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Rosaries for Easter
Kary In lM-ltrl liftuilful lull o!4 or etlvar plated How
rift Hh all fol dor ailver bd. rroas aod canter connac.
Horn; lx nh colored decade beada, aueb aa ameibj.t, em
erald, garnet, ate, put up la lort to mates lth chain aod
ring, rhatelmna !le, very dainty 1 fl
and attractive, l.vVP
Kiwary aad Jewel t'a Fine quality Imitation cut atone bead,
tailoua rnlora auitt aa garnt. amethyst, tie., mounted on gold
plated rhalo; larga crucifix with bear? corpua; decade ba1
capad wiih sold. 10-year guarantee. Put up lo 1 AA
bllt celluloid Jemel ca, apaclail prtcad. lawv
Main Floor North.
Worth 4.00, Each
These full jointed, .".iiicli dulU liavo pretty facta, with
Mom! or brunette cur!, ami tyn that to aW.t They
are w arinjr dainty trimmfil liujioiio ml alioe and
atoeklne. Worth 4.00 raeh, at exactly linlf S) ti
rlc for Saturday, aWeUU
Main Floor Arcade.
Final Easter Offerings
Your Easter Wraps
- May be well chosen from either of these two groups.
Worth$30to$45 Vorth$45to$65
25.00 Sketched at left Sketched at right
At 25.00 Bolivia, Shawshcen, Polos, Tweeds, Cantons,
Veldynes in almost every imaginable style fringe trim
med, embroidered, braided or with fancy silk stitching. All
arc crepe do chine or satin lined. Sizes 16 to 44.
At 39.50 Pandora, Vcldync, Gcrona, Bolivia in wraps that
reveal superiority in their lines and fine fabrics. The kind
that brings everlasting satisfaction to the wearer because
of their fine quality and elegance of style. The colors in
clude the always distinguished black, navy, mauve, beige
and henna. Sizes 16 to 44.
Second Floor West '
J , fnr Wnmp.n
and Misses
L'be new long
;oat ' styles or
mouthful box
models axe exhi
bited in trico
tine, poiret twill
and piquetine.
They may be
embroidered, beaded, braid
trimmed or adorned only witn
their own fine tailoring. Every
suit is beautifully lined with,
pussy willow, crepe de chine or
peau de cyne'. Sizes 16 to 44.
Second Floor West.
for Women
ti V -L
In this group are
charming styles x in
'heavily beaded aft
ernoon gowns,"
, beautiful dinner
dresses, with
beateau neck and ,
the mere' sugges
tion of a sleeve.
sport styles and debonair cape cos
tumes. - .
There are both dark and neutral col
ors for street wear and brilliant high
' shades in krepe knit, vellette, Can
ton, Georgette and figured tub silk.
Sizes 14 to 46.
, Second Floor West
Girls Apparel for Easter
At Special Prices
c l e - II A00
amari opnng luais jlhj
Worth 12.50 to 18.00
Jaunty Styles in Bright . Spring Colors
Tweeds, polos, camelsairs, and velours in this group
have a particularly youthful air in their bright Spring
shades of lavender, rose, blue, tan or gray. There are
belted or flare back models with trim pockets or fancy
buttons. Sizes 6 to 14.
Original Lassie Kilt Skirts 2.95
Former Price 5M
All the girls, big and little, seem to like these bonnie
Scotch kilts. A new shipment has just been received.
They may be had in a number of colorful woolens, pictur
esque plaids or stripes.
White Lingerie Frocks 2.95
Charming Styles for Confirmation or Graduation
Fine voiles or organdies that are fluffy with dainty
laces or fine embroideries and perhaps a bow of ribbon.
Most unusually attractive at this price, these little dresses
are easily worth from 4.00 to 6.00.
Second Floor West
For the Easter Week-End
will make it seem more festive.
And you'll be taking no chances
of getting stale, unpalatable
candy in choosing them, for they
are freshly made in our own fac
tory. Whilo we strive for low
price, wo arc uncompromising in
our standards of quality and
jnly puro wholesome ingredients
are used.
Saturday's Special
Brandeis bitter sweet or Swiss
milk chocolates with assorted
cream and fruit centers
in pound boxes; per box,
' Easter Novelties
Bunnies, chicks, colored eggs and
appropriate favors lend success
to the, Easter festivities way be
yond their trifling cost. To
realize how charming these may
be, see the Easter display in our
Candy Spction.
Pompeian Room Main Floor West
Special Prices for
Last Day of Our
Drug Exhibit
o0c I).ler Kiss Face Fonder ur Rouge, 37J
25c Ojer Hiss Talcum Ponder, , 18d
1.00 Aubrey Sisters' Cold Cream, Grease
lesa Cream, Massage Cream or Beau
tlfier, each, 79
50c Llsterine, 374
50c repsodent Tooth raste, 364
50c Febeco Tooth Paste, 38
LOO Mavis Face Ponder, ' 43
25c Mavis Talcum, , 18
La Blacbe Face Powder, 39
Meunen's Talcum Powder, 1 19tf
Boeabelli's Castile Soap, large bar, 1.39
25c Woodbury's Facial Soap, 174
toe Sayman's Soap, H
10c Palm Olive Soap, . 7
30c Reslnol Soap, - 21tf
50c Palm Olive Shampoo, 39
Creme Oil Toilet and Bath Sob" 60
75c Lnxurla Cream, 63tf
50c Kon-Spi, 37
Mum, 21a
Cutex Manicure Preparations, 29a
50c Melorose Cream, Face Powder or
Rouge, v 39t
1.00 Mary Garden Face Powder, 69tf
2.50 Mary Garden Extract, 01 1.75
'50c Mary Garden Rouge, 374
50c Horliek's Malted Milk, 39tf
25c Mentholatuni, ' 194
Senna D'Orcal, all shades, 89!
50c Orchard White, 374
2.00 Combination No-Seam Water Bottle
and Syringe, warranted for 2 years, l.lt
75c Rubber Gloves, . 39c
Prophylactic Tooth Brushes, 35
Easter Egg Dyes, 5
3.00 Coty's L'Origan Extract, vs., 1.9S
L50 Coty's Toilet Water, 2.98
Coty's Face Powder, 77
Ainrea Extract, os., 791
1.00 Ainrea or La Trefle Face Powder, 73r
Imported Rasor Blades, made for the
Gillette Raior, doi, 29c
85c Johnson's Shaving Cream, 21
35c Williams' Shaving Stick, . 23" 1
50c Mennen's Shaving Cream, 35t
50c Gillette Busor Blades, 36
50c Auto Strop Rasor Blades, 274
Gillette, Auto Strop or Ever-Ready Safe
ty Rasors, 77
Colgate's Barbers' Bar Sharing Soap,
U. S. A. surplus, 4K4
50c Hind's Honey and lmond Cream, 3g
35c Frostllla, 27
Daggett ft RamsdelPs Cold Cream, 29
Main Floor West.
Easter Greeting by Wire
For the convenience oF our customers we
have a Western Union branch office on the
Main Floor, where you can file your Easter
Greeting messages to friends and relatives Id
other cities.
Make them happy on Easter morning b
sending a Night Letter Saturday, tv be deliv
ered Easter morning, on a specially designed
Main Floor North.
Special Offering for Easter
Flower Trimmed
000 beautiful flower trimmed hats, straws
combined with georgette and taffeta in all the
lovely spring shades, including periwinkle,
fuchsia, jade, lipstick red and A or
street shades. Priced at, .OO
Second Floor East
Our stocks in
clude styles for
wear with every
type of auit or
Gloves for Easter
Featuring Perrin's and Others
Gloves commended for the grace and'
elegance with which they complete
the Easter outfit.'
Perrias'-Long GlovesSelected
Grenoble kid, suede or glace, in
12-button length, with attrac
tively stitched backs. Beaver.
Mastic, Silver, Oxford, Brown,
White or Black. Spc-
ftovelties in hajser Silk Gauntlets Two
toned effects with large, well Bhaped
cuffs and liberal wriBt tstras, In com
binations of Beaver and rongee, Silver
and Gray, Brown and Pongee, Q AA
Pongee and Brown, at 0UU
Long Silk Gloves Kaysers
or Van Raaltes, 16-button
length, of good quality tricot,
in Brown, sand. Beaver, Gray,
mack and White;
per pair,
Main Floor North.
Kayser Two-Clasp Milanese
Silk Gloves With heavily
embroidered backs, in Mode,
weaver, Gray, Brown, Navy.
wnite and Black;
ner pair,
Special Showing and Sale
Women's Silk Hosiery
Women's Thread Silk Hose-Full fashioned with
pure thread silk to the hem, .with lisle garter tops
and high spliced heels. In the favored sprin
shades assorted gray, heiffo. brown and u-
Many styles. Many of these sell 1 AET '
... ; " '"ii mvwi aaovi tuicud Ut ilUC
silk hosiery in the celebrated makes, Kay--ser,
Van Raalte, Onyx and Lehigh. All silk
to the top, including double silk tops with
reinforcp.rt lmpla and tnoo "dii-
"v ojiauiv, vvmic,
uruwu ana many snoe snades.
3.50 and 4.00 values, special at
for 2.50 a. pair regularly. Special at,
Women's Imported Silk Lisle
Hqsiery-A very superior qual
ity in plain lisle and lace stripe,
lace clocks, also boot laces. Very
attractive styles and i A A
Main Floor North
priced at, per pair,'
Women's EasterFootwea:
Either of These Styles Sure to Be Correct
Sport Oxfords at 71
v iui uvceu suns you are seeing everywhere n tt
Thesecome m champagne, smoked elk with brown saddle strap. 7.50
r-Strap Pumps For dress occasions are graceful and elegant -I -i
urpatent and satin wth Spanish heels, at, ea g A
J Third Floor East .
Ribbon Specials
Wide Fancy Striped Ribbon For
sashes and millinery; 5, 6 and 7-inch
widths; values to 98c; Sat- 0Qo
urday, per yard, " Oil
Plaid Ribbons Make beautiful haii
bows; 49c to 69c values; QQ
ier yard, 0v
Plain Moire and Taffeta Ribbons
Uso Satin Ribbons; 5, 6 and '
inches wide; white nd col- QQ
rs; per yard, 0C
Brocade Ribbons For little tots'
bair bows and sashes; in white,
light blue and pink.; per QQn
Easter Neckwear
ton'TnenirratC03'"0' ttj ew orites-cre-attractive,
though here Ir. ,ZT PwiUn, Jollar 18 wr
A very fine assortment' Very spe"7 YoXA
daily priced Saturday, from 1.69 l 2.98
Collar and Cuff Seta-Of cretonne, ratine and no to 1 n)n
linen; in new and attractive styles. Priced 98C 1.69
SXSr ClfDain,y -'vidua, style,
Priced 98c, 10 1.50
Scarfs for Suits and Coata-piain sport ahadea, Roman atrin
or fancy color combinations. -a no i, A i2
Priced from 1.98 t0 6.50
Main Floor East.
Main Floor North.

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