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Friday, May 14, 1915.
HE orange blossom crop In growing la turning n urn be ft Jnst dot.
An engagement of interest to many will be abpoanred very 'noon.
Cast your eagle eye on the column that knoaa several days benre
, and you will get It. . ,
A very good looking brtinette la confiding to her intimate frlenda tout
her 4ays of ainglenese are soon to be over and Incidentally abowlng them
aa mnnmally beautiful diamond ring. Her father la greatly Interested In
the affaire of aute and for the last two yeara ha been living between
Omaha and Washington. The affair la the culmination of a long standing
romance. The man ia with hla father In the Insuring and land business,
and la the older of two brothers. These young men,, with their mother,
vera caught In the war (one a year ago. The wedding Is to be celebrated
Connecting Links Between Omaha
Park! on" North Side Are to
fie Pushed.
to nave lnree-1 ear
Tot for Their Own
Luncheon for Mr. Kent.
Mr. E. 8. Rood entertained at lunch
eon today at the Colonial In honor of
Un. William Kent of California, who
was the speaker at the Equal Franchise
society tea at the Fontenella Thursday.
Peonies brightened the luncheon table.
Covers were laid for:
fedllm- Mauds mee
WllUam Kent. C. W. Huaeell,
Bdward U Piirke, Halleck Hose,
J. M. Metre If. E. M. Kalrfteid.
Z. T. Undser, E. 8. Rood.
To Honor Hn. Gnnther.
Mrs. Arthur Pinto entertained at lunrh
eet Thursday In honor of Mrs. B. W.
GuaUisr, who eaptured the top-score pin
at 'Mm whist tournament, held recently
In " Boston. The ruests were seated at
one long table, which had a denoratlon
of bridal Arreath and asparavua fera et-tendln-
the whole length of the table.
The pleoe sards carried out the white
color scheme. Oarers were placed for:
'Vfeadamea Mesdames
E. W. Otinthsr, Jamee C. Chadwtck,
J. -J. flultven, Harry Jordan,
Oeofwe Heverwtlok. I'M lip Potter.
W. J. Ooodrtoh, Charles Pweet.
C. K. Content, John Harts
Arthur Pinto, Morrison,
Miss Nellie Wakstey.
At Fontenella Park.
A number of the Savred Heart (Iris
atvwt aa sotoysbla plcnio at Fontenella
park on Thursday, May It The day
waa spent In the usual ptcnlo fashion.
The party waa chaperoned by Miss Claire
MctCsnna and Miss Margaret Bolan.
Those present: were:
Missus MUees
Ttelene McKanna. Pallida Hoern,
Hose Elliott, Adelaide 0'Nal,
Nora O Nelll, Catherine Maker,
Sernadette Connor. Helen Swift,
Gertrude ItnKenna, Mary Romm.
Rose Komm, lir(irt loUn.
Anes Coffey, , Claire McKenna.
On the Calendar.
Mrs. B. A. MePermott will rive a
brklse party Tuesdsy afternoon of next
The class of 1911 of Cretthton univer
sity will hold their annual banquet and
class reunion at the FontcnelleTVsdnes
day evening. June S.
The Coronado club will give a dancing
party this evening; at Chambers' academy.
The second subscription dance of the
Seymour Lake Country club will be given
this evening at the club house. .
The Pagaleo club will give a dancing
party Thursday evening, May M, at Krug
rrk. ,
For House Guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hamilton lavs a
beautifully appointed dinner last even
Ink ut the Fontenella In honor of their
house guestr, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barber.
A hUh silver vass of Klllarney roses
end pink shades candlelabra decorated
tbe table and the guests entertained In
cluded. Mestra and Mesdames
Jaok Hurber. J. T. Mewert, W.;
K. It. Kprsgus, Glrnn O. Wharton.
Mleere W Inure
tivv cuHle, Fllaaleth Davis.
Monte Itavls,
Messrs Meters
I.swrenre Brlnker, Fen Uallngher.
Robert Burns,
Collegiate Alumnae to Meet
The annual meeting of the Association
of Collegiate Alumnae will be held Sat
urday afternoon at the home of Mist
Ethel Tukey. Aside from the ei.'tun of
officers, a home for nest year will he
discussed, as well as the establishment
of a bureau for vocational guidance.
To Honor Visitor.
Mr. Charles Hamilton entertained at
dlnnr Thursday, evening at the Fon
tenelle complimentary to Miss Harriett
Bobbins of Ortnto, Neb., who has been
the guest of friends In Omaha this
week, Covers were placed for four.
At Scottish Bit Temple. '
The Scottish Hfle Woman's club met
this aftereo-n it 1 the cathedral. Mrs.
Frank Pktton WS in charge of the pro
gram and Mrs. Frank Rudolph the host
ess. To Honor Bride.
Mrs. D. Cohn entertained at lunoheon
today at her 'home In honor of Miss
Ooldle Alplrn; a brlds of this montn. A
large bowl of yellow tulips decorated the
table and oovsra were placed for tin.
Personal Mention.
Miss Amy Palmqulat returns Saturday
evening from a two month' trip to Cali
fornia. . , , .
Jeff W. Bedford.' who has been suf
fering with an attack of malarial fever
for the last. week, expects to be at his
desk about the first of next week.'
Congressman And- Mrs. William kent
of California, who have been the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. fcdward 1 Burke during
the week, leave tonight for their home,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Waltman have gone
to Hanover. Miss., to visit their son,
Waltman., who Is there a student at t)art
mouth collet's. Mr. Waltman will return
home with- bis -parents.
r - - 8
Commiseloner Hummel of the
park and boulevard flepartment an
nounces that -work will be started
soon on two new boulevard projects
which w.-lll be connecting links be
tween Fontenelle park and Miller
park and Fontenelle park in a south
westerly direction to the Happy Hol
low boulevard.
A survey will be made soon from a
point at Forty-third street and Ames
venue, fust toUtstde of Fontentlle rark,
around Fort Omaha to Thirty-sixth and
Curtis avenue, and thence to Millet park,
connecting with the Florence boulevard,
a distance of m mile and a half. The
other link will start at Forty-sixth street
end . Military avenue st the south en
trance of Fontenelle park and will extend to Miller park and oil has been ordered
toward the southward to the Happy Hoi- for the southwest boulevard system.
low boulevard, also a distance of about
Dolores Rowell, I years old, is the Issue
In a contested divorce suit between Mrs.
Valberg Rowell and Charles Arthur
Rowell on trial before District Judge
Three women, her mother and two
grandmothers. Mrs. Charles H. Rowell
and Mrs. Minnie Hansen, are anxious to
have her custody. Earn parent alleges
that the other Is unfit to have It
Dolores Is willing to live with any of
the three. Mrs. Charles Rowell. who,
according to the evidence, has had the
care of her for the longest period of
time, testified that she adored the child.
"I worship her," waa the answer she
gsvs to an attorney's question.
Mrs. Howell aoouees her husband of
cruelty. She testified that be used bad
language and tore the telephone from the
wall after accusing her of talking with
other men.
rtt will be used for the purchase of pic-J
The program follows:
Welcome Robert Coufsl
Vocel Duet
Amanda Tebbens. Grace Poole
Old Rover Gladys Petrie
Dramatisation of Pocahontas
Pocahontas Clara Pesse
Captain Smith Roland Seott
Powhattan Merle Jones
Medicine Man Helnrtch Heine
Other characters School
Music Bruno English. Howard English
Booh Margaret Blttner
Scottish Reel Thelma Blark
Sketch "Mother Oooee"
Mother Oooee... Mary Dalley
Jack Homer John Jackson
Tommy Tucker Wslvm Kurts
Mies Muffet F3sa Schaefer
Jack and Jill
Bruno English
Brown Betty
Vocal Selection
The Hollyhock
Color Fairies
Fifth and Sixth Grade Girls
Good Night Evelyn Fluhr
a .mile and a half.
Make Savveys Tkls Spring-
Ordinances covering these Improve
ments will be offered soon and surveys
will be mads this spring. The land along
the route wilt be condemned In the usual
manner, f appraisers appointed and as
sessments ' made gainst the abutting
froprrty for the payment of the land
acquired.' Mr. Hummel believes that the
routes will be determined, land acquired
gnd assessments .made this year, so that
work of. actual Improvement may be
started next Season. - He - regards these
boulevard links as Important parts of
the general boulevard scheme contem
pt Med for Greater Omaha.
In an address thla week to members
of the Newport-Belvtdere Improvement
club at Thirty-Sixth and Kansas avenue
Mr. Hummel .gave . assurance of these
Improvements. .
The John A, Crelghton boulevard from
Thirty-eighth and Hamilton streets to
Ferty-eecond and Sprague has been com
pleted, with the ' exception of a aubTai
under the Belt Line tracks at Thlrty
flrst and Sprague streets, which will be
finished within a few days. This boule
vard will be thrown open for trafflo
within the next week. When developed
this boulevard will be an attractive drive
way, the commissioner states.
Florence boulevard has Just been oiled
Judge Henry Neil, father of the
mothers' pensions idea, will be in Omaha
In a few days, on his way to the
Mothers' Pension congress at San Fran
cisco In July. Judge Nell ii lh first
person to advocate mothers pensions,
and his plan has been adopted In twenty
tve states, Including Nebraska,
Arthur Wartendyke. 1915 Webster street,
an engineer at the Calumet restaurant,
was scalded about the ohest this morn
ing at 11:30. A steam oock In the boiler
room waa turned on while he was leaning
over It He Was given emergency treat
ment by Dr. H. M. Fllsglbbons and taken
to a hospital.
Toe pupils of Vinton school gave a
program yewterday afternoon and
evening la the auditorium of their school.
Proceeds received from the sale of ttok-
tOc box of Java Rloe Faoe Powder, all sbaxasa. out to
Mennen's Msssatta. or Williams' Talcum Powders for
76c slae Kri. Plnuad'a Lilac VsgetsJ Toilet Water for
tOo and some 75c Toilet VTatsrs, all odors, cut to
Sic Tlx, Coloctds Compound or Allen's Foot Ease,' for
tOc sits of Pure Peroxide of Hydrogen, about 14 ounces for ...
All 2tc end H6c Tooth Brushes out to
10c Shlnola Shoe Polish, tan or black, for
I-a Trefle, Axurea or irjer Kiss Face Powder for
11. BO Bottle of Orlentsl Cream Gourad's for
11.00 alie Sal Hepatlca, Saturday, at
Ivory Snap, 6c else at five ( bars for
U00) Dr. Hlnkles' (fescara Tablsts or Phenols Wafers for.
tl.!S values in Oil Tanned Automobile Chamois Skins for ...
tl IS slae Feather FkWre Robber Rponaes, out to
is on fountain Hvrtnges and bottle, out to
. ase
. .100
. 80
. see
. .I8o
, .10o
.. .So
. .830
. .890
O XT TIM'S, double cream whipped before freesing. Ioe Cream ta Gotten eo
en away from It and remember you are Gotten
popular that there is no Gette
ATTravDAY caarDT
frosen delicacy with its great hypnotic powers for the same price at
iiiors are ietten ror tnetr ce cream.
our rountatn ss our oomp'
gOrJOTSTi Oe ValmMra Walpwed Oream caoeolatee. B9o
Waste TeaTe gore of Oettea What the
Xtoetoe OrAr
letB ad Keward Ste., Phone
Prompt aad Free Delivery.
Alice Grobeck
Fay Ackr
Miss Bnlln
.Margaret Nielsen
Window Shades Cleaned
Keaafaotvere and Olsaaere.
ISIS raraaca . Benalae as as
Is Oan son's Cafe the beat place
In Omaha to eat?
and I
Here you get the best coffee In I
the city, and pastry that will I
make you forget the pies that m
mother nsed to make.
Our 33c lunch and 60c din- I
ner need but a trial to make
you a regular patron. e
Ganson's Cafe
150S-10 HOWARD ST.
To the Women of Omaha Here it Your Opportun
ity to Get the Finest of Home-Made Materials at a
Big Sacrifice Sale
Tomorrow Saturday
S3 to SO Xeww Than Department Stores Ask.
Imported linens, crochet . Insertion and ends; two
rarda lad vr.ou
dl 11
lnen crochet and fringe trimming glO.OO
table runner with crocheted oluny gt.SO
T.lnen imi
Piano Scarfs, crocheted -in. butterfly edge, $18.60
Handsome IS-ln. round lunch cloth; S-lnch hand '
crocheted llnan oluny edge .faa.00
48-in, square lunch cloth, in cut work SlS.oo
48-in. square lunch cloth, beautifully exnbfd, giaso
Dainty hand embroidered Blip and Dreswea SOeto S3 -Flannel
skirts; crocheted, tatted and embroidered
caps, nlghtengmlee, bootees, hand made felt shoes,
towel and bib.
Large assortment of doilies, center pieces, pillow
cases and towels. Beautiful Night Gowns, cro
cheted yokes and embroidered gaao up to Se.OO
Hand made bed spread, crocheted strips set together
with linen strips; actual value 190; today. . .$6000
j Mrs. C. S. Marshall B
Address All SCall
Shop Phone X. 379
raoas wu. mm.
n. see. u a
1 ' i i i nil., .MMeaaeaaesaaaaesaasaaassaaaisaaasisasasssnsMBiBBii
' I 1 mM "l " " "
n H IT?0
me n
n n
Tf TP aTl a Tl
Mpaftnck s
Auto Jumps Bank . .
and Plows Garden
A heavy roadster, bearing three men.
hurtling northward at terrific speed on
Th!t (y-slith street at I o'clock this morn
ing - struck two bumps at the Laeaven
worth street Intersection and became ua
mer.ageebl. The machine roiled Into a
vacant lot on the northeast corner and
down a sixty degree embankment where.
It stopped In a pile of brush.
The vacant lot. Incline and all. had
recently been plowed up and made Into
a garden by a neighbor, who, fortunately
fr the autoiata, plowed deep. ' It wi
due to this that tha wbsels sunk hub
deep Into the dirt and held the car up
right until the momentum subsided.
Immediately after the accident the oc
cupants called a taxicab and cams down
town where they received medical atten
tion. Ttie car could not be moved.
-rT,e . neighbor who plowed the lo
heard tha men tslklng. but could not
distinguish the words. He thought that
thty mere burying something In the lot I
which Is partly shielded bv trees and !
shrubbery, and he called the polloe, who
arrived on tbe dead run. Just In tlms to f3
miss the autoists, who passed them on
the road i
. tly, isn t it h6t! , Just as we sat down and took bur pencil in hand to writs you a few lines, hoping to find you in f avwable mood, somebody remarked behind ns "My, isn't it hot! ' '
and at once H seemed as if our temperature ffot higher anfi higher, and before we knew it we, too, were exclaiming: "Phewl" This power of sureestfon mental attitude, if you please
nas wonderful influence over we poor mortals. It occurred to us that we might think up a SALE TOR SATURDAY suited to tbe temperature a temperamental sale, if you please,
which would have a cooling effect and oause you to think of us gratefully in the hot days which are still to be
' Arid when you have said all this, there is
still 'much more to saydean, comfortable,
correct; . dust-shedding, non-creasing, light
and alrv-don't yo.u feel as if you want one?
You will if you come Saturday and glimpso
the two lots featured specially at 24.75
and $35) 50. ;
. WOdL-SUITS. Yes, we dare mention
wool, for you will find many days, cool
morris and chilly eves, when wool suit will
feel aU right. Perhaps you will seek cooler
climes, and then think how welcome an . at
tractive suit of hard twisted serge or a neat
black and white suit just the right weight
for; cofcifcrt, and withal cool looking and
seasonable. A very attractive lot for Batur
day, not one worth less than $25 00, will
be offered yes, will be sold-at $16-75
each. ' ' ' ' ' '
We have dug put a little lot. of suits not
quite so desirable as those mentioned as a
matter of fact they cost Us originally more
money k farewell sale Saturday; at $3.75
Rose O'Neill M'l;son, formerly of this i
city, baa Inst her suit to rstsbllih e-)
clutlve claim to the uss of the term
"Kewples" aa a trademark. Not with- i
standing that she aa tho creator of the
Kewples ahs neglected to secure trade
mrk registration, allhougli ahe
glinted a deelim patent and a copyright
Ouverlixe her creation.
In bis decii-n tae commissioner ef
pa'enta ststed. "Neither a coDvrtaht nor
a dt-eicn patent ror.feri any trade-mark
ngbL" A manufacturer of children's
suits was sustained ia hla claim to the
right of using the trade-mark "Kewpte."
PALM BEACH SUITS-Quite the rage
in the east. The material is so suitable for
summer wear that there can be no question
of their popularity. We will feature "The
Kenyon," a highly tailored garment con
fined to us for Omaha. Prices for Suits, $10,
$12.50, $15. Coats, $8.50. First shipment
shown Saturday. ..........
Out will go a lot of skirts at mighty lit
tie prices. Every one a bargain. Prices,
$1.08, $2.98 and $4.98 each. '
'. . There is to be a new deal on skirts.
Not quite ready to spring it yet. .Within
thirty days you'll know, and when the
story is told you will be convinced that
this is still one more line which you
should buy at Kilpatrick's. As a mar
iner would say, "Keep your weather eye
offer a lot of coats for wee ones and juniors.
How we do love the little kiddies do you
know, we never liked the term kids, bat
kiddies seems fonder and more fitting.
Which one of us would not consider their
comfort before our own? A coat, an extra
coat if you will, is not a bad thing to have
on hand for riding, picnics, croquet, boat
ing, etc. Perhaps the old one is a trifle
shabby. If so, here's your chance. 3 to 17
years. Sold up to $12-50. Saturday,
$3-98 each.
sweeter than a fresh young girl in pure
white? Some, perhaps, have their charms
accentuated through a little color in the
trimming; or, again, some there are who
look piquant or gorgeous in a colored thin
airy fairy gown. This is just to remind you
that we have 'em all AND THEN SOME.
Summer hats for children. Straw, duck,
silk; cool, attractive, low in price indeed,
from 50c upwards.
Some time ago we told a story about an
apron a simple apron which worked won
ders from an ad point of view. IT WAS A
BUNGALOW APRON. Saturday, just to
draw you to our SECOND FLOOR, we are
going to sell a similar lot at 35 each. The
former price was 50 the sale was a suc
cess. If you did not buy before you win
now, and if you did buy before you will
want more.
New Petticoats on the next table the
wide cut with circular ruffled flounce;
$1.50 and up.
The popular soft taffeta silks, leading
colors, also fancies, $2 50 and up,
LINEN that neither moth nor rust will cor
rupt, we were going to say; neither sun nor
water will fade and it's non-creasable, which
is much more to the point. Nev Ver Fade
you ask for and the price is 75 yard.
General Manager tail In of the Oregon
Hhort Line Is In the rlt, enroute from
New York to his headquarters in Ba'.t
Lake City. In New York eddltlcnal du
ties were sdld to Mr. Calvin, lis having
been elerted vt.' president of the Eaa
feore line.
Ia tbe east Vr. Calvin four.d soma Im
provement In business ooi.dltk.na, but
oi.re found ths situation as good as
la tie gwUal west.
WOMEN'S HOSIERY We have a very
popular stocking made from a fibre, with
all the sheen of silk; it is sometimes sold as
No. 1&39, in black and white, is fibre
half way, price is 35? pair.
No. 512, in block and white and colors,
ia fibre all the way, 50 pair.
Our latest fancy all silk stockings at
$1.00 are having big sale. Note, if you
please, that we sell the stripes also at $1.00.
Here we claim leadership. Now that's an
easy thing; anyone can make such a claim.
But to substantiate that's the rub. Let's
see if we can make good our claim. EX
GOOD MERCHANDISE, courteous, con
scious that service counts service on their
part, satisfaction on the part of the gar
ment All this backed by the KILPATRIOK
POLICY honest merchandise, truthful
statements, THIS YOU GET not only yes
terday and today, but always and ever. ON
who will aspire.
Union Suits Saturday, 25c and upwards.
Our Milanaise Silk Underwear spells
luxury; the moderate prices will surprise
to serve you we mean serve. None of that
hoighty. toighty, high mightiness that you
find in some counter jumpers. Nol Our
salesmen are common sense fellows with
gray matter in their spheroid here tol
SERVE you.
A Special Union Suit at 59 SATUR
DAY could say instead of $1.00, but that
wouldn't be right it never was worth a
dollar in Kilpatrick's. The bleachers have
called it a 0RA0KERJA0K for 59 and
it surely is.
Now some Staple Tram tbe Basement, aU un
derpricod Standard Calico, 5 Cents; Standard Ginghamv
On tat 82-Inch Anaoefceag Chambray, g Cents;
34-Inch Standard Percale, gtt Gents; lOe White
onttnc fH Oenta; 18e Prtetod Orepe 14tt Cental
75c 81x99 Seamles Sheet. 54) OenU( Printed
Klaxon, 17 W Cents.
POOR OLD CHINA Peace-loving, flowery
kingdom for 4,000 yeara praying to Confucius
only to be let alone didn't want anything from any
body; turned the right cheek: abnoat before the left
waa smitten and then smiled as if It waa enjoyed.
How the nations of the earth have been Impressed by
thy HEATHEN Tlrtnea Or are they heathen?
Hasn't marh to do with Porcelain Ptatea and Dlshea,
yov aayT They gaTe the name, dldnt they, and we
learned from them the secret of "
We have a splendid assortment of choice bits
of China. Foreign receipts hare stopped, prac
ttoany. War risks. Insurance, etc., adds consider
ably to the coat and there la no absolute guarantee
of delivery. In addition to the exclnalre choice
things, we will offer a lot ef Important seta, at a
discount of 10 per cent, baaed on what we might
be able to do now. Means a aarlng of 80 to 40.
Bavarian, Dresden Pattern, 'pieces, a set. .$31.10
French China, White with Red Rose, 98 pieces, at,
a set t $40.07
French China, Careen Spray, 181 pieces a set. $48.30
French China, Tan and Pink, 181 pieces, set. $58.75
French China, Oreen Gevtand, 121 pieces, aet. $57.30
French China, Blue, Band Rosea, 119 pieces, at, a
aet $3Sw60
BararUn, Green, CoarentionsJ, 158 pieces, at, a
e $83.01
French, Blue and Qreea, 1X1 pieces, a set. . .$88.29
French Octagon, 111 pieces, set $108.01
Ten Per Cent to be sOS taken from these priors.
Now listen to what you get la m full aet
Tea Onpa and Banners, A. D. Coffee Cups and
Saucers, Coffee Cups and Saucers, Bullion Oops,
Dinner Plates, Breakfast Platea, Cake Plate, Muffin
Dish, Salad Plates, Bread and Butters, Sauce Plates,
Soup Plates, Oatineala, Egg Cups, Chop Plate, su
gar and Creamers, Small Dish, Medium Dish, Large
Dish, Covered Dish, Gravy Dish, SmaU Platter,
Medium Platter, Large Platter.
THIRD FLOOR Marquisette, 40 Inches wide,
white Ivory and ecru; 10 Cents Instead of 85 Cents.
A beautiful summer curtain. Bungalow neta, sold
up to 05 Cents, Saturday at 39 Cents. Edging to
trim, 3 Cent a yard. Brass rods, 7 Cents each.
One lot of Imported Swiss and Muslin; sold un to
COc, at 20 Cents a yard. P
ART DEPT Stamped Nightgowns 30 Cents In
stead of 60c; Pillow SUps, 39 Cents fuetead of SOc.
Look up ad in Wednesday nlght'a papers on
gloves. Ask for them Saturday. Worth 7oln to
a tittle troulHe. And we'll get you to read ourds
Vast win reap the profit; we'll a customZ
t I

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