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Swedish Singer Distinguishes
Between War and Art and
Says Music Will Resume
Former Place.
"War and art are distinctly sep
arate and German music, now in ex
treme disfavor, will become popular
again' said Miss Julia Claussen,
noted singer who appears this eve
ning in concert under the auspices
of the Tuesday Musical club "The
beautiful. and true in music will live,
there was never but one Wagner and
their wonderful music will always be
in demand."
Swedish by birth, this attractive
artist is deeply interested in the
music of her country and is endeav
oring to familiarize her American
audiences with the music of her
native land. In speaking of the art
of tire different countries Miss
Claussen says the French music is
delicate and beautiful, but tiring if
heard exclusively.
The news of peace throughout the
world has brought joy to millions
of hearts and there are none happier
th.an the artists, or the war has
caused them great suffering.
Our mission is to make the peo
ple happy," said Miss Claussen, "as
one cannot sing unless they are
happy themselves. We are failures
unless we bring joy to others."
Miss Claussen expects to fill can
celed engagements in Europe when
travel is permitted, as the declaration
of war postponjd her engagements
at the Convent Gardens in Xondon
and in Faris.
Fourth Visit to Omaha.
This is the fourth trip Miss Claus
. sen has made to Qmaha and as she
has many friends here she enjoys
each visit better than the last. She
spent Monday very quietly, having
dinner with a few friends at the Fon
tenelle in the evening. She will
probably not finish the season in
concert work, as she is a member of
the Metropolitan Grand Opera com
pany and may continue her work
there! Mr. Arthur Hackett, tenor,
will appear with Miss Claussen this
evening. x
Special interest attaches to to
night's concert, because one, of the
songs to be sung by Arthur Hack
ett, "Last Night I Heard the Night
ingale," was composed by Mary
Turner Salter, a sister Of Mrs. C. W.
Morton of Omaha. Mrs. Morton's
''daughter. Dorothy, is a talented mu
sician also.
Food-Men Announce
NeW Rules for Sale
Of Flour and Wheat
Sweeping changes in the rules
governing the manufacture, storage
and sale of wheat flour' by millers
were announced yesterday afternoon
from the entice of Gurdon W. Wat
tics, federal food administrator for
The rule requiring the minimum""
extraction of 16 pounds of flour
from 254 pounds of clean wheat is
repealed and hereafter no extraction
rules will govern.
Another important change is that
permitting the sale of a 90 days'
I'linnli. sf ft.-,,. A n e 1, n e
oul'iv iivui uiituii as i id j
Millers nowcan store or hold in
storage a supply for 90 days, instead
of 60.
The rule requiring the labeling of
mixed flours, whole wheat and gra
ham flour-is repealed.
The rule prohibiting the manu
facture of gluten flour, except in
limited quantities, is also repealed
afffd the manufacturer can now pro4
Vuce as much gluten flour as he de
sires. 0
The rule prohibiting the sale of
wheat or flour for other than human
consumption is also repealed bnd
the miller can now follow the chan
nels prevailing befoye the war.
Ask $5,000 Donations for
Omaha Old People's Home
Stations for receiving donations
for the Old Peoples' Home will be
opeif Wednesday and Thursday in
1 the following places:
Paxton. Conaht, Rome and San
ford hotel, Etirgess-Nash, Thomp-son-Belden,
Kilpatrick, The Owl,
Sherman & McConnell's Sixteenth
ana uonge ana uunaee stores,
Courtney's, Ernest Buffet's, Louis
Somcrs, Louis Duetsch, Hobbs &
Shater, O. Kronstedt, Julius New
man, John Reznichek, Elmer An
derson, Elmer Johnson, Basket store
at Thirteenth and Leavenworth,
First Presbyterian, North Prcsbyter
iaii.y Immanuel Baptist anaV Good
Shepherd churches.
Donation aggreatnig $5,000 are
ask. J for in mtoney, linen , food, coal
or other useful articles. This is the
Old People's Home on the Fonten
elle boulevard where nearly 50 old
people are annually provided for.
Hold Farewell. Luncheon
x for Y. M. A-. Secretary
A public affairs luncheon wiil be
held in the main dining room of the
Chamber of Commerce Wednesday
in honor of E. F. Denison of the Y.
M. C. A., who is leaving Omaha. The
meeting will also be in the nature of
a Jollification over the raising of
Omaha's proportion of the united
war fund which has been so success
fully engineered. by Mr. Denison.
Mr. Denison expects to leave
Omaha some time next week to take
up the work of his new position.
Casualty List
wood Riggs Wants Part
- of. Divorce Money Returned
Attorneys for Elwood Riggs have
filed a motion in district court to
pay back part of the money re
cently allowed his wife by the court
for expenses pending the hearing cf
v.. .... in... t v,.4
- Uivvitc I1M1U9 Midi
he paid his wife $250 per month
from July 1, 1817, to November 1,
' 1918,nd that on the latter date she
had a bank, balance of $2,200 to her
credit, wherefore she is not justly
entitled to all of $1,500 recently al
lowed 4o her; , .
x '
The following Nebraskans and
Iowans are named in the casualty
list given out by the government for
Wednesday morning, November 20:
Sergt. George h. Wilkinson, next
of kin Henry Wilkinson, Winterset,
Corp. Leland P. Scott, next of kin
C. A. Thompson, Morning Sun, la.
Ben M. Ooster, next of kin Robert
O. Qoster, Shellrock, la.
Thomas Skinner, next of kin
John Skinner, Herman, Neb.
Corp. William D. Blaisdell, next
of kin Mrs. Cora I. Johnson, Oel
wein, la.
Vern R. Hawbaker, next of kin
John R. Hawbaker, Rippey, la.
Robert J. Day, next of kin Walter
Day, Aurora,' Neb.
James F. Bradley, next of kin
James C. Bradley, Clare, la.
Joseph W. Cretzmeyer, next of
kin Henry Cretzmeyer, Waverly.Ia.
William A. Dickinson, next of kin
Mrs. Bessie Johns, Grundy Center,
la. '
Walter E. Bowman, next of kin
Mrs. Walter E. Bowman, Norfolk,
Ned M. Goodchild. next of kin
John H. Goodchild, Havelock, la.
TEMINED. Privates
George B. Forrest, next of kin
John Forrest, Conrad, la.
Ethel E. Reikat, next of kin Mrs.
Antonia A. Reikat, Paxton, Neb.
Bert A. Williams, next of kin
Melvin T. Williams, Wann, Neb.
Sergt. Ivan L. McCashland, next
of kin Benjamin C. McCashland,
Geneva, Neb.
Corp. John McComb, next of kin
Mrs. J. E. McComb,t519 Mynster
street, Council Bluffs, la.
Charles Anciaux, next of kin Jo
seph Anciaux, Iowa City, la.
Oliver E. Edwards, next of kin
Mrs. James M. Beck, Lenox, la.
Otto R. Leurs, next of kin Mrs.
E. A. Schoelkcopf, West Burlington,
la. i
Joseph L. Shew, next of kin Ed
Shew, Avoca, la.
Lee M. Miller, next of kin Wil
liam J. Miller, Herman, Neb.
Carl Herrington, next of kin Ida
Herrington, Redding, la.
Clarence P. Holmdahl, next of kin
Mrs. Christine Holmdahl, Fort
Dodge, la.
Emanuel M. Lucas,- next of kin
Cris Lucas, Davenport, la. j
The following Nebraskans and
Iowans are named in the casualty
list given out by the government for
Tuesday afternoon, November 19.
Corpora IBen Boring, next of kin,
Mrs. Mary M, Boring, Ashland, Neb.
William C. Kennedy, next of kin,
Sherman A. Kennedy, Elsie, Neb.
John W. McGranahan, next of kin.
Mrs. Mattie McGranahan, Newhall,
Frank P. Meis, pest of kin, Anton
Meis, Lemars, la.
Charles O. Sarber, .next of kin,
Clinton M. Sarber, Beatrice, Neb.
Albert G. Schafer, next of kin,
George Schafer, Winthrop, la.
Harley Vandament, next of kin,
Mrs. Lizzie Vandament, Keokuk, la.
Frederich Bleuer, next of kin, Alex
Bleuer, West Bend, la.
Roy W. Hocken, next ot Kin,
Harry Hocken, Winthrop, la.
Wm. I. Moore, next of kin, Henry
C. Moort, Bloomfield, la.
Donald Patterson, next of kin, E.
A. Patterson, Des Moines, la. ,
TERMINED Sergt. Carl P. Hellner, next of kin,
Mrs. Maggie Hellner, Lincoln, Neb.
Corp. Frank Kuchera, next of kin,
Mrs. Fannie Kuchera, Colclesser,
Neb. ,"
Gftprge Box, next of kin, High Box
Agency, la.
Halbt G. Pulliam, next of kin,
Arthur L. Pullian, Erina, Neb.
Samuel W. Vandel, next of kin,
Samuel Vandel, Linneville, la.
Harold H. Wilson, next of kin,
Howard W. Wilson, Des Moines, la.
Lieut. Paul J. Raver, next of kin,
E. H. Raver, Lincoln, Neb.
Corp. Arthur A. Nelson, next of
kin, Jake Nelson, Centerville, la.
Lester Gardner, next of, kin, Mrs.
Mary Gardner, Centerville, la.
Lyle Rittenhouse, next of kin, L.
G. Rittenhouse, Arlington, la.
Roberr Johnston, next of kin, Joe
C. Johnston, Platte, Neb.
Romuald Pomeranke, next oj kin,
S. T. Byrn, Boutan, la.
Guy' M. Robshaw, next of kin,
Mrs. Beatrice Robshaw, West Liber
ty, la.
Roy C. Bowers, next of kin, Mrs.
Ross Ego, Sioux City, la.
The following casualties are re
ported by the commanding general
of the American expeditionary
forces: , Killed in action, 146; died of
woundSj 118: died of disease 4S-
Swounded severely, 131; wounded, de
gree undetermined, 5J; wounded
slightly, 223; missing in action, 42;
prisoners, 14. Total, 772:
Killed in Action.
MaJ. Harrison B .Webster. Northamp
ton, Mais.
Capt. William E,
K. Y.
Capt David T. Hanion, Friona. Tex.
Lt. Jack 8. Allison. -Philadelphia, Pa.
I.t. George I. Parnell, Manchester, N. H.
lin. Sergt. MaJ. B. F. Gaedke New
Tork N. Y.
Serst. John J. Crowley, Mohawk ,N. T.
Sergt, Michael J. Greally, New York,
N. Y.
Sergt. Charles Huckaba, Tacoma, Wash.
sergt. wuuam it.
N .Y.
Blaisdell, Brooklyn
Kraft, New York,
Sergt. Charles R. Pierce, Sallsboro N. C.
Sergt Joseph E. Webster, Mauston. Wis.
Sergt George A. Wilkinson, Winterset.
Corp. James E. Albert, Belfast Mills. Va.
Corp George M. Anderson, Indianapolis,
Corp. Joseph R. Cushman, New York. N.
Y. '
Corp. Robert Davis, Red Oak, Tex.
Corp. Mahon H. Doggett, Buckholts, Tex.
Corp. Frank Epperson, Sherwood, Tenn.
Corp. lloiger Haunstrup, Jr , Chicago, 111.
Corp. Leslie L. Heath, Franklin, Tex.
Corpr Lloyd Holland, Axton, Va.
Corp. RaymondC. Hoxter, Baltimore,
Corp. Joseph KucHo, Ollphant, Pa.
Corp. Charles II. McPherson, Franklin,
N. C
Corp. Holger Petferson, New York City.
Corp. Leland P. Scott, Morning Sun, Ia.
Corp. William H. Snyder, Mt. Pleasant.
Corp. William A. White, Waymart, Pa.
Corp. John Q Whittle, St. Louis. Mo.
Corp. Roy O. Wilder, Olean, N. Y.
Corp. James Carlile, Rockdale, Tex.
Corp. Julius H. Coleman, ReldsWUe, N. C.
Corp. Clyde S. Mead, Atwater, N. Y
Corp. Fred Norton Rapp. Shorty, Wyo.
Mech. William Leavltt. Kansas City, Mo.
Joe Aloscl, Syracuse, Italy.
Orba N. Allen, Byars, Okl.
Philip S. Allen, Elbert, Tex.
Elijah F. Allin Brady, Tex.
Fletcher D Anderson. Fargo. N. D.
Theordore Anderson, Laoli, Okl.
John Andres, Jr, Cheektowaga, N. Y.
Arthur L. Armes, Pleasant Grove, Miss.
Aubrey Arnst, Hurley, N. Y.
Sidney W. Baker, Kerrvllle, Tex.
John J, Briendenuach, Belleville, III
Herman J. Britton, Binghampton, Nl Y.
Oswald P. Burmestfr Joricho Springs.
Thomas L. Coats, Edna, Tex.
Michael Connolly, Lowell, Mass. -
Earl J Custer, Bolivar, O. V
Bernard J. Dally, New Orleans, La.
Thomas W. Davis, Conemaugh, Pa.
Carl A. Dixon, St. Louis. Mo.
Charles Domiano, Chicago, 111.
Albert Domstad, Fairy Tex.
Lee A. Donnelly, Camden, N. Y.
Tom Doolex, Dill, Okl.
Harry T Dudley, New York, N. Y.
Max H. Eckert. Hilda, Tex.
John Essenmaeher, Chicago, III.
Arthur H. Firke, New York, N. Y.
Clarence A. Finn, Utlca, N. Y.
Huey Q .Armstrong, Stonewall, Okl.
Clyde A. Aycock. Cisco, Tex.
Charles W. Baird, Childress, Tex
Arthur Bookman Field. Chicago, 111.
Emll D. Bloaser, Bremen, O.
Eugene H. Bolln, Camaclton, Ind.
Jess S. Boone, Crosbyton, Tex.
Micnaei j. casaidy- Erie, Pa.
Yoji City.
Henry cnin, Najy y
Merle R. Clark, Beleidere, III.
Thomas Cobb. Cobbtown, Ga.
James P. Cook, Bald Knok, W. Va.
Joseph J. Geary, Brooklyn, N. Y .
Henry Green, New Orleans. La.
William M. Holllday, Ho, Idaho.
Claude W. Jones, Patmos, Ark.
Peter L. Medesker, Enterprise, Ore.
Sampel P. Medlfrovlch. Douglas, Ariz.
Emil A. Munch, New Yodk City.
Frank A. Neugvbauer, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Edward L. Nicholson, Orlenta, Okl.
Washington L. Perrynian, Beggs, Okl.
Benjamin J. Redding, Wetumka, Okl.
Lauren (. Ried. Virginia City, Nev.
.Rufus Rhotcn. Blarkwater, Va.
Herman Rogers, Devino, Tex.
George S. Swain, New York City
Jacob M. Taylor, Wayland, Tex.
Oily B. Tunstoll. Buffalo, Ark.
l.tllard M. ITnHprwinri. Whltnpv. Tm.
Vrancis H. Floyd, New Albany, Miss.
Roger P. Folsom, Heavener. Okl.
Nahlb Forhout, St. Louis, Mo.
James G. Gallagher, Newburyport, Mass.
Fred Gibson, Canada.
Leonard C. Gitchell, Hebo. Ore.
David E. Gladd, Richmond Hill. N. Y.
Frank F. Greslak Harrisburg, 111.
Henry H. Grimes, Caddo Mills, Tex.
John L. Hancock, Lakeview, Tex.
Walter Harrington, Brooklyn, N. Y.
John P. Harrison, New York N. Y,
William L. Hlme, Cain City, Tex.
Joseph A. Holmes. New York City.
Edward Jackson, Washington, D. C.
Derea Jobc, Slaughter, Ky.
Ernest H. Jones, Lindsay, Okl.
Roland A. .Jordan, Cuba N. Y. ,
Henry H. Karkala, Johnson City. N. Y.
Charles H. Kayser, Glendale, N. Y.
Joseph M. Kennedy, New York, N. Y.
William J. Kennedy New York ,N. Y.
Otto Kessler, Rosebud, Tex.
Lewis McQualg, Bancroft, Mich.
Charles H. Malone, Sallls. Minn.
Thomas W, Manion, Toledo, O.
Vincent Martine. Brooklyn N. Y.
Glen S. Mead, Belolt, Wis.
William C. Meadows, Hubert, N. .C.
Alois A. Messenzehl, New York City.
Philip P. Mindll, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Charles A. Moorehouse, Rioly N. Y.
Lester Morgan, Roganville, Tex.
Archibald L. Motz, Union Course, N. Y.
, John F. Murtha, New York, N. Y.
Angelo Mustlco. Yonkers, N ,Y.
Albert C. Nethery Forestburg, Tex .
Ben M. Ooster, Shellrock, Ia.
Irving B. Phillips, Lascassas. Tenn.
George W. Self, Thomas, Okl.
Linton R. Sevey, vanton, N. Y.
Thomas Skinner, Herman, Neb.
Adolph M. Sorum, South Fargo, N. D.
Claude L. Umphlett. Eure, N. C.
Felix Wanger, Carmine, Tex.
Tom B. Watson, Dallas, Tex.
Jesse W. Welch, Somervllle, Tex.
Thompson Williams, Jefferson, S. C.
Ole S. Wollum, Granfills Gap, Tex,
Horace V. Wood. San Diego, Cl.
Michael Yockis, Hartshorn, Okl,
Johnyte. Zernlck, Sealy, Tex.
Died of Wounds.
Capt. Carter C. Hanner, StlllwaterV Okl.
Cept. Charles J. Moore, Austin, Tex.)
Capt. Willis L. Pearce, Ardmore, Okt.
Capt. Harold I. Naughton, Watertown,
N. Y.
Capt. Joseph W. Conkllnj, Atlanta, Ga.
Lt. Elmer Clair Carrier, Endicott, N. Y.
Lt. Walker Blaine Beale, Washington,
Lt. Ludwlg L. Everson, Crestline, Kan.
Lt. Richard Harrison, Wewoka, Okl.
Lt. Oscar M. Klingen, Minneapolis. Minn.
Sergt. Fits Autry, Dustin, Qkl.
Sergt. Marvin Gillls. Soperton, Ga.
Sergt. Phillip D. Godfrey, Couderiport
Pa, .
Sergt. Andrew A. Henry, Dorchester,
Sergt, Richard Pendleton, Lynchburg,
Va. v
Sergt. Rufus W. Dennis, Norfolk, Va.
Sergt. Henry Rufus' Fischer, Manistique,
Sergt. John Lawrence Fleming, Grove
City, Pa. '
Sergt. Stephen T. Harrahan, Phila
delphia, Penn.
Sergt. Louis Rose, Dlghton, Mass.
Sergt. Amos Spear, Cellna, Tenn.
Sergt. Gleason M. Dale, Okarche, Okl.
Sergt. Benjamin H. Doerr, Leavenworth,
Sergt. Iaadore prucker, Evansville, Ind.
Sergt. M. Ray Gowers, Nephl, Utah.
Corp. Stanley Andresic, Samokin, Pa.
Corp. D. Blaisdell, Oelweln, Ia.
Corp. William M. Garrison, Niota, Tenn.
Corp. Harry Halverson, Newark,- 111.
"Flu" Germ Grabs at Your
f Throat! Stop the Cough Quick!
Throat Inflammation One of the Symptoms of Influenza. Stop
It Quick with Soothing, Powerful "Ulypto Ointment."
"Spanish Influenza'' has many
. symptoms, and a cough is one of
them. It is one of the most dan
gerous. The "flu" germ is taken
in through the mouth and nose, and
rushes for the throat it may get
lungs! From the throat it may get
to the lungs over night; then it is a
fight, for life. Remember this, a
local inflammation-reducing treat
ment is as necessary and imperative
' as an internal one.
Get after that throat inflamma
tion as fast as you can move.
"Ulypto Ointment" is the thing; it
has a very powerful effect on in- I
ilammations and congestions. It ,
gives blessed relief. It soothes
wonderfully. It never blisters. It
contains no mustardy odor or mus
tard ingredients. Even its odor ia
One application-- will prove its
power-Jt has the same result on in
flammations and congestions in
chest colds, earache, headache, neu
ralgia, back-pains, head colds, nose
stoppage, watery eyes, sneezing,
rheumatism, stiff muscles or joints.
You might wake up tomorrow
morning and straining for air, ler.rn
that the "flu" germ is in riptnua
possession of your lungs.- Use
"Ulypto Ointment" now ; look at tha
facts in the face; take no chances.
"Ulypto Ointment" is sold at- all
drug stores at 25e and 50c a jar,
or sent on receipt of price by the
MacMillan Chemical Co., Falls City,
For Sal and Recommended in Oman by Sherman tt McConnell's 5
stores, Merrill Drug Co., Beaton Drug Co.,, Dundee Pharmacy, Green'
Pharmacy. Adv.
Corp. William T. Jones Rexburg, Mats.
' Corp. John Arthur O'Farrell, De Soto,
Corp. Warren If.1 Wlmmer, Baltimore,
Md. '
Corp. Alfred Wolf. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Corp. Fred Francis Hicks, Mount Sterl
ing, O.
Henry Meyer, Chicago, 111.
Corp. James J. Teskey, Susquehanna,
Corp. Fred Deaton, Altro, Ky.
Corp. Herbert O. Pister. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mechanic Hallle V. Avis. Taylauiille, III.
Wagoner Patrick C. O'Rourke, New
York, N. Y.
Wagoner Ben. H. Gjpson, Abilene, Tex.
Conk Lee Robert Goodridgc, Churchvllle,
N. Y.
Cook Earl A. Hyde. Little RocRTArk.
Cook Roy R. Jones, Dennysville, Me.
John F. Austin, Lynn, Mass.
Earnest Chaffin Christmas, Ky.
Warren H. Fatzlner, Bethlehem, Pa.,
Reading Gilbert, Columbus, N, J. i
Henry O. Griffin, Blakely ,Ga.
Ray C. Cutehall, Shelby, O.
Clifford Hardy, Talking Rock, Ga.
Vern R. Hawbaker, Rippey, Ia.
Clarence M. Hendershot, Owendale,
Grover M. Hill, Oxford, Mich.
William Hopkins. .Perdue Hill. Ala.
Julius Jalsononts, New York., N. Y.
William Jolliceur, Woonsocket R .1.
George M. Kingdon, N, Wilbraham,
Joseph McFadden, Sherwood, N. Y.
Blaze M. MlBanlovlch, St. Paul, Minn.
Edward Olstein, E. Boston, Mass.
Sylvester C. O'Meara, Utlca, Mln.
Nicholas Pappalymberries, Danielson,
Conn .
Peter A. Palson, Wheeler, Wis.
Samuel A. Pidcock, Sand Springs, Okl.
Elmer Savers, Adams, N. Y.
Harry W Starkey, Shell City, Mo.
Ulysses G. Watkins, Ardmore, Okl.
Linus A. Wood, St. Churles. Mich.
Andreas Zink, Harrisburg. Mo.
Peter Zudowski, Racine, Wis.
Otto A. Anderson, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Isaac H. Apple,. Baltimore, Md.
Elmer H. Armstrong, Philadelphia, P.
Clarence A. Blllmeyer, Chicago. 111.
Edward P. Bloss, Parsons, Pa.
Bennle F. Boyd, Plnetown, N. C.
. Raymond Brough, Lebanon, Pa.
Roy Alonzo Buck, Somers, Conn.
Carl G. Carlson, Wheaton, 111.
Bertram J. Carroll, Pascoag. R. I.
Arthur Cook, Brooklyn, N. Y .
Claude Coster,. Colsbury, 111.
Kenneth L. Davis, Niles, O.
Clair Demott, St. Clair, Mich.
James E. Dye, Mount Clair, W. Va.
Michael G. Finnegan, Philadelphia, Pa.
Joseph Galante, Minneapolis, Minn.
Wyatt Gann, Hat?cld, Ark.
Victor Gazelle, Masontovn,,Pa.
Sol F. Giles, South Seattle, Wash.
Jnspeh M. Grant, Battleboro, N. C.
Edward Grelner, Clam Falls, Wis.
Arthur T. Hanllne, Tunnellton, W. Va.
liror W. Lewander, Kenosha, Wis.
Thornton Lyford. Boston, Mass.
Paul S. Lynk, Mount Solon, Va.
Coleman Phillips, Lancaster, S. C.
Ross Richards, Greenup, Ky.
Timothy, Ryker, Newark, N. J.
Charles M. Tilson, Monarat, Va. to
Lands M. Whelar, Rockford, 111. t
Harry J. Williams, Phlllipsburg, Pa.
Junius C. Ashworth, Durham, N. C.
William C. Barbour, Smithfield, N. C.
ratrick Carlisle, New York, N. Y.
Edward F. Cronin, Lincoln', III.
Robert J. Day, Aurora, Neb.
Dozes Duplesls, Ludlngton. Mich.
Rex B. Eldrredge, Green Forrest,. Ark.
Olaf F. Erickson, Tacoma, Wash.
Ezra Farley, Pineville, W. Va.
-Michael F. Felmy, Jersey Shore, Pa.
Joseph Fltzpatrtck, Sheboygan, Wis.
Joseph Richmond Fllcklnger, Wooster.O.
William R. Fowler, St. Louis, Mo.
Joseph A. Gannon, Now York, N. Y.
David L. Garner, La'lesa, Tex.
Died of Disease.
Lt. J. Raymond, Broklyn, N. Y.
Sergt. Robert E. Cullen, Flemisgsburg,
Corp. John A. Derthlck, Jr., Brooklyn,
N. Y.
Corp John Dzeda, Foland, Russia.
Corp. Frank Retnstadler, Flint, Mich.
Corp. John Nelson Waters, Upper Fair
mount, Md.
Bugler Edward F. Rlppberger, Chicago,
Cook Edgar Lee Jordan, Midland, Ala.
Edward E. Arnold, Waverly ,Tenn.
James T, Austin, Fort Worth. Tex.
Clanie C. Balknap, Leadwood, Mo.
James F. Bradley, Clare, Ia.
Davlti W. Butler, Nevis, Minn.
Aulston Byrdsong, Grant, Okl.
Clarence W. Clanahan, Gibertown, Ala.
Delbert Clark, Stanony, Idaho.
Frank T. Collins, Philadelphia, Pa.
Joseph W. Cretzmeyer, Waverly, Ia. ,
Clifford A. Dennis, Crockett, Tex.
William A. Dickinson, Grundy Center, Ia.
Frank Andrew Dodson, East St. Louis,
James H. Elrod, East Anollee, Ga.
William A. Enle, McGuffy, O.
Henry C. Evans, Wheeling, W. Va.
Fllippe Floente, Brooklyn, N. Y. '
James V. Ford, New Brighton, N. Y.
Jack Formyduval, Ilallsboro, C.
Herman T. Hllcman, Marion, Ind.
British Land Over
Shell-Piited Ground
of Gallipoli Point
Saloniki, Nov. 19. (By Asso
ciated Press.) Over the shell-pitted
ground of Gallipoli point the
British landed peacefully at dusk
tonight using as stepping stones
the bullet-riddled hulks grounded
under fire in 1915. From these
vessels thousands went toward the
Turkish batteries and death dur.
ing the ilj-fatecr campaign three
years ago. The British are oc
cupying the forts along the lower
Dardanelles, which the Turks are
turning over. They have already
placed 200 cannon in the hands of
the British.
The Turkish commander at Fort
Chanak, on the Dardanelles, was
formerly an adjutant under the
German commander of ffrces de
fending the straits. Hs said to
the correspondent:
"From the moment the subma
rine barricade of the Atlantic as
declared, provoking America to
enter the war, Germans knew their
cause was lost. Since that time
Turkish unwillingness to continue
the war has grown steadily."
Stener T. Holland, Luceifie, Minn.
Francis M. Kelly, Oakland, Cal.
William T. Keyatopa, Chicago, 111.
Charlie McBurrows, Rochelle, Ga
Henry E. McClure, Haywood, Okl.
Christian Miller. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Roy F. Morkert. Grand Chain, I1L
Alfred J. Nlva, Frultdale. S. D. I
Amos A. Rittcr, Edwards, Mo.
Alphons J. Rockelman, Philadelphia. Pa.
Chester A. R. Simmons, Salem. Ore.
Boleslaw J. Skowransl, Natrona, Pa.
August F. Walter, Camden, N. J.
Harry Welner, New Jfork, N. Y. ,
George Williams, Gloster, Mass.
Judge Williams, Compute, Miss.
Jazy Young, DeKalb, Miss.
Missing in Action
CorpXWm. L. Bowers, Elizabeth. Tenn.
Corp. Frank Dufka, Chicago, 111.
Corp. Jerry M. Dusek, Chioago, III.
Corp. Joe W. Hoggard, Windsor, N. C.
Corp. Lawrence AV. Lawler, Boston,
Muss. '
Arthur G. Carlon, Arnold, Pa.
Charles G. Cockerham, Monroe CiFy, Ind.
Andrew B. Cook, Augusta, Ga.
Herman Crabtree, Cross Plains, Tenn.
John T. M. Crago, Huntington, Ind.
Harper Dickens, Burlington, N. C.
Dlmetlo Gregore, New York City.
Alfred C. Hanson, Provo, Utah.
Emmltt R. Harding, Ben Clair, Tex.
Macy D. Harris, Macon, N. C.
Thomas Helms, Kannapolls. N. C.
Carl Herrington, Redding, Ia.
Henry Hill, Wynnburg, Tenn.
Ttylar D. Hill, Wanesboro, Tenn.
Clarence P. Holmdahl, Fort Dodge. Ia.
William Holmes, .lonesboro, Tenn.
Robert C. Hyatt, Piney Flats, Tenn.
Graldon, G. Ledford, ,MariPtta, Ga.
Leo W. LlRman. Chicago, III.
Emanuel M. Lucas, Davenport, Ia.
Clarence A. McNeill, Gloucester, Mass.
Cornelius O'Neill, Charlestown, Mass.
Deo D. Palmer, Gillette, Wyo.
Lauren K. Trice, Oilman City, Mo.
Frederick Ralsler, Baltimore, Md.
David S. Smith, Ayden, N. C.
John E. Smith, Sumrall, Miss.
Robert Smith, Fish Springs, Tenn.
William L. Spencer, Bemidjl, Minn.
Bernard Sperlng, Philadelphia, Pa.
John J. Stelnmann, Woodside, N. Y.
William E. Strother, Neuse, N. C.
John L. Wall, Trenton, Ga.
George H. Walz, Collls, Minn.
Harold Wilklns. Homestead, Pa.
Shatter Wykle, Greenville, Tenn.
Frank L. Zabrowskl, Chicago, III.
Lt. Roy Thomas, Redondo, Cal.
Corp. Francis J. Downey, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Michael Cosgrove, New York, N. Y.
Edward Dwyer, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Frank Glowickl, Pittsburgh, Pa.
, William Hudson, Boones Mill, Va.
William Kane, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Charles J. Kelly, Albany, N. Y.
Francis O. Kelly, New York, N. Y.
William Lawless, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Samuel. F. Thompson, Brighton, N. Y.
Steven Walter Trzeciak, BuZalo, N. Y.
James F. Walker, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Abraham Zlrt, Ellenvllle, N. Y.
Einkaid in Washington
Washington, Nov. 19. (Special Tele
gram.) Judge Kinkald returned to Wash
ington today greatly improved In health
since his visit to Nebraska.
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mas delivery.
Schraoller & Mueller Piano Co.
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SL - -
Distinguished Service crosses
have been awarded by General
Pershing to the following officers
and men for extraordinary, heroism:
First Lt. Carl J. Sonstelie, West
Kalispell, Mont.; Sergt. Frank
Glomski, Eau Claire, Wis.; Private
Joseph A. Cheyie, Calumet, Mich.;
Private Wilfred Lloyd, Roscoe, 111.;
Sergt. George Westzenbelg, New
York City; Private Edwin Wiese,
Stv Louis, Mo.; First Lt. Frank
Bare, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Major
Isaac S. Ashburn, Greenville, Tex.;
Capt. Herbert N. Peters, Sabinal,
Tex.; Fistt Lt. James G. Hall, To-
hedo, O.; First Lt. Albert N. Hassin,
Killwood City. Ta.; Lt. Ldwartl K.
Warren, El Taso, Tex.; Second Lt.
George S. Shur.ian, Rugby, N. D.;
Sergt. John B. Cochran. Oklahoma
City. Okl.; Sergt. JohnW. Smalley.
Summitville, Ind.; Sergt. George
Abbott, Norman, Okl.; Sergt. Mar
tin H. Kinney, Dallas, Tex.; Sergt.
John E. Morphew, Truesdale, Okl.;
Sergt. William G. Greenfield, Logan,
Okl.; Corp. Louts H. Vptsaw, Leg
gett, Tex.; Corp. Wilbur S. Light.
Oklahoma City, Okl.; Corp. Will A.
Ball, Wynnewood, Okl.; Corp. Jesse
W. Grisham, Holland, Ark.; Pat
rick Nick Heinz, Holding Ford,
Minn.; Jack Cowan, Tulsa, Okl.;
Joseph A. Buffalo, Bixby, Okl.; Vic
tor Fredlund, Kingsburg, Cal.; Bart
L. Shadrick, Sapulpa. Okl.; Chas. W.
Kearns, Drumwright, Okl.; Andy
Keeton, Ozark, Ark.; Herbert E.
Barry, International Falls. Minn. "
Complains On Car Service
A communication from the Carey
Cleaning company to the city court
cil stating that "it is impossible t(
get a foothold on crosstown carl
between 7 and 8 a. m." was humorf
ously "referred to the mayor witl
power to act.
Come, Let Mother See!
When the cnild droops, won't play or is restless,
pale and grunty, look to see if the tongue is white,
the breath feverish, the stomach sour. Then
hurry, mother, but don't worry! Give Cascarets,
the harmless . candy cathartic. Children take
Cascarets without coaxing only 10 cents a boxl
TO MOTHERS! Nothing else "works" the nasty bile, the
sour fermentations and constipation poison so gently but so
thoroughly from the little stomach, liver and bowels like
harmless Cascarets. While children usually fight against
laxatives and cathartics, they gladly eat a candy Cascaret.
Cascarets never gripe the bowels, never sicken, never dis
appoint the worried mother. Each 10 cent box of Cascarets
contains directions for dose for children aged one year old
and upwards.
low To Avoid
Nothing yon can do will so effect- reasonably Bureof resist ing disease,
call? protect you bgainat the Infraenta You can do bo if you will just get a
or Gnppa epidemic as keeping your 25c. box of Hatow't Bemadj (NB
organs of digestion and elimination Tablets) and take one each night
active and your system free from
poisonous accumulations.
Doctors and health anthoritiei
everywhere are warning people of
ine a anger or consapauon, auu
advising, and urging everyone
to Bee that the bowels and other
eliminativB organs act freely
and remilarlv.
Ordinary laxative, nurses and
cathartics, salts, oils, calomel and the
like, are good enough to clean out the
II v D n
n r i it v
for sv while..
- KR Tablets do much more than
merely cause pleasant, easy bowel
action, i bis meaicine acts upon ido
digestive as weu as eiiminaawj
cgans, promotes gooa aigesuon,
'causes the body to get the nour
ishment from all the food you
eat. eivea you a ffood. hearty
.metite. strengthens the liver, over-
tomes biliousness, retrulates kidney
and bownl action and gives the whole
system, but do not strengthen the body a thorough cleaning out This
weakened organs; they do not build op accomplished you will not have to take
rit&litv. medicine every day. An occasional
Why don't yon begin right today NR Tablet will keep your body in con
to overcome constipation and get your dition and you can always feej yourbest
system in such shape that yon can feel Sold and recommended by druggists.
i I U . '-
Strands of Gray Hail
May Be Removed
Strands of gray hair are unatf
tractive and very unnecessary and
accelerate the appearance of ap
proaching age. Why not remove at
traces of gray in the'hair and pos
sess an even shado of beautiful darl
hair in bounteous quantities by th
use of "La Creole" Hair Dressing'
Used by thousands of people everj
day everywhere 'with petfec
satisfaction. No one 'need be an
noyed with gray hair hair streakec
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druff when offered such a prepara
tion as "La Creole" Hair Dressing
Apply it freely to scalp and hair
rubbing it in well, and after a fev
applications you will be delightfullj
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for gray or faded hair and retair
the appearance of youth. Used bj
gentlemen in every walk of lifetc
restor an even dark color tdtheh
gray hair, beard or mustache. Foi
sale by Sherman & McConnell Drug
Store and all good drug stores
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of-town customers filled promptly
upon receipt of regular price, 11,20
"La Creole" Hair Dressing is sold on
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A Simple Way to
Remove Dandruff
ThnrA i nno siirA WAV flint, lin
never failed to remove dandruff at
once, and that is to 'dissolve it, then
you destroy it entirely. , To do this
just get about fear ounces of plain
common liquid arvon from any druf
store (this is all you will need), ap
ply it at night when retiring; usi
, - , , i ' i , . i
enougn 10 moisten me scaip ana ru
it in gently with the finger tips.
By morning most if not all, o
your dandruff will be eone, an
three or four more applications wilt
completely dissolve and entirely de-J
stroy every single sign and triacet
of it, no matter how much dandruff
you may have.
You will find all itching, and dig
ging of the scalp will stop (instantly J
and your .hair will be fluffy, lust
rous, glossy, silky andsoft, and.
look and feel a hundred .times
fter each meal YOU eat one.
. L I
and getfull food value and real etonv
ach comfort. Instantly relieves heart'1
bora, bloated, gassy feeliof, STOPS
acidity, food repeating and stomach,
misery. AIDS digestidn; keeps the
stomach sweet and pure, I
EATONIC ia the bet remedy and only costW
cent or two a day to use it. You will be de-
lighted with reeufej. Satisfaction iruaranteoi
or money back. Please call and try it. v J
"Follow the Beaton Path," lSth. and
' Farnam Sti Omaha. I
BEATON DRUG CO., Omaha, Neb.
Georgia College Professor Discovers Deadly Enemy to
Influenza Germ First Used It to Protect Own
Family. Just a Few Drops Inhaled From Pocket Hand
kerchief Disinfects Nose and Throat.
A NEW preventive treatment for Spanish Influenza, called
Wilson's Solution, has just been placed on the market
and is now on sale by leading druggists in Omaha. The
It is Professor Wilson's theory
that the influenza germs in the nose
formula was perfected by Professor
Robert C. Wilson, head- of the de
partment of pharmacy of one of the
leading educational institutions of
the country, and is composed of the
most powerful antiseptics and germ
icides known'to science. All that is
necessary is to inhale the vapors
from a few drops on the handker
chief. Tht odor, although very
penetrating, is not unpleasant, and
has a very soothing effect on the
respiratory organs.
' On account of Professor Wilson's
high standing as a man of learning,
thousands of people in his home city
began using the preparation as soon
as it became known that he had per
fected the formula without any ad
vertising whatever. In only a few
days' time the nearby towns and
cities began clamoring for it, and
Professor Wilson was forced to be
gin its manufacture upon an ex
tensive scale.
Professor Wilson first made the
preparation to use in his own family
and gave a small quantity of it to
one of his neighbors. The neighbor
told others and in only a short time
the news spread rapidly over the
city. On the third day alone one
retail druggist sold over five hun
dred bottles. Leading physicians,
specialists and bacteriologists give
the preparation their unqualified
indorsement and are recommending
it, to ineir patients. .
and throat can be killed by the va
pors from his solution just as 'you
can kill the germs in a room by
fumigation. The fact that health
authorities recommend the use cf
medicated masks seems to support
his theory.
Wilson's Solution is especially
valuable because it can be conveni
ently carried on the person and
should be inhaled from the handker
chief at frequent intervals daring
the day, especially when entering
crowds or public places.
As a further precaution, Profes
sor Wilson strongly recommends
spraying the nose and throat night
and morning with the solution in di
luted form, according to directions
on the bottle.
Although composed of the most
powerful germicides, the prepara
tion is harmless when used in the
above manner. A 35-cent bottle is
sufficient for a week's .treatment.
Wilson's Solution is also known as
Anti-Flu, and is sold by all drug
gists. Professor Wilson states that
his solution is to be used as a pre
ventive treatment only, and not as
a cureT If you contract Spanish
Influenza, he says, call your doctor
at once. Richardson Drug Co.,
wholesale distributors for this section.
Rectal Diieasei Cared without a severe surgical
operation. No Chloroform or Ether uied. Cure
guaranteed. PAY WHEN CURED. Write for illui
trated book on Rectal Diaeaaea, with namea and
testimonial of more than 1,000 prominent peopla
who have been permanently cured.
I DR. E. R. TARRY, 240 Bee Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
' C Rub Dandruff andT i
Itcluna wittt
1 Cuticura Ointment
Shaapo With Cation Sm
Far Constipation
Carter's littb
liver Pilb
will set you right
over night
Purely Vegetable
Small PHI, Small Doae, Small Price
Carter's Iron Pills
Will restore color to the facet) of
those who lack Iron In the Wood,
as most pale-faced people da
Dr. King's New Discovery
used since Grant Was
President. Get a bot-
tie today.
It did it for your grandma, fof
your father. For fifty years this
well-known eough and cold remedy
has kept an evergrowing army of
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For half a century druggists
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tle in your medicine cabinet You
may need it in a hurry. Sold , by
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Bowels Acting Properly?
They ought to, for constipation
makes the body retain waste mat
ters and impurities that undermine
the health and play havoc with the
entire system. Dr. King's New Life
Pills are reliable and mild in action.
All druggists. 25c Ad.

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