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Volume XVI,
Number 40.
An Intercepted Dispatch Reveals the Fact that the Spanish Resources
There are Practically Exhausted There Has Been Practi
cally no Military Resistance Since Wednesday
At Guantanamo the Troops arc on Half Rations-There are
Provisions Only for the Remainder of June-All Drug
ies Have Been Seized for the Use of the
Soldiers, and a Few of Them Have
Surrendered to Obtain Food.
The Sleam Cullers of the Massachusetts and
New York, Engaged in Kecoiuioitering, are
Tired Upon by the Enemy from a Blockhouse
They ReplyVigcrcuiiy, and the Texas and
Vixf n Coming to their Rescue, tho Spaniards
are ("oread to Seek Safely in Flight.
Copy right 1N!S ),y Associated Press.)
large transport, the St. Paul, which ap
pears to lie a store ship. They patrol
the I Maya with armed launches. 1 will
return to ( 'aimanera alter seeing the
hearer of this dispatch started. He is
worthy of my confidence. I earnestly
recommend him to your excellency,
should he arrive.
(Signed.) '"FELIX PAREJA.
Commanding Second Prigade, Eastern
Military Division of Cuba."
Showing Desperate State of Affairs at
(Copyright 1SDS ly Associated Press.)
Camp :IcCalla, outer harbor of (Juau
tanamo. Friday, dune IT. (noon), per the
Associated Press Dispatch P.oat Wanda,
via Kingston, .Jamaica, Saturday, .June
IS. S:b jr. m. The following inter
cepted letter from the Spanish military
commander at Cuantannmo was taken!
from the bodv of ;ui unfortunate mi s- '
senger who attempted to pass the Cuban
lines. It gives the official Spanish ver
sion of the attack of the American licet
in the capture of the outer harbor of
Off Santiago de Cuba, Friday, dune 17,
-. p. m. Per the Associated Press ties
patch boat Wanda, via Kingston,
.Jamaica. Saturday. June IS. S.U" n. m.
The week's campaign in eastern Cuba
has resulted in the practical demolition
of tin outer fort ideations of Santiago do
Cuba, in anticipation of the arrival of
the troops, and the occupation of the
tine harbor of (Juantanamo in which to
day are .anchored such magnificent ships
as the Oregon and the St. Paul, to
gether witii the M.arblehoad.
Suwjinee and eleven other
gunboats, colliers and press
boats, in an average depth
fa t bonis of wa ter.
i lie military resistance to tue ueiium
oociijjj; t ion practically erased since the ;
Cumtanamd ;i week ago and discloses
the fact that starvation is facing the
Spanish troops in Eastern Cuba. This is
verified by extracts jdready telegraphed,
taken front a recent issue of a news
paper of Santiago tie Cuba and from ihe
fact that a number of Snanish reirularl
soldiers have surrendered to Captain
McCalla. offering as :i reason for so
doing the necessity of obtaining food.
The letter reads:
"Caimanera, June 1.1.
"In the Cencral Commanding the Mili
tary Division of Santiago de Cuba:
"At dawn on Saturday seven ships ap-
Dolphin, j feared before he jort of Cainianora and
i: ! threw shots and all kinds of project ilos
a ixm.uj ji;t)) 1h( foi.ts )(. rl;lva (( Fst( jnj (h
despatch i c;,vn ',ro Ulltj ,,rv S(,t j:,v t(, 1l( ,(M.f
uf IV I on the Playa del Este. burning the hous
es ol the pilots, which were occupied by
a detachment of American marines.
'"Tin cannonading with more or less
bombardment of Wednesday. An inter-
opted official report ot the .
militarv commandant indicates
resi in r-cs
soii'iers an
are sappl'ie
"S I (Mil l'l1ll'!llHIlttc
1 T r ' "
I 1
now on nail rations, mere'
only for the remainder of;
June. The commandant has already!
seized ali the private drug supplies, in ;
they may
intensity continued until o'clock in tin
afternoon. As the Playa del Este had
on'c two muzIodoadimr iruns ami s-.in.
the detachment could
six ships tiring on th -m I
ami mov retired into
Steam Cutters Have a Rattling Fight
A"itli the Enemy.
(Copyright by the Associated Press.)
Off Santiago de Cului. Friday, June
IT. - i. m., per the Associated Press
dispatch boat Wanda, Kingston. Ja
maica. June IS. N:-4." a. m. .V hot
brush between some Spanish troops anil
a recennoitering party in steam cutters
occurred at daylight this morning in a
small cove west of Mono Castle. The
Massachusetts' steam cutter, in charge
of Lieutenant Harlow, entered the cove
to take soundings and reconnoitre.
When well inside the inlet a detachment
of Spanish infjintry opened fire upon the
cutter from a blockhouse. The lire was
vigorously returned by the marines in
ihe Massachusetts' boat, and also by
the marines who were in the New
York's cutter, which was in charge of
Naval Cadet Powell, and which had
followed in. The New York's cutter was
hit ten times, .and a marine in the cut
ter of the Massachusetts had the stock
of his rifie shattered, but by good luck
i no tine was Int.
The Texas opened fire with her six
pounder on the hillside, and the Vixen
steamed right into the cove and pepper
ed the blockhouse with her rapid tiring
guns. I Jvent ually the Spaniards re
treated to the woods, ami the two steam
cutters withdrew.
The Yankee arrived here yesterday,
and Captain P.rownson reported' that
on Monday last, while off Cienfuegos. a
Spanish gunboat came out to meet the
Yankee, evidently mistaking her for a
merchant vessel. The Spaniard, how
ever, soon saw his mistake
t urned
and turned
opened fire, which was hotly ro-
by the Yankee. The latter
the gunboat until the
j j took refuge
ipened fire
.h !
t hat
be devoted lo the
s !i
1 iers
lias I
imp j
Use of tin
For the past three nights there
been comparative quiet in the
whi; h the marines hold on the crest of
tie- hill near (Juantanamo Pay, and
over wliich t In American Hag floats. At
dusk volunteers from the warships go
ashore and eamit near the hill, to bo
( "uba ns
m older to
case of an emergency, and
go f;ir out in the ohapparal
prevent the Spaniards ivf,
stealing a march on the camp.
Cencral Perez, commanding the east
ern division of the insurgent army, call
ed on Captain McCalla. of the Marbh
j nothing before
f'-om ;ill sides
-Managua, ami to Cuzeo Hill, where they
l emain today.
"From that day the soldiers occupied
Pun! a Oar.aeoles. observing the move
ments of tbe ships which occupy all tin
outer port with war transports, a num
ber of armed shins other vessel-- ,,r
and armed merchant ships. The total
; is not less than four.
j "I have also taken the Enanto Passes
j ami the vigilant gunboat Magnie is here
' readv to fall on them where damage
can lie done. J remain in Caimanera,
and we! only leave when I think it
! I i .
j eoee.-sa ry. 1 nave not lieen able to
in tin harbor, whose forts
on the American vessel.
Thereupon the Yankee engaged the
Eastern and Western batteries. Put.
seeing no chame of catching the gun
beat. Captain Prownsoii Avithdrew.
During the engagement a Spanish shell
I burst ocr the Yankee, and a falling
t fragment struck a landsman named
! Kennedy, formerly an insurance eol
( lector in New York city, inflicting a
seven flesh Avound on his right shouhl
j or. He is expected to recover.
The Spanish gunboat chased by the
Yankee was of about .") tons and L'"')
feet long.
The naval reserves who man the Yan
kee fought well.
t--:gon?-i the American
nre. I orts Sandoval and Cayo
t:red their pieces of arfillerv. lmf
dps Avith riMo
ivo Tom
li Oil il 11,111! H V illlil. Ol 111,' I.IIOH- I . . . - .
ead vestordav. and reported that he had j ' as interfered av.11, by the
;.('' men of whom 1joo would rein- '"T- "f iiu ViU "'. 5,en the
westward to
for e the marines in a few days.
Many bands of insurgents ar
gathered along the coast.
Santiago de Cuba.
The warships have done no firing
since Wednesday's bombardment of th'i
fort ilicjii ions of the inner harbor, and
the town of ( 'aimaiH r;i.
Since the narrow os'-ape of the Mar
hlehead and Texas from destruction by
torpedoes in the channel, greater precau
tions have been observed. ISoth sb.ips
struck contact mines without exploding
ihem. Each mine contained l' pounds
of gun-cotton, sufficient to destrov nnv
The bombardment in Cuantanamo Pay
Avas not so heavy as :it Santiago, but
it Avas very heavy. The Spaniards
fired only five shots ami then fled.
Three shots struck near the Marble
head, but none hit her. The ships
steamed Avithin ."..COM yards of the for!
before opening fin and then they fired
Avith deadly .accuracy.
The Texas stopped in the narrow
channel in order to avoid grounding,
but the M.arbhhead steamed ahead and
swung around tin south side of tin
harbor. Her first shots went wild, hut
II. e little Suwaneo. Avhich was folloAV
ing her. found the range and sent shots
straight into the foundation of Ihe fort,
hmling into the air bricks and dust.
The Texas finished the business, t aao
of her PJ-inch shells reducing Ihe fort
t' a pu t ures(U( ;ind useless ruin.
The Marblehcad then turned her atten
tion to the barracks and breast-Avorks
southwest of the harbor, and speedily de
molished them, sending the Spanish gar
rison flying for their lives.
As the Spaniards ran down the main
la ml. the St. Pa ul's ."-inch guns Avert
trained on them, and several of the
soldiers Avere seen to fall. The number
of killed and Avouuded is not known.
The bombardment lasted an hour .and
: quarter, ami Avas accomplished for
Ihe purpose of preventing a movement of
Spanish troops from the town to the
fortifications. The insurgent forces,
which have been armed .and equipped hy
Ciptaiu McCalla. not only proved tr. be
eiaring scouts, but turn out to be brave
figh'ors and good shots Avitli the Dee
Met ford rifles. Our own men are warm
in their praise, and look for unexpected
ly strong co-operation upon the part of
the Cuban army.
HiO - 1 ft 1 4 . . 4 I . . . ...... i ..." i 1 ,
. i" loc ci in e r o i i no chan
nel .and took up a position in tin ndd-
.O -j. , . .
o'o oi Tin nay. they AA'oulil not hav
sfopped answering the lire. Avhich
enemies ships Avere keenimr nn with
impunity. Sandoval has not over seven
rounds of armor piercing projectiles and
Cunianer.i battery did not fire, reserving
its hre until the ships entered the chan
nel. Avhich js Avhere its guns reach.
"I am told that the insurgent forces
at P.ar.acoa h.iAt come down to Signabos,
being apparently greatly pleased
that the
American squadron has
taken possession of the outer bay as ji
base of operations, the American ships
having .anchored jis if in one of their
own ports.
"Since Saturday tin
eut the cables Avhich ;ire ;it the entrance'
and the centre of the harbor, and li
1 . A 1 , , , . , . I
oae nor ncen ai.ie to repair them, but.
they have nut again molested me, ex
cept. Avith two (.animn shots on Monday.
It appears from the Avork Avhich is being
done, that the Americans jire preparing
to plant the harbor Avith mines or to
place their ships so .as lo disembark
troops at Playa Del Este. their favorite
place. If this turns out to be the case,
and that I have been the first to call
your attention to it. I Avouid suggest
that some of om- vessels should come
h'-re. The members of tin lire brigade
are in good spirits.
"I am continuing to servo out half
rations of every thing, and in that Avay
I shall be able to roach to the end of
the month only, and especially in bread.
I have no Hour of .any kind as I have
previously said, and I have no Avay of
getting any. .as there has been no grain
here for some time p;ist. We are
equally short of quinine in the hospitals,
however. I have taken possession of the
private drug stores. and Avill have
enough until the end of the month. The
town is suffering from privation. On
Saturday Ave had only two men wound
ed. At Craigo Morro the cable house
Avas riddled Avith shell. but it still
st.ands. and if the Americans abandon
the port. Avhich I doubt, everything pos
sible Avill be done to re-establish com
munication, to Avhich end 1 have every j
thing ready. To-day there is in the har
bor, :i large armored vessel, the Ore
gon, and seveu more vessels, with a
Put Equipment and Amplest Camp Fa
cilities Will IV Provided First.
Wjishington. June 1 It has been
suggested, that owing to the heavy de
mand for troops, which has far exceed
ed tl-e loiodiei' i iri ! li ;i ! I - 1 h 1 iov. . 1 t.i 1 .e
til' i it:..: i :n i. ' : . . : .
, ! siiiiicieiu, incie wni nr occasion io is
sue jinother call for volunteers. Hav
ing jn mind tin length of time required
to develop raw material into seasoned
soldiers, as revealed by the experiences
at Chiokjimaugn. Tampa and Camp
Alger, there is no doubt that the Presi
dent Avill be forehanded in this matter,
and upon tin existence of a reasonable
doubt as to the sufficiency of tin pres
ent military force, he Ail take steps to
increase it. Put before jiny effort is
made to raise more troops, th" War
Department Avill see to it that the amp
lest camn facilities are nrovided. and
i that the equipment Avill be ready for
- v o ici it, i as nae
Madrid. June IS.- i p. m. Id is said
here this afternoon that Captain Jen
eral Augusti resigned the military lead
ership at Ma'jihi to the Spanish general
commanding there, so that the capitula
tion of that place may be signed by
ike latter, and thus have less import
ance in the eyes of tin natives than if
signed by the Captain (Jeneral of tin
Philippine Islands.
The news that tin Spanish lleet has
been sighted off ,( Jibraltar. has caused a
feeling of great satisfaction here.
It Seems to Pe Peating Everv Team it
Tarboro. N. C. June 18. (Speciild
Tarhoro Avon again today. Lawson's
pitching. Philips' jmd Card's fielding an 1
Withers b.attng Avere tin features of
the game. Score: PI runs: PJ hits: -errors.
Wilmington V, runs: 7 hits; er
rors. Batteries: LaAvson. Withers
Legrand: Taylor and Zellers.
Delegates Are Present at Asheville from
Everv Southern State.
Asheville. N. C, June IS. (Special. i -The
students Summer Conference of the
Y. M. C. A. is in session at P.ingham
Heights. Delegates from every Southern
State are present.
All to Lose and Nothing to Cain bv
The War.
Madrid. June is. 1 m. There is
considerable comment here to-day over
a long conference which has just taken
place between 'the British Amba-ador
to Spain. Sir Henry Druinmoud-Wollf.
and the Spanish Minister of War. (Jen
eral Coirca.
The newspapers of this city to-day
publish the text of .a manifesto from th..
inhahitjtnts of Catalonia. of which
Barcelona is the capital in favor of
peace between Spain ;ind the I'nitcd
The manifesto is signed by thirty-live
.associations jmd eighteen local news
papers. It says the present evils jire "due to
the existing regime Avhich is nothing bed
a government of disorder and neglect."
After recalling the fact tlmt the
Spanish Monarchs have lost possession
after possession, it says:
"Tin United States is guilty of un
justifiable aggression, but if the war is
prolonged. Spain Avill be completely
ruined. A painful amputation is a hundred-fold
preferable to ji terrible and
disastrous war. ami jiny transaction
eventually made Avill not be more honor
able .after the country is ruined, the
blood of her vjilued soldiers shed .and
starvation has ravaged ;i majority of the
workmen's homes."
The manifesto then depicts the griev
ous internal situation ami says:
"Spain :isks immediate peace, desp'jj
the opposition of those who desire the
utter destruction of the country in or
der to impose their domination upon its
ruin. The sooner peace is concluded the
more advantageous it Avill be. it is the
duty of oAeryhody to endeavor to force
tin government to obtain peace."
The document concludes liy predicting,
unless a speedy pejiee is secured, a com
plete internal collapse, wliich Avill en
guf economic prosperity and political or
ganizations and launch the country into
a state of anarchy or arbitrary despotism.
Tho Campaign Will be Push
ed With Energy.
'3ts Resignation Thought to ForcshadoAV
j Crave Events.
Pome, June IS. In the Chamber ot
Deputies to-day the Premier, the Mar
quis di ltudini, announced that the
Ministry, Avhich Avas formed on May
.'II. has resigned. Amidst considerable
excitement, the Marquis di ltudini sa.id
that after considering the parliamentary
;dt nation, and in order not to prejudice
the grave public questions, the Ministers
had placed their resignation in the
hands of the King ayIio reserved the
right of decision relative to their accept
ance, a remark which Avas greeted with
Continuing the Marquis said the Min
istry Avou'd remain in office for the
present in order to attend to routine
business and safeguard public order. He
then begged the Chamber to suspend its
sittings for tin present. Tin request
was approved after a stormy debate.
It is generally thought that the re
signation of the Ministry foreshadows
g;ie events.
M'ho Marquis di Kudini repeated his
statements biter, in substance, in the
Senate, Avhere I hey Avere avcII received.
The Senate then adjourned without
delta te.
Decree Cranfed Because of Cruelty
Her Husband the Senator's Son.
Cleveland, Ohio, .Tune is. Mrs. D. K.
Ilanna avjis granted a decree of di
vorce to-day from Dan P. Iianna, son
of Senator Hanna. No defense av.-is
made, and the hearing occupied less than
15 minutes. The petition in the ease
was very brief, merely asking fordi
vorcc on the ground of extreme
cruelty. Mrs. Hanna testified briefly
that on several occasions. Avheu .she
had protested to her husband against
his persona! conduct he Hcav into a pas
sion and struck her, am! on one occa
sion threw her to the floor. Mrs. Haniiu
was granted the custody of her three
children. The question of alimony was
settled privately.
Association Meets ;it Old Point and
Elects Officers.
NeAvport News. V;i.. June IS. The
Southern Hardware Jobbers' Association
in session at Old Point has elected the
following officers:
J. J. Mamllebaum. Little Rock. Ark .
president: O. P. Barker. Lynchburg. Ya..
first vice president: R. E. Bell, of Wetli
ersford. Texas, second vice president:
C. B. Carter, of Montgomery. Ala., sec
retary and treasurer.
Executive committee: AY. E. Cibbons.
of knoxville. Tenn.: W. A. Parker, of
Atlanta. Oa.: Frederick Orgill. of Mem
phis. Tenn.; Jas. Monuiey, of Dallas,
The place for next year's meeting Avill
be selected bv the executive committee.
Washington. D. C. June IS. Today's
session of the House Avas devoted cliieflv
to eulogies upon the life and character
of former Senator Harris, of Tennessee.
Speeches Avere delivered by Messrs.
McMillin. (TomO; Bland. iMo.l; Rich
ardson. (Tenn.t: Meyer. (La.i; Rae.
(Ark.): Benton. i)kO :Rhea. HCy.t: Sims.
(Tenn.l: Dearmond. (Mo.i: King. tUtah I :
Ciirmack. TVnn. I : SAvanson, Ya.1;
Clarke. (N. II. .
The usual resolutions were adopted
and at 4:ol o'clock the House jidjoiirned.
Prior to hearing eulogies some con
sideration was given to :i conference
rejwrt upon the District of Columbi.i
A nnropria tion bill.
Sneaker Reed, who has been for sev
eral days unAvell from cold and slight
fever, appeared today in the House.
Nashville. Tenn.. June IS. Coo. Pear
son, colored. AAas hanged Ihis afternoon
in the Madison county jail for the mur
der of Sam Walker, colored, on the night
of May 3rd, 180G.
An Army of One Hundred Thousand Men,
Thoroughly Drilled jnd Fqu'ppcd,
May Soon Be Hurled
Against Havana.
Washington. D. C. June IS. -The or
iginal plans of campaign for the conduct
of the Avar against Spain wid be adhered
to jind will be pushed with vigor jind en
ergy. That decision was reached at a
Avar council held at the White House to
day at which were present President
McKinlcy, Secretaries Alger and Long.
Ceneral Miles, Assistant Secretary
Meiklejohn, Admiral Sicard and Captain
Mahan. Of course there will lie some
slight mollifications mule neces.-ary by
the changes that have occurred since
the beginning of hostilities, but these,
after all, Avill not a fleet tin general plan.
of operations. Cencral Miles returned
from Florida Avith information respect
ing the condition of the troops, diilioul
ties to be expected in the progress of t!i
campaign, and needs in the matter of
transportation that a ill aid materially ni
the t oin.net of the next expedition.
The conference Avas entirely harmoni
ous. The only reason that the command
ing general did not visit the White liou-e
yesterday was because of ;i desire on
tin Prosdeiit's tart that his Avar council
lors should have the benefit of Ceiieril
Miles' recital of his observations at first
Tin stories that there has been fric
tion between Central Miles and Ids of
ficial superiors are pronounced to h ab
surd by all concerned and today's pro
ooedi'igs gave ample evidence of tin fac
that Ihe utmost harmony characterizes
the relations between the Chief Exccu
five and the military branch of the gov
eminent. There Avere. of course, sonn
differences of opinion among the poi
sons present at the Avar council, but
there has been no disposition in an.v
quarter to resist for an instant any eon
elusion Avhich has secured the approva
of the President.
The official declaration to the effec!
that tin campaign is to bo pushed wi'I
vigor does not necessarily mean an im
mediate attack upon Havana, although
su.ch advice has been tendered. It does
mean that the ery strongest efforts an
to be put 1'orih to ;;er lite .army in con
dit ion Avhere it can be used with over
Avhelniiiig effect at any point or points a
almost a moment's notice. To this cm
Ihe troops hoav in camp are to be tli r
onglily trained and hardened, am! whei
thev leave tin United States their equip
moid Avill be the best a soldier can hive.
fit for an.v season. AVet or dry. cold oi
hot. With such an army at command
numbering no less than KiO.iinu the fah
of Havana cannot long remain in doiib
Avhen once this armv is hurled upon it.
MeaiiAvhile the smaller expedition uv
movements are to go forward uninter
runledlv. When' Santiago is captured
e rtained regulars who do the work
there will be pushed on to I'oito Riot
If a 1 or most of them an needed tor
thN expedition then the "provision.!
force" referred to by Cencral Shatter ii
his orders probably Avill be dispatched
imnicdijitelv from the United States to
girrison the town of Santiago and 1'
relieve the regulars. Probably knowlodgi
of some such intention has led to tin
rumor Avhich found free currency todav
to the effect that L'M men from Cnn-n
(Irahani's camp had been ordered t
proceed immediately to reinforce Shaft r
at Santiago making the pjissago on tie
ocean liners Harvard and Yale. lat
the Ncav York and Paris. Avhich are now
in Hamilton Roads. As a matter of
fact. Secret .a rA Alger said this .-i ft .-ruoon
that he had not given orders for th
sending of troops away from Camp Al
ger, nor had he ordered ;uiy exit-nsivi
movements elsewhere.
The rooms of Secret i ry Alger wen
thronged today by friends of the main
candidates for appointment from civ!
life jis second lieutenants in tin army
There are to bo L'liO of these npnointcd
and it av.-is announced th is a f ternoon that
thev aviSI be made nubia in the ik-ws-
paners Mondav mornng.
Word came to the Navy Depart nier;?
through the agenc- of the Sta'e D
partmcnt that tin Spanish Cadiz fleet
Avas still headed eastward today. 'I !i
basi of the report is not known, but ir
is prohibly from the skipper of som
merchant A'csel wJdch has passed th
squadron, for the ships of course hav
long since escjipe-t the range of obsi rva
timi of the lookout jit Cibraitar. All n
ports relative to tho 'movements of thi
inA-serious souatlron are received b- tin
n,-iv;i! officials subject to confirmation.
for experience his taught them that th-
Semi-di are freejv availing' tli'-Misrivt
of the rather puerile device of sending
out numerous false reports of nava
movements in the hope to mislead our
campaign directors. Therefore in the
cas of this last report, it may turn out
to be unfounded and that the squadron
reversed its course after night fill, am
turned westward through the straits
ben ml for the Canaries.
No confirmation h.i reached hero of
ilio renort from Snanish .oureos that the
Spanish food-laden steamer Parishea
Conception has managed to dip in'o
Manzanilo. Cuba, and if this should
turn out lo be the case there is a strong
di-p. ':! i- n ! hoid -'itl!y a c -net i !!
Whiio !!;. town !i! lit iti d i tit Willi'.:
the It!.- kad:ng bio-, a i- '.! tint oU
iue V !-;!,: !. c ?Loo-t! ooa!d hive w II
ai'tnicd bv . ,f the A ns ri a n erui--
IS. The Ae;ili..'is feature "f ife t-.lt".
irtiv.t! .it Ma:iu-,!i' i that tin- lar
niiount of Mpp!;e- that sin- r;ur: - a
pro!..ib!y w ithr.i n ... h of the Sp u-.i-h
i f n.':.-r- f S.iiit sago !em Adun; !
Ui:p-eii t lew lr ing to starve on.
l!e ae are other Sp.mi-h fors m the
u -!:!iborho.d rtp'-jted t-i be in de-i t;
-Iran- a- to tl .ni amme.ni'ion, wit-.
n ! !e tn.tl.ied. i' thi- rumor prove-
true, to continue afteetne reist.iat-e f . . r
olec t i ice.
Wa-hii.gtoii. D. '.. Jin..- I" Th. n
much anticipation in "llieud eo.l.
1 hi-ht of the ." e ial -oa.t. h- - t.-ibng
f 'he i:na! of tho S.: n! ;.' go ;ncl tir
Philippine ped i; i- u- at t h : r t - p i 1 1 .
dcsi i n.i t j.iu-. S'ietarx L'-ng. m r-
-polt-e to a p:cr as to t!o l-l .dtal.'e d lie
u arrival of the m-t Piioippuse p.
lit i. n -a id tonight:
"It is liheiy to reach th.-re any dav
n.i. llciiitl tliink tomorrow."
A-kcd when word of the landing of the
Santiago expedition might be t..ei,d
hi- reply wa-. "Po--ibiv fotnorrow .it!!
Ilooii. prohibly Monday lU'Tidig."
Ejected From th" 'I'litbuh nt "on-
eiitioii E.-r Held in Northern Ohio.
("level mil. Ohio, .lane IS. ,. o!ie . j'
the re-nii's ,,f the Senatorial n.-h? la
a' in t or. the Republicans of Cav ihe. i
coiintv had P.d.iy the fieri .--t and m
turbuh'ut conventional battle ever -et-n
ill Northern Ohio. At the eua n .-
Thurstlay niglii lie struggle between th
Hanna men and the forces ..f .io:
McKisson. w is ),, r!i and hitler and the
outcome was -o doubtful that on Fiid.y
liolh faction- claimed lo have chiie.l .:
majority of ihe th legate- to the eoimiv
convention. The convention oM -n.-d in
Army and Navy Hall this morning. A
large squad of police wa- on hand. 'I it-
county Vomi.iittee of (if'leeii controlled
by the Ilanna men insisted upon if., u-n-il
privdege of naming the temporal .
chairman and -enf ('. V. Colli-.ter to
the phrfoitn in that capacity. Amid a
-form of shouts and yell- and the gn ai
esf coiilu-ien on tin floor and phitfoint
'he McKis-on men demanded that P. L.
Ta ft be niade temporary eh:iirmiti. Tal't
went to Ihe platform and -food beside
t'olli-ter. Pa ildelnoniinil le-ol-.e loo .e.
Tin police charged n the phM form
climbing over the reporter-' lab! -- and
forced Colli-ler and every Hatina man
with him out of a side entrance, 'faff
eilled for a vote on t en i pora ' ehairmiu
and before it ended everv Ilanna dele
gate had left flu ball. Mayor M Kis-ou
was in a side room.
The Hanna men want to Riblef Hall
nearby and held a con.i-nlion of 1 1 . . I ?-
oWI). choo-ing delegates to the comb: -
State convent ion ami i eonntv committee
of '!." for tin ensuing ar. The .MeK"'-.-n
men in Army and N'avv fla!' di, 1 1 --ame.
The State convention v. ill decide
which delegation -hall he seated am Ihe
court s wi'I proha hjy have f , , ',), w !i ;-h
committee of lo wa legally tlio.ei,
ATKINSON'S P J : oc 1 1 A M A 'I I o .
He Calls for a Third lo-ginn-ril of
Atlanta. (la.. June IS. (.'ovi'irmr At
!.in-on tonight i-vued a proclamation fall
ing for volunteers for the new regiment
ashed for by the Presiden). "The call
a-l s f.,r a regiment with a maximum of
i. JTfi men and i minimum of l.L'." I m- a.
mi addition to fin 7'"l men required lo
luring the Fir-f and Second regiment- to
l heir I imp."'
t lovernor Atkimon evpre-ses rr.; t it nd--for
the manner in which the two p.-
Vioqs calls V. ere re-1 1 elided to bv til"
peonlo of (Jeofgia and i p!c-ve- a
ing of pride that Ceorgia was the fir-?
of the Soiilh rn States and the nin'b .i
;i!l the States fo have (or volunteer
U'Vr' miXele.J in the -civile of the
I'niteil States.
)n!cr- Ready to Embark for Philippine-Jam-
San Frau'-i-'co. June ". Ma jor i Jen
eral Merritt am! (Jeneral oti-. after a
' ng;hy coiisiip.it ion in camp today, con
firmed the pr.v i-ioiial -. cion f :1m
fol'o w ing com m;! m! - vIiie! w ere oriha.-d
to he ready to embark for the Philippine
n June 'S'vi'i:
Thirteenth Minnc-ota anl Seventh
California regiments of volunteer-, two
battalions of Idaho v oluntet is, on.- has
iilion of Wyoming vohinfee;--. t , o bat
tabon- of North Dakota volunteer- an I
Latteries (J am! L of the Third Unit d
Stale- artilh-rv.
Private Tele-rams Say Yellow Five;
Has Attacked Our Millies.
Madrid. June P-. 7 p. rn.- According
to private telegrams received here from
Cuba, yi How f vet is raging among the
American marines i-m-amped near tie
entrance o J ua uf a na m bay. ami s. -. -erii
ca.-es of the di-i-a-e are reported
luive occurred on tia- -hips of the -quad
fon. The telegram describes the heat a
terrible and says the swampy condition
of ground has prevented thus far tie
carrying on of military operation.- in the
vicinity of Santiago.
Macon. (Jn.. June P-i.-The Third regi
ment of immunes being mobilized at th:
'.lice has about t'.(M men so far. Tt n?s
have been pitched and men an- being
dri'led daily.
Recruits come in on every train and
a full quota of all eomn.anies will be re-l-orted
by Julv L Lieutenant Colonel
Reaves arrived today and says he nevr
saw such splendid specimens of physical
mi nhood.
Colonel Ray is pleased with tho prog
ress he is making;.

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