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president of Association Comei ,
route to the Pacific coast to give the new twelve-cylinder Packard car a tryout. Mr. Joy in front, with blue glasses; be
hind him is Horace F. Orr, local agent; next Advertising Manager Bement, and next the mechanician, who is making the
trip with Mr. Joy.
Dnifsrdow Sayi that Only by the
Help of The Bee Could Bill Have
Been Pushed Through,
Through Omaha on Hii Trip
to the West
TUF, I IKK: OMAHA. Tllt'Ksv. .U'NK
Ttenry B. Joy, prudent of both the
Packard Motor Car company and the
Lincoln Highway association, arrived In
Omaha last night In one of the new
Packard TwIn-flUes en route to 8an
TTanclsco. Mr. Joy Is scrnmpnn1e1 by
Krnest Elsenhut of the experiments! force
of the Packard factory, as well as A. Y.
Bement. who la also an official of the
Lincoln Highway association.
The party left Detroit last Thursday
afternoon and arrived here at :15 o'clock
lat nlffht. being the flint tourists through
from the east since the heavy rains of
the last twr weeks. While the trip is
more to test the rew Packard product It
Is also Mr. Joy'a intention to prepare a
Octal led report of the road ountlttcms
felons the Highway with a view to In
fectlnf enthusiasm where It Is lacking
tnd. encouraging thom who have been
fry much interested.
Road Condition t.ood.
Mr. Joy la very mii-h pleased with
the road conditions thus far and the
mere fact that such progress was made
during the extremely had neat her la an
Indication that the Iowa illvlsiun of the
X4ncoln highway has Gone much good
The party carries a complete "umptng
utflt and had a good opportunity ti
tue It the first night out when they
pitched camp near Le Porte, Ind The
aSeoond night u spent in Clinton, la.,
And Saturday night nt Belle Plalne. It
required all day Sunday through a con
tinual blinding rain to negotiate forty
tniles of the road between Belle Plalne
and Marshall town.
Mr. Joy waa very enthusiastic In li If
praiae of the Fontenelle hotel and com
pared it with the most exclusive eastern
clubs, stating that certaintly there waa
no eaatem hotel that could outdo Oma
ha a newest. This ia all that caused Mr.
Joy and his party to remain In Omaha
ever night, as they are accustomed to
and very fond of outdoor and camp life,
and aa they get farther west will no
doubt spend many nights In this manner,
phis la not Mr. Joy'a first transconti
nental trip by any means, as ho was
Selected aa president of the Lincoln High
way association largely through his
knowledge of the route and conditions
trained by numerous auch trips aa this
one. The party plans to reach Cheyenne
by Thursday night and then push on
through to San Francisco. While it has
not been definitely settled as yet. It is
possible that the return trip will be made
oner the same route.
Mr. Joy and hie party were entertained
at the Omaha club last night by Mr. Orr
of. the Orr Motor Sales company, local
Packard agent.
Ernst Says He Will
Sign Warrants
'. Before Board Meets
Aa to the salary warrants for the
teachers of the Omaha schools. President
iDrnst of the Board of Education asserts
that by Saturday morning they will all
be signed and delivered to Secretary
Bourke. It will be up to the secretary
to deliver them and take the responsi
bility of their legality before the approval
of the payroll that will come before the
board at the regular meeting the follow
ing Monday night
President Ernst asserts that it may be
possible that a special meeting of the
Board of Education to approve the pay
roll may be called for Friday afternoon,
bat up to this time no action looking to
this end has been taken.
As the matter now stands, the secre
tary of the board will have the warrants
In time so that he can deliver them Sat
urday morning, thus permitting the
teachers to get their money and get away
on afternoon trains. If they desire.
Omaha Invited to
Cody Celebration
Business men of Cody, Wyo.. want the
Omaha Commercial club to be repre
sented at the opening of the automobile
road from Cody to Tellowatone park Au
gust 30. A formal opening is to be cele
brated on that day. A few representatives
will likely go to Cody for this occasion.
Another Invitation has come from the
Alliance State Stockmen's association,
which Is to hold Its celebration at Al
liance June 16 to 18. South Omaha stock
men are expected to attend this meeting
In large numbers.
Wheat on the Omaha market, on ac
count of the reports coming in from all
over the country of a big crop in s'ght,
bumped off 1 to 3 cents from the prices)
of Tuesday. The high mark was 11.30,
with more sales made at around 11.29.
"Receipts were light, there being but
eight carloads offered.
Com was in better demand and (.Irons,
being up of a cent, selling at 70ift?2
sent. The receipts were twenty-six cars.
Fluctuations In the oats market were
narrow, the cereal selling at 4C47 cents,
these prices being Vi up to "4 down from
thoee of Tuesday.
Saturday the electric light magnates
Of the cities of the eastern section of
the country are going to be In Omaha
fifteen minutes. There will be 125 of
them on a special train, enroute to the
Pacific coaat, traveling on the North-western-l'nlon
Pacific aa a section of
No. t. going through here at 10:90 o'clock
In the forenoon. It la expected that here
the party will be Joined by several from
Omaha, Kansas City. St. Jue and Sioux
A Mistake Made by Hair,
Ikjo'i wait for rbeumattam to Indicate
diseased kidneys. When Vou suffer
pa'ns and aches try day and sleep dis
turbing bladder weakness by night, feci
tired, nervous and rundown, the kidneys
and Madder should le rcetored to
healthy, strong and regular action. It Is
a mistske to postpone treatment. Foley
kidney pi'U put the kidneys In sound,
healthy rendition and keep Uiom active
and strong. BtKlri taking today, 'iood
remilta f .'Umw the fiiKt dose. Bold every
where. Advertisement.
Commissioner Kugel Wants All to
Become Familiar with Greater
A Dundee town marshal walking a beat
In South Omaha, a South Omaha gen
darme directing traffic at Sixteenth and
Famam streets and an Omaha copper ab
sorbing packing house aroma, are among
the possibilities of the Greater Omaha
situation soon to be confronted by the
city officials.
T'ntil the governor's proclamation has
been received and the consolidation has
sctually been declared in effect. Superin
tendent Kugel of tlio police department
does not want to bo precipitous in his re
marks. He has, however, some ideas along
the line of his prospective enlarged duties.
For one thing, he says he will change
the policemen around, so that men now
working In South Omaha may become
familiar with Omaha proper, and be even
believes the Dundee policeman would
be broadened by having experience In
Omaha and South Omaha. Under the
present Omaha system the policemen are
changed every month, both as to shifts
and beats. -
South Omaha poltcemon now work un
der a double-shift system, while under
the consolidation they will work under
a three-shift system. There are now
eighteen members of the South Omaha
police department Mr. Kugel believes
that the introduction of the three-shift
system in the south teriltory of Greater
Omaha will require more men.
With reference to the proposition of
establishing a substation In th north
part of Omaha. Mr. Kugel declares there
U no necessity at this time for such an
addition. He is Inclined to believe that
It may be well to place motorcycle men
at some of the outlying fire houses, thus
making these places substations to a
limited degree.
Coroner's Jury
Judges Suicide
in Davis Death
A coroner's Jury returned a verdict that
James K. Pavla took his own life while
mentally dnraiiged, the result of over
work, Mr. revla was discovered I" s. barn at
tho rear of his residence. 4702 North
Thirty-alnth street, Tuesday" morning,
suspended by a rope.
Ed I'etceau. night clerk at fhe Prexcl
hotel, at the lmjuest testified that Davis
appeared at the hotel at 12:30 o'clock
Tuesday morning In a dazed condition;
that he was i-'nced on a street car and
that he did not engage a room.
There's tricks to all trades, the old
timers say. hut who'd ever think that
tow-headed htoper of boats for hire on
Carter lake could have aught but the
weatlu'r man to conjure for hi in?
All Juy long, under the shelter of a
dumb of trees, sits a man In a boat,
pulling out two-poundcrs every five min
utes. Occasionally h rows back to the
boat house for more bait, and there he
accidentally exhibits his "thus far"
string and causes a mad rush for boats,
bait and poles
The string of fish Is a mere theatrical
"prop," and the finned beauties that he
pulls out regularly are not hooked, but
tied on.
One fellow yesterday wore part of his
Jaw away repeating " 'S funny I can t
ketch 'em a tall, an that feller there'
pullln 'ini in regular'n clockworks. It
beats mc, brother. It beats me!" And
about that time the "shlll" would
"catch" another fish, and the surround
ing flock of envluus fishermen would
sigh and try It again for awhile.
W. R. Bock of the Milwaukee road has
gone to Chicago, accomiianylng the dele
gates of the South Omaha I-lve Stock
exchange, some thirty of them, who aro
going tn the Nattrmal Live Stock conven
tion, held In Indianapolis. The Omaha
men have a car over the Milwaukee
road, and at Manilla are Joined by tho
Hloux City d'.k'jfttle", S'jine twentv.
- r -1 1
Quinby Tries to
Register as Soon as
the Vote is Counted
"I want to rcgiater," came a voice
over the counter nt the pIpcIIt com
missioner's office at 8 Tuesday night.
"At this unearthly hour of the i.lght,
and election day at that?" asked the
clerk. "Where do you live?"
"We only register Omaha peoplo here,"
said the clerk.
"But I am a part of Greater Omaha
now,'' persisted the man.
"Not yet."
"Look at the returns your own re
turns," the anxious Dundee voter per
sisted. "Am I not a part of Greater
Omaha now, with the vote going seven
to one for consolidation? I want to, have
the honor of being the first to register
from Dundee."
"Sorry, friend, but we can't accom
modate you Just yet not until the gov
ernor Issues his formal proclamation de
claring the cities consolidated."
And Senator Laurie J. Qulnhy stroked
his wavy gray hair, smiled, and walked
out of the office.
Kansas to Harvest
Biggest Wheat Crop
Director McBrlde of the state labor de
partment of Kansas, from Topeka, has
written a letter to Rock Island officials
here, asserting that there la no truth In
the Hessian fly wheat damage stories
that have been so current about the grain
markets of the country. He states that
while the fly has appeared in some
Isolated sections of the state, after a
careful Investigation, ho ascertains that
little. If any, damage has been done.
"Kansas will harvest one of Uie beat
and biggest wheat cropi In the history
of the state," writes Director McBrlde,
"and tho thing that is troubling us at
this time It Is the question of help. Our
harvest will start June 15, In the south
ern part of the state and to secure our
grain we will need 35,000 more men than
the state can furnish. The minimum wage
will be 12 per day and board."
Twenty bankers from Omaha and east
ern Nebraska left over the Northweetr
crn for Alnsworth, where today will
ho held a meeting of Group No. 2 of the
Nebraska Bankers' association. The
Omaha bankers had a special car and
between here and Norfolk a numtwr of
bunkers of the towns along the tine will
be taken aboard.
The R02I Suffrage
Thought of Women
Motherhood Is the thought uppermost In
woman's mind. And with It, of course.
,W9n.-nj comes the question 1 1
tf comiorc, 01 neiprci
Vi- V al(1 aru) Influence. .
Amor ins bast r
thwe is a well koowi
external reined ,
"Mother's V T I e n d."
It Is gently sppUcd ti
tlie surface muscle.
Tl.ese are lubricated,
toned, made pliable
they stretch as natuij
requires without th?
ttrain and pain 01
ord and ligaments
Tl,l. I S,,...,...
(trough tbe myriad of noires to deeper sur
f.ues. the internal orgsni. And thus a
period of rspose must reflect Itself not only
in tbe mind of the mother, but upon tbe
bAhe to come.
A point upon which all experienced people
agree is the accepted fact tliat whatever an
expecUot mother mar do for herself that is
cafe snd harmless Is bound to enconrace
confidence in hrrself. And as she applies
"Mother's Freed ' with her owa hand when
ever required and Just where needed, she
sooa lesrns to forget those apprehensions so
often Irasji native.
Young tnotheis who have need 'Mother's
Friend" have wrltlen to iy I ott rejoice I
; extreme nervousness, and other dlstrrtses of
I which they had bsard and feared. Get a
' bottle of "Mother's mend" at any drug
store. Simply apply It over the stomach mus
cles and rest axeured of perfect safety and
comfort day and Hiil.t. Writs t UradaeWI
Regulator, 71 Lamar BM- Atlanta. Ga, for
tbclr handsome and ir.structive book.
Complying with requests from many
sources, the Walnut Hill Methodist
Kplscopal choir will, on Friday evenltur.
repeat the larger part of Its proem m of
old songs, as rendered. Thursday even
ing. May 27. The bad; weather of that
evening kept away many people who
otherwise would have attended, and aa
Dr. Charles M. Rhephord of Lincoln le
coming Friday night, to lecture on "The
Genesis of an American," the singers
have consented to repeat their program
on that evening. In connection with the
lecture. The public Is Invited to attend,
the admission Is free, although a silver
offering will be taken, the proceds of
$2,6oo Packari
r Si3S2' I 3 U
The Paotsl Telecrapb-4 sbMisMjisst tr
306 CH W 120NL 9.40 P M
Detroit, Mich., Juno 1. 1915.
Orr Mtr. Sales Co., Omaha, Neb.
. In selling twin six cars I wanMo again emphasize that they should not be sold
because of their reasonable price, but on account of their exceptional high quality.
Mr. Joy, who is well on his way to San Francisco behind one of the twin sixes, tele
graphs their performance makes them worth ten thousand dollars each, the actual
prices as now officially announced for all open car types are twenty-six hundred for
jthe one twenty-five and twenty-nine fifty for the one thirty-five. I think you will
agree with me that these figures assure us a tremendously successful season from now
on you are at liberty to sell twin sixes and at the prices herein stated, best wishes.
Vice President Packard Motor Car Go.
which will be used by the choir, a volun
teer organlxatlon, in the purchase of
The Midwest Magaxlno for June, pub
lished In Omaha, la off the press with
a long article on Omaha and the "Stop
Off nt Omaha" campaign by K. V. Par
rlsh of the bureau of publicity and a long
article on "What to See In Nebraska," by
the editor. Will Maupln. Twenty-five hun
dred copies of this issue are to he dis
tributed throughout the east besides the
regular distribution through the normal
circulation channels.
Bee Want Ads Produce Result
BM4, I
sum SCCH. W
IlllllimillslMsMBSM II III Hill I -LS-'
smlUsaSSeliTsrs Wight Hesssyf ssajert le the tsmtaasd falhwpTfctes sa tae aact sf this Mask.
fceivcf ml i js Ftrnmm Rlrrrl, Omsis
Oriental Rug Sale
To reduce our tremendous stock of fine ori
ental rugs we are greatly reducing prices.
An extraordinary opportunity to anyone who
contemplates purchasing an oriental rug.
Khive-Bokhara, 10x8, $125, Now $100
Mahel. 12x0, $185, Now $145
Royal Serook, 13-9x9-6, $400, Now $300
Hundreds of others greatly reduced.
Beaton & Laier Co.
Tha Hm of Btamtiful Furniture.
"f hope alt will set In the band-:
wagon now and pull together," said
Gould Diet, chairman of the Greater
Omaha committee, following; the;
election which consolidated the cltlenj
by a vote of more than 7 to 1. "The!
men on mis committee deserve a
whole lot of treilll, for Hiey did a lot
of good work. The South Otnahii
members of the committee especially,
.Toe Koutsky and T. J. McOulre. are
two that hardly slept during the last
days of tbe campaign. We got a
littla discouraged the morning or
election day when we learned that
Mayor Tom Hoctor of South Omaha
was distributing a lot of anonymous
cerds through the north part of
Omaha purporting to come from
OmaJja people and urging the voter
to vote against consolidation, but we
soon found the effect of this was very
Vote NhnwM Meplile It.
George Ilaverattck. who was one of the
persistent workers at the state house In
Retting tne Greater Omara bill through
the legislature, said. "I think nerhsn
the less said now the better. We will
have a great city If everyone pulls to
gether now. I think tne large majority
vote for consolidation In South Omalm
alone will effectually forestall any further
action any Individuals from South Omaha
may attempt to take In court against
"Yos, it has been a loms fight, run
ning over many years. The Omaha Bee
has been consistently for consolidation
through all the years and has been the
greatest help to the committee
Give Credit Tho sVmi.
State Representative Robert C. Druese
dow said: "The Omaha Iks certainly de
serves great credit for tie bringing about
of the Greater Omaha consolidation. The
liee gave great assistance In the legisla
ture in getting the bill through, and has
always been consistently for consolida
tion. Nobody but the members of the
legislature knows what a fight wa had
down there to get the bill through. At
the last minute Charlie Bryan of Lin
coln and the "Little Giant' Billy Thomp
aon of Grand Island got their noses Into
it and said, 'Toil mustn't do this. It Is
undemocratic to do this.' The big ma
jority given consolidation In South
Omaha yesterday shows how undemo
cratic, the move was. It shows that It Is
Just what Houth Omaha wanted, aa weli
as Omaha."
7 J
.wsa, i t sea I
mo a.
Telephone 704.J
; J V 'V". if I
How to Get One:
Jnst send ns the name of a
friend or neighbor who do
not own a Mano or Player
Piano, but who Is talking of
KPttlng one. If we anil them,
you get the Oold Watch for
your trouble.
FT A NT) on.
1.111-ia Famam Rt Om&h.
Phone Itoaglaa 163.1.
Tomato Soup
1 Pint lomatoft.
Ttaipoou baking tod.
1 7m,Nm.H hMHT
Slict of mum.
i Pint Cottogt Ftitft
with 1 Ptnt wtltr.
2 Tnufioant flour.
l j eupotm JNfur,
I Tmtpoon talk
Stew tomatoes 20 minutes. Add onion,
bay leaf and epriff of parsley. Remove,
this seasoning. Press tomatoes through
s colander. Return to stove.
Scald the milk in a double
boiler. Cream flour and
butter together. Add a little
of the heated milk to the
mixture, stirring until
smooth. Then add the remainder of the
milk and stir until it thickens. Add sugar
and salt to tomatoes. Add soda after dis
solving in a little cold water. Pour toma
toes Into a heated tureen and then grad
ually pour In milk, stirring briskly. The
success of this depends on soup not curd
ling. Do not hest soup after milk is added.
Soups, sauces, gravies, cakes, pies, pud
dings, all cooking where milk or cream ia
required is improved in richness of flavor
and increased in food value by the use of
Cottage Evaporated Milk in place of
bottle milk. Cottage Milk is not only
doubly rich, but always uniformly so.
Keep a stock in your pantry always
American Milk Company, Chicago.
If You're
Summer Tired
Pure Malt Whiskey
In table. poonful do.es tn water beforsj
meals arx on retiring la Just the. sum
mer medicine you need to rouse tha
appetlt. and create sjnbltlon. It works
as nearly Ilka nut are aa possible, ao
that tha dlsastlva orarana ara Btrsnrta
ened and toned, and In tlma do their
work asraJn naturally. Ton oan avoid
many aummar complaints if you start
today to
"Get Duffy', and
Keep Well"
At most druar
alata, grocers and
dealers, 11. If they
can't supply you.
writ us. Medical
booklet free.
Tbs Duffy Malt WUaksy Co.
Koohsstsv, ST. T,
Various Forms
Of Headache
"It Is necessary In order to treat bead- ,
aeh.s properly to understand tho causes
wblob produo. the affection'' aaya Dr. J. W.
Hay of Hlocklon, Ala. Continuing", be sayst '
"Fhyslcians cannot .Ten begin U treat
ment ot a dlsraso without kuo-wtng what
causes sIts rise to It, aud must ramam-
ber that bead achs Is to be treated according
to ths sain. rula. We must not only bs par
ticular to g1s a remedy Intended to coun
teract tbe cause, whloh produces tha bwd
ache, but wo must also sly a remedy to
relley ths pain until ths cause of tb. trouble
bat b..n remored. To answer this purpose
Antl-kamnla Tablets will b found a most
eonTsnlent and satisfactory reniady. On.
tablet, very one to tbr. hours glTescomlort
and rest In ths most serereoasesol headache,
neuralgia and particularly ths headaches
ot woman."
When we hava a patient subject to regular
attacks ot sick headache, w. should cautlou
him to ksep his bowels regular, lor which
nothing Is better than Actolds", and when
uv i.dii lu. irMi ( hi ma oncoming
attack, b should tako two A-K Tablets.
Much patients should always b Instructed
to carry a tew Antl-kamnla Tablets, so as to
bav tnsm ready tor Instant use. Thess
tablets ara prompt In action, and ean bs
oap.na.u oo, to proauco renei m e Trj
l.w luluutes. Askfor A-K Tablet.
Antl-aaaaala Tablet oaa b. obtained at all
Dlvrs rout tickets to New York and
Boston ara on aala daily via Chloaso,
Milwaukee 6 Bt Paul Railway. These
tickets, whloh permit going on rout,
and returning another, are offered In
great variety and include all tha prin
cipal cities and places of Interest tn the
East. Delightful trips by water on tha
Great Laices, 8t. Lawrence and Hudson
RHrera and tha Atlantic Ocean may b
Included. FWsa to New York range
from IBt.tO up, to Boston from 153.80,
up. with final return limit of 0 days
and liberal atopoyer privileges. Vol
mors complete Information, folders, etc.
call on or address. W. il Bock, City
fassanger Agent, C. M. & Et. P. Ivy..
1817 Karnarn 8t., Omaha, Neb.
Apartments, flats, Uouaua and colt's
can ba rented quickly and cheaply by a
Bsa "For Rent" Ad.

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