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Good Things for the
Ifresh Vegetables Daily
Table Offerings of the Market Household Hints
Growing More Plentiful
"With three or four days of wnn
weather pow," vsy the VFftetaMe men,
"we wmilil have, all kinds of vegetables
r'Rht from our own garden. "
Ai It la. however, the vegetables In
nueatipn are Just as plentiful, but they
come from the southland and the Pa
cific coast.
Asparagus Is here now from Nevada
and also from California and the tips
are specially large and succulent.
Cauliflower Is on the market from
Oregon. This Is "snowball" cauliflower,
the heads surprisingly large and solid.
Tnmstoes are getting a better color
In their cheeks as the season advances.
They all make the long trip from Flor
ida to the Omaha markets.
strawberries you have observed grow
ing very plentiful and they're, cheap,
too. But not as cheap as they're going
to be. "The market will break In thiee
fxna itaia ' ' an 1.1 tt,o VfD-et Mtf 1 1 1 f tl
"The crop down In Ioulslana and Mis
sissippi Is Immense and they arc Roing
to. flood the markets. They'll be selling
even cheaper than the present 15 cen'.s
a box."
"Iceberg" head lettuce from California
It here, to named because, of Its big and
solid alze. There la also plenty of head
lettuce from the south.
California rhubarb is still holding the
local market pending the arrlvai of
warm weather to bring out the local
Iettuce and cucumbers from local hot
houses are of good quality now. Home
grown watercress Is also plentiful.
Green peas and wax and string beans
from Florida continue to be a favorite.
New beets, carrots and turnips from
Texas and radishes and parsnips from
the warm southland are In good demand
and supply.
Fmlt Is becoming scarcer every day
as the old season wanes and the new
approaches. Grapefruit, oranges and
tangerines are going down In supply and
the prices are advancing. There are
still some good ones on the market.
Pears are all gone.
ThllTo1tc Mary Page
By Frederick Lewis, Author of
"What Happened to Mary"
Pictures by
Mary Page, actress. Is accused of the
murder of Pnvld Pollock and Is defended
by her lover. Philip I. eng. ton Pollock
whs intoxicated. At Mary's trial she ad
mits she had the revolver. Her maid
testifies that Mary threatened Pollock
with It previously, and Marys leading
man Implicates l.angdon. How Mary dis
appeared from the scene of the crime is a
mystery. Krandon tells of a Strang hand
print he saw on Mary a shoulder. Further
evidence shows thst horror of drink pro
duces tempoinrv Insanity in Mary. The
defense is "repressed psychosis. '' Wit
nesses describe Marv's flight from her In
toxicated father and her father's suicide
Nurse, Walton describes the kidnaping of
Mary by Pollock and Amy Harton tells
of Mary struggles to become an actress
and Pollock's pursuit of her. There is
evidence that Panlels. Mary's manager,
threatened Pollock. Mary faints on the
stand and again goes Insane when a po
liceman offers her whlskv. Ian1els testi
fies that Pollock threatened to kill Mary
and Iangdon and actually attempted to
kill the latter.
Fish and
Lenten Dishes
"Three tahlespoonfuls olive oil; two
tablespoonfuls vlnegui ; one teaspoonful
grated onion: one-half tenspoonful psp
rika; two cupful canned fish flakes; let
tuce; pickled beet.
Mix olive oil, vinegar, onion and
paprika and pour over canned fish flakes.
Mix together and let stand an hour or
more In a cool place. Turn upon n bed
of criap, well cleaned lettuce leaves Just
before serving. Garnish with figures cut
from slices of pickled beet.
Wash the fish end tie In a piece of
cheesecloth. Put Into a kettle and cover
Vth-cold water.' Add one. tablespoonful
f salt and a teaspoonful of vinegar or
lemon Juice. When it begins to boll, skim
Airefully nd then let It simmer till done.
Four pounds of fish will require about
Jtnlf an hour to boll. The fish Is cooked
phon the flesh leaves the bone. Drain,
remove the cloth and serve with holland-
also aauce.
One-halt cupful milter; two egg voirs;
One tablespoonful lemon ,1ulce; one-fourth
teaspoonful salt; dash of cayenne; one
kalf cupful boiling water.
Cream the butter and add the yolks,
fwie at' a time. Beat well and add lemon
jhilce and seasoning. Add boiling water
ind etl rapidly until It begins to thicken.
Cook the sauce in a double boiler until
Two tablespoonfuls butter; two table
spoonfula flour; one-fourth teaspoonful
pepuer; ono cupful milk; two cupfuu
onnnod fish flakes; buttered toast; yolk
of one hard boiled egg.
,'Melt butter and coo't flour and pepper
In It: add milk and stir until bolllne. Add
canned fish flakes and Jet stand to be-
i rery hot. Turn on allces of but-
toast." Grate he egg yolk over the
f.h. . '7 v.. . :. , r
Two tablespoonfuls butler; two tahle
spoonful flour; one-fourth teaspoonful
pepper; ono anfl one-half cupful, milk;
cine teaspoonful scraped onion; one table-s-ooonfnl
flnelv chopped parsley; two ciip
f.jls canned fish flakes; three eggs.
Melt butter and cook flour al'.d pepper
in it.' Add milk, stir and cook until boil
ing. Add onion, parsley and canned fish
flakes, picked into bits with a silver fork.
Heat esgv yolks nd mix thoroughly with
.'ish. Then told In the ess whites, beaten
dry. Turn Into a buttered baking dlsli
and bake in a very moderate oven until
firm ti the. center. Serve at once. Cream
or tomato .aauce rosy be nerved with the
souffle. .
K One -pound haddock, salt, one tea
spoonful.. lemon Juice, one' pint oysters.
ne cupful buttered cracker crumbs, one
' Remove skin, head and tail from fish.
Bone and separate Into two fillet
Sm-lnkle with salt and brush over with
lemon Juice. Lay one fillet on a greased
ftsh ahect in a dripping pan. Cover
thickly with oysters, which have been
cleaned and rolled in buttered seasoned
cracker crumbs. Cover with the other
fillet, sprinkle with slightly beaten egg,
cover with buttered cracker crumbs and
fake In a moderate oven about fifty
minutes. Serve with hollandalse sauce.
One and one-half cupfula canned toma
tpes, one-half green p'-pn- cut In shreds,
one slice, of onion, one-half teaspoonful
slt, one tablespoonful nutter, two cup
ful fish flakes. boiUd rice.
'let tomatoes, pepper, onion and salt
sjnimer fifteen minutes. Press through
a sieve und add butter and fish flakes.
Heat thoroughly. Swerve with boiled rice.
Josephine Bessems In Mothers' Magazine.
Southern Way
Baking Fish
Mrs. It. . 8. Lee saya that this is a
southern way to bake fish that will be
found very nlv for Lenten menus:
Clean the fish well. Then make the
letter "S" on the sides. Rub with salt
outside and inside, and then with pepper.
Cook .In a stewpan with butter and
chopped dnlon. Then place the fish In the
pan, licmo e to the oven and bake about
twenty minutea. placing lumps of butter
over the fish, basting frequently. When
the fish Is done, lift It out carefully. Add
a cup of oyster water to the gravy if you
have it. or simply water, if not; the Juice
of ,,one lemon, two tablespoonfuls of
chopped mushrooms, one of minced pars
ley, some allspl' e, cloves, garlic, cayenne
p. pper and sail. Mix all over the stove
and if the gravy is inclined to stick, add
butter. Pour over the fish and garnish
witl whole mushrooms or.d slices of
lemon. Serve with dried toast cut In
three cornered pieces.
Spring Fashion Tips
lacketii grow tlmrter.
New lingerie Is colored
Hats toar higher than ever.
f In girls' suits the short coats lead.
Veils are warn with hats of all shapes.
Hats have both lii'h and low crowns.
Plaited sleeves are the latest wrinkle.
Capes are coming more and more into
t or.
Meatless Menu
Vegetable. Consomme.
Stuffed Cabbage.
Swedish Potatoes. Scalloped Tomatoes.
Lettuce Salad,
orange Roll.
Corn Chowder.
Stuffed Sweet Peppers.
Asparagus. Scalloped Potatoes.
Beet Salad.
Chocolate Pudding.
Potato Puree.
Italian Macaroni.
Spinach. Rolled Onions.
Brown Betty.
Once a week serve a meatless menu.
Lck of space forbids more than three
suggestions for such a meal, but your
cook book will enable you to plan many
more. Such dinners are good for the
health, good for the pocketbook and lend
variety. Remember, though, that those
who are used to meat will Imagine an
aching void If the last course be not
satisfying as well as dainty.
Cut a medium sited carrot, a smsll
turnip and an onion in small dice, put
through the vegetable chopper if you
have one. Melt a heaping tablespoon
ful of butter, drippings or two spoon
fuls of olive oil in the skillet and In
this saute the vegetables until of a light
brown, then add four cupfuls of water,
cover skillet and let simmer for an
hour, adding boiling water as the first
cooks away, for there should be a quart
when done. At the end of the hour add
two tablespoonfuls of chopped cold
boiled asparagus tips, two of cooked
peas, two of celery and cook until the
celery Is tender, salt and pepper to taste
and serve with buttered bread squares
crisped In oven.
Cook these at the same time you bake
the potatoes. Canned or fresh tomatoes
may be used. Put a layer of bread
crumbs In the bottom of a buttered bak
ing dish, then a layer of tomatoes, then
a sprinkling of chopped onion, salt, pep
per and bits of butter. Repeat until dish
is full finished with a thick layer of
b filtered crumbs. Bake until the top Is
well browned.
'Make a rich dough as for biscuits, only
use more ' shortening. Roll out thin.
sprinkle with sugar, then cover with
seeded orange quarters, sprinkle again
with sugar, roll up, twist the ends so
they will not open, and bake brown. Eat
with liquid sauce flavored with orange.
(Continued from Yesterday.
"It was. But she lo'.ked some different
then. She was all dolled up In an even
ing gown, and hadn't even a cloak. I
wondered what was up and tried to mako
her tslk, but she seemed to he looney. 1
thought it wss the d. t.'s at first, but
when I found out she wss plain baity,
I got scared and called the guard. But
he only cussed me out, so I got hold of
her hands and tried to make her stop
crying in thst queer fashion. After a hit
she began to talk. It was Incoherent at
first, about Dave, the big house, snd
she wasn't Sadie or Maggie. Then she
seemed to come to herself and asked who
1 was and where she was."
"D'd she remain sane and conscious
after that?"
"Not at first. She'd ramble, then she
talked sanely. Finally she quieted down,
and when I said that I was sure to get
off first thing in the morning, she asked
me If I would take a ne to her lawyer.
And I said I would."
"Did you ask her her name?"
"No." She smiled a little, half whim
sically, half bitterly. "It ain't etiquette
to ask names tinder the circumstances,
but I said as It was the first time, the
best thing to do wss to say nothing till
Rhe had a lawyer to do the talking for
"Whom was the note she gave you ad
dressed to?"
The question seemed to surprise her.
"Why, you know" she stammered, then
laughed. "Gee. I forgot. I'm tellln' the
court. The note was addressed to Mr.
Philip Langdon and t took it straight to
him. Then him and me beat It back to
the police station and he had a confer
ence with the magistrate. Then he shook
my hand and thanked me like a gentle
manandthat's all."
"One moment. Miss Keenan. You say
that Miss Page would become sane, and
then would lapse Into delirium again
Old she mention sny particular Incident
or ssk you any strsnge questions""
"Yes Otice she said, ile acts funny
for a man who has Just put on a success
ful play." Then suddenly she sat up and
grabbed me and cried. 'Was it blood or
was It Just a red necktie-I saw.lt' And
1 said. 'You saw It where?" And fhe said
-sane as she could be. it was the other
man outside I couldn't see his face Just
the red' Then she began to cry and
went off again Into delirium, or what
ever you call It. Next time she opened
her eyes she asked If I knew whether
Dave Pollock was dead or If aha had
dreamed It. and I saJd so far as I knew
Dave was about the llvest thing I'd ever
bumped up against In this old town. Then
she sighed like a kid and went to sleep,
but when she woke up she seemed to
know he wss dead."
"Lid she make any other mention of
the man with the red tie?"
"No. When I asked her. she said It
was a blur, but It would come back to
her -she was sure of that. Someone else
would have seen It, too."
That Is all'" began langdon, and
broke off In astonishment. There was a
commotion In the back of the room and
a man stood up, raising one hand as If
slHiut to speak. His face was ashy, his
Jaw dropped. Then as suddenly aa he
had arisen he dropped back out of sight
Into his chair.
it wi.s Daniels.
(To Be Continued Tuesday.
Mrs. Manchester May
Not Make Woodmen
Circle a Plaintiff
Mrs. Emma . B. Manchester, supreme
guardlsn of the Woodmen circle, may
not make the organisation party plain
tiff In her suit for restraining order
against the executive council. District
Judge Leslie declared yesterday afternoon
In ruling on the demurrer of Miss Dora
Alexsnder, one of thirteen defendants.
Mrs. Manchester sued to restrain the
executive council from holding In force
a resolution curtailing her of power and
authority which she has exercised as
supreme guardian for the last seventeen
The hearing on the application for re
straining order will come up May 1.
John W. Henry, a full-blooded Chero
kee Indian, asks divorce from his wife,
Ella Henry, also a Cherokee. They were
married In Pryor. Okl., In 1W3.
Teamster Injured
as Team Runs Away
Joseph Sodmka, a teamster, living at
Thirteenth and Y streets. South Side,
was seriously and perhaps fatally in
jured when his team ran away at Six
teenth and Berry streets shortly after
noon and threw odmka violently to
the ground. Sodmka suffered a broken
right leg and Internal injuries, which.
It Is feared, will prove fatal.
PIG PORK LOINS, Fresh, not frozen 1378
Mutton Chops
Sirloin Steak
Spare Ribs
Skinned Hams
Small Hams
Extra Lean Breakfast Bacon.
Sugar Cured Bacon
Fresh Dressed Chickens 1210
Steer Pot Roast Htto, 101,0
Pig Pork Roast 1910
Pig Pork Butts 13e
Young Veal Roast 11 He
Young Veal Chops 14Vc
Trom 8 to 9 p. ni. Lamb Chops
rrom to 10 p. m. Fork Chops
Deliveries to all parte of the city. Mall orders filled at oaee.
PUBLIC MARKET ??. ftL'ffi'A'i
, .lHo
, .100
. .1840
Divorce decrees granted In district
court are: Lydia K. Oliver from Elmer J..
Opal from Prank Martin.
Early Delivery
Service has begun.
Keep the price of
milk down by
helping the drivers.
Always leave the
bottles and tickets
When nowssary
drivers will call
back if you will
Douglas 409
The "Milk-White" Dairy
Pig Pork Loins, fresh, not frozen 13
Steer Pot Boast 1160, 10s0
Pig Pork TtoH-fst 19Vc
Pig Pork Butts 13a4o
Young Veal Roast ll'io
Youiwr Veal Chops 146o
Mutton Chops 146o
Sparc Uil? 10Jo
Steer Steaks 18o
Skinned Hums 1740
Sugar Cured lliuna 1040
l.xlra Lean Breakfast Bacon .. 1840
Sugar Cured Bacon 1840
(Trom 8:00 to 10:00 T. M. Pork Chops lie
Deliver! to all parte of the city. Mall orders filled at oaoe.
Opp. Wool worth 5c and JOc Store. U3 Kouth 16th Ht. Tel. D. 5307.
it take but a minute of time to save
i !lr when you read The Bee Want Ad
4.; inm.i.
! 17 Pounds for $1.00
Best granulated sugar h advancing ev
ery riny, luy now before it guex higher.
M'lyuni hen coffe. S lba. for 81-OOi our
i-pei ImI toffee, .V, lbs. for tl.OO; .10e a
II.. Santos kind coffee, 4 lbs. for 11.00.
We aUo carry a fancy lln" of new crop
teas. EOo, 80o, 70c, 80o per lb. Cocoa, SOo
per Ih. Baking Powder, goe and fiOe.
Spices. Extracts. Toilet Konps. Ktc.
Sugar sold a lib II order of other good
FREE-Saiurday Only FREE
One Sp Itar (Vystal While Soap and one or pkfr. Xttptha Washing Pow
der twlll be given free in our store with every 2.V purchase of 6
htu-a Crystal White Soap, for 2."c
Or If you will purthaM' 5 pkjes. Nanthn Powder, for 2."o
Kxtra Fancy Straw berries, pint boxes, at 10V
48-lh. hik Siinkiht f lour, I.UI Pennant I lour 91.21)
Kxtra fancy l.rge, Itipe Tomatoes., about !J!6-lb. basket., for Iftc
Kxtra fine larj;e lien IvIn Apple, peck liTx-
I'anry fled Klver Harly Ohio Need Potatoes, bushel ft. 0.5
Kxtra I'anry ltrge Itie liananaa, per dozen 15c
1 Oe cans Hominy ."c
10c bottles Olives 5o
Green Onions, 3 bunches 5c
Fresh, C'Hhp Oinfcer Snaps, lb., fie
Strictly Fresh Kpgs, do SOe
Fancy 20c Cookies, lb 10c
Pig Pork lniii Koaft, any amount wanted, per lb 134c
liK Fork Shoulder lloaat, 8 to 4 lh. average, per Ih 1 1 c
llmt Cut Pork l"ho or Fresh Mam, sliced, per lb I7c
Porterhouse or llound Steak, per lb... 17c
Prime Itlb Ito&st, rolled, no hone or waste, per Ih 17!ic
Mind quartern of l.ainl, 12 Hr Fore uarter of lamh, per Ih. . .H'c
We RoaM Our Own Coffe Dally Mail Orders Filled at Ahme Prices.
fed The Peoples Market pDl
Rejected-Fifty P 8 TOMORROW
cent ui an applicants ior
Navy enlistment are rejected
as physically unfit. Strong,
healthy muscles, sound teeth'
and good brain are built out
of the foods you eat. The
most perfect '"ration" ever'
devised is Shredded Wheat
Biscuit, the food that fur
nishes all the material the
human body needs in a di
gestible form. Don't be re
jected I Keep yourself fit for
the day's work by eating
Shredded Wheat for break
fast with hot or cold milk or
cream. -Eat it for luncheon
with sliced bananas, baked
apples and other fruits.
Give nature a chance. Made
at Niagara Falls, N. Y.
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right by opening up
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(And Naay
Takas horns a
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Ant ef Thesa
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kies. BOTTLKD I If
KEY, full Qnart 19a to tt.QS
CsckUy's ranions Horns Mad
Orapa Wins, psr gaiicm vi.as
U Vunrt llottlcs of Heer. .25
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Cackley Bros.
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Writs for rraa Catalorua.
There Is SvHoroey For You
in Trading At
Can You Afford to be Negligent About the Prices You Pay for Groceries and Meats
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Tip Catsup, larga bottle.... H
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Hulk Kraut (some stores Ol
discontinuing), lb szC
Macaroni and Spaghetti, 1 r
.1 for liJC
1 PkK It
Skinner's Macaroni or Spa- Q
Rhettl. :i for 22. Pkf?-.. OC
Crarked or shelled Corn, 100-
HABIT: Fine for pastry, bis
cuits or bread.
4Mb. park 8 1.3.
24-lb. sack G8
6-lb. sack 20
12-lb. aack
$1.00 bottle 84i
60c bottle 35
25c bottle 20d
Echo Flour, fancy patent, makes
baking whole family will bras;
4 8-lb. sack 81.00
Tomatoes, 4-lb.
Pink Salmon, can, ;
3 for T .
Best lied Salmon,
1-lb. can for
Chum Salmon. 1-lb. can g
MacLaren's Peunut But- 1 i
ter, per lb 1 1 C
lip Baking Powder, 1-lb. r
can. 3 for 2S. each. ... 1UC
Tip Baking Hod a, lb. pkg.,
3 for 13. each
Light House Cleanser, A
large can '. 4C
(rood Corn and Poas, 10c can, "T
Cider Vinegar, full 1 q
strength, per gallon JLaC
Large bottle Vinegar or "T
Ammonia for C
Snlder's Roups, 16-oe. cans, q
3 for 25. pach 5C
size pkg., it for
Red Onion Sets, lb
3 lbs. for 22f
Ben Davis Applea, 12 lbs. . . . 23
Fancy Prunes. 60-60 size, lb.. lOt
Choice Dried Peaches, lb....f)ft
Seeded Raisins, 1.1 -or. pkg...K4
Bulk Oatmeal. 7-lb. pkg 25
Pancake Flour, 10" pkg Hk
D. C. Soap, 10 bars 25
Cove Oysters, full pack,
can, 14 Hnd
Fancy Premium Crackers,
salted, lb
Pompelan Olive Oil
H-pint can 32t
Tint can 42
2-pint can 7t4
high quality Concord Grape
Juice Quart bottle 23
Pint bottle 12
4 -or. bottle 5
Pineapple, sliced, heavy 1 Q
syrup, large can 1 aC
Easter Apricots, clear 1 o
fruit. In rtch syrup.... IOC
Easter sliced Cling Peach- in
es, In rich syrup JLOC
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POTATOES Fancy Table Stock:
White, peck 29
Hunhel 81.13
Celluloid or I. X. L. Starch, sy
10c package for C
SALT (Free Running):
6c bag for
10c bag for ,
20c bag for 13(
lb. bag
ORANGES Quality never
126 size, dozen 32t
150 size, dozen 2t)?
176 size, dozen 25
Smaller sizes at lower prices
at each of our stores.
Germ Meal (heart of d At
the corn), 100-lb. bag J 1 TV
Tip Corn Syrup, gallon size. 37
Log Cabin Maple Syrup, ni
quart, 39S Pint 1 C
Dromedary Dates, pkg Q
6-lb. bag for
100-Tb. bag
Shorts, white, 100-lb. bag. 81.35
Crisco. at. .. OO. -15. 23
Princeton Butterine, the highest
quality, white or natural ni
color, 1-lb. caTton 6C
Empire, medium grade,
1-lb. carton
Magnolia. 2-lb. roll 24
Short Rib Boll, lb 8. 10
Pot Roasts you'll enjoy
Per lb H. 15
Elbow Macaroni
Not the largest but positively the best.
Not made of bakers' flour, but specially
ground Durum wheat flour.
Ask for Omaha Maid" Macaroni at All
Grocers. Omaha Macaroni Co.
Phoaa Dooflaa 8711. 1005 raraaaa Btrsst,
'S Egg Noodles
PfKINNIort S Leg Noodles are the real egg noodles, containing eggs and the highest grade mater
ials. You will notire that rich yellow color in SKINNER'S Noodles. They are manufactured under
fitrh-t sanitary conditions. We have Juat completed the enlargement of our F.gg Noodle Department
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Kcr Noodle made than SKINNKR'S and here is our guarantee to every housewife:
We Guarantee the High Quality
of skinners Egg Noodles
W iriisrftntsi' the quality nf KKINNKR'K Lug Noodles to Ix not
nnly '"!, lull oiuMig-h bsttsr than ollmr Kaa Noodles to be Immediately
nii!r"Hlln snd tliat In purity, rlchnnw nf flavor, fine even texture and
cenrrHl (rondneH. Iliey urn better tliHll imy other Kk Noodle innde. If
they do not meet all theae requirement you lire af ierfrt liberty to
it urn the p&ikhRe to your yrnrer nd your money will be refunded to
you without noi-ellon. We know and believe In their quality ai.d that
! the reaeon we make this guarantee
i! laiti
lift sr-sSS&w
Gov. Morehead Has Proclaimed the Week of Apr. 3
Nebraska Pure Food Week
There la nothing more important than the food consumed by the people of thla great state and
the Pur Food CommisHlon of Nebraska i to be commended for the stand they have taken on pure
foods and the promotion of the different hipli grade pure food products manufactured In Nebraska.
SKINNER'S products are endorsed by Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, Wpatfield Laboratories, Marion H. Nell
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with all rure Food Ijiws both KtHte and National. Ruy SKINNER'S products NKUKAKKA I'l ltK 1XX))
WKKK because they are absolutely the highest quality.
We have a battery of eleven lurge new macaroni presses, kneaders and mixers of the latest and
most modern dettlgn thit will arrive within the next few weeks to take care of the Increasing demand
for SKINNKR'S products.
Fit KK 30-r A OF. UK(HK flOOK.
Largest Macaroni Factory in America
T. S44.
40S 9. 18th St.

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