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Nj(T.i..,ll.JriI..f7:, ft
By MELLIFICIA. Friday, July 2, 1915.
QOCIETY la fast completing arrangement) for celebrating the Fourth
Thla year It will be a three dara fete. Rarely, or never, be
for baa the calendar fitted thing Just no.
Saturday, being a half-holiday usually for all, and the Fourth j
celebration being held over until Monday, make the event a three dsyi'
holiday. j
The Country club will serve a table d'hote dinner Saturday, Sunday !
and Monday at 7 o'clock, with special mimic on Monday evening. The Mon-1
day program utarta at 9 o'clock with an elghteen-hole handicap medal play ;
In classes A, B and C. with prizes in each class. At 2 p. m. there will be I
an elghteen-hole qualifying round handicap medal play, at 5 o'clock a drlv-;
Ing contest and at 6 o'clock an approaching and patting contest.
At Seymour Lake Country club the forenoon Monday will be devoted I
to mixed golf contests and tennis matches. Mr. Shearman, the new golf j
professional, will have charge of the game and handsome prizes have been i
provided as trophies. In (he afternoon there will be water sports and the j
formal opening and dedication of the children's playground. In the eve-1
nlng moving picture shows, fireworks and dancing. j
Many family partiea are being arranged for the opening of the new t
Speedway and Mr. and Mrs. Oould Diet will open their cottage, "Oneaga," !
at Lake Manawa Sunday for their annual celebration there. j
Women folks at the Country club are up In arms, for there now Is I
every Indication that there will be a dearth of men for the evening cele
bration. One by one they have been begging off, with the only excuse that
they wanted to attend the big wrestling match at Uourke park.
Francisco woman, who has
been living for some year
in Vienna, has arrived in
New York to present to
America the needs of the
Austrian "war babies."
Sorority Train from Chicago Carries
but a Single Man ,and He is
from Omaha. .
To Attend Contention.
The special, train of ths PI Beta l'UI
aororltr, n routs for Berkeley. fal?.
topped In Omaha this mornlni at 7.25.
.. One hundred PI Phis from eastern states
aot off tho tratn and were greeted by
forty Phis residents of Omaha. Olrls
from Missouri, Iowa, Ohio and Nebraska
fcoarded the train hare and by tho time
It arrives at Berkeley for ths Phi con-
ventton tho number will bo COO. Thirty
! PI Phis from different parts of Nebraska
J will be In attendance. Tho train
i kere for one hour and ths alumnae of
tho PI Phi sorority presented the vis
'j. Itora with six wicker baakota of candy.
i The handles wore tied with wlno colored
and blue ribbons, the sorority colors.
The Omaha tirls who left this morning
on tho apodal are:
Mloeeo i Miesee
Mary fhinippl. Irticlle Brown,
Ploremva Kuan, Kuardo tirott.
Juno Brvwn, Laura Myers.
At Happy Hollow Clnb.
Miss Mildred Todd rave a bridge party
this afternoon at tho Happy Hollow club
In honor of her guest. Miss Margaret
Donelan, ef Plattsmouth, and for Mies
A lire Co ad. who leaves Friday for ths
east to spend tho summer. The guests
A I lea "oad.
rnrothr Hmllh,
MHen tngprson,
Mont Towle,
stable. Allen,
lacu Alln,
Helen Kpeneter.
Klanche Deuel,
Margaret Howard,
Marjnrte Hnvrland,
Iron Carter,
Irene Coed.
HHf n Van Puaen,
Vra, fhlr 1 turtle? of Council Bluffs.
Mr. P. F. Paulson will entertain seren
guesta at dinner Saturday evening at tho
Happy HoOow club and Colonel and Mrs.
Welter will have four guesta.
The Commercial club membership com
mute will have dinner together at the
Happy Hollow club Tueadsy evening of
next week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Cloyd entertained
five gueta at dinner last evening at tho
Happy Hollow club.
Cthera dining at the club last evening
were Mr. and Mrs. John ' Pulver, Mr.
Charlee If. Marley. Mr. A. B. Prentiss,
K. Balbach and W. T. Watson.
A luncheon was given today at ' tba
Happy Hollow club hy Mrs. ward
Phelan, who entertained five gursta.
Wedding Announcement.
The wedding of Miss Ida D. Iteming,
daughter of Mra. George H. Homing, 1130
Couth Twentyflrst street, and Mr.
Joseph M. Lets, son of Mr.' Melcbolr
istla, IMS South aixteenth street, took
plaoo Tuesday morning, the Bov.
Father Paciflcug of "It. Joseph's church
lerformlng the ceremony. Mr. John Pel
ser acted ss best man and Mlsa Alma
Roth as bridesmaid. After the ceremony
lunch waa served at the horn of ths
home of tho groom. In the evening the
wedding waa celebrated at the home of
the Omaha Muslk Vereln, Bene v teen th
and Cass street, over t guesta being
At the Field CTubT
Mrs. r. IL Ledwlch have tlitldren'e
party this afternoon at the Field club.
Dinners will be given Saturday evening
tat the Field club ly Mr. K. ti. hraudo,
who will have sin gnpi: Mr. and Mrs.
M. If. Russell, slttt-n. end Mrs. Herbert
Kutin. six.
At Seymour Lake Club.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Bednat ssve a amall
danrlng party Thursday. Mlaa Louise
Watklns nave a solo dance. A color
scheme of white and gold was carried
out at the rerrrniiment table, white daisies
composing the centerpiece. The guests
' ,e-r i
M) '
5 JA
before I reach California. I will be ready
to change placea with Bobinsoa) Crusoe,
but right now things look pretty good and
I hope to make friends with somebody
before the day Is over."
To a friend. Mr. Scott coofi 1-1 that
when he engaged his accommodations on
the II Phi train, be waa assure fiat
there would be at least enough meat for
company aboard. Later, when he dis
covered that he would be the only roan,
he asserted that he would not back Out
even if there weie 1,'AO women and girls,
adding, "I am going to play the string
out and make the bent of It. If they
don't want to mix with men, 1 will
have a delightful rest end will pat In
my time gaslng st soeneiy."
, Like the man cast adrift on the
! ocean with water alt about him and
not a drop to drink, there is one
Omaha man who finds himself In the
jsame relative rondl-ion with refer
ence to his social stsndlng and posi
tion. This man Ik Oscar A. Scott,
j .Surrounded by women, young and
iold. fair and brunettes, for the next
j few days he Is likely to be a social! , , ... . I
! . ... I lluw far l tl lo Hheeiue . sn auto '
outcast or a most popular indlv idual. , to,jrl.t ..k.d 8invth at Auto '
Mr. 8c.tt Is the orry men on the Pi Phi j headfmsrtere. Smyth looked bewllderel. j
ln pciai train that I being whirled; He ! familiar
Smyth Becomes
an Encyclopedia
for Auto Tourists
More Relatives of
Signers of Liberty
Declaration Report
Mrs. Alberta Ragnler, 3M Ormat street.
Is the latest Omahan to announce that
she Is a relative of a signer of the
Declaration of Independence.' These an
nouncements are coming through the re
quest the Pennsylvania society and other
local oi gt nidation have made that such
persons make themselves known hi order
that they might be gathered together
for a committee to receive the Liberty
bell wi.m It coi.ie to Omaha July t.
Mrs. Ttcgnier telephoned M. J. Greevy.
jsecretarv of the Pennsylvania society.
1 Abraham Clark, one of those who signed
; the Declaration of Independence, was
l.Mr. Iteanlcr's grent-greai uncle. His
brother, Janie Claik, was tier great
great grandfather.
The Penney Ixania society Is to hold a,
meet'ng !n the plonkers' room of the
court houee tills evening to complete ar
rangements for tlx Ir psit In the formsl
reception of the Liberty bell.
Mrs. Kim Maliel. 2314 Charles street,
was awakened early to find a burglar H
her room. She screamed and awakened
the men folk of the household, but be
fore they could respond the prowler had
made good his escape. He secured a t4
Israel Gershader. who lives next door,
awoke when Mrs. Maisel screamed and
started for his neighbor's residence to
find two packages of apparel beneath
his window that had been taken from
his own home.
with almost every stop
ping plae on all the auto routes, but
'Sheenle" was a new one to him.
' Can't you tell me how far it is?" the
autolst repeated. "I mean this town In
Wyoming," he explained, pointing to
Cheyenne on the map.
I "(111 tliat'a ,lirrv..nt " h i Rmi'th I rv.
The PI Phis from Chicago and the east , lf ,0 nlo ,,.. Tnal , Shy-Ann.
rived over the Northwestern occupying 1 tm
Aalde from the trainmen; i tt-llina- nh.,ni it afterward' Km.th
fiiong toward the Pacific coast over the
t'nlon Paclflr. Not until he refhe
Berkeley, where the l' phi Beta conven
tion 's to be held, and where he will meet
other men will Mr. Scott come Into Ills
own. I'ntH then he will simply be a mere
man anion V4 women.
a special train
there was not a male person aboard.
There were 1 of the women folk and
when the, irnln pulled in fie Vnlon sta
tion the young women and older ones
ul! l.e has lots of similar experiences
In Ms dai' s work.
'Just the other dy. a Boetou man
- k lt mri I V ....... 1 W ma mama .. I
fluttered down over the platform like a L.b,,-,. We, p r h.
running sho'it 1 ..Alld -,.ti,,,. ,- lrttm ,u .. ..ir.H
If It would be safe for a single, unarmed
auto tartv to travel arrnaa the nlalna
Ktghteeu from Omaha. ! -rha old Idea ahoi.t . th. 11H anri
levy of yomiK partridges,
In a manner that struck ronntern-tion (o
the hearts of the red cap.
Gladvs Wrlaht,
larrio Kraitae,
Cecelia Nixon.
Kamona Mci;iro)
W. O. .Nelman.
t 'aae,
Henry Ruradorf.
W. J. Plate.
Florence Moore.
Messrs. and llemkimea
M lases- -Ullle
I .a u r Krauae.
impulse Watklns.
J. V. Miller.
A. K. Lumlell.
W. r. Hi. Mirk,
r-'ara McRiun.
Kstherlne Krug.
H. Walters.
Uertrude Porter,
Kdlth Hamilton.
Pauline Knsign of
Marian Turner of
Council Bluffs,
Jean Hunter of
Council Muffs.
Geraldlne Hess of
Council Bluffs.
Thomas Hefton,
Clyde Kells.
O. V French.
II. Weinberg.
William Hcrr:.
Claude Talbot.
II, K. lelgh.
P. M. Cpmuhell.
John Urlon.
Fred Huasoll.
II. C. Vermillion.
James Hall.
'. K. Winter.
It. J. Pe. k.
K. n. Knight.
George Thcmus.
I:. J. Wright.
Mra. C. It. Marling was hostess at
luncheon Thursday when she had six
Hr. and Mrs. T. J. Dwyer entertained
Miss Julia Dwyer and Miss Flanagan at
dinner Thursday.
To Honor Bride.
Mlsa Mien Tlrrswn entertained at a
miscellaneous shower at her home Thurs
day evening In honor of Mis Flla John
son, a prospective bride.
Pink and white, the bride's colors,
were used throughout the rooms, and
the evening wms spent In music and
Thoaa present, were:
Margaret Pike.
Pauline Hansen.
Mary 'lines
Lillian Carpenter,
Mary Pearson,
Mary Proskocil,
Coc-ll McCattley,
porothv Collins,
Edna Williams.
Rdw art! Kellcy.
T. C. Hougkts,
Francis Preskoi'll,
I.uctle Deversux,
Gertrude Kennedy,
Juanlta Innes,
Kntherlne I-iisk,
Helen Von Weir,
ttoae Mchmlta.
HI'a Johnson,
Kllen IJrown
Anna Andoren.
F.Hen Hrowe.
Ejnma Collins,
Entertains at Luncheon.,
Mrs. r. A. Foote gave . a luncheon at
her home in honor of Miss Pauline
Walden of Ptoaton. former editor of the
Farm Missionary FrlenJ, and for Miss
Belle Griffith, retired missionary from
Japan. Covers were placed for:
F. W. Hlatland.
Clark Bhelley.
Doud Linn,
Pauline Walden,
Mead antes
Sarah Pouree,
O. W. Clark,
Jennie Cavanaugh,
Marjorle Foote,
White Shrine Club Party.
The White Khrtne club entertained at
luncheon yesterday at the Happy Hollow
club. The rooms arere decorated with
yellow and white, the club's colors, and
10 guesta were present. A business
meeting preceded the card game and at
thia meeting a club was organised to he
known as the Sojourners Club of the
White Bhrtne, The following officers
for the year were elected: Mra. Albert
Wedemeyer,g president; Mrs. I. A. Smith,
vice president; Mrs. J. V. Mltler, secre
tary, and Mrs. C. C. Ilysn, treasurer,
A musical program arranged by Mrs.
Daniel Moore, organist of Malva Bhrlne,
waa given and Mrs. Charles A. Watson
gave two vocal solos. After the program
high-five and bridge were played.
Pleasure! Fast.
Mrs. George Williams Garroch enter
tained at a tea dance Friday In honor of
Mm Michael Eller of Krio. Pa.
The members of the Fymposla club en
tertained Wednesday evening In honor of
MIsa Kdna Irvine.- Prises were won by
Miss Hllxabeth Hart and Mlsa Nora Heed.
The evening was spent with music and
A picnic luncheon was given Wednesday
st Hanscom park by Miss Ivan Prankish
for the members of the Delta Delta Delta.
Mr Wallace Porter waa elected presi
dent, Mrs. ETugene Cossu, vice president,
and Mrs. Elinor Burkman, secretary and
treasurer. About fifteen guests were
Social Tonight.
A unique social Is to he held tonight
by the Christian Endeavor society of the
First Christian church. The entertain
ment Is called the "Horse Show." It
Includes entries of many and various
horses and other features suggested by
the name. Ths decorations ' are novel
and original. Games appropriate to the
occasion are planned.
Following the gamea, suppe- will be
provided on the plan of a bos social.
Misses Marie Shook, Dorothy Carlisle,
Mrs. M. P. Noriega, Messrs. C. Evans
and Lee Hobson are In charge of the
With the Visitors.
Mrs. C. V. Smith arrived yesterday
from Alexandria, I.e., and is at the
Fontenelle; Later Mrs. Smith plans to
visit Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nash at Nash
wood. . . . '
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eller of nrle.
Pa., aro vlsltlnr Mr. snd Mrs. G. V.
Mra. Ella H. 'YNolll and Mrs. John
Brady of Jacksou, Neb., nra In Omaha
for a few week vlsitUg Mrs. T. J. Mc
Donough, 211 North. Twtnty-flrst street.
Mr. and Mn. W. M. Timpano of Bt
Joseph, Mo., arrived Thursday to spend
a week with Mr. and Mra. T. IT. Maloney.
Personal Mention.
Mlsa Clare. Hermanson Is visiting at
the home of Mra. Robert Howard In Lin
coln. Mr. and Mrs. C. Vincent will leave the
latter part of next' week on the Bhriners
special for Seattle and different points
In California. '
Mr. ana Mrs. Frank Walters and
family leave tonight for the Atlantic
coast, where they will remain 'during
July. i
I vi,a-. seemed , please them most wms
me errortf 0; Mr, Root, wh(J hltpnr.
ently seeking to cicerone eighteen Omaha
PI Phis, was trying to board the train
and Immediately this meie and lone man
waa greeted with-
"Are you really going with us.' Were
so glsd that you came," "We had been
looking for you, but hsrdly expected
you," "There was a man In Chicago who
promised to go, but backed out when he
saw us," "We are glad that there is one
man In Omaha who has courage," "We'll
make the trip pleasant for you," and
scores of other similar and cheering ex
pressions, Mr. Scott Is not a quitter .and carry
ing the luggage of his daughter. Mlsa
Uarda, who Is a member of the Ne
braska University fraternity, he was able
to qualify for a ride on the special and
waa soon aafely stowed away in the spe
cial car chartered by the Nebrnrka PI
tarts Oat Lonely.
However. Mr. Scott admitted that he
waa lonely, remarking: "I fancy that
of Living Room Furniture
to the Most Discriminating
A July Sale
That Appeal
WH-a? J0Un? th.! d,,p,,iy on our mln or, you will wonder how
Uonaf ' '"Ch b"utlfu1' -mad, furnltur at .uch rl
SS5it?. ' buBl"' but new good., up to .tandard "
a. we BUY go we BELL ' P'ofU ,a th ,m degre w
The two examples here Illustrated only sug
est the Importance of this sale to those who ap
preciate good furniture. .
enuiuerate m
re many others:
few dditluual lterus there
$23 Mahogany
Rocker or Chair
Htiil mabugany, wing
bav k, Lu taite paitfU
and utu s-t, rkquU
sltely r&ecuted; July
aalo price, (Hnn
mU) ZU
$18 Jacobean Oak
Rocker or Chair
Wing back, with cajie.
panels and eeett, beau
tifully finished; July
T... $10
IU0. 00 Jacobean Oak Table, desk 820.00
U.00 Jacobean Oak Desk Chair 812.75
' 117.00 Jacobean Oak Table 912.H0
HI. 00 Jacobean Oak Desk Chair Sl-i'oO
..sn "-""r ing vnair. tape.try upholstered seal and back. $23.00
.inn er Mahonr Chair, wing back, ran geat and back. . . .81U.OO
1100.00 Overstuffed Davenport t.n.u., a i...... Sis XI;
' c RCker' UDnr covered, looe cushions 833.00
XXZZ; :::::: UfSS
Orchard & Wilhelm Go.,
414-416-418 South 16th Street
woolly west seems to stick, but when
these easterners return and stop . off
again In Omaha, they always are en
thusiastic abcut the progress of the west.
They find that all their old Ideas about
the west are wrong."
The Mg three-day celebration at the
popular Kntg park, atarting the d and
lasting over the 4th and Sth, will no
doubt be one of Immense proportions, If
the attendance of previous seasons can
be taken ns a criterion. l?xtra precau
tion has been made to see that there are
aufficlent picnic tables to care for every
one while the basket lunch Is In vogue.
This popular resort offers an opportunity
to those that are pleasure bent to get
out In the open away from the heat of
the city and spend a day without discomfort.
Get competent help through The Bee,
The Firat Prize Winnera at the Panama Ezpoaition
$3.50 to $7.00 w.
Every New and Claaay Style For Summer Wear
W At Sola Agnf For "Ground Crippmr" Shoo
317 South 16th Street
rhoeala Ouaraa:d atjeiary for
Msk and Womtl
New Location
1 2th and Farnam
The Eeger Six-Fifty
The Same Standard Car;
Nothing Changed But the Price
Rem ember-that the Engor Six, now offered at a price
reduction greater than any other car of equal standard,
is identically the same, high grade car which formerly
sold at $1,495. At that price the Enger'was warmly re
ceived but now, by reason of increased production and
greater efficiency the price has been materially cut. Im
mediate deliveries can be made.
Needn't take our word for it come to our
New Lccation-12th and Farnam
and you will see for yourself that it is the same car that
has made good with a vengeance, the same big, roomy,
easy-riding car with it's 11-inch genuine leather uphol
stery, with the same sweet-running, real continental mo
tor, and the same xjuality equipment and refinement ei
. Model N Continental Motor, Six
fifty, 125-inch wheelbase, weight
only 2850 lbs., 34x4 tires, new luster
or baked finish, absolutely stand-
, ard .throughout.
General Western Distributers
Foshier-Enger Co.
Omaha, Nebraska
we America Has Lagged Behind!
Compared to , the other Great Nations of the world A Scotchman remarked on seeing window display,
7CT- lA BhnJm .Jt that we have Mon, bnt they're graund." Hundreds of women who
trailed behind in the malting of correct and truthful w i , .. , . , wumeu wu"
statements in advertising. Recently there gathered in ffaVe to tion. of de
Chicago representatives of the world's Ad Clubs. It was lght" We U haVe a cr0wd- 1 ou are invited'
not our good fortune to be present, bnt from the Press : ' '
reports and by word of mouth of those who participated Fellow citizens-rwhich at this writing means men
in the discussions we are glad to record a great forward only of 21 years upwards we are going to have a July
movement. There has been a wonderful awakening, and Shirt Sale for" you. The fabrics of which these shirts aro
if our Uncle Samuel was Jate in seeing the light who made are of excellent quality. Stvles are right soft turn
can say that now he has awoko-he will not lead the pro- back cuffs. $1.50 should be tho selling figure;
cession. More power to you gentlemen of the pencil and yours Saturday at, each .' C
pen we aro with you heart and soul. .
n.rrrnmAv 1, 7i i 7Z , . T LADIES! Saturday, 2d floor up we will sell a big
SATtmDAY being he day before the Glorious 4th lot of Waists-made from Georgette crepe, crepe de
we intend to celebrate with several Star Sales. From the chine, lace and chiffon, high class material eXive
opening hour 8:30 till the curtains fall at 9 P. M, every modeis-iOO each. We might beTuspeTd (by
10 A Vlfc UVt KILPATRICK'S; but it is at who know us not) of exaggeration if we quoted the valu"
19c 39c 79c.
r,,, 1fl . . . r, At 10 A. M. Wonderful sale of Laces and Allovers,
mi l0t WOrtl1 Up to 3ot'- The 390 lot worth UP C9 the price. Manv in this lot worth $3.00 per yard
tooo. Tie 79c lot worth up to $1.75. Promptness pays.

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