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Information Is Obtained From
Canada Regarding Method of
Conducting Election Among
TrooDs at Front.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, March 23. (Special.)
The Nebraska legislative reference
bureau has continued to gather infor
mation regarding provisions made for
soldier voting by the United States
and Canada, especially the voting of
soldiers overseas. The experience of
Canada is especially valuable since
Canadian soldiers in Europe were
called upon to participate in a general
election held during the last year.
Besides complete copies of the Cana
dian law and instructions for the elec
tion and returning officers contained
in the Canadian documents the fol
lowing letter to Director Sheldon
from the Canadian officers having en
tire charpe of the conduct of elections
among Canadian soldiers is perti
nent: "The department of militia and de
fense have asked me to deal with the
last sentence of your letter of Janu
ary 22, whereby you state that you
wish to know how the vote of men
scattered in different military units is
secured. 1 really think that the mili
tary voters act, which is now in your
hands, will have answered this ques
tion. . .
"The voting rovers a period of ttme.
In France it covered actually 17 days.
Tolls were established and maintained
for a sufficient length of time in the
vicinity of all places where men were
anticipated to be.
Portable Polli.
"For instance, perambulating polls
.proceeded from hospital to hospital.
In Canada the same system was es
tablished, only that the polling was
held all on one day. The whole oper
ation within Canada and overseas was
directed and controlled from my desk.
"The personnel employed in taking
the military vote in North America
and overseas was approximately 3,000
persons. The number employed in
Canada was relatively larger than
overseas because in Canada the whole
operation had to be carried out on
one day. Not a single civilian was
employed in the operation of polling
the vote. The whole matter was under
military control."
The following condensed abstract
of the Canadian, New York and North
Dakota soldier voting laws has been
made by Miss Edna Bullock, librarian
of the legislative reference bureau:
The assistant clerk of the crown
in chancery serves as chief election
officer, with general and special re
turning officers, military presiding of
ficers, clerks and scrutineers in vari
ous places to assist in conducting the
Information concerning candidates
is telegraphed to the military presid
ing officers in all places where sol
diers are to vote, and then placed on
battalion and camp bulletin boards.
Elections are held any day or c'iyi
after the date of primary elections up
to the close of election day, wh-h is
the 28th day after the nominations
are made.
The ballots are delivered to the mili
tary presiding officer. The polh are
taken in camps or other places on a
sufficient number of days, according
to military exigencies, and facilities
for taking the poll and for voting are
given the soldiers. If an elector can
not remain in camp until the poll ii
taken, his immediate vote may be
given to presiding officer.
Envelope containing the bal'ots
are placed in sealed boxes, and tnese
boxes are sent to designated offners
in London, Paris, or Canada, at the
case may be. On the outside of the
envelope is the name of the elector
and his election district. SpeciaJ re
turning officers tort envelope accotd
ing to electoral district, write uo poll
books, open envelope and male the
count, and telegraph the resu'.t to
chief election officer In Canada, at the
same time forwarding the ballot
New York.
A register of all qualified ehi'.or
absent in military or naval service is
kept, and poll books prepared there
from by the secretary of state.
The ballots contain the titles of all
officers for which voters may vote in
their respective districts, and name
of candidates where practicable. Poll
books, ballots and envelopes are de
livered to commanding officer of
every command including 10 or more
New York elector In time for use at
the election in uch manner as the
secretary of state may direct. Ti No
vember elections, 1917, representative
appointed by the secretary of state
were sent, to three of the campi and
to France to conduct the elections.
The elections are held at the quar
ter of the commanding officer on
election day, or on any secular day
within 10 dayi next prior threto.
Voter scattered in detachment! con
taining let than 10 elector may vote
where it is most convenient. Quali
fied electors upon opening of the polls
select four of their number to set as
inspector. These inspectors compare
poll book and certify the number of
vote cast and forward the sarre to
the secretary of state at Albany, who,
m turn, compare poll book an i en
velopes, and transmit the earn to
county election boards, who prcv'de
for the counting of the ballot r-v a
board of inspectors. The court is
then cerified fn the several election
districts and finally canvassed bv the
county board of inspector on the
sixth Tuesday after election day.
North Dakota.
County auditors prepare and n; in
tan register of voter in militirv or
naval service.
Ballot are sent by countv auditor,
5 days before any general elf c:?on,
not a primary, to each voter inciivi
dually, with return postage included,
voter makes affidavit before his mv
mediate commanding officer anl ttr
ward ballot to county auditor who
distribute the ballot to proper
election district for counting. De
layed ballot are counted at regular
or adjourned meetings of county lan
vassing boards.
' .
' Seize Dutch Ships.
San i Juan, Porto Rico, March 22
The American flat; was run up today
on four Dutch .teamer lyinr
Pprto Rican port.
ng to Switzerland.
(By tworlated Pr.)
No reports have been received from
Paris as to whether the French forces
have become involved in the terrific
battle, now in progress on the west
From th: nearness of the point of
German penetration to their lines,
however, it would seem probable that
they soon will be found taking part
in the struggle.
There is another factor to be con
sidered also, should the (lerman thrust
develop more seriously.
There wa . created last winter by
the supreme war council at Versailles
an entente "army of manouevre," un
derstood to be made up of troops of
all allies, which was designated to be
available for action at any point on
the wide front from the North sea to
the Adriatic, wherever it should be
It has doubtless not been the en
tente intention to throw this army
into action hastily, but it unquestion
ably stands ready for use in any emer
gency and might easily prove the vital
factor in any general engagement
which the western front fighting
should develop.
Steamboat "Elk" Makes First
River Trip of the Season
The steamboat "Elk" has arrived in
Omaha v aters. The "Elk" has been
lying at Decatur all winter, and has
just made its initial trip down the
river for the spring. Only a small
cargo was brought on the first trip,
as the captain desired to feel out the
spring channel before loading heavily.
The boat is being loaded with a
cargo of merchandise for Decatur.
Burt County Reaches Stamp
Quota Before Count Is Made
Tekama, Neb., March 23. (Special.)
Chairman J. F. Nesbit. in charpe of
the war savings campaign In Burt
county, and County Superintendent
Poucher are jubilant over the ou'cxme
in Burt county. With 23 oat of th 72
school districts in the county rtill
iinrnoripd the nuota has been
reached. The county quota was $2.r2.-.
000. Craig is in the unreported i.s
and Mr. Nesbit anticipates that Burt
countv will overpledge itself at least
Benkelman "Goes Over" in
War Savings Stamp Drive
Benkelman, Neb., March 23. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Benkelman school
district No. 16 subscribed for $17,000
saving stamp Friday. Benkclman's
quota was $1 6,600,
Oldest Mason in Nebraska
Will Join Eastern Star
Beatrice, Neb., March 23. (Spe
cial.) Dr. Ferd Brother, believed to
be the oldest Mason in the state, will
be initiated into the Order of the
Eastern Star next Tuesday even ng.
A banquet for the Masons and the
Eastern Star will be held at the Con
gregational church, at which patriotic
talks will be given. The busine ses
sion for the initiatory services will
follow in Masonic hall, where here
will be speaking and music.
A service flag containing the names
of 24 members of the Masonic lodge
of thi city who have gone to war
will be unfurled at the conclusion of
the exercises.
Fred Marquardt, 28 years old. died
Wednesday night at his home at Wy
more. Ffi was a son of Mr. and Mr.
I. W. Marquardt and had resided at
Wymore ince boybood.
Fire of unknown origin dest.-oyed
the residence of L. N. Adkin at wy
more Thursday. The loss is placed
at $2,000, partially covered by insur
ance. R. N. Balster, who ,was reccrtly
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appointed assistant county agent, ar
rived from Utica to begin his dut;es.
An automobile, which has been "at
the Holt-Kelso garage in this c'y lor
the last few months, and whl.li il
owned by a Kearney resident, is be
lieved by the officers here to :ave
been stolen, as the number 01 the
engine has been filed otf. The uvef
of police of Kearney has wired that
he would send an officer here after
the car, which will be taken there for
There are seven members o' the
Board of Education to be elected and
just seven candidates have filed for
the office. They are F. A. Millc Dr.
C. A. Spcllman, John Coonley, Mrs.
T. E. Adams, H. M. Garrett, W P.
McCIannahan and Dr. E. W. Fellers.
Funeral services for the Mrs D.
V. Copeland were held Friday rom
the family home at Elue Springs. Mrs.
Copeland was a sister of Dr. Silas C.
Swallow of Itarrisburg, Pa., who was
a candidate for president on the pro
hibition ticket in 1904 .
Doane Ladies' Glee Club
Give Home Concert Friday
Crete, Neb., March 23 (SpecV.)
The Doane college Ladies' Glee c'ub
and Octette company gave its t.r.me
concert in Sokol theater Frday
night. Miss Edris Smith is preident
of the organization; Miss Ruby Ven-
num, vice president; Miss Ruth Dun
can, secretary, and Miss Roine Pierce,
The clubs go on a trip this year the
latter part of April and May 1. Their
itinerary includes Clay Center, Hil
dreth, Franklin, Edgar, Carldon,
Odell and Liberty, Neb.
Three Weeks' Quarantine
Ends in Kearney Sunday
Kearney, Neb., March 23. (Spe
cial.) The quarantine is to be lifted
in Kearney Sunday morning, thus
making it possible for all churches of
the city to carry out their Palm Sun
day program. The schools will open
Monday morning, after a three-weeks'
forced vacation. Theaters and public
meetings will be in full swing again
Monday. The board of health states
that there are a few cases of small
pox in the city, and that all families
afflicted are quarantined. None of
the cases are considered serious.
Rev. W. H. J. Willby, pastor of
th PnntTrprratinnnl rhnrrh nf thi? ritv.
has resigned and enlisted in the United j
States navy as a seaman. His action
was a surprise to the congregation and
On the exemption list by virtue of
his being a minister, Rev. Mr. Willby
failed to avail himself of this excuse
from service. He has been pastor of
the Congregational church for a
Snd for a free booklet that tells how, foil
can actually own a bog,; have if carefl for
and itill make 20 per cent aniroal!j. Address
607 Dtnhara B4g., Denver, Colo.
Dr. Lee W. Edwards, 24th
and Farnam, wishes to call the
public' attention to the Chiro
practic talk on Page 8-A.
tfmJftmfy 1 .w.rww Store Hours 8;30 A. M. to 6 P. M.
with due regard for color,
contour, size, illumination
and the style of your Fur
niture, because all these
things matter.
Our new stock of individ
ual Lamps will make it pos
sible for you to be particular.
Styles from the Italian
Renaissance, Gothic, Mediev
al Spanish, Wrought Iron
types, Chinese, Jacobean,
Empire and Adam, as well as
many modern styles in both
mahogany and hand painted
The shades are many and
various, from the brilliant
colored silks to the hand dec
orated parchments that are
finning favor.
Decoration of
the Home
in all ftn hranches and to IU
rnnalleat detail is undertaken and
executed by our department of
Interior decoration.
The exeluslveness of every
fchome Is carefully guarded, so
that annoying duplications are
A staff of expert decorators is
continually at your service for
the purpose of consultation, etc.
Th employment of this means
of furnishinir and decorating your
horn dots not mean a dispropor
tionate expns quit frequently
it means a saving and although
we are in a position to undertake
large contracts, the decoration of
a slnttle room receives our most
painstaking! effort.
fOne of Many
of the New
Straight Line
Superior in construction, de
sign and finish. All oak in.
terior construction, divided
plush lined silver compart
ment, storage compartment
with center finish and num
erous minor details that you
can only fully appreciate by
seeing. The piece pictured,
Jf'ffiySaOTr?S?X f
Si IllilN 1
A New Jacobean Dining Suite
In English Brown Mahogany
The simplicity of this Dining Suite adds to its charm; the
finely selected woods in the panels and drawer fronts are
particularly pleasing; the heavily moulded panels and
carved nulling on the frieze and aprons are taken from late
Elizabethan motifs that were so strongly in evidence during
the Stuart period.
66-inch Buffet.
Extension Table
China Closet. . .
Side Table
Chairs '..
Arm Chair
This instrument plays
All Records
Victor. Pathe. ALL
and plays each and everyone
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place this
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So that you may test its
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Fine Overstuffed Living Room Suite
Upholstered in a Handsome Tapestry that is interesting and refined, that avoids
being "too busy" and at the same time retains all the life and color
necessary to its attractiveness. The frames are especially well
built and dependable. All three pieces invite repose
and speak of hospitality.
Every Woman Nowadays Should Have a
Our Club Plan Points the Way
Noted kitchen science experts, who have spent years in finding
ways to lighten your kitchen laborsnow transmit their ideas to you,
Some of them are built right into the Hoosier Cabinets, others come
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A True to Type
Arm Chair
or Rocker
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In Chromewald Birch, the
new impregnated finish of
wonderful new, rich brown
color, the subdued effect of
which has that rare charm
one never tires of. You may
clean this finish with clean
soap and water.
These chairs have full
spring seats, upholstered in
Mulberry Velour. Price for
chair or rocker, each
J V.
A New Pattern In
Used in a modish
window treatment
and slip cover . , ,
only one of many patterns.
Cretonne is used more and more each
season, this year it is in high favor
and the patterns are suitable for ev.
ery room in the home. At this time
of the year we can think of nothing
more suitable for refreshing your res
idence than cretonne. 'From 60
to S1.50
Choosing Rugs
Everyone can remember the time when the most popular Rugs
were medallions or large geometric patterns. Today they are passe
and the Persian designs that you find in their place are daintier and
less busy; Ispahans, Karmanshahs and the like.
Today the public asks for calmer effects, excessive ornateness
has passed; the value of quiet spaces and the charm of texture is
recognized. The emblems of a design are accorded breathing space
and just as a woman prefers a single jewel of merit to a display of
much jewelry, so she picks out a rug that sets off her furniture
and in point of design and ornament, supplements the draperies
and decorations of the room.
The Rugs indicated below will please the woman who has these
things at heart, and because they are fabrics that will give lifetime
service. They're NOT EXPENSIVE.
Prices below are for 9x12 size
Other size in proportion.
"Century" Refrigerators
at less than prevailing prices
An offer that is only good while this stock lasts
The Century Refrigerator is a most economical icer.
Case is built of solid ash, white enamel and galvan
iied lined, fitted with pure tinned wire shelves. On
account of its compact arrangement it is particularly
suited for the small apartment.
Spetial Prices Below
30-lb. ice capacity. .$ 9.50
50-lb. ice capacity. .$13.75
75-lb. ice capacity. .$16.00
100-lb. ice capacity. .$21.75
Golden Star Dust Mops
complete with 1-cjt.
can of polishing: oil,
Anglo-Indian, $75.00.
French Wilton, $89.00.
Hartford Saxony, $85.00.
Anglo-Periian, $89.00.
R..Jk.. t70 no
Standard Wilton, $59.50.
WW t
OUTff i6-$
,aWtr-Wl 1 m ii VWtt

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