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Progress Shown
By Run of Trucks
Veteran Machine Cliws Off
Over Two Hours From New
York-Boston Trip New
- Model Does Better Yet.
Child's Hand Operates
Clutch of New Lincoln
Progress achieved in a decade of
motor truck manufacture was dem
onstrated dramatically May 28 by
the Tierce-Arrow Motor Car com
pany of Buffalo when the historic
Xewr York-to-Bobton run made in
1911 by America's first worm-drive
truck was repeated.
The identical truck, which made
the tun in 1911. known as Fierce
Arrow truck No. 1, covered the
route again. It was accompanied
this i time, however, by the latest
product of the ' Fierce-Arrow com
pany, a dual valve five-ton unit.
Although more than 10 years old,
and with 175,000 miles of daily serv
ice to its credit, the veteran clipped
two hours and 20 minutes from the
20-hour record made 10 years be
fore. But the old-timer was no
match for its modern brother, which 1
made the 240-milc journey in 14
hours and 43 .minutes, its engine-!
governed to normal speed.
' I ruck No. 1 pertormeil just as
its makers designed it to perform 10
years ago," s-aid Robert O. Fatten,
truck sales manager of the Fierce
Arrow company. "Old as it is, the
truck fulfilled the speed, load-carrying
and endurance specifications
which it originally was designed to
meet. 1
"But the record of the dual valve
truck , presents a contrast which
shows strikingly the advance of
manufacture and design. The most
powerful truck engine built carried
thf five-ton load over the road in
three hours less time. High-gear
speed on hills, even greater coasting
ability and a faster normal speed told
against the surprising performance
of veteran.
"Ease of control and driver-comfort
wefe other faclors that counted
in the test.
"Thus, to the qualities of durabil
ity and reliability, for which Tierce
Arrow always has been noted, we
have added more power, greater
speed and gretcr utility."
Truck No. 1 is historic in automo
tive history, t is one of the famous
"first fifty" group of Fierce-Arrow
trucks, 48 of which outlasted nine
jears of service.
Hansen Cadillac Co. i
loyes Hold Picnic'
1 ,, """Milium jj I
' Miwftfiirnt) 1
Charles R. Hannan, III,
son of Charles R. Hannan, jr., presi
dent of Hannan-Odell, incorporated,
demonstrating that he can manipu
late the Lincoln clutch with one of
his chubby "little hands. Particular
ly bv women is this feature in Lin
coln construction' appreciated. The
case of operation in the clutch is
duplicatedin the brakes,' according
to Bob Odcll of Hannan-Odell, in
corporated, Lincoln distributors, and
the effort required to operate the
car is practically nil. .
Employes of the J. H. Hansen
Cadillac company, and their families
held a picnic t Mandan park, Fri
day afternoon. Tire party numbered
llS and a chartered car carried them
to the park.
This picnic was given to his em
ployes by Mr, Hansan in apprecia
tion of the good work done by them
in the used car sale. The mechanics
put the cars into exceptional condi
tion and extended every possible
assistance to the sales organization
to make the sale a success.
At the dinner hour Mr. Hansen
announced to the party that he had
taken out a life insurance policy for
every employe, the amount of the
policy being, based on the length of
The employes of the Lincoln Cad
illac office were also present with
their families.
The "horseless carriage" 25 years
ago was a curiosity with Barnum &
Bailey's circus. , '
New Model of Paige
Built on Chassis of
Record-Breaking Car
In honor of a world's stock chassis
record for speed, made January 21,
1921, Faige is introducing a new
model that will undoubtedly have an
especial appeal to sportsmen.
The latest member of the Faige
family is a "6-66" roadster, built on
the chassis that gained so much dis
tinction when Mulford covered a
measured mile in 35.01 seconds, a rate
of 102.8 miles an hour. That rec
ord was made on the ocean beach at
Daytona, -Fla., and approximately
enough the new Paige will bear the
name, Daytona model.
The design, finish and equipment
of the Paige "6-66' Daytona rcadstcr
are quite in keeping with the event
the car commemorates. Built low,
with a turtle back body of rakish de
sign, it suggests in line and style the
tremendous speed and power Mul
ford demonstrated so dramatically.
The car has all the ear marks of
the thoroughbred. The body is fin
ished in an attractive red, while the
upholstery is blue Spanish leather.
The wheels are Houk heavy duty
wire, painted blue. There are Hert
ford shock absorbers front and rear
The car is a two-passenger design,
with a third seat that unfolds at the
side and a folding rest for the feet.
On the other side is a compartment
for tools. The new Faige Daytona
roadster will sell for $3,295.
Lincoln Motor Firm
Announces Price Cut
"The Lincoln Motor company has
announced a new schedule of price,
which emphasizes its product as one
of the leading automobile values"
states Bob Odell of Hannan-Odell,
In a statement which was received
by Hannan-Odell, Inc., from R. C.
Gctsinger, sales manager of the Lin
coln Motor company, Detroit, Mr.
Gctsinger -states:
"Our salee progress of the Lin
coln this year has been steady and
sound. In every month, our curve
of accomplishment has been higii
above that of the industry as a
whole. For March the industry as
a whole gained 62 per cent over Feb
ruary. Lincoln's increase was 200
per cent in April. In April the in
dustry increased 27 per rent over
March. Lincoln's percentage was
75. Not only have our sales held
up, but on the very day prior to the
new price announcement, we shipped
53 cars." '
Anypfaet-AnyJtyfiom 7a.m. (o 1p.m.
.EvereadyTire Service Ca
m V M T RCA R. s ; pj
Outside of the experience you would obtain by
actually riding in the car yourself, it is difficult to
convey abetter idea of the distinctly superior ease
and comfort of the LINCOLN than to cite that
persons who had been compelled to give up motor
ing, have discovered that the LINCOLN enables
them to thoroly enjoy long trips without fatigue.
We are wonderfully delighted
with the LINCOLN. We have
driven it one thousand miles with
my mother, an invalid for twenty
years. At the end of our first trip to
Chambersburg, 159 miles, she was
not even tired. -
I have owned three and
been pleased with them, but the
LINCOLN far excels all. It is higher
priced but fully worth it.
Much 29,1931
Firnam at the Boulevard
TeL Harney
William Wilson
Elected Head of
New Maxwell Co.
Recently Named Executive
Has Had Wide Experience
in Constriction and Sales
Ends of Industry.
William Robert AYilsOn has been
elected psesident of the new Max
well motor corooration. Announce
mcnt of the new officers was made
by V. Ledyard Mitchell, receiver
of the old company.
"The Maxwell Motor corporation
is exceedingly fortunate that the re
organization plans have been com
nlcled with the election to the presi
denev of a man of the caliber of
Mr. Wilson," said Mr. Mitchell.
"Mr. Wilson comes to the cor
poration with an invaluable experi
ence in manutaciunng, unancing ana
factory management. He is s
vouner man. He was born in Chi
cago in 1884. and graduated from
Armour Institute of Technology in
1906. He was awarded an advanced
M. E. degree in 1909 for exception
al engineering accomplishment.
"He was actively engaged in
construction, opctation, accounting
and sales work up to the time he
entered the Studebaker corporation.
; ';ln 1913 he joined the Dodge
Brothers company of Detroit. Mr,
Wilson was personally responsible
for the selection ot practically all
of the important personnel of the
Doe ire Brothers organization, nc
had direct charge of lay-out, ac
counting, factory methods and
rmiinment. '
"Mr. Wilson resigned frqm the
Dodge Brothers organization ' to be
come vice president of the Irving
National bank of. New York. ,
"We who have been concerned
with the. reorcanization of the old
Maxwell company into the new and
greater corporation feel that the
company is bound to progress oy
leans and bounds under the super
vision and guidance of an executive
of Mr. VVilsons spienaia reputa
tion and high standing.'"
W. Ledyard Mitchell, Arthur E.
Barker and Carll Tucker are named
as vice presidents. W. P. Chrys
ler is chairman of the board and
T. H. Thomas is comptroller.
Cadillac Firm's Sale of
Used Cars Proves Success
"Now that we have reduced our
used car prices to even below the
comparative reduction on many new
cars, people are responding to their
desires to own a car," said J. H.
Hansen of the J. H. Hansen Cadillac
The success of this sale is not at
tributed by Mr. Hansen to the fact
that people are less conservative in
buying, but to the fact that every
used car offered in this sale was put
into first-class condition.
a substantial reduction
in the prices of their cars
The first cost is practically the last
Harney at zath. st;
HARNEY 0123,
103 SO. MAIN ST.
"Our Salesrooms Open Evenings and Sundays"
S3 per pair
Seven horizontal and six vertical prisms,
without visor, focus the light as required
by law, and are always free from glare.
To All Automobile Owners in the
Nebraska's new motor car headlight law, approved by
Governor McKelvie on April 25, 1921, provides that:
Lawful lenses must be used on all motor vehicles in the state of Nebraska.
The sale of unlawful lenses is prohibited. The sale of cars not equipped
with lawful lenses is prohibited. Lawful lenses are lenses approved by the
Secretary of the Department of Public Works. Penalties range as high as 25 100.
" Glaring Lights are Illegal
For the safety of the public and of motor
car users, the State of Nebraska has enacted
a new law against glanng headlights.
Failure to obey the law is penalized by
fine, ranging as high as $100. '
Only those lenses approved by the Secre
tary of the Department of Public Works
will be accepted by the police as lawful.
Macbeth and Liberty lenses are lawful
in Nebraska. They are lawful in all states.
Users of Macbeth and Liberty lenses have
the certainty that no' matter in what state
they drive, they are obeying the law, and
are free from the danger and annoyance of
detention, arrest and fine.
Macbeth and Liberty lenses stop the glare
without cutting down the flood of light.
You get an abundance of safe light; you
can see where you are driving without en
dangering yourself and others.
Here Is Nebraska's 0. K,
The Macbeth-Evans Glass Company has
received this authority from the State of
Nebraska to sell Macbeth and Liberty lenses:
1 May 23, 1921
This is to certify that the Macbeth and Liberty
lenses have been examined and tested by this
Department and have passed all requirements.
This letter will be your authority to sell these
lenses until you receive your official certificate.
Yours very truly,
Department of Public Works
'Geo. K. Leonard ' Signed: Geo. K. Leooird
AEB Asiiittnt Secretary
Caution About Visor Lenses
When you buy visor lenses, keep this fact in mind:
The green in the Macbeth Green Visor Lens is fused
' into the visor and becomes a permanent part of the
lens cannot- fade, cannot chip off, cannot wear off.
Beware of cheaper and inferior lenses that are only
painted, for the paint will wash off or wear off, your
lenses will become illegal, and you will be subject to the
penalty, for violating the law against glaring headlights.
Macbeth and Liberty lenses art manufactured by the same
Company that has. made its nam well-known in Nebraska
durinz thejast 40 years as manufacturers tftht famous
Macbeth Pearl Top" lamp chimneys.
For mart than 50 years the Macbeth-Evans Glass Com
pany has been renowned as makers of scientific glass. Mac
beth battleship and lighthouse lenses are distinguished by the
approval of the United States Government.
Equip your car with Macbeth or Liberty lenses
today. Do not delay. . The demand for lenses under
this new law will be extremely heavy. Get yours
while the dealer has them.
$5 per pair
Five horizontal and four vertical prisms
center light where it is needed, distribute
the rays evenly, and prevent glare.
Macbeth and
Liberty lenses
are legal in all
states, are sold
by dealers
and fit every
size of head
Macbeth-Evans Glass Company
Brueh Oficct ia Bottoa, CaicUo. New York, Philadelphia, rittaberfk. Saa Fruouea
720 Book BaiMiaf, Detroit
Macbeth-Bvaae Claaa Compear, liiiited. Toroate, n-rir't
Weatera Automobile Supply Company
Paxton A Gallagher, U. S. Rubber Co., Lee-Coit-Andreeten Hardware Co. Forh.
HASTINGS LINCOLN arao mark kaa
W. M. Dutton & Son Company Nebratka Buick Auto Company Ud""

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