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Neville After Study of Situa
tion Declares Lawmakers'
Vote Would Be Useless; 1
" Bryan Has' Statement.
'"'(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, March 25. (Specials
Should the special session of the leg
islature ratify the prohibition amend
ment to the ccnsttiution of the United
, States, it would have to be done all
over again al the next regular ses
sion, in the opinion of Governor Nev
ille, who has spent much time looking
over the constitution of other states
, in an effort to discover if other states
give authority to a special session. to
enact legislation not specified in the
; call.
The governor ha9 discovered that
btit a few states giie that freedom to
a special seiMon. One state gives the
l governor power to incorporate needed
5 legislation i:i an after call issued after
the first call has been made, while
another state gives its legislature au
thority upon a two-thirds vote of the
, members. s
What Constitution Says.
' The state cf Nebraska expresses it
self in its constitution) along about
the same fine as the most of the
states, section 8 of article 5 of the
constitution reading:
"The governor may on extraqrdi
' nary occasions convene the lcgisla
' ture by proclamation, stating therein
the purpose for which they arc con
; vened and the; legislature shall enter
upon no business except that for
which thev were called together."
ThisV in the mind of the governor,
clearly, established the rights ot tne
legislature and that no legislation can
be enacted -but that. specified in the
Bryan's Position.
' Mr! Bryan, in his address in Lin
coln, said that the legislature could
; take action on a ratification of 'the
prohibition amendment, , basing his
; claim on th. fact that some state at
t some time had elected a United
States senator at a special session,
' ',: when the election had not been speci
' fied in the call. What state he re-
ferred to is not known,
i The contention is made that Mr.
i Bryan is wrong for the reason that
I the, ratification of an amendment to
the national constitution and the elcc
' tien of a United States senato are
, , two distinct and separate matters, and
that the election of a senator to fill a
vacancy is provided for in the federal
I constitution and that when a vacancy
t o.cccurs, the governor of the state ap
; points until the next session of the
. legislature convenes and if that ses
J sibn happens to be a special, session
if is its dutv to elect someone to fill
i ttje vacancy in states where the Kg is-'
Uture elects1 the senator. , "'
: " ' Federal Consltutlon.
The constitution of the United
', States reads: " Article 1, Section 3:
"iVIf.vvacancie!" happen by resignation
, or otherwise, during the recess of the
legislature, any state, the executive
thereof may make temporary appoint
7 ments until the next meeting of the
legislature, . which shall then fill such
" vacancies. ; :,' "
Members of the legislature so far
who i have arrived appear to be in the
t ' air tin the proposition whether the
' ratification ot the amendment can be
' legally taken up. Many of those who
5 favor its ratification are fearful that
if an attempt is made to override the
governor's call it will bring on a fight
' - which will have the same effect as in
that of the last session tfiat real leg-
' islation twill have to suffer" because
of feelings existing between mem-
bers brought on by such a fight.
i Not After Squabble.
' -v One of the most prominent mem-
bers of the last session, James Auten
of Boone, said today he has come to
v Lincoln to do business and not to
' " squabble over differences of opinion.
If the members want to get busy and
, enact the legislation called for he will
stay and help, but if they are going
to go to scrapping, he will simply tell
: them what he thinks of their action,
,: pack is grip and go home, where he
...has much more important work than
talking.1 He -says talking won't get
V his wheat and oats sowed or plow his
land for corn, if it could he would
have done his talking into a phono
. graph anc left it to put in his crop.
f The only thing to be gained by
' ratifying the change in the consti
tution would be that as Mr. Bryan
h said, "Nebraska would thus be one of
.. the first states to recognize the pro
.'inhibition amendment ' by legislative
- action." This in the mind of many is
not of sufficient importance to cause
- he members who favor such action
. :o take a slap at Governor Neville,
when the next regular session can
.. lust as well 'take care of the matter.
Bryan's Statement
' W. J. Bryan tonight issued" i
signed statement containing an argu
! ment for the ratification of the proni
bition amendment. He devotes the
"major portion of the statement to
? irgumerits why prohibition is bene
. 'ficial. Then he devotes a few para
t zraphs to an argument why the demo
:? . cratic party should take a stand for
fit Arr lata, 14
lui. u.jr ...... .v
"In the ratification of the amend
ment democratic leadership has been
5 'even more pronounced. The first eight
! states to ratity Mississippi, vir
linia. Kentucky, South Carolina,
5 North-Dakota, Maryland, Montana
t md Texas every one supported the
I .lemocratic ticket at the last presiden
L :ial election. Will Nebraska prove an
i xceotion amone the democratic
!'itates?. Delaware, the ninth stJte to
ratify, supported the republican party
in the last presidential campaign, and
the 10th state, boutn micota, cia aiso,
ana wnen tne list 01 oo states is com'
Dieted it is orobable that the Iwc par
ties will not be far aoart in the num
' - ber of states ratifying. I appeal td the
, democratic legislature not to' auow
Nebraska's name to be omitted from
' the roll of honor. ' ;
- "If this legislature fails to ratify,
there is no doubt that a legislature
will be elected whose members will
be committed in advance to ratihca
tion, but why compel this , conflict
vheft?thf'Sentiraent of the state is
known tn advance? Why. by delay,
mre to' the liquor trade more than
V r $100,000,000 a month that will be
I available for food, clothing and shel
Where Titanic Battle Rages
On Western Front in France
: v
V 4
aoauttie k
Manancourt o.
fereta 'M o
0 M.rw
j. nonj
( I
Jetbencourr ,. f
HAM" $t. Simon Jf
oAvricouff S LA FERE
Cnauitv V"
Nouo - -
) Crecu j'N.,
Pnrinn hfimhrdment of the British front in France marked the begin
nor nf the grand offensive of the Germans. The map. drawn by The Bees
mrtlet iWi k )A and nfur
General kit Douelas Haia:. commanding the British forces, withdrew from
the line in front of Cambrai to a new position five miles back.
British troons are renorted to be holding their new line and to have driven
back the Germans'" at the Somme river
hour this morning.
ter as soon as the saloon is abolished?
Why invite the National Liquor Deal
ers' association and its ally, the German-American
alliance, to insolently
thrust themselves again into our pol
itics? An affirmative vote by this leg
islature ends the contest for this year
and' for all time, and makes it possible
for the voters of the state to devote
themselves to the upbuilding of our
great state and the welfare ot its
York Commercial Men Elect
"Officers for Coming Year
York, Neb., March 24. (Special.)
At a meeting of post L, Travelers'
Protective association, held at York
Saturday afternoon, it was decided to
sepd a delegation to Fremont, April
19 to work tor York, as meeting place
next year.
The following were elected to at
tend: J. A. Parks, J. C. Hice, Stephen
Carlin, G. D. Wright, J. F. Statsny,
Carl Rosenloff, Thomas Curran and
Raymond Woodrum.
Officers were . elected tor tne en
suing vear as follows: President, J.
C. Rice; vice president, J. F. Stastny:
secretary and treasurer, Raymond
Woodrum: directors, F. P. Van
Wickle, Thomas Curran, W. D.
Fisher, A. J. Akoter, vv. u. oyer, a.
M. Carlin, B. H. Desch, A. A. Heus
ner, W. T. Wherry and G. D. Wright.
Boy's Death an Accident,
Not Suicide, Says Father
Amherst, Ne6., March 23. (Spe
cial.) H. T. McDaniel, father of the
boy reported a suicide March 15,
says: JLloya dia not mean to kui
himself. He only wanted to scare
us. for the shell he used was one
from which the shot had "been removed.
We think the gun must have slipped
in some way, bringing the muzzle
closer to his head than he had in
tended. It was the force of the blast
from the powder that killed him.
His mother had sent the other child
ren to scool in a buggy, and Lloyd
was to do the chores and walk across
the field. We are positive the act
was committed simply to scare us."
Garrison Editor Buys
Newspaper at Ulysses
Ulysses, Neb., March 23.-(Special.)
Announcement was made rriday
of the sale of the Ulysses Dispatch
bv Thomas S. Greer to Oren U.
Kratzer, of Garrison, owner and editor
of the Garrison Newt. Mr. Kratzer
will assume charge of the Dispatch
Aoril 1. Mr. Greer has not yet
definitely decided where he will
locate. In addition to being editor of
the News, Kratzer is the proprietor
of a large general store in Garrison
and is agent for the Burlington ran
road there.
Junior Red Cross Gives
Seryice Flag to Atlanta
Atlanta. Neb.. March 25. (Special.)
The Red Cross held a public social
meeting, at which the Jury or Red
Cross of the Atlanta public school
oresented Industry precinct a service
fiae as a token of respect to the 10
boys who have gone into service from
that precinct.
Mothers find
r wkvm
linis nf the nnnosins' armies.
in a bloqdy engagement at an early
Aged Table Rock Minister
Djes at Home of Daughter
Table Rock. Neb., March 23.
(Special.) Rev. A-C. Allinson diM at
the home of his daughter, Mrs J. L.
Fulton, Thursday He was $5 years
old, a veteran of the civil war.
Funeral services were held Saturday
at the Methodist Episcipal church,
and the interment was in the Table
Rock cemetery.
The war savings stamp drivd Friday,
far ' exceeded the apportionment.
Table Rock school district exceeded
its allotment about $3,000. Pawnee
City schoo. district went $8,000 above
the mark. Burchard doubled its
allotment, and Steinauer went $3,000
above its- apportionment. ;
The Commercial club banquet,
which is to be an annual event of the
Commercial club of Table Rock, was
held Saturday) night at the New Lin
coin hotel, where plates were laid for
80. Frank R. Ringer, secretary of the
Nebraska Manufacturers association
of Lincoln, was the out-of-town
speaker, and took for his theme ."Com
munity Co-operation. jOthers to
speak were C. J. Wood," Dr. E. L.
McLrea, Kev. 5. E. Talt, Kev. Ur.
Seabright, and F. A. Steel).
Walthill Holds Sale
For Benefit of Red Cross
Walthill. Neb.. March 25.-r-(Spe-
cial.) The Red Cross auction held
in Walthill Saturday afternoon netted
$6,500. The sale, held from the band
stand on Main street, began at 1
O'clock and lasted until after sun
down. Wi
bodies are so
as to have each seat
equally comfortable.
Being mounted in a
semi-underslung po
sition, the center of
gravity is low enough
to insure perfect bal
ance and road stabili
ty at all speeds.
STn Medals, $1890 to S2TS0
f. o.b. SprtnciUU. Ohio
Lt ua (Umoiutrmt all the
Westoott MiporloriUoi to jrou
Standard Motor
Car Co.
2020-22 Faraam St.
Douglas 1705
1214 Farnam. Tel. Dougla 9.
Omaha Will Furnish 73 of
State's Quota Called for
March 29 to
April 2.
Four hundred and fifty-three Ne
braska men will go to Camp Fun
ston in the next contingent of men
for the draft army March 29 to April
2. Omaha and Douglas county v ill
send 80 men, 73 from the city of
Omaha and seven from the neiijhoor
ing country. Lancaster countv will
send 29 men. This call is for .1.3 per
cent of the gross total of registnnts.
The quota according to count!': is:
Perkins liHoone 5
Krontlcr 3 Madison 7
(lospir ljc.'olfax 4
Dundy 2' Ivjdgn 9
Hitchcock 2 Hamll(on ,
I'hass 2 Platte ,
Hayes l'Hutler
It"d Willow 4I'hulps
Harlan 3'Krarnoy
Kranklln 3riay
WRtatPf 4 minor,,
Furnaa 3iDou(tlaa and City
NtokolU 4 1 of Omaha 80
Thayer 6 !Chs 7
Otoe 6 ' RirhiinUon 6
Nemaha 4 Dakota 3
I.ancaatcr 29 Dixon 4
4 Wayne .
3 iThurston
7lHurt ...
ScottKbluff 7; Washington ..
Harden 2!l'awne
Arthur ..' l Hloux 2
Flanner ill awes 3
Kimball 1 Hhwldun
Deuel ....
Lincoln ..
Dawson v . .
l.oKan ...
Muffalo ..
Hall .....
Adams ...
ftock ....
3 Cherry B
1 i Drown -
2'Keya Paha 1
1 Mohnson 8
7 Saline 6
SMorrllt 4
liOrant 1
8 Thomas 1
8 BIsIiib 1
X .Custer 9
6 i York 6
1 iSeward 6
lilFIoward 4
nnvrt 2'DUr 1
Knox TjUurficld 1
Pisrce 4 Valley 3
Stanton ,. -. 2i Wheeler .......... 1
Greeley 8
Merrlrk 8
No men will go from Hooker and
Sherman counties. 1
Dr. W. H. Mullen Addresses
Patriotic Rally at Ponca
Ponca, Neb., March 25. A pa
triotic rally was held at the opera
house Friday night. Former Con
gressman J. J. McCarthy presided as
chairman of the meeting. Dr. W. H.
Mullin of Bloomfield delivered a pa
triotic address.
A chorus of the ladies of the Red
Cross and a male quartet sang a num
ber of patriotic songs.'
Benson Thorne
Special! '
Boys' Hosiery
3 Pair, $1.00
6 Pair, $1.75
For Marble and
Baseball Time
STRONG, wer-resistlng, fast
black hose, heavy , ribbed,
elastic, reinforced where the
heaviest wear comes. We are
also showing the finer ribbed
hose at the same price for dress
wear. Sizes, 5, VA, 6, 6Va. 7, 7Va.
8, i 9, 9 and 10.
6 PAIR, $1.10
EXTRA fine quality of Infants'
hose In black, tan, blue, pink
and white. Sizes 4, 4&, 5, 5
and 6.
New Mezzanine Floor
Benson Thorne
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
refund money if it fails. 25c
Face One Solid Mass of Scales,
list Rest at Night.
f "M face and neck were affected with
ugly ptmplea, and blotches, and my
face became one soua mass
of scales. The pimples fes
tered and were in blotches,
and many of them itched
causing me to scratch them.
1 lost rest at night, and my
face was disfigured.
" For two vears I suffered.
when I noticed an advertisement for
Cuticura. I sent for a free sample
nd when I bad used Cuticurm Soap
and Ointment for three months I was
healed." (Signed) Miss Ermaeruem
mer. Willow St., Stephenson, Mich.,
Ammat 111 1017. "
For every purpose of the toilet Cutl-
cura Soap anc uinimem rc uprouc.
.i.i..LtUMill. AddrewoMt
nrri "r.nrioara. Deal. H. Bvto. Sold
everywhere. Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 30c
mm heals
Kearney, N'eb., March 25 (Special
Telegram.) Archie Eldredge wanted
for theft of the Adolph Voss Auto,
taken from the latter's place near
Poole and abandoned when the offi
cers of Brady attempted to arrest
Eldredge. was caught near his home
in Amherst Sunday but broke away
from the officer, held him under
cover of a gun and then took a car
owned by the latter and again made
his escape.
The young man, who is 17 years old,
was forced later to abondon this
machine because of tire trouble. He
then took to a small patch of timber,
where a hurriedly organized posse
surrounded him.
During the night Eldredge managed
to sneak through the cordon, steal a
horse and he is again at large.
Patriotic Meeting Held
At Wayne Sunday Night
Wavne. Neb., March 25. (Special
Telegram.) Mayor W. H. Harm of
Bloomfield gave a patriotic address
in the house Sunday night. He also
spoke to an overflow meeting in the
Baptist church. , '
J. J I. Kemp, county food demon
strator, talked briefly on the im
portance of food conservation. John
T. Dressier, chairman of the county
council of defense, presided. The
state normal male quartet sang.
Wood Lake Auction Sale
Adds $3,000 to Red Cross
Wood Lake, Neb., March 25.
(Special.) More than $3,000 was
added to the Red Cross fund by the
auction sale here Saturday. The sale
attracted people from a distance of
50 miles.
A box of apples, donated by Mr.
and Mrs. U. G. Welker, were enclosed
in a service flag containing four stars,
representing their four sons serving
in the army. The apples sold for $685.
Says Acid Stomach
Causes Indigestion
Excess of hydrochloric cid
sours the food and forms
Undigested food delayed in the
stomach decays, or rather, ferments
the same as food left in the open
air, says a noted authority. He also
tells us that indigestion is caused by
Hyper-acidity, meaning, there is an
excess of hydrochloric acid in the
stomach which prevents complete di
gestion and starts food fermentation.
Thus everything eaten- sours in the
stomach much like garbage sours in
a can, forming acrid fluids and gases
which inflate the stomach like a toy
balloon. Then we feel a heavy, lumpy
misery in the chest, we belch un gas,
we eructate sour food or have heart
burn, flatulence, water brash or
He tells us to lay aside all diges
tive aids and instead get from any
pharmacy four ounces of Jad Salts
and take a tablespoonful in a glass
of water before breakfast and drink
while it is effervescing, and further
more, to continue this for a week.
While relief follows the" first dose,
it is important to neutralize the acid
ity, remove the gas-making mass,
start the liver, stimulate the kidneys
and thus promote a free flow of pure
digestive juices.
Jad Salts is inexpensive and is
made from the acid of grapes and
lemon juice, combined w-ith lithia and
sodium phosphate. This harmless
salts is used by thousands of pec -le
for stomach trouble with excellent
results. Advertisement.
When Buying Advertised Goods
Say You Read of Them in The Bee
Feeders' Association Will
Meet in Lincoln April 5
Lincoln, March 23. (Special.)
Friday, April S, is the date selected
for the annual meeting of the State
Feeders' association. University
farm, Lincoln. The delegation, which
rrnt1v met in conference with Mr.
Hoover at Washington, will give a
detailed report ot conditions ana iu
ture policies.
The five lots of experimental cat
tle will be ready to ship. Frof. Grain
i;,4i have the results of making
beef without corn. The rots have been
rationed as follows:
Lot 1 Shelled corn, alfalfa hay.
Lot 2 Shelled corn, cottonseed nut cake,
alfalfa hay. .
Lot 3 Ground corn, cottonseed nut caiie,
ground alfalfa. '
Lot 4 8natpd corn, cottonseed nut
cake, alfalfa hay.
Lot 6 Enilae (heavy reed) lour pounas
rottonseed nut cake, alfalfa hay.
The makers cf genuine
Aspirin caution you to
see that every package
and every tablet of
Aspirin bears
Bayer Cross
TABLETS In pocket bexeeef 12
Bottlei of 24 and 100
CAPSULES in tealed packatoa
of 12 and 24
Liberty Loan Drive Starts April 6th
on &
Values-Correct Styles in
Arrived Spring Suits
About 20 New Styles Now
Awaiting Your Se
lection at
Just received from the New York style ere
ators suits -with an .abundance of that de-,
lightful smartness that has made suits so
popular this Spring. Newest styles in
serge,, poplin and black and white
checks. Braid and button trimmed.
Colors of tan, gray and black and
white, and numerous styles in
' the popular navy blue.
Petticoats-Unusual Values
$3.'95 and $5.00
RIGHTLY proportioned, shapely petticoats of soft silks,
taffetas, and some with Jersey tops. Beautiful plain
and changeable color effects. Deep ruffled and 'shirred
Stop that cough! Check that
grippe! Use Dr. King's
New Discovery.
Millions of people have found in
this nation-wide standard remedy a
long-sought effective means of re
lieving coughs, colds and grippe with
out inconvenient after-effects..
For fifty years it has sold for fifty
cents a bottle. For fifty years it has
warded off the dangers of neglected
colds, unchecked coughs. For fifty
years it has stopped impending colds
before they had a chance to develop.
Equally effective for grippy adult3
and croupy children. A bottle in yourJ
medicine cabinet is the best known
safeguard against cold and cough
dangers. " Sold by druggists every
where. The Evils of Constipation
Leaving waste material in the body j
t xi-. i i i i i j i
poisons me system ana uiuuu bhu
makes you liable to sick headaches,
biliousness, nervousness and muddy
skin. Try Dr. King's New Life Pills.
Prompt relief. Still 25c at all drug
gists. Advertisement, .
Soofbe the irritation sad jroa rellera th
distress- Do both qalcklr sod effirctivelr
tor promptly mine dependable remedr
Eustis Holds Caucus and
Names City Candidates
Eustis, N'eb., March 24. (Special.)
The following were nominated at a
recent caucus for members of tin
board of education: C. L. Dunham
and L. P. Sorenson for a three-ytar
term; J. T. Moore and A. W.
Schroeder for a two-year term, and
A. J. Baker to fill the vacancy. Ihcse
namec were nominated by ac
clamation. J. D. Haynes and August
Taborsky were " nominated for mem
bers of the village board of trustees
for three-year terms.
There will be a Red Cross and
white elephant sale here March 30,
the money derived therefrom going
to the local , Red Cross chapter to
purchase yarn and other materials.
More than $2,000 worth of war sav
ings stamps have been purchased by
the Eustis school children.
Yoar Cuaranioo
ot Purity"
The trade-mark "Aspirin" (Reg. U. S. Pat Off.)
is a guarantee that the mouoaceticacidester
of salicylicacid in these tablets and capsules it
of the reliable Bayer manufacture.
A Guaranteed Treatment That Has Steed
the Test of Time.
Catarrh cures come and catarrh cures go.
but Hyomei continues to heal catarrh and
abolish its disgusting symptoms wherever
civilization exists.
Every year the already enormous sales of
this really scientific treatment for catarrh
grow greater, and the present year shoi,
show all records broken. T
If you breathe Hyomei daily as directed
it will end your catarrh, or it won't cost
you a cent.
If you have a hard rubber Hyomei inhaler
somewhere around the house, get it out and
start it at once to forever rid yourself o
Sherman & McDonnell Drug. Co. or any
other good druggist will sell you a bottle of
Hyomei (liquid), start to breathe it and
notice how quickly it clears out the sir pas
sages and makes the entire head feel fine.
Hyomei used regularly will end catarrh,
coughs, colds. broThitis or A
plete outfit, including a hard rubber pockcl
inhaler and bottle ot hyu.ae., cu.s but lit
tle. No stomach dosing; just breathe it. It
kills the germs, soothes and heals the in
flamed membrane. Advertisement.
Sure Way To Get
Rid of Dandruff
There is one sure way that never
fails to remove dandruff completely
and that is to dissolve it This de
stroys it entirely. To do this, just get
about four ounces of plain, ordinary
liquid arvon; apply it at night when
retiring; use enough to moisten the
scalp and rub it in gently with tj
finger tips. "
By morning, most if not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
four more applications will complete
ly dissolve and entirely destroy every
single sign and trace of it, no matter
how much dandruff you may have.
You will find, too, that all itching
and digging of the scalp will stop in
stantly, and your hair will be fluffy,
lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and
look and feel a hundred times better.
You can get liquid arvon iany
drug store. It is inexpensive, andour
ounces is all you will need. This sim
ple remedy has never been known tat
fail. Advertisement.

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