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.THH BEE: OMAil.N. MONDAY. SKITKMHtfli 0. 1015.
American Troopi Kill Many
Enemy Mailed on Southern
Bank of Rio Grande.
Full Text of W. A. Sunday's Opening Sermon
Preached in Omaha Sunday Morning, Sept. 5, 1915
"Tha nineteenth chapter of th Act
Of I and the eceond vwnsi 'Have ye recnlrsd
the. Holy Ohost elnc y believed r
"The personality, the divinity luul th
attributes of the lloljr Clhnet afford one
nf tha mntt Inspiring, ona of the moat
L. 3D Lit LUTED WITH HAIDERS, We irr told that w . the Holy Spirit
. Tama at l'fit'oel, I rem aa the mah-
nsnwNAVlI t n Te Hsnt S lln ' lr wind, and eversurglng
With Hordei of Meileang reported thf) mvtr jon)an John, 0ut from the
massed along the rlter where to- expanse of heaven was seen to float the
day', battle took place. nUty-flve w:t of Ood ilka a snowfiake. and they
.. . ,,. , heard a sound aa of whirling wings, and
roil, west of here, with communlca- th Ho,y 9p,r1t n tn, fonn cf ft 6wt
tlon between here and San BenltO in hovered over the dripping looks of Christ.
the raided district all but broken bjr Neither jour eyes nor mine will be-
wire cutter, and a audden calling, to l'?"?
quarter, of all troop, stationed at djf-ot or wrtin tn. ny Pirlt. nor
Fort Brown, the situation growing analyse Him aa a chemist mar analyse
ont Of today' police development material matter In hla laboratary. but wa
viin eu i ilia fuibmib V Hi" ' v
I Hla eternal aptrtt.
"Why an angel of heaven could not
swiftly grew tonight in to one of
grare possibilities.
At CavsRZcO croMlng near old ! coma to Omaha and live two weeks and
Hidalgo. Tex., where United State. w Jp- ro"J,w"h- n1
' .... then return to heaven without flmt being
caralrymen and Mexicans acron dlrtnfoW(l aftd fUmigaud aPld givsn a
the river engaged in an all-day bat- bath in lysoi and carbotio add.
tie. ending later thl. afternoon, the I "The Holy Spirit la a personality, and
' . " . D, ..'t merely an Influence, and the spirit
oath bank of the Rio Grande wM (if(W)i nlKi this injunction.
reported tonight literally lined with -Grieve not the spirit of Ood.' Tho ordi-
Mexkans, well armed, but it could fiances of the church never saved a soul
and never will, but it is the iioiy Bpiru,
and this spirit Is a personality an A
analogous to the love of a mother for
her child who has gone wrong and
brought shame upon her fair name the
not be ascertained whether they In
cluded any Carranza soldier.
At Iest Ten Killed.
" JX -i"- ,Y Ki....rL of for the errlnt. ln-ired
Coy. comm.nd.ng th. Utl. t ?et d. "
airy engaged, reported that a leaat ten hh. k.. kken f,i. mar.
Mexicans were' klllod. their bodies lying
wife whone husband has broken his mar
riage vows as If they were made of
church, as X have looked at It from my
standpoint. The flret are thoee In the
church personally who want to be
saved, hut they are not concerned about
other people. They do not give any help
to other people; they don't lie awake at
night praying for other people that they
might be brought to the Lord.
"The aecond claaa are going to de
pend upon human . wisdom there I no
such thing as latent power, exprees or
Implied power la Just aa distinctive
In an Individual as the electricity In
these lights. If these globes are with
out a current they would be nothing hut
Slant bulbs fitted for nothing but the
scrap heap. Without the Holy Bpliit you
are as soundng braea and tinkling cym
bals, and a third rate amusement parlor,
with religion left out The church of to
day needa a flood of the Holy Qhost. The
third class are church members not from
might and honor and power, but from the
"I am not a peeaimlst; no, I am an
optlmlKt of optimists and I believe that
a brighter day never dawned upon the
church of Jesus snd thst there was never
a time when men and women were so
hungry for the true religion as they are
today. I believe that the church of Ool
never had brighter prospects; and I be
lieve that down by the door of the
church today there are rolling such
chances as It never had before. There
are more people ready and willing to hear
the goapel than ever before. I believe
that no church door should ever swing
open: no sermon should ever be preached;
no song should eve. be sung; no meeting
should ever be held that Is not for tho
only object of the bringing of men snd
women to a saving knowledge of Jeans
Christ the Son of God.
"We've got churches; tots of them.
We've got preachers, seminaries, and they
exposed on th. plain south of the Interna-
tionai oounasry. ne oenevea uii ,..m , ... . Ir4n. f ,.,. rn-nK.Hnn
many more were killed In their ambush, My ,f r'doenn-t eettls hi. future ,r tumln out preachers and putting
in ue orusn. na ' -'"''i before the undertaker pumps the em-
csns who provoked the battle by firing ming nm ,nto hlm then Mt a ,0ner,
oh an American ranchman and troops i , . .. . . , . .
v. I . C "IMrra or Clod.
ny imm mornini yr.vwj
reduced to twenty when the battle ended
at I p. m. One American trooper was
founded In the fighting.
A train on the so-called constitutionalist
railroad line running for the crossing
took many men from Matamora. t-
nlaht to th scene of th fight The
It la my desire to give you a brief
them Into the theological molds and
keeping them there until they got cold
enough to practice preaching.
"Why, at Pentecost one sermon saved
1,000 people, now It tskes 2,000 to get on
outUno of tho Holy Spirit-to bring aod;old buUermllkyed. red-nosed, whisky
mim pimui wn wim iwn, -. i- soaked blasphemer.
of Him a th Father, but I want to ay
to you that J do not bellev In th uni
versal Fatherhood of Ood, or th nlvr
al brotherhood of man, cither. Tou are
not a child of (tod unless you are a
at t i not a child of od unless yo
; zztl: ohnatian. nd if you .r. not cw.d f
I Ood, then you are a child of the devil.
! For unlese yeu are a Christian, you are
t.il,niuu ... I nA k. . .kIM ka rir11
taken place s'nee 4 o'clock this afternoon. , '
J.ate this afternoon advices were received
that an attempt had been made to cut all
"No people en Ood'. earth ar batter
clothed and better fed than in America,
so thl. I. not what I wrong.
Too Mask Organ Isatloa.
"A fsllow cam to me and said, 'Billy,
the trouble la that we need organisation
In th church.' Ood help us! We're or-
wires between thl city and Pan Benito,
iilneteen mile north of her.
Oaly Oa Wire left.
All the wire but on leading In this
direction were cut, the sevsred strands
teing plainly visible. This waa don a
few miles north of th seen of Thurs
day s battle with troops and Mexicans.
Military authorltle at Fort Brown gavr
to reason for th sudden calling In of
all troop, her, but It wa. reported
that th military authorltle. were tak- your
ing all precaution, against efforts or ages
not a child of Ood. you are a creature aanlsed too much today. There la so
of ood; so Is the saloonkeeper, th gam-1 much organisation In the church that
bier, th madam of the red light can hear the machinery squeak, but
"There must be a link to connect th w haven't got oil enough of the Holy
Infinite to th finite. The Holy Spirit Is Ohost to grease one axle of Ood'a char
th mesne of thla communication. ' let Listen to me. We've got the Y. W.
"Joshua fighting a battle for Ood saw C. A., th T. P. 8. C. E., the C. T. U., th
that th sun' would set, and It would J. P. X., th J. E. U and the J. . t I. y.
grow dark before he would be able to i "Drop Into a young people's meeting,
finish this battle. J The leader will aay. In a weak, effeml-
" 'Just make the mm stand still a little nate. apologetic, negative sort of voice,
while and prolong thla day till I whip that there waa a splendid topio this even
that bunch to a frassle, and It will send Ing, but he bad not had much time foe
name ringing down through tho preparation. It Is superfluous for him to
ho said to Ood, and Ood reached amy that; you could have told that Ha
Mexicans en thl. sld to erganls end up and grabbed the sun and said: 'Btay goes along and tells how happy he I. to
also be ready for an attempt of Invas
ion from th other sld of th river.'
Threaten) Troekle.
PHOENIX, Arts., Kept 4.-A delegation
of Mexicans today notified the civil au
ithoritiea that unless a celebration of the
Mexican Independence day, September
.were permitted, treubi could not
atvoided. Bine a riotous demonstration
Ive year ago, on September If, cele
bration had been forbidden. '
Eleven Ar Arretted.
with revolutionary activity eleven heav- i
II y armed Mexican, were lodged In the
county jail here tonight They were ar
rested at Mineral Creek near Ray.
' Leave for Brewaavllle.
. A! ANTONIO, , Tex.. Sept. 4,-Major
William Hay. chief of stsff of the pe
psrtment ef the Bouth, United States
army, left hurriedly tonight for Browns
ville, after a report had been received
at Fort Sam Houston, detailing the
latest disturbance on the border.
there, don't move until
thy servant have you there to take part thl. evening.
eome on, you triple extract of Infamy;
oome on, you aseaeelns of character;
com on, you sponsors of harlatryl
come on, you defamer. of Ood and er.e
mine of the church; come on, you bull-
necked, beetle-browed, hog-jowled, peanut-brained,
weasel-eyed four-flushers,
false alarms and excess baggage. In the
name of Ood I challenge and defy you.
It la mighty easy to lln about a man
when he Isn't on the Job. I'm here now
for eight weeks. Come on. and I'll de
liver the goods, express prepaid.
"A man said to me: 'It waa s mighty
tittle thing to drive Adsm and Eve out
of the Oarden of Eden because they ate
an apple.' Ood didn't give a rap about
the apple. It was the principle whether
man should bow to Ood or Ood bow to
man. That act waa an act Of disobedi
ence. Vou may say it was a mighty
little thing for England to go to war
with us because we threw some tea Into
Boston harbor. We didn't go to war
over the tea. We said: 'You can't brew
tea la the Eeat India company and pour
It down our throats.' tt was th prin
ciple we went to war about, not the
price of tea, and we fought tt out Are
you ready to surrender? Tou, who are
In rebellion against Ood ? You, who are
In rebellion against the authority of
Ood's government? Are you ready to
do His will?
'Tou recall the strenuous times In
China during the famous Boxer upris
ing and how the various legations of
foreign nation, were In great danger of
assassination by the boxers. I low, on
one critical oocastm, when the hour
looked the darkest and the cooped-up
refugees were looking anxiously for re
lief, when the Germans were cheered
by hearing the bands ef their soldiers
marching In and playing TMe Wacht Am
Rhine.' Then th French heard the
'Marseillaise.' and how the English were
cheered by the muslo of "Qod Save .the
King.' And how the Americans waited
and wondered If their soldiers were com
ing to their relief and when through the
night pesJed the strain, of The F tar
Spangled banner,' Dixie,' 'Columbia, the
Oern of the Ocean.' and those stirring
patriotlo air. aa the field representatives
of our government came to the rescue,
the feeling It brought to those people.
'What did It all mean? It meant that
Minister Conger, his wife and dsughter
and other loyal Americana were In dan
ger and for their protection thla govern
ment would stop at nothing.
Drama a tie Illaetratloa.
"If necessary the treasury would have
been emptied In their defense; every sol
dier would have been sent to their relief
and every battleship and other fighting
apparatus of th navy would have been
at their disposal. And for what? The
preservation of a principle.
"Are you fighting for a principle T Do
you quake and quiver In your boot, every
time a brewer blow, his nose? Let me
urge you to get out and fight. Come on,
you Ood'e representatives! Come ont
"A monk onoe disobeyed the rules of
tne monastery. He was condemned to
sgntn be was asked, and this time he re
plied. 'I will, I wUL' While this might
be termed Inhuman treatment yet It wa.
for a principle, and If we all would stand
for a principle for the Lord's sake great
would be the result.. "
finally enabled the firemen to approach
near enouah to fight the fire away from
other building, la tee danger sane.
(Continued from Tag One.)
the forward part, so that the water
rushed Into the forward compartmenU.
The wireless operator Instantly sent out
a call for sld, while CAptaln Main ordered
the boat, over the side. Three of them are
ssld to have been upset in launching and
twenty persons wbe were Injured hsvo
been lsnded at Queenstown.
When It was seen that the Hesperian
was likely to remeln afloat for some
time. Captain Main Insisted upon return
ing to hi. ship to wait the arrival of
admiralty tugs, which he hoped would be
able to take her safely to Queenstown.
Twenty of bis men went back with him.
The Hesperian was a vessel of ,12t
ton. net She sailed from Montreal Au
gust IT for Liverpool, where she was re
ported to have arrived August ST7.
The Allan line, owners of the Hes
perian, ha. been operated for about three
years by the Canadian Pacific railroad,
ship, of the line running .between Great
Britain and Canadian ports.
The Hesperian, a twin screw steamer,
was built at Olasgow in 1908. Bhe waa
1.4SS feet long with a beam of sixty
feet and a depth of hold of thirty feet
Carried Ona.
WA8HINOTON, Sept .-A cablegram
from American Consul Frost at Queens
town to the State department tonight
announcing tho torpedoing ef the Allan
line steamer Hesperian, with a loss of
probably eight or ten lives, said the
liner carried mounted and visible on tier
stern a 4.7-Inch rifle.
The consul', message, dated 1 o'clock
this afternoon, follow.:
"The Allan liner Hesperian, torpedoed
by a German submarine seventy miles
southwest of Fastnetat 8:30 o'clock Satur
day evening. One or two Americana on
board; none loat. Loss of life about eight
Vessel has not sunk. Admiralty boats
landed passenger, and troops at : this
morning. Have returned to bring Hes
perian In here (Queenstown). Due about
o'clock tomorrow morning. There wore
about forty-five Canadian troop, on
board, unorganised and mainly Invalided.
Also one 4.7 gun mounted and visible on
tern. Vessel bound for Montreal."
WAKEFIELD. Mih., dept. 5.-A squsd
from the battleship Rhode Island eutshot
all competitor In th Ninth Infantry
match In th wtndup of th New England
Rlfl associations tournament today.
Their total for 300 yards at rapid fir
and BOO yards alow fir wa MS, ninety
point, better than th Tenth company
of marines.
Key to th Situation De Advertising.
Elevator with Half
Million Bushels of
Wheat is Burned
NEWPORT NEWS. Va., Kept. B.-The
Chesapeake Ohio grain elevator "A,"
one of the largest In the United States,
was destroyed by fire tonight with a loss
estimated at $3,000,000. First reports of
fatalities were not verified.
Nearly 600,000 bushels of wheat wa. In
the elevator. Other property destroyed
Pome people are young at 40 red
cheeked, ruddy and Vigorous. Other ar
old at 40 Joints beginning to stiffen up
a bit; step beginning to lag anil joss lis
eprlnglness; occasional touches of pain
In the back; feel Mred without oausa,
and possibly a twinge of rheumatlo pain
In most cases these are the danger
slgnala to warn you that th. kidneys
ars not promptly dolnr their work of
throwing off the poisons that are always
forming In the body. To neglect the)
natural warnings Is a crims sga'nst
yourself. If you havs these symptoms,
you can find prompt re'lef in uOLl)
M FDA Li Haarlem Oil Capsules. For
more than 100 years, this b. been the
recognised remedy for kidney and blad
der ailments,
OOLD MEDAL Hsarlem Oil Capsula
are Imported direct from th laboratories
at Hear'em, Holland. Prices ar the,
0e and 11.00. Oet them at your dru -
gist. Do not tak a substitute.
Devoted to
SrtUiaat KosloeJ aarlsseae
TWICE DAILY wVifw Mat. Today
Sneelally Boosed for
Th. Musical Furore,
Hrry Hastin S' Z'fow
Wlta toe AtmiHed Ruler ef
g.afht Lea.
And 49 Other, t
Txr. rouow tot."
mi Fetors, Alma Bansr, rlorsacs
Oarley. Jten Leonard and a
cx.abt yprr iimt
wT"et!5 suXj look, just girls
Lck? loss, those toamtlos Ssltaa.
Think horn flat the sreesSlns would to
sll wtteont a llnui ss rs
srterlni the esrklni good tutting Rhnr.
Evenings, Beads At Holiday Mats.,
iso, aoo, Me and 75o.
Cw sunt If you lis, but ns smokint
X.ADIX' inn II A ITT Will
Rabv Carriage Oarage In th Lobby.
Joshua give you th "highball. making thl. meeting Interesting. Borne be burled alive, lie was stood up In a
"Sampson with the Holy Spirit upon j one get. up and reads a poem from the bole and dirt thrown In around him until
him could take the jawbone or an ass , christian Endeavor. Herald, and then 'It covered hi. cheat, and he waa asked If included the local offices of th United
ana lay aeaa a miui i '"-"' they atng No, ss. They get up and .Ing. he would submit to thslr demands, 'and States Shipping company and the Hoi
Sempaon without te Holy I Oh, to lie Nothing. Nothing Only to Pit ho replied. 'I will not.' Th dirt was then land-American line grain pier No. S w.
weak as a J t.Jp Feet.' We used to .Ing tW song, j filled in up to hi mouth, and again he damaged. Two other pier, and thre.
be ;hU ?!".vUt u - J " I b,,t 1 toxvaA ont tn th k 11 " M- WM 'ked' n n replied. 'I will steamships were threatened. - .
so with the church and Its members, ..... . .... .... . . l. . j,, ........ . .. ... . . . . ....
(Continued from Face On.)
alttt quick stride to th pulpit,
kiss; Battle llysaa.
"Let us sing th Battle Hymn of the
Republic," he said, placing one foot en
'.he shalr.
The audience roe end sang th martial
"Give God th Chautauqua salute,"
t-ommanded Billy Sunday. .
H sprang to th top of th pulpit
and stood there waving hi handker
chief, dominating the crowd.
Fear-fifth, ef the person, tn ths audi
tnee gave th Chautauqua aalut.
Sunday's point, were frequently ap
plauded by portions ef the audience.
He did not disappoint those who came
expecting to bear startling assertions.
Pome ef that variety ef expressions were
as follow:
"Com church of Ood Almighty stop
plsying with religion."
'I know we've got lot. of church
people who or unworthy. A minister
one Mid Jesus had twelve disciples and
one ef these wa a devil and that th
church was sntitlsd to the sams per,
oentaga. Sometimes X think we've got
that skinned."
Hoaer aM ef Christian.
"Are yeu a Cru-lstian? Honor that
name or disown It"
"The worst church member Is better
than none at all."
so with the church and Its members.
"Wherever the Apostle Faul went he
had either a revival or a riot. (Applause.)
He hsd been on the firing line for Jesus
Christ for years, and never once dipped
his colors.
"lie visited CoHnth, and when he
stepped Into the Inn he noticed a gang
of men talking on the corner. He went
to the hotdkeeper and aald:
" 'Who'a that bunch over therer
" 'Why, they're the church people here
In Corinth, answered the proprietor.
" 'Not on your life,' answered' St. Faul,
'not that gang.'
"Then St. Paul went over Into the cor
ner and said: "Have ye received the Holy
" 'Never heard of tt,' aald one of the
"Faul aald we are living In a new dis
pensation of gracs, and salvation I of
fered free to all who will accept.
ally that I out It out, the same as I have
out slang out ef my preaching. 'Lough,
"Then a long pause, and some one
ssys, 'Let US .Ing No. U.' So they got
up snd thsn som on ' starts 'Throw
Out th Uf Lln.' They haven't got
strength nough to put up a clothesline.
Another long pauss, and then you hear,
Have all taken part that feci free to do
so 7 We hav a fw minutes left. So let
us sing N. IV Thsn another long pause.
J bear the organ'I eau iiever think of
that little thing what la ItT prelude; 'It
Is time for US to elose. now let us all re
peat together our Mlspah benediction:
"The Lord keep watoh between thee and
me, when we ar absent from on an
other." ' X tell you Ood haa got a hard
job on 111. hands. Ever hear anything
Ilk thatT Yea, X guess you have, and
you don't hav ta go outside to hear It,
not, and the dirt wa. then filled la until The heat was so Intense that for an
It reached up to his faoe and only hi. hour firemen could not approach within
i eyes and nose were left uncovered, audi several blocks. Shifting of the wind
Park Closes Sunday
Right, Sept. 12
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MonriA), Sept. (Labor Day)
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D Dancing, Boating, Roller p
Coaster . 2
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KHUlJ rAriK Amusrment Park.
DanotasT Afterneon and livening.
Other Attractions.
Tree Motion riot urea. Tree Oarage.
'SefVeesreaeraf rljflitfO
w urogram Promptly at Z p. m.ra Satet Open si iz Program promptly at 2 p. m.
"Ws are all made of one blood and owner,
one man and I believe In the universal "The Chtireh f Ooe doesn't need or
fellowahlp of Christ and the brotherhood genUatlen, but the Holy Ghost uion
of man. Becauae you rode here this what she haa already got Life will give
morning In an automohlle. Instead of organisation, but organisation will never
hoofing It, dona not make you any better, give apliitual life. Ood la needed ta
And because you may wear a diamond aa bring man to feel that he needs Jesus
big as a hickory nut In your shirt front ChrUL The divine philosophy of people
doesn't make you any better. today breed more agnostic, and Infidels
"W hsn Ood built the universe He spoke ' than all th Bob Xngersoll. put together,
nd th Holy Spirit had th work done. -ood I looking today for man to o
When Ood will the Holy Bplrit doea. aown lnt9 th- marsh. ' to rescue
When Ood wills the Holy spirit will give .he perishing and car for the dying.
Omaha Auto
rnn nnrAnr" run
Omaha a new life ef sobriety
Rgettsiat Daaa-er.
' On ef th gratst danger, as ! see
It, to the church Is the egotistical, self
ish contentment of mun. Tliat Is the
curse oJ the world todsv- because you
think your hope of heaven Is sure, you
don't rare a rap whether the other fel
low is saved; If you a re happy, you don't
eat whether the other man suffers or
"A man won't walk to a procipic and
fling himself ovur it with hi ye open;
a man. unless he la a fool or craty, will
never stand on a railroad track and con
test Ms strength with steel and steam.
The hidden trap, of Justice are more
"Did you ever read or hear about the
blowing up of Hell Oats at New York?
Only ships of certain draught eould go
through It, and th government gav
tho contract to Oenorat Kewtoa to re
move the obstacle. o he started with
hi. tunnels under the hanks of the river,
placed hla ton. of powder and giant
powder, and on th day appointed, the
government ships cams' and put every
thing beak that ettmptd to pass
through the river, and Oeneral Newton
sat In his home on Brooklyn Heights,
two miles away, his little child on hi
knee, and he said, 'When I tell you,
pre, that little black button and push.'
And when th signal cam to him over
th telaphons, h aaldi 'Frea. that but-
ton.1 and aha neeesed the huttan. and iwn
falsi than the seen traps. utsn can , , wty thcr. WM fc muWei roM. an4
plume himself In the guise ef dove ef
light, and In that disguise h doe. his
most effective work. It you knew the
devil he would net be getting so many
people to walk the paths of vice, and ths
way to heaven would not be so deserted.
The danger to the tired traveler 1.
"If. a disgrace that you've got a gang, . tM ,. the
within your limits and candidate forbMtfh , th. incoming tide engulf him.
" ' ,,ke " "an " "ver been
unoarannounced that, although h. ! tJfV1 lft waa
wa a republican in politic. . h. w I f011!!1! .. III t In2
"back of Wood row Wilson with sll n,,lU,L,e ,n' !L.TmJ "2
poww- and pau a moment in his die- ,uk' "-' -nd n,ut,r'
raorse to remark on the fact that In the t,tphem ln hr Preesnoe.; Ood be
ljW.peaa sr nelthw le i,M Uen abie Praised that your children have never
to gain a declalve advantage. known what It la to walk the streets
ttuaday devoted an Instant to the ni hr th tlnsr of scorn polnUd at
churoh folk who hav failed la aupport- them; Ood be praised that they hav
Ing hie Omaha meeting. ' never sat around a stove ana emvereo
the water shot late th air IS feet and
th river was eleared. Helpless Itself was
that little child, but backed by the
genius and power of her illustrious
father, site wa aJI powerful. Helplus
ar w without th Hole, Ohost. hut
with It we are powerful .ad nothing In
all hell ran atop us.
t ries Belief la Ued.
"Believe that Ood Almighty can do ,9
something: don't whine around as though S
Ood was a corpse, ready for the under
taker. Ood U still on the lob. The Holy ,
Ptirlt la needed to brln maa ln aolritual .
touch with Ood: to make man realise 3
that he la a represeatatlve of Ood on
earth today.
; Ood'. repreeentatlveT LM4 rou know what
- Children Under 12
Years Accompanied by
Parents or Guardian
Secure Tickets Now
at the
I5 f
-. .
S f
" k TV
Taken at Instant of Contact bj New York American at Brighton Beach I tare Track. Ivid Admission, 102,000.
We Dash Together at Sixty Tuliles an Hour
Two 80-Ton Giant Enc-nos With Tondors Attachod
Ufferencsi to the welfars of rollalon aiui brcause vou must drink: that they have 1 .... ... .. , .. W WW I II asjiai W se av e M BBS M w sssa B w V - a svaw W a. a w sr essV
Indlfferenco to the welfare of religion and because you must drink; that they have Un(J fcn), nt w refused to apologise or I
the public is to oi pose a campaign of this never gone to bed hungry for eomethlng I My indemnity or make any effort to ?
to est that you might drlakl that yeu appease Kngland. what wou'd it meanf It ! .3
kind." he declared. ta est thst vou mltht drlakl that YOU I .
"When the quvetlon la asked, 'vhere have never known what It u? to hv the (would mean that England would rome'W
were you when the fig at Was fought at wolf of drink gnaw at your heart end serosa ta this country with its soldiers I 3
pull at your vuaia iihs a nungry won
Omaha? " he aaid. naming the tiurchea
wbivtt kusve eupvorted his campaign, "the
answer will be, 'la the firing line."
Rest rooms Quick wltn s Went Ad.
"One man aald te me: 'PI1U I hare
never been tempted to sidestep: I have
never been tempted to forge; I have al
ways been true to my merrlegu vows.'
I know that, but are you willing that th
world shall see you aa Ood sees yettT
Ood sses everything. Are yeu willing
that the world shall see you as Ood does?
olid by
VVee't May t.rayee.
nisr.l wss tiMd tonlshl by lxuls t. V rt- "
ii. gri,ii i..i...fr u! tlis i nlifoir.is i aad through th peopl who bolleve and
Ulf s.s.ciati..u. it sIm to the Pf kVe and preach th tretb.
suit a us on Bry ins, it asoclaal" " . .
wu!d ia.t t.uy ai.y grKs tute yr. "There are three elesees ta the
k t
iEy The Distance of Point of Collision from Where Crowds Will Assemble Renders the Event Free from Any Pos
sible Aocident.
A Full Afternoon Program of Harness and Running Racer-tock Yards Derby Relay Ra-ce All Horses Entered in
This Race Will Be from the Stock Yards, South Omaha Motorcycle Races. Collision Last Event
Rcmcmlisr, Only Given Once on Account of Prodigious Expense J
and w would dye the soil ef Canada with I
ths blood of brave men. and they would
vs tha anil of the United BLataa with the I
Uood ef brave men. and for whatT Tou
today, as reprssentatlvee ef the Lord, cast
step out and la th nam of the Holy
Spirit aay to th forces of sin te come on.
I defy every one of the dirty bunch of
'OOro on. you tons ef Iniquity In J
Omaha, that have made th church a
aiiaiddna a aj. a iyjm.t Sa mrlrm VMif ;

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