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ii ui if iv u iiiin nm if if if u ni ir k ii mr sr- h na a jb bi -a. rr m u u t u .
U iLSUVlO A AvAaAvl V V AHA a UiA tU'fa a flMAamvvu vr w w tw
Bochlcr Hurls
Good Game
for Oilers
Mokf, .New Addition to
Omaha's l'itcliing Staff,
uii Mound for Local
Herman (let llomrr.
TuU. OU. April 19.-Roeli!cr was
i.i me form today and had the
Omaha BulMoe ueinir moot ol
the time. Yank Iiavis' home run
with the bae full in the teventh
decided the game. The team split
even on the series.
UN tilt.
AN. M. It. ', A. :.
.(.lmi,1 I I
i..ir a i i
weden. lb.. 1 I II
tomMii, rf., a i a
llema,rf I I I a
l.ranlha . Sb
W llc-. mm I a I a
iiiriitia i a i
twI "I 1 it " "
ah. r. h. . .. r..
Heaeetl.rf f t t
-rkr.lf !!?!!;
iifct i i 2 .! ! !
l-ell.ell. h II
IVoehlrC, p I
Total. M i 7J 7 17 "
xtlrrfrtn baited far Stokes In ninth.
Hear by Inning. I
h.nmirf-TM hu. hltsi lleunctt. l
wania.li. Th,-b... bill
runt Merman. Ik ,Jr-,i,1. '"i
H ball.l Off hlr. l
off Moke. 3. Mrorh mtl By '''
by !. I. hIH "
w iu.l.trdu Thompson to i-elll.
WI n basrei Omh. It Tula. 1. Tiro
.f glmel .1:80. lmplre.1 rmeby and
Packer. It Indlons. ,,,
Oklahoma CIU. !.. AP"' .u:
h.in CHys poor has running nab'rd
Ewui City l tk IU. fln.l .m ut the
rte Wadnkdy. J to . Srorti
AB. II. 0. A ! AK. II. O. A.
M.U. Ik 4 S II 0 H4tn.ll J J
Malik. 3 H.M..W. !l 1 I J
M,tr..1h 1 I; Tal..8U ! J ! ?
lu.rr.a 4 I i'Umt.e 0 1
' Jl J! JP;?5T.USi iJI!
Tolalt 33 IR I5j B.art. V J J J 0
I Toull M 14 JI S
B(ted tor Shupan In aaventh.
Kcor by Inning: ,,
Woui Oily 5 JI! ! I
Oklahoma. City 01010080 11
D,.n- Hamilton (3). IIm-
Initway :. Mattlrk. Hoblin, Pitt. I.b
ullt, Mlddleton, Waapy (2). Ing. Kr
rora: Hmlnrway. Maary. ThIi1. Two
baa hlla: Hamilton. Query. Mldilleton
S). Man-y. Kacrlflr hlta: Hnilnwy.
t:iah. Mlddkton. 8loln bane: Hamilton.
Baa on balla: Off Woitart. .1: o(f Wllaon.
5; off Bhapan. t. Struck out: By Hogart,
I : by Wllaon. . Run ami hlta: Off
Shapan, 6 and In aaven tnnlnga; off
Bogart, t and I In I Innlnga. I.oalng
pltcihar;. Shapan. Houbl playa: Maaany
Hntra, Hamllton-Mpti. Left on baaea:
Sioux City. 7: Oklahoma City. J8. Time:
-' :10. Vmplrea: AlcOloom and Brown.
WltrkM, St Booatera. .
Wichita. Kan.. April Wichita dc-
Matrd Dri Molnra today, I to 2, In the
final game of the aerie. Score:
AB.H. O.A.I All. II. II. A.
Tteatan. Kb
W.tnar. Ik
Turaeen. a.
t.raham. lb
Milan, rf
lloran. If.
Yuna. rf
Knoz. e
rutlop. p
4 0 1 4IConlan. rr 4iso
1 t
41 Reraer. u
3 0
1 1(1
0 1
Waihbiim, lb
fc.it. rf
Rlakmler. If
Biltlrr. 8b
Mrl).iw(ill, Jb
Orimn. e
Muiur, p
1 10 1
0 1 01
t 1
0 1
0 s
1 1
1 0
0 0
31 ST 10
Tntala 85 t (4 11
Batted for Cullnp In ninth.
Ran for Banner.
Score by Innlnga:
Dee Molnoa 0 0000100 0t
Wichita 0 0 1 0 4 0 0 3 I
Summary Runs: Knox. Cullop, Conlan
Ii). Borger. Waahburn. Blakealey, Butler,
McDowell, Qrlffln. Errors: Knox, Cullop
(3), Butler, McDowell (2). Sacrifice hit:
Reagan. Two-baee hlta: Wagner, Horna,
Rast. Stolen bases: Conlan (3), Berger.
Doubl play: Turgeon-Wagner-Graham.
Struck out: By Musser. 6; by Cullop. 3.
Base on balls:. Off Musser, 3; off Cullop.
7. Xeft on bases: Wichita, 0; Des Moines.
7. Wild pitches: Cullop, S. Hit by
pitched ball: Washburn. - TJmplres: An
derson and Donohue. Time: l:5o.
Saints. Si Drnrer. 4.
St. Joseph, Mo., April 19. St. Joseph
made a clean aweep of the aeries with
Denver by taking the final game this
afternoon. 3 to. 4. Coatly bobbies by the
i-taltors aided the Saints In collecting
their five runs. Score:
AB.R.O. A. AB. H.O.A.
Spranger. If
Jinkln.. Sb
Wrlibt. 2b "
Homes, cf
T.0I1I . rf
klianley. lb
P.ttenon. n
Spencer, a
euel. p
4 13 Oir.rofer. lb 5 1 13 0
21 Corrtden. If
SlFlaher. IT
OlBononltB, cf
OiDofate. n
0! McDonald. 3b
Si Kiifer. 9h
01 Katidler. o
1. 0 4Mcall, p
Tot.l. 40 U 34 121 Totill 33 9 27 14
Score by Innings:
Denver ' 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 04
St. Joseph 1 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 x 5
Summary Huns: Spranger. Gomel,
Spencer, Wetzel, Corrldon, FInher, Defato.
Nufer, Kandler. -Errors' Jlnkins, Wright,
Patteraon (3), Wetzel, Grover. Defate.
McDowell. Earned runs: Denver, S: St.
Joseph. 3. Bases on balls: Off McCall, 8;
off Wetzel, 3. Struck out: By McCall, 3:
ly Wetzel, 4. Ift on bases: Denver. 12v
ft. Joseph, S. Three-base hits: Spranger,
Corrlden. Double play: Nufer-Detate-Orover.
Sacrifice hits: McCall, Nufer.
Passed balls: Kandler. Spencer. Stolen
base: Fisher. Umpires: Fitzpatrlck and
Buraslde. Time: 1:35.
Tijuana Horses Will
Compete in Kentucky
Los v Angeles, Calif., April 19.
Lantados and Cruzera, two of the
fastest horses in the stables of Mrs.
Anita Baldwin- daughter of the late
K. J. (Lucky) Baldwin, will be sent
cast soon to compete in turf events
in Kentucky and New -York, it was
announced today. Both horses re
cently won distinction at the
Tijuana, Lower California, track.
Postpone Track Meet. .,
Charlottesville, Va., April 19.
The dual track meet between Har
. vard and Virginia, scheduled to ,be
held here today, was postponed until
tomorrow on account of rain.
Today's Ring History
Forty Tears Ago.
John L. Sullivan won from John Mc
Dermott, Rochester. N. T.. 3 rounds.
Thirty -elghi Years Ago.
Oliver U Kirk, f featherweight, born,
Beatrice, Neb. .
Twenty-tbjreo Tear Ago.
Tarry McGovern won from 'l'ommy War
ren, New York, 1 round.
Mnet Years Ago.
Spike Sullivan lost to Jabes White,
England, ii rounds.
KlgMeen Tears Ago.
Marvin Hart against Gus Ruhlln, no
decision, Philadelphia. 0 rounds.
Seven Years Ago.
- Freddie Walsh against Red Watson, no
decision. Hudson. Wis.. 10 rounds.
Five Years Ago.
i5 Johnny Griffiths against J. Duffy, no
-decision, TourgKtown, O., 13 rounds.
Four Years Ago.
Lew Tendlcr agalnet Terry Brooks, no
sjecislon, Philadelphia, ( rounda
Hartranft Startles Coast
C'tnn Hartranft of FulUrton, CaL, hat ttanltd wt coast sport fana
by hit remarkable athletic records at Llan4 Stanford university at Palo
Alto. In field matt with tha University of Southern California, Hart
ranft Kored 16 points for Stanford. He threw the discus M7 feet 2 3-4
inchct, setting new record for California,
I . 1 V-jOW ''-d.it ' '
fU.( u
tit " , ...,T' V V 'k'.--'-' : - .
v.-: - w ..... ... ' y . t t t
Coach Scliulte
Working Huskers
for Valley Meet
Nebraska Track Mentor Is
Counting on Smith, Noble
and Deering for Points
in Annual Games.
(World's Champion Hurdler.).
Coach Henry Schulte's trackmen
are grooming every effort towards
the coming Missouri -Valley cham
pionship meet, and the prospects for
winning are a little better than their
chances were indoors.. The Nebras
ka team will have a chance to bring
in their weight men and the scarlet
team may turn the trick on Kansas
at the outdoor meeting. .
Sprinters Good.
With Smith Noble and Deering
working the sprints, Schulte .has
three good men to count strong, al
though Deering will probably . be
held out of the 220 so as to work
his hurdles. Lukens and Deering on
the high hurdles , look , good with
Lukens possibly holding, the edge
on. the 120-yard distance. Here is
where Nebraska ; will miss Wright,
who is ineligible through the three
year competition rule, but as there
is no sure point winner in this event
the Valley title is open.
With Hawkins. Smith and Polk
running the quarter, some places can
De counted tor in tins event. Iowa
State will cut in on Nebraska strong
ly on the distance events, as Coach
Smith has three good men in. Rath
burn in the two-mile, Higgins at the
half, and Dek Wolters at 440. Allen
at the Omaha Medical SchooK will
be Schulte s hope in .the. mile, al
though he cannot be figured on for
much better than 4:35. - .
Watson Should Win. " a
The mile event should 'go to Wat
son of Kansas. The field events are
in question' although Nebraska .is.
weak in pole vault. Noble and Tur
ner are . jumping . around S feet
9 inches in the high jump, which
might cut in. for a place. Moulton
and Weller, will work at the discus
with Heartman and Moulton on the
16;POund shot. Brutus Hamilton of
Missouri, national decathalon' cham
pionv will cut in heavily on Nebras
ka's total points in the broad jump,
pole vault, and javelin. Carmen and
Schoeple are throwing the javelin
around 150 feet, which will : un
doubtedly place. If the sprinters
come through as they should, along
with other second and third places,
the titje may go to Nebraska again
and Coach Schulte is leaving nothing
unpolished to retain his title.
... , ,
Clarence Eklund Wins
Over George Dion
Albert Lea, Minn., April 19.
Clarence Ecklund, Sheridan, Wyo.,
claiming the light heavyweight
wrestling championship of the world,
defeated George Dion, Canadian
light heavyweight, bere tonight.
Eklund took the first fall in 25
minutes. Dion the second in 34 min
utes and Eklund the third in 21 min
utes, Davy Robertson Released
Pittsburgh, Pa.," April 19. Davy
Robertson, heavy hitting outfielder
of the Pittsburgh Pirates, has becti
released unconditionally, Secretary
sam waters ol the club announced
tonight. This was taken to mean
tne major leagues and some of e
minor league clubs had passed Rob
ertson by when waivers were asked.
, MrL. :
Missouri Track
Team Defeats
Occidental Squad
Los Angeles, Cal., April 19. The
University of Missouri track and
field team defeated the Occidental
college team on the latter's field to
day, 67 to 64. Brutus Hamilton. of
Missouri accounted for 26 points,
with four firsts' and' two seconds.
Organize ' Ball Club
The agency staff of the Kankers
Life company of Des Moines has or
ganized a baseball, team to play
Sunday morning oiily.
The roster of the local club in
cludes several well-known former
semi-pro players. The lineup is as
follows: .. .
Alextander, catch: A. Kniinan, pitch:
Almgren. first base; Householder, second
base; Walker, shortstop; W. Katman,
third base; Peters, left field;. Olson, cen
ter field; and Lewis, right field.
-Any team desiring games call A.
Kaiman at Jackson 1984. .
Reeves Disqaulified
. Omaha Bee Leased Wire.
New York, April 19. Jack
Reeves of California was disqualified
in the 10th round of his. bout with
Young Bob Fitzsimmons for hitting
low at the Pioneer Athletic club last
night. The bout was scheduled for
12. rounds and up to the time that
Reeves was set down, the going was
very even. Reeves had been cau
tioned severaUtimes ibefore the ref
eree, Eddy Ptirdi, took final action
and stopped the ' contest, giving the
fight to Fitz. ' s ... t
American Jock Rides
Paragon to Victory
in, English Classic
Epsom,' ". Egland, "Aprit 19. (By
A.; P.) Sir t Errtst Paget's . Paragon,
by Radium, buf of Quintescence, rid
den by the American jockey, Archi
bald, won the' 'city , and' suburban
stakes of 1 .000, here : today. Sir
Henry Bird's March was second and
James White's' Granely third. Ten
horses ran. ' " ...
-11 '
- 9
: -18
; -is
- 5
' -4:
Shade Wins .
j Decision Over
Ioeal Welter
California Boxer Outpoint
and Outborea Bud' Logan
in Ten-Round Bout
Conlf y Beat Amnion.
turnia boxer lighter,
whom Leo 1'. l lynn,
lit manager, calls
tie-half welterweight
humpion of the
a or Id, won a referee's
'cciiou over "Bud"
-4'gau of this city at
'he Auditorium '1 ue-
day lu'ulit in the main event of the
DuugU county Legion f ictic carni
val. Every known variety uf fittic
cojxbat from the guys who play
slap tag with each other to the
plain assault and battery type with
flauKhtrr-linuse trimmings was dis
played at the city punch dipenary
and a pleasant tune was had by all.
"Bud" Logan's showing agaitiM
the clever Shade was a pleasing one
and the veteran Omaha welter gave
just a neat an exhibition of boxing
as could be expected, but he tacked
the punch to pile up points.
Shade Sweet Hitter.
Shade is a sweet hitter and a
dandy boxer. The California", has
a piston-like left jab that found its
mark more than once on Logan's
map. Shade proved to be a hornet
during the 10 rounds he was in the
ring with the local lad and stung
"Bud" with some awfuli wallops.
During the latter rounds of the bout
Logan was steel-eyed, but going and
chuck full of gamcness.
Logan was very much himself
during the first and second and dis
played a defense that sort of puzzled
the westerner. In the second stanza
Shade shot his left to Logan's eye
and soon the purple started trick
ling down the local lad's face.
In the third session, David got
through Buster's defense and started
showering lefts and rights to Lo
gan's face and midsection. The
Omaha welter took an unmerciful
body belting in this round, but never
once did he whimper or back away.
He was shooting a stiff left hook
to Shade's jaw that was doing the
firm of Flynn and Shade no good
at all.
At times too, Logan would lock
heads with Shade and give as good
as was sent in the close rallies. Be
sides this, Shade was blocking well
and this shunted many of Buddy's
best blows.
In the latter part of the fourth
round, after Shade had crossed n
right and played a tattoo on Logan's
jaw with his left, the local boxer
started swinging his dukes . in t he
direction of one Mister Shade and
propelled them so fast that the west
erner started retreating. Logan
planted his left under Shade's chin
and then buried his right in his op
ponent's mid-section. The clever
Shade looked puzzled as he strolled
to his corner at the end of the round
which went to the Omahan.
Socks Logan On Ear,
Shade got his light heavyweight
artillery guns to toting in the fifth
and before the round was many sec
onds old, socked. Lqgan on the ear,
splitting that members. He- gave
Logan a stiff lacing, though the
Omaha man kept pins and fought
back, although Shade made him miss
quite often.
l(i the seventh Logan staged his
best round. He beat Shade at his
own game in this session and de
fended himself in such fashion that
the Californian was unable to pile
up many points during the round.
Logan was best at. infighting, sink
ing two right blows in Shade's stom
ach and crossing a right that caught
his opponent flush on the jaw.
Shade came on like a ball of fire
in the eighth and ninth.. He fairly
outfought Logan. The fast-moving
Shade soundly jabbed Bud, but when
it came to rough work at close quar
ters, Logan held his own. ,
Longan started the tenth by sock
ing Shade in the stomach. Dave
closed in and then cut lose two lefts
to Logan's chin. He repeated and
then made Logan miss. Both boys
then missed and as Logan missed
another time, Shade shot his left to
Bud's jaw which shook the local
lad's head. Logan returned the
blow and both were fighting" close
at the bell. . '
Referee Shea gave the fight to
Shade, and ' the verdict seemed to
please all concerned. The .Califor
nia lad was the class, and after all
that counts. , x-
Roy Conley of Casper, Wyo., was
given the referee's decision over
Archie Amnions of Marsballtown,
la., at the end of ten rounds.
Conley went after the Iowan like
a man trying to kill 'a steer with a
pair of brass knuckles. Amnions
fought nobly to hold Conley at
arm's length, but the swarthy boy
was as persistent as a ticket-moocher
and mauled and battered Amnions
around the ring until if Archie's
face hadn t previously been consid
erably spoiled, it would have been a
total loss.
Rozgall Wins. '
In the seventh, eighth and ninth
rounds Amnions displayed some fast
footwork, stepping in and pecking
Conley on the nose and stepping out
"Young" Rozgall, South Omaha
pride, won on a technical knockout
from Walter McCarthy, Council
Bluffs, in the fourth round of their
four-round engagement.
Rozgall, using a straight left, beat
his opponent into a pulp and floored
him twice, i
McCarthy was on his feet but rag.
gy when Referee Shea stopped the
affray. Both fighters were covered
with blood.
Ed Hunt of Omaha kayoed Pete
Jordan in the fourth round of their
scheduled six-round preliminary.
Jordan started like a house afire,
but was forced to retrench under
Hunt's rain of piston-like, rights and
, I. Ml W. I,
St )i4 I ui Itif 4 4
HuklU .'! lui4 S , i
on. iiir i a th slot) j '
Oataa 4 4 .MS Uw ( I
1 Mlaraaj't Keaalls.
Tula. S Omaha, a.
Hius I'll. I; Oklahoma City, I,
Hi. ajMh, I; ttentsr, 4,
Wirkiia, l IM Moia, I,
Tm4)'s .
Oaiaka Mtrfcll.
lie Main Tuba.
Mobs I Mr a4 M, Jwrpk.
Irar 4 WklaknaM till.
W. U fri W. I- rM-
Sn Vwk 4 I ,n'Wiwili a .M
Hi Umt 4 .) Hruutha S .i
llllraaa ' 4 S i kM I 4 ."
raJI.4lil S t .MM.I'Ik'Hitietl I I .11
Ye!nl' Keaulla.
II. .ton at New York iralnl.
Iironklyti at l'hllllphi tiainl.
No other gain t'bedult.
Today' (.
Philadelphia at Hmiin.
New Yurk at llrouklyn.
fit. Ijiui. at I'tliohurgu,
' C'lnclunail at Chicago.
W. I. Pct.l
ilM.l.nd A I llilr.ro
Stw Yotk I 1 ,MT HoM.
I'hil.d-lttila 4 t ."; .
t. luta 4 1 .t. Detroit
W, L, I'd.
3 3
4 .13
3 4 .I
3 WW
Yf4Mlar' Keaalla.
riuaiun. 6-1: New York. 3-4.
Hi. Louis. Ii; Cleveland, I.
I .'Iroll at Chlraso Iralnl.
1'llll.delphla at Washington (ran,)
Tmk'g tiaaar.
Chlrago at 81. Louis.
Cleveland at Detroit.
Washington at New York.
Huston at Philadelphia.
W. L. fell W. U f-l.
Ulnnesuslla S 1 .3.1 l,ouu)r1lle 3 t .Sou
KatiH. City S S .Till Mllo.uke 3 3 .SoO
Columbus 4 S .371 Mt. I'.ul I 3 .1ST
ludlanltjulll I S .WO; Toledo I 3 .107
Yesterday's Result.
Indlanapntla. 1; Minneapolis, 1.
Kansas City, 10; Columbus, I.
St. Paul, I; Louisville, J (called end
of I3th.
Milwaukee at Toledo (rain).
Today's (tames.
Ksnsas City at Indianapolis.
Minneapolis at Toledo.
St. Paul at Columbus.
Milwaukee at Loulavlllt. '
.Yesterday's Results. I
Atlanta. (; Mobile. 4.
New Orleans, Sj Birmingham, 0,
Little Rock, 3; Chattanooga, 3.
Memphis, 1; Nashville, 3.
Coast League
Portland, Or., April 13. ft. H. E.
Oakland 3 10 3
Portland s 9 4
Batteries Eller. Jones and Koehler;
Leverenu, Crumpler and Elliott,
Seattle, Wash., April 1. R. If. E.
Vernon 3 a z
Seattle 1 4 1,
Batteries J. May and Hannah: Gardner
and Adams. .
San Francisco. Arjril 19. R w E
Sacramento 3 3 0
San Francisco 4 13 3
Batteries Penner and Stanara: Da via.
Mitchell, Olllenwater and Yelle.
Los Angeles. April 13. 11 ff t;
Salt Lake 3 s 1
Los Angeles 4 5 1
Batteries Thurston. RlAehnM,. mr.n
Jenkins; Ponder and Daly.
American Association
Columbus. O.. Anrli 19 n h it
Kausaa City 10 la' a
Columbus 6 8 3
Batteries Bono and Skiff; Glazer, San
ders and Lees.
Louisville. Kv.. Am-11 19 n ir v.
St. Paul , j 14 3
Louisville 7 13 , j
(Tie. caned darkness, in 13th Inning.)
Batteries Merrltt. Hall and Allen; Cul
lop, Koob and Meyer.
TndlanaDolis. Anrll 19 T tt -
MinnenuoHa ... 1 in' a
Indianapolis 10 0
uatterle s McGraw, Williams and
Mayer, Owens: Weaver and Krueger.'
Beatrice State League
Team Starts Practice
Beatrice, April 19. Special Tele
gramsSeventeen ball players who
have reported to Manager Kirschner
of the Beatrice; state league club,
turned out ' in" force today at the
athletic park to engage in a work
out. The weather was cold and
the boys meandered about the dia
mond and hit the' pill wearine coats
and heavy sweaters. Manager
Kirschner Will s put the players
through a regular course of practice
until the league opens here on
May 12. " '
Famous Race Horse Dies. ,
Buenos Aires, April 19. Botat'ogo,
Argentina's most famous race horse
and one of the fastest in the world,
died last night at the Mar Del Plata
stables where for the last three years
he has been used for breeding pur
poses. : When in his prime in 1917 and
1918, Botafogo was the idol of the
Argentine Wacing public. During
those, seasons he ran 19 times, win
ing 18 firsts and one second and
winning nearly 350,000 pesos for his
owners in prizes.
Baseball Dope
Western League.
Mid. Tot.
M. T. W. WK. T. F. S. R.
OMAHA 4 10 3 . 17 .. .. .. ..
Tulsa 8 8 6 23 ' ... .. .. .
Sioux City 13 7 11
Denver i 3 4 ' 12 ,. , ,. ,. ..
D. Moines x 3 2 8
Wichita x.38 10 .. .. .. ..
St. Joseph- 7 8 5 18 . . .......
Okla. City 4 S - 18 ..
National League.
Mid. Tot.
M. T. ' W. WK. T. T. S. R.
Brooklyn z x x 0 ,
Phiiadel. x x x 0 ..
New York x x x 0 ..
Chicago 7 7 xx 14
Boston .x x x 0 ,
St. Louis 6 S xx 11 ,, ,, .. ..
Cincinnati 0 4 xx 4
Pittsburgh 1 8 xx o
American League.
MW. Tot.
M. T. W. WK. T. F. S. R.
Detroit x 1 x 2
St. Louis x 3 16 17
Cleveland x 17 1 18 ..
Chicago x 6 x 3
Boston x 8 6 14
Wash'ton 11 x x 13
New York x 10 S 19
Phiiadel. 3 17 x :
American Association.
-: Mid. Tot.
M. T. W. WK. T. F. S. R.
Kan. City 0 I 10. 14
Milwaukee 3 7 x IS .. .. .. ..
Indian'olis x'S 7 lti ..
Louisville 8 7 SI .. .. .. ..
Min'spolla x 11 1 13 .. .. . , . .
St. Paul 6 ! Ii .. .,
Toledo 2 2 x 4
Columbus 7 2 'S 13
xNo game. ,
xzNo games scheduled.
Red Sox and
Yanks Divide
Double Header
Boston Hit Mavs Toward
CIoc of Kirt Came and
Win, 5 to 3 New York
Take Second, 6 to 1.
Boston, April 19. Huston and
New York divided a double-header
today. Boston hit Mays hard toward
the cloe of the fir.t game and won,
5 to 3, and with lloyt in rare condi
tion in the second game, New York
was victorious, 0 to I." MiMrr made
a home run over the left field (nice,
a triple and two inglc in the sec
ond game. Umpire Wilson put Har
per, Ward and Hugginsul of the
fcecond game fir too vigorous re
mark. first gains:
SKW viiKK. I tmrrnv.
All. 110, A I AN. fl it A.
Miller, of 4 13 Collin., cf 431
I'mm, ir 4 110 "milk, rf 4 11
H.krr, lb 4 33 I'r.-U IX 3114
M.-Mlllsn. if 4 3 0 Hum.. Ill 4 j 14 I
I'll, lb 4 I II I M. ma, If 3 0 3
tv.td. Jb 4 0 3 3'IMisu. 9b 4 3 3 3
Knau m 4 13 3 IMiimrt. at 4 0 3 4
itk.iis, 113 1' Wsiim. 4 11
: !. I 3 I rooltMi. P 4 t
I Totals 31 "" SI ij Total. S3 10 ST 13
8or by limliigs:
New York 3
Ho.i.m I 0 t 3 I 4
imimry Hnn: Vwater, Hsker, lie.
Mlllsn, J. Collins, Hmllti (31, l'ra(t, I'll
linger. Krrors: Kewsler. Harris. Too
b hit: J, Collins. Htolen bases: Mc
IMIIan, I'litlnger. Hacrlflce: kVhsng.
Iwuble plays: I'Utlnter-Pralt-Hurns, lu
ran llurn. Ift on bases: Nw York.
4; lin.ion. 7. Itaa on balls: inr iy.
S: "ff (Julnn. 1. I'mplres: Walsh. Wilsua
and Connolly. Time: 1:37.
Second gam":
Miilw. if t i a t. Collin., rf 4 13
! K..tcr. If 4 13 0 Xmltli. rf 4 110
I ll.hrr. 3b 3 10 l l'r.ll. Sll 4 113
, MrMlll.n, rf S 3 1 0 Harris. If 4 0 3
I I'lt.p. ! 3 3 7 Hums. Mi 4 I 10 0
H.rd. Sb 3 0 1 V Ihisan. 8b 4 0 11
jM.-N.llr. !b 10 0 ipilllrulr. M 3 0 3 3
H,xi. m 4 z a waller., a a i i a
R Inns, s 4 0 0 0 Rouell. p 3 03
llot,P 4 1 11'Meno.kT 1 0
1 Kutlerton. p 0 0 0 1
Totals 87 13 V Si
I Totals 33 t 37 13
Batted for Russell In seventh.
Score by Innlngst
New York 3 ! 0 1 0 1 0 0 03
Boston 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01
Summary Runs: Ml lien (3), McMllkm.
Scott, lloyt. I'll linger. Krrors: IMigan
IS). Walters. Two-has hlla: Smith,
l'ralt. Three-base hit: Miller. Homo
run: Miller. Stolen base: Miller. Sacri
fice!.: linker. Kewater. Double play: Plt-tlnger-Hurns.
Left on bases: New York,
t; Boston, 6. Base on balls: Off Hoyt, 1;
off Russell, 3. Struck out: By lloyt, 7:
by Russell, 5; by Fullerton. 1. Hits: Off
Russell, 10 In 1 innings; off Fullerton, 3
In 3 Innings. Losing pitcher: Russetl.
I'mplres: Wilson, Connolly and Walsh.
Time; 1:41.
Maurice Beats
Billy Rolfe
Grand Island, Neb., April 19.
(Special.) "Alex" Maurice, Grand
Island, and Billy Rolfe, Omaha,
fought ten fast
. rounds nere last
night, , Maurice
leading through
out the match
and winning on a
decision. Rolfe
was at his best in
the fourth, and
with the excep
tion of the first
two rounds which
were possibly
even, Maurice had
a distinct ad
vantage and ren
dered severe pun-'
In the semi-windup, "Mike" Dale,
Grand Island, knocked, out "Chick"
Stevens of Columbus, after 43 sec
onds of fighting in the second round.
A preliminary between Nick
Bright, Grand Island, and "Kid"
Morley of Shelton, went five rounds
to a draw.
O. Runner on hn,A la hit hv -Infield
fly. Are two' men out 7
A. There cannot be two out. If tne
umpire calls "Infield flv" only one nlaver
may be retired.
Q. If the. fourth ball Is a wild pitch
and the batter tries for second and fails
to touch first, can he be put out?'
A. Yes. he's out even though be's en
titled to first base on four balls.
Q. May a batter step out of the bat
ter's box at any time?
A. Ho should first giro th umpire
notice or his Intention. .
Q. Hit ball strtkes Inside base 11ns
then rolls foul and then fair again. Um
pire calls foul. Should he change bis
A. The umpire should change his de
cision. Q. Has the umpire the right to pre
vent a batter hit by a pitched ball from
taking first?
A. It be thinks the batter Intention
ally got In the way of the ball it may
huve been pitched slowly he ean refuse
to permit the batter to take first.
Five Leading Hitters
National League.
Name. Club. O. AB. Tt. H.
Snyder, New York... 3 11 3 6
Oroh. New York...... 6 19 4 10
Lebourveau. Phila 3 12 2 6
Frlberg. Chicago .... 4 11 2 6
Stock, St. Louis 23 10
American League.
'lub. O. AB. R, H.
r York!....; 4 . 13 4 8
iw York.... 4 15 4 9
on ........ 4 II I 9
Detroit S 20 2 H
Name. Club.
Scott. New York!..
Schang, New York.
iratt, Boston
Hcilman. Detroit
Mclr.nls, Cleveland
22 5 12
Cloett.Peabody tCo. Inc.
QcrTAbled .
0V It at the Uh-U
seiMitt lut l t m-iii
on ' merry Wi. the
gill ,cj.in lrre
is due t.i mt
The O m a lis ' I n Id
club and Happy IM-
I.im cluh ai i.rtitar
ma- iur bust programs of cvrnu iiii
ra.tiii, while the Omaha li.iwtry
rlub is side-liaiking in annual pro
liram of events brcau.e of the
una: 'rrn.iui.i..iipi tour.u'iv.n:
tile week of July I0,
Die annual my Klf tuunuii't it
rruLi-My will he held dtiri.ig it.e
lattrr part of June, according to Sam
Reynolds city king of the club swat
ter. Wonder who Johnny 1'ieeley,
former manager of "Kul" Sclibi
fer, will discover next?
Kecrntly Johnny found lVte
ordan, local boxer, who hrard the
irdirs sing in the Auditorium
last night, and decided that Jordan
Ha of champioiifhip timber.
Creeley, it will he remembered,
alto "discovered" Jim Jcurii. tlio
tixik the count at the hand of
Johnny Lee.
If golf continues to lure batrhut!
players away from the diamond it
will not be surprising to ce ibis
ign outside of the ball park at Kif
fenth and Vinton streets tome after
noon: "Game postponed becaue of
players having been delayed at golf
According lo work received from
"M'kc" Finn, secretary of the Omaha
Buffaloes, golf is a favorite pastime
with the local players.
Who said the boxing game was
' dead in tins burg.'
The American Legion show at the
Auditorium last night netted Mr.
Shade, one of the principals in the
main event, $2,136. while Mr. Logan,
party of the second part of the main
bout, received $1,922 for 10 rounds
of fighting.
More thon 4,650 fans filed into the
Auditorium to witness the scraps.
The state of Nebraska received
$492.50 in tax, while the local Legion
post salted more than $1,850 away in
the treasury.
The total receipts for the evening's
knuckle whirling carnival amounted
to $8,991.
Not so worse. .
Wonder how "Babe" Ruth feels.
All dressed up and bubbling over
with home runs and no place to go.
The pitchers in the American
league are the only ones who agree
with Judge Landis' ruling on the
Ruth case.
"Kid" Schlaifcr was a ringside
spectator at the Shade-Logan fight
last night.
Immediately after the show, the
"Kid" burst fqrth with the follow
ing: "Watch liiv smoke. I am Eoinsr
to start training and get some more
of the Omaha fight fans' money."
Golf Ek-ctg
Q. Where a ball lies In such a position
that th player cannot positively Iden
tify It ss his own, is It permissible to
pick it up and examine It?
A. Yes, thl ball may he lifted without
penalty for the purpose of Identification,
with the consent of the opponent, but
must be carefully replaced.
Q. Who won the low qualifying medal
In the 1920 National Amateur champion
ship and what was the score?
A. llohhv Jones of Atlanta and Fred
J. Wright, Jr., of Boston, tied at 1M. The
tie was settled In siitisequrni maicn piay.
Jane defeated Wrlcht in the third round
af match play, becoming; the medalist.
q. riease aavise me wnst is me prop
er procedure where a player's ball la
displaced on the putting- green by his op
ponent's ball In single matches, also in
four-ball matches.
A. In singles, the player whose hall is
displaced can take his choice on replaeinir,
the ball, or letting it lie where it was
knocked, but must replace, if he chooses
to do an, before his opponent plays an
other stroke. In four-bail matches, the
ball must be replaced.
Q. Will you kindly tell me just what Is
meant by the provision for loss of "stroke
and distance" In certain of the rules of
). This means that you lose the dis
tance your stroke, which was penalised,
covered, and also another penalty stroke
to be added to the count for the hole.
You, of course, have to count the stroke
that led to a penalty, as for instance, out-of-bounds.
Favorite Colors in S
New Spring Fabrics j
Bm EAUTIFUL Blues with handsome silk j
m interweaves, shadow stripes, two-tone
effects and fancy mixtures, will be great
I favorites this season.
Also Grays and Browns in broken and pin-
1 head checks, hairline stripes and many .
g other popular shades for Spring from the I
best Foreign and American Looms.
It is real quality at moderate prices that ,
1 makes Nicoll Tailoring so desirable and
I economical. H
Prices $45, $50, $60 and up
NICOll- HielUilor
Jerrems' Sons
209-11 South 15th St. Karbach Block.
Vangilder Holds
Indians to Three
Hits and Wins
M. ..nut Brown Trounce
Uf irland Iiy 15 to 6 Score
Covrlckkie Fail to
Slum I'siial Fin in.
t'lrvrlaml, April 19, Si. 1'
broke llrvt land's winning traW to
day by wiininiu'. 15 to I. anmldrr
held Cleveland U three liiu. dupli
eating hi feat f lat Saturday,
whrn lie shut out the White Sox.
l'ovetrUe failed to how hi uual
form. Score:
ST. Ul I
aii no
Kl If 8 13
T.4JII. ff I 3
li.it, Ik S3
ii r 3 i
H. .I.I. Ik
W mi. ma, rf
IwiM, if
MwrMl. S
M. M.ium. fk
I. tiii4, y
4 3 mM, rl 3 I I
I I M. I.O.I.. Ik
9 P
lac Swartl, aa a I
I 8
a 3
I 8
I .....i.. n
4 U..4 rl 3 8 l
( wwuW, 3 8 I
I tuuM I
. . I r.K.lMSla, 387
4t 3 ir;i'-n p I ! ! !
I 'Uiwrr I
I Tt.l
lulled for I'otl i eighth.
KWira l.y timing! .....
Hi. I.ui. SJ, a i,
( Irveland I
liiiinntary IHiiis: T"l'ln. P.HM" '
id l.nu Vansil.M-r IS). W mUn.
Krr. r: M'nitMs ISI. lUrdnre. Wood.
Mtinault Tss-hu. tut": hVvrel.l, Hilr.
K-aell, Ttw.b hit! Hislrr. Hum
run' Vangilrtvr, rlmlen haws- Hil"r 131.
Williams 13). aJcnhenn. Wamltagansa.
DonliU ilua: WihhI Hewell. Llleil"-l -Maiiu.l.lrr,
l-ft on ba: Hi. Uiula.
: Clovelaiiil 3. Ila.e nn ball! off Van
Bililcr. 4: off Cnv.leakle. I: pff' roll, f
rilrurk nut: lie Vangild-r. I: by Coveles
kl 3; by Kce, I lilt.; Off 4'nveleakl.
13 In T Innina-s; off foils, 3 In I Inning t
off K-fe. & In I Inning. IIU by fllrhed
ball: .lnil..on. by Vangllder. I'aaard
ball; Sciereld. Losing pitcher! Covelea
H, I'mplres: Nallln, Ki'ane and lilncen.
T.me: 1:4S.
Correct CInircli Schedule
The following is the corrected
schedule of the South division of the
Church baseball league:
Thirty-second and Deaey, 4 p. m.
rint 31. K. versus First Christian.
Itlvorvlew, 3 p. m Castellar Tresby
tcrlan versus W heeler Meiuorla.
Ulvervlew, t p in First I'rnsbylerlan
versus Mi-Cabs Methodist.
''bins Store
Be Present
Don't Stay Away, as
On Friday, April 21. 8 p. m.,
the H. R. Bowen Co. will
, Give Away Free
A Full Sized Duofold
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upholstered in good grade
moleskin. Get ticket and par
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Oh, yes! Several other ar
ticles of home furnishings will
be given away, too. (
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