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May Walk Out in Sympathy
With Teamsters and Truck
men; One Marl Assaulted;
Milk Wagon Overturned.
A meeting to decide what action
should be taken by the drivers of
ice trucks and wagons in the team
sters' and truck drivers' strike will
bejheld at the teamsters' hall at 11
o'clock this morning. It is prob
able, according to union officials,
that these men will decide to strike
to enforce the demands made by
other truck drivers and teamsters
although they are at present receiv-
H rl ( (ifcH.Harper
We can tell you
the whole story
in a few words:
- . - ' ' ' : -
Doll Paper
If you. want to
know about our
prices, ask your
neighbors - they
are trading at
bur store.
IVe Deliver; to
Any Part of
the City
It r (tilH.Hrpr J J
? Fnn rn
i i
ing higher wages than ts being de
manded by the union. -
If strike action should be decided
upon but little ice would be de
livered anywhere in the city, union
officials stated. The men have not
been called out heretofore, say union
leaders, because the strikers did not
wish to inflict any unnecessary hard
shin on the people of Omaha.1
Refusal on the part of the princi
pal firms involved in the walkout to
meet committees of the strikers has
forced the union heads to take this
step, it is said.
Transfer Driver Assaulted.
For the first time since the incen
tion of the teamsters' strike four
days ago force has been resorted to
by the strikers in an effort to end
the -deadlock resulting from the re
fusal of the principal employers af
fected by the strike to confer with a
committee of the men who walked
out. because of their belief that the
men are contending for a "closed
L, R. Fere, Neville hotel, a driver
for the American Transfer Co., as
assaulted and badly beaten yesterday
by two men believed, by police of
ficials to have been strikers.
An Alamito Dairy Co. delivery
wagon was overturned and the
greater portion of its contents de
stroyed at Twenty-fourth and Paul
streets early yesterday. While
the driver of the milk wagon was
away making a delivery a gang of
men was seen to approach .the
wagon, free the horse, and then
oveturn the vehicle.
Denied by Strikers
Knowledge of both acts is vehem
ently disclaimed by the strikers. Of
ficial - orders advising the strikers
against the use of force have been
placed about the Teamster's hall, the
union headquarters. ; John Devering,
international organizer, and Robert
Vaughn, chairman of the strikers'
conference committee, declared yes
terday that the use of force would
not be countenanced and any striker
found guilty of acts of violence
would be summarily dealt with.
!'VVe can easily win this strike by
peaceable methods" they said.-
The assault on Fere is said to have
occurred on Twelfth street between
Harney, and Farnam streets, .after
he had expressed a determination to
two men to continue to operate his
truck during the strike. His injur
ies were attended by the police
surgeon. ,
His assailants have not been ap
prehended. ' ' ! - ,'$'..
Both factions involved in the strike
of the teamsters and truck drivers
claimed . gains yesterday. Heads
of the various affected companies
declared yesterday that the sit
uation was rapidly returning to nor
mal. ; Many concerns, it was said,
are operating with a full force and
are not at all hampered.
v Say 1,200 Still Out.
Despite the fact that from 600 to
700 men have returned to work fol
lowing concessions made, them Iy
more than 300 firms, 1,200 men are
still out, stattd union officials. This
is explained, by the fact that more
than 600 men have joined the ranks
of the strikers since Wednesday
last; . - .- ; -y
Fred Hoye, city building inspec
tor, made the statement that unless
an agreement was reached in a short
time building operations would be
at a standstill by this week. Those
jobs adjacent to railroads could con
tinue operations, as they received
their building material by way of
the railroads. '
Officials of the Sunderland Bros,
company declared that all the neces
sary building material was being
transported without any difficulty.
No action has been taken by eith
er the city or state officials to bring
the two factions together.
Crane-Home on Florence
Boulevard Sells for $24,000
Fred M. Crane, contractor, has
sold his big home at 6141 Florence
boulevard to Tom - Dennison, Jot
$24,000. Mr. Dennison will occupy
the place as his home after July
1. The. O'Keefe Real Estate Co.
made the sale.
The Crane home is one of Flor
ence boulevard's show places. It is
located on ground .132x823 feet. The
two-story house has a tile roof and
big portico extending over, the
driveway. The garage is steam
Teams to Canvass Territory in
Effort to Save College;
Need at Least
Omaha would have, cause to re
gret the discontinuance of Bellevue
college as a coeducational institu
tion, is the serious opinion of Dr.
Edgar P. Hill, secretary of the
Presbyterian college board, who has
made a study of college institutions,
after a survey of the grounds and
plant Saturday morning. One of
the great natural beauties of this
growing city, as Dr. Hill saw it, was
the beautiful drive along the boule
vard from the South Side to Belle
vue. Bellevue college will not be dis
continued if those who are inter
ested will support it fey the extent
of $10,000 within the next few weeks.
Action was taken in this matter at
the meeting of the executive com
mittee at the University club Sat
urday noon. With this sum in reli
able pledges the trustees will feel
justified in maintaining the school in
its present form on a reorganized
and sound financial basis.' ' ,
Teams are being formed to re
sent out in Nebraska and the ad
joining territory Monday to present
the matter to every one interested
in the institution. John Frazier of
Bellevue is the man on the ground
who will receive ' any communica
tions from persons not Otherwise
reached. ' ,
Kansas Clamoring for
1 20,000 Men to Bring
in Approaching Harvest
Harvesting of the biggest wheat
crop Kansas ever had will begin in
the southern part of that state June
25. It is estimated that 120,000 men
will, be nee'ded to help harvest the
immense crop and an organization
of Kansas farmers, with the appro
val of the . United States employ
ment office, has begun a systematic
advertising campaign to obtain thc
workers most of whom will come'
from outside of the state. Wages
unprecedented for farm labor have
been agreed upon as follows: Pitch
ers, SO cents per hour; stackers, 60
cents per hour; cooks, $3 per day.
Men with teams are also in great
demand. In addition to these wages,
which are to be unifoVm throughout j
the Kansas wheat belt, board and!
lodging is to be provided free. Kan
sas has 11,000,000 acres of wheat to
cut, by far the biggest acreage ever
planted. It is estimated by the Ag
ricultural department that the crop
will run from 15 to 40 bushels to
the acre, a crop without parallel in
the history of the wheat belt To
harvest and thresh this immense
crop it will, take the vast army of
workers from two to three months.
Funeral of Mrs. Kennedy
Held at Home of Daughter
Funeral services for Mrs. Frances
N. Kennedy, widow of B. E. B.
Kennedy, pioneer of, Omaha, who
died Wednesday, were held yester
day at the home of her daughter,
Miss Fannie Kennedy, 2212 South
Twenty-ninth street. Dr. Frank G.
Smith, pastor of the First Congre
gational church, had charge of the
services. Burial was in the Forest
Lawn cemetery. '
Pals to Address League.
Prof. Edward R. Pu)s, instructor
m oratory at Bellevue' college and
the Y. M. C. A., will address the
Selling . and Advertising league at
the Fontenelle Monday evening fol
lowing a 6 o'clock dinner. His sub
ject will be "The Voice in Sales'
manship" and it is expected that by
his eloauence and enthusiasm ne win
give new impetus to the campaign
for increasing the league s member
ship. -
for Returned
Soldiers and Sailors
i The War Department
has taken charge of the placement of returned sol
diers and sailors. In addition to direct efforts it
has adopted a system of intelligent co-operation With
certain public and private agencies throughout the
country to carry on the work. , It has designated the
following reference companies in Omaha to co
operate with it in this way. V
All returned men not yet placed in positions, will
have the benefit of all the placement facilities of
these offices by calling in person or writing. Extra
effort to place the men immediately will be made,
and special terms will be made for payment of fees.
Nebraska Association of Technical, Educational,
Commercial and Professional Reference Companies.
113 First National Bank Bldf.
1015 City National Bank Bldf.
1 11M Woodman of tha World Bldf.
COMPANY, 1307 Woodman of tha
World Bldf.
ASS'N, T36 First National Bank
Bldf. - ,
CkS.1 I x a a? n : sin a OA -. Cm
vftvuja. prices ior umitea ume. cave you xu to jccug
believing. Also making special prices on vacuum cleaners for limited
24th and Fart StroeU. V . ' - CoIf 2164
Beetal Diieaiea Cared without ovm turrical
operation. No Chloroform or Ether nsod. Cur
caaranteod. PAY WHEN CURED. Write for Wm
trated book on Rectal Diseases, with names and
testimonials of more than 1.009 prominent people
who hays been permanently curea.
DR. E. .R. TARRY. 240 Bee Bldf., Omaha, Neb.
Father Flanagan Boys'
Home Outing to Be Held
Wednesday at Krug Park
Plans ior the Father Flanagan
boys' outing to be held all day Wed
nesday at the Krug park, have been
perfected by officials of the Father
Flanagan Boys' home.
Boxing exhibitions will be given
by several of the boys for the
amusement of those assembled in
the park. The matches will be ref
ereed and conducted by Kid Graves,
sporting editor of The Bee.
The sporting editor of the News
will officiate over -the field events
which have been planned, while
Sandy Griswold of the World-Herald
will act as the master of cere
monies. Little Jack Connors will speak in
behalf of the boys and will also give
a dancing and singing exhibition.'
Arrangements Made to Bring
, Stars of Chicago Grand
, Opera Company to;
- Omaha This Fall.
Omaha's most prominent people
are rapidly signing the list a.'
guarantors for grand opera to bo
fr-.ven next fall. Already more than
thrte-fourths of, the necessary
guarantee has been subscribed and
Mrs. Florence E. Whiteside, why
is in Omaha in the interest of grand
opera -(The Chicago Opera Com
pany) is delighted with the manner
in which not only music lovers, but
the citizenry of the city is respond
ing :V, ,. ' ' " , '
"It is none too soon, she says,
"tc begin, preparations for - opera
and style 'show. Opera week is gala
week and the cultured folk from the
surrounding country should be ad
vised of . the . cdming event. It h
their one great opportunity to mix
?ncl mingle with the cultured city
fclks on a high and artistic plane."
Some of the world's greatest
singers will be presented in "L.
Bolieme" and "ida." If alt Omaha
cannot go to these artists, the
artists will come, to the city. . One
way or another the west gets the
best of everything. , . '
"Mother, what Is propsfsndaT"
"Propsgands, child. Is ths bunch of
compliments your fathr pays me on my
old hat. when he knows 1 am thinking
of a new one." Life.
Wife Says Hubby Put
Property in "liquid"
Form; Asks Divorce
Ida Corkhill yesterday filed suit
in district court for a divorce from
Charles Corkhill, manager, of the
Haynes Auto Sales Co. V.
She said he had told her he had
put his property into "liquid" form
where he could get hold of it as
soon as she made a move to get a
divorce and that he would avoid
paying her any alimony by . this
means. '
A injunction was granted yes
terday prohibiting him from with
drawing any money from the
Omaha National bank, Merchants
National bank, First National bank
or anv other hank where he has an
account; it also prohibits him from
removing any stocks, bonds or other;
valuables from safety deposit vaults.
Mrs. Corkhill declares that r has -
$125,000 of personal ' property, be u
sides real estate in Omaha and in
New York state worth $25,000. ,
She says he has accounts in sev? .-1
eral Omaha banks and ' in banks ,
elsewhere-and-that he has stocks
and bonds in safety deposit vaults.
Thev were married in. Fremont,
Neb., in 1895. She charges that he
has threatened to kill her and that
he has sought the company of other
women. For long periods, sh? al
leges, he would refuse to speak to
her. She says he used vile language
toward her and that once, in Den
ver, he seized her by the arm and
twisted it, causing her great pain.
Their home is at 2553 Pratt street.
This property is in both their
names. .She asks for a divorce and
alimony. .
The cotton trade in Great Britain
now employs over 93.000 people
I - :" a; .;; ; .
tone Tills lor
Fumed Oak Library Table I
Cheer up your living room wltn tbis wen- .TtTnll'i . .mJmcJ?!!!""1 aJWl"
built table, It's a style you won't tire of and WIIWjf
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LI I i Tfrtsl lshed
TXF CkjsBjsJfrSsI Monday at-
Goguch Hammock jg t" 1
l ' of. Has adjustable ' '"
.. , pocJvet.B. if
There is a certain satisfaction in dealing with an
old house. One is relieved of so much uncertainty as to
just how things are going to t u r n out. Everybody
knows, without so much as a second thought, thai a
house that has weathered the storm and stress of -business
for more than half a century of time must needs'
be founded on a rock THE ROCK OF ABSOULTE
RELIABILITY. And that is precisely our own case.
During all these years we have devoted ourselves to the
single problem of so conducting our business as to first-.
GAIN the confidence of our patrons, and then ' to
HOLD it. '
( Yei our prices are lowest, our- assortments the.
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our TERMS are found MOST LlBERAlr on lurni
ture and homefurnishings which, regardless of price, we
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Genuine Reed Rocker
Cretonne Upholstered ;.'
Finished In green, re
movable cusblon ovc
spring seat; up
bolstered back.
Medium high
back and wide
Fully equipped with chains
This Complete 3-Piece Suite Kffi
Upholstered in fine grade of Tapestry, in pleasing design and rich colorings.
Fully equipped with spring filled cushions and best spring construction through
out. The kind that will give years of satisfactory service.
Why Not a
Gas .
The best, most sani
tary and economical
products of their kind
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Ranges have so many
improvements or per
form its work so satis
factorily as these.
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Arm Chairto
Match, $13.85
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Made of heavy can
vas in rich gray col
of. Has adjustable
head and magazine
Price does not include canopy.
' : : rz -
Reed Carriage
Fully equipped
with the best
iprings. reclin
ing back, cush
ion tires,' and
leatly uphol
In ivory and
g r a y enamel '
This Carriage at $28.75
Day Beds
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At Prices You
Can Afford
to Pay
n w- iii iwiii i 1 1 i
Let Hartman's place one of these modern Day
Beds in your home, and see. what a difference it
makes. Style like illustration, in mahogany frame
and beautiful upholstery.
Jacobean Extension Table of Quality
If you are planning on getting a new dining room suite, we advise
that you reserve one of these suites before they are all sold. Designed
from the original William and Mary period. The pleasure of the owner
ship of GOOD furniture is yours with such furniture as this.
PricedTable SS-Chairs $5.75
Buy Your Mower
A Hartman's
made of best materials and. Js light
rucaing. 12-incn cut and guaranteed
ifl every way. V;-.,
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' Floor Lamps,
With Shades
Lamp complete
with sockets, cord
etc. ; Best selec
tion of shades.
per sq. yd.........
On sale Monday morning only
Neponset is an Improvement over printed linoleum less
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patterns, suitable for every room in the house. An-absolutely
waterproof material Extra special value 7Qc
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Side-lcer Type
White Enamel Lined
Large size provision cham
ber and 80 lbs. ice capacity.
Built of hardwood; best insu
lation. -
This Massive Steel Bed
in Snow White Enamel
of continuous post design.
Substantial filling rods, and
fully guaranteed
to be strong and
World's Largest Home Furnishers
Your Choice of Fumed
or Rich Golden Oak1
A large-size ex.
tension table, ano
made entirely of
solid oak. Rigid tn con
struction and neatly
413-15-17 South Sixteenth Street
:, v :
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