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Te) nee Publishing Company, Proprietor.
Entered at Omaha portofflre aa aecopd-claas matter.
By rm rrrr By mail
mt month. Br Tar.
tl and fftindaT..
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filir wsthout Punday.
KVonlrg end 'inclay.. T " J!
rrfxlnf without Sunday o. JJ
Rod not e "St 'r'tVa iVge' of "id cY rVis er comj1 sine a of
Irregularity la delivery to Omaha Bee. Circulation
ftm!t by draft, pree or potal order. Only
MMtn rrAivHl In ntvmmt of small
oounta Personal cncKS, except on vron
aiehacyf. not accepted. .
Omaha-The Bee Building.
South Omaha SH N siret.
CounHl Bluf(a-1 North Main ?-
Vtncoln S Lift Building.
Chicago- Hearst Building.
New fork-Room 1T0H. M Fifth mu
Pt t-mi-MS New Bank of Cmnmarcj.
Washington 7 fourteenth Bt- N. W.
(Ureal fotntntltiotn relatrnir to
tortal scatter to Omaha Baa. Editorial Pepartnxn.
8lste of Nebraska. County of Douglas, ss:
Dwlght Williams, circulation mnnagor of The Bee
Publlnhln company, tlng duly sworn, any a that tha
ivrrut circulation for the month of June, IMS, waa
Ml48'rWIOrrr WIUJAMB, Circulation Manager.
SuoBortt'ed In my preeenre and sworn to before
me, this 3d day of July W6
KOB&RT HUNTER, Notary Public.
Subscribers leaving the Hty temporarily
ahonld have The Dee mailed to them. Ad
dreee will be changed as often as requested.
fair a
Thought for the Day
StitcttJ by Mary Mmnthhoff
"Die Mutik M tin BpUUtug fur die Freude
und tine Religit r den SeAmsriP
Remember to keep It safe and sane.
A re-arrangement of Omaha'a street num
bers to atop the confusion of duplication Is more
urgent than ever.
But a person can only guest how many more
national banks would have taken out state bank
charters If not deterred by the guaranty fund
With the commencement season about over,
our political orators will have to start In again
with picnics, old-settlers' reunions and log-rollings.
The local organ of the Water board manage
ment promised the consumer a reduction of SO
cents a thousand gallons. Don't get excited!
It was only a mistake of the types.
Times change. In the good old days the
merchants promoted holiday celebrations in or
'. der to draw the trade of out-of-town visitors,
i Now they Invite outsiders to a feast of amuse
' ment and close up. shop so everyone can aelp
', entertain them.
: The wise men who Journeyed to the Modern
,; Bethlehem with offerings of bags of money
! failed to bag tbe ammunition plant. Charley
i Schwab Is altting tight on the ownership lid,
backed by 61 per cent of the stock and a deter-
m la at ion to hold on while business booms.
t One city requires tbe Jitneys to have their
I vehicles examined as to physical condition every
two weeks by the municipal mechanician. That
! Is a regulation that the Jitneys ought welcome
? . In fact that tntffht main hit h o.ttKllah.
Ing a physical examination bureau of their own.
El Paso newspaper men gave the glad hand
of fellowship to General Huerta. Hla motives
nay not survive analysis. As a newsmaker be
Is a live wire. Social courtesies tor past favors
happily smoothes the way for featured tales to
corns and scores heavily ror storied reciprocity.
Young men are advised by a welfare expert
to marry the oldest daughter In the family aa
more likely to be less Indulged, and therefore
mors self-reliant Tea, but suppose the oldest
daughter la already married? Anyway, It la ob
vious that there cannot be enough oldest daugh
ters to go round
Iowa lawmakers chose July 4 aa an auspi
cious day giving effect to a law against tipping.
Heavy penalties are provided for giving or re
ceiving gratuities. Owing to Ha superb consti
tution It Is confidently believed the liberty pro
claimed 181 years ago will survive this and
similar petty operations.
In the midyear outpouring of dividends, to
taling 1270,000,000, the railroads make a bet
ter showing than the Industrials. Compared
with a year ago the former are practically un
changed, while the latter suffer a shrinkage.
The fact proves the superior ability of railroads
In adjusting outgo to Income.
The Burlington and the Minneapolis Omaha are
j engaged In a renewed fight for posseaalon of the right-
if-way along tbe river bank from Farnant to Chivaao
. trert. The Burlington has secured an Injunction, but
the other road la threatening to lay tta track in the
I tiara or the msiic
j W. A. Paxton. lr., I back from eolkge to spend tho
i auinmer with hi (larents.
1 George Malvla. bookkeeper fur the Anhauaer-Buaoh
oreiuny. has gone to M. lxui to apend the glorious
S rounn in inai city, una it I whUpered that he will
t accomcanlej alien he returns.
J Loe has returned from the Polytechnic
eciiool In rew Turk.
Mla Jeia ray of Troy U vtillng her suter, Mr.
Jtuconlrauratr. .
"(J. W. Paokle, M. D.. tbe renowned reader of di-
f. Mill vina ills world s dUpt-nary of medicine for
11 uatiou at lUQ lHuglua."
TI.e thrilling play, Nevada," a pruanled at til
AtaOrmy or Mualc y tttc tilaln ilaibour Drawal
J. W. Wtlklr.uu and Win Utile HUH were liiarrled
by l(v. Mr. rowler at the remldeitce of tli bride's
iwUmr oa tfoulh wtu alioet.
L- T. - . y
Seeking for an Excuse. ..... .
Democrats are busily looking about, seeking
for an excuse to aire the people In accounting
for the deficit in the treasury of tbe United
Stales, developed under control of that party.
They admit that the Income tax baa produced a
revenue greater than was expected, also that
the "emergency" tax ha brought In a large
sum, to be added to the ordinary revenues of
the government. Prohibition Is blamed for tho
big falling off In internal revenue collections,
but this Is not sufficient to account for the
The truth of the matter Is that a democratic
con green made appropriations for the two
yeara Just ended that far exceeded any pre
vious record, while the money set apart for the
two-year term just beginning touches a yet
higher mark In governmental expenditures.
Economy and retrenchment were promised by
the democrats, In event they were entrusted
with the control of the national government,
and the deficit Is the result. Extravagance In
expenditure, rather than shortage In revenue,
la responsible for the treasury's condition.
A Mystery of the War.
In all the "multitudinous seas" of Ink that
have been spread on uncounted reams of paper
since the first of August last, dealing with the
war, Its purposes and Its progress, not one drop
bas been expended to elucidate a mystery that
Is daily growing more and more dense. What
Is Great Britain's navy doing In the North Sea?
The German navy is safely bottled up In
home ports, but tbe merry little unterseebote
slips In and out of harbor at Its pleasure, and
works Its will on commerce around the British
Isles. At tbe beginning of tbe war Great Brit
ain was reported to have more submarines than
Germany, but so far almost nothing has been
heard from them, save that they are being used
for harbor protection. On the Baltic the Ger
mans have maintained an open lane for traffic
with Sweden and Norway, where It might nat
urally be expected that English and Russians
alike would be aggressively active In Interfer
ing with commerce, If not actually attacking the
German defenses. Curiosity Is growing as to
what real service the British fleet of submmers
lbles la rendering In the war.
We Second the Motion.
We notice that our friend, "Met," proposes
to hold the democratic national convention In
Omaha, and Insists that existing favorable con
ditions make It perfectly feasible to get it.
Now, we do not know of any great political
convention which we would rather have to meet
here "in our midst" than the democratic na
tional convention, except, of course, the republi
can national convention. The latter, however,
according to the claims made by Chicago, bat
already been nailed down for that city, which is
also hot after the democratic national conven
tion, so we may as well realize that Met's pro
posal is not to beuncontested.
It stands to reason, however, that this Is
probably the only plank upon whlcn the war
ring democrats of Nebraska might possibly be
gotten to stand together. It would certainly be
a sight for the gods to see "Met," Bryan, the
Senator, "Brother Charley," and Colonel Maher
all on the same delegation waiting on tbe demo
cratic national .committee, and -asking In, uni
son for the location for the big convention at
So we second tbe motion, and stand ready
to co-operate with our sympathetic support for
so laudable an effort to tbe utmost extent of
the Influence of an Interested republican on
looker. War and the Mining Industry.
Secretary Lane has Issued for the first time
mid-year aurvey of conditions in the mines of
the country, a report that shows the revival of
mining to be In full swing. That this is directly
due to the war la admitted by each of the sev
eral experts who make returns on the various
branches of the Industry considered. Coal and
Iron, principal products of the mines in the
United States, are being produced at very nearly
the normal rate, with a steady increase In the
output ot Iron ore which will bring the total
quite well op to the record figures before the
year la ended. Petroleum production is up to
that of last year, while tbe production of gold
and silver is normal. In the metals most di
rectly affected by the war demand, a great In
crease in American output is seen. Spelter has
Increased in price about 600 per cent since tbe
war began, while cine Is now quoted around 100
per cent higher. Quicksilver, antimony and
tungsten are other metals that have been af
feeted similarly and have doubled or more than
doubled In price since the beginning ot the year
Tin and copper are following the lead of the
others. Works long Idle have been reopened.
and a general, activity prevails In all the win
Ing regions of the country, while new sources
or aupply of tbe metals are being sought. While
the prices now being paid are not expected to
continue long after the demand created by the
abnormal conditions In Europe have been sat
isfied, the mine owners are coming in for their
share ot the war pickings.
The socialists will help the Jitneys In their
fight against the street railway. There is no
more socialism in the Jitneys than there is In
the street railway probably less, according to
the socialistic doctrine that would concentrate
control of productive property, and then have
me government take It over. But. as a famous
statesman once declared, It is a condition, and
not a theory, that confront! us.
uoes tbe fact that sixteen natioual banks
have changed to state banks In Nebraska during
tbe last year mean that state bank charters are
more popular? Perhaps, but only by compari
son. It Is proof, however, that national bank
charters are less popular since the democratic
national banking act became operative.
The protest by the professional musicians ot
Omaha against the postofflce band is the same
old story. Similar protesta used to be lodged
against the military bands stationed at Fort
Omaha and Fort Crook. In other words, mu
slclana must not be expected to. work together
in harmony.
Aouse or tne American flag must stop
tatter said than done. The reach Of American
law is three miles oft shore.
"American Indian Day"
Flee ef aVad Ton Jama.
THE descerdant of nearly every race that has come
to Anvrlca celebrate aome kind of holiday. Here
In one that ha been overlooked and which simple
Justice should recognise as eminently worthy of niu
tl'n-wld celebration. This waa tho country of my
people, the Indiana. My people were the original pro
prietor of this land. You may call us savages, but
the American Indians were the noblest, moat Intel,
lectiial and heroic savages on the fare of the earth,
and more intellectual than aome of the whites who
called themselves clvlllced. Much of our fathers' aav.
agety and more of their degradation were caused by
coming in contact with the lowest type of the white
race Instead of the proper elements.
When rightly treated, the red men proved true
frlnnda of the whites. We do not believe in too many
holidays, aa It would lead to national poverty: how
ever, days like Washington's birthday, Lincoln's
birthday, Lexington day, Columbua day. and no-
American-Indian day, ahould well be observed with
suitable celebrations. We should have a great "pow
wow," a council and conference where all the Indiana
can' meet onea a year for exchange of views, consider
atlon of ideals, and exchange of heroic hope to ani
mate and to sustain ua in the lone watches by the
dying fires of our national apiendor. We should be
encouraged to pride In our ancestry by being; given a
place, worthy In the national life, the nuna as other
memorial days, to keep ua In mind of heroes of tho
past who have helped to make this country grest.
"lest we forget."
Thoae who Say that the red man had no part In
making this nation great fail to remember that our
forefathers were aa statuesque gods In their clean
blood and aculpturelike forms, lending dignity ot
nought to the council, eloquence of language to tho
need. Interpreting the bidden beauties of their great
natural life into terms of passionate Imagery; having
souls sglow with fire and heart attuned to the Infinite.
Thus has the Indian had a share In contributing tr
our national character.
There was at one time of this rai'e l.fjUO.OOrt native
of America, and now there are left only a little more
than jn,0"0 Indians In the United States, with a slow
Increase. Out of this number there are about 200,000
fult-bloodn In the United Ftates, and tbe balance are
mixed bloods, so mixed that one cannot tell if they
are Indian or not, more than a stray dog.
I am In hope that the Indiana will remarry again
within their own blood, and It Is the duty of tho
younger Indians to help build up this once mighty
race If we do not wish It to become a vanished race,
to allow it to go Into the scrap heap of the nations.
The whites will have to help to do this. They are
willing to spend their money on the Belgians, tho
Chinese, Japanese, and African missionaries, but they
seem to forget the starving Indian In the weat. They
fall to remember that the Indians gave this land to
them. They became rich out of the Indian lands, and
now we have to depend upon the bread of charity.
Twice Told Tales
Japanese Proverbs.
It has been said that the Japanese are as apt and
unique in their proverbs ss they are In their works
ot art. What, for example, could be more appropriate
to men In certain desperate circumstances than thUi:
"Man may shout when he can no longer swim?"
"White the tongue works tho brain sleeps," la another
raying of the Japanese, which expresses their contempt
for loquacious persona.
The Japanese are quick at repartee; their wit is
keen and tempered, and they can often administer a
perfect snub In brief, terse form. In illustration of this
there may be cited the following lnsante:
There was being tried in a court a caae involving
the possession and ownership of a piece ot property.
The litigants were brothers. The holder, who was
clearly not the rightful owner, had . aaaaulted and
ejected his brother end was protesting his right to de
fend his claim. i .-'
The examining magistrate listened very patiently
to him until he cloned mlth the words, "liven a cur
may bark at hi own gate." Then the Judge quaintly
voiced the Judgment, aa If stating an abstract point of
law "A dog that has no gate bites at his own risk."
Waahlngton Ptar.
Preserving the Coart'a Ulsaltr.
A Missouri Juatlce of the peaoe has devised a plan
whereby Judges may resent Insult In an approved man
ner, and at the same time invoke the majesty of the
law to defeat retaliation. "Judge" Green had laid
aside his shoemaker's awl, and waa engaged in the lr al
of a civil suit that Involved St.25 and coats. In tho
course of argument, Marks, counsel for the defendant.
made a statement reflecting upon the Court's knowl
edge of the law. Whereupon the court, rapping upon
the side of his bench and rating fearlessly Into the
eyes of defendant's counsel, said: "We will now take
a brief recess. Marks, you're a d d, liar." Marks'
lips parted with a ahow of resentment, but before he
could proceed, the court rapped for order with the In
junctions "Shut up, Mark: Court la now In session."
Pittsburgh IMpatch.
Kmoeta 'Work.
At a dinner given by the prime minister of a
little kingdom In Ruritanla a diplomat complained to
hla host that the minister of Justice, who had been
sitting on his left, bsd stolen his watch.
"Ah, he shouldn't have done that," said the prima
minister. In tones of annoysnce. "f will get It back
for you."
Bur enough, toward the end of the evening the
watch waa returned to its owner.
"And what did he y?" asked the diplomat
'h-h!" cautlonod the hot, glancing anxiously
about him. "He doesn't know that I have got it back."
Pittsburgh Chroniele Telegram.
People and Events
Before the war Lemberg was a typical boom town.
Bo declares the National Geographic society. The
boom remains with powder ss the chief boomer.
In the Mg foundry shops of Belleville, III., "rush
ing the can' maintains its standing in society, but
the contents are undergoing a revolution. Milk Is
taking the place of beer.
Remvmter John L. 8ulllvan the only John I..?
John thinks there is another fight In bis system.
and is reported training to give John Barleycorn the
fight of It life. The fight will be external, and the
Anu-oaioon league agrees 10 nanaie tne gate re
The Industrial council of Ksnsaa City charge in
an extended public statement that the election by
which a UOOOJ.OU) street railway franchise waa car
ried last fall is stamped with bribery, purchase and
frauduU'Dt votes. The labor body presents numerous
affidavits In support of th charges and demands
a federal Inquiry,
One of the swell hotels of Portland. Ore., permits
cigarette and cigar smoking In the dining room, but
draws the line at pipe smoking. A Ban Francisco
capital lt. who was called down with his pipe, shot
this comment at the manager as be walked out: "A
prpo doesn't ahow much class, perhaps, but I'd rather
smell a pipe than a smoldering rug and that la what
a cigarette is like to me."
The plaintiff In a New York divorce action charges
that her husband "actually apanked me" in the pres
ence of a colored servant. . The apanker admits th
eaatlgatlun and defends It on the ground that tiM
spanked party, between March Is and May X. this
year, bought for her own use twenty-four quarta ef
whisky. Vermouth and Bin. Domestic sobriety Is In
hard lines when It must be rubbed In.
An editorial roar for tho impeachment of Judge
Ben Clarke goes vp from the ht. Louts Republic.
The provocation Is the trial and dlacharge of a mem
ber of th Board of Education charged with profit
ing bv tlie purchase of school sites. Testimony
showed that the acouseo man s real est at compaxy
waa In on the split of a school site profit of U.soa
The Judge regarded the spilt as trivial and dismissed
the case.
alia lllw, a Tightwad.
OMAHA. Julv 2-To the Editor of The
Bee: I read In your Letter Box the ar
ticle signed "A. B. Miekle." In which this
man explains bow to raise a family of
six children on a salary of from l to W
per month, and how out of such sn enor
mous salary for the 1a"t fifteen yeara he
had raved a considerable bank account.
Now, this man, a T. W. he would noerts
have to be. Is certainly In a class by
himself when It comes to the matter of
finances, but It would Indeed he enlight
ening to obtain from Mr. Mlc.kle or the
children their views on the subject.
MK Mlckle writes "We buy one pound
of meat esch week, of which I have a
small piece each day to nourish my body
for my daily labors, no meat of any kind
being necessary for the rest of the fam
ily, they being, in fact, better off with
out It.' He alo Mate: "We get along
very well on 40 cents per week for to
bacco," which statement would lead one
to believe that the entire family, father,
mother and children all une the rile weed
In some form or another.
It Is very evident from the tone of Mr.
Mlckle's letter that the word "we," so
often used, should in reality have been
"I." as In his mind the Idea of Mrs.
Mlckle or sny of the children even occa
slonslly thinking of such luxuries' as beef
steak, candy, lee cream, a bit of finery
or an occasional vlxlt to the movies,
would be absurd.
Time and space prohibit any further
comments from me on this family's mode
of existence Ut could hardly be called
living), although I would enjoy immensely
an opportunity of learning more of their
methods of doing without the few pleas
ures allotted to most people st some
time In life.
To my mind this is a proper esse for
Investigation by the Juvenile authorities
to endeavor to obtain for these children
a few of the "luxuries" mentioned above
and If still denied by by the parents,
place them at least temporarily where
they might "live."
Heeosrnltlnn of iod Work.
KEARNEY. Neb.. July X-To the Edl
tor of The Boe: I notice that Dr. K. R.
Vsnderslice, superintendent of our state
(jsnatorium, has been elected to tha board
of directors of the National Association
for the Study and Prevention of Tuber
culosis, at their annual meeting hell in
Seattle, Wash. This is recognition of
the work being pushed in Nebraska and
should be an encouragement to the earn
est workers throughout the state.
So Half-Way Mruurra Permitted.
ElVTIS, Neb., July 2.-To the Editor of
The Pee: The letter from "Poly Olot" of
Tllden, a few days ago, waa enough to
make a donkey laugh. No, indeed; I
didn't laugh on the contrary, I felt so
sorry for the poor fellow that I could
not permit the trace of a smile to adorn
my countenance.
But why go at the matter In such a
half-hearted and half-way manner? Many
"furrlnera" are Illiterate in our language;
therefore, they would ont be able to
read thoae signs flaunted by "Poly Olot"
nnd his ilk, even if the signs were an blir
as circus posters. Why no foi .
suggestion in apprising a "furrlner" that
you can warble his lingo, if you can
speak German let It be known by wear
ing a quart of sauerkraut or a brick of
limburger cheese affixed to your coat
lapel: if Spanish, a bunch of garlic, red
peppers or olives; if French, a big bottle
of absinthe, a pair of frog's legs or a
quart of mushrooms: if Bohemian, a big
cup of goose grease? An Italian could
adorn hla person with a fistfull of cooked
spaghetti (heavens. Is that word spelled
correctly?). On can readily see that he
could easily recognise a fellow country
man at a e?eat distance. Metropolitan
city offlleals could be coerced into hiring
linguistic policemen and wouldn't a
guardian of the peace look becoming with
a lot of the above mentioned articles
hanging on his manly breast?
Oh, yes. We must do something for
those who cannot apeak for themselves
and that at once. The suggestion of
"Poly Olot" Is practical. In a large meas
ure, and besides, a large industry could
be worked up In supplying the needed
articles. The writer shall take the matter
up with congress st tbe next session snd
endeavor to have a law enacted covering
this proposition.
Some Folks Are Inquisitive.
OMAHA. July 3,-To the Editor of
The Bee: Superintendent High of the
anti-Saloon league, desires to submit
evidence of the truthfulness of certain
claims made by the prohibitionists on a
certain bill board located at Eighteenth
and Cuming streets, but falls to state
whether he contends that the statements
thereon are true In their entirety, or
only 10 per cent thereof, and also the
nature of the evidence he proposes to
produce. The public should know If he
has abandoned the truthfulness of the
entire statement, and contends that only
10 per cent of the same Is correct.
f ?
Tips On Home Topics
Cleveland Plain Dealer: James J. Hill
estimates that the population of the
United States will be 400,000,000 by the
end 'of thla century. Let ua buy real
estate and wait.
Minneapolis Journal: Mr. Bryan baa
been consistently opposed to war, ever
since he fell off his horse while leading
the Third Nebraska in North Carolina
In tbe Spanish war.
Cleveland Plain Dealer: The flrat of all
practical submarines, the Holland-S.
bought by our government In 1W0, has
been broken up for the material that Is
In It. It will be readily admitted that
Inventor Holland started something.
Boston Transcript: Tha first V gold
coins have juat been struck at the rian
rranotaoo mint to commemorate the ex
position, and It is expected that they win
supersede the Lincoln penny and the
buffalo nickel as popular lucky pieces.
New York Post: Richard T. Metcalfe
of the Commoner and the Canal Zone,
expresses the' opinion that Bryan "is
practically out of the party," and ''never
again will figure conspicuously in poli
tics." And Mr. Metcalfe waa regarded
as a deaerving democrat! '
Philadelphia Ledger: Ex-Secretary Bry
an's denunciation of the newspapers is
natural. For one thing, they keep a
record of his utterances, and at any mo
ment are In a poalttou to confront him
with the deadly parallel of his own in
consistencies. This is, of course, horribly
Irritating to a statesman who want to
say a thing, but to forge it when oc
casion for gaining a personal advantage
leads him to say something else.
In the Caye.
Two flehermen bold, as I've been told.
One summer dav It would seem;
On destruction bent, snd with full Intent,
To deiwipulate a stream,
Went forth to the fray thst summer day
With their rods and fllen galore.
In cans they had bait, and I also state
That In glad thev had some more.
Now. we all know how the beautiful mow
Buried that canyon June twelfth;
And now they say In a nonchalant way.
"We went up there for our health.
The Ia.
Said the plnwheel to the rocket.
"Hail to Independence day!
Let no carping cynic knock It
As it passes on its way.
Once It told of slrlte and sorrow
To be bravely overcome:
Now It shows a bright tomorrow
For a land that's going some.
"I shall scatter scintillations
While you soar Into the sky,
And our gay illuminations
Shall briny: Joy to every eye.
Kor no more we tell a story
Of self-sacrifice and pain:
We commemorate tho clory
Of a day that's safe and sane.
"I have aTwwv succeeded In having a
ciulet Fourth of July." said Mr. Growcher.
"Mow do you manage It?"
"1 huy firecrackers fnr all the boy In
the neighborhood and present them
strlctlv on condition that they go some
where elae to set them off." Washington
"Pmlth is a confirmed grouch. I heard
Mm the other day bewailing hie sunny
lot." ,
"That's because he hann't shade enough
about it to sell It." Baltimore American.
Mr. Jsckson IV doctor dun tell me.
Chloe. dst If ah sln't careful ah'll have to
be apendln' twenty-four hours a dsy in
Mrs. Jackson-Huh! Dat would Jest be
e.rtdln' a couole of hours a dev to yo
regular occupation! Chicago Herald.
n txve HE MOAWS AMP criss,
THE wRf He jcscweoWG n
no wHABfirvrr urcxo RroNiZEf
Save The Baby
Use the reliable
Malted Milk
Upbuilds every part of tbe body efficiently.
Endorsed by thousands of Physicians.
Mothers snd Nurses the world over for!
more than a quarter of a century.
Convenient, no cooking nor additional
milk required. Simply dissolve In wster.
Agrees when other foods often fail.
Samplt fret, HORLICtCS, Racint, Wit.
BTNo Substitute ls"Just as Cood"
as HORUCK'S, the) Original
"f see Phlllr ia going In for Intensive
"You don't say!"
' Yep. Raising a mustache." Philadel
phia Ledger.
An Instructor in one of the colored
schools !n Mobile asked her pupils one
day who Nero was. A little darky held
up his hand.
"Do yo'.t, Arthur, know who Nero
"Yessum. he' one we sing about In
our Punday school."
'What Is the song like?"
"Nero, Mv Ood, to Thee." New York
The other nlKlit at dinner a little girl
surprised her mother by saying: "I'm not
stuck on this bread."
"Margie," said her mother, reprovingly,
"you want to cut that alan out."
"That's a peach of a wny of correcting
a child." remarked the father.
"I know." replied the mother, "but I
Just wanted to put her wise." Brooklyn
10,000 Charted Lakes
Low Round Trip Fares From Omaha
St. ral, Miss.
Miasespsli, Miss.
Dutoth. Miss.
Ssserier, Wis.
Csss Lsks, Mia.
AUxisdris, Mils.
Asaaadalt, Misa.
Cicswooe, Misa.
Payaesvills, Misa.
IOWA, $8.70
Bsckai, Mina.
Walker, Misa.
Detroit, Miss.
Lindttror, Misa.
Oiakis, Miss.
Dor act, Miss.
Bald Eagle, Miss.
Tsyters Fall, Misa.
Shell Lak, Wis.
is Omaha's
Nearest and Coolest
Vacation Land
HE average tem
, pcrature during July
I a t ...L :.. u .
anu fiuguai, wiicii u s uuucsi
in Omaha, is about 67 degrees.
There are over 10,000 lakes, some
of which are big, fashionrb'e water
ingr places covering half a County, with
Rood hotels, steamboats, yachts, tennis
courts, coll courses, etc.. others more mod- -
est, and a great many quiet spots away off
in the woods where you can live in a cot-
tsee or camp, lar away l mm lashions, bus
iness and the routine of life in the home
town. Think of it I 10,000 lakes import
ant enough to be put on the map) Deep, clear
and cool, and alive with fighting nan to teat your
wrut, your un ana your stem i
far Uttratwrt m4 tutt informmtian sua
1822 raraaaa St.. Oaaaha.
name Deauda 260
A7Vi an T.rr,ii nrrOT TVn rr
ivii jr vsa V4VA in ug rTI
will not only get a Jz
beer of quality but also an oppor
tunity to obtain a free premium by
saving coupons,
'Phone Douglas 1880.
LUXUS Mercantile Company, Distributors i
Have You Got
Really Desirable
Property for Rent?
Can you offer unusual value to a tenant f
Is your flat, store, apartment or house calcu
lated to appeal to a particular tenant, both on
attvunt of its desirability and of the rental
If yes, then you really have something
to advertise, and you can make a winning
advertising campaign in the classified J
columns of The Bee with the expendi
ture that will make but a blight vX
iDroad upor your first month's Jvsl
r.Tit money. jfT' ' ?Sv.:'
. ims. ytt
r KJ . Xa 1717 a

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