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: " THE BEE; uMAHA, MONDAY, JULY 28, 1919. v - S .
i ,.
Prof. M. M. Fogg, Dean of
Journalism, Is Given
Recognition of
Worth. '
Prof. M. M. Fogg, formerly dean
of the college of journalism at the
University" of Nebraska, has been
' signally honored by the French re-
..ti: .u:.t 1 i.i t: !il
jjuuiii., wuii. ii una awuacu mm wnn
the Palmes Acadeniique in recogni
tion of his services as an educator.
The honor was accorded Professor
Fogg following the termination of
his services as director of the college
of journalism of the American ex-
peditionary force university at
Beaune, Cote d'Or, France. The edu
cator has just returned to this coun
try and is at present visiting at
Trenton, N. J., where many of his
friends and relatives are located.
An honorary commission of cap
tion has also been conferred upon
Professor Fogg by the government
of France. M. Leferre, minister ot
public instruction and of the fine
arts, conferred the honor upon the
Nebraska instructor in the presence
of a large company of noted French
educators, generals, other army of
ficers and five regiments of the A.
E. F. university students.
The medal is conferred only upon
those individuals who have attained
high distinction in scienct-or in let
ters. r
Prior to his departure from France
Professor Fogg toured the western
battle front on the personal invita
tion of General Pershing.
Boyles Graduates
Go to the Fore in the
Omaha Banking World
Frequently the newspapers con
tain items about the advancement of
young men in the business world anl
it often happens that these items tell
of graduates of Boyles college who
have attained high places m the
banking business.
"I.want to say .a few words about
two young men who have distin
guished themselves in banking," said
H. B. Boy.cs.
"One of these is Thoma F. Mur
phy, assistant cashier of the United
States National bank, one of the
largest banks in the west. The other
is Chas. W. Mead, secre'ary of the
Omala Y.ust company, a corpor
. tion of large financial resources."
Mr. Murphy, during his student
days with Boyles college, showed a
s particular aptness in bookkeeping
and accountancy. He decided that
banking was his future and immed
iately after receiving.his diploma ac
cepted a place with the United
States National bank. He was aim
ing high.
No man in Omaha has made a
more marked success and the why
. and wherefore of that success can
best be gleaned from Mr Murphy's
own words: "The training 1 re
ceived at Boyles college has enabled
me to attain a monthly salary equal
to my ANNUAL starting salary
with the same institution."
Mr. Mead's success has been
equally startling in themanner in
which it points the open way to sal
arv and oromotion for aily one with
ambition, plus training. Upon his
graduation from Boyics college he
took a clerkship in an Omaha bank.
He Ttept an eye open for opportun
ity, and when the Maskell State bank
needed a cashier he was ready for
the position. He made such a name
for himself there that, recently whtn
the officers and directors of the
Omaha National, Nebraska's largest
bank, organized the Om.ha Trust
company, they chose Charles W.
Mead as its secretary.
It's a big post, but he has reached
it in eight years after leavin j Boyles
college. He says Boyles trainipg did
much to help him make good. t
University of Omaha Launches Drive
to - Raise $500,000 for Endowment Fund
Plan New History Course
for Central High School
Principal J. G. Masters of the Cen
tral High school is working upon a
plan to revise the course of study in
the history department of the high
ichool. According to the present
plan, all students are required to
study Greek, Roman and American
history. In order to complete the
other requirements necessary for
graduation, the student does not
have time to take courses offered in
modern European history.
Mr. Masters considers it essential
that students should s know some
thing of contemporary European
history and at the same ttiffe learn
something of Greek and Roman his
tory, and it is with the view of com
bining the three courses in one that
Mr. Masters is contemplating tne
change. v
"The new course would cover
Greek and Roman history in less
than one semester," said Mr. Mast-
The comfort and
long service you
- enjoy in wearing
Boston Garter
are the result of
our fixed policy
Quality First 1
Iff f2f- - y
j sag " , J
p. 4 I n j -arl
Founded 10 Years Ago by Professional and Business Men of Omaha, This School
Has Had a Remarkable Growthand Today Has an Enrollment of 540 Stu
dents John Jacobs Memorial Gymnasium and Joslyri Hall, the Present
Buildings, Are Well Adapted to the Needs t)f the Institution.
The University of Omaha, an in
stitution which has grown from
practically nothing to one of the most
powerful institutions in the country
in less than 10 years, rs to be ex
tended. The board of trustees and
officers of the university have agreed
to raise a fund of $500,000 , in this
city for an immediate extension of
the institution, creation of ne"w de
partments and enlargement of
The University of Omaha was
founded, by a group of representa
tive citizens, all well known business
and professional men, on October 8,
1908, to conduct and maintain a co
educational university for the pro
moting of sound learning and edu
cation, under such influence as will
!ead to the highest type of Christiam
character and citizenship in Omaha.
The idea was to create an institution
where at the least possible expense
all classes of young men and women
may secure an education that would
fit them to enter at once upon the
successful pursuit of an honorable
Established 10 Years.
Though the university was organ
ized in October, 1908, it did not
open its doors until November 1,
1909, when 26 students enrolled.
During the school semester, just
closed, 540 students attended the
Omaha university.
The university now needs en
dowment to .firmly establish it.
It needs added equipment to in
crease its efficiency and means to
extend its educational service to
Greater Omaha. The raising has
been sanctioned by the board of
trustees of the university and is now
under way.
The university will conduct an or
ganized, well established campaign
along firm lines, and expect to can
vass the entire city in the interest
of the institution.. This fund, which
is to be raised, immediately and in
the shortest possibly time, will per
mit a forward movement in a gen
eral way; it assures a larger and
permanent faculty of the highest
type, and guarantees an enlarged in
stitution, a greater constituency and
more influence.
Benefit to City.
This assures the city a co-educational
college offering a complete
and comprehensive training, a lo
calized educational service, an in
spirational educational center and a
ers. "It would also cover the be
ginning of the European nations and
study their history in relation to the
world war and to the United states."
It is not probable that the course
will be-, ready when school opens in
September as Mr. Masters, who has
been planning the-course for six
months, has not yet found a text
book that can be used for the course.
York College.
York College, York, Neb., has a
large student enrollment for the
summer school, the largest since
1913, and so far we know the largest
in the history of the institution,
writes the dean. There are enrolled
in the departments of the college
this summer 22 different students.
If this is an earnest of our fall en
rollment we should have one of the
best enrollments in the history of
the school. There are four men in
the. field now for students. They
are turning in a large number of
names who contemplate entering
this fall. Every indication points to
a big school. Never have we had
the conservatory rooms all engaged
so early in the year. There is not
a vacant room at the conservatory.
Indeed indications are that we could
use another building for a girls'
dormitory this fall. We will have
to depend upon the friends of the
college to help us house the girls
as well as the boys this coming year.
We are very fortunate to secure
F. E. Frank to coach our foot ball
'tarn. It was a happy find in every
ay. He comes with excellent ex
perience and with the entire confi
dence of all the lettered men of other
days. Any one who knows "Earny"
knows that we have one of the best
coaches in Nebraska. He it out for
students daring the next two months.
York college is out for the state
championship this fall in foot balL
For testing screw-threawed
machine parts tor extreme accuracy
apparatus has been designed that
projects magnified pictures ot them
on a acjeen, . ,
quarter of a million dollars added
yearly to the community's income.
The last few years a credit sys
tem has been made possible to give
Omaha v teachers a chance to get
further credits and merits in this
city where they are employed.
Previous to the creation of this
system, which was founded here
in 1917, all members of the Omaha
school faculties were obliged to go
to Chicago and other cities of the
east to complete their education
as teachers. This credit school
system, which prepares the teachers
of Omaha, Council Bluffs and
other cities, for higher standards,
is to be greatly enlarged. Omaha
schools alone need anually an in
crease in the faculties of. about 100
teachers, which are now taken from
the local institution, as far as pos
sible Summer School Grows.
In 1917 when the university's
summer school was first opened,
but 12 students attended the course.
In the winter of the same year 30
students attended. In the summer
of 1918, 168 students enrolled and
in the year of -4918, 209 placed
their 'names on the roles. In this
year's summer school 300 students
are enlisted. .
The University of Omaha, which
is located on the Redick Reserve in
North Omaha, just west of Twenty
fourth street and between Pratt and
Evans streets', consists of two main
buildings, the John Jacobs Memorial
gymnasium, a building valued at
$25,000, and Joslyn hall, valued at
$75,000. The former Duilding serves
adequately all athletic needs and is
also used as an auditorium for large
public gatherings. Joslyn hall is a
commodious, well-appointed struc
ture containing administrative of
fices, class rooms, laboratories, .etc
Both buildings are substantial and
impressive, besides being thoroughly
well adapted to the needs of the in
stitution. '
Employ Fifteen Instructors.
The university conducts a college
of liberal arts and sciences, a teacher
training department, a home- eco
nomics department, a department of
fine arts, a preparatory department,
a school of law and extension work.
,The present faculty of the uni
versity consists of 15 well trained
teachers, among , whom are grad
uates and post-graduates of the best
institutions of America.
There have been graduated from
the university,, with, baccalaflreate
degrees, 68 young men and women,
who are now serving society in vari
ous fields of usefulness as physicians,
public school teachers, lawyers, min
isters, college "and university pro-
and Coaaervatory of Music
"An Ideal lonlor
College lor Women"
69tli year. Often excep
tional courees In Liberal
Arte, Muaic. Commerce.
Lxpresalon, Homo Eco
nomics. Journalism.
Five modem bulldinn In
cludins $40,000 Academic
? na urmnaslura, lKr
niitorj will Indirtdiial
ft' rooms, hot and cold run
tt nln( water. New t!5.000
4 ft&iaiunuin, zu-acre camp
us. All adTantaces of a
,v arcb euucaiionai center.
witn care or a real collece
home. For catalogue and
Tiew book, iddresa
Mrs. L. W. St Clair. Mom. Prae.
Bex 314. Columbia. Mo.
fessors, journalists, engineers, etc.
Specialists in chemistry, who grad
uated from this institution, now do
expert work for large business
houses and for the United States
government in military and civil
In less than 10 years of its exist
ence, the university has spent more
than ($2,00,000 in maintaining and
promoting its work and providing
necessary facilities. Each year its
budget has increased and practically
all this outlay has been expended in
Omaha. The university has thus
far maintained its work with only
such funds as have been secured
from fees and from subscriptions.
In order to do away with the pres
ent hand-to-mouth mode of ma'in
tainance, an endowment of at least
$500,000 will be secured as quickly
as possible.
The Dr. S. K. Spalding scholar
ship of !,500, established by the
widow of Dr. S. K. Spalding, con
stitutes the beginning of such an
endowment. To this has. been add
ed the Mary Stoddard scholarship
of $1,000 and two gifts of Liberty
bonds, each of $50, presented by col
lege classes.
Trustees of the institution are
sure that the fund of $500,000 to
properly maintain the institution,
will be raised in but a few days.
Nebraska Wesleyan
College of Liberal Arts.
Teachers' College.
Conservatory of Music.
School of Expression and Oratory.
For information and free bulle
tins, address
The Registrar, Division B,
Wesleyan University
University Place, Lincoln, Neb.
Ideal School for Girls
Operated by the Sisters of
Dominic Full Academic and
Preparatory Courses, Science,
Business, Painting and Music,
Home Economics.
Catalogue on request Write
Sister Superior, Spalding, Nebraska.
! iinihii3 'm i fife; i i.
Photo by Skoglund.
Pupils Prepared for
Concert, Orchestra and Teaching.
S08 Lyric BIdg. Tel. Douglas 8704.
t i ill tQsMi il t(Ut
The Tire Repairing
and Retreading Trade
Courses Include detail study of tin
construction and rebuilding, under the
tutelage of Mr. Clyde Eller, former in
structor ot National Auto Training
For further information, writ
17th and Capitol Ave. Dept. B. ,
Omaha Nebraska.
Sioux City, la.
Moral, Mental and Physi
cal Training. Collegiate,
Academic and Commercial
Schoor open's Sept. 8th.
Writ for Catalogue.
tt Mai fi
Dr. Clyde Davis, dean of the state uni
versity college ot dentistry. Is spending
the summer at Nlsswa, Minn. Dr. Robert
Wolcott ot the soologlcal department is
also there.
Fred . Hayes. 'OS A.B. and '1 A.M..
at the state university, called recently at
m aiumni oince. He nas Deen superin
tendent of schools at Wlsner.
Prof. H. W. Caldwell la spending the
summer In the -Clack Hills. Mrs. Cald
well and Miss Frances, who graduated
Friday from the state university, will leave
Monday, the former or Lake Mlnnetonka,
the lajrter for Lake Geneva.
Mrs. J. P. Sennlng left Lincoln Wednes
day tor a two weeks' trip 'by automobile
to Colorado.
Prof. J. E. Almy and family will spend
some time in West Point, Neb., during
Evan T. Sage, '02 at the state univer
sity, has received his discharge from mili
tary aervlce and becomes professor of
Latin and bead or tnn department In the
UnlverBlty of Pittsburgh. He has been
assistant adjutant since August 1918, sta
tioned at Mltchel Field, L. I., N. T. He
was In air service.
D. D. Stull, '02 at the state university,
la on Mitchell Field In military air aervlce.
Prior to the war he was a lawyer at
La Homa, Okl.
W. L. Sage, ex-'U at the state univer
sity, was In, balloon service during the
war at Camp John Wise, Texas.
O. M. Rage, '09 at the state university,
waa first lieutenant of engineers with the
American forces In Siberia.
Prof. F. W Sanford will Join his family
In 'Estes Park for the remainder of the
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Pool have gone
by auto for a two weeks' trip to Denver,
Colo. Later Dr. Pool will spend a month'
In New York City.
Drs. F. F. and Emma Boose Tucker,
graduates of the state university, sent
Lincoln friends this week, their farewell
Saint Mary's School
( Inoxville, Illinois
A Standard Preparatory School
and Junior College).
For Girls 12 to 20.
52d year commences Sept. 24.
Individual attention. Home life.
Athletics and physical culture.
Thorough training.
For information write : Rev. F.
L. Carrington, LL. D., Rector,
Box B, Knoxville, 111. -
Hastings College
(Member North Central Association.)
College Courses leading to A. B.
and B. S. Degrees. Normal
Courses for teachers.
Strong Academy
Conservatory of Music 'of High
For Catalog and Illustrated
Booklet, Address
Pres. R. B. Crone.
Hastings, Nebraska
' greetings as they sail for China with their
cnuuren, to resume tneir work as medical
missionaries from which they have been
taking a year's furlough.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Westerman will
spend their vacation at Pelican lake,
where they have a cottage.
Rev. Dean R. Leland. Presbyterian stu
dent pastor at the state university, and
his wife left Wednesday to visit his moth
er and sister In Lockport, N. Y.
Augusta Javonsky, who was graduated
from the state university this spring is
traveling in the Big Horn mountains. Her
home is in Edgemoat, S. D.
Dr. and Mrs. A. I Candy of the mathe
matical department at the atate univer
sity are spending their summer In the
north. When last heard from they were
at Duluth.
A course In college algebra will be giv
en in the second summer term at the state
university It there are applicants enough.
The study will give three hours credit with
ten hours attendance for four weeks.
Prof. M. O. Oabe of the mathematical
department at the state university was
married to Miss Bertha Myers of Ithaca,
N. Y.. June 24. He Is teaching in the
summer school at Cornell.
Catherine Rice Halner of the class ot
11 at the state university was married
July 3 to William BlaA. Their home
will be Webster Grove, Mo.
instructor T. Acnea Gordon will attend
the fourth quarter at the university of
The Omaha Business College.
The wise farmer as well as the mer
chant Is beginning to see the great ad
vantage of a good commercial education
for his son and daughter. Both' farmer
and merchant have so' much Invested In
their business that they realize that the
old haphazard way of running things was
expensive and wasteful. The big gain that
comes vthrougl? the practical training of
the young woman In business knowledge
and methods pays well for the short time
from $50 a Month
to $50 a Day!
From a clerical job to a position of
power and authority from a starvation
stipend to an independent income
through the study ef Accountancy.
That is the true record of one man's
achievements. Thousands of others
eould do as well if they only realiied
their opportunities.
YOU can become an Accountant.
We train you at Home, by Mail
thoroughly, quickly, surely.a)
The radically new teaching 'methods
used only in the Tanner-Gilman Elect
ive" Course make it possible for you to
obtairf a thorough, practical training in
about one-half the time formerly re
quired. No previous bookkeeping ex
perience required. Every step has been
simplified and made intensely interest
ing. Every student under the close
personal supervision of well-known Cer
tified Public Accountants.
Don't Watt Write for Catalog
A very Interesting book, telling all
about this remarkable profession, its
splendid opportunities and how you
may enter it sent free for the asking.
Easy monthly payments. Don't wait
the shortage of accountants is growing
more acute each day. Address
International Accountants' Society,
63S Paxton Building, Omaha.
-Douglas 6S4S. ,
Oldest Military School West of the Mississippi River. 60-acre-grounds
with new buildings and equipment. Plenty of good
wholesome food. Separate small boys department. Gymnasium
and swimming pool. 43 miles from Kansas City. For Catalog
address, COL. S. SELLERS, 183 Washington Ave., Lexington, Mo.
Popular Music and Ragtlme'fiano Playing Positively Taught in Twenty Lessons.
Omaha Studio: 4225 Cuming. Phone Walnut 3379.
College of Liberal Arts, Teachers' College, Bible College,
Academy, Conservatory ot Music, School of Commerce, School ot
Expression,, School of Art and School of Home Economics.
OUR AIM: To giro to youth a thorough academic training
with special outlook on the personal equasion. We aeek to put
character behind a trained mind.
The fall semester begins September 15th. For catalogue or
information, address
J. H. BICKNELL, Secretary, Bethany, Nebraska.
Urider the Direction and Control of the Most Reverend
Austin Dowling, Archbishop of St Paul
Collegiate, High School, and Commercial Courses
Over One Thousand Students from Twenty-eight
States Registered Last Year
For Catalogue Address
firaduatlo Pay brlnis you to the turning of the ways.
You must choose perhaps you bae already chosen
the path Into the future that will lead you surely
to your goal In life. . . ,
Doc your ambition point toward a profeaalonal or bual
neaa career? Do you wish to become an educator,
scientist, an agricultural expert! Do you Intend to
prepare yourself for life's keen competition to thorough
apecial training In any line?
If yos . Uion the time, the money, the effort urrolted
in a I'nlrerslty courie will count as Uttle in compari
son with the advantage? It will give you sll through
life In efficiency. In aura knowledge, in the ability
to make the most ot the opportunities (be years are
sure to bring.
Your State Unlvaralty, the alma meter of thousands ot
Nebraska's illustrious sons and daaghtera, offers you a
well-rounded education in your choeen vocation together
with the aplendld exnerlenoea and fellowships of Col
lege life.
For your Mmre hears, there are the sthletle field, the
debating socletlea. muale, dramatics, elaae politics
a boat ef pleaaant and worth-while activities.
Literature describing the. University and Its manifold
activities baa been especially prepared for distribution
to 1010 Seniors. Send for your copy iti will be of help
to ynu In making your plana for the future. Address
the Registrar
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska.
University of
r Nebraska
Colleges and Schools
The Graduate College
The College et Arts and Selsseea
The Teachers' Callage
The College ef Agriculture
The Cellaee of Englnaertst
The Cottage ef Law
, The College ef Medicine
'.The College ef Pharmacy
The College of Business
The Collage ef bentlstry
The School ef Fine Arts
High School
The Schools et Agriceltsrs
The Suevner Session ,
University Citasslea Courses
JUNE 2, 1919.
SEPT. 17-20, 1919.
it takes and the comparatively small ex
pense. . i
Encouraging; reports on the Extension
college developments continue to come to
the home office of the Omaha Business
college. Mrs. Etta P. Halght, In chaxge of
the Nebraska City branch, has secured
very pleasant rooms for the class In one
u the beautiful old homes overlooking the
city park. In these comfortable quarters
the claxa Is growing in size and promises
great popularity.
The Residential college, occupying the
top floor of the Bee building, flnda that
such an ideal location that there la seldom
a complaint about the heat. It la high
enough above the street to cscarpe the heat
radiated from the pavements and to catch
every pleasant breeze that stirs. Study,
even In the midst of the summer, is en
ticing under such clrcumstancea.
Education of
Standard woman's college 70
years' fine traditions, high scholar
ship degrees first rank. Expert
faculty, greatly augmented this
Strong courses in all liberalising
subjects taught in their human re
lations Modern Languages, Clas
sics, History, Sociology, Philosophy,
Sciences, Political Science.
Special courses in Music, Art.
Education, Home Economics, Social
Workers, Business, etc., leading to
Modern equipment attractive lo
cation interesting ajid wholesome
social life. s
Wm. A. Maddox, Ph. D.,
Box E, Rockford, Illinois.
Liacoln, Nebraska
Playground Supervision And
Story Telling.
Complete Courses in AH Depart
Anyone may enter.'
New Catalog on Request.
1107 R Street.
III. The Plant
Twenty-acre Campus and Athletic
Main Building with laboratories,
men's "gym," auditorium, society
halls, commercial department, recita
tion rooms.
Thoroughly modern dormitory
system. Marshall Hall for 80
women. Thompson Hall for SO
Conservatory Building with of
fices, 20 practice rooms, basement
for women'a "gym."
Make Your Brains Earn More
Give yourself the business training you need to make your own dreams
of succesa come true. Wake up to your own possibilities.
in the clean, v feome, moral atmosphere of our College, or at your owa
home by our .v'ysme Study" methods through our Extension College.
Some of tne County Superintendents and District School Directors who
know us are recommending our courses to their teachers and high school
graduates. Our own students and graduates are pleased and are asking
their friends to study with the Omaha Business College. The business men
are constantly turning to us for office help. In the last few days we have
had callB for trained help from a leading law firm, from a large wholesale
house dointr business all over the West, from two of the big packing houses,
a large film house, an oil company with properties in three large producing
oil fields, the office of the president of a city bank, and others. We are
making good. Our students are making good. It is up to you to make
the effort that will mean the big advancement in your own position in life.
Fall term starts September 2nd. , School is open all the year. You do
not have to wait. Begin NOW. Cut out this ad and keep it, but write to
us today for Circular B, or EB for "Home Study."
$maha ffi
M. Gebelt, Pres.
Douglas 652S.
7th Floor Bee BIdg.
J. H. Kuhna, Sec.
Omaha, Neb. v
Make Yourself the Man Wanted
Opportunity, that fickle and elusivti goddess, is here today.
Never since the days of the dawn of trade, when Phoenician
galleys pushed their high prows into the Mediterranean has there
been the demand for men of trust and initiative.
Trained knowledge, such as the graduate of a high-class ac
credited business college possesses, is the thing that executives
desire in the men they choose for the bigger jobs.
Boyles College, with its efficient corps of teachers and con
ducted as a business institution, is your opportunity to fit your
self for the business world.
Hours: 8:00 A. M. to 1:00 P. M. ' Day and Night School
Courses in Stenography, Typewriting, Bookkeeping and
Higher Accounting, Comptometry, Machine Bookkeeping, Gen
eral Business Practice, Private Secretarial JVork, Telegraphy,
and Civil Service Training.
You May Enter Any Time Send for Our Free Catalogue.
H. B. BOYLES, Pres.
18th and Harney Sts
Omaha, Neb.
Phone Douglas 1 565.
. Merriam Block, "
N Council Bluffs, la.
Phone 576.
Going Away to School
Broadens the Child
and the selection of the school best adapted to
the child is a question of vital importance to
The Bee's School and College
I nformation Bureau
In conjunction with the Ask Mr. Foster
Service on the balcony of BURGESS NASH
STORE will aid in the selection of the proper
school or college to which to send your son or
daughter. Make known your wish and we will
tell you where it may be found.
The Bee Serves It's Readers Best

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