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Conference at Washington is
Working Out Scheme to
Ration Six Nations Not
Now at War.
Washington, May 18 The ration
ing of Holland, Norway, Sweden,
i' Denmark, Switzerland and Spain was
discussed today at a conference at
the State department between Brit
ish Foreign Secretary Balfour, Secre
tary Lansing and British and Ameri
can trade experts.
The necessity of limiting exports
' strictly to those countries, both to
prevent their finding their way into
enmy territory and to conserve every
possible ton of allied shipping for the
most essential work, was considered
in all phases.
Allies Build Up System.
The allies in the first two and a
half years of the war have built up
, a most elaborate system to allow only
enough supplies imported to coun
" tries contiguous to Germany to main
tain their normal stocks.
Voluminous afatirtics have been
collected to assure the safeguarding
of the neutrals necessities. Tjeml-of-
ficial agencies have been established
. in several of the countries to eo-op-
erate in this flan and guarantee that
imports will not fall into enemy hands.
The British have submitted all these
1 statistics tq the American officials,
, who in turn have added valuable
suplemental information collected by
American consuls while this country
, was still neutral.
The rationing problem was reported
in full today by a sub-committee con
sisting of Lord Ustice Percy, Dr. E.
' E. Pratt, chief of the bureau of for
eign and domestic commerce, and Wit-
; bur J. Carr, thief of the consular
' bureau,
. ; Trading with Enemy,
f A report on trading with the enemy
' was presented by Sir Eric Drum
, mcjnd, Solicitor Lester H. Woolsey
; of the- State department and F. W.
j Halsted, chief of the customs bureau.
; The -Scandinavian countries have
t shown alarm over a possible exten-
sion of the rationing system and have
J pointed out that any further restric-
tion will vitally endanger their econo-
mic safety. Several nations it is un
' derstood will send commissioners to
this country to secure as generous ar
, rangements as possible, the Sewedish
; delegate, Herman L. F. Lagercrantz,
ilready having reached New York.
: Today's meeting was not regarded
j as final except in so far as lit agreed
:o the principles involved. . "
! V imiMii tnrn FW OM.t .- .
constantly recruiting in Omaha, is
already in the federal service."
i The order to swear all guardsmen
; into the federal service in Nebraska
, July IS is construed by local guards-
men to mean the remaining contih-
gents i Nebraska namely, the .Fifth
1 Nebraska. Colonel Paul in command.
St. Paul, Neb:; :the signal' corps, un
( der Captain Jess, now-doing duty at
, Lincoln, and the field hospital corps.
The! Fourth Nebraska at . Omaha
2 has been in. the federal service since
J the body wis- ipoved to the Mexican
j border. The Tcraiting. which the
J Fourth has been doing here in the last
few months has been recruiting for
! federal and state . service, the oath
carrying with it a clause making the
t enlistment for a three-year period
in federal and. state service. .
Governor Neville's Kiddies Are
Strong for Red Cross Movement
Here are the latest Red Cross
nurses who have offered their assist
ance to the Omaha chapter. They
are the three little daughters of Gov
ernor Keith Neville and their names
are Mary Nelson, Frances and Vir
ginia Neville.
They asked their patriotic daddy
to write Gould Dictz offering their
services and to make him believe that
they were as good as their word they
donned these fetching little costumes
and were snapped on the lawn of the
governor's mansion in Lincoln.
Fontenelle Guest is
Held in Swindle Case
William Alfreto, who has been stay
ing at the Hotel Fontenelle, was ar
rested by Officers Mansfield and Niel
sen Thursday. He is held for investi
gation. Alfreto, police declare, knows some
thing about an alleged attempt to
swindle Sain Butcra, confectioner,
1214 Douglas street, out of $2,000.
United States Attorney Says
Serious Outbreaks Will Oc
cur if Food Prices
Rise Higher.
(CMtlaiMd tn rt 6m.)
upon use of the militia and be avail
able for service in any part of the
Will triple Guard Strength,
State authorities were authorized
today, to fill present regiments
other units up to full war strength,
making a force of approximately 329,
954 men and 9,847 officers. No new
National Guard organization will h
accepted by the federal government
until this is done and reserve bat
talions for each regiment organized.
The result will be virtually to triple
the present strength of the guard, but
reports to the department show heavy
recruiting in all atatea.
The department announced all the
distribution bv military dtnartmrnt.
of the sixteen divisions of the new se
lective draft army and the sixteen Na
tional Guard divisions for training
purposes. All of the guard divisional
cantonments and most of the selec
tive army camps will be in the south
ern part of the country.
Y Seven Regular Divisions.
In all the forces first to be formed
will comprise seven divisions of regu
lars, four of which will be available
for mobile duty in continental United
Slates, supplemented by sixteen Na
tional Guard divisions and later by
sixteen selective army divisions. Be
hind this force a second call on the
selective forres, provided for in the
bill, will add sixteen additional divi
sions. ' . . '. . v i .
Give Out Preliminary Outline.
State and municipal officials al
ready have been given a Dreliminarv
outline of the work that will fall to
them in carrying our registration of
the new armies. .,
General Crowder, who will super
vise the work, believes full co-operation
and quick action can be relied
upon. ' , ,
Allowance! must be made when the
military census of men between the
specified ages has been completed for
probable variation from census bureau
estimates as to the total number ot
persons in this classification. It is
regarded as unlikely that the registra
tion will show the . exact 10,200,000
persons liable fixed by the census estimate
Washington, May 18. Predictions
of a social upheaval unless the rising
prices of food were checked, were
made by George W. Anderson, United
States attorney at Boston and special
assistant to Attorney General Gre
gory in co-ordination of food investi
gations, today before the house agri
culture committee in connection with
the administration food control bill.
Mr. Anderson, with great em
phasis, made this statement:
"Something must be done. That
social and political upheaval is
threatened cannot be denied or dis
regarded. I see the signs of it. Any
one with ears to the ground knows it.
There will be a phenomena in Amer
ica inconsistent with law and order
unless something is done to prevent
it" . .
Mr. Anderson and Prof. Vernon
Kellogg of Stanford university, a
member of the Belgian Relief com
mission, were among the witnesses
before the committee.
Mr. Kellogg told of the centraliza
tion and control of the milling inter
ests of Belgium and northern France.
Mr. Anderson advocated legislation
to authorize the fixing of a maximum
price for food. He said the govern
ment should be empowered to break
up corners in food by authority to
seize and market a portion of the
products held, by hoarders or unfair
Secret Agreement
Between the Kaiser
And Czar Revealed
Paris, May 18. A long account of a
secret pact between the kaiser and
Emperor Nicholas and aimed against
France, is givei, in the last issue of
the Moscow Russkoye Slovo to reach
According to the story, the ex
istence of the treaty was discovered
by Count Witte in 1905 while the
peace negotiations between Russia
and Japan wer; proceeding at Ports
Count Witte, furious at the decis
ion of the czar, informed the kaiser
that unless the pact was cancelled, he
would refuse to countersign the treaty
of Portsmouth. As German bankers
were interested in a loan to Russia
this would hit them hard, and the
story goes, rather than have complica
tions in his economic policy, the
kaiser yielded. Neither emperor, how
ever, ever forgave Count Witte.
At the beginning of the war Count
Witte communxated the facts to B.
Gllnsky, editor of the Messager His
torique, He bound the editor to keep
the information secret until he, Count
Witte, was dead, and circumstances
warranted the revelation of "Nich
olas' inconceivable levity or treason
which ever u like.
Give your Want Ad a chance to
make good. Run it in The Bee.
for tm mure
Your Credit
Is Good
120 SOUTH 16TH ST.
Two Doors North of Douglas
Reserve Bank Asked to Receive
Subscriptions to Two Hun
dred Millions Ad
ditional. ..
New York, May 18. Announce
ent was made today by the federal
reserve bank of New York that it
had been requested to receive sub
scriptions for an additional issue of
$200,000,000 treasury certificates of
The certificate will bear interest at
3J4 per cent and mature July 30 in
contrast to the 3 per cent rate for the
previous $200,000,000 issue which
matures June 30.
The new issue will bear the date of
May 25, which is fixed as the date for
receiving payment of the subscrip
Will Deposit Liberty Loan.
Washington. Mav 18. Proceeds of
the Liberty loan, the Treasury de
partment announced today, will be
deposited in banks and trust com
panies which have qualihea as ae
oositories which forward subscrio-
tions of at least $100,000.
Where possible, other financial in
stitutions forwarding a less amount
of subscriptions will be treated simi
larly later. The government will re
ceive 2 per cent interest
The government's apparent inten
tion to advance approximately $1,000.-
000,000 to the allies before July 1
$650,000,000 of which has already been
paid, is reflected by a request ot sec
retary McAdoo to the banks to take
as large amounts of treasury certifi
cates as possible.
McAdoo Goes to Milwaukee.
Chicago. May 18. William G. Mc
Adoo, secretary of the treasury, de
parted for Milwaukee this morning to
continue his tour of middle west cities
in beha f of the United States Libertv
Tjond loan. From there he will go to
SV Paul, where he speaks Saturday,
aftir which he will visit Des Moines,
Ontaha, Denver and other cities be
fore returning to Washington about
May ju.
"The oeoole' of the entire country
must be awakened to the importance
of the situation," said Secretary Mc
Adoo. "The more widely this issue
of bonds is distributed among the
people the better it will be for busi
ness and the successful prosecution
of. the war."
Hotel Rome
Invites shoppers to lunch
in Its beautiful Vineyard.
Delightful environra e n t.
Good service. Fifty-Cent
Noon-Day Lunchi Soft
Drinks.' ' v I -
Follow The
Beaton Path
For Drug Bargains
Rubber Household Gloves, at
39c, 59c and 75c
25c Woodbury's Facial Soap
for 17e
75c Hughes' Ideal Hair Brush,
For 39c
40c Fine Linen Stationery,
for 19c
50c Listerine for. . .' 29c
25c Barkeeper's Friend for 16c
25c Mentholatum for 16c
25c Wright's Silver Cream. .16c
25c Nature's Remedy for. . . 17a
Films Davlop FREE
W Rant Cameras at 10c a Day.
M. Q. Developer, 6 for. . . . .25c
$2.50 Cameras, 2Vix34 . .$1.50
10c El Contento, 5 for. . . .30c
15c Mozart, Magic size, 3
for 25c
10c Hampton Court, 6 for. .25c
15c Muriel, De Luxe size,
for I0e
$2.00 Beaton's Special Self
Filler Gold Pen, guaranteed,
for 98c
We are agents In Omaha for
Conklin and Waterman Pens.
$2.25 Houbigant'i Ideal Ex
tract, per ounce $1.69
$1.50 Coty'a Otto Trefel Ex
tract, per ounce 7Sc
$1.00 Crown English Crab
apple, per ounce 39c
Mail orders receive our
prompt attention.
Beaton Drug Co.
15th and Farnam
Rockingham Survivors
Arrive at New York
New York, May 18. The British
steamship which picked up fourteen
men of the crew and naval gunners
of the American steamship Rocking
ham after that vessel was torpedoed
and sunk off the Irish coast on May 1
arrived here today with them.
Two men were killed when the
Rockingham was attacked. All the
survivors have returned to America.
The arrivals today Third Officer
Arthur McKenny and thirteen naval
gunners said they were adrift in an
open boat for forty-eight hours be
fore being rescued at a point about
140 miles north of the spot where
their ship sunk. They had ample pro
visions and water, they said, and suf
fered no hardships.
Bee Wrant Ads Produce Results.
3,000 Dressmakers Strike in
Paris; No Violence Reported
Paris, May 17. The strike of dress,
makers continued today, but then
were no serious disorders. '
Louis J. Malvy, the minister of tha
interior, tomorrow will resume his ne
gotiations to bring about a settlement.
i hehompsonTelden Store
!L : Jt
Many of Saturday s Oferings W 1 Be (Gome Before the Day Is Over
Silks at Exceptional Prices
A One-Day Sale Saturday
Ten pieces of fast color
wash shirtings, all pure
silk. Good weight, attrac
tive patterns. Regularly
$1.25, Saturday, 98c a yd.
Belding's Best Quality, pure
dye Chiffon Taffeta in 25
colors. No better fabrics for
suita, dresses and separate skirts.
Regularly $2.25, Saturday, $2.00
a yard.
AH Silk Crepe de Chine. Extra good weight, in ivory
and pink only, 40-inch, Saturday, $1.29 a yard.
Neckwear Offerings
of Delightful Charm
Collars, both small and large,
square styles in Georgette, Net
and Pique, 75c to $4.25.
Collar and Cuff Sets of Pique and
Georgette,"tl-2S to $3.50.
Fancy Vests of Organdie, Net and
Pique, 75c to $7.50.
Jsbot Collars that are especially
good when worn with suits.
Ascot Ties in colors .and white, al
so attractive ones of linen.
Best Expresses
Women's Footwear
Sorosis excells in artistic excel
lence, beautiful styling and genu
ine exclusiveness.
The model illustrated is of brown
kid with white kid top, welt soles
and Louis covered heels; priced,
at $10.00.
Hosiery Bargains
White or black, pure dye silk
hose with lisle tops and soles,
$1.25 quality, for $1.00.
Children's black or white cotton
hose, double knees, 35c quality,
for 25c. ,
Toilet Articles
Reduced in Price
Trailing Arbutus Talcum, 21c
Almond Lotion, for 21c.
Jergen's Geranium Bath Soap,
Saturday, 8a cake.
Simplex Manicure Sets, 89c.
Summer Cottons
Choose materials now for
your warm weather cos
tumes. Varieties are com
plete in all desirable weaves
and colors. Many exclusive
designs are offered at popu
lar prices.
Main Floor, Opposite Silks
For Summer
It's White Pique
The ever popular fabric
for suits and separate
skirts, narrow, medium
and wide welts, priced as
27-inch, 25c, 30c, 38e a yard.
36-inch, 65c a yard. '
40-inch, 75c and $1.00 a yard.
44-inch, $1.00 a yard.
Linen Section
A Basket Sale
Saturday Only
Split bamboo waste bas
kets and jardiniere bas
kets, reduced as follows:
" 60c-60c Baskets, 29c -
75c Baskets 42c
$1.00 Baskets - 79c -$1,25
Baskets - 98c
Art Dept., Third Floor
New Aprons
Attractive apparel for house
and garden wear, moderately
priced. The newest aprons are
very good looking also the
house dresses.
A Day of Important Savings j
Saturday in Women s Apparel
May reductions give women an
opportunity to replenish and
complete their wardrobes at
very small expenditures.
These Prices for Saturday:
Coata for Spring Wear, Pric
ed at $15, $18.75, $25.
Silk Suits Specially Priced
at $29.50, $35, $45.
Woolen Suits in Groups,
From $18.75 Upwards.
Every garments is of char
acteristic Thompson & Bel
den Quality.
A May Sale of Blouses
A clearance of odd lots from our regular stock
of blouses. Three groups are offered. Every
size is included, but not all sizes in each style.
Georgette and Crepe de Chine Blouses
At These Reductions '
$ 5.00 and $6.50 Blouses, $ 3.95
$ 7.50 to $10.50 Blouses, $ 5.75
$12.50 to $19.50 Blouses, $ 9.50
$25.00 to $35.00 Blouses, $14.75
The only reason for selling at these prices is that lines are
broken. Every Blouse is of typical Thompson-Belden
Hand Bags and Purses
Seal and Crepe Seal Bags, silk
lined, fitted with coin purses
and mirrors, $1.50 to $20.00.
Silk Bags in colors and black,
silk lined, fitted with coin purs
es and mirrors, $2.00 to $8.00.
Flat Back Strap Parses In Seal,
Patent Leather and Crepe Seal,
silk and leather lined, $1.25 to
Notion Section
Egyptian Tissues
For 25c and 30c a Yard
Delightful new patterns for
summer frocks, plaids, checks
and stripes, In unusual variety,
7 Inches wide, 25c and 30c a
templing group in
An Underwear Special
Two-piece cotton ribbed gar
ment, light weight, all sizes; a
line we are discontinuing.
New Soft Collars
Arrow, Triangle, Earl and Wil
son makes, in madras, pique and
silk. Sizes 12 y, to 1714, ISe
and 25c each.
$5, $7.50, $10,
$12, $15 to $21
latest mode which
has found favor in Fash
ions Court. This offer"'
ingof special values is
remarkably opportune
Some are of vjhitt milcms emel mllem
hemp-trimmed with summer flowers
-dhert have wintf and hair lace qaf
nitures. There are few graduation
halt of crepe unot orcjamie
Shirts, Shirts, Shirts
Patterns you'll be glad to own
and wear; Silks, Madras, Crepes
and Fibers. All fast colors. Man
hattan, Eagle, Bates-Street and
Arrow makes. Sizes 13 to 18,
Prices to suit all.
Silk Camisoles
An especially good quali
ty of pink silk with lace
or ribbon trim
mings, for S1.25
New Neckwear
Washable four-in-hands that will
not be injured by frequent tub
bings. Patterns that appeal to
discriminating men, 25c to $1.00
Light weight summery silks in
bows and four-in-hands, SOc to
The Corset That
Particular Women
A Corset of such fashionable slen
dernesa, such trimness and smooth
ness of line as will delight the eye
of the woman who appreciates ar
tistic corse try.
From among the many smart
new La Grecque models we are
showing a particularly good corset
at popular price. Model 852
the Price, $2X)0.
Corsets, Third Floor

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