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11IL JLUiiK: U.MAHA, WKuNESlUY, Al'IUI, 7, 1013.
Returns from Municipal Elections
Reveal Trend Toward Restric
tion of Liquor Traffic.
(Continued from rage One)
ury tutne affair, thrr Itclng no oppom
tlon brimw the democrats endorse 1 all
the mnd'tlntea nominated by tht citizen'
maK meeting. There aj no Issue on the
ealoon question ami the city remains wet.
Tin- oio Is tlir lightest vote ever cast In
the rlty election, only 209 votes lielns rait
ut of l,;c' The mayor and all the cnun
illinen were re-elected as a compliment
to (omplele the scer and raving propo
sition which they have Ugun. The fol
low Inn were elected: M. M. Hothlelner.
mayor: William Hrockcr. city clerk; W.
A. Hoettrher. city treasurer; txtuls Hrun
ktn. William Kurt, Frank KerscnhrovK
and Utis 1'rleh, cotimilmen: J'. J. .lc
t'affery, wafer commissioner; John H.
Parker, city engineer, l c. Hardy and
Wood Smith were elected as members of
the Hoard of Kducatlon for three years.
COl-nKIIWiKroletiriKo. voted wet to
day by levrn votes. I 'not halls carried
by four vote.
WOl,HACH For inrtise, M; agalnot
license, (,. The: town has he?!i dry tho
last year
HATTLE fllKKK-Only one ticket In
the field Charles Werner, republican. Jo
seph Lilttrlck, democrat. Forty-elght-votes
were polled. There were no Issues, the
ouestlon of license or no license hiring
never been an issue here. The town will
remain wet.
TII-HEN Town goes drv by 10 votes,
the flut time in fifteen years. F.xbert
Winters ami P. Thompwm were elected
members of the hoard. There have been
two saloons In Tllden. Pool halls were de
feated by about 100. Ixcnl issues brought
this about. In which the proposition of
minhling i uppermost.
DODlili In villave election F. C. Hnr
nck And H. R. ilolsten were elected trus
tees; ohth new men. Onlv one ticket
nominated, but some scratching. Saloons
not an issue. A. Rclilosser and E. W.
Montgomery retiring trustee.
Alnm t nan arcs.
Al.MA Almu dry. Was wet In 1911. J.
(i. Thompson elected mayor.
0' INTO-The iuestioii for or against
license waa the mnln Issue in the vll
luge elec tion luM here today. The three
candidates tor village trustees on the law
iind order ticket which wan virtually the
li.ens" ticket were- fleeted over th two
candidates on the cltizenn' protective
ticket by a large malorlly. In the specific
votitn? on Hie license question the wets
polled n majority of 2ii votes.
HAKTIMiTtiN Mayor Anton Val
was r-cle ted for the fifth time today.
There w but one ticket in the field
and no Issue was voed on. ' nly a liht
vote was cast. Other city officials
elected are: t'lerk. W. II. l'ohle; treas
urer, R. U. Mason: city engineer. J. D.
t Smith; councllmen, S. H. Morten and
M. K. Eby. Town remains wet.
SARGENT Ouy Brown and P. M. Shaw
were, elected village trustees. 8unday
haso ball carried by a majority of 3K.
LYONS W. .S. Nowmeyer and G. V.
Little were chosen as members of the
village hoard at the town election today.
The vote stood na follows. Newmeyer,
177; Uttle, 111; Kobbins, !W; Prine, . 17.
l.iltlo and Trine ran lm' pendent. New
meyer and Robblns were nominated by
the citizens' ticket, which is supposed to
be the temperance ticket. Town remains
FARNAM Hugh Ralston, W. G. Par
ker and W. T. tJreenlee were elected to
succeed themselves as village trustees.
License was defeated again. Issues for
pool hall, bowling alley and Sunday base
ball were defeated. It was also voted
that the town board be Instructed to in
stall storage batteries for light plant.
WYMORB Dry by sixty-four. Wet last
year. Adam McMuilen, mayor.
TEKAMAH Dry. No change. S. A.
YA'assum, mayor. Pool halls defeated.
DrX'ATUR Dry. No change.
A f MORA Dr. J. M. Woodward, mayor.
Saloons not an lusuc. City hajl bonds
HAMPTON Dry. No change.
GII.TNER Tic vote on saloons. Dry
l:ijt vear. . ' ,
HARVARD Dry- Wet last year, fcor
ris Thomas, mayor.
, .No t lianite at Falls Cltr.
FALLS CITY Dry by twenty-six. No
change. R. A. Heacock, mayor.
RI1AJ Wet. No change.
VERDON Wet. No change.
DAVID CITY At tho tity election held
here today the saloon question wag the
main iBauo. Vote, on this proposition was
a majority of fiity against issuing license,
against u majority of three for the drys
on thin question a year ago. J. R. Evans
was re-elected mavor, H. H. Sellhorn,
treasurer; S. Cllngman, engineer; W. C.
Flicklnger, I". W. Wright and W. F.
Cook, councilmen; R. B. Swennie, city
clerk. H. O. .chaai. O. A. Becker and
C. 1). Coe were ro-elected member of
the school hoard.
PIATTSMot TH Kmmonrts J. Richey,
republican, was elected mayor, defeating
John P. battler, present incumbent. 11.
M. Soennlchsen was re-elected treasurer.
The liquor question was not an Issue, but
Plattsmouth will have seven saloons for
another year.
KMERSO.N Emerson swung into the
wet column again otday, 123 to 71. A. A.
Davis, Frank Heeney and K. A. Riersdorf
were elected to tho council. Four sa
loons will open up in May.
WAYNE D. H. Cunningham, republl
can, mayor. No vote on saloons; now
CREIGIITON H. J. Stetnhauaen,
mayor. No vote on saloons; now wet.
Dry at Friend.
FRIEND Friend went dry by a ma
jority of 24. C. E. Bowlby, who ran on
the wet ticket, is elected mayor. John
.Scheldt, dry, carried the First ward for
councilman and J. E. nitcomb, wet, the
Second ward. H. E. Bricley, wet, elected
BANCROFT For license, H; against li
cense, d; wet, o majority. New board
electa mayor.
BENNINGTON Charles Schliep and
George Dlerks, both republicans, were
elected to the village board. Town re
mains wet. No local issues.
HYANNIS Dry by a majority of 27.
Last year wets carried by a majority of 1,
but lu saloon here during the last year
because a petition with a sufficient num
ber of freeholders would not be secured.
Trustees elocted for two years are Dan
Egan, W. M. Alden and A. E. Sheldon.
EFSTLS The trustees elected are F. R,
Schromlcr William Schilpp and W. S.
Durnett. The village remains in wet col
umn. ARAPAHOE Arapahoe remains In dry
column by a larger majority than last
year. The vote was tiff for license and 114
anainst. "harlea A. Patterson was elected
ln.yor: K. C Wagner, clerk, and R, K.
Kuiiuctt. treasurer.
E WITT Town went dry by one vote,
fitst time in six years. Vote on bonds
for public park defeated.
CLAY CENTER J. E. Wheeler, mayor,
and balance of citizens' ticket without
SPALDING Wet. No Chang.
CEDAR RAPIDS-Wet by three. Dry
lust year.
SUA Kit CREEK Wet. Dry last year.
H1:I;RADE Dry by six. Wet last year.
PRIMROSE Dry by seven. Wet.
GENOA Dry by seventy. Wet last
yes r
KILLERTON Dry by eiphtv-eight.
Wet last year by ten. R. A. Richardson,
LEIGH Fred Rahelcr was elected in
place of H. P. Ruhman for village!
trustee. A. A. Aukermsn and J. II.
Kucera are the other trustees elected.
The tou n will remain wet.
NELIGM Nellgh on referendum vote
icniatim wet by thirty-one majority. Only
one ticket in fjild. R. II. Rice was
elected mayor.
LINDSAY John Muck and V. Lausen
.eted trustee. Remain wet.
srpEIUOR Suirf-iior went wet today
l y tlilr;y-slx majority. Young, wet candi
date for mayor, elected by thirty-three,
1'. Bosseiiiever. dry candidate for council
man for Third ward, only one who won
on the dry ticket.
COLl'MBl"-Wet. No rjiange
Humphrey Wet. No change.
Hepnbltrau Mayor Fremoul.
FREMONT George A. Murrel, repub
lic un was elected mayor today over K.
Jil. Herrc, democratic incumbent, by ?75
niaioriiv. Herr.- won two years ago
IV- Thi-ee tepubUcans In the council w
i displace democrats, making the council
fice republicans and three democrats.
Clerk IVIaniatyr. republican, and Treas
urer, Planibbic, democrat, were re-elected
The otil(- issue was more publicity of
the affairs of public utilities. The eleo-
i tlon means a ahakrup In the hoard of
Pub'cr wcrki.
M'lirYl.KK Otto ?,uelow, republican,
elected mayor, no optosltlon; John Gaetn.
democrat, treasurer; Allen Cameron, re
public an c lerk. License was not an
ATKINSON The town In Us first eltv
election In the mayoralty contvst raM
a total of 211 votes. Nelson, democrat,
received 14.1; Havens, republican. c4. No
Isscuc involved.
OVERTON There was no Issue here
toclsv. G W. Sinclair, J. W. Holmes and
Walter Trimble were elected council
men SEWARD The proposition to vote
$.'i,i bonds for a new high school build
ing was carried, five to one. George
Merrlam was elected mayor and Mart
llulshixer roiincllman In the F.ast ward.
John Mulfingcr In the West ward.
OAKLAND A. Hammerstrom was re
elected mayoj by a lame majority.
License was defeated, two to one.
M IN DEN - Miivlcn went dry by seventy
nine malorltv. W. It. Watt was elected
mavor over I A. Hill hv two votes.
NORTH HEND The law and older
ticket WHS elected, exc-ept cifle col'.c-il-man.
C. A. Miller, oil tin- cltliens' ticket,
but in sympuihy with no saloon policy.
The vote for license was. 113 for. 1W
against R '. Hi-ownel. for mayor, re
ceived K. votes; Dr. 1. H. Mci'laran. 1 .
TWFMSFH-The following noniertt
san ticket was elected at the city election
here todav: Mayor. II. ft. Vlllars; treas
urer. L. M. Davis; clerk. J. C. Moore;
school board. O. J. Mc Donga I and .1. W.
Mackle: councilmen. First ward, o. J.
McDougal: Second ward. C. Doollttle;
Third ward, C. 11. ll.i.lsted. l'or the first
time In twenty years the license question
was not an issue.
Ilronnip Meeta Defeat.
ALLIANCE P. E. Homing whs elected
mayor by 7S majority over F. M. Rr'come.
Mr. Broome, who Is a member of the scat
legislature, was unnble to be here during
th campaign and this fact is given as
the cauc-e of his defeat. I arter 1 older
was elected city clerk and Archie Greg
ory was re-elected city treasurer.
CI LRERTSON Drys won today. For
license, C. A. Little. M; Ed Walker, Si;
William Uurkett. 4S. Against li'-ense. It.
O Green, Bit; George Hill, til; J. Brant
ley, '.
FAIRFIELD Mayor William Kmrich
was re-elected. The town remains dry
by S7. Sunday base ball lost by 4.1 Pool
halls lost hv A4.
DEWEEs'lv-Renialns wet by Sun-da-
base hall won by i'S.
GOHIKJN I. S. Magowan and Bruce
llewett elected trustees. Town dry as
before Sunday picture shows defeated.
EDGAR Result of Edgar city election:
For mayor, A. J. Lopper. 14: Dr. G. R.
Woodr, M. Pools hails and Sunday haw
hall lost. Councilman, North ward. v.
S. Knher: councilman. South ward. E A
BASSETT-For the first time In seven
years Bassett went wet by five votes,
also n majority for tcool h'alln. V II lu l?e
councilmen elected are II. ET Artus. .1. L.
.Mucin. Mcnrv anenburg, Orsen Jeffrey
and Mike Nemer.
ORD Mayor Work of tho citizens'
party waa re-elected to- succeed himself
with a majority of three votes over J. f.
Collison of the good governinenl part v.
The vote on the saloon question gave the
no license proposition a majority of 1H
votes, ord has been wet for the last
People's party lu t rnjr ford.
CRAWFORD-The hardest fought elec
tion ever occurring in Cruwford was won
here toHnv hv tu . i .
elected Arah L. Hungerford mayor over
...... ... u, i.u majoncv out of a
total vote of 3:4. This Is the largest ma
lorltv bv nuarl.. ,
- ,i,r- i mien it er PVPr
before polled In Crawford with Mr. Hun
aerforH c r iiti,.., ., 1 -j "
'"'"'"'i nun tjie.-ieci coun
cilman of the First ward and W. E. Bar-
ic.iii councilman or the .second ward
Thlrtv-nlne muiArli.. t- . u.. i .
""-j"- coiijPBi ever
before polled here.
nnn n,,i 7. ' ' C' Gonu"K' Progressive.
ffl ," ; "i-ju! uvrr v.. r. i.unrreon,
t sentiment in the community the vote
.... ... question nas been
HROKITV UrW Tt- i- Tmri.
...rj . , ..w.. ... t . v aners, caucus
candidate for mayor, won out oVer G T
Robinson, petition candidate, bv a two
to one majority. Water works and elec
lrt.,r"tJl?ntln' bonds In the sum of
J1b,.i0i1 carried. Kewer bonda were d
featerl I'ool halls and bowling alleya
carried and Sunday base ball was de-
.... 4.,, nuur Muesrion wan not an
fllAflPOV A rt t.-h I . .
- .... . . . v i irurf re-eiecieo
mayor. . K. Marriott, clerk: C. Mitchell,
. . . n.uici , xi. x. iweaue, engineer; t;. Hu
bert, police Judge; councilmen. First
ward. Parley Hyde; Second ward, E. O
Dugan; Third ward, E. G. Shamp. The
town went wet by fortv-one.
OPVTRAI. CITV-Wlll, - ii
clerk and councilman from the Hecond
ward, the ranclidstes ct the scuan; deal
llftl-lv CC'aM clanCflil A - M I . .
!, "v" vv " iokucb were
directly involved, interest waa riot keen.
. luuuniiifi uiiicjinia were cnosen:
'VTuvni T . r . 1 . . t- .
nieyer; treasurer, Mrs. Phoe'be Blake; en"
eccrci, t. Dtcnsun. councumen, w .
A. Hoaglanil. George F Pcvkes. J. F.
Ilolclen SchtHl hoard, Ernest Clark and
M. G. Merrill. The water bond which
w-'ie imt a party Issue lacked twenty-one
vc lea of rrglstti in the necessary three
filths endorsement. License was not an
RI SHVll.LE -". Phllllppe. republican,
was elected on the law and order ticket.
The town went wet bv a majority of one.
a change from lust vear.
Nolt'lll PLATTE- 1. H. Kvans. re
publican, was re-elected mayor. The wets
won bv eight v -five I
NORFOLK-John Friday. democrat,
was elected mavor bv nine vaea.
RAVENNA-Ravenna voU-d dry by
thirteen votes.
OilAl LALA-Or.atlala went dry by
H I" MUOI.DT Humboldt continues In
ilrv column bv a malorltv of thirty-one.
Mnvor Bruun re elected by a tna.1o.-lty
f ih'rty
BRlDGEltlRT-In a total vote of 219
Brl'lgM'it remaining in the wet column
bv a mt'oritv c.( tvw L. R. North.
.1 E Trinnir, M. Herllne and R. C
Neumann are rleeted over their dry op
h pent twit to o?ie
OSIIKOSH -Oehkosh voted wet.
HLA1R-F. W. White, republican, was
elected mavor S. W. Chambers, demo
crat, was elected eltv clerk ; George Bt'UJ;.
republican, eltv treasurer, and W. D.
Krlley. (I. V. Anderson and H. W. Palmer
members of the eltv school board.
1 ! N Kl.EM AN Benkleman staye dry.
M to 4.:. W, c. Hanson and O. M. Kellogg
wie re-elected town board.
Pool llnlla Defeated.
1.1'NIN'HTON-Mayor Jim Hyrns was
re-elected on the business men's ticket
by a malorltv of M. The city went dry
by a majority of UK Pool halls were de
feated bv a majority, of ."4.
GHEELEY J. J. Collins and Henry
Manglll of the HtlnocV ticket, and C. A.
Harris, people's tlekrt, elected to conn
ell Town wet by .Vc majority; no change
from Is st year.
GOTHENBCRG Gothenburg dry by m
majority. Entire citizens' party ticket
le-electecl. T. L Carroll, mayoi : F. L
Hannum an.! Habbe Janssen, aldermen.
Charles Nelson and H. C. Booker, school
UAXfxihPH - Randolph went drv.
Mayor, O. O. Rcfcl. councilmen. George
Kinkald. C. I". Sharpener and A. W.
Stock ham.
SH ELTON-Shrlton went wet ngain to.
day by 7(1 majority an. I H. C. Hc.fgard
anci E. L Tetnplln were elected 1llage
trustees, there being no other candidates.
Pool hnll license also' w ins.
ST. EDW ARl Citizens' municipal
party elected. No change on saloon ques
tion dry by 2.
ASHLAND By a ma jot it y of 1( Ash
land remained in the dry column todav ,
a pain of ten over last year and Pie fifth
consecutive drv victory. Mayor Thomas
Dally was re-elected by a majority of Km
over E. J. Rose. Dr. J. M. Moss was
elected councilman In the First ward bv
"Stiver R. S. Dean. Sunday base ball car
ried by 72 majority.
RED ClH n-Red Cloud remains drv
by an increased majority. Dr. Kober'.
liamerael was re-elected mavor on the
cltliens' ticket. C. J. Pope and Dr. f. E
Cross were elected members of the Board
ol Education.
M COOK McCook went wet todav by a
majority of forty votes. On the republican
ticket. Mavor lAwrltson, was re-elected,
together with practically nil of the pres
ent city officials. McCook now has six
"Waboo Become Wet.
WAHOO The citizens' ean.11.laie for
mayor, William J. Lehr, waa elected over
i lie municipal candidate. F. M. .Mc-Croory,
by a majority of elghty-nino votes. Both
candidates were republicans but running
nt, candidates on local organizations. Tho
town, which has been dry the Uutt year
went wet by a majority of twenty-one
KEARNEY Kearney went drv In the
f lection to!ay, llcen-e being defeated bv
leu votes, thus putting the saloon out of
business in this city. C. W. Kiebler was
elerted mayor of the city by a small
majority, approximately seventeen votes.
The lour former councilmen, who were
running for re-election, were all defeated.
HOLDREGE John Bragg, temperance
candidate for the office of mayor, was
elected today by. a majority of 121 votes
over his opponent. Peter Miller of tno
republican-democratic party. Iioldregn
still remains dry, the Issue not being
voted on
M ILFORD Mllford returns W. G. Har
old, mayor, citizens caucus, dry; no
eh Bilge.
WEEPING WATER F. H. Gorder was
elected mayor on the business temperance
ticket to serve his ninth term. The Csr
negie library question waa defeated, by
a vote of 105 to lii. Mrs. F. H. Gorder
and F. J. Davis were elected members
of the school hoard. About thirty women
of the town voted on this ticket.
KIDNEY Three hundred and '"ty-three
votes were cast at the city cection to
dav. The wets won, by a majority of
thirty-one. This is the first time the
issue hus been raised here.
Albion Is Dry.
ALBION This city today changed from
wet to Jrv by twenty-seven majority.
The following officers were elected: S.
P. Paine, mayor; Robert Irson. clerk;
W. C. Day, treasurer; F. M. SI I lick, en
gineer; T. J. M -it thews, A. W. Ladd.
councllmen; Flank Day and A. A. Mey-
New Nebraska Mayors Vocational Training
Gross "Conspiracy"
Of tho Aristocrats
Aurora .
Benson -
Beaver City..
Broken Bow
Central City
Clay Center
David City
Falls City
Grand Island
HoblM ne
j McCook
Mil ford
! North Bend
I Norfolk
j North Platte
I Nellgh
I Orel
Red cloud
! St. Paul
I Schuyler
I Superior
I Tekamah
1 Tecumseh
T'nlverslty Place..
Weeping Water...
S ahoo
P. E Routing
P. P Pnlno
J. G. Thompson
.Charles A. Patterson
Thomas D.ul
J. M Woodward
C. I Mather
.1. W. kellc
F. W. White
C. E. Moffat
W. W. Wallet s
., V. G. Flshet
L. C. Sia .ts
..Arah L 1 1 uimei f.ird
H. .1 Stolnhnus-n
J. E. Wheeler
J. R. Evans
A. .1. l-rpper
F. S. Tuc kc r
George A.
Elbert W.
R. A
M nr. -el
. E. Bowlbv
R. A. Heacock
T L Carroll
Charles Ryan
Anton Wnls
Norrls Thomis
John Rrigg
T. 11. Caft.s
C. W. Kiebler
lami'M B rui
W. G. Harold
W. It. Walt
R. C. Browne II
John Friday
B. 11. Evans
It. II. Rice
A. Hammarstrom
...Emmons .1. l!c hey
o. O. Rcld
, C. Phllllppe
Robert Dainerael
tSeorge Merrlam
II. J. Paul
Otto .ilrlocv
S. A. Wasson
, 11. S. Vlllars
J. L. Claflln
F. II. Gor.Ur
Ailatn Me Mullen
.,..!. II. Cunningham
F. C. Gc tiling
W illiam J. Lehr
William Col ton
SAN I'KVNi'Isi'O, Vprll i". Vocational
t iclnlii'i ws-e condcmni .1 today and public
school educ alien was pronounced unde lu
o. t.i lie . Dr. Bciilau.ln 1,1c Wheeler,
pti'Sicleiit of the I'nlvevsltv of Cnlllornlit
before Ihe California Teachers' nssooln.
lien In Session hrte.
Democracy Itself was said to be disap
pearing an. I lie Aineilcan people who
"latil much about .lenioctn -j , but were
slipping baek Into arldocriicy." Dr
W lie e lor said.
The referendum, InltlnlBe and nil. '
he i Nplaltieel. "do net Insure democracy.
When cvciy boy has a chance to rise mul
to enjoy n good education, then we will
luive n democracy about which we may
"Public schools are lor rich men's sons,
who hae a hliiu i-hiuicc, anyway.
"Vocational training Is an effort of the
ariMoc rac v Id hold tin sons of laboring
men lu a lite of toll It I i a trick of the
arl.-to. int.i L sldelraik boys"
era. members of the Board of Education.
GEN EVA Geneva went dry by twenty
two majority on referendum vote. It
has been wet for years.
I ARLINGTON -H II. Locknian, J. I'.
Newcomb. O. Hazen, coiinciinien. re
elected. Pry, by sevenleen votes.
G I ' 1 1 1 E ROCK E. B. Crary and W. F.
Crowell were unanimously elected on the
i 'ople s ticket The polic y w ill contlnuo
! dry.
I Ryan la Re-elected.
GRAND ISLAND Charles G. Ryan
was re-elected mayor In opposition to a
citizens' convention ticket lieaded by W.
A. Prince by a majority of twenty-five
out of a total of 1.9&I votes. It was tho
first time a nonpartisan representative
convention was tried and one of the main
Issues waa centered on the merits of tills
system as against an Individual petition.
The wet or dry question was not Involved.
VALLEY 8. 11. Howard. E. Erway slid
Lawrence Coy elected trustees for two
years. Town remains dry.
FAIRMONT All candidates of the
citizens party were elected. Tho vote
stood; Miyor. McAlptn, lu; Akin, r.s;
councllmen. First ward, Low-den. 47;
Whltcoinb, IS; Second ward, Ilaillov. so,
Perklne, 17; W. H. Hurst, city clerk;
I. Brown, treasurer, and J. F. llauglia
wout, city engineer, were ole-cted with
out opposition.
elected mayor over r C. Clifton by a
majority or seventy-five vote. James
Flodd. G. B. Ix)hb and W. H. Amos arc
the new re-elected councilmen. Cecil
Gates and Merkle Kllg were re-elected
clerk and treasurer. The referendum
authorizing the purchase of a lot for a
city library was passed by a large
majority. This Insures a Carnegie
library for I'nlverslty Place as ti a.r.exi has
already been promised by the Carnegie
(SPRINGFIELD Town against license
by twenty-five majority. Trustees: ".
A. Resaclt, W. W. Dow and J. C. Gelb
Change todry.
BARNESTON Wet by twenty-four. No
Odell Wet by two votes. No change.
Plckell Wet by twenty-one. No change.
Is Coffee
After Your
The average cup of coffee con,
tains about 21 grains of caffeine,
a poisonous drug that handicaps
the efficiency and chances for
promotion of many bright men
and women.
Read This Letter
"Down at the Junction," writes a railroad raari. "where I am employed as Telegraph Operator and
Towerman for a busy railroad, where every second counts and where I hold the lives of the entire
train crew and passengers in my hand, I found coffee was making me dull and excedinrly nervous.
"My wife told me about PoBtum. I tried it and liked It. I never drink anything eMe now. I have
a tin of Instant Postum in my pail. T feel fine, my brain Is quick and active and there's no delay
at the Junction while I'm on duty. I really think coffe would have put m out of a Job if I hadn't
quit It for Postum."
If coffee is primping your prospoots, try a chaugf to
Made only of selected wheat and a small per pent of wholesome molasses, Postum
contains nothing harmful or injurious, hut is, on the contrary, healthful and iuvig
oraling.v Postum comes in two forms: Postum Cereal the original form -must he well
boiled, 15c and 'Joe packages; Instant Po3tum the soluble form-made instantly in
the :up with hot water, .'!0e and fv'te tins. , Jloth kinds are equally delicious, and cost
per cup about the same.
"There's a Reason" for POSTUM
sold by (Jrocers everywhere.
Bulbars Claim Not
To Blamo for Raids
Id'MWN, April ;. -The H.ilnMilnn mln
Ixtc r In I.e. ml. hi mix.' out the h xt tddny
of m note I rum Iiih gnvrrnmrnl illii
clulinliig roHicoiiNll'llity fur the remit In-Mlxlii-I
of Sc ihln Ity ii for.-o drm-rllM-d .
I In It: .i r li ii Ii re Kiihn h. Tho note rctx-ntu
in the nmin whnt linn iilroiuly Iwii sol
forth in dhintc hc-!t from Sofln II Ik .
I'liiln.'d thnt the iiihIhIiik wn 'Inlllnlnd
l.y TnrlcH nnioiiu Iho Inhnhltiint of thnt
purl ctf MihcmI.iiiIm Included In Horhln.
Thc-Ho TiiiKs ro.M- In rc tVU. tho noto niiyn,
unci lied to 1 iiilk-i rMii trnilory, purniird
I1) Wc rhiun tioo..
"Tno Hiilmi i Inn frontie r K"iird por
foinuil llii'lr dutli'P NtiiHi'lrntliiiiMly. trying
to pre toot thr Soihliin pot," tho nolo
COIlt in i
You can get rid
of itching with
T?.;n. .1 ft:.. ..4u rj i c !
itvDiip.i v ' ii it ii ir I H, won ixniin'i ctitdt,
usually stops itching instantly. It quick
ly and easily heals the most distressing
cases of eczema, rash or other torment
ing skin or scalp eruption, and clears
away pimples, blackheads, redness,
roughness and dandruff, when other
treatments have proven only a waste of
time and money.
Ptinrirlaiilt havft ttrfltrritctcl ihm UmiiiaI lrhnmi
lor 2c) yur, lor all Horn of ikin iroublu, ore's, j
tilcera, bcirru, wmindt, and piles. Kvmr dmril
sells Rrainol Ointmentanei Resinrtl S'tap. Fnr trial
bsc, write to Dept. t-S, fccsiool, BsJlwaors, ild.
lis Always Safe
To Say Supreme
Mother: When you send the kiddies
to the store, tell them "It's always safe to say
Supreme." Have them ask for Supreme hams.
Supreme bacon. Supreme poultry, Supreme butter.
Supreme Errs, Supreme lard. These food products
are guaranteed pure and wholesome by Morris
4 Company. '
Ham Bacon Eggs
Poultry Butter Lard
Get Supreme ham ricri, juicy, tender,
Supreme bacon, with the flavory, hickory
tang; Supreme poultry properly fed and wholesome;
Supreme butter, rich and oure; Supreme eggs,
guaranteed fresh by Morris & Comnany; Suprems
lard to make those splendid doughnuts.
See The Supreme Dealer
There's a Supreme dealer near you who sells
these pure food products. Madam. Simply say
"Supreme" Oct the bast.
'It'$ Always Safe to Say Supreme
Morris & Company
u. s. A.
l uildtng )m.
pro) t y rrci-
f d lifraitH rr
fi.ck of lerhnlia!
kroKkdko on ih
art tf Hi? couirao-
turn. It's dolUra tn
--ur prvltrt to employ
eprt ti'tinilral uprrvi-
tuti turh 1 ani abi (
rvt'dtr. fall phone or writ.
Mdnher American IoUtuu
of KltM'trltal knglne)ri.
1304 W. O. W. Bldf.
Pbos BodaTUa 6037.
To ntw caitomtrn only.
cwrtA Q V j jp00f
Exprt Charg9$ Paid f -jj
17 you hav Botut trlfd Baynr Wlilskay.
try It ui. Mail ua this ad ith W ccsnU
Id stamps or com nod we will ccimI you
full quart bottle of ilcnr YiwM
Stock BoliltdM-honi Whiskry la Mled
ceae cprji charge paid. im&oltUtU
tn-Brmd whlslcpy of the flnrst kin4
ealed withUtU.8.GovrmiTint'Grwn
Stamp over the cork fuily a. d. full
1004 proof, full mcavcure i urt tc plenae
you Ui every ay. Von taV.e no cheocee
e are one of the lri;it Diatillere la
AtntHce--kttin iej business 48 years
capital IVV.IioO.OO. V' for r'fkt Kom
ord r-r more tiae one quart if yov like
good will go forward by fcret xpreee.
Onlm fmiB N. Mi.. Colo.. Wye., Moot.,
and all ststcs VVost thorouf must ceil fnr
fl.uC tat im -usrt-iiss asuti. l-M
Adirmomr tuartif J.;t
D.rka, 0. Wask!ie, 0. C. St. L sst. He.
TcWsJ. 0. Bosasat. Mus. Ksasss Cily. H.
eWesrill, Ukia, lasisasMlis, laa.
Jackwe'Ule, Fla.
turn Orlaaas. U.
theUNPHER mi
s Stylo -Quality-Satisfaction PJ
' ' '
- -
There can be no doubt in your mind which one of
several high grade articles offered to you at a fair
price to select provided one of them has a free coupon.
Why not let your good judgment dictate your
choice in this instance.
Did You Receive a
Premium Catalogue?
The sooner you start saving the coupons tha
quicker you will get the premium.
Phone Douglas 1889, Luxus Mercantile Co., Dist.
Fred Krug Brewing
rr. Tarry'i mild hyaum of treatment cures Piles, Fiatulti. and other Rectal
discHitcsi. In a Khort tunc without a surgical oc.iern.tlon. No Chloroform, ther or
any other general anarethrltc used. A cure truarttntrrd In every case accepted for
ti futiiient, and ii.t nitmrv to be rail until oured. Write) for book on Keotal die
Cbsc containing lesumoi.lele of rrvinltu nt rcofle who have been permanently cured,
llt. lAUKV IUe llulldlug Omalia.
Apartments, flats, houses and cot
tages rented quickly by a Bee Want Ad.

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