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Brandcis Buyers
Reach Home After
Trip to Europe
Germany Ruit Country,
Tliry ?aj Msnufarlurrri
Anxioui to Cater!
V. S; Tra.lf.
V. C. McKnight and David Car
ter. buyers (or the Prandeii ite-res.
returned yesterday (mm Europe
, vhrre lhry,iiifd the manufacturing
renters (or the latest creations in
,Icm, hosiery, dint trimmings, lin
ens, gloves, bultoni, toys and othrr
articles (or their departments. Smt
o( thrir purchases mere received here
in advance o( their homecoming.
George !.oden and Richard Fih
er, ether buyer e( the party, are ex
pected home on Monday, Corge
Brandeis, head of the toie. Milrd
i yesterday on the Aqnitania, and will
' i each home thia month.
Cater to U. S. Trade.
Thee Omaha buyers noted during
their European traveia an eagerness
it cater to the Ameriran trae. In
Berlin they found factories working
three shifts during the 24 houri of
the day. Mr. McKnight went to
Paris where he bought Urea and
fancy silk hoiiery and thence to
Brussels for lace, fancy dres trim
mings and real Brussels lares. He
visited Cologne, Berlin and the
great industrial fair at Leipsic.
"The population ol Leipsic is about
1,000,000, and 1 venture to say that
at least another 1.(XK),IHK) came from
other towns to visit the fair," said
Mr. McKnight.
Buys Hosiery.
Mr. McKnight completed his buying
trip in London, where he bought a
stock of English wool hosiery. He
also bought linens in Ireland. He
said the season will reveal some
striking styles in golf and fancy
ribbed hose.
In Paris Mr. Carter, who was in
terested in toys, saw toy steam auto
mobiles and moving picture outfits
for children. He visited N'tirenburg,
Bavaria, a city that is 1,500 years
old and the famous center of the me
chanical toy industry. The old walls
of the city remain.
Germany Busiest Country.
"It is not so difficult for the Amer
ican to get around, because one al
ways meets those who can speak the
English language," said Mr. Carter.
Even in the hotels there are waiters
who can speak English. The Leipsic
fair was an interesting experience.
Buildings of four or five stories are
maintained exclusively for this an
nual exposition."
Messrs. McKnight and Carter
stated that under present conditions
it is not unusual to get orders de
livered even as far as Omaha within
30 days after the purchase. They
averred that the busiest country they
visited was Germany. Mr. Carter
observed that the Paris taxicabs are
not up to' date.
France Never Intended to
Contest U. S. Rhine Pay"
Washington, April 1. The French
government "never had any inten
tion of contesting the rights of the
United States to be as completely
reimbursed for their army costs as
the other governments with troops
on the Rhine," says the reply of the
French government to the American
note in relation to army costs, made
public today at the . State department.
Omaha Brothers to Attend
Big Chinese Convention
Rol.eit If. I-rin. Mi. president of the Chinese Merchant' aHiaiion
in Omaha, and hi biothcr. Frank K, I em, fight, a practicing thsirun
in thi city, will leave Sunday lr rliiladrlplua. wlieie tnev will represent
the Miinee organization at the annual convention of the National Chinese
ao'iaiion on April 5. Charles Yen. secretary of the local Uituee or-
ganiiation, may also attend the convention.
Landlord to Give $25
for Tenants New Tots
Chicago, April 1. Harry I. Dal
scy, who is building a 33-story flat
building with a perambulator stall
for each apartment, has announced
that each tenant who receives a call
from Mr. Stork will get a cash pres
ent of $25. Should twins be left
he'1! make it $50. He makes no prom
ise as to triplets.
This is Mr. Dalsey's theory: "I
want to see lots of children around
my building, for they make happy
homes, and that means better and
more contented tenants."
Doomed Dog Dodges Death Decree
Pet Sentenced to Chloroform for Vagrancy Snatched
From Fate by Pathetic Plea of Youngsters
Phonograph Peals Out "Bow-Wow Blues."
Dcnnison Sells
Boulevard Home
IUs Will Male
Hoiti With Hi Marrinl
04 tighter.
'Join Ui-niinuii tmlciday an.
nomiccd the sale t( !' home at t-Ml
loieiue boulevard back to its orig
inal owner, Fred M. I raiie. He wil
make hi home with If only daugh
ter, Mr. Vernon Kegan, and her
husband in a five room apartment at
Tweniy.fourtli and l"iiain street,
he said,
Dcmiikuq lif would ronlmiie
lo rail Omaha hi home except (or
brief trips in connection .with horse
"My enemies will ti!i have me
here to contend with," he announced.
"I don't (' U ba-wy aiie in
col li, s any more, but it give ui
pteakiiif ta lake a mak at m
enemies jit olitml lime.''
1 he prnulton home was the nut
the lommittrt of MkM rated a "a
ftt,(iHI niaiuion," At the tune Hen
hioi slated he would be a-Ud lo sell
it at less than one half that igurr,
I our acre of ground surround it.
I'liilftl State (loiioiil lit
Spain l!kt!rt'i SuilJettly
flramnont, Tex, Apnl I.- H.
Ilarey Carrnll, 4H, L'nited Mate
consul at I'adu, hpair. died lat
night in a hospital at Cibialiar, ac
cording to a cablegram received by
hi wife, who i tiillng relaiivr
here. 'I lie fcody wilt be buried In
During the war Mr, Carroll was
t'oiicul it Venice. Italy, and wa
decorated by the Italian government
(or hi service.
McCaffrey Home
Tranquil Again
..i.u i. liA j .. tt,,.f ilu.kjid titm
4)e tfiy, i "tmewhrrt in itie
l tut." In ft wild av
i f it iiiiiinif.l iliji I'anttl In
I rrll aHfll.j'lilig l tltcYt 4 ll-iiillill 4-
j lion null Ua wile t'uoiid
I Hin.ri'.'f ." I llicit (luijEtif her
C'utl.Ir? Offii ull) Hf f t.llt jl. il , hn.band willi cuelty.
Wifr Drop uil f.r '(IhmIm '4...r Hrlunu la
Diorf. j Hk AUer INitit Moiuli
j Nine tuuiili alient fimn it k
"lie Mclatlicy wne .fiiti!f. tn a a.4ii"i, Kv J4me W, Nm
"olluully" jesterdjv- litui Jintue I m.ii, pair rIM riiilowifiia chinch.
Srara at 10 jenerday morninc Tmiit and William trrri. triuined
iii..f. the divorce- action ei Mn l,.niie eterlay. The pfiet rf
Hospital Measure
Is Passed by Houso
hmgton. Apnl I An appro
muiioii , i f7iiikiil to be td i
jfiovidiM( ad ttiial niital facilttita
1 1 ir wr rtr4ii wmil'l b author
ie-t l.y a bill iur4 by U noutt
sihoMt a fremd vote, The niraui
liew gie ll the tenaif.
'I be t ill, drafted by Chairman
I uuulfv ( the pnbbc biiild ng and
n. tin, U cnuiiiiilice, would filsce b
tiirrcinr l the vetriant' bmeau it
ehaige of all act'vuir which would
k'U w out ft faax of the meauie.
I.fwia riiiiifrr Die.
Lewis, la, April I iSiiecial I
Albrtt M. I'eieiKin. 7', ieidenl
( tin roiiimiiiiiiy ' li!. I dead,
lie w is a native id Ormany and
f4ine t America in li4 when ba
krittrd n a fittn near here, lie la
survived by a widow and i hil
l I II I I III I II I I I I l-li 11 I M I II I I I I I I I I I I I M I I I I I I I I M I I III I 111111 I I I Til I I I M I I I I Ml I I I I I M M M M I ' M I 1 I II I I I I I I II M 1
I tank U. McCadiey
McCaffrey, who wa niirr. by bi
wife jit their home at the lime the
petition was filrd, i said be "up
and around."
The t'omt dotWt "iilv sluie "di
vorce action duniied bv t'al
Mrrring, attorney lr Mr: Mtl'al
(rey." Howard bairell. tilth nun and
president of the I arrell iuti com
iitM c the tune reiiamiiiu bralih
iii Suuthrin lal'li-rnia i-nt
ciinp tune alJ with (t.khop Mc
ttuvein ( Cheyenne. V,
. a I.
rrlMi SMimwiNt,
Aiini I Jut . a '"
I. ! ! ul.l h. IMI4 V -
(trti ! -u. ralu4 Hn
ki. ..lr. h bti i-loetl
h b -4 of intio
kki in .(mi mi"11"- I"'"'
ki4 l mi u I. NwHlly III IIIHil
ti4 from tS ! .
They chanRed records on a phono,
uraph'in a little home at 5HJI South
Twenty-second , ctrvet yesterday
"Ain't We G"t Fun" was substi
tuted (or "The How Wow Blues."
Charles Lonkan, 9. taking the role
of amateur lawyer, had just brotiRht
to a successful conclusion a pha
before "the bar of justice" for the
life of Fido, a white dog with black
ears and a humorous twinkle in his
eyes, 'specially when he's playing
with "us kids." ' ,
At 8 yesterday morning l ido was
keeping a lonely death watch, con
demned to die by chloroform after
conviction of vagrancy and the dis
covery by the city poundmastcr in
the role of dog detective that he did
not carrv a license.
Then V. II. Wright, agent for the
Humane society, opened his mail.
"Dear sir:
"Fido is the only pet we have and
baby's been crying ever since they
took him last night, lie is a good
dog and won't you turn him loose?
Justice has a heart, after all, and
by 10:30 yesterday inqrning a pardon
had been arranged bv Wright for
Fido. The dog was given a scat of
honor in a flivver and, the machine
whizzed out to the Lonkan home.
"Oh I Oh. Fido." cried Mrs. I.on
kan, approaching the car flanked by
Charles, John, 7, and Emil, the baby.
2','j, all smiling big wide smile tl.
found reflection in Fido, who leapt,
out f the car and reached his paw,
to Charles' shoulders.
Pleads Guilty to Fraud
and Implicates Others
New York, April 1. Alfred li.
Lindsay, charged with obtaining
more than $1,000,000 by frauds on a
multitude of women, chiefly widows'
pleaded guilty to the charge of grand
larceny. He then went before the
grand jury, 'giving testimony which
resulted in the indictment of Ma.
Redondo Sutton, as an accomplice.
Maj. Sutton is a West Toint grad
uate, was a major in the embarkation
service during the war, had been the
promoter of many enterprises and
belongs to a number of exclusive
I.indsav chareed Mai. Sutton had
entered into an arrangement where
by the profits of questionable stock
transactions were to be divided. An
indictment also was found oti Lind
say's testimony against B. R. I'ar
rott. p; n I AC
.'( t VI 1IVOl
Atlantic, In., April 1. (Special.)
Josiah L. Brockman, 83, a resident
r t : too j . i . i. - r .
Ul lUWd aiHlC JOt, UllU III IIIC
countv home. He was born in Mont
gomery county, Indiana.
Instant Relief for SorevTiredfTenderorching Feet
My Kit, tired, iwok
You're footsick! Your feet feel
tired, miffed nn. rhafrrL ai-hinff
sweaty, and they need "Tiz."
liz- makes fect remarkably fresh
and sore-proof. "Tiz" takes the pain
and burn richt out of corns, callouses
and bunions. "Tiz" is the grandest
foot-gladdcner the world has ever
Get a box of "Tiz" at any drug
store and end foot torture for a few
cents. Never have tired, aching,
sweaty, smelly feet; your shoes will
fit fine and you'll only wish you had
tried "Tiz" sooner. Accept no substitute.
An Open Letter to
Herman Kessler, Nick Guckert and E. B. Williams
Gentlemen: ' ' . I ; '
You three men own and operate the three leading Tailoring estab
lishments in Omaha, and have done so for many, many years.
rThe fact that you have all been in business so many years, and
. that you have all grown and prospered is proof that the citizens
of Omaha appreciate QUALITY and SQUARE DEALING, for it is a
t well-known fact that your prices are considerably higher than other
tailoring concerns.
During almost a quarter of a century The Pantorium has been
doing your dry cleaning, and I am conceited enough to think that you
favor us because of your desire to give your patrons the best of
everything, regardless of cost, for it is well understood between all of
us that others have made you prices about one-third less than ours.
You men know that The Pantorium uses only the best of mate
rials, pays the highest wages and has a reputation of turning out the
same class of work that you yourselves turn out, therefore it is only
reasonable that you send your own dry cleaning to us.-
I thank you, gentlemen, for the business you have given us, and
please accept my assurance that you will always get the best that
skill, experience and close attention to details can produce.
Very truly yours,
Our C ied it
Sy.tem Offers Satisfactory
Monthly Payments
Toys and ChilJreris ,
Furniture Complete Linen
on Third Floor
WE INVITE your careful inspection of our larjre increased humvini; of !w priced furniture, the pop
ularity of which is arousing keen iuterest. It is worthy of the consi.hrntion tf the in. exacting.
Comparison will couvince of our ability to offer superior values.
The modern furnished home
at a8t: South 34th street.
Open a to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m.
Sundays, a to 5 p. m.
Built by C. C. Carlberg
furnished by us complete in
a modern way at a very
moderate cost.
Oriental Rugs
Home Craft Week, April j to 8th
direct from Persian looms, in all the splendor of the original colors and designs.
Each pattern ii woven with great skill and patient care for detail. There are many
rare rugs In this collection, ranging In size from the smallest Table Mats to those
suitable for the largest living rooms of modern homes.
Sixteen large Rales Have Just Arrived
and Are on Display on Our Second Floor
Rich Anatolian Mats $12.50 $0.50 $6.$o
The size is about lxZM colors are rose, blue and tan. Real values.
Bergania Rugs$38.so (34.00 $17.50
Made of Persian Wool with soft heavy nap, making tbem lie close to the floor.
Size about 3x4-6.
Silky Belouchistan Rugs $42.50 $39.00
These are all silky effects in dark rich shades of red, blue and old gold. Average
size 3x5-6.
Mosoul Rugs $65.00 $47.50 $41.50
Strong, durable pieces In beautiful colors. Average size 3x6. Splendid assortment.
Long Oriental Runners $i45.oo-r-$95.oo $85.00
9, 12, 14 feet long; 3 to 4 feet wide. Good values and hard to obtain.
Same as Persian Lllahan, etc. In new sizes Suitable for all rooms.
Persian Lilahan and Bokharas $135.00 $125.00 $110.00
These are closely woven In novel designs soft silky tones and colors. Size 4x7.
Domestic Rugs
Seamless Velvet Rugs $42.50 $39.50 $33.50 $26.50
In a large line of patterns and colorings. Suitable for any room. Quoted in the
9x12 size, but carried in stock in many other sizes.
Popular Axminster Rugs $59.50 $48.50 $42.50 $32.50
In rich, soft colorings, heavy wool faced Oriental or Chinese patterns, In bluo,
rose and browns.' Excellent for hard service. All sizes in stock. Quoted in
the 9x12 size.
Extra Large Size Room Rugs $52.00 $45.00 $37.50 $28.50
In many Qualities and good assortment of patterns. Brussels, Velvet and Axminster
weaves; size 11-3x12.
New Carpets $4-75 $4 00 $2.75 $2.25
Suitable for coverins entire floor. We have a large line in the new taupes, sands,
navy, natural and many shades of brown and green.
in the Jaspe or Moresque etiecis.
Some plain and others
Patterns for stairs. Priced by square yard.
1 -py
mm n
Featuring the
Newest in
Curtainings and
Kir.ET NET U is possible
to buy attractive Quaker Fil
et net as low as 50d per yd.
OVER DRAPERY MATERIALS In good designs and colors s l-w as 75t yard.
CRETONNES Suitable for bedroom and.livlngiooin draperies as low as
38 and 50 per yard .
AMONG THE NEW NETS We have many attractive designs tit 5(tc, 6.V and ;."c
per yard and an unusually extensive line at $1.00 per vard. Also many new
nets of character Including Pilot, Penn de Terra, Amerex, Shantung and Case
ment. Triced 60c to $i"S per yard.
Lace Edged Filet Net Curtains, per pair
Lace Edged Marquisette Curtains, per pair
Ruffled Voile Curtains, per pair
Ruffled Muslin Curtains, per pair ,
Ruffled Dotted Marquisette Curtains, per pair..
$0 yjj
S1.S5 and sa'.SO
-$1.75 and S2.75
S3.75 aud 85.00
New Fringed Panel Curtains of Interest
Filet Tira, per pair
Filet Sampler Effects, per pair..
Tuscan Net Tiinel, per pair
Casement Net Panel, per pair...
... 88.75
Of Special Interest
Pongee Silk, the curtain quality, 33 inches wide, per yard.
60 inches wide, per yard
Also Casement Materials suitable for the same purpose, 36 inches wide, yd., 81
Ask for Our Booklet "Better Drapery Treatments"
Golden Oak Arm
Like illustration, with full
auto spring seat in Span
ish fabricoid. at.. S4.95
Featuring Rocking & Arm Chairs
In all styles, sizes and finishes. The entire furniture display space of our Six
teenth Streat Main Floor is devoted this week to the display of arm chairs and rockers.
Scores of extremely interesting values and variety to suit every need.
OS Patterns Mahogany Arm Chairs and Rockers Wood and cane seat, including Period,
Windsor and Modern types, ranging in price from
812.00 and $13.50 to 838.00 and 839.00
66 Patterns Mahogany Spring Seat and Semi-Overstuffed Arm Chairs and Rockers AU
1 styles and sizes, in rich tapestry, velour and mohair upholsterings, priced from
815.00 and 816.50 to 848.00 and 849.00
67 Patterns Overstuffed Arm Chairs and Rockers Tapestry, velour, mohair and leath
er npholstery, ranging in price from
828.00 and $30.00 to 868.00 and 869.00.
173 Patterns Oak Ann Rockers and Chairs Wood, pad seat, spring seat anl semi
overstuffed types, with fabricoid and genuine leather upholstery; priced from
$5.75 to 838.00
Us Patterns Reed, Fibre and Chinese Grasslrm Chairs and Rockers In fumed, natur
al, frosted brown and old ivory; many with striking cretonne and tapestry up
holstery. Priced from .
: . $6.75 to $75.00
5 Patterns Porch Chairs and Arm Rockers In fumed oak, natural maple, etc.; from
$3.00 to $15.00
Arm Chair
Rich Tapestry Overstuffed,
with loose cushion spring
Rocker to match $39
Windsor Chair
In antique brown mahog-
any, like illustration... -$lJ.oO
Trunk like illustration, t'ullj
equipped with cushion top, large
shoe box, large hat box, dust cur
tain, laundry bag, interlocking bar,
reduced from ?50 to ....$39.75
night Bait, leather and Pat
ent Cate, Boston Baits, Fitted
t'nnea and Fitted BnK. Men'a
' Das. Gladstones, Portfolios and
Brief Cases.
Full line of automobile trunks to
fit all makes of cars.
Stove Department
fine tonal qualities
exquisite cabinet construction
plays all tpct'Is
Machine illustrated, in Adam
brown . . ,
Gas Range Why not a Detroit? The
price is no .more than others, and the
quality is the highest. Equipped with
every possible improvement and has an
enviable reputation for giving satisfactory
service. .
DETROIT JEWEL In the lasting Ebonite
finish, white porcelain drip pan. broiler
pan and door panels. CKO CIO
special at 5JO.JU
Small payment down and small
monthly payments. Trade in your
old gas stove on a new one we make
a liberal allowance.
Gift Shop
With bridge arm,
metal with decorated
parchment shade,
Wrought iron, with
decorated parchment
shade, complete
Many other types with
silk and parchment
shades, beautifully
made, in excellent colors.
i.I .I :M l; l I 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 1 I I I I i l l I 1 I I I ii 'I I I I I I 1 1 I I 11 I I I n I 1 I I I
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