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Knights Rose
v O
A Croix Put Out
Lights at Altar
Darken Lodge Koom in OI.
mauee of Maundy Tlmr.
day Willi Full Rituu!.
itij Orrtnony.
Munl TlmrnUy obttrvrd
y Wrihrrn of Srmprr Kidclu lup
ur. No. I, Knijitit t( Koe Croix,
vith iiniisiml nignificanrf at Jjje
ffni.h Kile esihrdral. The olrmn
ntualolic mmonii of rxtinguUli
iiK the light mul tUrkcninii ilic
lilie w performed t 0 o'clock.
iiiiIt ilirrrtion of lliiph Towurr
i uilrr, J.M K. C. C. II.. junior war
!ri of ill chapter, aiH liy rv
rul of the kniuhl. The auditorium
fillnl to overflowing by brrth
mi of the degree.
Following the ccrrinony, dinner
V4 nTved in the wain refniury,
alter the nunnrr recrilied (r the
occasion, Katli A. Van OriJ.lc
rconil-l to the toit, "Tlie l'rei
deut of the L'niied State;" Anudiu
A. (tollman. J2d K. C. C. II., nave a
t"at to "l he Sovereign (Irand Com
mander and the Sovcrriun (irand
Inspector General;" Kev. Walter
Aitken of Lincoln poke elouiiciitly
on "Maundy Thursday;" James ll.-l
Adami gave the formal toast, Jo
the memory of the brethren of the
degree. v.lio-.c labors here below
have ceased during the present Ma
nic year," and i'dward M. Well
man, deputy grand master of Ma
on 'or Nebraska, responded to the
toast: "To all Masons and Masonic
bodies, of all rites and decrees,
over the suface of the earth! Honor
. and laurels to the worthy; health to
the sick; comfort to the needy; and
succor to the oppressed everywhere."
The great dining room was filled
to its capacity during the dinner and
the toasts. Music was furnished by
a quartet consisting of Mrs. W. Dale
Clark, soprano; Mrs. Trances Por
ter, contralto; Hugh E. Wallace,
tenor, and Charles A. Botlmcll,
basso. The invocation was pro
nounced by Rev. Arthur Atack, and
the benediction by Rev. Waller Ait
ken. Clarence Henry Walrath. 33d.
Master of Semper Fidclis chapter,
The service of relighting the lights
Married 50 Years
iff V- VyM
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Nabor.
1'h.l bf ( hamber.
Voik. Nib., April 14. (Special.) Mr. and Mrs. John H. Nabor cele
brated their 50ih wedding anniversary. They were married at llammcls
wart. Oldenburg, Germany, March It. 1872, and three days later sailed for
the United Slates. They arrived in York county the same year and home
steaded Miuib of Waco, where they made their home for 45 years. Five
years ano they moved to Ulica to make their home. Their family consists
of 10 children, 24 grand and great-grandchildren. Mr. Nabor is 81 and Mrs.
Nabor 70.
on Sunday afternoon, commencing at
2:30. After the lights arc relighted,
the doors will be open to atl who
care to attend. Rev. Charles E.
Cobbey will speak and Rev. John F.
Pouchcr. JJd K. C. C. H., will offer
prayer and pronounce the benedic
tion. The same quartet will furnish
the music.
The roll of brethren who have
passed on in the last year is:
lleorc P. l.i-Marqusnl. .lamn f. ltut
nn. A. B. Morrln. K. Merrywuilbcr. A,
It. l.undcll, 8. D. lllbUr. F. C. Tym, F.
A. J low. I.. . Korty, It. Brown, W. K.
Mi Knlht, L, W. Osborne, L. Ntwburn,
R. U. Uniith. H. I- Arnold, Kfnkll F.
Itoour, c. H. Bullcy, Samuel Wadding ton,
W. U Edwarda, J. K. Gor, W. U.
tlurke, Frederick Voaa, D. O. Clark, Jmi
A. Mcrnnild, Orarta Ilrln, Andrew I'at
lullo. Edwanl Mlmun. K. L. Warrn,
( harlm K. pnonr. K. Y. Brally, J. H.
Hall. W, O. tihrtrer. U D. WrKht.
For up-to-date sport news read
The Bee. You will find it very interesting.
Chief Hissed hv
Thfy" Ought to Shoot Him
Like Mad Do;'" Shout
Man in Eatt Side Ihrong
Remark Cheered.
New York. April 14 An enort n
get Gen. Semenoff, Ataman oi the
Cossacks, out of jail today was de
(rated when Supreme Court Ju.lue
Drlhanty denied an pphction of
Kir P. Prentice, his attorney, to
cancel the civil warrant under which
the general was arretted.
Attorneys for Gen. Seutenolf
served notice on Justice Delhauiy
that they would appeal his decision
to the appelate court and would con
tmue their efforts to secure hit rc
The hearing before referee in
bankruptcy Olncy, at which Semen
olf was to tfe questioned by the
Yourovcta home and foreign trading
company attorneys was adjourned
Hissed by Crowd.
New York. April K-(Dy A. P.)
Gen. Grcgorie Scnienolf, the man
who was the terror of many Rus
sians, was roundly hissed and jeered
by great crowds who thronged the
streets of the East Side last night.
He was rccognued while on his way
to the Ludloow street jail and an
ever increasing throng followed his
motor car to the prison doors.
"Yes, that's Semenoff," declared a
bearded man. "They ought to shoot
him on the street like a mad dog."
Hit remarks were cheered.
Surround JaiL
As the evening wore on and the
second night's celcbiation of
Passover concluded, men and women
surrounded the jail They could not
see the Cossack general, who was on
an upper tier, but they continued to
scream epithets at him until far into
the night.
Refuse Bonds.
The general surrendered shortly
after 4 o'clock vesterday, lie dc-
UN I lU 1119 VI I U I'd ijvts was inuivii-
ant general" and that he was 32 years
old. He was assigned to Cell No. 8.
on the upper tier of the jail, before
his pretty young bride appeared to
make arrangements for his meals
being sent in to him.
Common Sense
Art You Good Sport in Disap.
When any oi of a disappoint
ment ronir you hrtt b'anie the
other fellow.
In fa4, you cannot be too ru.ty
in your pointed remarks, which you
nule ia show you are peeved, but
whuh, in a way only make the other
ft (low rather glad if the truth were
known that he did disappoint you.
In which rae you are putting the
claws into yourself nobody tl.e is
You may think you hurt the one
who does not come up to your ex
pectations. ,
Hut the minute the sharp pricks
are lelt, you lose.
Do you know that it is possible
to be ih) genuinely nice that others
really regret having done an in
justice to you? '
"Hut U half the battle toward
getting things your own way.
l)t not forget that when ou say
some spiteful little thing, no matter
how carefully bound up m the ameni
ties, you have done our cause the
ino-t harm.
Some are more dense than others
in recognizing the personal thrut,
but even the most placid exterior
may be jut self-control, and the re
action against you the more deadly
because it is so quiet. ,
He fair and square enough to take
disappointment like a good sport.
(Lopyrlahl. iS;l
Judge and Jury l'ay Visit
to Masonic llall During Suit
Federal Judge Woodrough and a
jury visited the Masonic temple yes
terday and spent half an hour ex
amining certain parts of the building
involved in a suit by the Ilaylcy
Manufacturing company of Milwau
kee against Walter Petersen, Omaha
contractor. The Uayley company al
leges that $4,000 is Mill due from
Petersen for material furnished.
Attorneys and others interested in
the case were not permitted to ac
company the judge and jury on the
inspection of the building.
Slayer Kills Self Shortly
Before Time Set for Hanging
Lakcville, Miss., April 14. Maney
Kcllcy committed suicide shortly be
fore noon today, the time set for his
hanging in connection with the mur
ders of Prohibition Officer Green and
Town MarshaLDunnam at Richton,
near here, more than a year ago.
New Policy for
Handling Navy
Oil Announced
IWnr Fuel Sunnlie to Be
Stored at 1'oinU Ka.ily
Accesrthle in Time of
Wellington. April 14 -A new
policy in handling reserve of fuel
oil (or the i.avy, involving abandon
ment of attempts to keep the od
in morage under ground, was an
nounced by tho Interior department.
The project was worked out in co
operation with the Navy department,
the statement said, and involves the
permanent storage above grouud of
r...-iiu niu" iliriitil from naval
oil reserve lands in California and
Wyoming, storage to le mane
hu i.er:il.ir al ttnilltS Oil 1)01 II
coast suitable for quick 'supply oi
the fleets tit emergencies.
"I'.i.triM, Inc. Iirm nude and
are now being made," the statement
. m-. I. ...:ti .It nsw
Mill, WIIUI1 Will iiiuir i"v "-v.
ample storage for all the fuel oi
which it has obtained now, and
which it will hereafter obtain from
such reserves. This storage will be
located at such points that in any
time of crisis or need the ships of
the United States can obtain the same
points at from Guautanaino. Cuba, to
the extreme northeast of Maine and
from California to Hawaii."
Tla nnlirv i llio OUltrOW'th
of the effort to solve controversies
growing out of the setting aside o:
certain oil lands for naval purposes
for which congress paved the way
with the oil land leasing act. The
f,irini. !fnartmmt ftsiintrtt mil that
under the previous practice of at
tempting to provide lor sioragc uii-l,-i-
xmniiH nil in navv land was
being drained away by adjacent pri-
. . . I L - A 1 .
vaic operations anu umi iuc i
callcd naval reserve would be ex
hausted within a few years.
Under the new leasing and "royal
ty oils" storage plans, the depart
ment's statement said, such loss
would be prevented and the navy be
assured of an immediate available
war reserve supply of oil fuel at all
Myron L. Learned and Wife
Special Guests of Harding
Washington, April 14. (Special
Dog Hill Paragrafsj
By George Bingham
Tor ome time past one of J
planks hat been musing freiif
rostrum at the Wild Onion f
i vaA.
house, which endangers the lives of
the speakers. Only last Friday
night while making a speech Atlas
Peck stepped through the crack.
Rai Barlow, who reformed on the
first of the year and turned over a
new leaf is laid up with a sore neck
on account of shaking his head so
The Depity Constable in a speech
at church night before last came out
strongly in favor of law and order.
Telegram.) Myron L. Learned, who
returned from N'orth Carolina with
Frank A. Shotwell, found awaiting
htm at his hotel a special invita
tion from the White House to
meet the president and Mrs. Har
ding in special audience. Mr.
Ltarned was at one time chairman
of the state republican committee of
Nebraska, Mrs. Learned, who ac
companied her husband, has been ill
for several days, but was able to go
to the White House.
Edwards to Run for Senator.
Trenton, K. J April 14. Governor
Edward I. Edwards today formally
announced his candidacy for the
democratic nomination for United
States senator at the primary election
to be held September 26.
ut witn
a pocfcrTXTii at tne Home oi Mrs.
Davis lata yesterday afternoon by
J, C Crook, a roomer at the home
of Mrs. Davis.
Police Surgeon A. J. Young was
railed and the iujuied women rushed
to St. Joseph bopotal, where it was
found Mrs. Kohrrtsou was suffering
from a deep gash in the right
breast, which may prove fatal, and
Mrs. Davis with a deep cut in the
left thigh.
According to a statement made bv
the women, they and Crook had
words in the front room of the Davis
rooming bouse and without wattling
Crook pulled a kniicaiid slashed the
two women. Iloih women sank to
the floor screaming for help and
Crook ran away, lie was later ap
prehended by Captain of Police
I'-riggs and a kiii.hI of officers at
Railroad avenue and Madison street
and taken to the South Side polit-e
station cm a charge of cutting to
wound. He is being held without
bond awaiting the outcome of the
women's injuries.
Knight Templar to Hold
Speeial Kater Services
Special Easter services of Mount
Calvary commandery No. 1, Knights
Templar, will be held at the First
Presbyterian clutrch, Thirty-fourth
and Famain streets. Sunday after
noon at 3. Sir Knight Rev. Edwin
Hart Jcnks will preach the sermon.
Faster Sunday is the day most
revered by Knights Templar, accord
ing to Eminent Commander William
II. Warwick. In the choir will be
Mrs. Louise Jansrti Wylie, Mrs.
Verne Miller, Mrs. E. O. Ames, Miss
Lthcl W.' Yost, Mrs. Horace M. Hig
gins. Lawrence Dodds. A. L. Hohbs.
K. O. Aamcs, E. A. McGlasson and
Hart Jcnks.
-lift .ill
With Easter needs to be supplied, men will
welcome this unusual buying opportunity in
the Men's Furnishings Department.
Men's and Young
Motive Wavf
1T1VU o xiai i
Schaf f ner Marx
35.00 -40.00
' Shopping
Every man -who
takes a proper
interest in his
personal appear
ance 'jill want to
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Hart Schaffner
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their high quality.
$35, $40, $45, $50
Others 20.00 to 65.00
Boys All Wool
2-Knicker Suits
Sizes 7 to 18 Years.
BoysV All Wool
2-Knicker Suits
Tweeds, cassimeres and
plain blue serges. Trousers
lined throughout. For boys
7 to 18 years.
Suits for Boys
Hart Schaffner & Marx
14.95 to 35.00
v Fourth Floor
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Fine at Prices Which
Make the, Year's Big
gest Dress-Up Occa
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Fourth Floor.
Easter Hats and Caps
For Men and Boys
Men's Hats Soft or derby styles, light
or dark colors every one a new spring
$1, $2 $3, $1, ?5 and $7
Men's and Boys' Caps Tweeds and plain colors in the wanted
styles at. 50S 1.0O, 1.50. 2.00, 2.50 and 3.00
Children's Hats Straw, felt or cloth materials in spring and
summer styles, l.OO, 1.50, 2.00 and 3.00
Fourth Floor
A comprehensive showing of
smart Easter styles in Ox
fords. Each pair' is Good
year welt sewed with Bran
deis guarantee back of them.
Buster Brown and Holland
Shoes for Boys Many new
spring styles in boys' shoes
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3.50 to 6.00
Fourth Floor Center
Grenadine Knit Ties
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Silk Striped Shirts
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Tan Pongee Shirts Collar
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2.50 value; each,
Men's Fancy Silk Lisle Shirts and
Drawers 2.50 value, 1 IP
per suit," J. Atl
Men's Thread Silk Sox
Per pair,
Men's Fine Silk Lisle Sox QP
Per pair, ' ODL
Men's Athletic Union Suits Good
quality; 1.50 value; "I "1
per suit, ' A AO
Men's Knit Union Suits Good qual
ity; 1.50 value; ir
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Complete Assortment of . These Standard
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Phoenix Sox
Interwoven Sox
Kaysers Silk Gloves
Munsingwear for Men
Manhattan Shirts
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