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THK I IKK: OMAHA. TllliKNUA. JLS 1 i '.i, 191.7
DIARY OF GERMAN President Wilson Sends a Solemn
Cptain Writei of Awful Effect of j
French Artillery Fire at j
fM:l.S June i An nrrnnni of the fiM- i
in lr. tb vd Inlty of Nnti Panic I- j
l.nrrtte. an written (town by a Ornun
office- nnmrd Ottdin Slrvrrt In Ws nole-
'wnk Ik Blvrn out today In th rental of
I ho "rye-wltnoM at the front." The pur
lin."" Ik to wni aa a comparison with the
I'rrnrh offi-la1 etatemr-nts ronrcrnlnir
i ombitu in thin vicinity.
Captain FW-vort. the author. wn klllml.
Mi body ns onf of 4.0" foiin1 on lh-
lopes of Rrttc anil hts notebook rovers
the flehttns; from May 10. the day after
Ihn French attack, up to May 30. the day
the curtain waa killed.
An order lasued on the evening- of May
provided for the hotdlnir or the position
on the plateau of lrette and alone the
Ahlain-Carenry line. To carry out theae
instructions Captain SU-vert had avail
able only one battalion of 2T'J men, or one
third of Ita normal fighting strength be
fora going Into .battle. Ilia notebook con
talna repeated demanda for help.
Calls for Aanmaaftlnn.
"We absolutely need a supply of hand
Brenadra" la an entiy In the diary under
.'ate of May 11. The number which rap
tain Hievcrt had waa Insufficient and he
could not oar'y out hla attack. Further
more the lack of ppojeotllea prevented all
i ha nee of succef.
loiter there waa more trouble for the
captain. Ordera were badly given and
onfuaion of sectors made necessary
marches and rounter marchea under
French artillery fire. "The wav from
Souchrg to Ablaln la Impracticable." the
artain WTote. "expoaing is to Incee
aant artillery fire. Ablaln. like Bournes,
li nothing but a heap of rulna. Our guide
la unable to lead ua further and wet with
t.weat wn grope alonr. The aitiiatlnn la
Iraperate. Our mon deeamp at each ahell
lileh falla and It la neceaaary to threaten
them wltit court-martial."
rtelnforcementa ttlled to arrive, further
ilfllrultiea aroae nnd Taptaln Sievert
HTcfte that the altuation waa hopeleaa.
Artillery Fire la Awfnl.
The last page of thla dairy waa written
at 10 p. m. of Slay . In It the captain
"The lombardment today completely
deatroyed what remained of our Irene hea.
Tha men have been without aupport for
three day a. It la Impoaalblo to hold thla
poaltlon with such ft feehlo force. 1 aak
that an offU;er be aent here to repoit on
the altuation. I aak again that the Fourth
cimpany of the Eleventh regiment ba
placed at my disposition. Artillery fire of
the enemy la frightful, eapectally that of
the heavy guna. We can hear tha projeo
tllea of thla artillery coming slowly
thiough tha air. Kvory man la watchful
and tenae; ha wonder where thla par
lioular ahell la going to fall. Tha parapet
tremblea and a cloud of earth and pieces
of ahell rain down on ua. How long niuat
we remain In thla rat trap? I believe
now that my nerrea are gone. Tha fire
of the enemy haa attained Ita greateet
violence. Indescribable"
Here tha tresis note of Captain Bievert
. come to an end,
Thia dairy, a ay a tha eye -witness. Indt
catea tha "great success of the French
artillery and Infantry."
At the earn time it ahowa the super
human efrorta Oermany la obliged to
demand of Ita army, and thla even b
rore the participation of Italy, which on
a new front will hereafter take part in
the alege of German and Auatrlan fort
resses. '
ABHKDKRN, B. D.. June 3.Speclal
Teleram. While dlggln a well on the
' farm of Jacob Cnlum, near Leola, B. D.,
Jacob Colum, aged 23. and Jacob Glaeler,
aged 3, were overcome by gxa when at
a depth of olghty feet and both were
The men left the houaa at noon to
work on the welt and discovery of the
nccldent waa nwvdo at 4 o'clock. It la
aiippoaed one of them waa overcome and
the other went flown to reaou htm anJ
also loat hie life.
In drawing him to tha top tha trap
pling hook caught In Ooium'a ahoe, and
when he ncared tha surface tha ahoe
came off 4ud the body dropped tho
eighty feet to the bottom again, but wu
finally recovered. Colum waa married
laat January. Glaaler waa single
Alll'A ).. June 3 Heclal Amea,
having tied with rraka for the high hon
or In thi luwa atate meet, winner of
e-ond place In the Mlaaourl Valley onn-
fcrance at Columbia, Mo., laat Saturday,
mill send a team of only two men to tha
meet of the Western IntercullcnUte con
ference meet at L'rhana thla coming
Coac h Merriam waa not altogether satia-
fli-1 with the st -twine his rr.rn made nn
thrt muddy M'fSAurt track. 'The two men
he will aend are Packer, hurdler, and
Dickinson, aprlnter. Packer, providing he
I hi i;ocd luck In drawing a track at
I rlu and I' In It la top form, should
maka tha big nine hurdlcra wet rtsht u
and move in the 13) litgha. thinka Mer
riam. Mareer Will (nark Ature. '
A.MKH, la.. June 3.-t8paclal.)-Charlea
W. Mayaer, now foot ball couch at
I'laliklln Marahall. -n waa elected by
lie Amea athlttlc toai.cil to '.nkc th
iein of the yclono varaity fuot ball
uuin, will leave Franklin & Manrall
the middle of Auguat, to come out to
tkke hultl of the Am a altuation, waa the
ktaterrenla aiven out by Chairman Clyde
Williama of the phyal-al de)arinient t
tcday. MabI liak Hellvtril.
I r UeU'a Ptne-Tar-Hoaey eaaea your
cough, oothee the luima and Invltea
l ieep; only . All drulte Advcrtne
uient. Drimrtanl Order.
WASHINGTON, Jun t (Special Tele
gram.) Nebraake poaxmaatera appointed:
Ailnji, i 'ion county, burling Au-wa't.
vl'-e l. M rVh.ackelfrd. reeiirtied: XeJU.
Keith county. I'. Grant Wuulaey, vie
K J. Stone. relni.
The pnetcfflce at DunlaD. Brule cauntv.
Roulh lukitu. haa bet ii dUKSxtitlniwd ;
nnil to I'iatte.
N'ebmaka l.etmmns ' anted Nancy- K
iHtwaon, etaiViun tit. e-arah Walker.
Omaha, f!.': .l K. tirlvaa. West I'olnt.
V wr White. MHcy, ii
Tue oiiii i I'.llr r .f the currency n
Kirt:xJ iir;er In the Kir el Nationl
lnk of Vljltl!u-. K. I'. ltal. .'.
J. lltt'l-. I J ckiilt-fii : A. W. Hul- .
iraMi'et : u. -'! M i.i i.- Male hank
WASiiiNtiTON', .hine 2 In a
aiatpment to the American people to
day President Wilson served notirp
on the factional leader- of Mexico
that ltnloan within "a very short
time"' ihry unite to net up a govern
ment which tbe world tan recognize
the fnlted Rtatea "will be ron
fctrained to decide whnt means ghotild
he employed by the t'nlted StBtea in
order to help .Vexlro ave Itself and
WTve Ita people."
Notet a Chang in
President's Policy.
KlgnaluinK a change from the
"watchful walling" policy, which haa
Riilded relations with Mexico for
more than Iwo year, the president'
titatement was regarded everywhere
In official and diplomatic quarters as
notice of a new and vigorous policy
to restore peace below the Klo
Kverywhere It was Interpreted as
a warning that the patience of the
T'nlted Ktates is exbausted. What
steps the president is prepared to
take if his warning goes unheeded
are not disclosed in the statement.
Tn high official quarters, neverthe
less, no doubt existed that he Is pre
pared to proreed.
The statement, which goes to Car
runza. Villa, Zapata and Garza, the
principal leaders, not as a diplomatic
note from the United States, hut as
a declaration of President Wilson's
attitude, expressed in a statement to
the American people, as as follows:
"For mora than two years revolu
tionary conditions have existed in
Mexico. The purpose of the revolu
tion waa to rid Mexico of men who
Ignored the constitution of the re
rubllc and used their power in con
tempt of the right, of Its people, and
with these purposes the people of the1
Kaiser'i War Office Reports Fur
ther Successes in Rusiian Poland
and Eastern Galicia.
BERLIN, June 2. (Via London.)
The German army headquarters
announced today that more than
100,000 Russians had been captured
during the month of" May. An
nouncement also was made That
further Russian entrenchments near
Prxemysl had been captured.
The statement follows:
"We shot down a rtrltlah flying machine
at Rlncoote. Tha occupants, one Bel
gian and one British officer, were taken
"The sugar refinery eaat of Bouchea.
Into which the French penetrated yester
day afternoon, haa been recaptured by ua.
An attack be run by the French aaalnat
our positions and south Af Keuvllle during j
the ovtnlnf was repulsed.- Only a small
aectLm of a trench on the other side of
the high mads from Keuvllle to Kourle
was occupied by the enemy.
'KUrhtlnr at close quarters In the for
est of La Pretre for the poaaeaeloii of cer
tain portions of the trenches continues.
Raaalaae Are Defeated.
"Kaatcm theater: Successful eiiRagn
menta occurred apUnat minor KuaMian
dtvlaloua at N'enhauaen, fifty kilometres
(about thirty mites) northeaat of IJbnu,
and at Shllll.l. alxty-nlna kllomctrea
(about 10 mileaj southeast of Itbau. The
aame thing happened further south In the
dietrfct of Hhavll and on the lhibyaa
aoutheaat of Kleltny and between Uglamy
and KJarcula, At Shavll we took 600
'Southeastern theater: further IUia
elan antrenchmenta altuated. around liun
koklrskl (near Prsemyat) were taken by
storm yesterday. After the victory at
Ptry the allied troopa advanced yeeterday
In tho direction of Melenlce.
"In the month of May Skj officers and
368.SAS men were taken piiaoners In the
aoutheaatern theator of war. while 251
cannon and !' machine (una were cap
tured. Of these numliera the capturing
of K) officers. Including two generals,
lfS,SM men. 160 cannon. Including twenty
tight heavy ouea. and 403 machine (una
is to the c nil it of the troopa under lien
! eral Mackeneu. Including prlmera
j taken la the eaatcrn theater of tho war,
j a well aa those annouiicoil yeaturday,
, the total number of Itusaiann who have
ftllcn Into the liandu of the Uenuanle
allied troo.a during tue month of May
amounU to about l.uou officers and inoie
than 90u,0u0 men."
I'rrarh Official ItriHirt.
I A RLS, June 2. -The Kreiich War office
thla afternoon (ave out an official re
port on the progreM of hoatilities rending
"In the sector to the north of Arras the
fighting continued laat night. In the
labyrinth tu the southeast "f Nedvllle
j we octupl. J kvw rul irencliea ami made
j f unh. r ;rii.uiii y. The total numVr nf
i pt'lauiivia made at I nil point alnce Moti-
uuy night ia over it. At Neuvllle itaelf
wo look KHteMtiii of u rfruuu hourei
where we maintained ourselves In aptte
ot avvrral counter attacka.
"On the other parts of thia iirovlnoe,
tartlcularly at l.rctta. there waa fticht
nc veatcrday.
Along the remainder of tlie front there
' r:cth!iij to report, with the rxcvitliu
vf tu bombardments of Hhtlma, and
i artlculaily of the latl.udial In that lty."
j MASON 1TY, la.. June :.-8pe.ikl
Telegram ) Arthur Rcgel fell from t
tree while cutting hint's and was in
I aunlty WIIU1. Walter T'arnry'a nr uu
: -t and V.e waa Vl'led Inktantly Roth ac-
(.litcii'.a ocxuiri'd at tlmrlea I'lty
' Apartments, flnta. iinne ami cottar'
ran be rented quickly anil cheaply by a
le ' For Hent" Ad.
Warning to the Mexican Factions
I'nitod States instinctively and gen
erously sympathized. Hut the lead
ers of the revolution in the very hour
of their success have d'Hairreed and
turned their arms against one nn
cther. "All professing the same objec
tive, they are nevertheless unable or
unwilling to to-operate. A central
authority of Mexico City Is no sooner
set up than it is undermined and its
authority denied by those who were
expected to support It.
"Mexico is apparently no neiarer
a solution of Its tragical troubles
than it whs when the revolution was
first kindled. It has been swept by
civil wsr as if by fire, its crops are
destroyed, Ua fields He unseeded. Its
work rattle are confiscated for the
use of the armed factions, its people
flee to the mountains to escape being
drawn Into the unavailable blood
shed and no man seems to see or lead
the way to pescn and settled order.
There Is no proper protection either
for Its own citizens or the citizens of
other nations resident or at work
within its territory. Mexico is starr
ing Hnd wHhout a government.
United States Mutt
Take Some Hand.
"In these circumstances the people
and government of the United States
cannot stand indifferently by and do
nothing to serve their neighbors.
They want nothing for themselves in
Mexico. ICHHt of all do they desire
to settle its affairs for it or claim any
right to do so. But neither do they
wish to see utter ruin come upon It,
and they deem it their duty as
friends and neighbors to lend all aid
they properly can to any instru
mentality which promises to be effec
tive in bringing about a settlement
which will embody the real objects
(Continued from rage One.) (
t'lnn"nftha merchantman wlthAme"ilcan '
The questions of fact raised by Ger
many were regarded aa Irrelevant at thla
time. The trend of opinion waa that tha
t'nlted Htatea must Inquire and obtain an
early answer whether Oermany Intends
to recognise the hitherto accepted prin
ciple that neutrals may travel anywhere
on tho high aeas On unarmed merchant
ships, even if carrying contraband, and
that merchantmen which do not resist
capture 'must be visited and searched anl
the passenKcra and crew transferred to
a place of safety before the vetael Is
What It Mould Lead To.
An unfavorable answer to this Inquiry
would lead. It was predicted In official
quarters, to a severance of diplomatic,
relations on the ground that the United
Htatea could not continue . Intercourse
wjth a government which repudiated
these principles. Steps then will be taken
to Inform Americana ot the dangers to
which they are exposed as a result of
this action and such meaaurea as necea
aary adopted to safeguard the Uvea and
Interesta of cltlsens of the United Mates.
Should Oermany accept tha principle
In a way that would constitute a guar
antee for the future, the American gov
ernment would reiterate Its demand for
"atrlrt accountability" for violations of
thla principle nnd the killhuc of Americana
In the torpedoing without warning of tho
The decision to baae tha American noto
on the principles of International law te
obtain an affirmative or negative reply.
and not enter Into a technical dlaousalon
of details, raised In the Oerman com
munication, which avoided tha main Is- j
sues, waa the single development ot the
cabinet council.
View of Some Members.
One cabinet officer tietleved the Amer
ican government should enter into an In
vestigation ot tbe points raised by the
German anawer. submitting its proof and
giving the German government an op
portunity to do likewise. Others, how
ever, declared that auch a proceaa would
enly mean delay, and. In the event ct a
deadlock on facts, would leave the
t'nlted States, which had already as
aured Itaelf of the authenticity of ts in
formation and whose d faith waa at
stake, without remedy for the preaenA
and In the future for attacks on Amer
ican vranela. The opinion waa general
that the I'nitod Ktates would restate dur
ing the course of Its note that the Lual
taiila waa unarmed and would ignore
auch questions whether the carriage of
ammunition is a violation ot American
British Steamship
Saidieh Torpedoed;
Seven Are Drowned
LONDON. June 3. The Brtttalt steamer.
.'tdich, from Alexandria, b.gypt. for
Liverpool, wu torpedoed yesterday In
tho North 8ia Seven members) of Uio
orew. Including a stewardete, were
drowned. Vorty-one survivors were
landed tody at Chatham.
The Kairtleth had a crew of forty-eJght
Greeks, a British commander and eight
paeeensjers of different nationalities. The
Iih of life was the reault of the Jam
ming of davits while cue of the hoata
waa bring lowered. The occupants of
thla boat were thrown Into tho water.
These u the other boats were picked
up by a trawler. They assert that no
warning was given before the reeael waa
tcrprdled. U aank fifteen miauUe after
the explosion
The Saidielt waa owned by thX Khe
dive) eiaamahlp romiany of London, ft
waa formerly the atnantrr Pretoria. It
waa built In tmmbarton, Scotland. In
is. tfci'f-rt tons anl .-f 1 St ff.ne
lirr Want A'la Tropin Hfmilla
of the revolution constitutional;
gorornment and the rights of the
people. Patriotic Mexicans are sick
at heart and cry out for peace and
for every self-sacrifice that may be
i necessary to procure it. Their peo
ple cry out for' food and will pres
ently hate as much as they fear everv
man in their country or out of It who
stands between them and their daily
Peace Mutt Be Had
Without Further Delay. .
"It Is time, therefore, that the gov
ernment of the United States should
frankly state the policy which In
these extraordinary circumstances it
becomes Its duty to adopt. It must
presently do what it has neither
done or felt at liberty to do lend
Its active moral support to some man
or group of men. If such msy be
found, who ran rally the suffering
people of Mexico to their support in
an effort to Ignore, if they cannot
unite, the warring factions of the
country, return to the constitution
of the republic so long in abeyance
and set up a government at Mexico
City which the great powers of the
world can recognize and deal with,
a government with whom the pro
gram of the revolution will be a bus
iness and not merely a platform. I
therefore publicly and very solemnly
call upon the leaders of factions in
Mexico to act, to act together, and to
act promptly, for the relief and re
demption of their prostrate coun
try. I feel it to be my duty to tell
them that if they cannot accommo
date their differences and unite tor
this great purpose within a very
short time this government will be
constrained to decide what means
should be employed by the United
States in order to help Mexico save
Itself and serve its people."
Belgian Guns
Destroy Several
German Defenses
HAVRK. France, June 1 The following
official statement waa tsaued laat night
1-cKH.rdlng the operations of the Belgian
army: .
"A fierce artillery duel tnaiked the day
of May 31 along the Belgian front. Bel
gian guns of all calibers massed their fire,
blowing up the enemy's trenches and
accessory dofences at a number of potn-
"All the roads beyond the Oerman front
are commanded by the Belgians' fire,
making It very difficult for the enemy te
bring VP fresh supplies. The first - line
ot Belgian troops by a continuous flro
prevented German troona from adv'anc
WASTTINGTON. June I. Americans at
' Urumlah, Tersla, where Americans and
other foreign missionary schools recently
were attacked by Turks, are reported
safe In a dispatch today from American
Consut Paddock at Tabrls. He reported
that a relief expedition with food haJ
, set out from Tabrls.
i The Turkish government, at the request
1 of Ambassador Morgenthau, recently
sent troops to tha scene. Urumlah since
baa been occupied by Russian troops.
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