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Uiii I!M: OMAHA. HiUtoDAV. Al'JUL C. ltJ
Democrats Win
City Election at
Kansas City, Mo.
Itrjiuhlican itI I)eiuM-rit
PitMt Viiforifi in Miami'
mI l.lfilion 1 lirutiglt
Kan. lty. Mo. A,r4 5 Be
Uied ftlufiu today (roio yrsttrdey'r
nmniiij il cleeimu lirrc toaey con
tinued la iitfff U4 of lt
!niuH;f4it ikktt, likh, headed be
1 rfik H. Criml for niaeor.
srpt into fft.ff by ntajoniies
nig ironi I.cm) to more, tUu IJ.cuu.
I romwrll'i tiujuniy over Matthew
I ir, In republican opponent.
expected to be around ilia. IJ'Hji)
nuik hrn all ot the if turn UJ
Um counted.
Only Iho woiiifH candle ur
Urd-Mrs. tirorse U. l-ong.it, dem
ot,.t. being elrrtcd to the city coun
cil, and Mrs. Ufuige Fuller, repub
lican. inning i sclieol boara mem
bership, Mr. Fuller. however, was unop-
p.ed ami had been eiwore.i ny
the urmnut.
Both Cain Victories.
Hie iiiHiiii iil elr ''"'
ft iii if ui Mi,t4iuii veterdiv were
the niot spirited in belated re
turn received lirre today showing
ii unusually heavy vote over the
ii:c. In many ttir party lines
ere drawn slurpiy, wnue in omris
the election r re nonpartisan.
Itmli democrat and , republicans
gained victories.
In JenVron Oiy the democrat
circled four of five candidate! lor
aldermen and carried llie city by
nearly 5nO vote.
Return Irom St. Joseph indicated
the election I a republican mayor
and the whole republican ticket with
the exception of candidate for audi
tor and treasurer.
Spirited Contests.
In Joplin the elections were
characterised as nonpartisan, due to
that city' commission form of gov
ernment, but the contests were spir
ited. The democrats elected mayor in
Macon, Hutler, Fulton, Carthage
and Sedalia.
Jiprincneld's "blue law," dosing
theaters on Sunday, wa approved
by a vote of almost two to one in
the election there, when the voters
rejected a proposal to suspend the
ordinance. The final count was 6.3
against the measure and 3,550 for it.
The question has arisen as to wheth
er the ordinance might be interpreted
to include Sunday baseball games.
Democrats at Hartford.
Hartford. Conn., April 5. Rich
ard Kinsella. democrat, was elected
mayor of Hartford yesterday, and
with him most of the democratic
ticket was carried into office. Kin
sella defeated Anson T. McCook,
republican, by a plurality of 3,575.
Kinsella was elected mayor four
years ago, but was defeated for re
election two years ago by Newton
C Brainard, republican, the present
mayor. ,
The democrats elected 8 out of 1'J
' C, Charles H. Robin, republican, who
has been controller 24 years, was
. defeated for re-election by E. E.
Lamb, democrat, by 1,061 votes.
Wisconsin Socialists Lose.
Milwaukee, April 5. Early scat
tering1 returns from several sections
of Wisconsin show that Burr V.
Jones, candidate for supreme court
justice, is running ahead of John
C. Kleist, socialist. '
In Milwaukee, Judge E. T. Fair
child, circuit court, has a big lead
for re-election over Joseph Padway,
socialist, and John M. Niven, city
attorney,, is leading Benjamin W.
Reynold?,' socialist, by an apparent
safe majority. ,
Back Blue Laws.
Zion, 111., April 5. Stricter blue
law enforcement with a continuation
j)f bans on smoking, dancing, swear
ing, gambling and a censorship of
women's clothes was endorsed by
'.' the voters of Benton township, which
includes Zion, today.
The liberals were defeated by a
majority of 700 votes at the polls,
when the theocratic party, endorsed
by Wilbur Glenn Volivia, overseer
of Zion, elected all of its candidates.
The majority was the largest ever
given the theocratic.
Missing Kansas Farmer
Is Found at Superior
Fairbury, Neb., April 5. (Spe
cial.) At the end of a 10 days'
search in northern Kansas and
southern Nebraska, Claude Miller,
living near Holtenberg, Kan., was
found at Superior. He dM not seem
to know that he had been the object
of so much search and had caused
. his parents so much anxiety. He is
30 and stated when questioned as
to why he had left without saying
anything to his parents or friends,
"I am of age and wanted to see
some of the world."
Farmer Badly Injured as
Team Runs Away With Disc
Ravenna, Neb., April 5. (Spe
cial.) Paul Roeller, farmer living
south of town, was badly injured
when his team ran away with a disc,
the machine running over Roeller.
He was badly cut about the head and
f?ce. A neighbor came to the rescue
and took Roeller to Ravenna for
medical attention.
Road Conditions
Furnished fcr Omalia Automobile Ouo
Lincoln Highway. Ksst-Roads muddy to
I,nl,on snd Msrshalllown. Ced at F .pWJi
reports roads .till bad in th.lr Wnf
Cars can Into Cedar Rapids from the
west by a stg xa route, call club for in
tormation on this. ,
Lincoln Highway. Wpst Roads fair Val
l.v to Fremont. Muddy to Central City.
Fair there and good at Grand Island.
O. L. D. Highway Roada muddy.
O Street Road Muddy.
Cornhusker Hlshway Muddy.
Highland Cutott Roads muddy.
Ornxha-Topeka Highway Roada muddy.
8. T. A. Roada fair.
Georga Washington Highway Roads
Black Hills Trail Roada muddy.
Cuater Battlefield Highway Roads
muddy through Iowa. Passable now In
South Dakota with exception ot Black
Bills district.
King of Trails, North Muddy.
King of Trails. South Muddy.
River to River Road Muddy to tes
lloines. low City reports roads still bad.
White Pols Road Roads muddy.
T. O. A. shortline Roads muddy.
Blue Grass Road Roads muddy.
Weather reported cloudy avery point
Indication! for unsettled with showers to-day.
The Dancing Master
(OatrrifMl HIM
fJuWk) ( ). fMialrr lift, is
ltilia hag ells l iMr Lab
la tail. Mm Imtm kmir tfc atmu
ftia k 4mm4t, a)w,atiiaw4 lea
aaa ism mu tiataiM law 4br wmmS)
a. rt aly la Ifca fiknl
) ! ant M I'M lutahM.
lM sulk euM mem, la I'
im . fciika xtaiitaa (eil kf
I lull a as a aoutam kwlwti laa aa a)
pwiai aaa M , -
(J a. loiHkHk'i aal. aula aaaal aaa
wu aa anaie, aua, nr tr"
at awls I laa. aa faea a laa '!.
aaaaa af rlall ! ' akahail
taal aaa taaa . ' wraaa la
ka la aaara. aaa -a aa raaMlf
IUI arfaaH aaal. lamaaa laaraee,
graaa U ! saarga mt a. il
i awiei. a at'-r -T '
Irtlav aaa aa 4iaaa na) la a4 Wis.
abaia) aaai laraata r-..a,w
liaa laa ala Is rlala4 t LUaa
aria aaa laark alia rarwav.
Ilaallaaee) ttmm alaroaj.)
Klwabrth took oil her, d.t and
l.m.hed back her hair; tier head
at hed and lie felt unhappy.
"Have you been very dull alone?"
he kcd.
Netta ainiled triuinfliantly.
"1 wasn't alone: I'at tame to
luiult with me."
Netta went on eagerly:
"lie wyi he'll get a car and take
me for a drive on Sunday, at I can't
walk. Won't it be lovely?"
"He ayi I mutt make liate and
Ret well, too, a he' extra buy at
the ktudio and lie can't do 'without
"I'm ure lie can't," Elizabeth aid
Already they were fxcludingr lier
(rom their plan, he could ce. Soon
she would have patted out of both'
their lives forever.
Netta wai watchipK her closely.
"Are you going out with Neil
rVmer again?" ht itked ivrttcriry.
"1 d"i'l know; be didn't My asiy-
thine atMut it.
"I thought ou told me that ywur
cousin wa engaged to him?"
"he uc4 to say the waa, but lliey
i;ii4irrlcil. I don't know if tKry've
made it up,"
"Mie mut have been a icw to
ouarrel with linn. Netta taid blunt
ly. "Money' the only thing in the
world worth having."
A queer little smile quivcrrA round
Elizabeth's lips.
"I urd to think thai, too," she
said: "but now well. I wonder.
On Sunday niorniirj! Koyslon
brought the car at he hJ promised.
Me wa in the room be lore tlua-
brih could escape or she vrould have
done so, and she was bitterly
ashamed becaute the hot odor would
fly to her face a she met hi eyes
but he only said, "Good .morning,"
and turned at once to Netfa.
"Well. I've brought the car. How
soon can you be ready i lie akcd
Netta beamed.
"In few second. Eliaeth will
fetch my hat and coat, but how can
I get downstairs?
"I fan carry you,"
She laughed and flushed. Tin not
very light."
"I think I ran manage," he
Elizabeth brought her co.it and
helped her into it. She avoided look
ing at KoyMon. She followed silent
ly when he carried Netta down
stairs. "Why, you're no weight at all,"
she heard him say.
She was glad when they reached
the street and Netta sent her run
ning back for a rug.
"I shall be cold, and ! hate being
tlifsheih found th rug and toe4
lor a moment on the landing with
clenched hands.
"You little fool! You hu!e fool!"
she said to herself angrily, because
it seemed such an impossibility to
go down and fare Koysmn agam.
And yet. when presently she heard
him cmuinc up the stairs, she was
conscious of an enormous tense of
relief, It would be something to
see hurt for few minutes without
the watchfulness cf Nettat eye.
"Have you got the rug." he asked.
He took it from her, and their eyes
met. then; "Y'ou do not want to
come wud us; he said quietly.
"Why not?"
"Because, oh, well, because X have
a lot of thing to do. 1 am going
away tomorrow, you know," the
added breathlessly.
"I know There wa another
little silence, then: "Why didn't
you come to the studio yesterday
morning.' tie demanded.
Her eye flew to his, the color
cccpenmg in her lace.
"Bteaute Netta ... the
stopped, biting her lip. "Because I
thought you did not want me any
more, ue said with an eilort.
"I tee." He gave a short laugh.
"It it any use asking you to come
and have supper with me tonight?
lou did once before, if you remem
ber. We will so to the same place.'
She caught her breath with a sharp
"I can't I "
"It'will be very kind if you will,'
Royston said.
Klizaheth looked from him.
"If if vou won't tell Netta." she
whispered at last.
I should not have told her in any
cac,H he answered. "You had better
take a taxi, and I will meet you there
at o clock.
"Thank you."
"The Wonder Values of joa"
The Big, Commanding
Principle of Clothes
Selling Is What?
RELIABILITY strikes a; responsive cord in
every heart it's 'compelling, it's irre
sistible. Reliability is the straight and narrow road
to lasting success in clothing store conduct.
Reliability has erected a mighty establish
ment here misrepresentation is unknown at
Greater Nebraska.
The Easter Dress-Up Spirit
Finds Us Wonderfully Prepared
With Clothes of Known Reliability
Here the young man finds
America's most noted pro
ductions in the realm of
correct clothes the hall
mark of quality in every
line and priced to insure
'the unmatchable in value
at every price.
Sport Suits
Many With Extra Pants.
The man of affairs with a
keen eye for distinguished
character and style,
realizes that custom serv
ice without the annoyance
of a try-on is achieved in
our amazingly vast selec
tions. Sizes for every build
of man.
Spring Suits
Made to Sell at $60 to $75.
Younger Young Men's Suits, at Mn
r 1 TTT W f sill ST 1 w mo a vm
Men's mm Taur Mea's Clathlnc Entire Second Floor Xala Balldlar Mi Anaex.
IP" Sawseaan
lie tni iidn the " mum. n4
front hr lJroom window tl
hrtli ,iir4 him drive: i4y, twill
Nrtu 41 inly ucU4 up lrute .u.
he sprut the iinirnitis! 4vkiiif tier
im brtiiiin: it srrnud iii!pa.iblc
th4t once tunic tie h l-rm ti
rooted, n ii 4 ttiis time tr.mi 4 lite
where she l4 bttn s lupi); tlut
tomorrow ht woul4 slrrp in
strange houe, uuhik stum; people.
She tie Iter ilmnrr iib 4 poof
appetite, which lr. Jiilcmn deplored
"I'm tint sorry lo be U'Wg yeo.
Miss." she il, "l coul4 cry, 1
"I think I cou!4 cry. too." Klia
belli S4i4 trenuiloiisly, "1 misIi 1 h4
not got to go."
Mk 4 4 try tshrq Ml. Nkum u4
igtn4 hetsrU out l the room, a"4
ttli inuih better iilrrisard.
Sul the ftenu)n drfie4; hmi.
die4 times the thouiiht she Iiri4 the
ouii4 ti Ut at coining up the street
I'Ut if .s ptl 5 brittle ktti)H n4
N'fiu returpe4 and she mt ilsu
to the Hivr to oieet them.
( taal law I Taa Ha f aasarra
ill 1'uliluh Apitif til
Superior, Neb., Apr4 5 (Spe.
cU! ) The eomiiiissioner of Niu
oils county Ii4ve puhhshe4 a Mtc
iiieut tlut all property tluan.Mis
Mill be published in the tutute. t hry
derm (hi a measure that a ill as.
aiat in proper assessment.
Wcckcs Denies Charge
in Stock Sale Suit
O'Not!, Neb.. April 3-( VrcUI.)
"I lute never bad any dealing,
either drettlv or imliirttly, milt itie
Misstuiri Valley t'aitle I-ojh com
Piny," .n'4 S, J Weetet, iesi4nit
I the O'Neill National bank, com.
iitentins on a suit ble4 g4uut bint
in the ouitU( county district court
Ut week by VV. I., and C. L. Ur4y,
llolt county r4iulmicii,
In the pent mil in the action,
wberehy the Krady seek to recover
d4iiune a stotkhohleri in the
eonipeny, Weekes is rha'ied with
bating co-operated with salesmen (or
the Missomi Valley fault) Loan
coni4iiy in disposing o( h com
pjiiv's slm k.
"I lute optuei slink salesman c(
all kinds, the Mi.iul Valley Cattle
I oaii cmupaiiy mi linled," Weeke
. i4. "S' Iar a I am concerned,
(hi suit is nothing short ol an at
tempted eMoition and blackmail.''
Man H 11 r 11 cil in Kapluaiuu
Healrite, Neb., April 5. (Special )
i;j4i4 Child, b4ker at Wymore,
was severely burned about lb lace
and hauda when the kerosene burnrr,
ued lor baking exploded. Tha ai?
trnding physician is ol tha opinion
that In injuries will not result sett.
Enble A. Hoipe Co., 1513-15 Douglas St, to Offer Exceptional Piano and Player Piano Values
On One of Hospe's Good Pianos
A THURSDAY SPECIAL- Used 88-Note Player Piano $188
There i might behind right. Tha grVat province of this powerful merchandising Piano nnd Playee Piano Institution i to usva
ceatingdy strive te give our purchaser quality instrument at the lovett price. Contrast the strength of thi large institution, which
is the factory distributor for one of the world' largest Piano and Player Plane, manufacturer, with capitalisation of $6,500,000 and
their ability to market Piano and Player Piano by the thousand, against the one and two piano dealing of the small dealer, and
you will then know bow we can aave you big money DURING THIS GREAT SALE.
There I a mighty power behind the purchasing; arm of A. Hospe Co. It I co-operation with the "MAKER" in which liee the
greatest economy of MANUFACTURER RETAILER to CONSUMER. Below i a partial list of 'Hospe' Good Piano" offered
for tonight end Thursday only.
You will be orry, Mr. and Mr.
Player Piano Purchasers mighty sorry
if you do not investigate the A.
CIALS OFFERED at 1513-15 Douglas
We cannot force you to call, but if
you contemplate the purchase of a
Player Piano within the neat 10 years
you cannot afford to overlook our
Thursday Specials
Beautiful late style 88-Note tnn
uted Player Piano sale tonight I XX
and Thursday, only,
Late 88-Note Player Piano
$11 Qoo
11 OO Used
Pay $2 a Week
Sale H Sale j Sale J
Price ( Price Price
$75 $95 P( $135 (
Pay (JL Pay UL Pay 01
$1.50 $1.50 yJ $1.50 y J
Per as Per a Per
Week Week ( Week
Sale "-i gaje '-j Sale 1
Price ( Price ( Price J
$147 aTI $167 $178 0
Pay UL Pay U Pay. I
$1.75 $L75 $2.00 J
fer Per Per f
Week Week Week
Great Crowds of Piano
and Phonograph Buyers
Are Attending A. Hospe Co.'s
Great Reorganization Sale
of Pianos and Players,
The people are responding in number far
beyond our fondest hope and our big store is
crowded daily with shrewd, eager buyers and
lookers. . Never before in the history of piano
selling have we had such a sreat varietv of
high-grade bargains placed on sale. While
we have aold a great many piano and player,
(till many of our best bargains are still untold.
Sale Will Stop Saturday
Night, 10 P. M.
Talking Machine Purchaged During ThU Sale
These Phonograph play all
record, including Victor, Co
lumbia, Edison and Pathe.
These machine are made in
the stylo of cabinet ao much
in demand. Cabinet are dif
ferent sizes, constructed of
double veneer, fancy figured
wood throughout. Tone is sim
ply marvelous. Mutt be hea.nl
HI to be appreciated.
We include with these ma
chine this week a jewel point
with which to play Edison rec
ords, and a saonhire ball naint
for the Pathe records; also a
full assortment of a tee I
needles. And, remember, these
machines play all makea of
records correctly, including
Edison, Columbia, Pathe and Victor 1
fill ill
Ml s i S i H
1 Former 1
Price II It
1 1 50 per
Former j L
Price II
Sale If 1
00 per
Railroad Fare Refunded to Out
of -Town Purchasers Within 150
Mile of Omaha.
1513-15 Douglas Street
Omaha, Nebraska
Open Evenings

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