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Omaha Daily
Tht? Sunday Dee is the only
Omaha newspaper that
five its readers four big
prgcs of colored comics.
VOL. XLX XO. 181.
Ob Train, at Hotel
Wws Itulii etc, Be.
Bandit Weepi for First Time After
" Defense ii Presented to Jury
in Trial for Smith
Attorneys Present Arguments, Al
ternately Pleading Convio
tion and Release.
Arthur Hauler, bandit and al
leged murderer whose cold nerve
has upheld him. unshaken, through
desperate crimes, an escape from
the Colorado penitentiary, flights
from justice with a price on his
head, solitary confinement and the
prospect of the death chair broke
down yesterday after his defense,
on which he relies to save him from
the death chair, had been presented
to the jury in Judge English's dis
trlct court.
At Jioon yesterday, just twenty
four hours previous to
the time j
it is probaWo the jury will
take his fate in its hands in his trial
for the murder of W. H. Smith,
llaus-er. wept in his cell in the county
Tears 'ran Jo.". Us face. "Brine my
wife, hero." he sobbed to Sheriff Mc-
Shne, referring to Mrs. May llauscr.
who had lust attempted to'aave hla life'
"a attempted to aave ma me
by testifying: to an alibi for him. "I may
not see her m-iny times more. 1 want
to talk to her."
Wants Death or Acqntttal.
It was after court had finished Its after
noon session, however, before Mauser's
wife and. baby and hi mother visited
him. Then he wad more cheerful. "1
want death or acquittal," he told Deputy
Sheriff Joe Wrlsht. quoting his attorney,
Hdward F. Rooncy, of Topeka. who had
made the same demand of the jury.
Case to to to Jury Today.
The case will go to the jury about noon
r. according to last night'- indlca -
. The defense rested at noon yes-
terdav " Hauscr not takinc the witness
stand in his jw.i defense,
The jury must convict Itauser of first
degree murder while attempting to rob
or acquit him, Covrty Attorney Magney
having dismissed a second count of the.
information which would have permitted
(-ffivjctlpii of manslaughter, a. leaser
.ne. If the jury convicts him, it must
decide .whether' death or life imprison-
nint ihail lie the penalty for the slaying
of AV.-H. Smith at Thirty-first and Dodg
street October 16.
Three attorneys talked yesterday after
noon.' Thin morning J. E. Bednar will
sum 'up the defense, County Attorney
Magney will close for the prosecution.
J-ilstrict Judge fciighsh will inatruct the ! the uPbutI18 f city and the better- Icing and directing the president to in
jury and the caoo will be given to the! me,,t , the l,eo,l"- H'8 benevolence tervene In Mexico to establish and main
jury. ' wer" lwa O'et. like his benefactions tain a government there? until It la safe
j to hi employes, l.ut they were of wide to withdraw.
Sttrona riem for Haaaer. 1 ranKe ,nd hfi WM R man of dp(lp humai, lTp t0 th t,m(, M,d Senator Worka
Attorney Rooney made a powerful plea I eympathle anj .charming, unassuming j addressing the senate, "congres haa per-
Ur wauarr. no aweii on me icsumony personamy. milled all responsibility for condition In
of the wife in the bandit behalf and Kanrral aatarday. Mexico to rest upon the preaident. It la
the failure of the atate to impeach her Kuneral services will be held at hi I too grave a responsibility. We have all
by the testimony of a laundry driver. lale residence. 3100 Chicago treet, tht ! sympathlied with the pi-eldent with the
which were the outstanding features of afternoon at 2 o'clock, after which I hope that condition would right thein
t he morning session of court and whoso the body will be taken to Cleve- 1 selves without intervention. I very much
dramatic force waa sufficient to break kind. O., where it will l.o laid lieaide that I doubt now that such a peaceful eutcome
the nerve of the alleged murderer. ; of hla wife in Lake View cemetery. J possible.
i j cutuins-.anuai eviaenco on wnien -Mrs. .nxier is Mr. KllpatticK s only. "Congress alone has the light to de
the; slate asks you to convict Arthur living child. A son and daughter died dare war and that l wh.t int. ....
Mauser," began the lawyer. "Many a vic
tim of circumst'intial evidence He buried
under the sod. Eut if you believe it la
your duty to take Arthur Hauser from a
wife and baby end aged mother and send
him to the electric chair, I say do it.
if you believe him gLllty of the foul
murder of W. II. Smith, send him to
the electric chair. A verdict to tho peni
tentiary would prove you cowardly. It
would prove you are not sure he m
sullty and you are sworn to acquit him
if you aro not aure. J
"The law of Nebraska is asking a human
life in atonement for crime. It la ask
ing its pound of flesh.
"So, too. we demand tho extreme, the
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The Weather
Forecast till 7 p. m. Faturday:
. Far Omaha, Council Bluffs and Vicinity
hair; rising temperature.
,.. 7
... 4
6 i
6 a. m...
7 a. in...
8 a. in...
ft a. m...
10 a. m...
11 a. m...
n in
1 p. m...
1 . in...
3 !. m...
4 P. m...
i p. m...
n. m...
7 p. m...
8 p. in...
omparatJe Local Kerord.
11. 181?. 1S14. 1913.
Highest yesterday 4.". 1 o7 4M
lowest yester.iay 12 M 37 3
Mean temperature : :i" 4; 21
Precipitation - 00 .0) .00
Temperature and precipitation depar
ture from the normal;
Normal temperature to
nefhiencv for Ihe day SI
Total deficiency since March 1 117
Normal precipitation 03 inch
iJefitienev for the day 03 inch
Total rainfall ince March !. ..27. ! inches
TMflclenrv since March 1 1 .7 Inches
Iieflctency for cor. Period. 1W4. 3.57 Inchea
leftolency for cor. period, 1U. 6.83 inches
Rabarta front atatloas at T P. M
Si.tfon and State Temp. High- Rain
of Weather. 7 p. m-
Cheyenpe. cloudy 2
Tfevenport, clear 4
1 waver, clear f
) Moines, cloudy 4
Lander, cloudy 1
North Platte, cloudy 1!
Omaha, cloudy
Pueblo, cloudy 34
lapld city, anow
halt Lake CHy. tloudy.. 34
Hants Fe, anow 34
Sheridan, cloudy 10
riouK Ity, cloudy 4
.C) i
A atenthi. iiou1y.
- I,-. Crt' ' J- .
T ipditatea trace
of precipitation.
t, i-jv. itat.er.
Answers Call of Grim Reaper Less ,
Than Two Months After the
Death of His Wife.
Thomas Kilpatrick. pioneer mer-'
1 K
' I i . . . -. 1 1 , a . . ......
tuani oi unmnu. nnu ucaa ui me jtha meeting and Secretary Lansing pre-
gcoda firm of Thomas Kilpatrick & setiled reports from the border.
Co.. died at his home, 3100 Chicago " -'r ""'i that, beyond
making the representations already sent
street, at 1 o clock I tiday. Bronchi- jCnrr,n, wifh whil.ft ne ha8 promsrt
tiu and grip were the cause of h!to comply, no further steps should be
' death. His son-in-law and daughter.
Mr. and Mis. George Mixter of Mo-
line, 111., were with him at the end.
Mr. Kilpatrick came to Omaha
twenty-eight years ago und estab
lished the great firm which
his name, lie was active in the bus-
iness until about eight years ago.;
when ill health caused him to take.
a less active part, although he al-. qlmrtpri, at QuerHalo:
ways maintained hla interest in it : "The murderous attack on the pa
r.nd was always a worker for the : "Tiger train near Chihuahua was made
welfare of his employes. A substan-! Hy.th.e onl' 7ml"i"ir b"? outlaws.
1 tla, h jft number of thosel
I C8Sn B,U 10 a n,lmDer,0 lnose
' w no "aa ucen ln nls service ioi a
long time was one of his quiet bene-
factions which became public a few
yeara ago.
Wife, Died 11 ece ii 1 1 .
Mrs.' Kilpatrick pieceded her husband
in death by 'ess. than two month.. 8h
died November rJlPJj.
Mr. Kilpatrick v.-aa T5 year of age. He
waa born In Scotland end catno to the ! ply with the urgent representation of?
Vnlted tcte when he wa a young man. j the United States government Upon tha
settling first in Boston and later becom- j success of the ateps ha take the next
ing a merchant in Cleveland, from which . movu in the Mexican situation seems to
city he came to Nebraska. depend.
He was always one of the foremost men j Senator Works, republican, of Califor
ln Omaha in all things looking toward nla. today introduced a resolution author-
in uieir youtn.
The Thomas Kilpatrick store wa
closed as aoou as word of Mr. Kilpat
rick's death wa received and will re
main closed until Monday morning.
' i aa
j ENCAMPMENT. Wyo., Jan. 14.-(Spe-
clal.) Itealiaing the futility of attempting
to reach shelter ln the teeth of a fifty
mile gale ln aero weather, Jack Green
of thl place laid down near the Big creek
trail, folded his bands across his breast
and frose to death. Ill body waa found
by searching parties within a quarter of
a mile of David Bird's ranch, hi destina
tion. Green' death is the second from ex
posure in Wyoming thl winter.
Fall of Karth Kills Two.
BINGHAM. Utah. Jan. II. toula Pap
pas and .Mike Peleglrinl. miners, boih
ainglv. were killed by a fall of earth and
rock in the Utah-Apex mine about mid
night lust night.
America Has Been
by the Hog,
COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 14.Aonerica haa
been made strong by the hog more than
any other single influence, according to
V. p. Coburn. former secretary of agrU
culture in Kansas, who last night ad
dressed the final session of the Ohio
Board of Agriculture's annual meeting on
"tiome Patriotic ConMdaratton of the
"Hoga pay the taxes, clothe the family,
end the children to school, and make
possible the development of new homes,"
said Mr. Coburn. "They have provided
the food for the Anglo-Saxon race. With
out them Chicago would be a prairie vil-'
I laue
Kansas City a barren hill, ' and
0mllhll m fcrry croalng. Take away the
iw . nur . . .. .
sow and our bank would close and the
wheela of commerce cease to turn.
"The pig is a quiet, inoffenaive, Chh
tian sort of animal, aynibollc to a greater
extent of tho peaceful virtue for which
our nation 1 o consplcuoia than ia the
roving piratical eagle. The spout Invert
ing the soil la a symbol of peace and In
dwatry. The pig ia a thrifty animal, turn
ing to good account everything uhleh
come his way, and a far Setter repre
sentative of the America.-, character l!um
00 .the rovinir. robbing cale.
00 j "The bo la a condenser; he la a' man 1
dolHtf c,u
I Us than
uadr.iples the value of the giain
ljU.'l.Cl l.lCt.UlI a;id iu go
Adminit"'oy.v-ai No Intention of I
In ' $g in Mexico, Say j
Yrtose Close to the
Head of Foreign Affairs Committee
Says War Talk is Unfair j
! and Absurd. !
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. V to
rluy'fc "neeting if was decided that
ti.e prejrt policy would be main
lined ann Gnersl ("arranza would
l.e depended to punish the Villa
I unciiis who killed American citlr.ens.
No formal annoumement was made,
ut. official close to the president de
lured the administration had no Inten
tion ,of armed Intervention In Mexico at
present. The view was reiterated that
Cummin should be Riven an opportun
ity to demonstrate, his ability to restore
orjer. '1 his we. encouraged by a tele
gram from Carrania to his ambassador
Promising eery effort to run down
tne unnnlta.
tho senate and house were cone over at
ni. ... .1, i . 1...1-4 -. t
! "t Present. Whether each mem
cabinet sarerrt with that vie
her of. the cabinet agrerd with that view
was not .disclosed.
The. presMent and member of his cab
inet were represented as being deeply
shocked over the murder of Americans,
but as hellevine that the Carranza
j authorities should be able to control the
; aituat'on.
Carranca Replies.
General Carrnnra today telegraphed hi
A llh.iKnilni nil fpnm lila haH
, ne ng pursuea ny my troopa
with a view to Inrure its capture, where-
; upon punishment, which their crime de-
serves, will be applied to every guilty
I p.rlc,p,lnt- tu ... ,
I ' Troop of the constitutionalist govern-
, mfn Bav t,een ordered to establish
iiatrol fruro end to end of the railroad
J line. In order to forfend against aimilar
1 outraaei.t' ' s I '.
t General Carranra'sT. dispatch, waa . ta
first direct. assurance that he will eoin-
tion means. Congress should courag
eously shoulder the responsibility. There
is no reaaon for dividing the responatbil
(Continued on Page Two, Column Two.)
Marinell, Pioneer
Italian, Is Dead
J. ' .Marinell, an Omaha pioneer Italian,
died at hla residence, 867 South Twenty
first street yesterday afternoon, aged
64 year. He had been ill about three
months. Arrangements for the funeral
have not been completed. He is survived
by hla widow and four son. Henry. John,
Tony and Joseph, and a daughter, Mra.
Mr. Marinell had been a resident of
Omaha thrity-flve year and during most
of that time had been enraged ln the
fruit Jobbing and commission buainesa.
He ws prominent In local Italian circlet
and wa the first treasurer of the Omaha
Italian club.
Made Strong
Says F. D. Coburn
facturer of hams, hash and head cheese,
lard, illuminating oils, hair brushes, liver
pudding, tooth brushes, glue, button,
bacon, bristle, fertilizer and fats, knit 0
handles, whistles, soaps, aide meat,
addle cover and eaus&ge. He ia a mint
and the yellow corn of our country la the
bullion he transmute Into golden coin.
"In the American bog we have an auto
matic, combined machine for reducing
the bulk lo corn and enhancing lis value.
It put ten bushel of corn In a space of
Will be
A Busy Year.
Keep Abreast of
Current Events
By Reading
The Bee,
FOR PREPAREDNESS Mrs. William Alexander of New
York, president of the National Special Aid society, an organ
isation to arouse women in behalf of more adequate national
... - , CV i X 1
' - fill
Cold Wave Goes East to Atlantic,
While Colonel . Welsh pTe-.
diets Rising Temperature.
"Going up," Bays the thermometer.
From 13 below zero at 6:30 a. m.
yesterday It crawled steadily up
ward, attaining a poultlon of only 1
below zero at 12 o'clock and still ris
ing, while the south wind blew and
gave promise of balmineBS.
The Omaha cold wave has gone east
j and' Is now being felt along the Atlantic
Marked rises are noted all over the
west. At North riatte and Valentine,
Neb., the morning temperatures were 18
below and 12 below, being rises of 12 de
grees in twenty-lour hours.
Some other 7 a in. temperatures w-re:
Bioux City, 14 below; Kansas City. be
low; De Moines, 18 below; St. Paul, 16
below; Chicago, ero.
Prince Albert, Canada, 1 experiencing
quite a warm spell warm for P. A. that
la. The temperature there I up to n
below sero. The coldest place 1u the
U. B. A. this morning was Bismarck, N.
J?., with SS below zero.
Railroads Report Warmer.
It la becoming warmer throughout Ne
braska and according to the station re
port coming to the railroads the belief
la that the back of the cold spell, if not
broken, haa been considerably bont.
Thursday railroad renorts indleaiot thai i
there waa not a spot in Nehrauka A'".iere
It was about aero. Veaterday morn -
in the reports showed three spott with
temperaturea above. Elsewhere .the
weather wa at aoro or below.
Aa the railroads found tho condition
the three warmest spots In the state were
Crawford, 19; Alliance. 8 and Whitman,
4 degrees below -tero. Tho points named
are all in tho extreme west, or northweat ! apector In California and Wyoming field
portions of Nebraska and thia is taken , w ho were dispoascsaed by President Taft'a
to indicate that warmer weather ia work- : withdrawal and tho supreme court' ap
ing thl way. jrroral. Tho vote Indicated puasago of
However, farther north and northwest 1 the provision of the bill on final vote,
the weather continues cold. All through ' ,
the Big Horn basin country of Wyoming
this morning temperatures oft from 10
to 18 degrees were reported. It la as
serted that zero Is pretty cold weather
for that section of the state.
isals in Case ;
Of Baralong Ordered I
MICIILIN iBv Wirelesa In Kvvillei.
Jan. 14 -The German government liaa ! Krl" "ary'
tranamltUd to Great Britain through the! 11 U considered irrtalii that the pontiff
American embassy a note which declare 111 ,f' consistory either for the end
that a a result of Gr.al Britain not Ml-!" February or shortly afterward to In
filling Gernmnv's d-,ml for an expla-! r"1 ,,H," ,,on "ely "eated card
nation of the circumstance surrounding 'mils. Sc.panelll nd Fmhwlth. papal
the sinking of a German sutiiuarltt bV ...
t lie British patrol boat BaralonK Gcr-! .
many will adopt auitable measures of!
j The National Capital
1 t-'rlaar, Jaaaary 14, Ittlfl.
The aeaalr.
I Kenator Cummins Introduced bills to ie
loraanlse and Increase National liuard
I !enior Works, republi. an, introduced
resolution for arnii-d Intervention -n
j Mexico.
I I he Hour.
Navy und military affaira committee
ef.nttn.ed hcaiinir.
Wava and iiiiaiii committee held flrM
lesriii;c 011 Hill hill lo i.iolect Aioeii.aii
uauui.tcluierk o; cyeatufia.
Company and Four of Its Officials
L . . . 7. . .
Declared .Not Guilty
jn - -
Joplin Court,
JOPLIN, Mo., Jan. 14. A verdict
of not guilty was returned today by
the Jury in the case of the Menace
Publishing company of Aurora, Mo.,
and four of Its officials who were
charged in federal court here with
misuse of the mails.
The Jury delivered Its verdict at
2:30 o'clock after having had the
case in its hands more than twenty
Hours. The individuals who, .with the
publishing compauy, were defend
ants in the trial, are Wilbur F.
Phelps, business manager, of the
company; Bruce M. Phelps, superin
tendent; Marvin Brown, managing
editor, and Theodore C. Walker,
said to be editor of the Menace, a
m An indictment containing eight
counts was returned against the
publishing company and four indi
viduals by a federal grand Jury sit
ting in oplln in January, 1916. The
indictment charged the defendants
with vending obscene matter through
! the mails.
i ..
r WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 In committee
I of the whole the houso today adopted
! Provision of tho mineral and leasing bill.
wiiich will grant leasing righta to oil ln-
r D L 1 1 llftl r !
rope rrooaoiy Will Deliver
A Hr,.t
ItOMK, Jan. H. There la a general he-
lief In Vatican circles that the pope
deliver another Imnortnnt
about war In Ihe conaistory at the end of
Tomorrow the Best
The Sunday Bee
Pftndit Threatens Death to
Americans Found West of
Chihuahua City.
! M I.I Ki'l..
! ASlllNUTON. .Ian. 14. -All
I Aiiici loans i.t M:idrt. Mexico, aro
i repotted tafe in oiri. lal dlspatchet
today to the State department, which
rpoeUlrHlly deny the report of th
, i. under of ten Americana and two
Knvi.sh women. The colony (here
,vh a'ttiic'.ted by hitndils. who wer
! ri'ttlcil.
ni i i.;iiv
l.l. I'.VM. Jan. M. lieneial
ln:ii'!ri l!a wire al I'.iImco lust
-', .Ii-cla r'Nl thtf hr w, uSi kill nn
A KiiiHii tratt-lina f nf Chllunhua
'it. ari-ordiim t. irii:ili' Information
STi i.il ttHlNj. ' At t'f time VI hi was
i ai.pplyliia himself ni!i mrat It i
riimored that I'eter t-cniie. an l:nsltsh
in.iii. ws killed.
'"I. TASO, Tex.. .Tan. 1 4. A lona spaeial
train left Chihuahua City at t-M thl
inoi niiifr for Jiiar-7. lirirliiB. it waa said
oil foreigner to the border tlist could
be persuaded to lave the dtstrht. They
Imiuded all employe o," the Ameiiean
Hmelting and ItcHnlmr empany. A spr
cliil train left .liimex raiiy today fur
Pun si. weiitern Chihuahua, to bring out
iihout Son foreigners In the ciimpa tliere.
Tliete has been no telegraphic communi
cation with I'm I al since Junuary 1.
American Consul I-UI wards. In Juare.
retielved orders from Heeretary Lansing
to notify Ariel Iran rnnsula and consular
litems in Mexico, Including those at Tor
roon and Chihuahua, to urge their na
tionals to leave northern Mexico and to
eumniuiiirate this urder to the forclHii
j copniila in this city.
A I "nited Ptatea offuiHl sent to Juarei
J to report upon stories of Irritation there
i ns the result of the rioting here laat
inU'it, was mopped by a .Mexican, who
I .,!-, .1 .
I ' "What do those gitnunrs mean by
i killliiii Mexicans over theie?''
The offlrial replied that he had heard
nothh'k of It.
! t'nlted Htates army patrola were with-
drawn from the business district today.
; Tranquillity prevailed where laat night
; riotous acene were enacted, attributed
to reHentment agulnat the killing of
lAmeiirana at Santa Ysabel, Chihuahua,
j When the disorder pasaed beyond con-
Irul of the local pollen army patrola wer
aent to aaslat local officers In quelling
j the disturbances.
A call wa circulated today for a mas
meeting to protest against the "massacre
of Santa Ysabel." Mayer Tom Lea. how
ever, stopped the circulation of the call
,nd 'orbd- the meeting until Americana
'now In &Uklo .could be brought to the
ndi - der.
Wadleigh, Brother
Of Mrs. Fassett,
Shot in Mexico
Charles Wadleigh, one of the Americana
who January 11 wa taken from a train
in Mexico and shot by Mexican bandit,
wa a brother of Mr. E. F. Fassett, wife
of the editor of the newspaper at Arling
ton, thl state. Ilia home wa at Biabee,
Aria., near where he had extensive min
ing interests. He also had mining In
terest in Sotiora, Mexico, and it I be
lieved that he waa on hi way there when
he wa killed.
Dr. Logan of Herman, who recently ac
cepted a position in a Mexican hospital
In the city of Chihuahua, Mexico., ami
who It la learned ia at this time In Kl
Paso, Tex., had expected to go on the
ame train with Wadleigh and the mem
ber of hi party, but In ome way lost
hi baggage and remained over in El Paso
to recover It.
Aviators Bombard
Bulgar Trenches
lu.mju.n. Jan. 14.-A squadron of
J' ranch avlatora on Tuesday bombarded
first Hue of Bulgarian trenches In
Ktrumltsa sector, wrecking several
trenches, and killed and wounded a num.
ber of soldiers, ay a dispatch from Ath -
ens to the Exchange Telegraph company,
Fatfi 01 PH0ft NOW
11110 UA illVD llU W
Tn TTrJTlflc! nf Q Invir
III XiailUO Ul a UUIjf
.M1XXKAPOLM. Jan. 14. The case of
Frederick T. Price, a local business man
charged with murdering hla w-lfe, went
to the Jury at i:: p. 111. Price haa been
I on trial In district court for ten days.
A Xf
4-.IIU.UllUli nUlU( IT Ml aJUUI
, nuncio it Vienna.
itid Munich.
Kpc will! lively, who would Uiua leave their post, j tempt at shipn k waa made. On No
ilocailon bel"" W'seed according to present re- 1 veniber 27 Mrs. lekkera took passage vn
!po,U ,l V-nn Monsignor Locatelli,
Internuncio at Buenos Aire and at
Munich by
.Momgnor wversa, now liitcr-
rnimio for Br.cil.
"The holy see did nothing up to today
eitiier directly or Indirectly to solicit from
either group of belligerents any Invita
tion to participate in or preside at a
peace conference," say the Catholic or
gan Corrlere I'ltale in an article evi
dently inspired by the Vatl .n.
Both groups of belllgerenta, the paper
adda, thus far. Intend to be completely
victorious, dictating condition of peac
outside of any extraneou interference.
The aim of the pope' la so employ all
poiaible moans to render the conflagra
tion less painful to humanltyIf the pope
were present at a peace congre, hi
adhesion to the treaty would bind the
conscience of all Catholic subject of
the contracting nations, making It more
difficult for any government to break the
The pope, it aaaerta, doe not count
upon the Kviropean conflict for the solu
tion of the Roman question, which, a
Cardinal Gprrt aaid, will not be eettled
by the force of arm.
Official Statement from" Vienna
Announces the Occupation of
Cettiaje by the Teu
tonic Forces.
London Report Says Attack of Cen
tal Empires on Saloniki Has
Not Yet Begun.
VIENNA. Jan. 14. The captura of
( ettlnje. capital of Montenegro, wgs
announced by the war office.
The official announcement states:
"The capital of Montenegro is ln
our hands. Otfr troops, pursuing the
beaten enemy yesterday afternoon,
entered CettinJe. The residence of
the Montengrin king and the town
are undamaged. The population is
Freaca Blow l Bridges.
LONDON. Jan. 14. It ia authorltaUrely
announced today that the reported of
fensive of the Teutonic allies In Greece
did not occur. The rumor that the at
tack had begun against the force of the
allies, apparently originated in the
activity of the French In blowing up the
bridge connecting Balonlkl with the road
over which the attacker would normally
travel. Rrldge were destroyed by the
Krenoh not only at Pemir Hisaar, on the
Struma, near Berres, but also at Klllndtr.
south of Dolran. All the bridge de
stroyed were In Greek territory.
The rumor that Austria, and Monte
negro have suspended hoatlllties for the
purpose of discussing arrangement
whereby further warfare on Montenegrin
mil should be stopped, may be baaed
Imply on the fsct that the Austrian ad
vance In Montenegro ha becom so slow
that suspicion of a ausnenalon of hoa
ttlllle 1 naturally aroused. Military
critic, however, are of the opinion that
Montenegro is now ln such a position
that ome form of arrangement with It
adversary haa become Imperative,
Italy' Attltaae recallar.
Speculation la rife aa to the attitude
which Italy ha adopted with regard to
the Invasion of Montenegro by the Aut-
tiians which constitute a grave menace
to Italian interest. The fact that Italy'
uner fleet did not prevent an Austrian '
squadron from assisting in the reduction
of Mount Lovcen whlcjj jorolnated th-
harbor of Cattaro la if ' '-eimmented
upon, though experts lnkt there '
is net' a sufficient basl of Information
front which to draw deduction In the
matter and they u great that Italy'
action in the present Juncture ahould he
awaited before Judgment Is passed, and
that action they point out would natur
ally b kept secret as long as possible.
Al Betlreat A boat Gallcia.
New of the-developments In the ni'l
Itary operation in Gallcia and Messarbl
l awaited with much Interest here and
It Is observed that both altiea are un
usually reticent with regard lo the open
tlons. Austria usually sends out the first
information on the military activities In
that region, but beyond a general review
of the Russian offensive movement It
give tody but little light on the hap
penlnga on it eastern front. The Aus
trian military authorities affirm that the
ole result of the Russian offensive to.
date ha been the pushing back of one
Austrian battalion for a few hundrel
Four Are Charged
With Trying to Ship
Rubber to Germans
NEW YORK, Jan. II Four men amt
a woman were it dieted today by a fed
eral grand Jury on a charge of conaptrtnir
to violate the customs law of the United
i "tes by shipping contraband rubber t'
I Germany.
i Thoao Indicted were: Kdward Weber,
a cousin of Albert Weber, an official of
th Deutsche bank in Berlin; Paul
I Scnmidt' br-a partner In the rubber
and Guayule agency of this city; Max
iJa'Sr' O'"" maker of automobile
I accessories; Mrs. Arnie lkkers. a native
j of Holland, and Ilk-hard Wohlberg. a nat-
j "rallsed citUei. who operates a rubber
nd cement factory here. The Ouayula
agency U also made a defendant,
Harold Content, aaaistant Vnlted State
attorney, saya Mra. Dekkers waa to hav.
i brn hft go-b-'ween. Her sex and the
' f"'t U,at "he hrtd ln ln ,hB habit of
i mak,n tr.nsau.ntio trip. .,
rellnd upon to protect her fr.n
' Th r ":b,r " 10 be ""Tied by her -
: ,"'r0,1al baRi:rie.
, i'our and a '.ml' ton of rubber were
; obtained by the aiUged conspirator, ac-respec-
! odln to .Mr. Content, before the at.
j he
llonan.l-AnH'ricau l,,.r rtvnd,n
bound for Itoitei cam. She had
iriina and .-ight packing case filled
with rubir. b-i: which wa marked per
sonal baggage. Acting on Information
given the customs authorities by British
agenta Mrs. n-kkers' baggage was held
up and ahe was not permitted to sail.
The defendinu will be arraigned in th.
federal district court next Monday.
Quit Houses in Boats
In Flood and Cold
KVANSVILI.K. Ind.. Jau. H.Launche
today were buy in ihe ufck river belyw
thia city, taking families from hu
threatened by the rlxiug water. Accor t
lng to report received here, twenty,
five famliie war removed from hottia
Ui the vi. uuty of Mount arnoa. Ind.
The removal waa made in below sero
weather. '
Tlie river wa at forty-two feet an I
began to encroach on outlying residence

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