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1 1.
Miss Grace Ervin, Former State
House Employe, One of For
tune's Favorites.
(From a PUff Correspondent.)
1JNCOLN. March 31. t8pcelal.) Clean
ing up M0,000 on an Investment of $VZW
la the Rood fortune which came to Miss
Orace Erwin. formerly chief clerk In
the office of the state veternarlan at
the state house.
About a year ago Mlii Krwln took her
mother to Texas for a vacation and
also to recuperate from a severe at
ter had suffered. While their she be
came Interested In oil lands and with
her mother and an aunt and some local
capitalists formed a company known as
the Hoffman Oil company, with a capi
tal of 112,000. iPoon after Miss Krwln
came back to Lincoln to sell some of the
stock, and this la where the Joke comes
In, for after some of the purchasers
had accumulated the stock, the y pot
cold feet and through an attorney de
manded that their money be returned to
SIlss Erwin did so and resold the stock.
Now It is up to the fellows who Kot
cold appendages to go out back of the
brn and kick themselves for every dol
lar invested has brousht back a clear
profit above all expenses of $29.
Miss Erwin was one of the maids of
honor of King Ak-Sar-Ben during the
1914 festivities.
Miss Erwin Is already on her way to
Lincoln with her mother and will spend
some time visiting here with her
brother, I"r. Erwin, the foot ball star
of former Cornhusker days.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN1. March 31. (Speclal.)-State
Treasurer George Hall will advocate a
(hdnge in the methods of sending out
chool apportionments from that which
has been practiced for many years.
At the present time the apportionment
Is made semi-annually. Mr. Hall believes
that the apportionment should be made
whenever there Is $100,000 for distribution
In the school fund. As the amount runs
from $700,000 to JSW.tJfO each year thla
will make from seven to eight distribu
tions of tne fund and will save many of
the poorer districts from being corripelled
to Issue warrants and pay interest on
hem because of lack of funds.
Mr. Hall is of the opinion that thla
:n be done without very much extra
work because in the distribution of the
1100,000 it will be known each time the
ixact amount to go to each district, as
,t is made on the school census each
SIDNEY, Xeb., March 31. (Special T'
egram.l District court convened here th's
week with Judge If. M. Grimes presiding.
A number of equity and civil suits were
disposed of. The sensational event was
the case of the state versus Ole Simon
son for horso stealing, the state bring
represented by County Attorney Claton,
S. rtadcliffe and James I Lewell and
John C. Wharton. The principal witness.
Dooltgan was a convict at the state
The Jury was out two hours and brought
In a verdict of guilty, the first conviction
which lias been secured In Cheyenne
county for a number of years In a crimi
nal case.
Court adjourned until next Tuesday."
ew Tlotea from Falrbnry,
FAIRBURT, Neb., March 31. (Spe
cial) Felix Smith, colored, who has)
been employed at the Chambers cigar
store, was arraigned before Judge L. J.
Nutasman on a complaint sworn out by
his wife, charged with wife beating.
Judge Nutzman gave him thirty days in
County Judge Nutzman Issued only one
marriage license during the past week,
being to Fred D. Garrels and Anna It.
Albers. ,
The Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph
company hre a large force of employes
repairing the wires and Installing new
poles. Four hundred poles were broken
down In Jefferson county during last
Saturday's sleet storm.
The Nebraska State Hallway commis
sion has taken the matter of annullng
trains Nos. and ?4 on the Kalrbury
Horton district and the Jersey possen-Ht--
trains on the Falrbiiry-Believllle
line under consideration, and may an
nounce a decision in a few days. Those
who protested against the Book lilanrl
taking off the trains asked for a ninety
day test on the trains under the present
passenger rate of 2'4 cents a mile. They
believed, as the tent covered a period
most of which was under the 2-cent fare
schedule, that the company should be
required to furnish a showing under the
new rate.
News Notes from orl,
VORK. Neb., March 31. (Special.)
York will pave two more miles thla sen
se n. which will give the city ten miles
of paving. Contrncts have been let to the
amount of $.Vi,0oO and the work is already
being done. Vitrified brick is being used.
The total amount expended this season
will exceed $100.0(10.
Contracts for two business houses h.ive
been let and work already is being done.
One by F. C. Tower, on Grand avenue,
CftxXO. will cost $10."00. The other one will
be a veterinary hospital erected by Ir.
L. V. Newman on East Eighth street.
40xC0 feet, and will cost $1,0X1. Work bus
already been commented upon two fine
lehiclences, cne to cost Hi.OXt and the
other one $7,(.
The Commercial club endorsed Governor
Morehead's proclamation for a cleanup
week April 10 to 15. Plans will be out
lined soon to make It a success.
tfcarrh to Make iniprorrnieats.
Iiavld City. Neb., March 31.-(Special.)
r improvements aggregating WJ.Ort In
cost are to be made to St. Mary's Cath
olic church property in Daid City this
season. They include an addition to the
parochial school building of two more
school rooms and a large hall over the
new school rooms, at an estimated cost
Df $7,000, und remodeling ai.d adding to
:he rectory at a cost of about $:!..
The (.rralral 1'ala Klllrr.
Sloan's Liniment goes right to the Heat
of pain, simply lays it on-you do not
have to rub. 20c. All druggists. Adver-Uavnieut.
Mrs. Libby Thordson Named Matron
at Hastings Asylum by
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March 31.-tSprclal.) -The
State Bonrd of Control today filled the
vacancy at the Hastings insane asylum,
appointing Mrs. Libby Thordson to the
position of matron, a place she had been
filling temporarily during C.ie time the
place lias been without a matron.
Mrs. Thordson lias been with the In
stitution about eight years and Is fully
competent to handle the place because
of her long acquaintance with the needs
of the Institution.
f'ntise of M. P. Mrpfk.
Officials of the Missouri Tnclfls rail
road have reported to the railway com
mission that the wreck on that road this
spring between Hickman and Tanama
was caused by the grade thawing out
on one side and remaining frozen on the
other side of the track, thus causing the
rails to become lower, pieclpitatlng the
cars from the track.
Two Jensens Married.
Carl C. Jensen, aged 37, of Omaha and
Marie E. Jensen, aged 31, of the same
city, were given a license to wed In
Lincoln yesterday and were Joined In
matrimony by County Judge Rlsser.
Notes from llratrlee.
RKATRICB. Neb., March 31. (Spccla,!.)
George Griggs, an old Beatrice boy who
has been located at Sheridan, Wyo., with
the Burlington company, has been ap
pointed superintendent of the southern di
vision of the Hurllngton. with headquar
ters at Wymore, to succeed L. B. Lyman,
who has been transferred to Aurora, III.
Mr. GrlgR 1" a graduate of the Beatrice
High school and was for fifteen years
stenographer for a number of officials
of the company.
Engineer Arthur Benson of the Union
Tacific sustained a severe Injury to his
leg and severe bruises about the head
and body when his train collided with
another freight near Topeka, Wednesday
J. E. Scott, an old resident of Blue
Springs, passed away at his home at that
placo following a stroke of paralysis.
Says Woman3 s
Health and Vigor Necessitate
Regulation of Organs
of Elimination.
Skin foods and face creams and pow
ders cannot make a woman beautiful,
because beauty lies deeper than that
it depends on health. In most cases the
basis of health and the cause of sickness
can be traced to the action of the bowels.
The headache, the lassitude, the sal
low skin, and the lusterless eyes are us
ually caused by constipation. An id -al
remedy for women, and one that Is es
pecially suited to their delicate organ
Isms, Is found In Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin, a mild laxative compound, pleas
ant to the taste and free from opiates
and narcotic drugs of every description.
Mrs. Gertrude Jordan, 6C2 North Lib
erty St., Indianapolis, Ind., . ssys: "It
is simply fine; I have never been able
to find anything to compare with Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. 1 started us
ing It for the baby and now It Is my
family standby In all cases where a lax
ative is needed."
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin Is sold
In drug stores for fifty cents a bottle;
Follow the Boys on the Border
Bird'seye view, in relief, showing the complete topog
raphy of the vast .country, its cities and railroads, giv
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Eric Nelson,
In m CUm,
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tSOt V BtrMt.
Friends Aroused to Insistence that
' He Shall Accept the Nomi
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March 31. -(Special. )-That
there is a decided and growing sentiment
favorable to the nomination of Charles
E. Hughes of New York for president on
the republican ticket Is evidenced by re
ports from people coming to Lincoln from
different parts of the state.
That the disappointment over his with
drawal as a candidate before the primar
ies in this state has worn off and this has
only had the effect of arousing his friends
to Insistence, Is also apparent.
I'eoplo in Lincoln and out In the state
who heard him when he visited Nebraska
a few years ago, cannot easily get away
from the belief Inspired at that time that
Hughes was presidential timber and a
man close to the people. Consequently
they have faith that If a positive de
mand la made for Judge Hughes he will
not refuse to accept a nomination.
People out In the state seem deter
mined to vote for him anyhow and It Is
probable that that little old lead pencil
will be much In evidence when Mr. Voter
goes to the booth on April Id, next.
A grest many people are convinced that
when the national republican convention
meets it will rot waste much time on pre
liminary skirmishes and that when It Is
seen that none of the favorite son candl
dates stands any show that there will
be a rush for the Hughes band wagon
and his nomination will be so unanimous
that he cannot refuse to serve.
Going on this proposition It Is evident
there will be much writing In of the name
of Hughes on the presidential ballot, and
he is likely to carry the preference vote
of the state. At least this Is the conclu
slon of the men who come to the capital
from different portions of Nebraska.
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dollars when you read The Bee Want Ad
Upon Health
a trial bottle can be obtained, free of
charge, by writing to Dr. W. B. Cald
well, 4'i4 Washington ft., Montlcello,
1618 Capitol Avenue.
..: J
Gentian Style
Br U,mW
f s
Four Men Arrested;
Stolen Property Found
BEATRICE. Voll Mnr.-I, "I - ,s, Il
Telerain. Cltv Marshal Kurt of Cort
land, m-li., toil.xv arretted Mitte Ulev.
IHrr IWUIama, Goorce Brown and Will
M -Greedy, when they attempted to dis
pose of a lot of en(l..rv Him t,n. I,.,,,..
Identified as that stolen from the V.d-
j" am Hardware store at Viieinl.i
Wednesday nlgl.1.
The men were binughl to Beatrice1
tonight by lcinitv Sheriff While ,..( 1
lodged in .tail. They are supposed to be i
the fellows who robbed the Cone drug
store nt Liberty and Warner haidwam
store at Wymore recentU
Some files and skeli 'ton Lets uni
found in their Possession
Riley. Williams
residents of Knnsns Cltv. M,-t!i. -.lv !
says his home Is In i,ii, ' !
..MHIX. A. NWAXSOX, Pros..
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l'roin ;i Staff Correspondent
Lincoln. Neb., March 31- "Special
TrlesramV The Southeastern Nebraska
Teachers' association, which has been In
Kcsalnn here tl.e past two days, eloseil
today with the election of the following
of fh cr :
rres'dent - Mrs. T F. A. Williams. Lin
coln: vice prcNldenl, .1. K. t'mnpbell.
Wymore; sctetary. Miss Krances t hat
burn, Tecnnisch; treasurer. K. tl. Mop
Kbis, Wll'.nn ; excintlxe committee, lul
Mccr. Ccncva: J. A. loremi:s. Auburn;
Mrs. tlllnma, Lincoln.
tcr i'k 1ca hers were registered at t!'
nieetlne. The principal addresses
Klven by II. .1. Walters of the Kama
Agric'iltmal coIIcrc. anil W. A .lessu
of the Iowa university. Ptof. Searson,
a former Nebraska educator and no"
of the Kansas agricultural college, wN
In attendance.
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Ti:M MS-, Neb . March iM iSpe, l
Telegram A district convention was
hHd In Tecumseh today which was :i
ismpalen in the Interests of the Hoard o'
lMueatlon of the Methodist church. The
mictlnn was well attended by delegates)
from several comities. The spnk-ra
were: Hlshop ,t. S. Mc.Vnnell of lvnvcr.
lr. .1. A. Ilebre, president lllff School of
Theology of penver: Lev. IV l. l'or yth',
representing the Hoard of l-Mncatlon,
TVnvrr: 1 r. .1. W. I'.inbree, superintend
ent. Tecnnvrli district. Lincoln, and
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bees MVOil. Itlxhop Moi-onnrll. who Is
ii st home from Mexico, gave some hit cr
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