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Tilt. Mhr.: OMAHA, MONDAY, (K.TOBFR U. 1910.
Tarn Ba rtiMlsmns; Company Proprietor.
i i
at Omtht tostcfflre aa second -class matter.
T ... . 11
r y r.ii'r of iiii.ii
pee month. per j ear.
ialt and Ponder.., r $ "0
rlir without fupdar-... M
Icntr. end inrar He S.W
f'vrntuf without Sunday., So. 4.04
Hiindev Be only Sue I. SO
Solid potlr of ehar.ge of arldrsea or complaint of
irregularity in delivery t Omaha, Iw, Circulation
"tartrit W draft, tprea or postal order. Only two
cent ftimpn received In payment of err-all e
onfita. 1'ersonsl rherks. except on oroaha ami eastern
iichanre. not accepted.
Omaha TTia Building,
.outs Omaha 3i N tiet.
v'ounril Hlnfta 14 North Main street.
f.ineoln S Little Building-.
Cnlcaaro vn Mrarat bul'dlng.
Ktw York Room linn. V Klrth avenu.
St. Ijouis- M New Hans of t'omrarr.
Waaningtcn 7 Fourteenth Et, N. W.
Mra rommunlcstlons ratstlnr to news and edl-
toriel snattsr to Omaha baa, Editorial Dapartsnavt.
Stat of Nebraska. County of Douglas, aa;
I'wlght Wlllimna. circulation manager of Th Re
Publishing company I'tlng d It swnrn, says that the
average circulation for tlia month of September, U1A,
was 4.3.
D WIGHT WILLIAMS. Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In mr nrearnn and sworn to befor
ana. thla lat day of CV-tober. IfrlS,
KOBERT liLNTh.fl. Notary rublle.
Subscribers leariag the city temporarily
boold have The Bee mailed to tbem. Ad-
drees . 111 be chanfnd a often aa rexjoeste'il.
0tha 11
Thought for the Day
57efof by Limutm L fasuWr
"Faith $hart$ the fufure's promi$t, Ln'$
6tf offering it triumph von,
And McA good thought or aetion move
TKii dark world nearer to tht sun."
Tb tumult and the ehoutlna; ha subelded.
GMded royalty has had Its day. Now for busl
cesi. Boost!
Entries for the Constantinople pennant
crowd the track and insure thrills along every
, mile of speedway.
Young Rockefeller Is not usually claused as
an early riser, still he managed to pull off, a
sjifech at Sunrise. ?
There is no question of the aooundlng inter
ust colleges are taking in the progress of pre
paredness for foot ball.
It Is nip snd tuck for front page position be
tween the world scries in the United States and
the world series In Europe.
The kaiser looked farther afield than Csar
Nicholas when he planted an idle German prtnc
i.a the Bulgarian throne and made Sister Sophia
ueen of Greece.
Panama is an exception. to the general run
of bustling American towns. It is unalterably
against real estate movements along tha canal.
They hurt business.
Italy is supposed to be at war with somebody
toroewbere In the Alps. Measured by the newt
of the affair, it does not muster a feather's
eight in the scale of events.
Patrick Henry of heroic memory was denied
a place in the New York 1 1 all of Fame. The ef
fort to vote him In was a waste of good inten
tion. The famous Virginian of revolutionary
days needs no modern bronie or chiseled mar
ble to perpetuate his valorous deeds.
A lusty American Infant, cradled by war,
makes its Initial bow as a 118,000,000 corpora
tion for the manufacture of dyes. The fsct that
the Standard Oil and Da Pont powder people are
Hr-onwors for the industrial youngsters insures an
i.bundance of financial nourishment.
"The prosperity of the country," exclaims
ttje Washington Post, "can only be assured
through an American merchant marine." This
knocks from a lofty perch the claim that rail
reads are the only reliable vehicles of prosperity
Id this country. Another idol shattered.
Personal property assessments in New York
i;ity were boosted to $4,000,000,000. The first
s'xty-five men, exercising their lights under the
law, swore off 99.63 per cent of their assess
ment. At this rate of swearing speed the tax
boost will soon resemble an exploded war fond.
Tha combined assets of Nebraska state
banks and savings and loan associations total
fit:. 000, 000. In fifteen years the banks have
quadrupled their business; the associations in
creased sixfold in ten years. Gold mines and
L- unltlon factories occaslonslly enrich the few.
They are hopelessly outclassed by Nebraska's
lcrtlle fields as an old reliable money producer.
i v t r
vy&J MXsyt &MJl
jr r
m m
av4 s-t
Wright Mohola haa sons to Halt tka City to taka
'lis ptiion of city ticket agent for the Union Iactri
liry weather kept pt-ople at home and rciliu-ed
nto:v!rce at h chuivhea today. At th Klrat Uap
tut. K-v. J. P. Oab'urn, atato nitaalonary, made a pow.
I ful ij'i.-'jl for funds for hi aocUty.
lu-v. J W. tlaraha delivered the fourth of lila atrira
r l turea on comm n sens and religion. Ills topic
aa Mystery."
I'rjty had a apeetal choral et rvire. with aoloa aung
r Mla Ix.rrina tJlt aon, Mlaa Fatteraon and Mr. Rlgga.
Tne rtrfct liapUM church has ralaed 1700 out of a
idvl for a new miealon rhael to be erected
at the corner of Twentieth ant) Cuming afreet.
I'l.arUa Otsden. as Keal attoiaey far tha Mlnneapol't
Onvaha, haa paid In 111.310 aa back taxes.
J'ruidrnt LKiwhng f Crelghtoa colleg la announc
ing a cou of arleiitlfla lectures St the college to be
siv.-n ly Prof. Itlgge. aalated by I'rof. Hubert Uart
Tiia police unlforma are a go. tle pattern calllmi
"ur a double frock coal with belt anj mace and a ama'l
:ajje harsmg- frc.ro the ahoulder. oa which several
lol taliota have been aaked te submit blda.
I. Jtrwrn. 1U( Karr.am etre. anta to adopt a lit Me
sri- rr.Jri. I uu-tr i jettra rf m;c
I Nebraska and Snffraj-e.
t In anticipation of the rotn on woman's suf-
se, which is soon lo be tslien In four enpHrn
i-tates, tho I.itersry Digest has been making a
t.atlon-wlde poll of the rrei-s to asrerlaln "the
verdict of the people of the United 8tates on
votes for women." In Its summary of the re
turns by states It says:
i iNeornana is reporw,i to i in inwr "uiiitpc ?
a fair majority 1 uplte flgurea. which Tha Omaha Pee
p-caeiita to i". concernlns the S'lffrago amendment
I submit ted In the I'll elerthn, whlih failed to carry.
However, out of the total Vote of !t,14, the majorlt?
i opposing It was only about lo.nso.
j It goes on to quote answers to Its tnquirlei
by three other Nebraska newspapers, the Fre-
r. cut Tribune, the Columbus Telegram and the
York Republican, with the conclusion:
The wi-ht of optnlon aeems to favor suffrage, for
only two dltora and two communities are reported
nctoally against the proposition.
While th're Is no occasion to re-argne the
suffrage question so fsr as the rerdlot in Ne
braska Is concerned, we Insist that the actual
I returns which we gave to the Literary Digest
vclthout comment or Influence are the best evi
dence. At the election held in 1914, the total
number of ballots was 246,944, the vole for suf
frage was 90,738, and 'tha vote against it
100,84 2, leaving the amendment short of a ma
jority by 10.106. The total number of ballots
marked on that proposition, therefore, was
191,580, more than 55,000 of the voters refrain
ing from expressing themselves at all. In other
words, while 90,738 favored suffrage, 156,206
refused or failed to favor It. Moreover, each
of the counties in which the three newspapers
mentioned are located gave majorities against
Whether public sentiment in Nebraska has
changed since last November enough to transfer
the adverse majority of 1914 to the other eol
imn Is pure speculation, but why the Literary
1)1 Kest should go outside the record to reach a
different finding from what the official figures
warrant Is puszllng to say the least.
Six of One Half Dosen of T'other.
Recalling the loud uproar raised in certain
quarters over the placing of the Anglo-French
loan through our American bankers, it is inter
esting to observe in the latest Issue of "Father
land," which Is the staunch advocate in this
country of "fair ploy for Germany," an appeal
made to the Germans in America in the form
tf an advertisement of a Chicago firm of "Ger
'man bankers," asking subscriptions to the third
Herman war loan. '"Ought not we Germans in
America," it says, "to help to the best of our
ability toward the success of this new loan by
subscribing to it, and thereby relieving the
brothers in the fatherland T" And again: "As
long as this heroic fight for Germany's freedom
and existence lasts, where our brothers risk
their lives. It should be the sacred duty of all
Germans In the United 8tates to place their sav
ings at the disposal of the fatherland to whom
they owe so much."
When we were discussing the Anglo-French
loan, The Bee suggested that it was not a ques
t'on of neutrality or of sympathy on either side,
but purely a business transaction. In truth, the
chief difference between the two loans from the
Investor's viewpoint is that the offer of the Ger
man 6 per cent loan is at 99, while only 98 is
asked for the Anglo-French loan bearing "the
seme rate of Interest, and that the former comes
in denominations as low as 100 marks a little,
less than $25 -while the latter stops at $100,
It is merely six of one and half a doseh of t'other
when war bonds are floated over here.
Bate for Carrying' Passengers. '
Chairman Clarke of the Nebraska Railway
commission has filed a brief with the Interstate
Commerce commission, In which he takes the
negative end of each proposition laid down by
the railroads In favor of an increase in the pas
senger rates. He presents his own reasons for'
holding that the 2-cent rate is compensatory,
and strongly contends that the proportionate
passenger earnings of the roads are more re
munerative than the freight returns.
It would seem that this problem might be
solved with much less of red tape. Railroad
accounting is coming to be of such nature that
facta are hopelessly befogged In a mass of
figures, the exact meaning of which is differ
ently determined by different experts, to the end
that exact information is seldom or never given
the public. It ought to be easy to determine
the exact cost of carrying a passenger one mile
fender normal conditions. The elements that
enter Into the problem are already known, or
are readily ascertainable, and from these the
unit should be deduced.' With this factor estab
lished, the next step would be to determine what
proportion of the total cost of operating should
bo charged to passenger traffic, and the rest
would be easy.
Railroad rates and rate-making have gone
far beyond reason in complication and should
bo reduced to some simpler terms that they may
be better understood by the public, which is the
party most at interest. T ..
A current statement that many Kansas state
tanks are obliged to decline deposits has an im
pressive appearance standing alone. A different
face appears when it is explained that Kansaa
banks are prohibited by law from taking de
posits exceeding ten times the capital and sur
plus. Banks loaded to that limit are put to the
ralnful duty of turning away money.
Mr. Bryan's resignation from the premier
ship of the administration last summer dovetails
with his announcement of permanent retirement
from office and office seeking. His interest In
I u bite affairs and public questions will continue
unabated, and those who. attempt to push his
friends from the pie counter may get their meas
ure on the mat. Knockera, beware!
Somebody writes to our amiable democratic
contemporary protesting against opening its col
umns to a notoriety seeking agnostic for sc ur
inous attacks not only upon Christianity, but
upon all religion, demanding that they be "di
verted by way of the waste baket." That is ex
actly what happened to them when the aame
screeds were offered to The Bee.
Brother Barge haa great confidence in Mr,
Pryaa'g preaching when he assures a conference
of Nebraska democrats urging a poetmastrrshtp
candidate against Mr. Bryan's choice "that they
vlll not be condemned for ' tbelr freedom of
thought and its expression." The freedom of
tfought that Mr. Bryan approves and tvtols Is
tie kind that trrecs with him.
Omaha and Letter Carriers
Off tot at Or fa a of te JTeUoaal Aaaoclatiea.
ONE of the prlnlpal festurea of convention week
was the great parade on Iahor day, September
(I. Fully J.oro letter carriers In tinlform participated
and rlhited Constant apptauee from the thronira of
peipt who occupied every point of vantage along: tha
lln of march. The route aekfted by the local com
mittee waa admirably choaon and waa not ao lon
aa to become tiresome. IVUghlful weather greeted
the marchers, which, -omntned with the liea'itlful
wide, smooth and level street, made tha pervlo it
most aurceraful spectacle.
The letter C arrier Hand. ,
The Inspiring st:slns of muslu furnished 1-r tha
letter carrier bands In attendance added to the en
thusltam ai d enjoyment of the prad and tho week-
' eVents, end many wero tha expressions of aatonlah
ment thnt so much mualcal talent waa to 1c found
among- the nation's letter carriers. The: ware fou
banda present Chlcaso, Cleveland. Iallna and tnnahv
and too much can not be said of their iort In making
the week aui'h a pronounced sue-ese. They wen
ready and eager at all tlmea to fumlph mnslc, which
they, did with tha whole-hearted energy characteristic
of members of tha National Angulation of Ittr
Carriers. Tha- contention owes them a debt of grati
tude and the national association haa just cause to
taka pride In these organisations, for the reason that
they call the attention of the public to the fact tha'.
we ar progressive, energetic snd comptent along; lines
other than carrying tha mall.
The Ak-Sar-Ileai Ra tertalaaaeat.
What will perhapa live longest In the memoriea of
those so fortunate ss to be present waa lefar carrie s'
night at Ak-8er-Bcn Den. Tha Ak-Sar-Uen is dis
tinctly a western Institution, Its objects being to pro
mote a better spirit among Omaha's buslnoaa men snd
toward Omaha by tha state of Nebraska and the
outside world. That It haa attained Its alma and en
hanced the prestige of Qmaha and tha middle west is
attested by the thouaanda of visitors who have en.
Joyed Its hospitality and been Introduced to tha mys
teries of the land of King ftamaon. letter carriers'
night was replete with fun then fun and yet more
fun. A number of our members bore with fortitude
the vicissitude of Initiation and thereby won . th
plaudits of tha throngs of carriers and other guests.
Preceding the Initiation "The Isle of Pep," a musical
melange, was artistically staged, and In the vernacular
"It was scream. " Following the initiations true
Omaha western hospitality was dispensed In tha rear
of the spacious Auditorium, to the accompaniment of
excellent music by the letter carrier bands. A royal
entertainment by a big-hearted people waS the uni
versal verdict.
Trlbate Oaaaha'a Flrat-Claea Pnitmailer,
We would be lacking In appreciation and gratitude
did we fall to mention the activity and Interest of
John C. Wharton, Omaha's aggressive and pro
gressive postmaster. . Beneath his smiling exterior
there bests a heart that throbs In aympathy with his
fellow men, no matter what their station in life. Dur
ing the entire week ha was here, there and every
where, his whole desire being to contribute to our
comfort, convenience and entertainment. Mr. Whar
ton la a real postmaster and a real man. Tha Na
tional Association of Latter Carriers wishes for hlra
a long life of activity and usefulness In any sphere to
which his talents and ambition may call him, and as
sures hirrr that his kind and courteous treatment of
our delegates and friends will be a cherished memory
aa long aa tha National Association of Itter Carriers
A llwapllable People anal Preamslre City.
If the delegates and visitors failed to enjoy them
selves, during convention week at Omaha It must lie
attributed to themselves alone. Ably assisting Post
master Wharton and the carriers' committee were the
officials of, the postofflce, city officials, the news
papers In fact, the entlrs population of the thriving
mld-westera metropolis. Nothing seemed to havo
been left undone to contribute to our pleasure, and t
express a wlssi was to have It Instantly complied with.
Branch 6, as a whole, and Its loyal and efficient con
ventlon committee are to be congratulated upon the
unqualified anocess of convention week, and those in
Attendance will never forget their untiring efforts to
make them feel at home and among friends. Tha
visiting women were eared for and entertained In a
manner that left nothing to" be desired and ware loud
In their praises of Omaha and the local Ladies' auxil
iary. Tha business sessions of tha National Ladles'
Auxiliary convention war held at the Hotel Fon
tenelle. Omaha, a a convention city, proved sonw
what of a surprls In point of attendance a many
had thought that the high water mark of Rochestei
would not b reached. But It went beyond that, as
there were l.HT accredited delegates on the floor, wlti
seventeen state presidents, twenty-three national of
ficers and twenty-five delegates at large.
Twice Told Tales
It Waia't the Car.
About t o'clock last night Mr. and Mrs. Hy Geer
were awakened by a mysterious noise.
"Listen!" said Hy, and they sat up in the dark.
"Somebody's breaking lntd the garage." Mrs. Oeer
"I'll go and see," answered Hy. '
. In dressing gown and slippers he stole- out of thu
houa and acros the lawn.
The garage door was locked. There was no sign
of anything wrong. II returned to the house and
"I wonder what It could have been," said Mrs. Oeer.
"I'm sure I heard something."
"So did I." said Hy; "but the car's all right"
They were almost aslep, when sudctonly Mrs. Oeer
aroused with a start.
"Psrhaps It Isn't the car at all," aaid ahe. "Per-,
haps It's the baby."
"By Qeorge, I never thought of him!" replied Mr.
Oeer. ...
They found that their S-month-old son had fallen
out of his crib. New York News.
' Gratefal Papa.
Miss Cuiiey kept a private school, and one morning
waa Interviewing a new pupil.
"What doea your father da to ea'n his living V
the teacher asked the little girl.
"Please, ma'am," was the prompt reply, "ho doesn't
live with us. My mamma supports me."
"Well, then," asked the teacher, "how does your
mother earn her living?"
"Why," replied the little glil in an artless manner,
"she gets paid for staying away front father." 8an
Francisco Argonaut.
The Dae tor Katn,
If some men are skeptical others place an Implicit
faith in tli doctor s prescriptions; and of these was
a man In Limerick, who went to the undertaker t
order a oof fin for Pat Connell.
"Dear me." sild the undertaker, "is poor Pat desd"
"No, he's not dead yet." answered the other, "but
he'll die tonight, for the doctor say a he can't llv till
morning, and h knowa what he gave Mm." Chicaen
Aimed a,t Omaha
Beatrice un: As usual. Charley Wooettr was In
the minority at lh farmer' ccngreis at Onuha. A
resolution had been Introduced commending the .real,
dent's frltn nol-y. sad the Inlef tlgxble letter
writer of aiilver Ciek dcmind d that a larC of It
stricken out. He didn't want tie farmers to aay that
thay endorsed th) way Aiueri aie have bean pn
tactad by ur rovw-nm-nt la tha lliht of tndtgnltlei
and rime of Mcxlcana against American 'JtUeia.
But b eouldn't set snythlnt started. Th farmer
unanimously ndored th preal ent'a actions in de U
Ins with foreign nation If ( barley Wooster vr
Tnd himself speaking. ctt-ur or voting with th ma
jority, he will be as mad aa a hornet.
Culbertann Hani er: It baa 1 txn moved aM
seconded that the name of tlilt ctunty be changat
from Hltchco.k to Morton, Biyar. Nor Is or eonu
ctUrr ifool man that has d 'lie s-metMie; fo- f
s Lute
Ak-Sar-Ben and Revivals.
OAKLAND, la., Oct. in. To the I&litor
of Tha P4-e: Twenty-one tlm-a has win
ter mpa end Konc. twentv-onS tlmea
has summer come end itnn. and tw-rity-one
times have the Iravc r"id'l"d forth
only to le nipped by the frosts of the
aeenon since the InccptMi of the "Ak-far-Hen."
Joyous Indcod have these occasions been
to a million pairs of eyr In, the pst.
Many wltrenaeg of thla splendid feature
of amusement have Joined the silent ma
jority and the nio'ind on yon hlllli1a,
and the a-oorl or bad deeds performed by
them arc the c.nly rncnorle left for
huninn cor.slilf ration ; ti.elr liven a closed
book as it vvrc.
It is of the nUhty, living, moving
pavant of toOay that v.c write, and that
Is tho ,elertrra) parado of Ki-g Ak-8ar-Jlen
In its twenty-first anniversary. In
tvhtch the srts and devices of human
skill were su wonderfully displayed.
Kven those were present to admire,
who were of the opinion that the money
nilKht have been diverted to another
channel with greater effect favorable to
furthering Christianity, yet they ex
press themselves as pleased and It Is
Down in another section of the city
we find one of the largest tabernacles
of modern time. Here a man Is hold
ing forth the "bread of life" to a lest
snd. In the opinion of some, ruined race
coins to the dogs as it .were, with the
sversge preaent day minister esU'cp st
the switch; with Immortsl anula riding
the freight cara of eternal destruction.
Millions have heard lilm apeak words
that rendered peace to their souls. Mil
lions hav grasped the hand that held
hope of a glorious future In realms of
eternal dav.
In summing up briefly you have the
wy of the world. May we learn to ac
cept the wisdom of a great Creator with
the belief that after all, Is said and done
here. It Is well.
Back tm Protect! Tariff.
f HFLBTVILLE, Tenn., Oct. lO.-To
the Editor of The Bee: Having a
few moments spar time decided to send
you a few seral-political lines. I am still
a cltlsen and voter In th Oolden Rod
state, but my Interests here have retained
Cne six weeks and will about two weeks
longer before I return to Omaha. Have
been absent almost three months with a
month on the coast, and tha more I se
of th conditions in our United States of
America th stronger protectionist I am.
My protection Idea Is to protect all our
people so as to provide employment for
over lS.ono.flOO now Idle and relief for
over eo.ono.OOO men. women and children
now suffering because the earning power
of families Is Idle.
If the national republican party has a
desire To return and control our govern
ment then the paryt as a whole roust
com out In favor of stopping labor Im
migration and or advancing th tariff suf
ficient to stop Importations of whst our
people can and should produce.
I have been In continual business fifty
three years and have never longed for a
public efflc and do not now, but these
years of business experience and covering
our United States of America from th
Atlantta to th Pacific and from Canada
to the gulf and t hav traversed these
sections many tlntesj and I know some
thing about the actual Workings of labor
Immigration and a tariff of free trad
and for revenue only (same as tho pres
ent destructive tariff) or a low, medium
or high protective tariff, and according
to my Ideas our highest protective tariff
waa too low en articles our people ran
and should produce. With ray Ideas herein
stated I bellev th republican party can
even carry Tennessee, Kentucky, Mis
souri and West Virginia, and carry Over
whelmingly every former republican
state. H. N. JEWETT.
, Dfes ( th Taberaael Meat.
COUNCIL BLUFF, la., Oct. .-To th
Editor of The Bee: R. C. B. Is complain
ing about th music at the tabernacle.
He made It plain enough that he didn't
like It. but the funny part of it is, he
didn't tell us what was wrong with it.
He is just Jealous of, and prejudload
against, tho affair that be didn't have
sense enough to keep still about It, so he
had to blurt out something without any
foundation to It. He shows his Ignor
ance of music. Of course, the choir can't
sing operas or mu&jc like the Boston
Symphony orchestra plays, but I would
like to se him lead a ohotr of that sis
with some of th songs they sing.
S What la th objection to the music i It
is, of course, simpler In construction than
the opera, but according to th laws of
compositon and harmony, with which I
am not so very unfamiliar, the songs are
very well constructed. Th remarks
about "Rody" and th piano show jeal
ousy, ao they are funny. Mr. Rodehoaver
and Mr. Brewster are both broad-minded,
iiou-oonceited. professional musicians. If
I didn't Ilk them I would have more
sense than to criticise them In public. It
shows where th shoe pinches.
Barklna- at the Saa.
TILDEN, Neh.. Oct. lO.-To th Editor
of Th Be: 'TIs rather grating on the
nerves to hav a row of antl-Btllyite-Bus-sard
a spewing out the'r stenchful belch
ings all over our peaceful Letter Box,
and then a group of frantic pro-Blllyttes
will fly to th defense of this Irreslst
able cyclone. "Billy"' Sunday does not
need any defonse; he Is well able to car
for himself; and moreover, you may as
well try to cram Old Jumbo Into the
northeastern corner of the attic of a
thimble as to try to put "Billy" into the
Letter Box. Why he breaks out contin
ually on the front page and usually takes
several other pages with hlin In the
Wh are we, anyway? whether "antis"
or "proa" we'd better stay In our class
and not presume to howl at tha "sun"
that shines as the frontlsplec on the
first page of the metropolitan sheet.
Tlie letter Box Is our sine, and "Billy"
doea not hav time to aww such gnats;
he's tn another class, and th devil
reallsos the fact, and OK) Nick la seri
ously considering handing In his realg
nation, "hitting th trail" himself, pass
ing over tb keys of his rvsort to "Hilly."
and proposing the organisation of a new
company, for the purpose of Irrigating
hell, replottlng It and having it annexed
to paradise, for th overflow that la
being occasioned by "Billy's" campaign.
At first 'Hilly" pi ay seem to favor tha
project, but upon second thought be a
doubt will turn down tha proposition, for
In case that would b don there would
b no place to Anally ship th remains
of such a pack of blear-yd, "yellow
curs" who have barked out their live at
th "Colossus" from behind th Latter
Box. Such, are decidadly unfit te pas th
examination to enter the IQyslaa realms,
end it would b dangecou to inflict
their waudcrlng ahade on our terrestrial
pcMerlty. Tee. feliewa, we had better
deal In chits, ehrimps, turtes and hop-o-my-th
umbs. and not presume to tin the
boasting gnat that took me contract t
put tha rhlnooern out ef huslness.
Therefore. y husxard. owls and bets,
hear e; and tske fair warning, hlc hsk
to your hands or "Pllly'II set ou If
you don't watch out."
Why lie la for Say.
UY'M MOINE. la.. OU. lO.-To the
Rdltor ef The Bee: To rr.y mind the
spirit of f'.od Is werkirig In and through
'Hilly" Pnnday. 1 betjevo thitt the re
sources of the Almighty rsn he secured
by a man of sufficient faith, tlw limi
tations we make ourselves. While Ills
language often abounds In alana and
every-dny phrases It mu.it or remembered
thst his supreme purroMj Is for the sav
ing of sinners. He converts them hy the
thousands and should have the co-operation
of all fnnes of righteousness.
I am for him hecaure ho sets rcsMts.
I rWllfve in results and 1 don't cine to
irltlclse the methods uea io obtain diore
results ss long as thrv sre honorable
snd lawful. 1 am fully i.'isundd thst
rny minister, who ha.i a .passion for
i ni's. could not help lu believe In 8 Jn-
D. H.,
7.618 Fourth St.
Nebraska Editors
Little Ijemiiel Fay. Paw. what Is the
meanlns of ostentntlnn?
paw ostentstlon, son, la a way Uie
nelshhor lave l.ecn showing off. In-
dlananoiii wr.
Penlor Psitner The new msn doesn't
seem to have developed any good points
' Junior Partner ITe hasn't had time.
ft. P.-Hiian't hsd timer
J. v. No, he spenda most of his time
enplalnlng lit.i mistakes.- Boston Trans
cript, "Ars the Aimrlcane a musical ration?"
"1 fhould scy so. There never yet was
a political camps f!n in hlch the brass
len1 didn't make more noise than the
speskers." Washington Star.
Jnggs was very much affected at my
talk with blm on the evil efiects of
dilnk. 1 'could se how he filled up."
"Yes, that Is what he Is usually doing.'
Baltimore American.
"Pop. what . a pessimist?"
"A man who's seasick during his entire
vovsse of lile. (Ian to bed now, son.
Princeton Tltrcr.
Casey lonnojcl at surveillance Say:
1, watchln' in p 11 vet have to do?
T'om. sn u-ui tly )-l' U.
Oeecv (throwing down pl"k Eeaorrs.
then, it's dl, ye ll bo tomorrow. Boston
Tho edltore of northeastern Nebraska
will meet at Norfolk. October 15 apd 16,
for the purpose of forming a social and
business organization.
D. F. Davis, editor of the Pllver Creek
Sand, died at his home September 36 of
pneumonia, after an Illness of a week.
Mr. Davis formerly edited the Columbus
Telefram and Schuyler l.'erald. He was
postmaster of Columbus during Cleve
land's second administration.
Mlaa Emma K. Vorpahl of Grand Juntv
tloti. la., has purchased the Marslsnd
Tribune from Per. (Tfcerles H. Burleigh.
Editor Edwin Richmond of the Minden
t'ourior. celebrated the twenty-fifth an
niversary of his paper last week. He says
the paper was started in 1890 with the
subscription at tl.CO a year snd that it
has been worth tho price ver since
Corinne R. Swain, in Judge.
When day la done. In' Mapleview, and
shades of nlsht have "fell,"
t like to go out on the porch and meditate
a rcll. .
iThe ptars sre out and so at times Is our
elective light;
The .1 nek son pui bewaitn his chain; a
hi Hie of fi-ll.ies flffht.
in Doc McOorckle's parlor, some great
singer warlWea yot,
And charor still fioni Jones's comes that
Lucln. sextette.
The choirs practicing, no doubt; for on
tho evcniiiK sir
Their voices fram the church near by
proclaim "Sweet Hour of Prayer."
How loud that pianola sounds! It must
be cousin Pill's:
It plays those dance tunes pretty slick.
and g-eta in nil the frills!
The racial 's at Masonlo hall;, the west
bound freight go-s "too-oo-oot."
And to and fro with merry din, the autos
hoot Snd scoot.
The movies have a phonograph that'
playing ragtime thlnss:
Tlie Main street stores are lighted, too.
down where the glee club sinus.
Of course we rv in the suburbs yet; but
'tlsn't Just nor r aht
To ssy thst life Is dull, with romething
doing every, night!
Cool in summer warm in winter
. TAW Craeraf Sayn
Neither th hot winds ml sanrrarsr nee the eU blast f
winter can pextetrat mnt roofing or wall board. Roots
eevwrwd with weed shingles, slate, or tile, Msssl ess er
ener layers ef osrr insulating- snateriess easel ac Unas t
keep the building cool 1st summer and warns ia si Inlaw i
Tssef WanhanrlssaaawpTiiiiaiiateywIalhaawphsterhh.
at hhuww as nasi
hast f the
J as aa laapwi i ant gvsr lath and plaster h fcsenaalns aals asset BaW
saJL it aavea fuel ia eeU weather and keeps ast tha ha waea aad
Tha craat sarsWe ewe vary law east ef mm asatariala ke leeTse Shaar
Crasstfswaafs ky ,
tmlnt fa lat&t't cwrW srrwaaf
ed !
1 1 ' " ".aa a
These ars the sasterktts that gtv th
nK Stl vKe at the tnml mnAml. mm!
JIfi?'lr BooAng is guaranteed S. 10, or
fears according to Whether tb thickness
1. I, or t-ply reaaectieelf.
As anaaaflasHnvra af art nf oar aaa mwiw I.
and tuot-'s; Uwblcmt Roofing and Bvikling
rnper Wills la the world, we can auk ma
terials thai trw: the lengeat eerrtce and can
ecu i n cm st lew prices.
aneta twa
Is a CaefsjaaW dealer la your totality wha will ha Blessed as
i gricca ssaTgiT ywa farther Infennatioa about ear prod aria.
General Roofing Manufacturing Company
r7w Vara Car
i r resale
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Perfection Oil gives
best results.
.jl '
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