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South Side
-Delegation Which Represents
Packers and Stock Exchange
Find Conditions Good in Ne
braska, Idaho and Utah.
Women to Have No Part
In Serving Annual May
Dinner of M. E. Church
Women had. better look to their
laurels. It is asserted by both F. A.
Cressy, proprietor of the Cressy
snoe store on the outh Side, and
A. F. Stryker, secretary-traffic man
ager of the Omaha Live Stock ex
change that women will be relegated
to a place of secondary importance
when the male members of the
urace M. E; church invade the cul
inary field.
A dinner is to be given by the
men 'of the Grace M. E. church
Thursday afternoon from 5:30 to
7:30. Women will have no part in
either preparing or serving the din
ner. Though none of the' men who 'will
assist in preparing and serving the
Men's annual May day dinner are
devotees of the domestic art. they
are confident that the feast, the
all its details.
'AVives who complain of the diffi
culty ' of '' satisfying 4he palates of
"their lords and masters" . will for
once find themselves s occupying the
enviable positions of their husbands
at the board." But the men antici
pate little difficulty in pleasing their
spouses so .confident are they in
their ability to put forth an . "in
comparable meal."
Male .members of the Grace
church say that the experience de
rived in preparing and serving the
dinner will put them in good trim
for the coming days of woman's suf
frage when the position of the male
and female' will be reversed. ,
The women on the other hand
take this infringement of their na
tural domain in good-natured sym
t Let the poor things suffer, they
say, "and go blithely on in their own
sweet way.
Feeling that they had fully ac
complished what they set out to do,
30 Omaha live stock commission
men. representatives of the packing
' interests, bank and stock yards, re-
' Unio P-rifirXr.- y m preparation of.' which they are at
Farmers and live stock producers
are enjoying a period of unprece
, dented prosperity and seem to be
completely satisfied with- existing
, cuiiuiuons, according to the reports
of the returned group of boosters.
Optimism prevails in all sections of
the west and a feeling of co-opera-
: tion seems to have resulted from the
common sacrifice and sharing of the
burdens imposed by the war.
Plenty 6t Cattle. s'
There are "more and better condi
tioned cattle in the western states
at the present time than at any pre
vious time in the history of this
country, according to. C. A. Smith,
traffic manager of the Union Stock
yards. A mild winter and a suffi
cient amount of feed has brought
about this condition, he stated.
The, delegation was lieartilv wel-
t coined at every point in its itinerary,
Various commercial organizations
and business men arranged special
programs for the delegates. At Og
den, Utah, a special athletic carnival
was held for the Omaha boosters,
The method by which Ogden ob
. tains -its water supply was shown to
the travelers. Forty-Seven artesian
wells supply Ogden with her water.
I From Davton. Ida., tr Oo-rln
Utah, the trip was made by automo- ; tkst-i
wie. i itie beauty of the country in
that section- was in itself worth the
trip, said many of the men.
Utah's Cache valley was also vis
ited., - . - - -r-'
Attend Conventions.
More than 16 towns were visited
ly the. members of the delegation.
The itinerary had been so arranged
that the delegation was euabled to
attend many of -the live stock pro
ducers' conventions in progress at
the various points. Mr. Smith, who
headed the delegation; Bruce Mc
Culloch, editor of the Stockman's
Journal, and R. D. McManus, adver
tising manager of the Armour Pack
nig company, addressed many of
these gatherings.
A snow storm stalled the delega
tion for 36 hours at Hay Springs,
Neb., before the trip was well un
der way, but this only served to
stimulate the spirits of the men. Be
fore the tru; - had been completed
live stock producers, farmers and
others had been convinced that in
svn.M.B vuKcmcr anu co-operatins m. b. i-hnrrw .r ......
' nJ "v nuiit ui an tomiegieua "mn oy me Kev. c. C. Wilson.
Wore Than 1,500 Delegates
Expected to Enroll Before
' Monday Evening; First1
Sessions Held Saturday.
South Side Brevities
FOR SALE 8-room house,
18th. Tel. So. 2639.
1817 Bo.
Di Cox. Dentist New location, 922 Se
curils Bldg., Sixteenth and Farnam Sis
Get your urn from Square Deal Dairy
3. O. Orabowsky. .Proo. Phone South
house. '
with thp-mpar inrinttrv1 T-
, - - uu.. j . t. ir uuni
. not be profitable for either the com-
.-- mission man, packer or business
. man to cheat the farmer, it was
pointed out by the delegates, since
;he whole future of the industry is
ultimately dependent upon the pro
ducer. Neither is it to the farmer's
t nterest to demand cut-throat prices
or his products because of the pos
sible reaction of the consumer.
South Side Man Meets
Soldiers From Home
Town With Belgians
One of Omaha's prominent Russian-American
business men. E.
Vaks, a clothier and furnisher on
the South Side, witnessed the pa
rade of the Belgian soldiers yes- !
terday and after! the march h in
quired among them for any' that
could speak Russian language and
found two, Edward Bodewiez and
Michel Dees, both of whom had
been in Vak's home town of
Odessa,- Russia, and in the home
:own of Vak's wife, Moscow.
,. (Mr. Vak was a candidate for rep
resentative in 1918 and is president
of the Junk Dealers' Protective asso
ciation. -
Live Stock Exchange Goes
Over the Top by $70,000
In a. final effort to keep its war
record unsullied the Omaha Live
stock exchange in the Victory Loan
Irive- cleared the top by over $70,
XX). The quota of the exchange and
ts allied interests was $250,000.
:i iiucii auustriyuons were totaled
hey showed 913 bonds sold. Fifty
iive firms were privileged to display
' I. . 1 An . i ,
jw jjcr cent oanner Dy . noon
Saturday. .
It had been expected to raise the
-ntire amount apportioned the ex
change by Thursday, but subscrip
tions lagged. Heads of the commit
tees conducting the drive redoubled
'heir efforts and succeeded in put-
.-..ft Awuaiic in uic iuu per
.ent .class.
, .South Side Bazaar to Be
Continued Over Sunday
Because of the great success of
jhe bazaar being given by the Holy
SALE -rnom. well furnished
Cheap If taken at ' once. 2407 N
Phone So. 1884.
Buy your Victory note on the tl-per-week
plan through the Live Stock Nation
al bank. Twenty-fourth and N streets. -
FOR SALE 7 rooms, all modern, cor
ner lot; shade trees. Owner leaving city.
A bargain if taken at once. Joseph F.
Murphy. So, 71. v.
FOR SALE (-room house: full base
ment; good .location, i blocks from the
packing houae, 1 block from West Q ear
line. 6025 South 42d street.
Buy Victory Notes. Payments may be
made now through the Live Stock Nation
al Bank, 24th and N Btreets. 10 per cent
with subscription and II per week.
FOR SALE New 7-roora house nearly
completed; modern; finish Is oak, ma
hogany and white enamel. Located at
4519 So. 22d. For price phone) -Harney
The ladies of St. Arnn ranrl TT-
esters. No. 66 will elect officers Sunday
. j Ti.". ,;J"' ' ne election win be
held at St. Agnes hall. Twenty-third and
i streets. ..
For sale by owlner. 2 6 -room cottages.
une is vacant Newly papered. Can have
Ctwsrmign al once. LiC-catAri 31a
Bireeis. raving all paid for. A. Strand,
oouin zjsi. rnone South 2560.
a inert u. Dawson and M1 H...U)
Bratt, both prominent young people of
Ueneva. Neb., were married at the Qraca
We now have a fresh suttnlv of &r.n
ton hard coal. Our advice la: Order your
. muwiy now, ana be safe.
Kratky Bros., 4805 South 24th street
uuu. bu. iu ana oo. 4U0.
A children's program will be given at
S.V.I- . n my fternoon at the Social
Tt.. '. ail. . V, "lf ,,nln ,na tets.
KSt0r Jel'?ra . 'easue of the South
Omnha High school will give a Japanese
""cam cuneiacinv nr miu n mi -..-
stories. -w-. "
winh De"re of Honor Lodge No. IIS
nesday evening at Eagle's hall. Twentv.
imra and N streets. Raggy Rubin and
m,1 ia"0U f muslclan will furnish the
if. . frlz win De awarded,
i Tne X. L. club will give a dance Tues-
'7!," nan, Twenty
third and N streets. ,
An InterearlnBr nrnram j m
. . . tns worK 01 Americaniza
tion of forelanera at tha .T,.nv,a.. .t.w.
school Friday evening. Judge Troup and
Prof. A. W. Tongul, principal of the night
school, delivered Interesting discourses on
the value, opportunities and duties of the
foreigners In America. Violin and vocal
solos were also rendered by the students
Of the school. A llnrhnnn ln. .1
HOME FOR SAT.S! ct . k , .
live rooms ana sunrnnm nn if
with three small rooms finished upstairs
uM.-u.ior scoraire or spare bed
rooms. Finished In nob anrt kli. i
ard In very good condition. Cement drive
way and Karaite: shed tu -.
.'u''9 !outn Twenty-second street, in one of
e.I "'"uence sections the South
Side Price 13,250; terms desired. W.
; & Sons, Keellne Bldg. Douglas
f ...
Complete lines at low prices:
Baby carriages;
Boll bugsles;
Kitchen cabinets; "
Free sewing machines; , ,
Orafanolas; '
Klectrlo vacuum sweepers;
Oil stoves;
Ice boxes.
Crete Welcomes Returned
" 4 Soldiers With Banquet
DeWitt, Neb., April 26. (Spe.
cial.) Crete gave a rousing receD
Ition to its returned sailors, and sol
uicrs mis weeK. ine nroirram in.
eluded a banquet, addresses, music,
singing and dancing. Includine the
guests,- there were plates set for 200
persons, the Kev. Mr. Lressman
pronounced the invocation and
Charles E. Marion delivered an ad
dress ot welcome to the boys who
nad returned tp their homes.
Dance and Style Show.
Invitations are out for a dance
and summer fashion show to be
hf Id in the. Auditorium Saturday
evening, May 10, given by the Union
Outfitting company. A band of 25
pieces has been engaged. ........
The latest summer fashion will
be shown on livinar models. Some
of the prettiest girls in Omaha have
Ghost parish it will be continued un
it . midnight Sunday. The bazar
whiich was begun Wednesday, is
being held at the IndeDendent Tele-
.hone company Duilding. TntylLV"?J?tF
titth and M streets. "e-ew
oiuu. iiauy 9uiiiac9 arc in diurc
tor the guests at this fashion show,
It was intended to close the ha
Friday evening, but because of the
ireat interest manifested in it by
South Siders, it was decided to con
tinue it for a short time.
The funds raised at the bazaar will
be used in the erection of a new
parish at Fifty-second and Q
streets.'-- - -
Blow by Propeller Blade
Kills Man in Flying Circus
Indianapolis, April '26. Mechani
cian Frank Pride of Uniontown,
Abu, enlisted man attached to the
Victory v loan flying circus, was
fatally injured here today when his
aead was crushed by a propeller
blade on a machine which he was at
'motfev to Start
The management says it will be the
last word in latest Fifth avenue
styles. ' .
This show has been purposely de
layed so as to find out in advance
and display only style creations
that have taken well in Paris and
New York. s
The dance will,begin at 8:30 and
will last till midnight and possibly
Ohio Fruit Crop Damage
Estimated At $2,000,000
Columbus, O., April 26. Vernon
H. Davis of (the state department of
agriculture estimated the fruit dam
age by cold weather in Ohio at $1,
500.000 to $2,000,000.
Grand Island, Neb., April 26.
ine delegates to the Nebraska State
Baptist convention have begun to
arrive by train and auto. The crest
of the registration will come Mon
day evening, by which time prob
ably 1,500 will have enrolled.
Preliminary business meetinffs of
ine various committees and board of
the convention were held at the
Y. M. C. A., and the First Presby-
xerian cnurcn Saturday atternoon
and evening. There was also held
an important meetinsr of -the hoarrl
of trustees of Grand. Island college
at me it. m. k,. a. Saturday evening.
The first public service was the
World Wide Guild rally at the First
Christja church which closed with
a banquet. The World Wide Guild
is the national missionary organiza
tion of Baptist young women. There
will probably be 200 of them at the
The first public service at the
Liederkranz auditorium began Satur-
aay mgnr. and was the opening
bcssioii oi ine state young Peoples
Sunday School convention. Mr. D.
t. Magnuson, banker, of Chapman,
Neb.,' is president and Rev. J. D.
Collins of Lincoln, N.eb., is state
director. A banner is awarded each
year to the Sunday school which
brings the most people and travels
the most miles to the rnnvntinn
Another banner is awarded, in like
manner, to the best represented
Young Peoples' society. .
Musical Talent
Prof. E. O. Excell. world famniia
composer of Sunday school songs
and editor of Sunday school song
books, with his eauallvi famous
pianist, Mr, Roper, had charge of the
convention for the first 45 minutes
Saturday evening. There will be a
similar musical program at the be
ginning of each session. '
Following the musical nroo-ram
State Director .Collins brought be
fore the committee some reports of
uic worK in me state, ine wvening's
session closed with an address by
Rev. James Asa White, Ph. D. of
v.i:icago, wno is general secretary of
the International Baptist Young
Peoples Union of America. -One
of the" most unique features
oi tne convention is to be the con
vention Sunday school beginning
ounaay morning. All delegates and
visitors will assemble just as they
would at their own churches for the
Sunday school hour Sta n,v.nr
j. u. Lollins will act as superintend
ent. Arrangements have been made
to bring in all the Baptist Sunday
sluuois or r ne nearby towns in
auios ana Dy . train to hold theii
session in connection with the' con
vention Sunday school.
Convention Sermon. .
Rey. Gilbert M. Brink, D. D. of
rrnianeipnia will be . the preacher
" convention sermon at 11
o clock. Dr. Brink wan fnr vr, ;n
charge of the educatidnal work of
the American Baptist Home Mission
society, in this capacity he super
vised more than 30 schools and col
leges, within th,e past year he has
been elected as the general secretary
and the chief executive officer of the
American ' Baptist Publication
society. . :
The Sunday afternoon uuinn
will be devoted largely to the dis
cussion Of methods in Sundav srhnl
and in young people's work.
.The closing address of the eve
ning will be given ' by Pres. E. Y
Mullins, D. D.. LL. D.. of the South
ern Baptist Theological seminary,
Louisville, Ky. Mr. Mullins will be
the guest of honor of the conven
tion and will sneak each mornino-
and each afternoon.
' College a Feature.
The chief features of the con
vention Monday will be the con
sideration of, the interests of Grand
island college. A college banquet
will be heJd at 5 o'clock i n hnnnr
of the new president, Arthur T.
Belknap, and the evening session
will be given over to the inaugura
tion ceremonies. Chancellor Avery,
of the state university, will be pres
ent and officiate. The entire new
faculty of the college will be pres
ent ' on the platfrom and will be
presented to the convention at this
There are about 200 Bantist
churches in Nebraska, with a mem
bership of about 21.000 There are
about 125 ministers. The member
ship is increasing at the rate of
about 10 per cent every year. The
religious activities of the conven
tion cover the expenditure of about
$100,000 a year. Rev. Ray E. York
of . Lincoln, Neb., is the executive
secretary. Rev. O. H. Bancroft of
Omaha is financial secretary.
Industrial News
of. the Day
Receipts werei
Official Monday- ...
Official Tuesday ...
Official Wednesday
Official Thursday .
Official Friday ...
Entlmate Saturday
( days It-la week..
Same last week. ...19.T6I
Same t weeks ajo..i7.!l
Same weeks aso..J5,81
Same year ago 40.20
. .7I
J, 061
RecelDtS and HlannaltlAn nf llva atnrk at
the Union Stock yards, Omaha Neb., for
.1 li0Jn ending at S o'clock p. m., April
to, ifll,
receipts Cars.
Cattle Bon Cheep
4.V0I 11,117 I. let
1. 131
. 1,170
Union Pac. ,
C. & N. W east ...
a N. W., west . . .
C., St P., M. A O. .
C B. A Q.. east...
C. B. A Q., west...
C. R. I. A P. ..
ill. Cen
Total Receipts . . .
Cattle. Hog-s. Sheep.
'? Pfttvaa TTna- fllia.n
Morris A Co .. 1 a
Swift A Co i 22a
Cudahy Pack. Co. , .. 2,163
Armour A Co. j .. 1.161
SchwarU A Co. 1,283
Cutlahy for St. Paul 17
wuaany from Kan. City . . : .... J07
Total ; ..n 7,067 307
Cattle There wens onlv three lnnrtu n
cattle on sale, supplies for the week
mourning- to 1T.75 head. Trading- cles
ed steady on the big bulk of the medium
io gooa steers and a quarter his her on
the ROOd handV Wetft-ht hfmvM anH hanHw
yearlings, beat kinds of steers sold up to
n.ou mis weea, prime Kinds were quot
able UD to 118.00. Butcher atnrlr la nrait.
tlcally steady with last week and. feeders
uiunea sceaay to strong;.
VUOtatlOns on rnttln? 9rim ataApa
tl7.0018.00; good to choloe beevea, 16.00
iair o gooa peeves, f!4.76v
16.76; common to fair beeves, 81J.60
14.60; godd to choice yearlings, $16.25
"'; iair vo gooa yearlings, 013.Z6W16.00
oommon to fair yearlings. I10.0013.00
aood to i-IiaIi h.ir.,1 us vcaii c
prime cows, $1!.0013.76;' good' to choice
uuwa, tlv.ZDW12.Q0; talr to good cows.
S.0010.26; common to fair cows,, 11.260
cuuica prime reeaers, sif.toiD.60
good to choice feeders. 113.00611 a- m.
dlum to good feeders, 111.00013.00; good
to choice stockers, I12.0013.60; fair to
gooa stockers, ilo.OOtf 11.00; common to
Jl' stockers. $8.009.60; stock heifers,
o.nviv.gv, miocK cows, is.ovv.60; stock
calves, I8.00ll.25; veal calves. 18.000
ouub, iLags, etc., i.uu(pii.7B.
Bogs Eighty-four carloads of hogs
were received at this market Saturday
M.uiiuuK eaiiuiaiea ai o,uuv oeaa Re
ceipts for the week were some 17,000 less
than either a week or -a year ago. Every
day but one has recordede advances thia
ween wun tne Heaviest advance on Tues
day. there belnst further aalne Wednna,
day and. Thursday with Thursday's-prices
int, iiigneBi in ine nistory ot the yards.
Bulk of hogs mold that day from 120.36
20.66 with' a- ton ' of 220.8S' and
cost of 120.49 K. There was a weaken
ing of values on Friday with tfca general
umrnei lutpiDc lower man tne nigh time,
pari oi mis ions was regained again gat
urdayi- Saturday's bulk being 820.26O
20.60 with a top at 820.86, Saturday's
trade being fully steadyto Co higher than
r riuiiy.
Advancesvfor the week Is H5rSHB
8heep and Larata There were only two
loaas or sneep nere Saturday, receipts
for the week total 30,360 head. The fat
iami marKet tne past week has been
very erratic affair, quotations having
changed from day to day, the tendency
oeing lower wun tne exception of the
opening day of the week. The under
tone has been very weak, Influenced large
ly a auu eastern dressed lamb market,
decline for week being 81.00, handy weight
lambs now being quotable from 818.760
19.00, heavier lnbetween grades ranging
down to 818.00.
There has been a scarcity of aged stuff
nere ana not mucn cnange in prices, pos
sibly 60c lower. Fat ewes are quot
able from 113.76 16.00.
Quotations on Sheep and Lambs Iamhs.
good to choice, $15.75019.00; lambs, fair
in gooa, is.uuq19.yo;. snearing lambs,
817.O017.6O: yearllna-8. rood to choice.
J16.0017.00; wethers, fat, 316.00016.00;
ewes, gooa to cnoice, l4.uolb.uo; ewes,
fair to good, f 12.00014.00. ,
Chicago Live Stock. . '
Chtcaao. Anrll 26. r?ttlA ftAcatnta.
1,000; compared with a week ago. choice
steers, steady others unevenly 26c to 6oo
lower. Ughtweicrht suffering moat: best
she stock, 60c to 76e lower; canners and
tow graaes. zea to 60c lower: feeders
mostly 25c lower; fleshy kind off more;
veal calves, $1.5001.76 lower.
Hogs Receipts. 7.000: market stroasr
iu oc uigner man yesteraav'a averae-a:
bulk of sales, $20.80021.10; heavyweight.
320.95021.10: medium weight. t20.70ffi)
21.05: lightweleht. 220.25021.00 Azht
light, $18.75020.70; sows, $18.7 6 0 20.50,
pigs, $17.26018.00.
BheeD and Lambs Hecelnta. S OOA- mar.
ket steady today; compared with a week
ago, wooiea lambs and light yearlings
mostly 40o to 60o lower; shorn lambs,
76o to $1 lower: best matured sheen.
steady; In-between grades, weak to lower.
Kansas City live Stock.
Kansas City,' Mo.. April 26. TJ. S. Bu
reau of Markets.) Cattle Receipts, 360
head; steady; steers, $10.60019.26; cows
and heifers. $6.65015.60; calves. $9,250
13.60; stockers, $8.60016.25.
Hogs Receipts, 900 .;. head; steady:
heavies, $20.70020.80: lights. 819.000
20.60; sows, $19.60020.60; pigs, $16,000
19.60. x
Sheep and Lambs Receipts. 1.E00 head:
weak; lambs, $16.00018.25;. ewes, $9,500
f Sioux City Lire Stock.
Sioux " City. lav. AdtII 26. Hon Rel
ceipte, 0,000; market steady; light $20.26
20.60; mixed, $20.36020.60: heavy $20.40
20.65; bulk of sales, $20.35020.56.
Cattle ReceiDts. 700: market atenrfv
beef steers. $11.60015.60: fat cows and
neiiers, 88.Uttijjii3.oo; canners, $5.0007.00;
siuuiters ana reeaers, ss.buajjiz.bu; feed
ing cows and heifers, $7.00010.00. .
Sheep Receipts, 600; market steady, ,
St. Joseph Live Stock.
St. Joseph, , Mo.. April 26, Cattle Re
ceipts, 200 head nominal; steers, $13.00
18.26; cows and heifers, $5.60015.66;
calves, $6.00018.50.
Hogs Receipts, 2,600 Jiead; top, $20.80;
bulk, $20.16020.80. ; ' - ,
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 660 head;
nominal; tamos, tis.uvgil'.OO; ewes, 314.
New Tork. April lu tls and ells
divided honors In today's extremely active
stock market, the turnover for the two
hours being on the bants ot $,000,000
sharea for a full session.
The demand for rails differed from re
cent movements In that it centered very
largely in high grade or dividend paying
snares, although . minor or reorganised
Issues were well to the fore.
Gross advances in Canadian Pacific
Southern Pacific, Atchison, and other
trans-continentals and grangers extended
from 1 to almost 3 points, Reading
and other coalers sharing moderately.
Royal Dutch Issues featured the oils,
shares of the , original company gaining
7tt points and the local Issue virtually
6 points -to the accompaniment of .various
bull rumors.
The strength of Royal Dutch was - the
more striking because of Incessant pressure
against Mexican Petroleum, which mads
but little recovery from Its t point re
action. .
American Locomotive waa strongest of
the equipments and United States Steel,
which made way In point of activity to
several other Issues of less prominence,
held all but a smalt fraction of Its ltt
point advance.
Shippings, motors and metals were Ir
regular, also sugars and tobaccos, but
Ohio Cities Oas responded to a cut In the
quarterly dividend with a net gain of 2
points. ,
Bonds, especlall9Wrallway Issues were
firm. Total sales, Rir value, aggregated
$6,660,000. Old United States bonds were
unaltered on call during the week.
New Tork Stock List.
Number of shares and the range of prices
of the leading stocks were as follows:
Open. High Low. Close.
Am. Bt. Sug. ..... 400 754. 76 75
Am. can .40O 621 it 2
Am. Car A Fdry... 1,600 95tt 95tt 95
Am. H. A L. pfd... 3.100 111 110 111
Am. Loco.... 80,000 76 tt 73 76 tt
Am. amen, at net., i.uuu 72 VI "4 72
Am. Sug. Ref. .... 300 129 128 128
am. sum. 10 o. ... sou 1U5 I06tt 1064
Am. Tel. A Tel. .. 1,200 102 101 102
Am. Z, L. A 8. . ,, 200 14 . 14 14
Anaconda Copper.. 1,300 61 61 tt 61 tt
Atcnison .11, auu 9Vi 4 96
A., O. A W, I. S. 8. 1,300 136 134 135
uaia. uoro s.siiu z4 90tt91
Bait. A Ohio 3.600 IM 48 ... 48
Beth. Steel, "B" .. 7,900 76 74 tt 76
suite at oup. wop.. 400 zz 21 23
400 28 27tt 27
900 162tt 161 163
1,900 80 80 80tt
el 61
1,700 38 37 38
700 96 95 95
t.SUO zg Z6 26
100 35 26 35
uoio. r uet- a iron. 400 43
Corn Products ... . 7,500 62
urucime steel .... 1,800 68
uuoa cane sugar.. 1,000
Dlst. See. Corp. .. 2,200
Erie 3.700
uen. Elec
Oen. Mot
Ot. Nor; pfd. ...
Gt. Nor. Ore ctfs.
Omaha, April J, i$.
buuTof hc.ll?K.o, " "-p th.
wire V ,"h.t '.rJ'v,,- weat receipts
bitar 1 VS. " rye 4 can and
wUh a la." -CVn .ola "P to 3 oenu,
Ina at l.tP.art.0 th ortng. brlng
.Hv.Vc.S i J c,nt" over yttday. Oats
higher and barley 3 to 3 cents up. Wheat
ha"d rn' w,,n.'' or two on
ioaay. Wk ago. Yr. ago
Wheat . . . ,
Barley ....
Oats ,
... 4
... 1
. 4 .
, 1
., Wheat. Corn. Oats.
on.vnu -..... 1Z
Kansas City ...... 23
St. Loos 43
Minneapolis 111
Winnipeg 194
Carroll Bank Gosed
by State Officials to
Pay 75 Cents on $ I
Real Estate Transfers
1. H. Louge and wife to O. B.
Dske. Titus Ave. 42 ft of 28
Ave n. s. 44x120 ....,....$ 4,100
?aai, noaaer ana nusband to ueo.
J. Relnhardt, 19 st. 100 ft. a of
Sahler st. e. a. 40x130
Llssle Wehde to Katie Petersen,
20 at. 130 ft n. of M at., w. 9.
25x130 fc ... 1
LeRoy Cockerlll and wife to Edward
F. Williams, Howard St. 86.33 ft.
w. of 27th st. s. a. 3.3Sx61.7
Ralph J. Pugsley and wife to Elisa
beth K. Tlghe, Brown St. 106
ft of 4!d st. n. s. 63x124
John F. Murphtf and wife to Annla
Clark, 20 st. 160 ft. a. of Leaven
worth st., 60x162
William J. Petersen and wlfa to
Patrick N. Burns. Catelar at.,
150 ft. e. of 38 st a. s. 60x121
W. It. Ralnbolt and wife to James
A. Waller, n. e. cor. 19 and Evans
st. 41x1041 ft
George T. Morton and wife to Jen
nie Kobb et al 66 st. 417 ft. n.
Vhlte. 8 n 1171. 1 ...
No. $ white, 1 car, $1.69 (old); 1
l.'i; iv,car' No- white 2
!; No. 6 white. 1 car. $1.68; 1
mj. 1 yvuow, 1 car 81,71.
w, 8 cars. $1.70: 1 car 11 cs
yellow, 1 car $1.69; 1 car $1.6tt: 11
j; 8: 2 ears. $1.67. No. 4 yellow, 1
$1.66. No. 6 yellow, 1 car, $1.66 S
Cal. Pet
Can. Pacific
Cen. Leather. . . . .
Ches. A.Ohio
C, M. A St Paul..
C. R. I. A Pao...
Chlno Copper.
1 i
111. Cen.
Insplr. Copper.
Int. M. M. ofd.
Int Nickel ...
Int. Paper . . . .
Kan. City So. .
Ken., Copper...
Mex. ret.
Mldvale Steel .
is. Pac.
Mont. Power ..
Nev. Copper . . .
N. T. Central.
N. T.. N. H. AH... 19,600 31
Nor. A Wes. .... 1,600 105
Nor. Pac. ........ 6,000 93 tt
racmc dtiau zuu
Pirn-Am, Pet 14.900
Penn 4,100
Pitts, ft W. Va. .. 2.100
Pitts. Coal 900
Ray Con. Con 800
Kep. I. A 8. .
Sin. Oil A Ref.
So. Pac.
So. Railway...
Stude. Car. ..
Texas o.
42' 43
61 62
67 68
28' 28tt 28tt
76 74 76
17 17 17
ZUV 1SZ 162 "4 IBZ'4
6.100 181 180 18H.J4
7,400 92 91 92
2,900 44 43 43
600 101 100 101
700 49 49 49
6,900 117 116, 117
7,700- .26 26, 26
. 4,000 63
. 3,000 23
. 1,200 32
.42,500 182 ,
. 1,700 46
.35,900 28
. 100 70
. 600 16
4.4UU 78
62 63
23 23
32 324
176 177
45 45
Z6 28
. 700
63.300 109 107 108
8,900 29 28 29
6,200 77 75 76
j. auu zm zi7 Z1S
Real Estate Market in
Councif Bluffs Active
Wallace Beniamin & Comoanv of
Council Bluffs reoort the followinsr
sales for the past two weeks:
flnr. xr T- . . . e.i. .
iiumvi, iwu tuts mtk wni aveuuv
and 27th Street.
D. w. Stevens, Lot 21, Cottage Acres.
Wm. Guilfovle. house at 1522 Scnnd
Emma Marrln, Lot 63, Lakoma.
Anna Sataxapa of Omaha. Lot on 4th
Avenue and 36th Street
Lawrence Hansen, Lot 39, Lakoma.
W, H. McMurray, Lot 62, Lakoma..
Elmer Long. Lot 88, Lakoma.
R. B. Beasley, Lot 14, Lakoma.
E. F. McClure. house, at 2013 Avenue C.
H. P. Mathlason, Lot 33, Cottage Acres.
C. W. Flower, Lot 60. Lakoma.
Will Haney, house at 2649 2d Avenue.
James DeWitt, house at 3629 2d Ave
nue, a
Elmer A. Robertson, Lot 43, Lakoma.
raver Bros. Report Sales
pf Many Vacant Lots
Traver Bros, report sales on va
cant lots active" n,T he following lots
were sold recently, most of the sales
being made during the week:
Lot 3, block 3. Reddlck extension, at
26th Ave. and Pinkney St., to Barry Chris
topherson, at 2520 Lake St
Lot 2. block 3. Reddlck extension, to
Charles H. Ranke, at 1709 Dodge St.
Lot 4. block 3, Reddlck extension, sold
on contract
Lot 6, block 3, Reddlck extension, to
Everett Lynne Kilgore, 2311 Sherman Ave.
Lot 8. block 3, Reddlck extension, to
Loui Grunborg, 3016 Pinkney St
Lot 19, block 2, Moe s sub., to Charles
Mair. 4729 No. 38th St
Lot 7, block 8. A. S. Patrick's add., to
Annie .Andreaon. ..
. New Tork Coffee.
New Tork, April 26. The market for
coffee future showed continued or Increas
tng strength during today's earlier trad
ine, with all deliveries making new high
ground for the movement There was
covering and a broadening demand from
commission nouses and trade sources which
seemed to be based upon the reiteration
on the small crop estimates, firmness In
Brazil and reports of further advances in
tha local spot markets. -
July contracts sold at 17.63c and March
at 16.25c. or 80 to 64 points net higher
on the active months. The close was a
few points off from the best under real
izing, out snowed a net gain of 26 to 34
points. Closing bids: May. 17.66c: Julv.
17.46c; September, 16.89c; October, 16.72c;
December, 16.35c; January, 16 25c, March,
Spot Coffee Firm; Rio 7a, 1818ttc;
oaniun as, A6 n (tpzifittc.
f ; Now York Money.
New Tork, April 26. Mercantile paper
Sterling Sixty day bills, $4.63; com
mercial sixty-day bills on banks, $4.62c;
commercial sixty-day bills, $4.62: de
mand. $4.66; cables, $4.67.
Francs Demand, $6.09; -cables $6.07.
Guilders Unchanged.
Lire Demand, $7.66; cables, $7.60.
Mexican dollars Unchanged. . - '
Bank Conditions.
New Tork, April 26. The actual con
dition of clearing house banks and trust
companies for the week shows that they
hold $45,487,000 reserve in excess of legal
requirements. This Is a decrease of $10,
608,400 from last week.
Dry Godds.
New Tork.' April 26. Sheetings market
today grew stronger and more active.
Tarns were more active and higher. Wool
goods were In Bteady demand. Silks were
bought more liberally.
Kansas City lToduce. ".
Kansaa City, Mo., April
r Lrini.
Butter Weak. '-
Poultry Hena. Initio- higher;
29 c.
Turpentine and Rosin.
Savanah, Oa., April 26. Holiday In naval
New Tork Coffee.
New Tork, April 26. Coffee, No. 7 Rio,
1818c. Futures, steady; May, 17.66o;
July. 17.46c
New Tork Cotton. ,
New , Tork. . April . 26. Cotton, annt.
steady; middling. 29.50a
inn, .rw. -...... i,6JV 21V
Tob. Products 1,800 89 88 89
Union Pac. ...... 3.900 132 130 132
United Clg. Stores. 2,800 134 133 133
u. a. jnu. Al, .... d.iuu 101 149H 15U
U. S. Steel 60,600 101 99 101
Wes. Union 500 86 86 86
West. Elec 8.300 60 49 v. En
Willys-Overland .. 6,700 22 32 32 tt
iw o.icb iwr in aay. ouu.uvv snares.
0,"' Local Stock and Bonds.
Quotations furnished bv Burns Ttrln
ker & Co., 449-452 Omaha National Bank
Stocks . Bid. Asked
Deere A Co., pfd 9$ 97
Beatrice cream, com
Beatrice Cream, pfd.. ...... .100
Burgess-Nash 7s, pfd ..100
Cudahy Packing, com 111
Dempster Mill Mfg. Co., com. 99
Deere A Co.. Dfd 9a
Ford Motors, Canada 296 .
Gooch Mill A Elev. 7s, pfd.
"B" 100
Gooch Food Prod., pfd. bonus 99
Harding Cream 7a ofd 99
Journal Stockman, So. Omahal06
Loose-Wiles Btsc, 1st pfd. 7s. 100
Om. A C. B. Ry. A Bg., pfd.. 49
Om. A C. B. St Ry pfd
Orch. A W1I. 7s, pfd. ex-dlv. ...... ,
M. E. Smith 7s. pfd
Swift A Co 144
Un. Stock Tarda, Oma. 98
Un. Po. A Lt 7s, pfd 99
juonas .
Anac. Cop. Co. 6s, 1929 98
Booth-St. Louis 6s. 1931
Brunswlck-Balke 6s, 1927 .. 96
Col. Lt, Ht. A Po. 6s, 1926.. 98
Clt. Gas A Elec. 1st 5s.
1926 a. B
Cudahy Packing 6s, 1946..,
Des Moines Elec. 6s, 1938.
Dom. of Can. 5s. 1937
Iowa port Cement 6s
Grand Island 4s
Lincoln Jt Stock Land Bk.
6s. 1938
Morris A Co. 4s, 1938 84
Om. Ath. Club 6s, 1921-32 98
Om. A C. B. 8t Ry. 6s, 1928 78
So. California 7s 100
Swltf A Co. 6s, 1944 96
Wilson 6s. 1928.... 97
Wilson 1st 6s, 1941 99
Corn No.
car, $
car, II. Bl. IMO. 1 VS low. 1 rar 1 71 7
2 yellow, 8 cars. $1.70; 1 car, $'l.69. No. 3
B. mnl.
'"" et.oi; i car, si. 46 (heating)
No. 2 mixed, 2 cars, $1.69; 2 cars. $l.g;
No. 8 mixed. 1 car, $1.66. No. 4 mixed
1 car, $1.66; 1 car, $1.65. No. 6 mixed
,' ca-r, i.o (musty).
Oats No. 8 white; 15 cars. 71c. No.
wMte, I oars, 70 o. No. 3 mixed, 1 car,
Rye No. $, 1-1 car, $1.70..
Barley No. s4. 2 er. it n
W.heair N?' . no.rthern eprlng. t-S cars,
a uiicu, i-Q cars, 9Z.9Z (lur
um). .,
Chicago Grain and Previsions. .
' Chicago. Anrll 28. Corn avaraa-.it 1
jr In price today, Influenced chiefly by
the statement of the food administration
that a return to war bread would not be
necessary In the United States. The mar
ket closed unsettled, and 1 cent decline
iu mo advance, wun July $1.68 to $1.69
ana sepiemDer 91.64 to $1.64. OaU
in:iaiiru uncnangea to e up and provls-
,,, i iram ioo on to a rise or 67c
Prices broke aharnlv at tha ,.. t
the corn market, owing to attention hav-
n- men locusea on oinclal announcement
that, tha war-bread nnllcv nf tha
food council at Paris referred only to
fuiuua ana not 10 mis country. Nnhui.
Mueuuy, nowever, relative firmness pre
vailed as a result of notice that the food
administration would blend flour which
might contain as high as 25 per cent of
iiour. nuns were -made cautious.
though, by Increasing consignments and
by reports that a more nlentlful annniv
ui cam wouia enlarge receipts next week.
Besides, commission -house hnlna
showed great shrinkage compared with
yesterday's rush. 7
Oats were comparatively firm an an.
coum or scant orrerings. on the other
hand, eastern demand was slow.
Provisions continued stronc. esoeelallv
lard, which attained a new high price
level. Foreign demand waa the chief
bullish factor.
Cash Quotations.
Corn No. 3 vellow. 81.8ffll 7ft Nn A
yellow, $1.6701.68; No. 6 yellow, nominal.
uais o. s -wnue, itntiic; standard,
ye no. z, i. 81 1.81.
Barley $1.17 1.27.
Timothy $8. 0010.76.
Clover Nominal.
Poi-k Nominal.
Lard 332.77.
Ribs $28.0028.75.
Chicago closing prices, furnished The Bee
by Logan A Bryan, stock and grain brok
ers, 815 South Sixteenth street. Omaha:
I Open.
98 100
:. 98
. 61
. 95
97 tt
. 97
- 89
. - New Tork Bond Wat.
TJ. S. 2s, reg., 98Gen. Elec. 6s.. 99
U. S. 2s, cou.. 98Gr. No. 1st 4s 86
U. 8. 8s, reg.. 89 'III. Cen. rf.' 4s 79
U. S. 8s, cou.. 89 Int Mr. Ma. 6s 98
U. S. Lib. 2s..98.84K. C. So. ref. 6s 86
U. 8. 4s, reg. .105 L. A N. un. 4S 86
U. 8. 4s. cou.. 106 M.. K. A T.
A. Fo. Se. 5s 99 11-16 1st 4s ...64
Am. T. A T. Mo. Pac. gen, 4s 419
clt. 5s 90Mon. fo. us.... m
Ana-lo-Fr. 6s .. 96 VN. T. Cen. deb.
Arm. A Co. 4s 87 6s 97
Atch. gen. 4s.. 82 No. Pac. 4s.... 82
B. A O. cv. 4s76aNo. Pac. 3s.. 68
Beth. St. ref. 6s 87 Or. Bu rt. Line
Cen. Leath. 6s.. 85 ref. 4s 86
Cen. Pao. 1st... 79Pac. T. A T. 6s 90
C. A O. cv. 6s.. 88 Penn. con. 4s 93
C. B. & Q. it. 4s 95 tt Penn. Ken. 4 Vis 86
C. M. A St. P. 'Read. gen. 4s.. 83
cv. 4s .... 76 St. L. A San
C. R. I. A P. Fr. adl. 6s..
Ry. ref. 4a.... 73 So. Pac. cv. 5s. .108
a A S. rf. 4s 78 So. Ry. ts 97
D. A R. G. rf. 5s 46 Tex. A Pac. 1st 88
Dom. of Can.. - Un. Pao. 4s.... 86
6s (1931) .... 94 U. 8. Rub. 6s.. 97
Erie gen. 4s.... 54 U. 8. St .5s.... 100
Bid. Wabash 1st ..94
New Tork General."
New Tork, April 26. Flour Strong;
spring patents, $12.6013.00; spring clears,
$10.2510.60; Kansas strlghts, $12.60
Wheat Spot, firm; No. 2 red. $2.36tt.
elevator export.
Corn Spot, firm; No. I yeljow, $1.89.
and No. 2 white, $1.91, cost and freight
New Tork.
Oats Spot firm; standard. 8181tte.
Lard Strong; middle west, $33.40
33.50. Other articles unchanged.
Evaporated Apples and Dried Fruits,
New Tork, ApriK 48. Evaporated Ap
ples Dull. .
Prunee Irregular; California, 11 tt
24c; Oregons, ll12c. ,
Apricots Strong and hla-her: choice.
28c; extra choice, 80c; fancy. 3234c.
Peaches Firmer: standard. 19tt20c:
choice, 2021c; fancy, 2222c.
Raisins Firm: choice to fancv seeded.
10 012c; seedless, 1318c
New Tork Copper.
New Tork. Anrll 26. The cnnn.r mar.
ket has been quiet during tha week with
quotations for electrolytic copper ranging
from about 16o to 15o delivered. Iron
was unchanged.
'.v Liberty Bond Prices. -
New Tork. Anrll is irinai n-t .
Liberty bonds todav wr- 1U. tas :n.
VLft !S6-8,: ""ond 4s, 393.34; first
IS' .V,"-..' ""cona s, 3.60; third
4s, $96.10; fourth 4 s. $93.32.
New Tork Cotton.
New Tork. Anrll 96 rminn i..
steady with last prices showing net gains
of 20 to 32 points on the new and of
15 to 70 points on old style contracta.
Unseed. ,
Dulutb, April 26. Linseed $4.0604.06.
Af ay
High. I Low. Close, f Tes y.
I 1.71'l 1.67'l 1.
1.69 1
1-661 1-
.71 I .72l .71 .7214
.70 .70 .70 .70
.68 .69 .68 .69
53.40 53.50 53.36 63.86
51.70 61.80 51.60 51.75
33.00 31.S0 32.75 32.87
31.76 32.20 31.60 31.92
28.90 28.90 28.87 28.87
28.20 29.65 (28.20 28.36
Minneapolis Grain, '
Minneapolis, April 26. Flour Un
changed. Barley $1.071. 17.
Rye No. 2. $1.7901.8O.
Bran $38.00. . V
Corn $1.71 1.72.
Oats 7071o.
Flax $4 54.07.
Kansas City Grain.
Kansas City, Mo., April 26. Corn
May, $1.73; July, $1.70; September,
St. Louis Grain. 1
- St. Louis, April 26. Corn May, $1.70;
July, $1.70.
Oats May, 72e: July, 71o
Omaha Bay Market.
Receipts of prairie hav and - alfalfa.
light, and with the demand being good It
nas causea tne market to be firm and
higher on all grades. Oat and wheat
straw continue steady.
Hay Choice upland -prairie, $40.00;
choice upland prairie No. 1. $34.00036.00:
choice: upland prairie No. 2, $31.0032.00;
choice upland prairie No. 3. $24.0026.00
Midland prairie No. 1, $34.0036.00; midland-prairie
No. 2, $31.00032.00. Low
land prairie No. 1, $30.0031.00; lowland
prairie No. 2. J24.00O2S.00: lowland
prairie No. 3, $20.0021.00.
Airalfa Choice, $40.00; No. 1, $36,000
38.00. Standard. 834.00038.00: No. t
standard, $30.00032.00; No. 3 standard,
Oat Straw $15.00016.00; wheat, $13.00
Chicago Produce.
Chicago, April 26. Butter Higher
creamery, 6361c.
Ekrs Higher: ' receiDts. 40.042 cases
firsts, 4042c; ordinary firsts. 390
40c; at mark cases Included. 41041ttc
storage pacKea xirsis, 4SV7c; extras,
4344C . .
Poultry Alive, unchanged.
Chicago Potatoes.
Chicago, April 26. Potatoes, steady:
receipts. 66 care; Northern whites sacked
and bulk carlots, $2.1002.25; western
russets carlots, $2.4002.50 cwt; new
stock Spauldlng Rose Jobbing, $9.50
10.00 barrel; Bliss Triumph, Jobbing, $3.76
W.vu ousnei.
juapie SC. O. B. 11IUX1ZS.D
John T. Murphy to Fred Christen- V
sen, Lake st 76 ft w. of 29 it.
s. s. 25x100
John M. Kelly and wife to Henry
L. Lehmer. Poppleton ave. 42.83
ft. e. of 27 St. s. s. 42.33x100.. 1,000
F. -C. Havner tr. to Henrietta M.
Warren. Harney st. 110 ft e. of
(4 st. n. f.. 60x156 ft $.850
weaiey p. Adklns and wife to Delia
P. Hlnchey. 23 st. 116 ft s. of
n. sf. 94x160 ft 4,100
Michael L. Clark, sheriff, to Edith
Blomberg. Titus ave. 253.6 ft. w.
of 28th ave. n. a. 42x120 ft 2,600
Wattland Co. to Brower E, Mc-
Cague. Farnam st 191 ft. e. of
48th st. a. s. ' 48x128.$ ft 400
Edward J. MoArdle and wife to
Donald A. Tracy, n. a. cor. Wash,
lngton ave. and Military ave.
110x171.6 ft .' 4,600
Edward 8. Traver to Charles H.
Rankc 25 ave. 167.9 ft. a. of
Evans St. w. a. 47x140.16 ft ....622.50
William A. Canfey and wife to
Kate Hanson, a. e. cor. 21st and
Chloago st. 80x66 ft , 4.000
Rose O Connor and husband to
Amanda C. Nelson. Blondo at.
80 ft e. of 34th st a. s. 40x127.1 1.760
Charles w. Martin and - wife to
Henry W. Schlffbauer. Pratt St.,
63 ft. w; of 25 tve. n. a. 49x128 (.000
John Harvey, Jr., and wife to Chaa.
D. Blrkett. 45 at. 160 ft a. of Ma
ple at. w. a. $0x142 1.000
inger Smith et al to Ella Brock
et al 48 at 200 ft. n. of Pacific
st w. a. $0x182 ft 8,000
Charles H. Fleming and wife to
Henry M. Balrd et al Seward at
160 ft e. of 45 n. a. 60x160 .... 2,050
Margaret Kauth to Charlee Horejs
and wife, alley between Bancroft
and Elm st. 172.72 ft e. of 21 at.
n. a. 43.43x80 $00
Sadie M. Davis to Wilbur F .Pulton
et al Evans st. 92.46 ft e. of 27
st. a. s. 46.23x120 4,300
Charlie Cunningham to Frank
Moravee. a. w. cor 61st and Mapls
st, 298x298.26 ft 2,750
C. L. Gould and wife to Adelaide
A. Huff. a. w. cor. 64th and Far
nam st. Triangular piece .... 1,692
William Klnsella and wife to Mich
ael Jenkevlcz and wife. a. e. cor.
33d ave. and 8. at, 44x105 ft. .. 1,760
James H. Davis to R. G. Ford, s.
e. cor. 49th and Seward at..
100x160 ft. 460
S. H. Somsen to Gordon McDowell
Co., Capitol ave. 66 ft a. of 11
st. n. s. 66x120 ft 10,600
Ray H. Emley to -Minnie Davla
Pearce. 24th at.. 108.39 ft. n. of D
st. e. s. 13x150 ft 2,900
Henry 1. Vandercreek to Bertha
V Curr Z4th st. 60 ft. n. of Mere
dith at. e. a. 43x128 ft 6.000
Hastings and Heyden , to Oscar
Knutaon. Binney st 90 ft. s. of
42 St. s. a. 60x120 ft 126
B. Russell and wife to Nathan
Somberg. 41 ave 150 ft n. of Burt
st. w. s. 60x128. 41 ave. 250
ft n. of Burt it w. s. 60x128 1.00
Michael L. Clark, sheriff, to Com
mercial Savings A Loan Aisn.
V st 120 ft e. of 24 at. n. a.
40x90 ft 460
Michael L. Clark, sheriff, to Com-
merclal Savings A Loan Assn.
17 at. 200 ft a. of J at. e. a.
20x130 ft 420
Joseph A. Qulnlan and wife to Wil
liam F. Klnsella, S at, 150 ft.
Carrol, la, April 26. Following
the action of the state bank ex
aminers in closing the doors of the"
Carroll Trnst and . Savings bank
Friday, it was announced Saturday
that the stockholders of the bank
would be able to pay about 75 cents
on the dollar to the depositors.
"At the recommendation of tht
presidents of the other three banki
in Carroll, C A. Dougherty has been
appointed receiver and will take
charge about the middle of next
week. President John Roelssema is
practically under arrest, although
not confined to jail, and the bank
examiners are still working on tha
6.000 books. i
The bank was capitalized for $50,
2.000 000, with a surplus of $20,000. Tha
last statement, issued in March v
showed deposits of nearly $500,000.
This is the second bank failure in'
Carroll in 11 years.
e. of 41 st. n. a. 60x129 ft .... 1.009
E. Porter Stewart and wife to Jen
nie Tetiva, 17 st 147 ft a. of M
at. e. a. 49x147 ft 1.690
Max Ringer and wife to Kdna
Garellck, 26 at 100 ft n. ot S
St. e. a. 25x150 ft 1.47S
A. H. Murdock and wife to Nellie
U. Crowe, B st 60 ft of 24 st
a. a. 60x120 ft 4.300-
Andrew John Aim and wife to Mary -
v. Trout 18 St., 166 ft a. of O
st. w. a. 60x180 ft ......... 1.409
Annie Cole to Charles L. Hall, 32
st, 170 ft a of B st, e. . 60x120
ft 1.00
Mary A. Carmlchael to Frank W.'
Carmichael, Cass St.,- 200 ft w
of 49 st. a. a. 100x135 ft. .... 7.600
Dundee Realty Co. to Henry, C.
Moeller, Nicholas at 92 ft' a. of
62 at. n. a. 60x135 ft. 1.100
Austin Taylor and wife to David
M. Wooley and wife, 58 st. 448
ft n. of Military ave. a. a. 60x227
ftv .00
We Specialise In the Careful
Handling of Order ot ,
Grain and Provisions
"' ' for r
Future Delivery
. . In- .
All Important Markets
' W Are Member of
Chicago Board of Trade
Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce .
Minneapolia Chamber of Commerce
St Louis Merchants Exchange .
Kansas City Board of Trade
Sfoux City Board of Trade
Omaha Grain Exchange ,
We Operate Offlcaa atl
Omaha, Neb
Lincoln, Neb.
Hastings, Neb.
Holdrege, Neb.
Geneva, Neb.
Sioux City, la. v
Atlantic, la. ( .
Hamburg, la,
Des Moines, la. -Milwaukee,
Chicago, 111.
and all of these offices are con
nected with each other by private
We Solicit Your Patronage.
Gram Exchange Bonding,
Omaha, Neb.
P. S. Cash Conslgnmenta Solicited.
See How
Would you like to read
an interesting: little book
that will tell you how to
plants money and make
it grow? ' If so, write
for a free copy of
Fiscal Service Corporation
665 Fifth Ave. New York
And Other Investmenta " ""
New York Market Pricee Paid on AB
1421 First National Bank Bldg.
Tyler 3644.
"New York Prodnce.
New York, April 26. Butter Steady:
Egga Steady; unchanged.
Cheese Steady; unchanged.
Poultry Steady ; unchanged.
Issues Proclamation
for Employment Sunday
Lincoln, April 26. (Special.)
Acting Governor P. A. Barrows has
issued a proclamation setting; aside
Sunday,' May 4th as Employment
Sunday, in accordance -vith the
movement recently started, by the
United states - employment service
to aid in finding work for returned
soldiers. On this day it is the wish
to have all ministers preach sermons
along this line, bringing to the at
tention of .their congregations the
opportunities that are being offered
to those who desire employment.
German-Austria to Send
Delegates to Weimar Meet
Vienna (Via Copenhagen), April
26 The German-Austrian govern
ment has accepted the German gov
ernment's invitation to send five
members of the national assembly
to Weimar to join in the discussions
of the German national assembly
and have a voice in the transactions
ot that body. ' i
Two Steamers Go Down.
Valparaiso, Chile, April 26.
Heavy loss of life is reported in the
sinking of the steamers Magdalena
(Chilean) and Alfonso.. .
The Magdalena went down in a
storm five miles off Corral. The
Alfonso was sunk in collision with
the steamer Fortuna. i
The New COMSTOCK of Nevada,
Moat ; Sensational Mining Dis
covery made in a generation.
Map and history of Divide, also
weekly Bulletin FREE on request.
Low Semi-Aanual
Up to 60 on real
'. . dences less than five
. years old.
Monthly payments.
1 Ugg-gw8Ticr j
$26 Invested in Crain, Stocks or Cotton,
on our plan; no further risk; fives oppor
tunity to make $2B0; $50 opportunity f of "
$600. Must act quick. We handle Liberty
Bonds at the best market prices, . and
buy and eel! the active Oil Stocks.
802 Dwlght Bldg. Kansaa City, Mo.
" The Latest '
Divide Map Free ."
Send for a copy of this map outlining-all
of the principal properties of the wonderful
Divide Mining District. Also for Special
Circular relative to this exceptional min.
ing camp. Both absolutely free upon re
quest. A. J. WRIGHT & CO.,
320 Clay Peters Bids'. Reno, Nevada.
Salt Creek Producers
Western States Oil Midwest Refining
This trio of exceptional producing and operating- companies
in Wyoming is establishing oil history
Salt Creek Producers
Stock Bought and SoldT
Chicago Office, 305 LaSalle Street.
It Is Ne Sacrifice to Buy Victory Bonds, It's a Duty.
Let us meet your requirements for
loans on farm and city property.
Prompt closing.
'c Ask for our list of farm and city
mortgages netting from 5 to 6.
First Trust Company of Omaha
First Nat'I Bank Bldg. ,
Trust Service.
Farm and City Loan.
Real Estate and Rentals
Bond Department

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