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After Monday it Wont Matter ; for the Season Will Be Over
I Shows St. Joseph to Extent of Two
Hits, One Steal, Accepting
Four Chances.
, 8T. JOSKrH. Mo.. Sept. 4-tSpcclal
.TelagTam.) ack Holland la having a
'great deal, of sprt In these rioting day
of the season ar:d is Inc identally 'playing
a shrewd hand, Holland's amusement
and keenness consist In putting Into the
frame recruits brought from near home.
In this -way a park' which would other
wise be empty bwomri the mecca of
the home guard funs from tho suburbs.
where these boys haie been- piny Ins;, and
wniie the Drummers cannot bo said to
how any better quality bae ball than
usual, the farce staged Is a bit better
balanced. Omaha won today. to 1
Green, a busiier from Dearborn, Mo.,
pitched today's game ngainet Omaha.
Mr. Green Kot by In tho first Inning
nicely and the folks from homo had one
wild moment of cheering when the lanky
lad, also; cleared the bases with a neat
.single In the second. Aside from tlila,
I however, ,the recruit fared ( badly, the
.Rourkes getting fifteen Jilts.' ,
Marty Krig was the stellar light of
the game, getting two hits, one of these
for three bases, stealing a base, accepting
four chances, two of the sensatUnal
order, and completing tho day's work
jwlth a neat sacrifice lilt If Krug keeps
Up this pace, he may yet a'd St. Paul
win the American association pennant.
j Everdon was in fine form, burring the
.second Inning, when four hit, the total
Ifor the game, were collected off his de
livery. In the last seven lnnlrgs. Just
twenty-one men faced him, not another
Drummer reaching rirst base.
; Bliss, catching for . St Joseph, was
struck by a foul tip In the sixth and
retired, Connolly taking his place. Score;
- AB. Ft,
I Smith, If 8 1
I Breen, 2b., 6 1
T-'arsythe, 'rf 6 - 1
V'slls. c 6 i, 2
Krug, ss 6 1
JteOieney, cf 5 0
Tannehill. 3b 4 0
Schllebner, Jb 5 0
Kverdon, p 4 n
H. O. A.
0 2 0
2 0 4
1 6 1
2 12
8 8 1
2 0 0
2 12 1
10 2
15 27 12
ir. o. a.
0 2 2
13 0
0 13 1
12 4
0 0 0
0 1 8
0 4 0
12 8
0 0 0
"i 27 14
0 0 0 1
0 0 0 0
N Totals
Nicholson, If.
Grodlck, 2b...
Heliner. cf....
Km lb
Botiltes, 3b....
Williams, rf..
Groellng, ss...
Bliss, c
Green, p
Connolly, c...
. 0
Bt. Joseph ,
Bases on balls: Off Green. 2; off Ever
iOon. 8. Struck out: Uy Green, 8; by
'Kverdon, 3. Tliree-base hits: Krug,
foreythe. Stolen bases: Nicholson,
Krug, McChesney, G-oellng, Ens. left
on bases: Omaha, 4. Hit by pitched ball:
Jin. Wells. Sacrifice hits: Helmer,
'Williams, Tannehill, Krug. Time: 2:10.
Umplro: Riley. i
Boosters Triumph'
Over the Sioux, with
; Thomas on Mound
DES MOINES, la., Sept. 4. Thomas
outhurled Clark- today and Des Moines
defeated Sioux City In a fine pitchers'
battle,' 2 to 1. Three hits In the fourth
Inning gave the game to the locals. Score:
AB. R. H. O. A.
Cooney, 2b. .
"ogrove. If. .
..4 12 4 2
.. 2
.. 1
.. 3
.. 8
.. 4
.. 2
.. 2
.. 3
.. 3
uonneiiy, ir.
Callahan, ss.
Iejeune. cf.
Kane. lb. ...
llenellng, rf.
Hochards, 3b,
Crosby, c ..
Clark, p
; Totals
6 24 11 1
... 4
... 4
... 2
... 8
... 2
... 8
... 8
... 8
... 8
H. p.
Hahn. rf. ....
liuntor, cf. .,
lawyer, 2b, ,
Junes, lb. ...
Hartford, ss.
Kwolut. 3b ..
11111a. If
4rahamr o. ..
Thomas, p ..
7 IT 10
Batted for Coegrove In the eighth.
Sioux City 10000000 01
0es Moines 00080100 3
Two-base hits: Cooney, Joiue, Hahn.
Sacrifice hits: Cosgrovn, Lejeune, Hart
ford. Stolen bases: Cooney, Callahan,
Kane, Kwuldt. Left on baitea: Sioux
(My, 4; Des Moines, 4. Struck out: By
Thomas, 4; bv Clark, 6. Bases on balls;
off Thomas. 1. Hit by pitched ball: By
Thomas (Hcnsllngl. Wild pitch: darn.
Double plays: Jones to Sawyer, Callahan
to Cooney to Kane. Time; 1:40. Umpires:
Cuslck and Ryan,
i i
Bears Lose Second
To the Topeka Kaws
DHNVER, Sept. 4. Denver's chances
for the Western league pennant honors 1
. . . . j
wera reduced to a remote poaslbKty to-
day when Topeka took the second game
of the series. 6 to X With four games yet,
to play,, Denver is tnree behind Des
Moines, who has only two more left to
play. Score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
ariller, rf 4 0 0 8 0 0
Kelleher. sh 5 1 8 8 4 0
Spencer, cf 0 8 1 C
Galloway. 2b 8 0 0 2 8 0
McCormlck. If 8 0 0 1 0 0
Shields, lb 4 0 10 10
WheUn, Sb 4-1 11 30
Hheetak, c 4 0 2 6 0 0
Sterser, p 8 1112 0
Spahr 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 7. .83 1 1 27 18 0
AB. R. H. O. A. E
Bostlck. ss 2 1 2 8 4 2
Cochran, 8b 2 1 1 1 1 1
Brown, cf 8 0 2 4 0 0
Tydeman. If 6 0 O 2 1 0
iAttlmore. 2b 8 0 0 2 8 0
Trainer, rf 4 0 0 1 0 0
riip, lb 8 0 0 1 0
uiu-oe, c 8 1 1 1 0 0
Urover, p 3 2 10 10
Totals 82 l 7 1 13 3
fBatted for Sterier In ninth,
Topeka 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 2 01
1-enver 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 S
Stolen bases: Bosti-k, Cochran, Brown,
W lieitin. Two-lrn hlta: hierr. Shields.
Bostkk. Tt iee-I :u hits: tlreu-r, lni.it.
liases on balls: off Sfrsr, 7; off (irow,
4. Struck out: By Stersrr. 4; by Grover.
8." SacHfice fly: Bostick. Oallowav. Hit
by I Reluct ball: By Orover (Traltiert
Doubla play: Itttiinore to 1 oettck to
Jtm wild p!tcl,: broior. Jime; l:Ut,
Umpire: Citsuud.
Haarr lor Kellf Work.
. BERLIN. Sept. 8. (By, Wireless to
Bayvllle, N. Y. The municipal aJmlnis.
trat'on of Brlln during the first year
4f ta war spent Sl3.760,w0 In relief work
r the f ami lie t of the soldiers.
it J - 3
Adclpk Anderson
Boston Takes Every One of Four
Games With Macks of
Ancient Renown.
PHILADELPHIA, Sepf ' 4. Boston,
made a clean sWfecp of the series of four
games with Philadelphia, the visitors
winning today's game, 8 to 2. Leon
ard and Bush had a pitching duel, with
tho Boston twlrler almost invincible
after the first Inning, while Bush lost
his game by making a wild pitch, which!
enabled Lewi, to .core the winning run
- .... --
In the fourth Inning. Speaker and Walsh
made gnat running catches. Score:
Hooper, rf., 2 1 1 0 vWalxb. of. ...4 14 4
Janvrln. M...I It lKtrunk. H....I lie
tx-on. u i v i o (UJol. Ib.... 0 14
" I HpMker, rf J O40 UMclnnli Ik. .4 1 M I
U Huulluol. lb 4 1 I UUIJrlui. U...4 1 I
1 1 1W1. ( 1 s IH rune, u 4 t 8
0,Ou4ner. ab..4 lit) IMalone, lb. .4 1114
ii 'Mrry, 2b. ...'.J 0 4 2 blopp. I 0 110
0 CarrlKun, .. Ota oliu4i, p ,0 8 I 01
Qiieuiuira. p . j l v 0 0Uchan 1 M) 0 t 0
Hourlkacii ..160U0
Z.T.. TotIs ....31 THUS
'"iu'u lor Lapp li) ninth
E. Baicd lor Jauvrin In seventh.
0 Boston 1 0 11OO 0 0 08
0 l'iiildcl,hia 2 0 0 0 Q V 0 0 02
0' Tvo-bao hits: Hooper, Hoblltrel.
OlDoublo pluys; Hoblltzi'l to Barry; La
Joio t Malone to " Mclnnls. Stolen
Hooper, Gardner. Saruck out:
" :Pjj- fnnaril S Itauu n 1.11.. nM
0 I J .nnu rrl 7 Vf Uu.h 7 TTmnlM..- 1M..
and Nailln. ' .
Cublets and Pirates
Cut Dual Bill in Two
PITTSBURGH, Pept. 4. -Chicago and
Pittsburgh Nattonnla split even in a
double-header today, tho visitors taking
the first game, 6 to t, and losing the
hecond, 1 to 1,'ln twelve Innings. Adams,
pitching for Pittsburgh', won his own
game when he slnglt a with the bases
full In the twelfth. Vaughn was never
In danger In the first game. Score, first
Murrmr. rt--- 0nr. If 4 I I t t
I VI. her. I 1 "Slslln. tb 4 III!
Sehuit.. ... '' "v 2 111
Eimmerm., 2b. 4 4 OHIURbmna. rl.t t I V 0
g.,,r iD.....i l it a nww, ib..4 t t t
wimiun. cf .4 1 t t JV'", ' J 0 o
rh."';.. i Jo-In. ' "i i
Veuthri .
Total ..
.4101 KaotlehMT, p 0 0 0 1 0
Auier ...I 0 0 0 0
.94 10 11 111111, p..
Kelly. P.
.10 110
...1 ft 0 0
...0 t t 1 0
...I 0 0 t t
Totals ...14 7 rr 14 I
Batted for Kantlhener In the third.
Hatted for Hill In tho seventn.
Hatted for Kelly In the ninth..
Chicago 1 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-8
I'I'UUirgh 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0-2
ltvo--bi.Be hits: Murray, wibaon. t-tolcnj
( arey. Slgtln, Ultixon. tSarueiK
Chicago. 4; l'Htsb.rth, 2. Bates
on errors: Chicago, 2. Bases on balls.
Off Vaughn, 1; off Kantlhener, 2.
Off Kantlticnt r,, t In three Innings; off
Hill, 4 in four InnliiKs; otf Kelly, none In
two tiii.liua. htruck out: By Vaughn,
lu: by Kantlhener, 1; by Hill, L Umpires:
OTay and Wuitsley.
Score, second came:
v. If fc l l u a
F aher, aa.... 114 CoU.ua. ft . I 2 t t t
Hhultl Ji). ...0 t t lialr.l. tb t 8 1
blilllu. If 4 1 f'ivtfllo 1 t 0 0 t
j6iium. zo-aa.a a jmi '. r-t,rir(
Safer, lb.. .. .4 1 It 1 tHIn ItDUia, rf I 1 1 t t
Wllitama. rf 4 1 I tWaiur, sa. 4 1 1 s4 t
Phelaa. ID... 4 1 tVloa b 4 1 I t
Hwinr, ..4 14 1 (Jlirfinaton. lb. 4 t 14 t t
Uatettder, p. 4 1.4 tMurvhr. .. t till
r Hra.r 1 4
Totals ... 4t 41S II luibaoa. S....1 tilt
AAmmM m a A a a
' "!
. u T,ll '? I
Patted for Iwird In the eleventh
' " r""s run aairwi. .
Hatted for Murphy In the seventh.
Chicago 0 0001000000 0 I
Pittsburgh ...0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1-1
Ttu-l.uM hiU: Carey, Hlnchman.
Thre-I.u.se hit: Hargrave Stolen bases:
William. Carey. Viox. Double plays:
Klr (una..ted); KUI.er to Ztmmeiiuan
to Halcr. r urned runs: Chlcaaio, 1,
t i.tadii Kn. s. t-rt nrt ta.
3. Jltteourga), 8. Bases on balls: Off , t-inber 4 bes1''-'g a. m (.. h..n
I T itrur.h out: hY Lavender. Urefl dollars a1d--S7 In rasi. and 8 n
o' imv ' Empires: Wuigley and 1 trophic -larkrallt .ystem, purses dV-
v- v.ded In four t,uJ ntoneys.
Los Angeles Dmer Takes Prise in
Sensational Finish at Fort
TORT fiNELLING. Minn., Sept. 4.-In
one of the most spectacular and closest
finishes ever witnessed at the end of a
'0-ni!le race. Enrl Cooper of Los Angeles,
today won the first motor derby over the
new Twin City spedway. Cooper was less
than one second ahead of his teammate,
Gil Anderson of Indianapolis, who fln
lahed second. The official time of the
two cars was: Cooper. 6:47:29; Anderson,
6:47:80. Cooper's average speed for the
race was KB. 36" miles per hour.
Kddle O'Donnell, who was snore than
thirty miles behind the leaders, finished
da a Three llaniired Miles.
Cooper led at 800 miles, with his team
a. re, nnumtuil, fcl fcecikl l i . , ..uUvT-
son took the lead at 301 miles, when
Cooper stopped for gasoline. Cooper' and
Anderson had twelve miles lead on
O'Donnell, In third place. Cooper's aver
age for this distance was 88.2 miles an
At 160 miles one-half .the distance
Anderson was In first place, closely fol
lowed by Cooper. O'Donnell was third
and Alley fourth. Only nine of thn four
teen cars that started remained la the
Anderson averaged SS.28 miles an hour
for the 250 miles.
De Palma was forced out of the race
by engine trouble after drllvng 19) ml'ei
Several hours before noon, the time
set fbr the start ol the first suv-mi e auto
mobile race on the new Snelllng speed
way, situated m'dway between Minneapo
lis and St Paul, thousands of spectators
were In the standard eager to see fif
teen racing cars flash around the two
mile oval in contest for prizes aggregat
ing $60,000. . -
AU save two of the drivers had qualified
their cars by circling the course at a
speed of at least eighty miles an hour, but
speedway eYflc'als announced that these
two drivers. Oldfleld and Brown, would
be permitted to participate without the
usual preliminary test
Past Time Predicted.
Drivers and mechanicians sgred that the
track was In excellent condition and pre
dicted that some records would fall. Be
cause of. his showing In the Chicago
races and In the elimination trials here,
Resta will be In the race today.
Weather conditions were favorable.
Bueh stars as Ralph Pe Palma, wlnnor
at Indianapolis; Darlo Resta, victor at
Chicago, and many other tracks, this
season; Barney Oldfleld, Eddie O'Don
nell, Bob Burman and many other were
expected to christen the new two-mile
concrete course In competition, for the
purse of 800.000.
The track, sixty feet wide most of the
distance, and eighty feet wide on the
home stretch. Is declared by experts to L
be one of the fastest In the country.
They even predicted that 100 miles an
hour will be made. '
Resta's long record of victories this
year places him high among the fa
vorites today. In the preliminary trials
he pushed his French car over the
course In record lime. '
Earl Cooper, who won one race and
was second In the other at the Elgin
races recently, la another favorite, as
also Is Gil Anderson, who carried off
the Elgin road race honor two years I
and 'ga, hl" y ear ?P 4
I KInin national trnnhv . nrl ihm rtrlwa
- -
money in. the second day's event at
Records of Other Races.
The highest speed at which a motor
&., ,i.Uj i. uq ft i.. k ,
w"' " V-K ""ur;,Roth and Barbara and Collamore's triple,
r.7nA tJZZZ. i- ion "
J)?; , Jf ,
The worlds atraight-away mile record 1
of 141.73 mile, an hour waa made by
Bob Burman at Daytona-Ormarid In 191 L
The Brookland. two-mile record of us..
mile, an hour was made by CI.e.sange
The Chicago speedway two-mile lap '
record or 111.6 miles an hour was made
by Barney Oldfleld In axhlblUon In 1916.)
The Indianapolis speedway two-and-a-'
haJf-mlle lap record of 80.86 miles an hour
was made by George Bolllott lu a qual- ,
levin 4.41 In iftla '
The Chicago 600-mlle record of S7.S miles
an nour was made Dy uano Kesta in
June. ltlS.
The Indianapolis 600-mile reoard of 89.84
miles an hour was made by Ralph De
Palma In 191B.
The American road racing record, 801.81
miles, or 87.8 miles an hour, was made
by Eddie Pullem at Corona In 1914.
, . . . , . ,,
The American dirt track two-mile rec-!
ord of 77.7 miles an hour was made by
Louis Disbrow at 8t Louis In 1814.
1 Resta
2 Anderson ....
5 Cooper
4 De Palma ...
( HumiBti
6 Allev
7 Henderson ..
8 Halbe
.. etuts
. ..Duenenberg
11 Mul ford
12 Haupt .
14-Old field
Ifi Chandler
16 brow.
White Sox Protest
mpVplaTifl rtampt
uicvciauu uamo
1 - I
CHICAGO. Sept. 4,-The Chlc.go White
ox have protested the second game of
. -...v... ..
by Cleveland, 8 to 8, according to an an-
nouncement today. - !
The grounds for protest are for viola- j
tlon of Scctlou 8 of Rule 61, which de- j
clare. that a batter is automatic-ally out!
when he-Mnl.ses the third strike, while
first b... Is occupied, provided there
are less than two out.
Th. violation of this rule occurred In the
fourth Inning of the second rauie. It Is
claimed. Smith was on first bsse, one
msn was out and Klrke st bat.
batter swung at a wild pitch for the
third strike and ran to first The play
went unnoticed by the umpires, and local
players and both of these men scored
later on.
NEW YORK, Sept. 4. -Ban Johnson,
president of the American league,
nounced here today that he had ordered
.w . u'ki,. Qi.
replsy tomorrow the second game of the
4Vubk header won yesterday by Cleve
land and protested by the White Box.
SkMtt st Wlaser Meads y.
W?TirR. Neb.. Sent 4--f Sotwlal A
reg'stered shoot will lie held on th Wis-
: , ..
Chicagoan Defeats John G. Anderson
in Final Match at Detroit,
Five and Four.
DETROIT. Sept. 4. Robert A. Gardner
of Chicago won the National Amateur
Golf championship here this afternoon
for the second time. He defeated John
G. Anderson of Mount Vernon, N. T., In
the final match of 34 holes, 5 and 4.
Gardner's ability to putt when he had
to this afternoon gava him an easy vic
tory. Veteran golfers said that some of
Gardner's drives were the longest they
had ever seen. His long drives gave htm
a margin on almost every green.
He was one down at the beginning of
the afternoon round. Squaring the match
on the twentieth hole, Gardner took tie
lead 'on the twenty-first and was never
headed. Anderson, for the first time In
the tournament, was visibly nervous and
continually was in trouble. His last hope
died when he sent his ball Into the creek
which guarded the thirtieth green. That
made Gardner 4 up.
They halved the thirty-first and the
thirty-second went to the Tale athlete
without a serious struggle.
Out M4 44S 3TS-J9
In DU 444 542-38 77
Out 34 MB SM 39
In 654 434 84887
Anderson 1 up.
Gardner Out 544 4.14 45487
nuprion-uul 006 4A6 86441
Gardner In
4f4 53
Anderson In
Oanlnur won, 5 and 4.
McLoughlin Wins
in Straight Sets
FOREST HILLS. L. I., Sept. 4-Mc-
Loughlln defeated Hunter, 8-8, -4 4-0. .
R. NOrris Williams, 2d, defeated Wil
liam Rand, 8d. 8-6, 7-5, 6-1.
Indians BlankWhite.,
Sox, Chasing Faber
From the Mountain
Chlc.go. 8 to 0, today, because they
. ....
Duncnoa hits .off Faber in the fifth In-
-In- ,m ..:., I! -L.
.--..as ,uhdi-vi v Kiiiciiivill Him 4.U1I"
tlnued tie attack on Russell ,ln the
eighth Inning. These attacks, coupled
. with daring tse running by Chapman,
Bave the visitors the game. Collamore
onerous with hi- poa.es, but pitched
. k . . , . . ,
Lvrn, !, '. m" s T?"
"V. T f I ? "nT
.hll. MV ,n ,tho, Tho
"' trtlnd th! Cleveland twlrler was
perfect. Chapman work being excep-
"r Kd. Roth's steal of home In the
c,gnlh lnnl,,,f wa a fetur'
uhIo.i i CU"ij.o.i.
Chapnwn. u i i l i Murphr rf . t o o
IUth. cf.
4 I 0 0 0J t'ulllna. lb. 4 1 14 1
tilt DBOolllna. Zb.4 0 0 4
. lran.i. It.
Hmits, rf..
Ktrka. lb..
.t 4 0 0 OJackson. cf.,.8 1 I tf
4 0 17 t OIiboM. If.. .4 1 4
wn.. tb I t I tjohna. 'b."!l l l I t
. S....4 o 4
v ?" sbcbsik,
il, i'.'.'.'.t ill
vu.iaiuuiv, p. a v .vrMr,
Total. ....I 724 14 0
, ... Totals ... I 87 14 1
Jackson out, lilt by batted ball.
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 8 06
jChlcago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
.T'0"baj,e hlt: Graney. Three-base hits:
I r" L'amoI. "u'"el1' l,H.2,en,,,!i Bfr
hare. Chapman, Roth (2. Murphy.
Earnev runs: Clevel.nd 8 nouhl. n.i.v.-
Weaver to J. Collins to Johns; Collar
;moro to O Nell to Klrke. Rases on er-
iror: Cleveland. 1. Bases on balls: Off
Kaber, 1; off Collamore, 8. Hits: Off
i Faber, 4 In five Inninite; off Russell. 8
'In four Innings. Struck out: Uy Faber,
II; bv Collamore, f: bv Russell, I. Um
Ipires: Chill and Kvans ,
j Senators Whip New ,
WASHINOTON. Sept. 4.-Waahlngton
made It five out of six games from New
York today, t to 8, scoring the winning
run In the ninth after the visitors had
tied the count In that Inning.
Washington led In the final Inning, but
a paa and hlu off B(JehllI,g by
Nunamaker and Malsel. then a single by
Caldwell off Gallia, who relieved lihl.
lng, evened the score. Henry was hit
,nen rear.nen Wra on jictirlde's sacrt-
tlcm and Ktumtn'i booting of Gallia's
bounder, ' -iloeller. running for Henry.
.cored tbs winning tally on Williams'
.ingle. Score:
kiw voh'k. wabhinoton
minoil aju.u.o.a b.
; J J f J J
Mauwi, lb....i i t t uMiian. rf t l t
ra '.J J , J A
Miliar. cf....t lit imitr, rl....4 t 1 t t
".' " J ? i l"r"r': '"" ! ? ! I
-. w vnvi.riu. aa..fl 4 119
Jiunamu., e4 I 4 1 vbualillus. S..I t 4 1 S
9 a vii i ,l a.
I 4 t 1 t
t I I t t
."a, p. v 4 V 'iT .
CalJacli ...1 1 t tf'WIlil.ma
-1 1 t t
ToUla ....II lla it i Yutala ...Jl I rt M I
'i1'1 1. ' ru' scored.
"Hum for Henry In ninth.
Hatted for Ptckiiipaugh In ninth.
-naiiiq tgr ACObla In ninth.
New York 1 0 0 0 6 4) 0 28
'.YavhliiKlon 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 4
I Two-base hits: Finn iiamrlil
Is'-. "ry,
fcm4 runs: - New York, I; Washing
ton. 4. Dt.ulilo plays: Shanks to tiandil;
Foster to Gantill. Basoa oti errors Waah
Initton. 2: New Work. 2. Bases on balls:
Off , Brown. 4; off lloekllng. 1; off Uo
grldge. 1. Hits: Off B.H,hllng, 10 In
elgit Innings. ni out In the i,Tnth; off
tiallla, 1 In one Inning; off Mogr1lge. 1
In one Inning; off Brwn. T In eight in
ninrs. Struck out: By Boshllng. 8; by
Oallla, 1; by Brown, 2. Vinilres:
O Loughlln and Hlldebraol.
HILLS COURTS Karl Behr and Maurico McLoughlin
photographed together after their games at Sea Bright, 1.
J., for the Athletio cup, in which Behr won. They hav:
been playing at the national tournament at Forest Hills, L.
I., during the week. Behr was unexpectedly put' out o..
Friday by Johnson of California, but McLoughlin is still ir
the running.
lag-ti0 Leaders Make it Three Out
of Pive in Series with New
York Giants.
NEW YORK, Sept. 4.-PliJlade!phla
I made it thrwe out of fix, rmn . vnrt.
... - - "- -
j Y winning tholr last game of the season
j New York. 8 to 2. today. Tho Phillies
lw" the tenth, when Nlchoff drew a
case on balls, reached third on Klllifer's
single, and scored on Becker's sacrtflco
fly. Robertson made a poo- throw to
the plate.
The game was a hard fought pitchers'
battla halnan numuru . n.l u..t,.,,n.
" ' ' ma.u .
Alexander pitched the tent Inning for
the vlaltors after Becker, batting for
Demaree, drove In the winning run.
Philadelphia. kkw YORK.
A8H.fl.Alt AU.H.O A K
tock. lb t I I I Stlon.a.ir..... 8 4 1
J ' ' 1
: x 'v. ' " ' V'- ' -vv a
. i ' v1
v.- J ' i
U " ' ' . r i "1
mm . I i 1 -tsgsaassa-
I 9
Hancrufl. as. .1 1 I 4 0,4nt. lb . ..4 1 4 4 0,'
rr.t:ri I i t oIJX'y"-". I ! ? i! m?on- recru,t outfiei.
budarua. lb. 4 lit o Mrrkf. jb'!!.4 I I t I " sppearsnco In ths Brooklyn ranks
Wbiiti. of. ..4 tit 0Ki-u-h.r, I oils Dautwrt was put off the field far mm,
iu:::i I ' iKsr .r!:::! ? ! 5 J "- The Br.ve. S
Dmanw. p .l til UMVra. C....1 081 t , 'lay todty. rScora
backer 4 t t llKchauar, p.. I t t 1 tl nuniw.vv
Aluaular. t 0 t 0 t'Uralmird .. .1 0 I 0 Q I u . BOBTOV
. U'h9t All H OA 1.
Totals ....IS I It It 1 T'a'- I 111 I 1
'Halted for Demaree In tenth.
Hatted lor tk-bauer In tenth.
, o,,.,,.,, ...... v v i v u u i v i o
..vim iuih v r v v u I o v u 3
Two-base hit: Bancroft TV--- v
nit: t
nine iniiinss; oft AioianoiT, I in oris
Inning. Struck out: By ricliauer, 8: by:
i vn.aree 8; by Alelaiidrr. 1. Umpires: '
Kieirt and Kmslle.
.,,,.,.. ,.,. ' I
American A ssoelattoa. '
At Minneapolis, first game R.H.K.
Kxnsas lty 8 7 0
Minneapolis 414 0
Hatterlcs: Hr.ndets and Oelbel:. Will-
lams snd (Jhiiirity: ten inuinas,
Hecond sain R.H.K.
hansas City X 12 4
Mitincaolls 4 15
Batteries: Delhi, Maunders. Gurilner
and Tlsp; Bentley, lluop r and Sullivan,
At SI Paul, first game
St. Paul
Bstteiics: Slapnlka and
Steels and Olenn.
Hecoii'l gams
R It K.
2 4 5
..... 8 8 0
B rani. an;
a a a
a v
.'.u.-.. . i oBAcri, - v f n iis.lrt.. s.t.l Silt
Bums, turned rui.v: Tu.u. t- Z'?n' " ! iNslit. a I 1 l a
; New York, 8. Double plays:. ;' i i 1 1
i to tirant Kletcher to Morkl. " ! i ? ToUl. ..n w is
a on balls: off Kclisuer. 6: oft I I !
ree. 2. Jilts: Off Humarn 8 In J
Battrris':'''KaeVh''aiid Bran'nan;" Laroy blu tennU championship from Miss Mar
and Johnson. torts Hires and Jack Cannon In tralght
cALl:0"- "JV .U. 7-lhera today.
11. a anaiKjiui ,
4 ft 2
auenes: rwiwtnsn ana levogt; Willis,
A Id rich and Oossetl; called end eighth;
Columbus-Louisville; two games; post
poned; rain.
Hubber. livid Is) Baak.
MlHTII YAKIMA. Wash.. 8it. t
Two r.viiked robbers held up the Selah
Stale l,sl, k iHta ttxlay. obtaining U 10 In
currency and silver, locked Cashier Ial.l
in the vault and twcaitsd in an automo
HU. ,
i tit j ., . ,
Boy Wonder Comes Near Pitching:
flo-itun, No-Hit, No-majtt-Seach-
ing-First-Base Contest.
BOSTON, Sept 4,-In pitching Boston
to second place In the National lea....
i,c loda'. Arthur Nehf, Boston's boy
' p,tchr "mi close to a no-hlt, no-run.
"""'"-"".niog-rirst game. Brooklyn,
. ,ld cor' wlyie the Braves gained
x run"' wa "dlted with only one hit,
J"' y by Miller, vwhlch Outfielder
I Comp,on ,0t In the sun.
'. Nehf gUVS HO Davsaws nrf ni..k . .
( - f.-l..,w i V, ,
OMy twe"ty-seven men. Miller being re-1
, l,rcu un aouuie play a moment after
: h rchcl "rst base. Boston had a big
batting Inning against Jack Coombs In
,no soona, netting six runs, two cr
Whlnh war nHu. a ....
",m l,,Ira l0orel
ii,h.,i Tk' i J ! ! ' f "oosrsss, cf 4 I 1 t t
. J,.": ! ! ! Kliaeai.. lb . I t I I t
t;,..7'w . II I r?m,lo"..rt-
HtMiaal, Tf... s- t t
Mam. If. ...4 8 1 t t
rlihmldt. lb.. 4 t II 4 4
Smltb. lb.... I 1 t T
Mr.nTllla, ss I 1 1 It
rtmvin. rr....i sis
i Mlanaw, tb..l t t I
Myara. rf... s t i
TotaJa IT 1 14 u i
Hsttedf or Dell In the ninth
Brooklyn ......" .. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Boston 0 M t 0 0 M M
l,?ubJe ,pLay.": llrH i0 'Mara to Hum-
b.ml',lf0 Illatrlck to Schmidt;
?lxc"l to Miller. Left on bases: Brook-
J,vn J Koston 8. Hu.a on balls: Off
V"mb" 1: off Dell. 1. Hits: 0'fCornib.
lwll innings; off Dell. 8 In six In
nings. Biruck out: By Dell. 8; by Nehf,
3. Umpires: Byron and Laton.
KANSAS CITY, Sept 4,-Mlss Lyle
I'ayea and C. J. Lock horn of Kansas
Cltr won tue Missouri Valley mixed dou,
1,. . , , . . . . ...
Cons'. Laaaa- Heswlts.
At Salt Lass Oty B.H E.
Oakland 8 8 2
Salt Lake City 4 J 0
Batterlas: Burns and UliiKl; C. Will
lain a and Ijfnn.
At Ias Angelear- R.H.E.
ernon .-, 4 u 8
Lon Angeles 8 4 8
tsatlei u-s:
Iku'.nxl.i. . .1 L- I
Mltse: Perrltt. HouxKiiis. Love. Vllli.i.i ,
and Brooks.
Proposal that Benson Site and
Track Be Leased to Club is
Under Consideration.
A proposed union of the Omaha Driv
ing club and the Douglas County Fair
association was discussed yesterday when
lfficlels of the fair association, met
Otis M. Smith, secretary of the drh J
club; In Mr. Smith's offioe.
A definite proposal that the fair aaso
triatlon's site and half-mile track at
Benson be leased to the Driving club.
with a reservation that a fair shall be
held one week each year, waa made
by the fair society's officials. Mr. Smith
exjijosiied spproval of the plan and
agreed to submit It to the directors of
the club.
The plan as outlined at yesterday's
(conference contemplates two race meet
ings each year, one to be held by the
Lrtvlng club, a. a member of the Great
Western rlrcuit, and the other to be a
part of the annual county fair. The fair
issoclatlon and the driving club would
hare .receipts from each meeting, ao
t rdlng to the plan.
KXtpnalVA tmrimvnmanla r. Ik. Tl .
f I - r. .. . , Mviinuu
p ant will be made If the plan I. consum
'mated and the grounds will he made a
park which will bo an attractive spot for
Omuhans and guests from out of town
to visit. lraa, tree., shrubbery and
flowers will be used to make the site ono
of the beauty spots of tho city. The track
will also be widened, now buildings put
up an other Improvements made., If tin
marriage of the two race socletlna materi
alises. A nice list of entries was received ly '
the county fair association for Its meet
ing to be held September 21-41. Kvoty
class filled except the 2:08 pace, whlci
has bei re-opend. I n tries coned fi,.
tomber 1. Between 125 and 150 entries have
come to hand and others it (t nn'lc pa
ted, are still In the malls. Must of thi
events have from eleven to rl turn V
tries. .
The 2:14 trot, for which seven in'rl.
so far have arrived, seems llkc'.y to V
one of the feature races of th out'!
card. Its entries Include Lord Kltchenci
Allen Brothers, Des Moines; Jim na.i.
an Omaha horse;-Miss Rexetta, E.
McCoy, Avoca, la.; Velma Todd, 8. i
Maaseth, Geneva; Heir Reaper, W. i
Hill, Arapahoe; Check heart. L. Coi;i:u,
Stanton, and Johnny Nolan, F. J. Tean
mora, St Joseph, Mo.
Tws Saddle Types at (isrdra.
An Important decision affecting the
future of American saddle horse types
and the judging of saddle horses at
American shows was reached yesterttay
at a meeting of the executive committee
Df the National Horse Show association,
held to arrange plana and revise the
prise list for the annual exhibition in
Madison Square garden from November
to 12. .
In Judging at the garden thai year two
distinct saddle types will be recognised
all through the show, and separate
classes will be made, for each type In
stead of jumbling them together as In
past years, to the oonfuuion of the
judges and the dissatisfaction of the ex
hibitors and spectators alike. In one
series of competitions the orthodox
"walk-trot" saddle horse of the riding
schools and the parks will be Judged,
while In another series recognition will
be given to what la variously known as
the English type, the thoroughbred typo
and the hunter type of riding horse.
The walk-trot saddle horse, as It la
known among breeders, dealers and
trainers, U a full made, finely finished,
high styled, flash going horse, with
showing aotton and ability to step along
at a smart pace or a trot
the "blood ho,ck," as his admirers love
to call him, after the fashion In England
Is often a' thoroughbred race) horse, or
a hunter, with plenty of qu.mj Tand
now "na "e, p' Pony of blood
like character, has carried off the blue
ribbon before Judges having . prefer
ence for this type. The bfood hack must
ravs thoroughbred quality, or fineness
of fiber, with what the connoisseurs call
riding shoulders, and prominent Ivlthers
to keep the saddle back where It be
longa .
' r
Thunderer Wins Big
Futurity Stakes for
Colts at Belmont
NEW YORK. Bept" 1-Thunderer. '
owned by L. 8 Thompson, won the rich
futurity suites for 8-year-oids at Bel
mont Park today. Bromo, a stable mate,
was second, and .. F. Carmen's Achieve
ment, third. The distance waa six fur
longs and the time was l:Mi-
The total cash value of the stakes this
year la 823.DOO, ' and the winners' share
about $17,010. The distance, six furlongs,
was over a straight course. This Is the
twenty-fifth renewal of the futurity,
which for over twenty year waa a fea
ture of the autumn meeting at Sheeps
head Bay. but In the future It will be a
fixture on the Belmont Park program.
Varsity Squad Will
Camp at Beatrice
BEATRICE, Neb., Sept 4. (Special. )
About twenty foot ball athletes of the
ITnlrverslty of Nebraska will go Into
camp at the Chautauqua park next
Wednesday for a week. While here the
visitors wlil be entertained by the high
school boys and tholr friends. The foot
ball'squsd will use the athletic field for
dally workouts, and it Is said they expect
to do some hard training while here in'
order to get In the best pos.lble shape
by the opening of the season.
FRIEND. Neb., Sept. IMSpecIal.)
Oalvert of Crete won the singles an
Calvert of Crete and Bdrnondson of
Friend the doubles cupa In the fourteenth
annual tennis tournament hers this week.
The Friend tournament Is the oldest In
the state and has the reputation of af
foilng the best play next to the state,
tournament A large number of playera
entered. Including a number of newer
players who are developing Into leaders,'
among thera Horlburt and Kenntr of
Vttoa, Pyne and AnuYews of fit, Vui
1M, L. I I, . , . . n. ...
oiaioj avnu EMiaw or Bupertor,
t brothers of tleneva. ss well as U14
jckler player, of this town and lcluuy.

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