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That Refers to England, Where
. the Price It Fifty Per Cent .
Less Than Here.
By A. R. CROH.
Pity the ptople in "starving" Eng
land. Food is so scarce that the London
bakers have raised the price of bread
to 6 cents a pound!
And we are paying 50 per cent
fndre than that for brea( right here
jn Omaha and nearly everywhere else
in this republic.
An article in the London Times of
March7,24 tells about the increase in
the price of bread. "This is just
double the before-the-war price," says
tlit article. i
And beans are 15 -cnits i pound!
The cost l7'i cents here.
Many Englishmen are pursuing
ttieic. favorite sport these days of;
writing to the limes, the subjert
agitajing them 'most being the re
striction of the -use of sugar. Yet the
amount allowe'd them is liberal.
Potatoes Cheaper Than Here,.
Some'fcthef food prices quoted in
the iSTimes oh March 26 are these:
Potatoes, 45 cents a peck; Oregon
apples, $375 a bof dates, 2'A cents
a pound; California navel oranges, $7
a box; turkeys, 25 cents to 35 cents
a pound: chickens,' 75 cents to $1
eachjjucks, 85 cents to $1.25 each;
rabbits, 25 cents to 50 cents each;
bacon, 35 Cents a pound; lard, 25 cents
pound;. American cheese, 40 cents
pounds -butter, 50 Cents i poundf
nee, 6 cents a pound.
That doesn't look to us like a food
ahbrtage or vrta like war price, does
The sfilpprng eohimnr don't show
any sign that there is a,' submarine
campaign,-of ruthlesaness- going oft.
There are twenty steamship advertise
ments giving the sailings, of ships to
all parts, of- th world;
The "personal column," which, with
Sfner want a, occupies the first page
6f The Tijttes, is as interesting u ever;
jicre are soma o( us advertisements:
:ntue wrj.t. ImpomibK '.: " . E.
Beautiful New Unitarian Church
or -If o-v my IntwttV t hdirt
....j uw ivu remain anenir Jell.
fc w. KMetvea your now and hava. Seat
W you BUffgevt.
ObNTLB WOMAN reoulr.i work. Box 1,154
Tlmea Book club, Catort !, W.
Marriage Matinees." "
The marriage. announcements are
lnterestinj. i Jtjttf instance:
h mrm- mnft -sttMtn- bmii
Ofay, oldMt son f Dr. and Mra. Alan dray,
0ibrld, and Dorothy Grant Iroland,
daughter of Engineer Captain J. H. H. Ire
la. V. M. o., B. n., and Mri. Ireland,
Muthiea, wilt take nlace at St. Jude'a
church, Soulheea. on' April 2S, at 1:30.
And theCourt Circular: .
Their Majiitji and the Prince. Mary
vlalted Pield-MartHal the Duke ot Con
naught and Princess Patricia ot Coftnaught
at Clarence Houae .
A corresoondent calls attention in
the large number of wild birds' eggs.
mac can pe useq as toon in tne pres
ent emergency, i, ,, .
Long columns give the . names of
the dead, wounded and missinir in thp '
war. Other columns giy.e lists of proai .;,
motions. - 1 't 1
There-are dozens' of theatrical ad-sl -.,
vcriiscmcnis. June seems lar irom un
comfortable, in merry England.'-'-.
Milwaukee Gets Hurler ; '
And Fielder On Way. Back
The Milwaukee club has secured
Pitcher Dickerson from the Cleveland"
Indians and Outfielder Eldred from
the Chicago White Sox.
' ffi '-up-'-i-rtt-iffTtniir f--iHr t trmmm
Ray Schneider Arrested fori
Killing: Conductor in Dei
Moinei Five Years Ago.
New Unitarian church to he built
this summer on the northwest corner
of Harney street and Turner boule
vard. It will be built of brick. In
terior finish will be in mahogany and
white.. Work will start on the edi
fice within ten days and it is to be
finished by fall. It will cost $30,000.
The Unity congregation which is
building it was reorganized only a
little over a year ago. ,
Wants to Collect Witness
Fees Thirty Years Old
W. P. McCreary of the law firm of
Capps & McCreary, Hastings, Neb.,
has sent a bill of $14.50 for witness
fees, earned in the federal court here
thirty years ago. He states that he
found the bill among some old papers.
J. B-. BoyeY Was the witness and he
signed over his witness fees to Mr.
McCreary," who forgot to collect
them. Clerk of the Court Hoyt pulled
out the- musty and dusty records of
the case of Snively et al against Man
ning et al, tried here in February,
1887. But there were ho fees paid
into the court. And so Mr. McCreary
will fare like old Mother" Hubbard's
dog. .
Higgins, After-Quitting
Game, to Try Come-Back
. Pitcher Pesttfs Higgins, who quit
the game in mid-season last year be
cause of illness, is going to try it
again with the Scranton team of the
New York State league. i
vRay Schneider, aged 31 years, a
! former choir singer in Omaha, was
arrested as a fugitive from justice. He
is charged with having thot'and killed
a street car conductor in Des Moines
I Xt.,,!, l 101
Elmer Schneider, brother of the
prisoner, is sought In connection with
theiame charge. Both men were
indicted"" by a grand jury in Des
Moines five years ago.
Detectives Van Deusnt, Unger,
Dunn and Kennedy found Kay
Schneider at the home of his mother,
Mrs. William Schneider, 2013 Kim
street. He had come here from Salt
Lake City, Utah, his mother says, to
help her to paint and paper their
Knows Boys Innocent.
"Oh, I know my boyl are innocent
of that horrible crime charged against
them," sobbed Mrs. Schneider .after
she had visited Ray at the City jail.
"It is only a few yean ago that they
wert good boys singing hymns to
theit God from the choir at St. Math
ias' church. My boys never harmed
anybody and I know they would
never kill a man. ,
Mrs. Schneider, a silver-haired
kindly-faced woman, wept bitterly as
sue leaned on her son s shSumer.
"Never mind, mother," said the
prisoner, "everything will coma Out
all right in the end. I am innocent.
"I know you are, my boy," said
Mrs. Schneider, and 1 will sell every
thing I own, even our new home,
Ray," to prove that you are not a
; Police pfficers supported her as the
prisoner was led back to his cell.
Haa Been in Prison;
Detectives do not share Mrs.
Schneider's confidence In her son's
innocence. They say he served a
7 Passenger Touring
3 Passenger Roadster .
Foursome "
? $1585
Luxurious Sedan
r $2150
The remarkable' success of
the KING is the latest and
greatest proof of the continu
ing lightness of , KING engi
neering and the steadfast hon
esty of KING construction and
policy. " j
Noyes-Killy Motor Co.
2066-68 Furnam StreV .
Omaha Distributor!.
Merchants National Bank
Doubles Capital Stock
'The Xlerchants National bank of
Omaha ia now in th u.a a(
of $1,000,000 capital. The increase of
its capital from $500,000 to $1,000,000
has-just been authorised by the comp
troller of currency. The Omaha Na
tional, the United States National and
til Merrhant Natirtnql th. U.
banks with a capital of $1,000,000. The
first national carries most of its
working capital in the account of sur-
mis ana undivided profits, and has
.500 000 in ranltal Th. u.hll. h.
capital of the First National is $500,
000, the capital, surplus and undivided
profits combined amount to $1,658,
9UM. The Merchants National formerly
had ranilal mtnrlr .i)nniiri. .-l.
$500,000; undivided profits, $546,000.
Now, with the capital stock increased
to $1,000,000, the sirplus has been
piaceo at ai9ii,uuu and the undivided
profits at $.125,000.
I.tlt)lr liral'M la rtra!4aM aI tk.
bank, Fred T. Hamilton and Fred P.
Hamilton are vice presidents, B. H.
Meile is cashier and Fred A. Cuscaden
and S. .S. Kent are assistant cashiers.
Better Navy Results Here
Than in Nearby Big Cities
Omaha navv recruiting- district fur.
nished more fiffhtinir nin fnr iU
ships during the last w:ek than St.
Louis. Detroit. Milwaukee. Cincinnati
or Des Moines, according to informa
tion from navy central division head-
luarters. Only four cities, all larger
han Omaha, recruited mnra min than
this city in that period. They were
ChicafffO. Minneapolis. Indianannli
and Kansas Citv. Omaha recruited
198 in the week aiiH U) ;,- If-,-..!,
31. Over 400 more are needed frnm
this district by May 5, to fill Its al
lotment. sa7s I. iflTteliant U'a.lH.II
Wait For
A car of popular price in which a
new, four-cylinder, valve-in-the-head
, motor attains a degree of power and
efficiency hitherto unknown in combi
nation. Its appointments are complete. Its
( weight is below that of any other car
oi similiar capacity. Its interior is
unusually roomys Its finish and ur
holstery are comparable only .to cars
of much greater price.
Designed by Ray Harroun and
built, under his "supervision, by the
latest automatic machinery, in the
new plants of the Harroun Motora
Corporation at Wayne, Mich,
Western Motor Car Co.
Chas. R. Human, Jr., Prea'.' E. V. Abbott, Vice Pre, and Gen. Mgr.
- ; Walter S. Johnson, Sec'y and Sales Mgr.
Omaha, Neb. '
2054 Farnam St. :
Phone Douglas 4904
Sioux City, la.
two years- sentence in the I'tah peni-
lenuary xor tne roonery ot a saloon
there. Schneider admits that he
served the sentence, but asserts that
he was not guilty of the charge which
sent him to prison.
Schneider left his home in Omaha
In 1912 shortly before the murder In
Des Moines was committeed. For a
long time after his departure he did
not write home, detectives say. But
recently he sent to his mother a let
ter from Salt Lake City. She went
there and askei him to come back
to Omaha with Tier.
A k this I
Faulty Ttrei Mads hf th
Mouldlna anil 1 wo-Cura PronuM
A rtnt fforMtfinn Tlh. W
tlM ftaclna One-Cur Wrapped
rvaa ill oiuuu
H ATT -a am ar w -4 A v
70 miLtLJxtL,
Vou might as well get this 25 more mileage by using
The fabric, made of layer of Sea Island Cotton, !s extremely flcxiblf
That is the secret Of excess mileage and fewer Blbw-Outs with
Beyond a good fabric to Insure a good tire, the (read must match up
for quality.. A close examination of Racine Horseshoe Fabric Con.
struction is the best proof of their dependability. .
REMEMBER: 25 More Mileage
Distributors, Omaha, Neb.
Bee Wanteds Bring Best Kesnlts
believe that in this new PaiVe
Stratford "Six-yx" you will find every
essential everv feature, everv detail
that go to make up luxurious motoring.
Jt is t great, roomy, seven 'passenger car
-, pre 'eminent, not only for the beauty ot
its design, but also for its sumptuous finish
. and equipment and the mechanical ex?
';' ' cellence of its design and construction.
You will have to see it to realize these domi'
nant features. You will have to ride in
V it to realise its comfort and power. You
I will have to drive it'to realize its ease of
-' ' control and the little physical exertion its
driving requires.
We believe this new Stratford, at $1495, the
. Fairfield "Six'46M at 137?, and toe five
passenger Iinwood "Six'39" at $1175,
offer the greatest dollar'for'dollar values
in the entire motor car field.
I Stratford "Six-jt" seven-pasaenger, $1405 f. a b. Detroit
Fairfield "SixfT seven-pauenger, $1375 f. a b. Detroit
Linwood "Six-J9" five-passenger, $1171 f. a b. Detroit
Brooklands"Six-jr four-passenger, $1697 f. o. b. Detroit
Dartmoor "Six-39" or 3-passenget,$ii7jf.o.b. Detroit
IJmousine "Sut-ji" seven-passenger, $1750 f. 0. b. Detroit
Sedan "Six-yi" seven-passenger, $ijoo f. 0. b. Detroit
Sedan "Six-39" five-passenger, $177? f. a b. Detroit
Town Car"Six-ji" seven-passenger, $2750 f. 0. b. Detroit
Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company
Detroit, Michigan
Murphy-O'Brien Auto Co.
1814-U Farnam Stmt. Phon. TylrAl23.
Soma Good Territory Arailable to Oealari.
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