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Sain Are Light ted Wfcea.t Take
Another Slnmp, Dropping Two
to Three Cent.
OMAHA. June a, llt
WhMl tick another stump today, soil
ing from c t ir undw yrsterday'a
frt'-ea. The mles were mmnrlv Huht,
hor being but two car of hard winter
and one cure of durum wheat reported
old ,
Corn receipt were very light and there
was rerjr little demand shown. White
torn Hold a fraction above the yello-v.
while the yellow brought a So advance
rvr the mixed The market was un
changed to hlrher. 1
The aalra of oata were unimportant
and the market waa quoted He higher
to 'c loner.
Fve and barley remained nominally
Sentiment vnnn( tho grain tradera la
r-eartah. espe-clally on wheat. They aay
the country look too food and freah for
t-adcr who were out over the holiday".
They look for temporary rallies from
tlmr- to time, however, due to pit condi
tion, hut do not expert them to hold.
CVaranrea were: Wheat and flour,
iual to S12.nor bushels; corn, 12X,fti bush
els; oats, 1.C0 buahela.
Liverpool close: Wheat, and oata not
Primary wheat receipts wera W.flno
bushels and shipments WOi) bushels,
eeainst reeelpta of 44ft.000 bushels and
hipmenta of 71.ftO bushels Isst year.
Primary corn recipta wer 41S.WX) bush
els and shipments ;i,flnO buahela. against
receipts of 1.M6.000 buahela and shipments
of tC4. buahela last year.
Primary oat receipts were E22.00O bush
ls and shipments 4M.0P0 bushels, against
fwoaipts of 1.I4A.OTO buahela and shipments
of 7.(r fciisheia lajtt -ear.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 144 1 M
Ixiluth 46 ..
Omaha .........,,...... B 24 4
Kansas Cltjr. ......... ...... ft i
t. I4MIS m 4 14
Wlnnlpetr .............. 123
The following sates wer reported to
day Wheat: No. 3 hard winter, I cara
at tl-to. No. t hard winter. 1 oar at ILtvH,
I ear at I1JB; No. 2 durum, 1 car at $1 .
Tarn: No. I white, 1 cara at 7r, 1 car at
ilc; No. 1 yellow, 1 car at T3n, Vo. 1
yellow? 4 oars at 'iia, No f yellow, 1 ear
at 74c; No. t mixed. 1 car at 71Sc: No.
I mixed 1 ear at 71140, 1 ear at Tin. 1
car at Wfco, S em at 7We, I car at 70'o,
1 car (smutty) at 0c; sample, 1H cara
at Mw. Oats: Standard, 1 car at 47c;
No. t white l cars mx 47c; aampla, 1 car
at 46a. Rye: No. 4. 1 car at U.07.
Omaha cah Prlcoa Wheal: No. I Tur
key. U.fcA4rJ'l Hi No. Turkey. $1 trnpl
Ne. 1 hard, Littm.0; No. 3, ll.P'V'fl H;
No. 4, $l.UWJn: No. spline, fLXiLie;
No. t durum, U.tvStfl.sO; No. I durum,
1 .J8H4Tl.iA. Corn: No. I whit. 72T72c:
No. J white. 7l"4ff73c: No. 4 whit. 71$)
7! He: No. t white. VrilGVjke: No. white.
TO'tSTYlc; No. I yellow, 71W2e; No. t
Jeilow. 7T!ir714jo; No. 4 yellow, 7Vrjvm;
No. t yellow, 7iH7tie; No. yellow, W
erO'Vq; No. t mixed. TltrTlUc; No. t
mixed. -CBHeOVPac; No. 4 mixed, VfjwSe;
No. mixed. t!?r?Hc: No. mixed, t
:04C. Ob: No. 1 white, 47"aMTVv tnd
ara. 44j47r: No. I white, 4Hrif47o; No.
4 wbiLe, AJ4VJc. BarW-ys Walling.
Re; No. 1 feed. MTiSSc. Kye: No. 1, tl.Oh'J
l.W; No. 1 il. 0741 OK.
rea tares ef the Traelagr tleelaaj
Prleea na Boarat l Trade.
CHICA'K), June J. tTncertalnty In re
gard to forelan relations ectod today as a
welfftil on the prioe of wheat The market
dosed heavy at Jo under last night.
Other apeculative articles, too, showed a
net decline com ISc to ly&lV. oata KW
to c and provisions iwwC''to. Atten
tion to diplomatic oontlnsrenutea had a
(lepressln effect that was most notice
able In wheat during the last half of the
eesUn. .'
Hy that time many slop-loss orders
were being encountered and purchasing
power seemed to have shrunk to a nota
ble extent. Bearish sentiment waa em-
ha I ict owing to word that a break In
I ne price of flour at Minneapolla had
brought about only a alight eniaraement
f.f business. The fact that European de
mand for wheal eoemed to have nearly
vanished unless at a aharp setback In
valut) counted also against the bulla.
Prospects of unwelcome rain over much
of the domestic belt led to a brief rally
in the wheat market a abort time after
tho ooenlns The general auspicious out
look for the crop, however, with lower
quotations from Liverpool tended later to
l.fiate aa more than a full offset. .
fh-.n Aracntine offerlnKS at New Tork-
mnrte dealers In corn forpret that Wat
westher mlwht delay replanting and In
terfere with shipments from tust nanus.
ri.. .nunn rif-- ws.kness ef wheat, al-
thoiiKh lanored at flrat. waa later a de-
u,.,.ni on the el ile ef lower nrtcea.
Oata went downrrade with other
,-i-..im c:mn conditions for oata ware
.ld to be Ideal.
Tu,tta sunoort from peckera the provt'
.,111,1 fr.lt the Influence of lower
prlcea for boga and grain. The big atock
ol lard here wae a further handicap on
the market.
t Futures ranged aa follewsi
Artiest Open,
Close. ITes'y.
' July.
' kept.
torn. .
' Oeta
' J niy,
. eH.
1 19.
1 It :
t fk
. . W
1 17V
1 14Skl
1 V
I 14S
1 SI
1 IT
. 76?e
;. 4
18 14
11 le
10 B'i
. '47
11 0
u a
IS 07W
it 00
U sV
It 4iW
' ept.
' Riba.
. Sept.
. tnwi
10 Ks
1 kit
10 KM 10 S7H
10 K7H
10 Sl'Sxl 10 USI 10 7V
Chicago fuh PrVee Wheat: No. S red.
ILftxit 1 ' aalJH. Corn:
'No -S yllow. 7M;:: No. 4 yellow, TWx
Oata: No, while, 4',Uc.; alaiiJard.
t.tfltnc Rye. nominal.- Hartey. 71r
7Ie. rteeda; Timothy, o.OaUt; ctover.
S WJ.In. Provisions: Pork, Si. .SO; lard,
sv; ribs, tsinvwor;.
uiilR-Lsinr: receipts, tils cases; at
nark, casea Included. UPVtTlao; ordinary
.firsts. I(i1"e; firsts. lTHy1c. j
FLfTATOBH-UowdX; receipts. X cars;
Michigan and Wisconsin red. rauc;
Mti hls-an and Wisconsin whits. 4nHc.
bt'TTKRCteady; creamery, SiciS-He,
I'OLLTHY Alive, higher; fowls, lie
. , I
Prtee af Iter Rlslag.
BOSTON, June S- Local etwiter office
reported a further Increase today In the
I price of the so-eallrd war metal to T,
rents a pound for "prime western," com-r-ared
with cents for spot sales on Hsy
is. I. ttblliif for the produot Is reported
s very active.
Health Commissioner Connell haa Issued
' thla t element regarding th dumping
place ef th city:
"I hav found no occasion to make any
' riectaJ effort to Improve the dump con
dition There are various low place In
lii city which are now being filled la
with such debris as old brick and evea
rubbish not of an unsanitary nature, but
perhaps uiuriithtly until th top shall hav
been covesed with earth. Killing In these
places in thla manner will hav the f.
feet of really removing unsanitary low
place a. My office ha received n com
plaint from the Board of EMuotloa on
the subject, aa waa reported."
The c Jut i act for th erection ef the
new eichl-alory World-Herald building St
Fif t-tu i sua Far nam atreets. haa Just
been let ttf i. .. Mardia company. There
acre alx blddera f"r the contract. The
oik is to be mpleted by February 1.
T. li. KinUill Is (he architect. The bin 10
ing Is te be Mxli: feet ia dimension.
International Relation! of U. S. Ab
sorb Interest of Wall
NR1V TORK. June J Wall street s at-'k
trntlon was quite evenly divided today
between this country's relations with Ger
many and Mexico. The audience granted
b ITenldent Wllsort to the tlerman am
bassador and the emphatic declarations
o Mexlro'a warring leaders were almost
the only definite developments 'if an
other lee uneventful session.
The financial community was Nearly
In: lined to regsrd the visit of the tier
man ambassador to the While Mouse ss
a factor of favorable Import. The entire
list. Including the International group,
advanced smartly during the morning on
a volume of business In excess cf the
preceding day. War bares and other
specialties, aa well aa coppers, paitlcl
pated In tHe rise, which Inst much rf Its
enthusiasm later. Trading slackened to
a marked degree In the afternoo-t and
some gains were reduced to fractlona at
the dull close.
Total sales of stocks amounted to
or, shares.
fables staling that the Pank of Eng
land had released tM7K.orn of Its gold and
had sold tlO.onO.rcO of Its foreign gold coin
doubtless accounted for the steadiness of
local exchange on london. hut the record
for franca waa again lowered, remlttancee
on Paris being quoted at t in. agatnt the
previous price of 4 4.7 V Italian exchange
waa a trifle firmer, but the volume of
bllla on Rome waa a further reflection
of offerings by our bankers and manu
facturers against purchase of war sup
plies. Announcement that the Missouri Pa
clfic railway note extension plan had be
come effective Imimrted aom.'srhat
greater steadiness to the stook and the
notea also rose appreciably. Later theae
Issues fell buck saatn aa a result of an
attachment against the company by a
non-assenting note holder.
The feature of the steel trade Is the
heavy demand for round bars, thla ma
terial being used malnlv for ahrannrl and
F'm nar-rvis. cicei exports are suo.icri 10 I
difficulty of ocean transport.
i ne bond market waa firm, an excep
tion being St. Iyouls and Iron Mountain
4a, which fell four points. Total sslcs
of bonds, par value, aggregated $l,M,0im.
I'nlted States bond a were unchanged on
Kew Yerk atoaey Market.
PA Pflle-gVTH rer rent.
BTKRLIN1 EXOH A NOB Aft-dsv bills
S4.7WI; demand. U 7W; cahloa. K7.
8ILVEH Bar, 474C; Mexiqan dollars,
BONDS Oovsrnment, steady; railroad,
MONET Time loana, steady; On and 0
daya, 2'tJ2V per .rent; ruling rate. 1
1er rent; last loan, x per rent: closing
'Id, 11 per cent; offered at 1 per rent.
German Emperor
Sketches Design
For a Monument
(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
AMflTKRDAAl. May XI The Herman
emperor recently sketched a design for a
monument which In to be arreted In the
former French town -of ff. Quentin, to
the memory of tne dead tn the present
war. The glory of what led to this la
given In the German paper as follow:
"The Germans, on occupying St. Quen
tin, found a very fine mpntiment to the
French soldier fallen .In 171, by the
tide of which a plain memorial tablet In
honor of the German dead of the, same
year formed a rather undignified con
trast. The military official, therefore,
decided to have another monument
erected, thla time to the dead of 1914-lS.
which, however, la to be common to both
French and German. The local city
councillor offered to bear half the cost.
and a Charlnttenburr artist. Prof. Wand-
achaoldr, wa charged with drawing th
design. The artist sent in three design
and the emperor came down from the
main headquarters specially to view them.
''Ho found them unsatisfactory. Ha
wantad a richer design. II himself In
dicated the leading Idea an open temple
hall In Etruscan form. In the background
the memorial wall with the name of
the dead, and on either side, on th right
and on th left a Oerman and a French
oldler standing a guards of honor. Th
obvlou objection to this plan wa that
th figure of th Oerman soldier may
later on, perhaps, be damaged by fanati
cal chauvinist bereft of the high and
noble ideas of th emperor, who, la a
truly German . spirit.' waa prepared to
honor the brave foe, a much as the vic
tor. Thereupon the emperor deolded
tt tho warrior be equipped In an an
tlqu fashion.' In the course of th next
few day th emperor mad two sketches
ex pressing hi Idea and cent them tt
Prof. Wandschaelde r, with' the express
remark, however, that he need not, so
far aa detail wer conoemed, feel him
self In the least tied down to th model.'
Briggs Will Remain
As Police Captain
City Comrolelonr Kutei last night ex
pressed hi gratification over th big vot
for consolidation. II aald Chief of Po
lice Briggs of South OinaAa would re
main In hi present position with th title
of captain, but his salary would be a It
la at present.
A poile station will be established In
Dundee, but the appointee for thla poai
tloa ha not been chosen.
(Correspondence of the Associated Press )
HYDNET. May S. Public works in
vclvtng an expenditure of more than
Sut.oot.OOO. Including ten railway lines, two
water conservation schemes, harbor
work and a canal project, are provided
for In a mg1 contract just signed by the
New South Wale government with an
Anglo-Australian contracting firm, Nor
ton Griffiths ft Co.
Th contractor agree to finance the
operation, which will be don In ac
cordance with plan drawn up by th de
partment of public worka The govern
rent will allow th firm a profit of I
per cent on th entire cost of ccntl ruc
TACOMA. Wsh.. Jun 1. -Newspaper
accounts In which he considered himself
depicted aa a spy. a blood-thirsty alien
and In other light. Induced L. J. Bmlth
an American, to visit the police today
and tell them he waa the "uapect" who
bought g0 feet of fuse here laat Satur
day. The purchase ws mentioned In
connection with n explosion of dyna
mite In fleattl arly Sunday morning.
Smith took the fuae with him to the
police station. Me said he bought It to
use on hla farm near by and that his
ancestoi fur many aeueratlons were
strirtly Amrrlcens. Ids greet-great-grandmother
haWng b--tt a IVIaaaia
TfrR -HRE:
Wini from Lothrop School ia Ath
letic Competition by Leu Than
Two Fointi.
A moment of breathless suspense
followed the close of the big field i
day and athletic meet at Kountze
park yesterday between 800 ex
cited, yelling boys and girls of tbe
fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth
grades of Lake and Lothrop public
brhoola. Competition 'n the various
school and individual events ha.l
been so keen and equal . that the
judges had to check over all their
figures before . they dared to an
nounce which school wan the winner.
Finally it was determined that Iks
school had von by a score of 87 1-i
to 83 2-3.
'. -Most ffecceesfet Meet.
It wA.e probably as successful n occa
sion of Its kind aa had ever been held
under public school ausplcos. tor although
there were almost l.flno participants, the
weather wa excellent nd no heat pros
tratlona, sickness o accidents occurred.
Many parents and friends fit the school
kiddie, as well as many of the young
ster themselves, made an enthusiastic
crowd of spectators for the Individual
eventa, which were very close. The en
semb'e event, a wand drill, with every
child taking part under the leadership
supervisor of athletics,
waa a spectacle worth going mile to e.
Ulrls as well aa boy took part In the
school contests playing volley, play
ground and long ball with great ease and
vim. It waa evident that the public
school athletic system ts developing some
real athletic girl aa well as boys, some
of the former swinging bats, throwing
balls and running baae like regular
tarae Haa fharaje.
R. I.. Cams, director of school ath
letics, had general charge of the play
day, and these official assisted: "Bud''
Kcarna. physical director of the Young
Men's Chrlatlan association, referee;
Ralph Leake, starter; R. 8. Flower,
clerk of the course; Don C. McCown, M.
T. Gates, Thuma K. Mills, O. It Wagen
seller, Donald Peters, Jack Cavanaugh,
4. A. Avery and Ralph 8. Doud, judge.
A large,- handsome pennant waa pre-
en ted to Miss Fltcli. principal of Lake
school, aa the emblem of victory for her
boy and girls, and ribbons will he given
to th youngsters who won places In the
Individual event.. Score were marked
a followa Ten point for first, six
point for second place ' In school con
tests; five points for first, three point
for second and one point for third place
In Individual events. The standing of
the two school w'aa:
Events. l .1. iihnn
r,uipmem may
Volley ball, 7 ft S grade girls.. 10
vouey oaii. ? grade boys..
PlaVBround hall k irrsrl h.iva in
I'laygrwind ball, I grade boys .
Ixvng bail, 5 grade alrls t
Long ball, a grade girls K
Kunnliia , high lump, bnvs
&u-yard dash, S grade "bnvs....
r-0-yard daah, grade boy.... 4
M-yara onsn, i grade boys.... 9
f0-yard dash. S grade bi)ys.... 4
neiay race, zw pova on team,
eacn running luu yarns. a
10 j
iu i
rrr I
" !
Total points 87H
Winners of Kveats.
Scores of the aame and' winner of the
Individual eventa wrre:
ollev ball, seventh and eighth grade
girls Lake school on.
Volley ball, seventh nd eighth grade
boysALothrnp school won.
Playground ball fifth grsd boy Lake
School wen, 14 to 8.
Playground ball, sixth grade boys
Lothrop school won, 14 to 11.
lxng hall, fifth grade girls Lothrop
school won, 12 to 10. ,
long ball, alxth grade glrla-uothroD
school won. 10 to 7.
Hunnlmt high Jump for boye Flrat. Kl
er lilglcy, like, 4 feet 10 Inches, second.
George Marks. Ixithrop; third, tie be
tween Kenneth Clough. Lothrop; Philip
Moeler, lake, and Carl Peterson, - Ijolh-
uu-yarn oaan, imn . graa ooys rirst,
PhlllD Moeller. Lake, time fc second.
second, Iula Sokolif, Lake; third, Arthur
welts, ian.
o-yard daah, aixtn grade boy flrat.
Chester Pierre,- Lothrop; second, Will
HI wg. Lake; third, Joe Chamber. Lake.
60-yard dash, seventu grade nova
first, Howard Tagtmeler, Ike; second.
will i&nget, Lake; tmrj, Joe Gallagher.
Lake. ,
0-yard dash, eighth ciad bora first
George O'Neill. Lothrop; second. Julius
Wolpa, Lake; third. Artnur Higbee, ljike.
The Lake-Lothroo Plav dav had orlaln-
ally been planned for May 19. but
rain bad caused aeveral poetponements.
K. 0. Votes Over Four
Million Beauty Bonds
KANSAS CITT, Mo., June .'.-Bonds
aggregating H.MO.ooo for municipal im
provement wer voted at a special elec
tion her today. N'lneteen specific propo
sitions wer voted upon, including th
establishment of traffic ways, Improve-
men of parks, police and fire equipment
and the municipal corrections system-
All wer carried. The vote, it wa as
serted, was th heaviest cast at a pecll
election here for year.
Culls from the Wire
Whether the Missouri Pacific railway
can b reorganised without recourse to
actual receivership probably will be set
tied today at Mw I oik.
I'pon the recommendation of the con
ettrrtsJ longresatlon 1'ope Itenedlct rat
ified tbe apiMiliiiineiit of Rlaht Rev. Kd-
aard K. 1 1 anna, at present administrator
or tne IMoiese or mmi r ranctsoo, as pisnop
of San I ranclsco.
Twenty of the leading business and pro
fessional men of China appointed mem
bers if a commission by the president of
their republic lo visit the principal cities
of the I'nited Hlatea, were welcomed and
entertained '.iv New York City officials.
The receipt of a cablegram denying the
truth of published statements that Al
beit Itallln. director general of the Hamburg-American
line, had been taken seri
ously 111 to a nerve clinic at Frankfort-on-Main
waa' announced at New York.
A robber entered the office of the Cltl
sena Savings and loan society at Spo
kane. Warh., backed the bookkeeper.
l-ore V. ITattoi, Into a rear room and
escaped Attn t00. The office of the so
ciety has been robbed within three
mouth In th same manner.
The charge that Chairman Frank P.
Walsh of the United Wales Industrial
Itvlallou commission distorted testimony
when he Issued a atateineasT at Kensaa
City seeking to make It appear that Joha
I". r..li.. I. 1 1
. . . v. . . 1 1 . . j i . , iiwnin wv-
sponsi'ile fur labor conditions In the Colo
rs lo field was made at New York by
W. I Mackeusie king, former minister
of lat er for Canada and now director of
an investigation in Industrial relation
fcr t'ie Rockr feller foundation.
l'ncertalnty over the application of th
Sherman null-trust act to combinations
furmi-d to promote export trade Is one of
the it in- ipal obstacles In the way of ex
panding biislness with South American
rtiunlries. In the opinion of New t nslsnd
m-'n hauls, expressed at a conference nuh
the Federal Trade vonuulasloii at Huston.
OMAHA. Till R1UY, .H7XK 3. 1015.
!s mm
: Business Men of Mafic City Wel
come Change that Annexation
Will Bring.
Py a two to one vote the people of the i
Magic City, casting total vote of 2.400, ;
i---- - - rmcnrAA t
practically as large aa that recorded at
I "be average election, signified tnetr evi-,
dent wish to Join hand with the older
l"er to the north. In the face of the
maln-llv rn.il jut moat of the
7, . .. .' .... ... !
c wiuiria i" " ""Tn Hees branch offlc, 2I1 N ft. Rates,
without flinching and many of .them have a word for one time. iu.c a word ea-h
already come forward to boost for J"V, '2T. nr'' y "nd 1c a word each
. ' i cy tor a week. Prompt tnd courteous
Greater Omaha. ; service.
While most of the business men of the
city were for the Issue, those who were
not have immedtetely expressed a will-
Ingnesa to accept the will of the people.
Cl.renee Me.ny of th Forrert and j
Mny Drug store wa one of the first
to accept the proportion a It has turned
out and ia now boosting for the Greater
Omaha. Meany ssys, "Although I have .
alwsva been opposed to the Issue, now (
reallxlng that the people really are for .
the measure, I will get behind and boost 1
for all thst I am worth."
C. A. Melcher, drug mrchaat of the :
city said, "I am now a booster for
Greater Omaha, It la my belief that If
the people really want further Improve-
ments and psy taxes, they will have no
trouble In getting them."
Chief of Police John Brlgga In speak-
Ing of the result of the election sa Id,
"Although the change In government
might result In a flight temporary Injury
to local property owners, It cannot be
anything but a good thing. If the prop
erty owners want Improvamenta they
will get them regardless of what the
atitis hav been ac' inir th" e-i,trirv."
George Atkins, manager of th Besse
theater openly welcomed the result of tHe
election. He said, "I have always be
lleved that the merger would be a good,
thing. It Is now up to the Commercial
club to bring the manufacturers down
here. In the meantime I am a booster !
for a Greater Omaha. 1
The three to one vote against the park ,
bonds wa the cause of no less surprise j
than the landslide for annexation. j
On in Medina of Exchaaaes.
fouth Omaha's representative to the
national meeting of th National IJve
Ptock exchange of the country, now be
ing held in Indianapolis, left on the
o'clock train laat evening in their char
tered special car. Thirteen person com
posed the party, five of whom were wive
of local stockmen. The personnel of the
party is as follow: Mr. and Mr. J. O.
Ingweraen, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Tagg,
Mr. and Mr. K. Buckingham, Mr. and
Mr. Frank Anderson, Mr. and Mra. E.
A. Itose. J. H. Bulla, A. F. Stryker and
Dave Rosenstock.
The party expect to arrive at Indian
apolis Wednesday afternoon. Headquar
ter will be made st the Ctaypool hotel.
New flat Uraealsed.
The Off" or the "Organisation for
Fun club," recently organised girls"
club of the high school, met last Mon
day evening at th home of Mis Glady
Wright and elected permanent member.
Th members elected are; . Bessie Avls
worlh. Hope Hlbbard, Helen Van Bant,
Alta Davis. Mildred Conaway, Marjorle
Abbott. Glady Wright and Mary Ktrk
patrlck. The club will entertained
next Friday afternoon at the . home of
Bessie A ylsworth. -
Reed's Resldeaee Looted.
Oscar Reed, colored resident of Sarpy
courtly, reported a robbery of over S'jO
worth of private property rrom ms nome
evening. A gold wstch, a kodak and 1
two suits were reported among th miss- j
Ing article. I
I'sser-VsrTsra etlala. '
The marriage of Mia Varvara. well
knowrl Bohemian, girl of the south side,
to Rudolph INnec took place at the home
of the girt s parents. Twentieth and S
street. yetcrday afternoon. Th formal
ceremony waa carried out at th Church
of Assumption.' with Rev.. Mr. ChandeUk
of the church officiating.
After the ceremony the wedding party
returned to the home of th girl's par
ents and the' afternoon and evening were
spent with wedding day s vents. Mr,
roneo I a sister-in-law of Captain John
Zaloudek of th pollc fore
Caralval Company Plaaa.
The 3arvl-Seman Carnival company,
which h beed -(elected by th South
Omaha H6pltal Building Fund associa
tion to provide the entertainment for th
carnival week under their auspice,
ahlch will celbrat '.th wek of . the
Eagle convention here, carries more
than sixteen -big shows. Th musical
contingent consists of two uniformed
bands, whose uniforms represent th
field and full drra attire of Vgcle Ssm's
arm?, and a steam callop.
Hear of Ui( lit. .. .
Song of lung ago received much ap
plause laat evening at the high cchool
auditorium when ung by member of
the grade school of South Omaha. A
large crowd of parents and friends of th
student taking part attended and Ml
Emma Dlckman. supervisor of mutie at
th public schools, led her etudent
through another annual concert of th
school children. . j
Host R Grow Heavier.
Lat week marked th heaviest hog
run slnoe last March. It 1 tlmted
that 11,900 head passed through the hand
of th local yard men. brought tn Z$7
car. Th week opened strong in th
hog market and wa maintained through
out the entire week. Lat March !4.000
head were Imported, thla being the
heaviest run of th year.
Coaaaaeaeeaaeat Week Kaerelaee.
Arrangement for the commencement
week exercise of th Jun graduating
rlaaa of the high school hav practically
all been completed and tu program com
mittee haa taaued all th Invldual Invita
tion to student that had been decided
upon. The banquet will be held at th
First Christian church, at Twenty-third
and I street, next Saturday evening.
and over 100 members of the Senior and
Junior classes hav been Invited. Th
play will be given at th high school
a week from tomorrow evening. A com
plete program will be anonoaced later.
l aele taaa at Work..
Thla wonderful picture of the I'nlted
b La tea government at work will be ahoan
at the South Omaha Orpheum for one
lay only, Friday, Jun 4. This I the
am picture now being shown In Omaha
nd merit all th praise given It by
press and pulpit. Seeipg this picture will
take place of a long and expensive trip.
Do not mis this chanoa, as It may never
com again. On day only, Friday. Jun
4, South Omaha Orpheum.
Magi City fioeely.
Mis Gretch Bueck has return from
Oreina. a here aha baa been teaching dur
ing the last year.
Office apace for rent In Bee office. SIS
N street. Terms reasonable. Weil known
location- Tel. South ST.
Owynne Fowler ef Burr Oak left laat
evening for Lincoln arter apendlng th
week-end with h's icnfT-?-i', ir.
. .- . '
Fnwlcr Is In the employ of FV R. Deputy,
wholesale rlothier. of Lincoln and e
pects to attend the I'niverrlty of Ne
braska In the fall.
The Woman s Home and Foreign Mis
sionary society of the First Methodist
chiinh will meet this afternoon at the
home of Mrs. F. A. Hart Twenty-sixth
im' D streets.
. The funel-al of Vera TtKi, 7-yenr-old
rtniighter of Mrs. M. Rlsli, ft'.t South
Twentieth street, will be held this after
noon at 2 o clock at the I.efler Memorial
church of the Maple avenue district. In-
ferment will be made at the Graceland
I'srk cemetery.
" a loose no. zz. . Ancient i iraer
. ,.,, Vnrilrn,n , .,., .,.-.,.
tomorrow evening at MctTann hall.
i aeniy-iourtn ana o atreets. t.rana
Master Workman Frank A. Anderson
will deliver an address.
Want ads for The Bee mar be left at
Want ads for The Bee may
Wx4- "Pill J l
TTUil U L 111 Vl UUl Ul
j-j o tvt r j
EAST ST. LOOS. III., June 2. -George
r. Heller, proprietor of a forge work
here, today declined an unlimited order
f rjm the French government for shrap-
nei casing. The order would have
amounted to !.nno a week.
Mr. Meller declined the order because
he Is opposed to war.
A few days ago Theodore Phllllppe or
Kast St. L-ouli declined an order for
SW.OHO worth of machinery for the manu-
facture of cartridges,
mmmmm e OaTsaMst OsSBaSjB e
! Big Savings on Summer Furniture in June Sales
Ease, Comfort, Satisfac
tion in Every Pair of
Men's Stetson Shoes,
Women's Queen Quality
and Grover Shoes.
Pleasing Individuality in Women's Outergarment
Styles Combined With Exceptionally High Quality at Every Price
Mark Our Jane Sale of Special Economical Importance to Every Woman,
N A -
we -4iU,:Sft-''t-' J
Silk Waists, made to sell at $2.50 to $3.50,
at ........ $1.59
lh Soft Crepe de Chines, the popular Pon
gees and a broad "assortment of Wash
Silks. Newest stvles and colors; all sizes.
New Wash Dress, Skirts $1.00 to $7.50
! 35c Embroideries
! at 15c a Yard
Thursday, morning we will
place on -.sale' a big" line of
27-in. Embroidery Flounc
ings and 22-in: Allover Em
broideries, some worth as
much .as 50c yard, all 1 r
in one big lot, yard IOC
For Graduation Dresses
The choicest assortments and
values In beautiful Iar and Em.
broldered Organdie Flouncing
Hliotvn in Omaha.
Six Very 8ecial It
30t. 40. t9 79t 08
nd S1.50 Yard.
"Mary Pickford"
Motor Caps
Two splendid new lines, on sale;
t 50a and 81.00
On Sale in Domestic Room Thursday
Heavy Weight Unbleached Table Damask at 25c yd.
Only 15 pieces in the lot, '58-inch heavy weight Table
Damask, made to sell at 40c, on sale Thurs., yd. 25
100 pieces Novelty Printed 40-inch Dress Voile, slight
imperfections in weaving or printings. This brings
the price reduction from regular value 25c, to yd. 15
Silk Embroidered Wool Flannel for Infants' wear,
neatest embroidered designs, 50c quality, yard . .39
Bleached Shaker Flannel, the soft, fleecy 1214c grade, Thurs
day's sale, yard Os
Towels, fancy red border Hurk, also Bath Towels, bleached and
unbleached, excellent rallies at 10c, here Thursday, each 7Vig
Quality Goods end a Sating of 25 to 50 h Trading at
W advise oar eaatoasar to bay
flow ow- ilour aal this werk.
4s lb sack best High Orad dour,
nothing ftnar for broad, plea or
cakes, sack 1.T
lb, best Granulated Can sugar
lba. boat whit or Tallow Corn-
meal for IT
1 lba. pure New Tork Buckwheat
Hour Boo
Gallon can Tomatoes or Parhs
Gallon can Oooooborrle or far
Th beat Domaatlo ttaoaronl. Vermt-
111 or BVagliettl pas TJ
all ran. Aina "aiinoa w
r. n. oil or Mustard Kardlnes ..Boo
4 lb, fancy Japan Hies. 10c qualiiv.
4 lba boat Hand Picked Nary Hrt
Marlren'a Peanut Butter, lb. !-
4 rana Carnation or rat stua.. ana
Clarence Kinney Will Not Let His
. Mother-in-Law Hare Her Way
Without a Struggle.
Clarence Kenney, 20-year-old hus
band,, barred from the presence of
Fvelyn. his pretty bride of 17 years,
by her parents, will make a legal
fight to retain his wife.
It is the old story of youthful lova
and parental opposition, often tuna
by tbe poets. But, contrary to the
poetic ideal, young Kenney Is not
pining and sighing away his hours
In vain regrets. This la modern
America! He stepped briskly into
the Paxton block, Sixteenth and Far
nam streets, and hired a lawyer. His
pleadings were typewritten and filed
in district court. They put the
blame all on mother-in-law, who is
Mrs. Phoebe Warner, 629 2 North
Thirty-fourth street.
'Mrs. Warner," the court at tafoemed,
150 Handsome Suits, made to sell at $23.00 to $35.00
in Gabardines, Poplins, Serais, Novelties and some
Silks, nearly every .wanted shade, nil
new, choice in Thursday's sale.
48 Beautiful Silk Suits, in the popular
Silk Failles, Soft Taffetas and a fine
lot of novelties, made to
sell at $30. to $55, choice. . . .
Fashion's Foremost Summer Dresses
A bevy of beautiful designs in Silkr?,
Nets, Lacea and "Wash Fabrics. Favor
ed examples, from fashion's authentic
centers with nothing of the common
place about them.. Values that will de
light you at $7.50, $10.00, $15.00,
$25.00 to ...$49.00
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Women's Waists.
Silk Waists, niade to sell at $3.95 to $5.00,
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Crepes, Lace, Chiffons, -Crepe Vde Chines
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New Silk Dress Skirts $3.95 to $12.50
Km rabies or W. O. C. Try It.
XI ounc Jar pur Fruit Preserve
for Boo
Yeast Foam, pkg S
T lba. boat Bulk Laundry Hlareh B5o
S lb. rant Golden Pumpkinl. Hominy.
Saur Kraut or Baked Beana .. TV
I lb. can Was, String. Green or
Uma Beajia TH
Large bottlea Wort-eater Sauce, pure
Tomato Cataup, lick lee. asaorted
klnda. or Prepared Muatard, bot
tle B-a
Marcher Urea fast Cocoa, lb.
Rrliepp'a Hh red (led Oocoanut, lb. Is
The lat Tea Hlfllngs, In. IBVk
For Ire Te try Llanorul Bleno. a
fine drink, lb B
Uoi.len Fantoa Coffee, lb Boo
Ws advt oar owstomer to pat bp
7wr sMaeapole bow. Tbe market
ia higher aad Plaoappl aeaaea will
ooa close.
3 4 size i'lneapplra. dos too
rrh B's"
Pays - Try HAYDEN'S First It
poisoned the mind or Kvelyn Kenney
against the defendant and Indue :.1 her
io consent to a suit for annulment nf
the marrlHge. She forced the defendant
to leave her hom after he had .Ived
there one week alth her daughter."
Hoy's Father Censeejts.
Because Clarence and Evelyn, whose
Isst name 1 either Warner or Kenney,
as the court may decide, lived together
a week with the eonsent of her parent,
even though they eloped and told a little
story about their age when they wer'
married by the county Judge at rlilon.
young Kenney maintain, they are mn j
nd wife end cnnot be legally eparated. ,
They were marled March . Kenney"
lather has given hla consent to th vnlon.
Th young bridegroom denle that he
consented to leave his wife, as was as
serted In a Petition for annulment ef tha
marriage filed by Mrs. Wsrner. i
In the meantime never was "the courfaj
delay" so burdensome to litigants as to'
these impatient lover. The eaa may;'
not be heard until fall
The South Omaha library board at aj
meeting held Tuesday night raised the
salaries of Its errmloyea to a standard!
nearly up to that of the Omaha library.
All were hired for on year by reeoln-,
tlon except the librarian,- who waa given ,
no definite term. The salary of th'
librarian was fixed st SIS a month. v
Women's Dress Skirts
Made to Measure
From a Big Assortment of
Summer Skirting Fabrics,
01O Efl
. . pD
V 1 1
1 2
All Clever New Styles
In response to the "eager call for
"Sport Hats" we have added dozens
of charming styles in these becoming
hats daily.
Prices Ranging from $2 to $7.50
Two Specials Thursday. ' ..
One lot of Sport Hats, made to sell at
$3.00, in combination effects, with felt
and straw tops,. and straw frl QQ
facings. Six colors . . . . y I IO
A New Soft Tam, regular $2.50 values,
in Corduroys with silk cord and tas
sel,.both white and colors, Thurs
day. $1.69
$2.50 -Panamas, six. styles -to select
from,- biggest snap ever ...... .95
In Domestic Room.
Women's, & Misses' Coats
Serges, Linings. Novelties, etc., 35
in tbe lot, $5.00 to An fr
18.00 values, at.... 3vO
In Domestic Room.
Gingham & Percale Aprons
Both women s and chlldren's-
bib, band and ruffled
styles, to 35c values. .
In Domestic Room.
Women's 50c Underskirts
Black Sateens, Percallnes and
Mouse Stripe Ginghams, ryr
shirred or ruffled flounce s-saC
Hay den's for Your Groceries
SO sit Plneapplea. doz.
U ale Plneapplea, dos.'
Per crate, any all
" vreaiBary a otter. Ik. . .aao
wsi ramerjf ouiier, carton
pound 3q-
fancy Iialry Table Hutter, lb "a
Good Iairy Table Butter, lb' Boc
The Beat No. 1 Kgga, notblng -finer.
ter dozen g
a TegetabU Market for ta People
1 lb, beat old Potatoea to Hi peck
for ITU
New Potatoea. per lb .U
bunrhe home grown Onlnna
bunches home groan Radishes. Bo
4 heads fresh Leaf lettuc 6
Fresh Spinach, per peck loo
Kancr Hlpe Tomatoes, lb. ..,"..10
4 bunchea fresh Rhubarb Se
1-aiee C'ucumbera. each Be
l-esh Heeta or C'arruia. bunrn B
New Cshhsge. lh J'.o
Iarge. Juicy Leniona, doz. IB. 20o

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