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We hear about "
The Railroad war i
We hear that Russia's
Lost her Czar
We hear about
The dreadful things
The submarines
Can do
We hear about
The mercury ' ,
Arising to i ' '
The top ,
And tten we hear
It's going ,
To make
A sudden drop
We hear about
The rise in wheat .
About an
Orpheum "Dutch Treat"
Until our minds .
Are so bewildered
We don't know
What to. do
T) EALLT, truly Vrench glove
rv "Treiojiai.". in fact Imported
rloves, as you know, ars ao
hard to obtain now, but Thompnon
Btlden'a have ben fortunate enough
- to secure a perfectly splendid assort
' ment. If you've been trying1 to get
new ..gloves In the soft leathers of
.yore, this, news means much to you.
These gloves are such beauties, tool
Ioveiy whites with the stylish com
bination stitching of black and wbtte
and the prettiest grays in several dif
ferent tones from "pearl" to "battle-
, , ship" "pastel," too, so popular this
Spring, besides many other fashion-
v abie colors. I was so delighted, I
bought some on the spot and mean
1 to tell all my friends to buy their Easter
gloves at Thompson -Bold en's. Priced
' 11.75. to 13.76.
- :
IT'S quite a -joke nowadays when we
can actually put one over on that
old ogre, H. C. of If you'll
turn to page 4, Main News section of
:- this paper, you'll see an ad about a sale
of draperies that will astonish you, and
if you're a thoughtful woman, wKh loves
to make her home pretty and attraotlve,
you'll read it with keen Interest, t
attended this sale Saturday morning,
and amased! well, I should say I
was at the wonderful values offered.
Such bolts of cretonnes and chlntses!
each one surpassing another In col
oring and unique designs, handsome
- upholstery and soft, clinging draper
ies and. think of. ltl right at the
beginning of the season to be able to
procure brand new fabrics, for these
actually are. 1917 Spring patterns.
. There are voiles, marquisettes and
nets for curtains but, then, you'll
want to see them for yourself, so I
need not dtecant further on this re-.
, uaarkable sale.
Many a satin skirt has concealed
pockets in the hip drapes.
WHEN it comes" to smart, trig
t hats for golf and other sports
wear, the Drahos-Luttlg Hat
Shop, Balrd Bldg., Is certainly In 'the-4
, lead of exclusive milliners. They, spe
cialise In tailored hats from such
famed makers as Knox Gage con
sequently have a goodly assortment
to show ' their patrons. Tou should
see their new Gingham and Pongee
Sports Hats the very, last word , In
chic Millinery I - .
s . .
PAUSING before the windows of
the- A. T. Benson's Specialty
Shop, 1812 Farnam, the other
day, my curiosity was aroused to the
fact that something Interesting was
going on Inside, so In I went, and,
sure enough, I found them busy un
packing some pretty, new Spring gar
' menu, and I had the very first peep!
As adorable topnioate as you, ever
saw for tots from 2 to f yean old!
Strtotly tailored ltttlecoats of serge,
Velour and poplin "looked 'sackly
' like grown-ups,? pockets and all and '
dressy, silk coats to wear to Sunday ,
school or parties, with lovely embroid
ered crepe de chine collars priced
$4.60 to $16.50 and there are sweet
' little hats to match each eoat It's
. really your DVTX to buy one of these
outfits for that LITTLE FAIRY In
; i -your home. For Bister, Who goes to
High school, there are swagger Eng-1
Hah plaids, checks and plain velours
In the stylish new Spring colors for
S. 76 to 127.50 and for Mother, too, .
' there are some - 'specially good-looking
top-coats at-this new Uptown Store.
T HE Sunshine Capsules I mentioned
lAst week as being good for
"the blues" can' be found at the
Alia Shop. 207 8. 18th St Price 2Sc
Try a package they're a "sure cure."
' ,
DIP you notice the beautiful floral
, decorations at the First Pres-
, pyterlan church last week when
the' now organ was dedicated? Weren't
the flowers lovely and the plants ar
tistically arranged? I was told that
' ! . Larmon Fontenelle Florist was
responsible for It all! He surely de
serves great praise for the skill he
displays in, the handling of flowers.
IN Baby coats,. Benson 6 Thorne'g
certainly have some splendid val
ues. There are darling little
white coats of cashmere, wool batiste
and crepella cloth some beautifully '
hand-embroidered and all thoroughly
washable, for I2.9S to $8.50. .Mothers
will be glad to Jtnow that Miss Adams
now has ready the Spring catalogue
showing the Infants and children's'
new garments which she will gladly
send on request.
' ...
I-V the realms -of sports attire, tls
said, there li no color combine
'tlon too .striking, or ne design, too '
bold to find favor with followers of
Dame Fauhlon this Spring. By the
It. iv of contrast, there Is also a de- '
mand for some plain, strictly tailored
garments by Women of good taste..'
Lohrman, the Reliable ladles' Tailoi."
435 Paxton Block, specializes In these
. kind of garments and Is .prepared to
make your Easter suit His prfee.
stylo and quality is always rlghX
Drr.pes will vie with the pegged
and barrel effect for style supremacy.
If you're a "shut-in" or live
out of town, why not take
advantage of The Bee's
Shopping Service, which is
free to ltl readers? Pur
chases sent from the stores
C. 0. D.
Polly, the, Shopper,
WBAT more attractive to a
woman's features than perfect
ly formed eyebrows? And do
you know that Irregular brows can
easily be made shapely? At the Com
fort Shop, 601 Rose Bldg., Miss
Johnson's 'treatment by electrolysis
for superfluous hair Is carefully done.
DISTINGUE? Oul Mam se lie, there
Is truly ' Farlslenne smartness
shown in every line of those .
charming, serge, cloth-top Boots, with
- slender little heels, which are being
-shown at Napier's Booterie and listen
to mel you really should have a pair
of these boots so moderately prloed
at $9.00, for Mr. Napier advises that
, the supply Is limited, and with the
High Cost of Leather, shoe prices will
' rapidly advance.
EASTERTIDE Is fast approaching,
and, In view of this, The Hospe
Shop Is displaying a variety' of
religious subjects In art which should
be -of intense interest to 'many of my
readers. Some of the pictures which
I noted were. Veronica's Handkerchief,
Ruben's "Descent From the Cross,"
, Sucker's "Christ the Elder;" also Ma
donnas by Old Master and by more
modern artists.
BLOUSES are things Idyllic this
Spring! Poets should visit Ben
son & Thome's and see the love
ly Georgettes in their filmy falry-Uke
beauty. If they wish new material to
rave about. Truly a subject for a
Spring poem was one dainty blouse of
peach colored Georgette on which mo
tifs were exquisitely 'embroidered and
beaded a white vestee. with tiny
.rows of pearl buttons added to the .
charming "becomtngness of It. It was
priced f 10.75, and the same model
also comes In white, flesh and rose.
I went into raptures, too, over a gold
blouse beaded In Indian,. shades of
brown, blue and gold it certainly had ..'
a distinctively new touch I Priced $7.96.
e e .
EGOS, Pepper -and Salt! Of what
does It make you think? Break
fast,' may be 1 Easter surely 1
But if you've been In Orchard Wit
helm's Gift Shop recently, it makes
you think of the cunning, little egg
sets, 'With bird eggs for salt and pep
per price $1.26. . s ,
Tou remember the garden that blos
soms through the Valllma Letters of
B, h, S-i in which a weed most ob- .
noxious to the author flourishes
aatoundlngty and. In his disgust he
says that if ..he again. has occasion to
refer to "pusnley" he will simply use
the letter "P." For different rea-eons,-
but to oonoeat infinite repeti
tion, when I mean Pillows after this,
I shall say , "P." Now I shall tell
you about some wool .embroidered "P."
- made of the last Russian crash that I
' find any . trace- of in this country ..
with embroidery done In Mld-Vlctorlan
manner depicting "a. nightmare,", "a
sunset", and other Impossible scenes,
," s
SKIRTS,' Skirts,- Skirts my, such a
lot of clever -Springtime skirts
as I saw at 'The Haas Sample
Suit Shop! Those silk skirts in the '
new stripes, plaids "and plain colors
are ever so good looking with their
plaits, belts and nobby pockets, and
there's so many different styles from
which to choose priced 8B.75 to
$11.10, v This shop Is on the Balcony
Floor, Paxton Block, you know.
The Turkish or Harem skirt puffed
at the hem and fastening to the un
derslip Is good for evening gowns,
f v
((mHE Princess Starr Piano" Is the
I mysterious 'P r 1 n c e s s" to
" whom I referred last Sunday.
Miss Horn, 4222 S. 23d St., wins the
Orpheum tickets. The Colvln Ftanu
School Is the agency for the Starr
Pianos, and In their new method of
selling pianos direct to customer at r
factory prices you save many dollars
on the purchase' of an instrument,
Talk the plan over with Mr. Colvln
Davldge Block, 18th and Farnam.
Plaids are 'exceptionally smart for
sports affairs.
INQUIRIES from my readers leads
me to suggest that fine catering
for parlies and weddings can be
secured from V. S. Balduff, 2624 Far-,
nam St., who for years has stood for
the BEST service among Omaha's old
est families. -
Put with all this
Dire confusion
What woman
Cannot find :
Time enuf to shift
The heavy burdens
From her mind
And search r . ,
The shops
For spring togs-new"
1 know J
That I v t :
Can help her too
So do not worry
Do not fret ,
Do not delay '
Or you'll regret
Let "Polly"
Shop for you
To find '
The best
There is .
To buy
THE subjects of hand-made under
garments I And Is a favorite
one this Lenten season. Wonder
if you know what an advantage it is
to buy the material for them by the
bolt Instead of by the yard? I dis
covered the fact this week in talking
to Mr. Peter MacDonald at the Wash
Goods Section -of Thompson -Be .flan'., .
, who gave me some figures which will
doubtless Interest my readers who are
planning to make their pretty lingerie,
'Here they are: Phantom -cloth, 3-ln.,
86o yd., or bolt of 10 yds., $8.00.
Nlkado nainsook, so sheer and lovely,
20a quality, 10-yd. bolt, $2.50. Odaka
nainsook, finer still, $6o yer yd.: 10
. yd, bolt, $3.00. Then there are the
more practical English nainsooks,
which come in 12-yd. bolts and are 86
ins. wide, for $2.26, $2.76 and $3.00
depending upon the quality,
i t ' e
CLEANLINESS Is one of the surest
roads to health and longevity.
The New Excelsior Bath Insti
tute, 533 Rose Bldg., should be a boon
to seekers after health, for not only
is It beautifully equipped, but the -best
of care Is given you by expert -attendants,
e e e -
IT'S Interesting news to hear that
Pauline Frederick, always a
favorite In Omaha, will appear m
the role of "Sapho" at The Muse
Theater this week for four days, be
ginning Monday. 'Tin said that Miss
Frederick's presentation of this fa
mous role Is so truly wonderful that
oven supercritical censors approve of .
it as an artistic triumph. Remember,
"Muse Pictures Perpetually Please,"
PEEK In the windows of Luclen
Stephens' Shop for Men, at 1801
Farnam St,1 if you want to see
. the best looking neckwear ever shown
. In Our Town -and do -remind "Father"'
(he's ' so busy that he's apt to for-.
get, you know) that It's high time
that he was thinking about his Easter ,
hat. Stephens carries "Gordon's," ,
which, as you know, is always THE
- e e
ARE you a Housekeeper? . Then
, you really ought to have one ot
Mies Cole's clever Bungalow
Aprons and you'll look as "neat as a
pin" about your home. They're priced
,$1.35, and you can have a round cap -to
match for 25c. or a Dutch one for :
85c. Her house dresses, too, are nifty
- and well made. Pay her a visit at
. the Lingerie Shop, (09 Bee Bldg.
'Pink,' blue and green touches of '
linen and smooklng are shown on the
French dresses of sheer dimities and.
lawns for Wee Tots.
'! e .
FOR the girl who adores a rose-colored
gown and this year she's
moat every, girl there's one at
Lamond's In artist's smock style, with
paneled effect on both blouse and
skirt, cuffed hem and collar of French
grray on which square buttons gener
, ously appear, giving It a distinctively
original style a graceful slip-over
sash adds a youthful .appearance, lt'
priced $37.60. Next time you're down- ..
town, take the elevator to the 2d floor
of the Rose Bldg. and look at the ex
ceptional dresses in thtf excluslveshop.
e' e
FOR immediate wear with tailored
suits, there are the most prac
tical striped tub silk blouses you
ever saw made of silk that Is quality
plus and prlcpd so reasonably $4.76, at -Thompson
-Belden's. The stripes are
bluer.rose, yellow or gray. -i
e a,
The trim face veil Is smart with
snug straw sailors.
HAVE you had any embroidery
done at The Ideal Pleating Co.,
200 Douglas Block? Their ma
chine work certainly looks "hand
made" and Is just as effective on chif
fon as woolens. Even the new "Jer
seys" are embroidered. Better have
a touch on your now dress. Remem
ber, the "Ideal" does all kinds of
machine work and so-many styles ot
pleating. , .
e e e
Smart traveling coats are made of
chamois velour.
IT'S worth your while seeing the
clever hats which Franees Zeman
Is featuring in her little shop on
the Balcony Floor of the Paxton
Block. Her prices are so reasonable
and sho makes hats to match your
suit, putting on original touches of
hand embroidery,
e e
Trimmings are very scarce on
Spring hats.
e e -"-"i
Readers,, dear, and do you hear the
news that's goln roun'. There's nlan
a nifty bunnlt and many a natty
gown there's many 4 clever bargain
in many a shop In town. Bo I'm
tellln' ye all about It, In me columns
up and down. A POLLY.
Society Notes
Dundee -
The engagement , of Virgit A.
Deenu, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Deems of Dundee, to Lucille M. Hen
derson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
George J. Henderson, has been an
nounced. -.--........
The Dundee Catholic circle ' met
Monday with. Mrs. W. J. Foehl.
The Dundee Woman's club met
Wednesday with Mrs. Royal D. Mil
ler. Mrs. Hathaway had charge of
the current topics, and sketches of
short- stories were presented by
Mesdames Fred Elliott, jr., J. F. Fer
guson and K K. Sypa. '. .
Mrs. Bicy (ogle of Louisville, Ky.,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Green, who have recently returned
from an eastern trip. ,
Mrs Daniel Lea and daughter of
Stevcnsville, Mont., who have been
the guests of Mrs. C. V. Bowlby,
left Monday for their home. .
The Ladies' Aid society of the
Dundee Presbyterian church held an
all-day session Friday at the church.
A son was born last week to Mr.
and Mrs. John W. Redick.
4 Mrs. Dow's Bible class met Tues
day with Mrs. John H, Harte.
The home of J. H. Taylor, 4804
Underwood avenue, was struck by
lightning Monday. ' The fire was soon
extinguished by the fire department
The All Saints' guild of Dundee
met Tuesday at the home of Mrs. L.
H.Tate. ...
' The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Fits
Patrick, mother of Mrs. T; J.'. Nolan.
was held at St Cecilia's church
Thursday morning, with interment at
Holy Sepulchre cemetery.
Miss Alice Duval sang at a concert
given in Lincoln last Saturday.
The Winter Dancing club gave a
dance Tuesday evening at Harte hall.
The Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor of the Dundee
Presbyterian church will have a so
cial meeting Friday evening at the
home of Miss Esther Westerfield, 817
North Fiftieth avenue.
Harry Hackett Will Be
Buried Sunday Afternoon
; The funeral ef'Jiarry-J. Hackett
will be held Sunday at 2 o'clock from
the Brailey & Dorrance chapel. In
terment will be in Forest Lawn ceme
tery. Rev. T. T. Mackay officiating at
services at the grave.
Council Bluffs
Social Notes
The meeting of the Washington
'Avenue Mothers' and Teachers' club
Monday afternoon, was an unusually
interesting one. Mrs. O. G. Saunders,
who is a member of the civil service
reform committee of the Iowa Feder
ation of Woman's clubs, showed a
collection of slides, giving views of a
number of state institutions. The
committee has prepared a number of
these slides and are sending them out
to the women's clubs of the state
with the idea of making the needs of
the committee more widely recog
nized. Each picture is accompanied
by an explanation, which was very
interestingly given by Mrs. Saunders.
Owing to the bad weather the at
tendance was trot as large as had been
expected, but the program was greatly
Monday afternoon Mrs. J. R. Reed
entertained at a dinner in honor of
the birthday of her husband. Judge
Reed. The judge has held a number
of prominent positions since coining
to Council Bluffs in 1869, and the time
was spent in recalling incidents in
the early history of the city. The
guests were all old friends of the
judge, including Leonard Everett, W.
S. Mayne, Spencer Smith, Emmet
Tinley and Judge Walter I. Smith.
Tuesday afternoon eight girls of the
younger set met at the home of Mrs.
John Mehlhop, jr.. to organize the
Junior Sewing league for the purpose
of aiding in the work of the visiting
nurse. Meetings are to be held Tues
day of each week.' Miss Gretchen
Hess was elected president and treas
urer, and Miss Leontine Louiei secre
tary. The charter members are:
Gretchen Hess, Leontine Louie. Ger-'
aldine Hughes, Edith Hess, Virginia
Mcrritt, Catherine Searle and. June
Tuesday afternoon about Thirty
five members of the Loyal Women's
class of the First Christian church
gave a very delightful surprise in
honor of Mrs. Edgar Price. Mrs.
Price has been a leader in church
activities for a number of years and
as a token of their appreciation the
class presented her with a lavaticre,
with a diamond set in the pendant.
The guests arrived at about 11 o'clock
and spent the afternoon informally.
Mrs. W. C. Joseoh entertained
the members of the Tuesday History
club at luncheon Tuesday afternoon.
The club colors,' green and white,
were verv attractively iirH 'in tin
decorations in honor of St. Patrick.
Tiny birch bark canoes, sent by
a friend in Idaho, were used as place
cards. Mrs. W. F. Shirley, Mrs. Harry
Goodrich and Mrs. S. RCnvHii" a..
'sisted Mrs. Joseph in entertaining.
Mrs. Niirlev and Mrs. Goodrich had
planned a number of picture nuzzles.
each representative of a name of a
lake, river, province; or city in South
America, the subiect of this winter s I
study. Mrs. W. H. Killoack and Mrs.
J. W. Beardsley tied in the contest
and Mrs. Killpack withdrew in favor
ot the club guest. The prize was a
miniature high hat filled with bon
bons. A missionary program follow
ed, based on the studv of the book.
"The Living Christ. of Latin Amer
ica, l he hostesses had prepared se
lections to be read by each guest in
response to roll call. The program
was unique in the history ot the club
end proved to be unsually interesting.
April 11) the club will meet at the
home of Mrs. Goodrich.
Mrs. Millard F. Rohrer entertained
the Ideal club at a social meeting on
Tuesday afternoon. She was assisted
by Mrs. u. f. apooner, Mrs Will
Pyper, Mrs. A. B. Nicholas, Mrs. W.
E. McConnell and Mrs. W. B. Rich
ards. ' The afternoon was informally
spent with sewing ana luncheon was
served late in the afternoon. Green
shamrocks served as place cards and
tiny shamrocks and pipes decorated
the ice cream. A regular studv meet
ing will be held next week at the
home of Mrs. B. S. Terwilliger.
Mrs. W. K. Green and daughter.
Margaret; have returned from Wash
ington, where thev have staved durina-
the. last session ot congress. Judge
ureen arrived here last week.
Mrs. Sadie Baker, dauzhter of the
late Jacob Zoller of this city, and
Mrs. D. R. Wolverton, local insur
ance man, were quietly married at
the English Lutheran church in
Omaha on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.
Wolverton will make their home with
the bride's mother, Mrs. J. Zoller, 131
riatner street. -
At the annual meeting of the Drama
league, held at the Blackstone Tues
day afternoon, Mrs. Leonard Everett
was elected a member of the board.
Mrs. Frank Pinney entertained the
OPfN sATuertwvr ra.ireo
cvcNmew imw.awtuoa. oar
This New "Wrinkle-Cure" and Skin
Beautifler Easy to Make with , a Half.
Pint of 1'nsblmmed Hweet Milk
' (By DORftlS KANE.)
Chamrlns; a rouch. come. htntohv
wrinkled skin for one of velvety smooth
ness and rose tone purity Is not a vain wish
nor Impossible desire.
It can bo done, for It
has been done! Hun
dreds of women know
IIs farl h dniM .
:-w..- ' n ' .
(jir -A POMsess the wonderful
ve l beauty-secret w h lob
f IJfcL Vr' haa 11111(16 possible their
I th truly r a $ a l complex-
I V It ions,
- . 0HI0A00.
Any woman following
th . ilmplo Instruction!
liven her. will become
the. proud poweMor or
a. wrlnkle-lem ikln and
lovely complexion. Alt
that la required la annie
unekimmed tweet milk,
a little tMWdesrd bryol
and ft wllllnanee. to devote ten minute.
each day In bringing out thfl hidden beauty
beneath a weatfipr.marrea complexion.
Flrit, disiolve two ouncea of Dla n bow.
dered bryol In one-half pint of aweet un
skimmed milk, then atlr It aa you slowly
heat it to near tha boiling point. Tlila will
make a full half.pound of the finest and
nrost delightful rolling massage cream aver
put -on the akin. Use It aa you would any
rolling maasage oresm and you will be truly
amazed at the wonderful reaulta which will
follow In a very short time.
using this home-prenared aklu-beautlfler
dally -ranees laugh-wrlnklea to gradually
fade away, fine lines and orowsfeet soon
dissolve, and tha rough, coarse, aallow,
blott-by skin takes on au exquisite softness
and rose-tone, tie sura to use none but
unnklmmed sweet milk, and get the pow
dered bryol frin your drugRlat In an or-
gitial twO'Ounca paakage,-Advertleoment.
members of the ' Flower mission at
her home on . Oakland avenue
Wednesday afternoon. It was voted
to join the Visiting Nurse association
as an organization and to co-operate
in the supplying of outfits for babies.
It was also decided to hold the an
nual luncheon at the Boat club in
June, instead of. at the Grand in April.
Mrs. Pinney was assisted in serving
by Mrs. Perry Badolet, Mrs. W. S.
Rigdon and Miss Adcle Keeline.
The Glen Avenue Card club was
entertained at dinner on-Wednesday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
P. H. Clark. The club guests were
Mr. and Mrs. George Clark, Mrs. W.
B. Cessna and Mrs. Warner Welch.
The evening was spent at cards and
prizes were won by Mrs. R. P. Rob
inson, Mrs. F. F. Everest and Mr.
Will Keeline. . ' , '
Mrs, J. G. Williams entertained the
members - of the J. K. club at
"500" Wednesday " afternoon. The
prize for high score was won by Mra
T.'R. Thomas. Mrs. William Mar
quardt won the consolation and Mrs
Grover DeBar the cut for all. Lunch
eon was served after the game. The
decorations and favors were1 all
chosen in honor of St. Patrick. Sev
eral piano solos were given by Mrs,
Thomas, which were greatly appre
ciated by the guests. On March 28
the club will be entertained by Mrs.
Eugene Hall.
About fifty members of the econom
ics department of the Council Bluffs
Women's club met at the Young
Women's Christian association for
luncheon Wednesday afternoon and
later; made a tour of the Wilcox
greenhouses, which are especially at
tractive because of the Easter lilies.
Mrs. Clarence Cunningham will enter
tain the club on March 28,
The Atlas club was entertained at
luncheon at the Blackstone Tuesday,
The hostesses were Mrs. F. W.
Houghton, Mrs. Rachel Itlarmon and
Mrs. R. ,'H. Bloomer, The regular
study meeting of the club will be held
next Monday afternoon, instead of
Tuesday, at the home of Mrs. Hough
ton. V ' : , " "
Tuesday afternoon the Garden club
held its first meeting of the season
at the home of Mra. F, W. Dean. The
attendance was small on account of
the stormy weather, and the program
which had been arranged was omitted.
The new programs for the year were
distributed and the afternoon was
spent socially, March 27 the club will
meet at the home of Mrs. White
head.: .- - i -
Charlotte . Graves
j. r.
WiH Rd
"The Melting Pot"
Monday, March 19, 1917
3:45 P.M.
Admission, 25c '
Social Items
Miss Hazel Leach and Mr. John
Kaufman were united in marriage
Sunday afternoon, Rev. Mr.- Case of
Omaha performing the ceremony,
which was witnessed by only rela
tives and close friends of the con
tracting parties. Mr. Kaufman' came
to Florence about a year ago" from
Beatrice. Miss LeachI is the only
daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. Frank
Leach, and has spent almost her en
tire life in Florence. The wedding
took place at the new home of Mr.
and Mrs. Kaufman, which is just
across the street from the bride's
parental home.
John Doll, Thomas Doll, Hans Doll
and Miss Alma Doll spent Thursday
at Blair visiting friends.
Mrs. Gus Heise of Bancroft, Neb.,
formerly of Florence, was here the
first of the week, hut is now1 in St.
Joseph's hospital in' Omaha under
going treatment.
Emil Knag celebrated his thir
teenth . birthday last Sunday after
noon.. After a bountiful birthday
dinner the evening w spent in play
ing games. Among those present
were Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Sorenson
and family, Mr, and Mrs. Fritz Kruse
and family, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Kuhl
and family, Mrs. Hans' Knag and
Miss Lena Knag. ' J ,-
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heise and
family spent. Thursday in Blair, visit
ing friends.
Henry, Christensen of Blair spent
Thursday in Florence, the guest of
E. L. Platz. .
. Mr. and Mrs. F. -L. Sclioop, who
have been living in Florence .tlie last
few months, are makjng arrange-
ments to move back on the farm next
Mrs. Newell Burton, who has been
itl for some time, is rgain in a critical
Mrs. Scott Tucker relumed home
Tuesday morning from Thayer, Incl.,
where she had been in attendance
upon her mother during her illness
and death.
Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Vogcl were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Myers
Wednesday. They departed the same
evening for Rock River, Wyo., where
they will make their future home.
Miss Gussie Kruse spent Thursday
at Blair, Neb., visiting friends.
William Elberts, who has been con
fined to his bed by illness for the last
six months, is improving vapidly and
is now able to sit part of the time.
Mrs. G. J. Bird and sou, Kenneth,
departed for their home in Saskatche
wan, Canada, after spending the win
ter visiting friends and relatives in
Omaha and Florence.
The Ladies' Aid society " of the
Methodist church will give a dinner
at the church parlors Tuesday eve
ning, April 5.
Did it ever occur to you that every
movie actress you have seen has
lovely hair, while the most popular
count their curls as their chief
beauty? In fact, many are leading
ladies just because of their attrac
tive locks. Inquiry among them dis
closes the fact that they, bring out
all the natural beauty of their hair
by careful shampooing, not with any
soap or makeshift, but with a simple
mixture of canthrox (which they get
from the druggist) in a cup of hot
water and applying this instead of
soap. This full cup of shampoo liq
uid is enough so it is easy to apply
it to all the hair instead of just the
ton of the head. After its use, the
hair dries rapidly with uniform color,
Dandruff, excess oil and dirt are dis-'
solved and entirely disappear. . The
hair is so fluffy that it looks much
heavier than it is, while its luster and
softness is delightful. Adv. i
, Sanatorium
.... eii
. This institution ii the only one
in the central west with aeparate
buildings situated in their own
ample grounds, yet entirely dis
tinct, and rendering it possible to
classify cases. , The one building
being fitted for and devoted to the
treatment at non-contagious and
non-mental diseases, no others be
ing admitted; the other Rest Cot
tage being designed for and de
voted to the exclusive treatment
of select mental cases requiring
for a time watchful care and. spe
cial nursing. .
Taking Car of die Hair a
Personal Responsibility
If tou look like a f rumo don't blame
your mirror or bewail your hick. It
nay ne your lauir.
The hair and the way it is eared for
is ninety percent of a woman's looks,
i It is so easy to prove this that no one
(should delay a minute.
A single application of Newbro'sj
Herpicide is enough to convey an im-
pression of its worth for dandruff, fall-'
Ing hair, itching scalp, etc. The In
creased life, luster and beauty of the
hair following the intelligent use of
this delightful scalp prophylactic speak
for themselves.
You will like Newbro's Herpicide.
The odor is exquisite.
1 Sead 1 0 rant. In pontage of silver far trlat
battle and booklet la Tha Hsrnkide Co., Da at.
SaM everywhere Guaranteed by Tha Har
eldda Ca. Aaecatlee at tha better barber
It Means No "Extras" Added Afterward
There i no reason and no excuse for this unfair practice.
This S7fl
Casket 11
vfy v
With an impressive SERVICE Free of needless expense, yet fitting the occasion.
"Omaha's Only Independent Undertakers."
a VI
i t
24th and Harney Sts.
Douglas 887.

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