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With Good Receipts and Active De
mand Cash Wheat is Quoted at
Unci, mpcd Trices.
OMAHA. March :!, ll.
TVhc-at receipt WTf nood todny and
the, demand lor thi.a tcrml ia quite ac
tive. ."aah wheat ; quoted unchanged.
Cash rorn i Riivtig. rttiigliig from lao
to lc higher.
The demand for corn was very Rood
nd the receipt were fair. Yellow corn
Mill sella at a premln.n over the white
and mixed varieties, bit th sale of all
Srnden of corn were heavy.
Ths oats market u rather weak, but
the demand for thin cerenl was very good
nd the sample) were quickly taken up.
The demand for rye waa moderate and
the market sold at advance.
Harley reolpts were unimportant and
the market waa quoted unchanged.
C'learanor of wheat and flour were
equal to "&l.ono bu.; corn, 3l9Q bu.;
1 oats, rru bu.
At Uverpiol wheat closed unchanired
to l.'d lower; -orn unchanged to Hd lower
Primary wtfieat receipts were 1,074.000
bu, and shipments 8 19. 0"0 bu. Holiday
laet year.
Primary rorn receipt were SS2.00 bu.
and shipments 484.OH0 bu. Holiday last
Primary oats receipts were 7J9.0rtO bu.
nd shipments 644,010 bu. Holiday Inst
Wheat. Corn. Oats
Chicago 1M
Minneapolis 31
Imluth 33
Omaha - T... ft
Kansas City 40
Kt. Louis - 77
Winnipeg 701
Theae sales were reported today:
Wheat No. 1 hard winter: I 1
ll.im; 1 car, 11.11". No. 3 hard winter:
care, 8 cars, ll.flK; 2 cars, 11.06".
1 car, 31.06. No. 4 hard winter: 1 car,
llOfi; 1 car. 31.04; 1 car, UB: 7 cars,
11.01. S cars. $1.2S; 3 cars, 31.02; 1 car,
31.01; 3 rar. l.Oo. fnmH hard winter:
1 car. c; 2 cars Wie; 1 car, My; 1
car, SOc. No. 4 spring: 1 car. 31.02. No. 3
mixed; 1 car, l.n. No. 4 mixed: 1 car,
31 '..'-; 1 car. fLOf.
Rye No. 3: 1 car. 87Hc. No. 4: 1 car,
y. Sample: 2-f car. 82c.
t'orn No. 2 while: J car, Mc. No, 3
white: 4 cars. 7c; J car. "c. No. 4 whltu:
1 car, 68c; 1 car, 4VVfcc. No. 6 white: 1 .-ar,
BV; t car, S.V; I car, 2'e. Sample
white: 2-3 car. &'(!. Not S yellow: 1 ear
ldr). ftv No. 4 yellow: 1 ear, 67c; 1 car,
-"c. No. 6 yellow: 1 car, 63c; 1-8 car, 61c.
No. yellow: 1 car, ft; 1 car, 62c; 1 car,
n',e: 3 cars. le. Sample yellow: 1 car,
64c. No. 3 mixed: 3 cars. 65c; 4 cars, l"c.
No. 4 mixed: 2 cars, 66c; i car, WiVr; 2
cars. -Uc. No. S mixed: 1 car, 6T?c; 3
cars, 3c; 2 cars, 62 V. No. 6 mixed: 2 cars,
."; 1 car. 64V.c; 1 car. 4o: 1 car. lc.
(Sample mixed' 1 car (ear). 66c; 1 car. One.
Oats No. 2 white: 1 car, 4:H4c; 1 car,
Vc. Standard: 2 cars, 42c. No. 3 while:
Tl carj, 41V 3-6 car, 4)c. No. 4 while:
a cars. 41c; 2 cars. 40". Hample white: 1
car. 37c; 2 cars, Me; 1 car, MVfcc.
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2 hard.
3I.O7WI.0K: No. X hard, 31 .OTvai.07'4 No. 4
hard, II OUtil A: No. 2 sprtnir. 3I.OOW1.13;
No. 3 apt-inn, l7ci&$1.1A; No. 2 durum, SI. 01
l'i.4: No. 3 durum, !cfi31.01. Corn: No.
while. 7vriKc: No. 3 white, 6fl'ii7c;
No. 4 white, 6Vii6c; No. 6 white, 61&4.4WC;
No. white, filvmMc: No. 3 yellow, B7Vd
we: ino. yellow, fi&vwji7c: No. 6 yellow,
4iOi4,i6.-lc: No. yellow. nr(,r: No. 2
mixed, aSHflwc: No. 4 mixed. 6Mi4J6c: No.
6 mixed. 61if?f.c: No. mixed. 6otiie.
Oats: No. 2 white. 43j4.1Vic; standard.
41V42c; No. 8 white, 410'41V; No. 4
white, 40Hfi41o. Barley: Malting. WM
i.ic; No. 1 feed. KtolMc. Bye; No. 3, 80
w1; ro. 3. sitia,.
Chicago closing prices, furnished The
Bee by Ixigan A Bryan, stock and grain
broken, S15 South Sixteenth, Omaha:
Article! Open. I III!
lxw. I Close.TTeiTyT
May. 1 14HW
1 13H 1 1ST.14 1 14SS
I 1 1f'i
Jiily.lt 13kj'
1 131
1 US,
1 HSI1 "V4
Sept.. 1 J1
I 1 10V
1 10
1 10i
1 ios
76 "41 75S
40',! 40S40H
12 80-72! 23 ClVil 23 72,:
21 77H
21 82H
22 K J S3 70 I Kii M
22 60
11 IS
a 70
11 24j 11 32W 11
11 S7H
11 60-62
11 67-66 11 H
11 40
11 40
11 76 I 11 76
11 62H; 11 624
n k
It !HI 1! 2H
11 85-1
It 80
11 as
n 10
12 07H 12 07-101 13 024H3 Of-07
-. tare, of Tr.dl.. mm ClNl.g
Frlcea 01 Bord mt Trwsle.
C4ITCAOO, March 81. Assertions of an
Improvement In domestic erop condition
gave an advance tori 11 y to the bears In
wheat and so. too, aid news of Herman
success at Verdun. The market rlnwd
weak. ViWiC ni l lower, with Mar atllU'i
OI.14. and July at 8I.10V4. Corn wound up.
a inane to mo nigner; oats ort Hj,o
ml provisions down 2V5c to 22 Sc.
Illinois olnta were chiefly resnonsllile
Tor reports or a betterment In the crop
ouiiook. ai 1 nampAign, in., ttie opinion
waa ventured that little or no acreime
avotild be abandoned, althoueh a month
ago It looked as If nearly all winter
wheat would have to be plowed no. Such
advices tended to cause holders to sell
out on an tiara rnota tn the market.
Helling that followed the announcement
of German progress nesr Verdun appeared
to be at variance with reasoning which
has heretofore guided wheat speculators.
To the hears, however, the logic seemed
to be satisfactory, although a bearish In
terpretation was also placed on the tlght
' enlng of the blockade In the war sone,
Notice of an embargo by the Orand
Trunk railroad on grain shipments to
the east acted aa morn or lesa of an
offset for seaboard sales of I.OOO.UO
bushels for export, and especially as most
of the total waa ( anadlan grown.
Oorn hardened aa a result of receipts
Veins' light and In consequence of oi
of enlarged export Inquiry. K"or the first
time this season, cash corn at Kansas
Illy sold at a premium over May. Oata
wre depressed by the advices of the
rapid progress of seeding.
Signs pointed to a good-slsed total
Tecllnea In the hoir market weakened
provisions. Weakness of cottonseed oil
counted alao against the bulls and so
too, did predictions that the monthly
warehouse statement here would show
an Increase tn the stock of lard.
Bl'TTRn Higher: creamerv,, SlT)06c
POTATOKIlxwer: recent a. 4 cars:
Michigan. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pakotn
white. HOcfrSLuo; Minnesota and lakota
Chios. !ft'c.
POIXTMY Alive, lower; fowls. 17Hc;
pnnga. inc.
K4Jt8 Hither: receipts. 16.126 cases:
firsts, lV2oc; ordinary firsts. lV0lc;
t mark, cases included. ivu ic.
ejotatloais of tho Day
oat Varloas
WHKAT Spot market; No. 1 Purum.
SI. SI; No. t hard. 81.28; No. 1 northern.
atuluth. and No. 1 northern. Maul
tohs, St41 f. o. b. New York. Futures
nervous. Msy, II n.
CORN epot titesdy: No. t yellow. MV
ic, e. 1. f. New York.
OATS Spot easy; standard. Mn6mc.
11 AY' Firm; No. 1, 118.7481 40; No. J.
SI2.41J0; No. S. tl Outfit; shipping, 90
MOPH Kteady; state, common to choice,
VI .. 9&r; 1!4. S4J0c; Pacific coast, lWi,
; tr: iin4. Siat 10c.
lllDKti-Flrn.; Bogota, W4c; Central
Anierlca. 8e.
LEATHKR Firm; hemlock firsts. KVtf
Mr: seeonos, 39c.
PKOVlilONH-Pork. firm; mess, SI4.ra9
z mi: rainiiy, 83 outi 3.00; short clears,
IKi'aKi.On. Iteef. firm; mess. S17.lhl8i
famiiy. l 00. Lard, weak; middle-
west, ! ao? 11 on.
TALIXiVV-FIrm; city, fc; country, Sr9
S'c; soeciai, oc.
HirTTER Finn; receipts. (884 tubs
' creamery extrsa STSjiSK-; firsts, 3bt
7c; aeconds, 84W4j.x;.
I OI'LTltl-Iivt, firm; chickens, aver-
ge. i;c; rowls, averase. 9c: turkeys, 21c.
lreeaci firm; chickens, I&43JUC; fowls,
l.-rtoc: turkeys, 3e
tutiH-nnii; receipts. Iijl cases,
"ir"'s reruler packert. aMil'e.
ClitSSb-r Irm; recelpla. I itu boxes
; an tut make special. liVt17c
M'snt Ads never shirk their work they
.lll results. If nytblns; will.
Cattle Receipts Very Light and
Steady with Friday Sheep
Slow to Ten Lower.
OMAHA. March SI, 191.
Keceipts were:
Cattle. Hoaa. Bheep.
.. 7.W.0 7.97 7.04
.. ,. If.,444 1SM0
.. 41. 1 1 4 1,7r. 14.471
,. i.&iS 1i,l!2 6.476
.. tot 6.41M 2,614
Official Monday ...
Official Tueedav
Official Wednesday.
Official Thursday...,
Estimate Friday,....,
Five days this week. 2. 009 43,W
fame days Inst week.. 23. UT 6.1.024 39.2i
Same days 2 wks a(o.M),429 72.73 82.4S-3
Same days 3 wks. aim ai.l.jl bX.Ki
days 4 wks. Ko.2.i,41 .n;(2 4I.S4
rame oays last year. .ZU.Jtt 4. . t.
The following table aiiowa tho receipt
of cattle, hogs and shtep at the Omaha
uve siock market for tho year to oats
aa compared with iat year;
1HI ISlf. Inc. Pec
battle 2M,ws 1M13
Moga 1.11H4M4 fct;,lA
Sheep bfcfi.Usi 71i.2!tl 12,5
The following table shows the average
prices of hogs at the Omaha Live Htock
market for the last few daya. with com
parisons: I'ate. ittlw. l!..ll4."iii. "fSIiiffwll .ili'10.
9 2XV.
(4 7 8 671 &! 6 W10 42
fill B 44 651 73; 10 3".
r 81 a 70) I ( 67,10 31
6.1 1 S 45 8 74 6 Ml t 62:1I f4
Alar. 17.
lar. 18.
liar. J
Mar. L0
4 8 fal 8 70 6 u I '
6i 8 6ki 8 ! 6 el W
3 641 8 7W 7 10 4.V10 7 1
alar. 2t
Men. .
n. J it :) I 6 mi I k s;i 7 ..( 47 lit 4)
!3.(a 61l8f7 9 610 41
lar. 23
Mar. 24
Mar. '.
v h I i trii h t.i a ' ton
8 377, 6 44 8 64, 8 KJ 7 0 6 ft, 10 M
1 6 47 8 4i, S 84 7 16i 1 10 t
7 42 I It r.m 8 at I 8 Mil 8 371 6 M
9 3H'4I 8 411 I 8 84 1 7 4 6 4! 10 70
9 2.'4i 6 fill I 8 86: 7 fcil 6 3; 1' il
0 0; 8 4 I 7 71 6 2I0 6t
n. 8 78 I 6 211: HI u7
Mar. 26.
mar. Z7.
Mar. 28
Mar. 'en.
Mar. 80.
Mar. Hl.i
CATTI.K Hec elnl were veiy slow this
mornlnk, only fourteen cars bchiK re
ported in. Kor Ilie week lecelpta amount
to iW.fttf head. Hie laiKtst since two weeks
aso. and almost H.uou head larger than
year aco.
I rlces on killers sre 2.Vu4uc lower, while
Blockers and feeders are K.Vhjih- lower,
common trashy fccdi is showlnu the moat
Uuotatlona on cattle: flood to choice
beeves. IX.i.Viift.lttJ; fair to ood beeves. K 781
frj S.75 ; common to fair beeves, 37.2.i4lt..TO;
8oo4l to choice heifers, 7.i'ftK2i; wood to
holes cows, S6.7ii4ri7.7D; fair to nood cows,
36,oiii(jt.7S; common to fair cows, 34.6K(j
8.181; Kood to choice feeders, 87.7.7i8.4;
fair to Kood feeders. liTHKil 1.16; common
to fair feeders, $M.5o'(t7.;i0; Kood to choice
Blockers. 7.;yn8.2.; stock heirers, SH.7(4.6
7.75; stock cows, Sl.2i'ii7.2r: stock calves,
S7.0lir8,Sii; veal calves, 37.0O'i 10. il; bulls,
ulnnr. etc., tii.btrul.M.
HUilS The slinrn declines of the last
few days evidently Rhut off receipts
pretty effectively, for today's run wa.i
the smallest In some time, only seventy
seven loiiils. or i,4I9 head. bclnsT reported
in. Supply for the week lo date Is iV..7
head, belli 7,0o0 short of last week, 17,000
IlKhtir than two weeks axo anil a fall-
Iiik off of 1,000 as compared with the
same ditjs last year.
other markets, particularly nicaKo,
reported fresh declines today, and while
local shipper buyers were not very ac
tive early the short local run proven; to
be a bullish factor and bulk of the hoss
sold on a strong to Dc higher hiisls. I'.arly
lilils were fully steaiiy, out ix-rore ninny
bona sold packers raised their hands a
little and put up the his end of their
droves on a strong to 6c h in her basis,
many sales show Inn a flat uc advance.
Hhlppera s;ot In to a limited extent after
packers started the trade. As a general
thing movement was fairly active, and
fair clearance was made before 10
o'clock. 1'ackera as well as shippers
showed a preference for the good light
and butcher weight hogs, and holders of
choice heavies had some difficulty In get
ting higher prices for them, although
they were finally cleaned up on about
the same basis as other grades.
Hulk of the day a sales was made at
r.t.mvntf.ao. with a sprinkling or common
light and mixed stuff on down, and a fair
showing of best butchers and heavies up
to IH.80. the top,
K!lKKf The sheep and lamn run was
less than half aa largo as on most re
cent Fridays, ten rars or 2.014 head mak
ing up the days uuota. rive days
supplies foot up to 43.M6 head, being
4,000 larger than last week, and ll.UiO
heavier than two weeks ago, but smaller
than for the same period last year by
b.ti nead.
Instead of raising their hands yester
day. packers If anything trimmed early
bids a little, and what sales were made
In the afternoon were about a quarter
lower than tho previous day. Kven at
that, however, packers came nowhere
near to cleaning them up, and upwards
ot a nnxen cars, all i t iambs, wers
Today with nothing held over, and
only four doubles and a single of lambs
In the receipts, there were hardly enough
here to make a market. The tendency
waa, however, easier. Nothing choice was
offered, and there was little chance tn
makn accurate comparisons, but the
feeling wss In the neighborhood of 10o
lower than yesterdays close. One load
of good light fed western lamhs was
cashed st SH.TO, while three loads of
unfinished stuff went for shearing pur
poses at 110 85 with 100 head nut. Traders
tirof eased lKnorance as tn where choice
emha would sell, but ventured the opin
ion met iii.ai would stop even pest
Mexican, as comparod with the high
time Monday choice lamha are around
60c lower with weighty grades showing
a K!iitics fiecnne, wnne pest nanflywelghts
are a.MMtv under last week a close, and
other grades ftoc or possibly a little more
down. Towards the last end of the
week, buyers of shearing lamha Were
bout the onlv ones who would touch
anything weighty.
Old muttons made up over half the
total receipts, and while owing to scarcity
or supplies all week demand was fair,
the market was late, sellers being un
willing to make the 10c reductions asked
by packers. Buyers, however, refused
to budge from the first offers, and when
holdings were finally cashed It was at a
oime necitne. nest ewes sold to tx.M
some being another cut of the same stuff
that aoia at x.u yesterday. Two cars
of good yearlings made 810 2V. as against
310.30 for their mates yesterday. As com-
pared with last week a dose aged sheep
show almost no decline, current values
being only n quarter under the high time
uuotatlona on sheep anil lamhs: Ijunr.s
good to choice handy. 311 .omn 11 2.".; lamhs
fair to good handy, Jio svn 11 .no; lambs,
fair to choice heavy. 310. Wvu 10.66; lamhs
fall clipped. 00iiS.7f.: lambs, fresh
clipped. Jt .; :K(iO ?.7; rarlinga. fair to choice
light. V 2'irlo 20: yearlings, fair to choice
heavy. t.:.01itt.:(i; wethers, rsir to cnolce
38 0iV(i8.7S; ewes, good to choice. 33. 15
8.60; ewes, fair to good. 7.aor(f.i.y
(atlle Wrak Hon t rona Mheep
celpts, 1.00 head; market weak: native
heef steers. S7.fiiH ,mi; western steers, 87.50
4i : Blockers and feeders. Si.w"ii. ,5.
IftMlS-Kerelpts. 3U.4M hesd; market
Strong at 10(il"i decline: bulk of sales,
Su l.VuS Sa: light. S.s7Stl.S5: mined. I1 .f
W; heavy, SS.C4j9.4; rough, S8.Kti9.IO,
Digs. S 711H18.40.
SHKKI' AMI IA M MS- iteceapts. e.iw
head; market, weak; wethers. tS.k(T9.10
ears. K'W u; lamts, t9..4tu.i).
Kaaiaa llty Live Slork Market.
RfH-eipts. 30" head: market, steaulv; prime
re1 Hteera, ..r4Ht.no; dresaerl lieef steers
ST. 7641 9. 141; weatem steers, ti.ju-ii9.16; stock
ers and feeders. te..djyta; bulls, Sa.7o
,ift: caivea, rrl 10 no
MCMiM-Kecelpts. S.M head: market
strong: bulk o( sales. Sus:,.: heavy
to 1,'hJiw 40: pai kers and hutchers. t
f.y: iisnt. 311: pics.
HH KKP AMI I.AM Hrt Receipts, none
market, nomlnallv steadv; lambs. t0rn
a 11.35; yearlings, n :anilt).44i; wethers. IS
tlV.Ul); ewes, 8. iliui.w.
Bloom ty Live Klerk Market.
Re-ellt. V head: market, steadv: 11a
tlve steers. t7. .'(, ik: butchers, ii.juolM
bulls, stags, etc.. lhomi ,.
IHMiti llecelpts. 4.i head: market loc
lower; heavy. W l.n'oy.s,.; mixed. tK 'e Itt;
light. I7,,ioii: bulk of sales. tir, l.
r-H K I A1 l.tMUh- Itecelpts. It
M I a at ra pelts 4.ral Market.
MINKAP4U :S. March 11- WHKAT
May, ll.li-.ril l 'S to l liir-: Jul. SI 10'
icssm. ro. 1 haia. 81 Jvn: No. I northern
tl liTtl 1S'. .No. : iiuilhrrn. tl Estil l
Professional Selling Factor of Con
siderable Importance at
Irregular Session.
Tv F7W TORK, March, 11. Professional
Selling, which concentrated around som
of the leading railroad Issues wss a
factor of considerable Importance In to
day's Irregular and sluggish market. The
movement against rails began at midday,
New Haven being depressed 2 points to
!, Its lowest price of the current year
and was followed by unusually heavy or
feiinaa of New Vork Central, that sto'
making; an extreme decline of IS ti
l'3'4. Reading, Kouthern Pacific anil
other active stocks of that division ala
suffered more moderately.
Trading prior to the drive against 'n
vestment issues wss distinguished for
greater activity In the fopoers, particu
larly Kennerott, which with Miami, In
spiration and Anaconda, averaged gains
of a point or better. Kennecott'a activity
featured the Intermediate sesxlon. Its rl-e.
of W to hcln accomplished on sc .
of more than a score of lniil I lua.1 Io'j
ranging from l.ono to 3.000 slisres.
Declines In Kennecott overshadowed rll
other stocks for the day, with a total of
8".oo shares for that Issue. Aside fr.irn
reiterations of rumors of an Increasing
demand for the metal, Kb. necolt's ad
vame was connecte-1 with statements of
a character favorable lo one of Its chl"f
s insula rlcs.
Munitions and affiliated Industrials and
equipments followed their usual errat 0.
com so, showing strength In the main,
t'ruclhle Steel was the feature of tin:
rnal hour, rising 474 to M on publication
of a statement Indicating record earnings
for March.
I'nlted States Steel was again hack
ward In point of activity, but displays I
marked firmness In the later deal ngs or
Its rise to 84'. Ilethlehem Hteel covered
some of lis former animation and effaced
mill h of Its recent setback by an advanc
of 29 to 414. Mercantile merino preferred
was In demand, responding to signs of
an agreement between opposing Interests.
Tot .1 1 sales of stocks nmuunte 1 to
4V.,"m shnifs.
All the markets for International ex
change were stronger. Including marksi
and llres, Ihn latter hardening on the le-
ief of more satisfactory financial rtin-
ns bctwe'ii I ondon and Home,
Honda were Irregular, but the New
anadlans and the Anglo-French lasuert
were again active and strong, the latter
making their beat quotation for loim
eeks at ?' Total sales of bonds, par
value, were
1'nlled Hates bonds were unchanged on
i umber of sales and leading quotations
on stocks wero as follows:
Hslet. Hlh. Iiw. Cloi
AtAAka UoM
IH 19Vt
27i 2!
71 71 H
14 41
7i 7
merU'Bll Pert Sugar
Amirt-ti 1 in
Amarlcaa lH?omellv ...
American H. H
Am S. A It. iM
Am. HiiKar Iterltilng
Amertran Tl. f Tel
American Tobacco
J.IK10 lei' 1S 100 'A
!,( Hi", 11: n:
200 no'4 ioh 1""
70 VJ m 127(4
4l) l7i 1!
1I.K) 87'i U'b
1,1 no 1"8 m' Wt
nacnmla Copper
llaldwln IHomiitlvs
4,400 KH 104' 101'i
Ilalllmiire a Ohio
Ilelhlehem Hleel
Iltnnhlrn Itaplrt Tr
l.noo n
1,W0 4D4
'"iti 'nii
',00 147
lfilil, W7
allfnrnts Patrolaum ....
sna'llan Pacific
antral feather
400 H
hrjtapeake S Clhlo
2, ton
'Mraso Q. W ...
itilcaso, M A St. P
lilraso w
hlcasrt, It. I. A P. Ry.,
Itlno I'opper
ouirnito kui a. iron...,
rui'ilila Rlael
1envar S R. t. ptd
luallllera' (lecurltlea
Oanerat Rlai'trlc
(ireat Northern pt1
fl 121 4
tsreat No. Oro rlta
usxenheim Bvploratlon.
Illlnola Central
Intertmroiixh Coo Corp.
mo ion
no mv
Inaplrallrm Copper 1U.4MI 41
lularnattrtnal Harvealar... SO lloUj
Kanasa l ltr enuihern. . . . 400 26
lhlh Valley 7H
liulavllle A Naahrllle.
Matlcan Petrolanm ....
Miami Coppar
Mlaaoiirl, K. A T. pfd.
Mlaaourl Paclfle
National lllacult
National lul
Nevada Copper
New York iVitral
,00 11
1110 '4i
W 101
107S, 10714
ITJ, ail.
10V4 10
121 H
, Mi'
4 400 171, 17, IIS
13,1 lOIHi 10JH 101S
8,700 . 4SS MUj
no liov lu isms
N T. N. II. H
Norfolk A Weatarn
rthern Pacific
1,000 ll', lt!i.
Ptelfle Mall
r.nn.yhanla 1.(00 MS IUS
Pullman I'alace Car l"l
liar Con, Coppar 7.200 !4H 23 4
Itearllng I.we US M
HemiMie Iron A Btsel... T.J'e 0Ti 80S
Bnuthera Taririe 1,00 7S MT4
southern Kallwar oi MS a
BiuilaiMker Company .... t.WM HIS
Tenneaaae Coppar 4O0 RIS rl',
Tetas company 1,10 Irli 1W
10 S
ninn caririo
nlte4 Slain, meal..
M.tot IIS
I. so ms
,500 ?s
1 son ws
i0 4S
S. Ktael M
Il Inraer
tern t'lilon
1iS ns
II a S2
44S 4S
Waallnrhouae Klentrlc
4)enera Motors
Waheah 11 pM 1400
1nterna4lnnat Marine pfd. 18S00
27S I7S
Kinnitl I'.ifipar k.imi
Total sales for tha 4ar. 441.000 aharea.
Conservatism lnereasln Instead of
NEW TORK, March 30.-Duns review
tomorrow will say:
It la reassuring st a lime of unnreea
dented business activity that conserva
tism ts Increasing rather than diminish
ing. Confidence la widespread In the
coiitlnunnre of record-breaking achieve
ments In production and distribution, but
there Is now a more general disposition
to avoid speculative excesses and to
guard MiiultiHt overexertion In any quar
ter. This spirit of caution Is mani
fested In the effort to check the rapid
rise of prices In the steel Industry as well
aa In the textile markets, and other
leaning lines. Evidence sppesrs that
iiuntationa have outrun the views of
some buyers, who proceed more slowly
In msklng forward commitments; yet. In
the main, demands still seem Insatiable
and manufacturers have of necessity
turned numerous contracts away. Al
most without exception mills, shops and
rariories are crowded to their utmost
capacity and overtime la In force wher
ever jWBSliile. but In many rases opera
tions continue to he hampered hv the
scarcity of raw materials, by labor
troirtilea, and by a shortage of skilled
Weekly bank clearings, t3.t,M.473,574
Coffee Market.
NEW YORK. March S1 The ni.rl.l
for coffee futures a as very quiet today
nun prices easing orr under small offer
lug In the shsence of support. Other
ague rumors that France and other
allied governments would pi ''itoit all tm
ports or merchandise not ne. ded for
national defense between the first Jay of
May and the first day of September, may
pnsaiiuv nsve helped to restrict demand
but were not confirmed and evidently
failed to create any material settling pres
sure. The market opened unchanged to
points lower snd sold off to S?lc for
July snd S.SfV for September with the
closing showing s net loss of SUMO points.
Hales. 7.. '.no hags. Quotations: April. 8.P.V;
May. lie- June. 8. Hie; Julv, S.30c; Aagust,
...: neptemtier a. ..; iictoner. ( 34c; No
vember. 8.S7c: December, K 4V: January
8.4'.c: February. 8 50c; March, 8..W. Spot
corree, steady; mo 7s. wsc: f-antos 4s.
War. No chsnge wss reported in the
cost and freight markets. The official
cables reported an advance of 76 re Is in
the Kto market and of 13-d In the rate of
Ilio exchange en London with 8antna tin
changed. Santos cleared 60,aK bags for
New tors.
OH ao4 ttosto.
SAVANNAH, Ga.. March Sl.-TCU
Pl'.NTlNH Hull; Bales, none: receipts,
. carrels: snipments, us- oarreis; stock
7.S." barrels.
KOSlN-qulct; sales. barrels; re
celpts, 412 barrels; shipments. S47 bar
rels: stocks. 73.K33 barrels. Quotation
A. R. M M: C. l, B, 64 K; F. t4.: 1
M ir; H. S4 : I. K. tvoo: M. to 15; N
li.VO; WU. ts.tt: WW, t6.6;ii.
. Joseoh I.Ito Itsek Market.
eel ins. o head; market steadv; steers,
t8.ki9 i; coas and heifers, H 7tj9 ;5
calves. ,.wos...
IKKiH Receipts. I..al0 head: market
lower: top, til 40; hulk of sales. S3 a1.V..
e-IIEKP AMI I .A M MS Keceipts. I.UW
head, market dun; lamba. I10.;..g 11 Ji.
Dry t.ooda Markel.
VK-W ViiItK. March SI. PRY tlt)OIS
4'ottun iioiMl.t were firm and more uuic
loiitiv. Lea i -to-wear trade was nitive
Wool maikeis were cull.
Associated Press Correspondent
Tells of Viewing Burning City,
of Verdun from Teuton Line.
PRINCE, before Verdun. March 31,
(Via Ixindon and Borlln.) Ger
man artillery Is playing heavily on
the north front of Verdun. Vast
clouds of smoke mark the site of the
burning; suburb behind Forts Relle-
llle and Kroldeeterre, net afire by
the bombardment of these two fort,
which bar Ingress to the city along
the east bank of the Meuse.
Eight miles westward, across
the river, a mass of smoke columns.
foatlng like a hazy forest of cypress
above Dethincourt, Malancourt and
Hill No. 304, testifies to the hall of
high calibred shells which Is falling
on this northwestern outpost of the
Fn.nch positions.
Which of Two Ittarkrd question.
Which of these two points will be the
scene of the next phase of the !erman
offensive Is a question which doubtless
puxzling the mind of tieneral Joffrc
and General I'etaln.
The Associated Press correspondent has
made an Inspection of the ground gained
by the Germans on the Verdun front In
the fortnight since the last previous
visit of the correspondent. On the prev
ious occasion the tlernmns had advanced
their lines east of the river to the center
girdle of forts and had carried Pouau-
mont and the adjoining redoubts. The
French then retained the west bank of
the river for a distance of three miles
north of the line of pouaumont and were
maintaining a harassing artillery fire
from the heights on this bank against the
German flank and rear.
French Cleared from Itrtlon,
It wss necessary to clear the French
from this region before the German
attack against the fortress could proceed.
This has been accomplished. Of tho old
positions the French now hold only a nar
row tongue of land between Pead Man's
hill and Avocourt wood. This position
naturally stronu. with 1II1I No. 304
as the backbone and the two fortified
lllages of Malancourt and Uethlncourt
at the end. But from the Intense artil
lery flro falling upon It today from three
sides It appeared that the French retain
only by race of the Germans and
must abandon It whenever an earnest
attack Is delivered.
French l.aanrra Active.
French guns are no less active than
the Germans, although their fire Is more
scattered. This Is because the task of
tho French gunners is to search out
German batteries hidden over the entire
landscape and restrict their activity as
much an possible.
The French gunners seem to be per
forming their task well. They know the
position of many batteries and shoot
with uncomfortable accuracy, as the cor
respondent experienced recently when a
shell dropped squarely in the battery
by which ha was standing.
An officer from the headquarters of the
crown prince explained to the corre
spondent the operations leading to tho
occupation of the region west of the river.
The French positions here, from which
the German operations on the east bank
had been subjected to a flanking flro
were on Goose Mill and in Cumleres
wood, with strongly fortified supporting
points for infantry in tho villages of
Regnlevllle and Bethlncourt. Every
house had been converted into a minia
ture fortress by walling the cellars with
masonry and cement and providing em
brasures for machine guns and rifles.
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O. 1. MII.NK. Treasurer.
The position fsi-ed north snd the flank
was protected by the flooded water.,
Deride on Klank Attack.
A frontal attack would have entailed
heavy losses In charging up steep slopes
of the (loose Ridge and Dead Man's hill,
so the German leaders determined to at
tempt s flank attack. A surprise crossing
was completely successful. Several col
umns were thrown across the river and
Goone Hill was rsrrled. Regnlevllle was
surrounded and the French garrison sur
rendered several days later.
The first heavy resistance was encount
ered in the ravine and In Cumleres wood.
The resistance was finally broken and
the defenders, whoso escape was pre
vented by a curtain of fire of shrapnel
behind the wood, were killed or captured
almost to a man, fighting desperately to
the last. The French counter attack aa
delivered to hurriedly, only three batta
lions participating, instead of a brigade
as ordered by General Petaln.
The Germans then carried Pead Man's
hill. The attack here then ceased and
was transferred to Avocourt wood. This
attack succeeded in the first rush. The
French now hold only the sack-like po
sitions two and a half miles wide and
about the same depth, containing Hill No.
.KM. The contents of the suck are ex
pected to pass Into German possession
when the artillery operation has ended.
Interviews Captives.
Inning the day the correspondent had
an oppottunlty of Interviewing a large
number of French prisoners captured In
Avocourt wood. They were surprised by
the German tactics, which were based on
artillery of such precision that the Ger
mans were nble to start their charge
while the artillery was still playing on
the French trenches, and to cover the
greater part of the intervening ground
before the guns shifted their range
farther bck from the comandlng height
near the bank of the Meuse.
The Associated Press representative
was able today to survey the whole battle
front north of Verdun. The background
of the panorama was the burning city of
Verdun with Its squatty cathedral tower
standing out amid the smoke. Two bar
racks and other prominent buildings were
easily descernlble to the naked eye, as the
distance was only ten" milts. The city
has been buring for several days and tho
fire apparently had almost burned Itself
out. Shells were dropping with ominous
regularity In the vicinity of Fort Belle
ville on the extreme left of the picture.
"lands Ont Against Sky.
Thence the view, swept around, tak
ing In the ridge crowned by Forts Marre
and Hois Hourrus, which stood out
plainly against the sky line, and the
black masses of Mourrus forest, Goose
itidgc, C'orlieaux Wood, Dead Man's hill
and the villages of Forges and Cumleres,
to Forges Wood and Montfancon.
Bourrus forest, which probably con
tains many French artillery positions,
was receiving considerable attention from
the German heavy guns on the ac
count. Pillars of black smoke spouted
up continually like geysers from its
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214-216 THE
H. 16th
It has been
ft..." -a. ' S- SI
(Ms. I tff I
cally operate its trains.
1 V, .s.
-T-L riitier
lAAalt 1 1' tnat when
depths, as the Hermans dropped shell
after shell among the trees In their
attempt to locate and silence the French
The fire was still more intense In the
region of III1I No. 4. half hidden be
hind Dead Man's hill, although even
here It had not yet attained the scale
of "drum fire," which Is the usual pre
liminary to an axf-ault.
Work of Small t.ans.
The Frenchmen oddly enough are'
more impressed with the work the Ger
man fifteen-centimeter guns, which pelt
the trenches with a nijilens hall of shell
than with the effect of the big niortar.T
whose missiles come at much greater
intervals. Prisoners who had had a few ;
days to recover from the dninorrtlizinz
effect of the bombardment were In ood
spirits snd professed the utmont confi
dence. They armed to be devoted to their
new commander. General Petaln. and (
hold him In high regard. As Is ao fre
quently the case with prisoners, they
declared the losses of their opponents
were the heaviest, b -jt the correspondent I
saw no evidence that the German casual- ,
ties were excessive, nlthnuuh undoubt
edly they are now heavier than during
the earlier phases of the Verlun oper- ,
Further to the front was a "hi'
bertha." one of the Jealously guarded i
mortars on which the eyes of a neutral '
were permitted to rest for the first time, j
Every part of the gun was snathed and '
shrouded in tarpaulin, but Its massive
proportions betrayed plainly the manner
of Instrument hidden beneath.
This trip represented war correspond- ,
encc de luxe, the party of correspond- j
ents traveling In a special sleeper to a j
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Mountain Torrents Harnessed
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have plunged wastefully away for ages. Meanwhile, to haul the
country's traffic over the vast ramparts of the Rockies by steam
traction has meant the consumption of an enormous quantity of
the nation's coal supply and high operating expenses.
reserved for "The operation) passing
Milwaukee Road" to change
all this to abandon steam as a
motive power in the mountains,
and to uee the limitless energy of
the harnessed streams to electri-
over the Great Continental Div
ide, marks a new era in railroad
ing and erects another mile
stone in the world's progress. It
means the conservation of re
sources more efficient and
economical operation better
maintenance of schedules the
prac tical elimination of vexatious
delays due to bad weather and
a notable increase in travel
1 he electrification of 440
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