove," with its
btrdlike trills and Intervals, completely
captivated the audience and was repeated.
"Calm as the Night." by Bohm, was
sung with Intensity and musical fervor,
and was likewise repeated. The two
songs by Gllmour were of exceptional in
terest. "Hame to the Highlands," which
was fuU of refreshing Scotch atmosphere,
and the "aumber Song," presented with
tho utmost repose and tenderness, in
Which the delicate pianissimo work of the
singer was a delight. The encore this
time was the well-known "Littlo Irish
Gadskl again proved that her fame In
opera Is well deserved, the dramatio fire,
the breadth and the brilliancy with which
she sang the group of Wagner arias at
testing. Of the three the writer especially
enjoyed Elsa's admonition to Ortrud:
"Du Armrte," from "Lohengrin." "The
Spring Song from "The Valkyrie" closed
the program and contains a dramatic
climax which la most convincing.
The enthusiasm of the audience was
great, and at the close they would not
be content until the prima donna had re
turned and sung the famous "Call of the
Valkyrie.' which is especially Gadskl's
own, not only once, but three times.
Madame Gadskl was assisted by Powell
Weaver, who accompanied most sympa
thetically and who played the Chopin
"Scherzo In B minor" and the 'Can
zonetta del Salvatore Rosa," by Liszt, in
a thoroughly muslcianly manner. The re
cital was followed by a reception to the
artists, which many of the audience at
tended H. M. It.
. -Ml
- '--"J!
Crowds Gather at New Home of
Druid Camp at Twenty-Fourth
and Ame Avenue.
A fair which will continue overv even
ing this week opened Monday In the
newly completed horn of lruM camp.
No. ?4. Woodmen of the World, at Twenty-fourth
and Ames avenue.
The handsome, building measures tipil!)
feet and la two stories high, with a
basement besides. It Is In every respect
a modern club house with Its large halls
and meeting rooms, bowling alleys, li
brary, pool and billiard rooms, kitchen,
dining rooms, ete.
Tho attendance Monday night wia very
lame, considering It was the opening
night, tt was far greater than the pro
moters expected. The big room was
beautifully lrorate3 and the many
booths were gay with decorations.
Them was thrlvlug' business right from
the start. Thla la a really big carnival
with prizes that are worth striving for, In
cluding a round-trip ticket to the l'aimma
canal, two bicycles, several gold watchea,
etc. (4 4.
"Country store." "fishpond" and tho like
helped to add to the gaiety of the occa
sion. The women had a special booth,
where they sold some very vretty fancy
The directors of the building and of
the carnival are Kdward t. Koater, l'hlllp
Steyer, M. L. Endrca, II. It. Rodv, and
James FX Pa vis.
IVuld camp is one of the largest and
most enterprising Woodmen camps, hav
ing 0 members. The women's. Welcome
prove. W oonraen Circle, number upward
of anu
Fo far as officials arp concerned. Union
Pacific, headquarters are riwttty well de
serted. President Moliler has gone to
New York for a conference with Chair
man Lovett of the executive committee,
while Vice President Munroe, General
Passenger Agent JJaslngcr, General So
licitor Loomis and General Rich are In
Tho officials who aro in Chicago are
watching, or participating In the hear
ings before Interstate Commerce com
missioners. There the case wherein the
irojlorads aro Beckliiar an advance In
freight rates is on hearing, as Is the In
vestigation of Pullman car ratea and
Ilia Fl re In Monttomrrr.
MONTGOMERY, Ala., April 6-Klrw in
the wholesale district of Montgomery
early today did IAX00u damage.
It Soothe and Relieve Uke a Mus
tard IMaeter Without tho
Hum or feting.
MTTSTEROLE3 Is a clean, white oint
ment, made with the oil of mustard. It
does all the work of the old-fashioned
mustard plaster does It better and dues
not blister. You do not have to bother
with a cloth. You simply nib it on and
usually tho pain is gone!
Doctors and nurses use MUSTEROLE
and recommend it to their patients.
They will gladly tell you what relief it
gives from Sore Throat. Bronchitis, Croup.
Stiff Neck, Asthma, Neuralgia, Conges
tion, Pleurisy, Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Pains and Aches of the Back or Joints,
Sprains, Sore Muscles, 'Bruises, Chil
blains, Frosted Feet, Golds of the Chest
(It often prevents Pneumonia).
At your druggist's, in 25c and 60c Jars,
and a special large hospital size for $2.50.
Be sura you get the genuine MUS
TEROLE. Refuse Imitations get what
you ask for. The Muaterole Company,
Cleveland, Ohio.
The committee arranging for the
celebration of Appomattox day, April 9,
announces that complete arrangements
have been made. It sent 150 Invitations) to
prominent men outsldo of Omaha and Is
receiving favorable replies from many of
them. Governor Morohead and his staff.
Lieutenant Buck and his staff and the
Judges of the supreme court will all attend.
Tho four companies of the National
Guard of Omaha will be present In full
uniform. Tho services will be held in
court room No. 1 and Judge Fawcett of
the supreme court will preside.
ARKRDEEN, S. P., April . (Special
Telegram.) A dead man found on the
Milwaukee track this morning was Iden
tified as Edward LV A. Parker of New
York City by letters found on hla clothes
A pool of blood was found on one side of
the track, while the body was on the
other side. Indicating he had been Btruck
over the head. One arm was crushed by
the train. He had been stripped of all
belongings except a prayer book and
several letters, the last one of which had
been addreesnd to hire at Minneapolis.
The authorities have some excellent clues
relative to the murder, Parker having
been seen with a companion In Aberdeen
yesterday. The dead man was about 25
years of age. Six men have been arrested
on suspicion of being connected with the
Federal authorities hare received word
of the arrest of Ernest Lowe at Kansas
City. Mo. He is wanted by the officers
of the Nebraska district, being under ltv
dlctment at Lincoln on tho charge of
transporting a young married woman of
Kansas City to Lincoln for immoral pur
poses. Ixwe s home 13 said to oe at
Kansas City, where he has a wife, but
he Is said to have been hunted by federal
officers In many atates ever since he was
indicted last December.
The Bee Want Ada Are Best Business
Further evidence of the supplanting of
the horse by the automobile Is given by
the filing of a voluntary petition of bank
ruptcy In federal court by Roy Young,
who haa run a horse livery business at
1314 Howard street for many years. He
lists his debts at $3,147.1 and hla assets
it J2.701.S3. on which he claims exemp
tions to the extent of $700.
4 By - Pfodu ct
Put Stomach In
Fine Condition
Says Indigestion Results from
an Excess of Hydrochloric
Told that There Wm 10 Care for
"After Buffering for over twenty years
with Indigestion and having sonic of the
best doctors here tell ma there was no
eors for me. I think it enly right to tell
you for the sake of other sufferers as
well as your own satisfaction that a 25
cent bottle of Chamberlain's Tablets not
only relief! me but cured me within two
months although I am a man of 5 years,"
whites Jul Qroblen. Houston, Texas. Ob.
uinablo e erywbere Advertisement
Undigested food delayed In the stomach
decays, or rather, ferments the same as
food left in the open air, says a noted
authority. He also tells us that Indiges
tion is caused by Hyper-acldlty. meaning.
there Is an excess of hydrochloric acid
in the stomach which prevents complete
digestion and starts food fermntatlon.
Thus everything eaten sours in the stom
ach much like garbage sours In a can.
forming acrid fluids and gases which In
flate the stomach like a toy balloon. Then
we feci a heavy, lumpy misery In tho
chest, we belch up gas, we eructate sour
food or have heart-burn, flatulence, water-brash
or nausea.
He tells us to lay aside all digestive
aids and Instead, get from any pharmacy
four ounces of Jad Salts and take a
tablespoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast and drink while it Is effervesc
ing and furthermore, to continue this for
a week. While relief follows the first
dose, it Is important to neutralize the
acidity, remove the gas-making mass,
start the liver, stimulate the kidneys and
thus 1 -remote a free flow of pure diges
tive Juices.
Jad Salts la inexpensive aud la mad
from the acid of grapes and lemou Juice,
combined with liUila and sodium phos
I hate. Tills harmless salts is used by
thousands of people for stomach trouble
wilh excellent results. Advertisement.
is the perfect fuel
for Spring as well
as Winter use.
It kindles quickly
and can readily be
regulated for a light
or heavy fire, as de
sired. By trying a ton or
so now, you can test
its virtues under vary
ing conditions and
thus be enabled to
compare it with the
fuel you have been
There was never a
fuel that had so many
features of excellence
it is free from smoke,
clinkers, soot and offen
sive odors and has very
little ash.
It effectively takes the
place of hard coal and is
20 cheaper. v
Hundreds of satisfied
fuel users are finding this
out every month. VUL
CAN consumers never
return to anthracite.
Pr sduoedl bf
Coal Products Mfg. Co, Jolid. 111.
Exclusive Domes Ue Bales Agents
Htwin-M.ktmi.B Cul ft Ck Co.
MaOwmteti Blag, Caloaf.
Order Today
Nebraska Fuel Co.
if5 rJmi
George Washington " Father of His Country
ERY AMERICAN knows that without 'Immortal Wa4iingtor our National Inde-pcndnce uouM haw been impossibla
W,hcrever,know that the gneatirst battle of Washington I life was (ought to secure lor hi countrymen, the Corntitution of
ie United States. Almost immediately after the Revolution it geernrd that all the great sacrifice of blood and treasure had
pen in vain. The original thirteen states refused to work in harmony, either in spirit or in law. The new Republic was tottering
ta its foundations. At this critical period in American history the most brilliant men of each state met in crxrverttion and unanimously
elected Washington as President undoubtedly the most momentous gathering of the kind the crkl has ever known. Here he displayed'
as great ability as law-maker as he had as a warrior. For montlis the Father of die Republic labored, and finally adopted our present'
National Law. which forever guarantees Religious, Commercial and IVsonal Liberty. This was In 1787. Seventy years later Anheuser-Busch
established their great institution upon the tenets of the Federal law which Washington did so much to create. Like all of the great men
of hts time, he was a moderate user of good old barley brews. For tliree generations AnheuscrDusch haw brewed honest malt and hop
beers. To-day 7500 people are daily employed to keep pace with the ever-increasing public demand. The great popularity of their
famous brand BUDWElStR - due to quality purity, mildness and exquisite flavor, has made its talcs exceed those of any
other beer by millions of bottles. ANHUSEa-CUSCH ST LOUIS. U,S. A.
Vinton soSt-LouU art courtaouil tnvitaj t impact t
Anheuser-Busch Co. of Nebr.
Distributors, Omaha, Nebr.
Fsmiliei Supplird by 0. K Haniea Dealer Phone Douglas 250S
rvi. UUiii.lrili i-v Mi
WM- 'III.!- i'r
!,,! . i! nit,. ' ,h iif i
11 .III
Means Moderation
'in'ili Nliniiiir
Semi-floating Rear Axle
Dangerous In that the a at ehaft not only hat tn
turn thawhaela but alao carrlea the weight ol
tha car and takea up the aido-thruata. Dora
EXTRA work and endangeretheehaft. In place
ol it, Studebaker haa a FULUfloating Raar Ale
which carrlea tha car on the axis houalng, haa
TWO Tlmken beaHnga In EACH hub to take up
alde-thruata and leavea tha ahaft itaalf free
merely to turn tha wheels. Safe on any roada at
any speeds. Be aura ronrcarhaaaa aate a raaraxle.
High-Tension Magneto
Aa unneceaaary aa a fifth wheel on a wagon and
not aa good for It doesn't give the hot tpark at
alow motor apeeda when tha hotteat apark la
needed, in place of the back-number magneto,
Studebaker uaea an electric eyatein Ignition, like
moat 01 tha other higli-gredecara. Doeen't vary
with the motor'e apeed elwaye dellvere 1U0
Ignition energy. IneureaSUKE.eieady firing.
Thermo-syphon Cooling System
Requlrea ao much larger a volume of water that
radiator, water-Jacket and header have to he
much larger and HEAVIER. Operatea well only
when avatem la FULL.. In place of It, Stude
baker haaa Force-pump ayatem that allowa the
lighteat cooling ayatem poaaiblr, but guaranteaa
thorough end efficient cooling alwaya. be aura
your car haa the same TKOUbLE-prsvsmtng
ayatem of cooling.
Drive Thro Springs
Make It neceaaary to nee stlffer springe. Hence,
car becomeaHARD-riding. Also, dlaturba align
ment of drive when car hita a atone or dropainto
rut. In pleceof it, Studebaker haa TWO radlua
roda and torque erm which relieve eprlnga alto-
f ether and free them for the one taakof amother
ng lolta and Jara. Be eure your car drivea thro'
radlua rode and a torque arm. It means riding
Pressure or Suction Gasoline
Troubleeome liable to leak air with aurh long
llnea of piping. Studebaker place tank in cowl
mekea it eaaler to fill. And ahortena line of
fiiping to carburetor from eight feet to eighteen
nchea. Oivea SURE feed on any grade.
Cylinders Cast Singly
Mikea motor much HEAVIER calla tor HEAVI
ER crankcaae to preserve alignment. Cuta down
water cooling auriacea. Studebaker uaea a motor
ct en bloc which glvea extreme rigidity, more
effective cooling, lighter weight and more acceaa
Ibla dealgn.
Studebaker ROADSTER ... $985
Studebaker LIGHT SIX ... 1385
Studebaker SIX (7-paaaenger) 1450
F. O. B. Detroit
Used by other cars s !
but not m a Studebaker
And the reason is simply that Studebaker doesn't dare to. For those
designs listed over on the side are "old-timers'' in engineering. They
aren't the new ideas in building a car. Long ago they gave place to
BETTER designs. And while other manufacturers may cling to them,
because they don't care to go to the manufacturing expense that exten
sive changes in design incur Studebaker CANT.
For, you see, when a man comes to look at a Studebaker, he EXPECTS
quality. Price is rarely the attraction. He has in mind the QUALITY,
the ideals in manufacturing that name of Studebaker has stood for so
long. He expects a reasonable price yes I For he knows that Stude
baker is one of the largest organizations in existence devoted to the
building of cars. And in a series of plants that have a capacity of
1000 cars a week, it is only natural to expect low manufacturing costs
and therefore, low prices.
But first of all, he looks for QUALITY. And Studebaker, of course,
couldn't afford to have a man find a semi-floating rear axle in this FOUR,
when everybody knows that type of axle has long since given place to
the SAFER, more accessible FULL-fioating Rear Axle. Couldn't
afford, for example, to have him find drive thro' the springs when
GOOD design calls for drive thro' radius rods so as to free the springs
from all possible strains. And so with every detail. It HAS to be the
highest quality and the latest design that is approved by engineers.
And so the things listed at the side, you WON'T find in a Studebaker
because its a
four 985
: iteSt
Omaha Factory Branch, 2550-2-4 Farnam St.
"Studebaker Wilson" Local Dealer, 2429 Farnam St.
fill '' ' I
jjl Mm 3

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