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Mr Kim
furnish the
la end what ha is
mystery of the str.
Charles Allrn fleltiter. SC7 vp. sl.w
C M'-Clure; Co.
In the opening chapter Calumet Mars
ton, famed throughout Tcim, broncho
buster extraordinary, 1 returning, after
an abeence of many yeexa. to his father's
ranch on the erifo of the deeert. Ha
find that hi parent ia dead and the
ranch li twin run by a yoiitif woman,
who, aorordlng to hla father's will, la to
remain in cherae until sundry conditions
. ... , ' are accepted by Calumet. As theae con-
This yr'i graduating claw nt for th- wfonnlnB of thjlt
Central Hlfh school will romprls individual s somewhat turbulent dlsposl-
t0a and 123 rlrls, the same number jtlon. ha naturally beJke and declare war
of boya last year's riant and eight
Thii Tear! Clan at the Central
High School Comprise! 96 Boy
and 122 Oirli.
leas girt.
The commencement program will
b rlTn on the evening of June 1
at Brandels theater. The peaker
ha not been selected.
Principal Reed of the school has
followed the custom of suggestlne;
! that &irli obaertA simplicity In their
graduation dresses.
Mat at Graeaatee.
The name of the arraduatltic cla.
tproft-tdad they do not fall on tha (iam,
Allan. J. Porter
I person. Edward
Anderson. Carl
Anderson. Clara R.
Beaten, lunula
Keats. A. lewey
Benedict, Ralph
Blottkjr. Paul
Kradley, Kaymnnd
Hravlroff. leo it.
inrlatMtne, Vnj. V.
Bryana. Wlleon IV
Oetnpbell, JUmer B.
Campen. Wm. II.
Carpenter. F. XV.
Chaee, Philip II.
Cheetnnt, Kuwene
Chestnut, Lee
'lark, Ilobert H.
Parldaon, Warren
Edwarda, Robt. B.
-netrom, Krldnlf
Kveraon. Korreal V.
Fyler, Kred II.
Klothow. Paul O.
Fradentnira, Kendal
Osvemhan, Jacob 1.
Ollmor. l'hlllp l
Oould, Edwin
Graham, Victor
Herman, F. Iul
Hopper. Rueeal
Ilorton, W. Oa-dea
Hunter, Frank C.
Jenklna. John t.
Johnson, Ralph 8
Johnson, M' alter C.
Johnaon. Walter O.
Klpllnawr, Don
Klaurk, Raymond
Klein, Arthur
Klein, J. Herbert
Krampert, Frank I.
Kutak, Frank J.
larmnn, Tlusaell
Upp. Michael J.
Tjontpesll, Jamea P.
McLean. H. Vernon
Miller, frlwnrd M.
Moore. Roy C.
Moore. Wendell W.
Moorman, Harold R.
Moskowlti. Milton
Nu kum, Oliver C.
Nolilc, Clark F
Odell. Robert 8.
Paffeiiratli. Donald
Parker. Ijeurenf-e
Perks. Klburn C.
Pi-rli-y. hdwsrd O.
Perr1o. Ihsrtee
Pftereon, C. E.
I'l'ternon, Krsnk
IVirr'en, Johnnnie
Rathkey. A. C.
Hien nbrra, Frank
Rohwer, (lnri
Itountree. Othello
Rule. Walker J.
Mackott, Urym
Hellenharh, Herbert
Schmidt, Roy
K oil, Andrew C
Hcott. RiinaJd
HeTten, Harry
HhrLm, Arthur P.
Hlmmona. Biisrne
Hmlth. Kenvon K.
Street. Allan
ftrykrr, OaroM
Sinnmltt. Paul K.
A bra ma, Juna
Aam, Manaret
MeKander. H. K.
Allen, Alice L.
Allen. Lnore M.
Anderaon, Lillian
Andrreon. Nellie
Austin, t.leanor
Halley. I.oula
Raltzly, llva
Barnhart, M. C
Becker. Bei!ebelle
tlertech. ICIIaabeth
lioom. Marrlo U
Blotcky, Anna
Braden. Iorla
Breneman, Emma
Brodkay, Barah,
Byrne Francea A.
Carlyla, Thalma H.
f'arr, Irene M.
Cattln, Ruth H.
Chambera. Faya
Crumbllae. Opal O.
Culver. Mildred ,
Curtia, Helen
Kevli. Paulina w.
Debuae. Arlotta O.
Ietweller, Helen,
Kddy. Quito A.
F.lllott, CoHnna,
Klnvborg, Ruth M. ,
Flynn, Joan C
flant, Mary U.
finrvln. I Airy
Olvena. Llllla M.
Oraham, Ida
iro(, Ruth R.
Hurl. Ellaabeth 3.
HlxenbauKh, Maria
Hofmaa, Maraarat
lloel, Loula M.
Hoimqutat. Carolya
Holta, Hates
Howe. Helen
Hut ton, Hope B.
Jlutton, Ruth
Jenktoa, Aloha A.
Jerpa, Bel ma J,
Jensen. Myrtle
Johnaon, (ieraldlae
Johnaon, Maraaret
Joiaeaaen. Olga M.
Jones, Varna
Klna, H. Valma
Kloke, Ada
h reba. Alma
button. Blows T
Thompson, L. R.
Thrane, Walter
Tlrknor. Rarla V.
V'ann, Reuben
W.lker. A. M'.
Ward, Mm
Webber. Olenn S.
V eatrfleld, Jamea
Whittaker, pJirte
Wlrketrom. 'luetave
Wldenor. 1' K.
Wilbur, fl. I
Wlthey, Paul Fl
Taahlda. Yoahlmatau
Langdon, Gretchen
Lear, Kmlly,
ldelch. Lrelyn
Line, Ulea
Llneburc. Katharlna
Lipsey, Lena
Loftman, Helen
Lowe, Vlrflnla M.
Lyle, Iorothy
McMullen, Haael
MacCrone. Alberta
Marah, Laura L.
Meeklmen, Ila
Miller, lila
Miller. Juanlta
Moors, Ethel A,
M ore n, Onleda D.
Morln. Marie A.
MuUloon. Viola A.
Mulvlhlll. Madeline
Murphy, Mariorla
Nevey. Gladys
Newbranuh Kathiine
Noble, Martha
Orr. Vera J.
ttwena, Mvlellna
Paaoale, Rose
reteraen. Hannah .
felffer. lorelel
Predmeatky, Nora
Rau, Martha
Read, Gertrude
Reynolds, Gertrude
Robblna, Lola
Roblnaun, Htella
Roman, prrnlce B.
Rosalter, Mona F.
Rouee, Mary W,
Ruahton, Alice t
Ruaaell, Florence
falllna. Geraldlna
hallehury, Maraorlo
Handford, Helen
H he paid, Helen
Hlierman, Harriet
Mirpleaa, I ore.
Hlmon. Kye M,
Hmlth, ITIaa
Htenner. P'reda
Hiurtevant, Kath.
Hwanaon. Bee trice
Hweneon, Beaa
Walker, Florence
Watson. Ruth H
Watt, Frances M.
Welnsteln. Sophia
Weller. Ruth W.
Weal Bella
Weaterf leld,. Paulina
Whlta. Ada B.
Wolf, Mollle T
Kulakofsay. Hannah Woodruff, Margarst
New Books
By Kltaabet
Harper and
upon tha ' boee." He la soon called upon,
however, to fight his father's enemlea.
Incidentally those of the "boas." and
some exciting adventures enaua. Tha
question of who la "boea" at tha end of
tha book la In a sense left to tha reader s
Marlnn Reld-Glrardnt. Hfi pp. II
Hearst's International library.
A story of cowboy activities. In which
tha aim of ths author has been Hire to
make a true and araphlc picture of that
hfa than to tell a closely woven story.
Ifa hss provided Plenty of stlrrlnir Ind
ent, but ha narrates these events with
urn detail aa to make his pages a pan
orama of cowboy Ufa rather than tha
ovlng picture of awlft action alon
hose lines most authors of western
tortes fashion their tales.
Payne F.rskine. 401 pp. il.tt Little.
brown at Co.
Lury Bab la a beautiful, untrained girl,
hnae Innate Instincts are fine and hlarh,
ro that she takes up the burdens fate hut
ut upon her with a loyalty and pat'ence.
Her love story, her development when
biought Into contact with the outalde
orld, and her final evolution into tha
exquisite creature who wins alike moun
taineer and discriminating man or the
world, are told by a series of dramatic
Merrortaw! Cortlonnt Oroeht ton
White, ecru and colon. Epe- J
dally prled, a spool t
Indo or Columbia Twist For cro
cheting bed spreads. White, f. f
M cream and ecru. A spool.... v V
TatInn Hh tit tie With double rivet;
nickel plated. Regular 2 5c f
values, each XWC
CoronaHnn Ilralil White and colors.
6-yard pieces. Worth 16o.
Special Saturday, a piece. .
I Hire as Knitting Cotton White. Alt
slsee. For weaving table
mats. Special. 3 balls for.
i. Alt
Steel Crochet Hooks With
tora. Regular 6c quality, spe
cial, 2 for
Ktamped Night Ocrema On
quality nalneook, neat de
signs. Worth 60c, each. . ,
Ry Carolyn
B. Llpplm ott I
Welle, too pp. l fc. J.
The alxth novel In which ths suava and
polished detective, Fleming "tone, has
ppeared at tha necessary moment to
solve mystery and Place tha responsi
bility for crime upon unsuspected ehoul.
ders. In this book hs la not brought Into
the action until almost tha end of the
story, when suspicion, after hovering
around tha head of the heroine, has
timed to certainty In tha minds of all
tha other characters and aottled unon
he former secretary of the dead man.
Tha soene of the mystery la a fln old
mansion and Ila grounds Juet above New
orlc, and the occasion Is a house party
ihlch the owner of the eatate, a middle
ged, wealthy man. stern and precise.
alves In honor of his fiancee. One morn
ing tha host Is missing and presents his
dead body Is found concealed In the eel
la r. An Ingenious, complete and up-to-date
burglar alarm system takes an Im
portant part In the story, helplna to
re pen tha mystery.
-V.01 'wyr- PP. . A. C.
MoClurg CO.
Tha mystery and glamour of tha orient
hang over all these weird stories. They
treat of strange peoplaa who lava aad
naia wim nerca intenaity, or uncanny
adventures and of thlnas that wa of a
neaer civilisation find It hard to under
m pp. ti.so. a. p. put-
Le)ene. 41S pp. Ill
The story and moat of the characters
take their origin In tha middle weet and
there are some realistic ajreaea of Ufa
tn a small rtty la that region, located
eperlally by Mre. De)eaua In lUlnola
Mevoral of tho Important characters are
tntlmauly studied and oarafully por
traved. The heroine' a father. Jamas
tl let berg, dominating and unscrupulous
shrewd and cold, with a genius for mak
Ing money, la a good picture of th
typical captain of Industry. Hie wife.
meek, patient, overwhelmed and doggedly
falthful to his Interests, is clearly ae
forth. Tho man whom tho heroine mar
rtea, mora subtle and mora tempera
mental, ta also well dona, although calling
for a much finer touch In the handUng.
Tha heroine herself la a good example
of the modem young woman of wealth
who haa Inherited aotne of her father's
oool bralae. The story moves aiowly and
there la much paychologtcsjl study of mo
ttvaa, of purpuea. of temperaments. And.
finally, aa a whole, tha hook majr ba
talon aa a preeeatalloa of a phllooopby
of marruLge at the present time, a
philosophy that aodeavora to keep firm
hold upon tho finest Ideals of tho Insti
tution and to combine all that la beat In
the ooaoaptlon of It which haa eome
down out of tha past with the modem
and more spiritual view of Its possibili
ties. THE TFLLOvr CLAW By gj Moh.
roar. M pp. Its. McJJrtde, Kaet t o.
The eetloa takoa place la London, but
muck of It deals with aa underground
region of mystery , crime and gorgeous
trappings, From that bidden corner
oriental eioa reaches out a yellow olaw
and touches, numbs, and kllla people of
high station, sending a stream of poUon
through street and homes. A famoua
novel let to sitting la tvla study hard at
work la the middle of the night, when
his door bell rings and In rushes a
woman who Ulea to tell him something,
but faiata tn tho middle of ths sentence.
He humee out for help and tn five min
utes retara to find tho woman choked
to death beetle bis study table, where
she had tried to write her meesage. hut
bad lea only aoeae diacotiaaoUd words,
"ywur wife" and "Mr. King " Who this
Ethel M. Dell,
nam's Sons.
With Its soenss told partly In Bhsland
snd partly In India, tha story revolves
around tha act of tha heroins, wha mis
Into practice her belief that In a case of
hopeleee suffering tha only kindness la
to open the door Into the great beyond
The affect of her deed UDon the nhvil.
can, wnem she loves, and Its results la
k. ' . - - . .
"' ior revenge oy another are
m motives out of which the story grows.
MIRANDA. By Grace 1 W I-.i in
PP. el. St. J. H. Ltpptnrott company.
in Mama Schuyler" Miranda figures
as tha humorous, Jolly soul who brought
anout the happy ending. She was brim
run or joiuty and youthful tricks. Who I
could imagine Miranda falling In lore;!
and yet she doea and with a man whose!
Ufa to linked with that great movement,
the occupation of Oregon when threaten..!
by Bngllah rule. Miranda, Irrepressible
as ever, lead her rivals snd other
plotters a eptrlted race enjoying herself
Immensely tha while.
Bonner. TU pp. li.). l. Appleton A Co.
A young girl, rich and beautiful, with
out a care or an enemy in the world, takes
tea with her mother at o'clock In the
library of her home at Mapleohade and
that same night le found dead on a
loneeome country road 111 miles from
home. Molly Morgenthau, a day op
erator In the telephone exchange at I.ong
wood. N. J., tells how the different
straada were finally gathered together
over her telephone wires and how ette
got a clue which will aire the reader . !
sensational surprise. Jack Reddy. one
of Mylvla's lovers: other lovers leaa d
slrable; a stepfather, uncongenial and
severe: the absolute disappearance of
Sylvia's French maid end
factors keep Molly and the reader rueee
mg ana ineoriting up to the very final
sV Co.
picture of
FIVI1 COrtNE-RS. By Arnold
PP. II li. A. C. McClurg
finds Its apotheoato In this
youth life among tha Michi
gan Hollanders Bram Is a bright.
ambltloua boy, hampered by raeo tradi
tlone. but blessed by the companionship
of a wise, liberal-minded minister. How
hie first lovo affair came to disaster
through the Influence of modern educa
tion, and how tho new proved to be tho
true, beautiful, and lasting, la told with
the author e ability to Interpret the Ufa
of a people In our midst little) known.
Parkers at South Omaha paid an aver
ago higher price for hogs Friday than for
any day this year The bulk of sales
went at t7.es to 7 .. aad tha top prtoa
was IT.M. which equals anything of tha
Omw "Jllasr" Otter -Tate em 4 ge.
Doe't miss this. Cut out this slip,
enclose with to to Foley at Co.. Chicago,
III., writing your name and addrees
clearly. You will receive In return a
trial package containing Foley's Honey
and Tit Compound, for eoughg, colds
and croup: Foley Kidney Pills, for peine
In sides aad back, rheumatism, back,
acne, kidney aad bladder ailments; aad
Foley Cathartlo Tablets, a arheloaome
and thoroughly doe aa Ing cathartic Stout
people enjoy them. Bold everywhere.
Nt a mood Pillow Tope sunrl Arnrfi
Crosn-stitched designs. Regu
lar 2 fic and 35c vain., choice.
Novelty Itralds White and ecru. 4
and 6 -yd. plecea, including turtle
and fancy novelties. A 1ft,
piece 1UC
For All Uses
Plain and Fancy "Warp
Prints, Moire Taffeta, Roman
Stripes 5 and 5V inches wide.
All silk. Unusual valuos, yard
Queen Elizabeth Neck Ruff
Many novel and beautiful
styles, in white, black, black
and white, alno colors. Pretty
and dainty finish, Prices
50c to
$2.25 ;
Gladiolus Bulbs
k jgAliiaif '"' " i-sejMMaM.lsW
Candy Specials
In the randy Department Pompc'lan
Special Black Walnut Oreara Caramel
Koll Rolled In black walnut OQ
meats. Special, a pound. ... eC
Assorted Cocoannt Balls Vanilla,
strawberry and chocolate.
Saturday, a pound
AmIUmI Peanuts A
Our Hellclous Pompelan Chocolate
Hitter Hnerti and Hwiss Htyle Milk
t'lxMtiUtea Creamy nut and
fruit centers. A pound.
A Hpec'lal Box of Assorted Chocolate
A variety of everything O Q
good. Regular SOe grade, box a&aC
ripetcial Suiuiuor Candy Maple Con
fections -Maple Cocoa Balls, Maple
t. ems, Maple Caramels and
Penochio. Saturday, a lb. ,
Vanilla Cream Dipped Brasil
Nut A pound
OtdFaahioned Hlui k Walnut
Taffy A pound
f),i)0i of 1 ho Finest Gladiolus
Mullis nil colors and best va
nities. Saturday,
a dozen
Cut Flower Department.
1,500 Women's Real Seal
Bags, Value to $3.00,
On Sale Saturday at
F.vptv baf real seal and real rin seal. Regular &2.00 and
- j 0
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this price
ieuiar ?.w uikj
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Hosiery and Underwear
47 cases of Summer Hosiery and Underwear for Women
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Lisle Hosiery, and in fine Cotton Underwear, juBt the very
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Women's Black. White and Fiuicy Silk Hosiery Some with embroidery
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Pure thread silk, full fashioned, reinforced soles, heels and toes; wide
carter tops, some all silk, others with lisle tops. Regular
$1.00 and $1.25 values, a pair
Women's Black, White and Colored Silk Fiber Hot Fiber to the hem,
wide garter tops: full seamless, double heels and toes. Er
Regular ROc quality, pair OOC
Women's F1br Silk Boot Hon All colors and black and white, fawns,
putty, sand, Alice blue, champagne and many other new nr.
shades. Worth 86c. pair eCOC
Full seam-
Worth 85c, pair
Women's fiber Silk Boot Hone Black and white,
less, spliced heels and toes. 25c quality, pair. . . .
Women's Black and White Silk Lisle Hose With wide garter tops.
double heels and toes; all seamless, worth 19c, Satur
day, a pair
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Men's .Fiber Silk Hose In all colors, full seamless, double
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. 19c
. 19c
Women's Venetian Silk Bloomers
Reinforced; black and white
only. Itogular $2.25
values, pair
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Swiss ribbed; dainty crochet lace
yokes. Regular 25c qual- q
ity. each 1 aC
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Nushape, cuff and umbrella
knee styles. Sites 4, 6 and
6. Very special, a auit.
HoyV Nainsook I'nion Salts Ath
letic styles. All ages to 16
years. Worth 35c, suit.
Is Atlt-
Song Hits for Saturday, Selling lOc
The) Instantaneous novelty
song success
Sprinkle Ue With Kanea
s... . st raM aassi m mmm .
k"fiowi Among the Skeltering Pitas'
p can't be the i
We'll )ust be the
we can't be the same old Sweethearts,
eta mends.
""iw"w(t Ke7lwXi!rX?w'orMs .
J USIS s .
awca Sheas)
Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner
He'd Keep On Serins Goodnight
riram 11 Don't Give A Darn)
m Proud to be the Mather of a Soldier
With that He Was Rack In Tiprerary
In the F.venlng By the Moonlight
Kiss That Made You Mine
La Petttte Coquette
Mr Dream Clrl
It oil On Harvest Moan
S wen nee Koaa
When I Was a Dreamer
Walking Through I -over' i Lane
Wrap Ms m s Bundle
Whv Don't Thev Set film
You art My Flower el Love
450 Bsubi i
At Less The
A sale that will arouse the great
A prominent New York coat manufacturer -old us hi- oi
rm .n..i! :..i..j- ff twnTv nprnsion and tin yaiuo
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The Collection
Auto Coats
Party Coats
Golf Coats
7E1 For Coats Worth to $15
About 200 Coats in this lot that will
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j r 1
an 1 m aTtv i
Children s Uaj
In Our Misses' aWl
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We also mention our line of Play Hats,
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IT J-. - Special, for
A Beautiful Lot of Combination
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Gowns Mad with scalloped edge
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atle, full length and width. nf
Special Saturday 3 C
Brassieres Open front
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trimmings of lace or embroidery
or back,
White Petticoats Circular or
ble flounce effects, trimmed with lac
mDroidery; also pique with (t
circular flounce aj X
or (1
- l
2,000 Women's, (ft
Worth to $5.00, 3
Women's Fine Oxfioi
kid, black satin, patent i
tan calf. Hand turned oij
heels; latest lasts and patter 1
$3.50 to $5.00. A most ti
season. Every size and widi
though many lines are wnb
ia s, La Valhere, strap and
Ihe entire lot goes on sale
bhoe Dept., pair ....
Special Demonstration Sat
urday of this New
V Beaatiful
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and Wonderful
Model of the
and YOUR Old
J Sewing Machine
Will Do.
If you knew the quality, guarantee and liberal terras of
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Come today and tee what $1.00 and your old Sewing Ma
china will do.
In Our China Department
500 Pieces of Rich Brilliant,
Cut Glass on Sale Saturday
Factory samples, including vasp,
hugarp and creamers, raayonnais?
sets, -rater jiios, decanters, bowls,
trays, ice cream tray,
jug?, etc. Values to $8.5'.
e ,
fed hv,A
Etched Gold Table Tumblei s
Spccinl Satnrdav, r-acU
fr-ifV If
ttr bis; ta?tiiK in
partment, third fl"
Boys' New 3
4.0O, $5.0O a""
All-Wool Blue Serir .
patterns in splendid
have two pair of iro'ix.
jf'eols and fancy I'!''"'
1 2 years. Your enm' J i
at, each
lot lndi'des maiijjt
1 suits l:i a ""1 I
rfts, dew ui-
$10 and .l f
ly, cUo:i . ' 1
in ode
blua ttifts
trays a
All 1 be
Wash Suits, $1.00
Hurirrds new style wssh suit ts.at
heeu wlUnn at J1.35 to $:'.50. a ff" slif).
foiled. MHJy. Vestee. Russian, i:. )
V.r Tinlst nH iillnr ctrla mint' CTi' l" '"'1"
t if ii lly embroidered: also tilain tie
a l.irje vsviaiy of new color ef
'ots in plain and fancy models
A?.n I to S years

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