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9 B
Spring still is held
In winter's grasp
But soon her bonds
She'll break
And tripping down
The hillside green
Her fresh, lithe way
She'll take
Across the plains
She'll swijtly fling
Her blossoms which
She's sure to bring
She'll loose the brook's
Soft gurgling note
A song will burst forth
From her throat
A PERSONALLY conducted" tour
through a section of Orchard fc
Wilhelm's great Furnltur
House that I had not previously via
Itad revealed such wonders to ma that
I feel It worthy of mention In theaa
columm, for I want you, too, dear
readeri, to aik the privilege of seeing;
jtaat what my eyes beheld. Three
din In room aultea, created by a Mat
ter Furniture Maker, and designed
for handsome, spacious homee copies
of authentto period piece eo aecura
In quality and perfection of orafta
manahlp that they ahould be oonald
ered apart from the regular commer
el allied furniture. The on that par
ticularly pleated me was an Adam
Period mahogany suite with ebony In
lay, oonelatlng of a 10 -Inch dlntnr
table, serving table, aldeboard and
eight ehalra (fix aide chain and two
arm chain), Thla claaalo suite was
Intended originally to tell at 12,000,
but on aceount of It being alow In
el ling la to be offered at $676.00. Such
a sacrlftcs aeema to ma almoat a dese
cration! There la another Adam aulte
la fluted deelgn, with garlanda and
oval medallion carvings, ao typical to
us of that period, and which In tta
stately proportion would lend dignity
to a large, beautiful home. Besides
these, there la another aulte of Shera
ton, with satin-wood Inlay, that will
also be offered on the sacrificial altar.
Shades of Robert Adam and Thomas
Sheraton, arlsel
e e e
My richest friend, who has lived
years In Parle, many times remarked
plaintively, "Why do you and all my
good friends Insist on sets of d tehee 7"
And, ai I was moat particularly fond
of my complete aet of thin, daintily
decorated French china, I never quite
caught her orltlclem. Aht but now X
know! Last week I happened upon
the moment when a shipment of won
derful china was being marked and
arranged. "Thla," explained the pre
slder of the collection, "la a Service
plate for an Adam period room. No
tice the urn the oval rosette the
flowing Greek line the color the
glass!" I commenced to catch the
enthusiasm and queried, "What Is this
' for?" "A blue-gray dining room,"
quoth the prealder. "It was a trifle
oold, so this real turquoise plate was
needed." And I find that nowa
days they lay out their tablet In
chromatic scales.
DID you notice with what a de
gree of comfort you spent the
entire evening at the "Black
atone" the other night T I wondered
a little myself at the splendid venti
lation and pure, warm air. "It's the
new Vapor System installed by The
Illinois Engineering Co., where only
part of the radiator needs to be heated
at one time," I wat told. And did you
know this same system la Installed at
St. Cecilia's Cathedral, aa well as nu
merous apartment houses, hotels and
homes? It's wonderful! W. H. Hy
land, 602 Bee Bldg., will explain It
to you.
e e e
A 8 Stevenson, that lover of Tiny
Tots, would say, "Oh! I do think
It's the pleasantest thing ever a
child can do" to visit The Little Folk's
Section of Benson & Thome's and
have Miss Adams fix them up In pretty
things designed "speshully" for the
younger generation. The Intent coat
arrivals for Sister Dear are in black
and white Shepherd's checks so serv
iceable and yet with style aplenty.
Box and belted models besides
charming semi-empire effects, with
washable and detachable collars and
cuffs, so that Sister can always look
sweet and fresh. These ducky coats
are priced $3.60 to $10.00. Miss Adams
has darling little hats, too, so when
you buy the coat, be sure to find
the becoming hat for Easter.
Wee girls will wear little lingerie
hats this summer quite frilly, with
touches of color in hand-made roses,
e e
I NEVER saw such cunnln hankies
for Kiddies In all my life I know
I stopped a half hour at Thomp- '
aon-Belden's looking at them. Sol
diers marching all around the square,
or Mother Goose's children doing their
proverbial "stunts" Id the corners, all
for lOo, But there are fancy birds
and butterfly designs and even flower
pots for "Muvver" or "Sister" and
such neat linen ones with colored
borders. And, oh! such exquisite hand
embroidered handkerchiefs for Easter
e e e
SVELTE and youthful looking! Yes!
The "S. H, Camp Goodwin" and
"Artist's Model" corsets are per
fect foundations for your new Spring
"tailor-made." Catherine Dwyer fits
these models to our leading society
women her sclentlflo corseting Is en
dorsed by many leading physicians.
170 Douglas St.
e e e
I ALMOST broke the tenth command
ment the other day when I beheld
one of the most charming frocks
of the Spring-time season. "Truly," I
thought, "an artist's hand has de
signed this." It was of Georgette In
a delicate shade of gray, with an intri
cate pattern of embroidery In self-tone
silk cording. Never for a moment did
I Imagine that It was other than
hand-work, so I was amazed to be
told that It had been done by ma
chinery and It took The Ideal Pleat
ing Co. a whole day to complete the
beautifully elaborate design. I can
surely recommend "The Ideal" at do
ing the most perfect work of any
thop I know In Omaha.
e e
I WAS out for an evening
both restful and cheerful
And stopped at the "MUSE" to
tee what was "on."
The pictures were charming,
the music engaging
Such a dear little place, I was
glad I had gone.
And after an hour or so, feeling
at ease,
X remembered "Muse Piotures
Just escaped from the circus! a gray
elephant with a caravan pack on his
back, and dangling from It all the
things a little girl would need with
which to make her first doily.
Smith, Tukey and Latenser
Enlist in Officers' Reserve
Three more well known Omaha
men are offering their services to
Uncle Sara in case of war. They will
enroll with Captain McKinley of the
army recruiting station as members
of the army officers reserve corps.
Frank Latenser, Allan Tukey and
Lloyd S. Smith are the volunteer offi
cers. Saturday noon they called to
see Captain McKinley and enroll with
him, but found he was out of the city.
They declared they would enroll
bur. All three have been officers in
AN .OLD rhymlst speaks about the
primrose at "Merry Springtime's
harbinger." Pausing before Leo
Larmon's Flower Shop window. In The
Fontenelle Hotel, I noticed many small
plants abloom with these same lovely
blossoms that Inspired the poet, be
sides pots of bright cyclamen, cinerar
ias and hyacinths for which Ruskln
intent have sold the loaf of bread to
feed his tpul and, oh. Just ths dain
tiest little table ferns! Why not havs
at leaat one of these pretty plants to
adorn your home this week? It will
bring happiness to all the family. They
are priced only $6o to $1.00. Phone
Douglas $244.
m e e
EASTER'S coming! And, how about
your new Bonnet? Belle Hatch,
1920 Farnam, has some stunning
models, both in tailored hats and beau
tiful lacy affairs for evening wear.
One thing I particularly love about
her hats It the hand-work the putt
on with truly an artltt's touch,
e e e
THE Immortal bard certainly knew
a thing or two when be said,
"The apparel oft proclaims the
man." And when It comes from
Luclen Stephens' Shop you may be
assured of its abaolutely correct form.
There you'll find your Eatter neck
wear, hosiery, hat and gloves and.
Mr. Man, If you're a bit ultra In your
taste, may I suggest a walking
stick, too?
e e e
SOMETHING Is surely happening In
TRICT. If you don't believe me,
just take a peep Into A. T. Benton's
Specialty Shop, 1818 Farnam St., and
tee for yourself. My, but you'll be
the surprlzee when you eee the large
proportions this ehop Is assuming
and with all the extra, new fixtures be
ing put In It'e certainly going toj be
one of Omaha't most inviting shops
for women. So busy was everybody
the day I visited this shop this week
that I did a bit of exploring on my
own hook and let me tell you, I dis
covered some frocks Inside the show
cases that were positive beauties
frPBh, little frorks of lustrous, firm
taffeta, some combined with Georgette,
and fft the bright, sunshiny colors so
popular this Spring. Every woman
should Include a blue taffeta In her
wardrobe most practical thing in the
world, you know! The Bnecialty Shop
hat a splendid line of these.
EVERY time I etop for a chat with
Miss Pargcter at The Nerkwear
Section of Thompson-Belden's, I
spy something new and attractive In
the show cases. This week It was
storks of pique with wonderful ties of
that marvelous silk, Yo San so good
looking to wear with tailored and
snorts suits, and decidedly new! Then
the Georgette collars this Spring are
ao pretty to "dress up" a eult or frock,
and come In plain white or trimmed
with colors some dainty ones with
lace medallion Insets. Pongee and
Rajah collars, too, are very smart In- '
deed, and Dame Fashion dictates we
are to wear organdy collars this tea
ton with taffeta suits and gowns. Also
I taw such sweet, little veetees of
embroidery, fine lace and embroidered
crepe while peering Into those fasci
nating show cases.
e e
THE World of Femininity has Its
thoughts now centralized on THE
EASTER HAT. Have you found
yours yet? If not, let me urge you
to see the tailored 'models at The
Drahos-Luttlff Hat Shop. Jaunty hats
In the popular shades of blue, green
and rote from famed Eastern makers.
The bon-ton of our city teem to favor
thla shop but I don't wonder, though,
for a Prahos-Luttlg hat Is characteris
tic In its cleverness.
e e 'e
Crowns are high and brlmt are large
on the modish picture hats.
THIS little Item thould be of spe
cial interest to Christian Scien
tists. In looking over the many
beautiful pictures on display at A.
Hospe'e Store, I discovered a few finely
colored platlno types that every Scien
tist would enjoy having In his or her
home. "The Home of Mary Baker
Eddy" $2.69. 'The Mother Church In
Boston" $1.6$. "Church of Christ
Scientist, Concord" $1.60. Then there
Is that masterpiece of St rut ft, "A
Little Child Shall Lead Them," ex
quisitely finished In water colors, for
$12.00, and a new picture, equally ap-
pealing, by the sams artist, called
"The Reign of Love." "Christ In the
Temple" and "Daniel In the Lions' .
Den" are favorite subjects also both
OW often do we hear ladles In
clined to be stout remark. "I'm
always obliged to have my
The Bee's Shopping Service ts
free to Its readers. Clip the
items that appeal to you. Bs
sure to be very specific when
you write, as to color, size
and style you desire. Pur
chases sent from the stores
C. O. D.
Polly, ths Shopper.
high school and university military
Latenser is an architect in the firm
of John Latenser & Sons. Tukey is
an Overland auto salesman. Smith
is a department manager of the Lin
inger Implement company.
The reserve officers' corps already
has enrolled three other young men
here, and still others are known to be
planning to join the corps. They
would be called to the regular army
or National Guard as commissioned
officers when war should come, and
the greatly enlarged military forces
would be in urgent need of officers
with some military cadet experience.
Thdn down the city's
Busy street
Will come the ripple
Of her feet
And by the gay
And festive throng
You'll know they've heard
Her gladsome song
So do your shopping
Early friends
It surely boosts your
Spirits friends
To have those fresh
And lively things
To dvn when spring
Warm weather brings
waists made, because I simply can't
find a ready-made one In a large site."
It will bo Joyful tidings, then, to know
that at last tome pretty blouses have
been specially designed for them,
which fit perfectly without any altera
tion whatsoever. One I noted was of
flesh Georgette daintily hemstitched
with Inserted panels of taffeta. Anoth
er of white crepe de chine with hem
stitched tucks and broad sailor collar.
Both these blouses come In sizes 4$ to
$8 and are splendid values for $6.7$
At Benson A Thome's.
ANNOUNCEMENT! A new Oriental
Shop has been opened In Omaha,
where gifts of the rare beauty
and oharmlng dittlnctlveneet of the In
genious Japanese and Chinese peopte
may bs found. There are elegantly
embroidered klmonas, Mandarin coats,
filet laces. Canton wear and antique
porcelains the most marvelous pearl
Inlaid and carved furniture. Never be
fore In our city has there been shown
such gorgeously rich and unusual art
treasures from the Orient. Do visit
the W. H. Bldrldge Importing Co 's
new shop across from the W. O. W.
Bldg., at 131$ Farnam St.r A formal
opening Is announced for Thursday of
this week a treat Is In store for you
ENTIRELY new thlt season are ths
colored cut embroidered flouno
lngs and bandings to match, tn
the most delicate shades baut If ul
for bridesmaids' frocks! And there
are the finest flouncing of organdy,
voile and marquisette with filet lace
edges or elegantly embroidered, which
Miss Rhodes, the buyer for this de
partment at Thompson-Belden'a, says
are all foreign Importations which she
was very fortunate to secure. Just
the thing for bridal or graduation
s e
f TJUSYi Well, I should say It It.
i r Why, Lamond's, 2d floor. Rose
Bldg., fairly hums with pleased
hoppers theee pre-Batter days. No
wonder, though, for there Is merit as
well as styls In Lamond's smart wear
for women, and It Is very evident
that the dear, feminine public It real
ising thlt fact. Last Tuesday I
helped my friend, Virginia, In the se
lection of a new Spring coat and she
remarked, "I'm simply tickled to
pieces, Polly, that you Introduced me
to this shop, for I've found exactly
the coat for which I've been looking."
It was gratifying to me to hear her
tay to, for I certainly think Lamond's
it one of the most attractive ahops
about town.
GOOD newt! Those pretty, pink,
brocade corsets you admired to
much at The Vogue Shop will be
specially priced all this week. Hurry
up If you want one! Second floor
Rose Bldg.
AT THE Alia 8hop, 207 S. 18th St.,
I find such glftle things for
Easter. An envelope, beautifully
decorated. Includes five little letters
of greetings each one expressing a
different sentiment. Price 80c. A pretty
box, on the lid of which a clover
verse ts printed, contains two fine
Chinese Egg cups. 60c. Exquisite
Easter cards 10c to 26c.
JUST off the press! I'm so glad to
tell my readert about Napier's new
1917 Style Folder with distinct
Illustrations of the newer patterns and
materials In boots and pumps, which
will be modish for Spring and Sum
mer. If you're Interested In smart foot
wear, Mr. Napier will be delighted to
mall one of these to you If you'll send
him a postal with your name and ad
drees. . Write Napier's Booterle, Ross
This will be the most popular "white
season" In footwear that the country
has ever known.
HAVB yon visited the Excelsior
Bath Institute, 683 Rote Bldg.T
It's splendidly equipped clean,
comfortable and sanitary. The Wo
' man's Bath Dept. It In charge of Mlts
Thomas, formerly of ths famous Ex
celsior Springs Retort.
WATCH out! Warm days are
coming, and with them come
foot-troubles, both painful and
annoying. Exercise a bit of foresight
and consult a specialist (n the care
of feet. Mist Johnston, by her care
ful chiropody, has relieved many who
are footsore and weary. Better see
her at The Comfort Shop. 601 Rose
Bldg., before the warm weather sets In.
MISS COLE'S latest creation for
the little housewife who wishes
always to look neat and sweet
for "Husband" when he comet home,
le a coat-drees of pretty wash mate
rial, made with broad tailor collar,
daintily trimmed; twagger pockett and
deep cuffs. Priced $2.60. Her famous
Bungalow aprons are $1.26 cap to,
match, 26c. Lingerie Shop, fill Bee Bldg.
I JUST can't resist tucking In this
item, for It's something I discov
ered late yesterday afternoon, and
I do want you to know about It very,
very much. Just arrived from Fifth
Ave, are the most up-to-the-minute
Coat-Dresses of Jersey cloth, I'm told
that N. Y. women are crazy over theml
In thadca of Canary, Kelly Green, Jap
Blue huge set-on hip pockett, belt
and collar of white broadcloth ttitched
in color. You'll want one of these
frockt, I know! At Benson Thorne'e
for $19.76 (they're selling in N. Y.
for $30.00).
Dear Folks:
Such a week as I've had In ths
Shops about town, through bewildering
mazes of coats, suits or gown and
"stocks" so delightful, such smartness
revealed and to my aetthetlo tente
turely appealed. When I found thlt
good-looking, aye, ultra "tret beau,"
new neckwear the shops to engagingly
ahow. Be It neckwear or furniture,
mandarin coat or flowers do let me
do your shopping at these clever shops
of ours. POLLY.
Previous enlistments in the reserve
officers' corps included Attorneys
Amos. Thomas and Anan R. Ray
mond, and Mayer L. Cohn, a military
school graduate.
T. W. 0. A. Not.,.
Association veapera thli afternoon will be
In charit. of tha extenelon department. Mra.
Effle fit.pn Klttlenon will give a talk on
"Personality." Miaa Hazel Evane will .Ins
and Mlaa Marguerite Brown will play the
violin. Social hour follow!, when light re
freahmeiue are served.
On Monday ntsht at S o'clock will be
held the aecond maae meeting In the In
tareat of th. summer camp. All captains
and worker, wilt be preaent. Report, will
be given and It will be a general "booater"
and "enthusiasm" meeting.
Women Are
Dome: in the World
Woman's club, political
and social science department,
Metropolitan ,club house, 2:i0
p. m.
Dundee Catholic Circle, Mrs. Faul
T. Fleming, hostess, 2 p. m.
Summer Camp rally, Y. W. C. A.,
8 p. m.
Chautauqua Circle, Tennyson
Chapter, public library, 2:30
p. m.
Woman's Council, court
house, 11-2 p. m.
Business Woman's club, V. W. C.
A. , 7 p. m.
Omaha Woman's club, oratory de
partment, 10 a. ni.; current top
ics. 2:30 p. m.; philosophy and
ethics, 4 p. m:
Association of Collegiate Alumnae,
vocational guidance section, Cen
tral High school, 4 p. m.
South Omaha Woman's club, lit
erature department, library hall,
2:30 p. m.
Study of Music club, Mrs. T. B.
Hoyle, hostess. 2:30 p. m.
Custer Woman's Relief Corps,
Memorial hall, 2 p. m.
P. E. O. Sisterhood, Chapter B. P.,
Easter sale, Mrs. Alva Smith,
hostess, 2 p. m.
Grant Woman's Relief Corps, Mrs.
D. A. Sweezy, hostess, 2:30 p.m.
Vacation Bible schools committee,
Y. M. C. A., 8 p. m.
Daughters of American Revolu
tion, public library, 3 p. m.
Dundee Woman's club, Mrs. Leigh
Leslie, hostess, 2:30 p. m.
Mothers' Culture club, Mrs. W. G.
Spain hostess, 1 p. m.
W. C. T. U, Frances Willard
Union, Y. W. C A, 2 p. m.
W. W. club, seventh anniversary,
Mrs. H. F. Shearer, hostess, 1
p. m.
Spanish War Veterans, Lawton
auxiliary, Mrs. Perry Miller,
Woman's club, Benson
city hall, 2:30 p. m.
Omaha Woman's club, art depart
ment, 10 a. m.; music, 2:30 p. m.
Metaphysical Study club, 516 Bee
building, 2:30 p. m.
W. C. T. U., Omaha Union, all-day
institute, Calvary Baptist church.
of American Widows, Mrs.
B. C. Turpin, hostess, 8 p. m.
P. E. O. Sisterhood, Chapter B. K
Mrs. A. A. McGraw, hostess,
2:30 p. m.
Episcopal churches, Woman's
Auxiliaries, St. Barnabas church,
2:30 p. m.
P. E. O. Sisterhood, Chapter M.,
Miss Georgina Davis, hostess,
2:30 p. m.
B'nai B'rith, McKinley Auxiliary,
luncheon at Blackstone, I:i0
p. m.
COWLES, president of the
General Federation of Wom
en's Clubs,- besides request
ing all clubs to display the national
flag at meetings, has wired President
Wilson as follows:
"The General Federation of Wom
en's Clubs stands loyally behind the
government. It is our desire to serve
the nation to the best of our ability."
True southern hosiptality will be
extended all clubwomen at the mid-
biennial council meeting of the Gen
eral Federation at New Orleans,
April 9-13. Mrs. F. H. Cole, Mrs. K.
K. J. fcdholm, Mrs. J. N. i'aul and
Mrs. A. G. Peterson will make up
the Nebraska delegation.
The Louisiana Federation will en
tertain the board of directors of the
General Federation at a sacred mu
sical at the home of Mrs. Frank P.
Williams, St. Charles avenue, at 3 p.
m., Easter Sunday. '
The City Federation of New Or
leans will entertain the invited guests
of the council with a luncheon at the
Country club, Monday, April 9.
the local board of arrangements
will give a large reception in the
lounge of the Grunewald hotel. Mon
day, from 9 p. m. to 12.
Wednesday, April 11, beginning at
1:30, p. m there will be a pilgrim
age through the old French quarters;
stops win be made at various points
of interest and a guide will be in at
tendance to tell ot the history and
items of interest. The pilgrimage will
close at the H. Sophie Newcomb col
lege, where the famous Newcomb
potteries will be viewed. The visit to
Newcomb will terminate with a pa
geant a lovely phantasy "The Birth
of Summer," on the Newcomb camp
uus, given by the college girls.
the Council of Jewish women will
be hostesses to the council of the Fed
eration at its Harmony club.
I'lav day, iriday, April 1J. will be
celebrated by a thirty-five mile trip
on the Mississippi river, on the old
steamer Sidney, taking in the wonder
ful harbor of New Orleans, the Pack-
enham plantation, stopping at The
Oaks, where the Colonial Dames will
serve tea to the guests.
J. P. Palmer will speak on
, Health, fast ana U . Ijjli jl There la but ana
'nature', moat beau- ,U I I Xlll Hotel Colfax with lie
tilul ecsnerv await ran at 1 , I trf7 majeetle poeltlon on tha crest
Hotel Calf as and Mineral V llT, of a high hill overlooking a
Springs. l IjW J" "t"ral springs.
Tha health-giving water. II III II Rh.uraatiam, Stomach Troubles
Tha etimulattag hatha. II III and Nervous Eahauerlan re-
The rich vet netful ma- ' II all Every opportunity for
(rounding a. II fjji healthful and netful recreation.
See Coltaa Brat. A SJ 11' II fl "-AND
XZX?- "I nCftlf fl fiLf MINERAL
tuui ..rd.. ..... 1:1 If colax,.
1 t?SWlEI iv,owfiJL
"Nebraska Legislation Concerning
Women and Childrrn"'and Ray J. Ab.
bott on "Law Enforcement" ai the
meeting of the political and social
science department of the Omaha
Woman's club Monday at 2:30 p. m.
Mrs. F. J. Birss will have charge of
the program and Mrs. D. G. Craig
head, Mrs. J. H. Dumont and Mrs.
George Abel will give reports of
legislative work at Lincoln.
The luncheon planned by the ora
tory department for this week has
been postponed, but the department
will meet Tuesday morning at 10
o'clock to practice exteiuoraueous
The current topics department Is
the first to hold its election Tues
day at 2:30. The Bible lesson will be
on Daniel.
The philosophy and ethics depart
ment will meet Tuesday at 4 o'clock
in the club rooms, when Mrs. J. W.
Welshans will speak on "Personality."
Mrs. Dale Collins will be leader and
Mrs. Mary H. Manley will assist her.
Mrs. W. S. Knight leads the art de
partment's program Thursday morn
ing at 10 o clock. The rise of Ven
ice, Gothic architecture and the Ve
netian Renaissance, with its wealth
and luxury, will be discussed.
Piano students of Miss Bella
Robinson and vocal students of Mrs.
Douglas Welpton will give the pro
gram of the music department Thurs
day afternoon at 2:30. Those taking
part are Miss Robinson, Mrs. Kini
man Saner of St. Joseph, Miss Mabel
Allen, Miss Martha Murphy and Miss
Nina Garrett.
Indications are that the mid-jubilee
celebration of the Woman's Foreign
Missionary society of the Methodist
church will be a large and enthusias
tic meeting. The date is April 17, the
place the First Methodist church, and
it is one of seventy meetings held
simultaneously in seventy different
cities. A chain of telegrams will be
going the rounds of the seventy meet
ings. The entire program is not yet
A meeting to promote the daily
vacation Bible schools will be held
at the Young Men's Christian asso
ciation Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Information concerning plans and re
ports of the work accomplished last
year in three local schools wilt be
given. If the schools are to be held
this summer it is necessary to begin
the preparations at once and the com
mittee in charge, consisting of Mrs.
F: J. Birss, chairman; Miss Ethel
Reese and Rev. Oliver Keve, requests
all churches or societies interested
to send representatives 'to this meet
ing. Tennyson chapter of Chautauqua
circle will meet at the public library
Monday at 2:30 o'clock, when the les
son will be chapters 20 to 24, inclu
sive, in "Belgium, the Land of Art."
Mrs. H. N. Craig will be the leader
and Mrs. W. H. Shriver will have the
lesson on "French Letters."
An Easter sale will be given by
Chapter B. P. of P. E. O. sister
hood Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock
at the home of Mrs. Alva Miles Smith
on Florence boulevard.
U. S. Grant Woman's Relief corps
will have a kensington Tuesday after
noon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. D.
A. Sweazy, 4758 North Twenty-fourth
The W. W. club will meet for 1
o'clock luncheon Wednesday with
Mrs. H. F. Shearer. This meeting will
mark the seventh anniversary of the
club. The twelve original members
will be present. Election of officers
will be held.
The Study of Music club will meet
Tuesday afternoon to study Balfc, un
der the leadership of Mrs. Stanley
Green. Mrs. T. B. Hoyle is hostess
for the meeting. Mrs. M.'S. Hartman
entertained the last meeting of the
club, when Mrs. J. M. Prime led the
program on Brahms. Mrs. Joseph
Bushman was elected secretary, to
succeed Mrs. Allen Guttridge, who
has gone to Grand Island to live.
To celebrate its fifth anniversary,
McKinley Ladies' auxiliary to B'nai
Britii will give a luncheon at the
Blackstone Saturday. Past presi
dents will be guests of honor and will
give short talks.
The Mothers' Culture club will
meet Wednesday for a 1 o'clock
luncheon at the home of Mrs. W. G.
Spain. Mrs. E. O. Hamilton will
have charge of the program and the
subject for study will be "Natural
Wonders of America." Mrs. George
Mickel will discuss "Home Progress
of the Child." j
The Belles-Letters club meet Tues
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Edward Nelson. After an hour's dis
cussion on current topics Longfel
low's "Courtship of Miles Standish'
was studied. Three honor gue'.ts
wer present, Mrs. J. K. Finlayson,
Mrs. Thomas Hoyle and Miss Morris.
The next meeting will be held April
3 at the home of Mrs. Rose Morris.
Mrs. K. R. J. Edholm of Omaha,
chairman of the health committee
for the General Federation and gov
enrment agent for the children's
bureau, will give her address, "The
Light That Flashes," before the First
district meeting at Brock, April 3
and 4. Mrs. Edholm gave this ad
dress at the Second district meeting
here last week. Mrs. Charles Hum
phrey of Falls City will preside at
the Brock meeting.
Women of the George A. Custer
Relief corps will meet Tuesday at i
o'clock at Memorial hall.
The Metaphysical Study club meets
regularly every Thursday afternoon
at 2:30 in room 516 Bee building. The
library is open every Tuesday and
Thursday afternoon.
The Dundee Woman's dub will
meet at the home of Mrs. Leigh
Leslie Wednesday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock, when plans for the work of
the coming year will be discussed.
Mrs. T. R. Braden, leader of the
program, will give an analysis of the
story, "Enoch Soames," by Max Beer
bohm. Mrs. B. L. Johnson will ana
lyze Ferber's story, "The Eldest."
The Dundee Catholic circle will
meet Monday afternoon from 2 to 5
o'clock with Mrs. Paul T. Flemming,
801 North Fiftieth avenue.
The regular monthly meeting of
the women's auxiliaries of Episcopal
churches of the city will be held at
St. Barnabas' church Friday after
noon. Rev. Mr. Pamp of tho Swedish Mis
sion church will conduct the prayer
meeting of the Business Women's
council Tuesday at the courthouse.
Women of the same church will serve
luncheon between the hours of 11 and
2 o'clock.
The art department of the Business
Women's club will give a program on
the peasant life painter, Jean Fran
cois Millet, Tuesday evening at 7
o'clock at the Young Women's
Christian association. Miss Katherine
Davis and Miss Caroline Speetzen
have it n charge. Miss Mabel Del
bridge will give items of current in
terest. Mrs. A. A. McGraw will be hostess
for Chapter B. K. of P. E. O. sis
terhood Friday afternoon.
The Society of American Widows
will meet Friday evening at the home
of Mrs. B. C Turpin.
Frances Willard chapter of the Wo
men's Christian Tempe ance union
will hold its regular nic ting in the
assembly room of the Voung Wo
men a Christian association Wednes
day at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Harriet Edger
will speak and Miss Lillie Givens will
Mrs. R. C. Vermillion will be leader
of the literature department of the
South Omaha Woman's club Tuesday
at 2:30 o'clock at library hall. Mrs.
Vermillion will discuss the Norwe
gian drama; Mrs. William Berry,
Ibsen; Mrs. A. J. Randall, BJornsen;
Mrs. C. W. Lees, Frederika Bremer;
Mrs. P. J. Farrell, a review of a
Norwegian novel, and Mrs, J, E. Bed
nar Swedish literature.
Benson Woman's club will meet at
the city hall Thursday for its last
program on "Pan-Americanism."
Mrs. John Speedie will be leader.
Papers will be given on "Progress of
Education and Culture," by Mrs.
Vick; "Pan-American Union and
Conferences," by Mrs. Howe; "Rela
tion Between the Two Americas," by
Mrs. Tracy, and review of Rafael
Neves;' "The Two Amcric ," by Mrs,
The Woman's Christian Temper
ance union of Benson will hold a spe
cial meeting Friday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Harman Hawkins,
when Mrs. Frances Follansbee of
Omaha, superintendent of juvenile
court department of Douglas coun
ty, will give a talk and confer with
Mrs. M. C. Berry, who ii a co
worker. Mrs. Charles H. Aull, retiring re
gent for the Nebraska Daughters of
the American Revolution, has called
a meeting of Omaha Daughters for
Tuesday at 3 o'clock at the public li
brary to make plans for co-operating
with the Red Cross society, accord
ing to action taken at the state con
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ference at Fremont last week. Omaha
chapters will report to Chicago head,
quarters, in charge of John J. O'Cun- '
nor, 112 West Adams street, while alt
other chapters in the state wilt work
under Denver Red Cross headquar
ters, in charge of S. P. Morris, at the
state capitol.
The Ladies' Aid society of the First
English Lutheran church Benson,
meets in the church parlors at 2 30
Wednesday. - Mesdames J. Gehrig, jr.,
and C. C. Johnson entertain. The
meeting opens at 2:30 and a light
luncheon will be served at 4.
Mrs. J. M. Lanritsen, recording sec
retary of the Missionary society of
the First Lutheran church, Benson,
entertained the society at her home
Tl 1 r. a :
tuuisuay aiicuiuuii. r lupic waa pre
sented by Mrs. Lillian Kistler, who
read an article on the effects of mis
sionary work on the industrial life in
The Benson Foreign Missionary
society gives a tea at the home of
Mrs. P. Penoyer Wednesday after
noon. Mrs. Mamie M. Claflin, state Wom
en's Christian Temperance union
president, and Mrs. J. J. Bristow, vice
president, will be in Omaha Thurs
day to attend the all-day institute
of the Omaha Women's Christian
Temperance union, which opens at
Calvary Baptist church at 10:30 a. in.
Mrs. Claflin will talk on "Tomorrow
and the Next Day," Mrs. Bristow on
"Future Economic and Social Condi
tions" and Mrs. Alice Minnick on
"Legislation." Miss Mary Lunn will
give an illustrated talk on "The Tem
ple" Mrs. Charles Ross and Miss Na
thene Talbot will give readings and
Mrs. W. E. Shafer and Mrs. J. Ben
nett, musical numbers. Luncheon
will be served at noon.
The Political Equality league of
Omaha will give a luncheon, card
party and afternoon entertainment at
the Blackstone Monday from 1:30 to
6 o'clock. The program will Include
an address by Mayor Dahlman, mu
sic by Mesdames A. A. Holtman,
Florence Baslcr-Palmer, Miss Doro
thy Brown and Joseph Harding, and
reading by Mrs. Joseph C. Lawrence,
Master James Duffy and Miss Edna
Opper. A suffrage address by Mr.
Neal Bartelson will conclude the pro
gram. Mrs. Perry Miller will entertain
General Henry Lawton auxiliary.
United Spanish War Veterans, at her
home Wednesday afternoon.
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