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nintiff Sayi He Did Not Threaten
,to Vote Democratic Riff-Eff .
at Republican Primary.
M-ftACT15. N. T.. May !. WlllUm
PirWI resumed th witness et.nd In th
urrn eourt here today to continue, his
dtreet testimony In his llhel suit against
Theodore Roosevelt.
H nilam M. Ivan, first ukH Mr.
Fames about the testimony of Iyal W.
FYs nee. a. witness for Colonel Rooeevelt,
Who . quoted Mr. Birnr as fin In
speaking of direct prlmarlee that ha
oeuKl ruin the reputation of any fan
hjr ,throwln enoush llmelUrht upon htm
and that he could vote the rtff raff of
the. democratic party In tha repuMloan
prtmarlea and ao dletust the people that
tney would demand the repeal of tha
primary law.
What I said to Mr. Ttn," asserted
Mr. Hemes, "u that I wu against the
primary law at It then atood. I said that
the opposite party could Injur any man
ta th prtmarlea If It dealred to do ao.
"TDid you say the system of direr
primaries u aubveratv to party In
terestsr "H couldn't be."
Mr. Fames aald he recalled when Cor
net .Roosevelt went to Afrfca and hi
re torn.' During tha Colonel'a. absent
Timothy Woodruff waa chairman of the
mrntillran Mate committee. Asked what
bAfpxned at meeting of tha etat eonv
Bitttoe to ch.xee a temporary chairman
f ths stat oon'eetittoii of 1918, Mi
Barn) said:
, I "William )U Ward and Cblonal Rooss
Veft were ki a room In a New Tor
JboUl Colonel Roorlt told me I took
Via direct nomination matter too eerlmiely.
"JHe said h did not understand my action
in wng tot Vloe President Ehermas aa
TOiapmaay ctuktrman aa ha understood I
did not appro of aome of th thtnira
islon dorta th administration of Mr.
Tail He aald h thought I should hay
WtdJ for ttm al temporary ohalrman. I
!B1 I had read bta apeeoh at Oeawaiomte
and tha dootrte of new nationalism and
jthat J did not acre with Ma tdeaa.
Mr, Barns then explained bow Cblonal
JRooaeTsit became temporary onalrman of
the aoawratton and aald that In appoint
tag tha oommltte of reeolutkms tha dale--tion
(ram Mr. Sherman's dlatrlct had
'laotinunaoded a man. but tha' Colonel
KauaneaH appointed soma on ale. Mr.
Same told of th nomination of Henry
BU Stlmaon for governor. Ir. Barne
eld ha aomtn&ted no one. Colonel Roos
fe!t. mad tha speech nominating Mr.
jsjtirason after he had retired aa tem
porary chairmen.
Bold Holdup Man
Uses Sough Means
In Bobbing Woman
Th earne man who en Tuesday night
held up and robbed, four persons In se
cluded spot near tha neighborhood of
Twenty-fifth and Caa last night at
o'clock stopped Mrs. . O. M. Errlckson,
I7T3 Burt street, near th Webster Street
chooL and. after knocking her down.
robbed her of a pair of diamond ear-
crews, a diamond ring, II, a watoh and
two ether rings. He aseaped I
Th robber is described at being smooth
shaven, coarse featured, broad shoul
dered, full chested and about flv feet
ftv tnches In height II talks th argot
cf the profeesional thief. Last night lie
was dressed In a telescop hat, a blue
soft shirt and dark trousers. J
His activities caused Captain Dempsey
to order sn extra crew of patrolman and
detectives on duty and to Increase th
hours at th motorcycle pottc.
Th Fellowship club of th -Young
Women's Christian association will pre
sent two plsys In the auditorium of the
Young Women's Christian association
tonight There la also to be a curtain
raiser by M'sa Clara Oleason and Miss
Margaret CNell.
?The Patriot" Is' a drama In two acts,
the scene In Boston during revolutionary
tint. Th east: '
peneiop Wlnthrop of New York
'. Huth Anderson
FKmbeth, a maid Mllllcent Anderson
SfmH. Katherine Dudley. .. Anna Orapaliv
OuNtanc )uovy and Barbara Lul-
h-jr, her daughter "
...Olive Larson. Lottie Oehus
Mii1 ..Ann Ertrkaon
Xi.-. .my Howlend, an American aol-
' ' d!r :..Mr. Craw
Sir fc untie Orafton, an Englishmen...
....Mr. Olbson
"Th Hlartvtlla Shakespear Club," a
(arc ht on act The east:
Carolina Oushlngton, th hoaleea
. Alice Reed
Mxrl Knowltail, president.. Rose Kuslcka
I's y Llxhtheart Ida Jacobeon
ber of the Club -
" ' vrrle Vethervaae....Ruth Dutcher
f I:os Bud a Nina Kmbrvy
, M1y ..Winnie wnn
tora O'Brien, a servant ... tiara Ulescn
AUBCRX. Neb., May It (npecial
TJ ports ar coming In frm th farmers
that the ehlnch bug Is doing much dam
age te wheat The advanced spring and
xtrema warm weather la favorable to
IU work. A cold rain 1 being hoped for.
Oft! inertly thla Insect dee not do much
dan te to fall wheat. No spring wheat
la 'sown her any more.
T-ere will be no peach crop thla year,
but tha prospect for a bumper apple
ttov la excellent. ' Church Howe A Son
have finished spraying and most of the
Urge fruit growers hav almost finished
Tt. apple are too large to b In further
dtti.&or front froet
a a.-- y fW
Ml' ':;.
9 '.X0'
- -e
What the Leading Newspapers Say in
Comment on President's Note to Germany
President Wilson's note to Germany
waa editorially commented upon through
out th t'nlted fist's today with dlstlnTt
pre lee and approbation. fOacerpts from
editorial of aome of the leading news
papers, as Indicating Amerloan aentimertt,
follow: , , ..,,,.
New Tork Timet: It la the great
diplomatic arhlsrttnent f the note that
It puta upon Oermany th rhntc not only
of what H reply shall be. but of what
Is to follow: Th president's eloquent
appeal to Its great tradition!, to Hs sen
of honor and juktk-a, muat triumph over
any warlike Inclination It may feel to
puraue a couree that can have but. on
Nw Tork Tribune: He (th president)
has draw an Indictment agalnut .the
German nation which will II for, all
ages to Coma, If th kaiser's government
faila to meet the demands of the. presi
dent of th United Otata promptly, and
aompietely. WrOBfed. w bar offered
Germany a peaceful solution In th pre
ent crisis, ,mit nd th praeldent's mee
sa sums It all up we shall owiK neither
word aor act nftceasary t th perform
ance of ttr eacrSd duty. t
New Tork Herald l It might have been
stronger; It might hav been weaker; It
will serve. Mr. ' Wilson has overcome
th Influence' of these members of his
cabinet who ar for peace at any price.
He Itved up to th vary beat traditions of
his character. ' ,"
New Tork Wortd: It is aalm. It IS re
strained. II ' Is ' cMirteou. but with .a
cold, eut(lr)grnrteey that gives sdrted
emphasis to every word. By th
strength of his ease ami tha moderation
f his ton, (he president has mad It as
asy for 0rmanyto do right as to do
wrong. If he I to fall la hi effort It
will V In rood con set no and In a good
New York Sun: i Th not Is Impecca
bly Urban, though not without llttl
Ironies In It tone, friendly' In spirit,
resolute M Its ; aesertloti of American
rtghte and of tb freedom cf , th seas.
It reoaBs Oermany oontantloa for that
liberty, e e e The president has spoken
firmly, Th country, supporting him a
firmly, awaits without passion tb Ger
man reply. . 1 .1
Maw York Frees: into tha end of hit
note to iBertln, President Wilson has put
some teeth and . not too many at that
Into tha end, because th front of It la
filled with thosa graceful but empty
rhetorical phrases which long ago ex
hausted th patlerma cf Americans, no
leas than they excited th derision of th
Berlin iDtlltarleta. ' ' ,
New York American: Tha ' president's
letter Is undeniably vigorous,' but It Is
possibly dangerous aa well. Th nation
desired that IU rightful demands sh6uld
be laid be for th Oennan. government,
but It did, not anMotpat that th presi
dent would go to far beyond th piataly
and soundly rtKhtful scope of those de
mands as to Invite a rebuff.
Hprlngfleld (Mass.) Republican: The
government's position In this esse la th
country's pnsftlon. It Is not extreme, yet
It covert the ground.
Huffalo (N. t.) Courier: Right-minded
men of Avery party will approve Ita ton
and Its tenor. The closeness, the defln
Itenott'wlth which thla presentation Is
made, can . satisfy the most rigid Ameri
canism thtt. views large affaire sanely.
It reenia td meet every requirement of
American patriotism and honor.
Buffalo . (N. T.) Express: Thar has
been' no backdown. Let the people's
response go out from every comer of the
land. We ar all Americans.
Albany, (K. Y.) Argus: Dignified In Ita
tone, logical In It argument and con
clusions, firm Irl Its demands, the United
State, note to flertnany reflects the poise
of th president. Wood row Wilson, under
nvt trying circumstances.
- Albany (N. T.) Knickerbocker Preaa:
The not places the Issue aqtiarely be
fore Oermany for action and on an
nouncement .of future policy acceptable
to , tha t'nlted. States government par
ticularly a policy, of sea warfare, must
ot 'long be delayed.
I Oelombua (O.) State Journal: How
Oermany will-promise to protect the
Hves and property of our people In th
future, or In what manner thla country
wilt, receive lis. refusal to, remalna to
be seen. It Ms a grave alternative, and
while it 1 not likely to result In war. It
will bring 'about an emt lty todard Oer
many that Will b nil! of anxiety.
Louisvlll Ky.) Ourier-Journal: The
note to Oermany meets the requirements
and' Is, such ss1 th government of the
T'nlted' States should eddreas to Berlin.
The preirtdsnt' leave little room for par
ley . and - none other than mouthlngs or
rupture remains for. Oermany .
Loulsvlil ' (Ky.) Antelger: We agree
with th president that th German gov
ernment .mutt' explain the losses of the
lived of American passrngers, but we
do , not' think that the death of Amer
icans gives th president tha right to de
mand th cessation of Germany's under
sea ..warfare against British commerce
so long as England does not abrogate Its
starvation '' warfare.
Chicago Trlbuns: Whatever the fate of
our .relations with. Oermany, the presi
dent'' undoubtedly, has voiced the senti
ment "cf ths nation- upon the use of the
submarine as . to - tha rights of neutrals
on tha high seas.
Chicago Herald: There Is now po pos
sibility of mistaking the position of our
government. And it la a position In which
th American' people will sustain In thslr
government In whatever measures may
be necessary to uphold It.
Indianapolis BUf: In manly fashion
th president's nots doss not shake the
logic of his position, but accepts the full
significance of his attitude.
8tvul Press: Tht American not has
''" .....
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ful diplomacy. Hoping for tha best, the
universal American sentiment will be
that America has do,ne Itt duty and tha
people will support the president through
whatever may be the consequences.
Springfield (III.) tate Journal: It 1
the dignified protest of a nation which
while feeling that It right and th
rights of other neutrals havs been viol
ated Is neither vindicative or resentful.
St. Louis Die Westliech Post: Fbr tb
preea of th whole country there Is at
preeent but on sacred duty, to leave
nothing undone to avert Inner strife.
That we Americans of Oerman descent
with a bleeding heart contemplate th
possibility of an armed conflict between
the United States and the land of our
forefathers, no fair minued person will
condemn us for. There I still hop for
sn honorable understanding on both
sides. May Providence grant that the
worst be averted.
New Torker Stasia Zettung: While th
Staata Zeltung makes no editorial com
ment on. President Wilson's note today,
reached to a wonderful height for foroe
It has th following to say, printed In
Kngllst-: . .
"Nor Is this a time to burden millions
of the American people with unjust and
unnecessary anguish of mind. The German-Americans
must suffer In any con
flict between the United State and Oer
many, pains of which their fellow
cltlxens can never know anything of.
It is rather a time for showing them th
greatest degree of consideration. They
have fought to uphold the flag In the
past and .they will do so again, against
any enemy whatsoever. They deserve
the fruit of past loyalty until they havs
forfeited the right to claim them. Then
never can be but one flag under which
he will ever fight and that flag Is the
Stsrs and Stripes."
Cincinnati Volsblatt: The note la dls
srpolntlng In that It dlsregsrds th Just
complaints of Oermany and appears to
espouse the cause of Great Britain. We
think that the difficulty admit of a
satisfactory solution by advising Ameri
can cittxens to travel on American ves
sel Unwittingly th president shelter
British cowardice, which tries to mako
British ships Immune to Oerman attacks
by taking American passengers aboard.
Cincinnati Frel Preese:. Th part of
th note dealing with th loa of Uvea In
th husltlana catastrophe more properly
ought to hav been directed to London.
England alone Is responsible (or the
Lusltanla's destruction through Its brutal
threat to etarve a nation. Oermany can
not atop th under sea warfare without
surrendering Itself bound hand and foot
to a brutal enemy. We ar not obliged
and have no rlcht to set up ourselves as
the itrotectors of British shipping.
Ideal f Iateraatlosial Jaatlee.
Cincinnati Commercial Tribune: Th
strength of a Just man armed Is spparent
In the protest sent by President Wilson.
Devoid of truculence, breathing the high
I f5
-; Miles
99 lFn?3
RtliabU DeaUr. Do not aectpt
i , i
est Ideals of International Justice thla re
markable paper, freighted with moment
ous possibilities, brushes aside all for
malities and In unmistakable lenguage
tells th kaiser' government what the
American people think of the series of
ln?tdnts leading up to the slaughter of
Innocents on board th Lusltanla.
Washington Post: The not I framed
In nvdorats Isnguage and leave abundant
opportunity for th Oerman government
to reply In a way that will restore good
feeling between th two countries.
The question Is now up to Ger
many. It Is unnecessary to speculate
whether the American note will lead to
war or peace, because th Issu rests
with Germany and not with ths United
Btstes. The alternative la dearly set
Boston Globe: President Wilson has not
shirked a grav responsibility. The
American not clearly shows that Ger
many must relent or take whatever con
sequences we may decide to adopt
Great ad Reaaowabl Paper.
Boston Herald: President Wilson had)
never written a great state paper more
esaotly suited to th occasion. We hop
most fervently that In a spirit of rea
sonableness Oermany will coincide with
the enlightened position set forth with
clarity and power by tb president
Boston Journal: President Wilson's
words ar those of a patriot W can
not believe that a nation which la bound
by so many tie of friendship to ths
nation la so far possessed by war mA
r.rsa that It will fall to beed th ns
sage. Boston Peat: Th not la all that
such a message from a Justly agirrieved
nation to the aggreasor nation should be.
In It Is ths voles of th American pec)
at Its finest and best It Is a powerful
appeal to Oennan sanity.
Philadelphia Publlo Lodger: Tha ad
ministration has spoken, and spoken to
the point. The German government can
not have the slightest doubt as to Ita
meaning. Will Germany listen to th
voloe of prudence before It 1 too lateT
Philadelphia Inquirer: W hav not
always agreed with ths president ef the
United States, but when It comes to a
question of the nation's honor th presi
dent must be upheld. The note Is written
deliberately and coolly. There Is not a
word spoken In haste.
St Louis Republic: There Is not In
th not any slightest hint that this gov
ernment will atop short of th fullest
reparation for the paat and th guaranty
cf tha recognition of th full right cf
American cltlxena In th future.
Eplosion Wrecks
Apartment House
LOS ANOELB6. Cel.. May 14.-A
boiler explosion In an apartment house
her last night killed th Janitor and,
tearing a hole In the roof of the base
ment wrecked the apartment above and
severely Injured Miss M. Darling. Un
conscious and badly scalded, she waa
dragged from the room by Mr. Margaret
Lee, an occupant of the same apartment
who escaped Injury.
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